03 July, 2017

The sun plays peek a boo

We are in for a huge long string of sunny, warm days but this morning we have clouds.  It was like that all weekend, cloudy in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon.  That makes it hard to get up and get going but since Tink is always anxious to get to the park, at least I have that nagging at me.  I skipped the gym this morning .... these clouds have given me a little dose of the blues.  No big deal.  They'll be gone with the clouds.

My little garden is really going great guns.  The peas are tall snd have again outgrown the trellis addition, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be impact them much.  They are blossoming and soon we will have pods. The lettuce isn't growing as quickly as I had hoped and the nasturtiums are going crazy!  They are just gorgeous and next year I think I'll put them in planters on the porch rail.  That would look great.  In another week or so I'll pull up another carrot and see how they are doing.  Oh, and the bulbs have shot up - the gladiolas are all up and the calla lilies are up and one has bloomed.  So so pretty!

I saw a full grown bear last week.  Full grown, so I think it could be the cub that came up last year.  It did almost the exact same route, up from the ravine, over the deck, but then it went down the driveway and started up the middle of the street.  It is just so strange to see a wild animal like that, so close.

I was helping Ben's sister Susan with a baby blanket, but she just could't get the hang of the pattern, so I suggested crochet.  She wanted me to knit the blanket but I said no.  Supposedly she's good at crocheting so she came over and I helped he get started but it was so painful to watch that I just said I'll do it.  Now here I am with a crochet project!  I've gotten through one skein and half of another.  It does go considerably faster than knitting but still .....  I don't like being obliged to make things because its takes the fun out of it.  I do owe her big time so it's okay.

Ben has lots of travel the summer and during one of his trips this month I'm going up to visit Sundsten with Kate and Andy.  It will be good to see him again.  Tink will not be coming with us this time.  She can't leave that cat alone.