31 March, 2014


Thursday night before I fell asleep I turned off my iPhone alarm, since I was spending Friday with my nephew.  Unfortunately I forgot to turn it back on last night so I am late today.  It dawns on me slowly in these cases.  First, I wake up refreshed (big hint) and then I notice that it seems a little lighter than it should be and then ....I remember the alarm.  Ah well, no big deal.

Thursday night my sister and nephew made their way to my little place and, since we had time before we had to meet people for dinner we stopped at Twigs for a cocktail.  I haven't seen my sister or nephew since August when I went down there for a visit.  That's too long, but Christmas got all messed up and this is the first she could get up here.  Dinner was loud and fun but I was exhausted, having woken up at 4 am Thursday.  Ali was also tired since they had to get up super early for their flight, so Kelli went back to the hotel downtown and Ali and I were both in bed and asleep by 9:30. 

Friday was a rainy day but we made the most of it, togging up for the weather and heading down to Pioneer Square.  We gallery hopped and ate a nice brunch and did it some more.  I fell in love with a painting, but it was a bit out of my league.   And all this time it is alternately pouring down rain or just blowing a bit.  That's spring in Seattle.  We made our way downtown looking for a restaurant for dinner.  It needed to be somewhere Kelli could walk to from the hotel.  I had Sazerac in mind - something not too fancy, but interesting.  We stopped in there for a beer and to check out the menu and it got a thumbs up.  All this time we're walking and walking in downtown Seattle, which if you didn't know, is quite hilly in places.  My foot was screaming by the time we finished our beers so we headed back home for a little rest.

Ali had a concert he wanted to see and Kelli had been working the convention center all day so dinner wasn't a long affair.  I must say though that I was a bit disappointed with my dinner.  Sometimes I'll order the vegetarian choice and on their menu they have listed "Ricotta Dumplings  Chard,Crispy Grains & Shallots, Parmesan".  That sounded good to me.  Something not too heavy, and savory.  I had a lovely salad to start and then ..... then they brought me a plate of gnocchi in a very rich sauce!  No sign of chard and the shallots tasted like those nasty fried onions that come in the can.  I ate about four and I was done.  Everyone else had super great meals though so that's nice.

We had a big party planned at Ben's for Saturday so that was a long day, broken up by a trip into Seattle to pick up Kelli and Ali.  The reason Kelli was up here was to work the ComicCon and the number of costumed people parading around Seattle streets was staggering.  When we were driving up to pick them up Saturday we saw a group of guys and one girl, all dressed in the same Flash costume.  It was hilarious.

The party was huge and long - from 3 until ... gosh midnight I think.  Everyone we invited except four showed up.  It was noisy and really fun.  Sunday I took everyone out for a gorgeous brunch, starting off with blood orange mimosas.  I think the brunch was the best meal I had all weekend.  Kel needed to be at the airport by 3 and I was home by 4 and simply wrung out.  All I wanted to do was sit and knit and sip some good wine, and that's what I did. 

I got the most wonderful early (WAY early) birthday gift Friday and I have hardly had time to think about it!  But now I can start getting excited.  What is it you ask?  Only a trip to Paris!  I still am trying to wrap my head around it.  I need to get a few ducks in a row but it looks like the soonest I can go will be July.  Which would actually be awesome since I haven't been to Europe in the summer in a very very long time.  But first -- I've got to get my day started and maybe this afternoon I can start day dreaming. 

27 March, 2014

Thursday is the new Friday

Yay!  Today my sister and nephew are coming to town and I'm taking tomorrow off.  So it's going to be a long day because I want to be out of here!  I'll have to keep very busy.

I got a new pair of headphones are Christmas.  They are pink and over the head rather than the iPhone ear bud type.  My iPhone ones have a loose wire and they keep cutting out, so I was very glad to get the new ones, but now they are broken as well!  Only one side works.  The reason for this is that I keep my phone in my pocket while I'm walking the dog and listening to my current audiobook or some music.  That in and out bends the cord and it breaks.  I got on line to get another pair and then it dawned on me -- wireless!  I found some bluetooth wireless headphones.  I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  They should be just the thing.

I had PT yesterday.  My original therapist was so wonderful, but she has taken a 3 month leave, so I had a new one yesterday.  She's very nice and does things a bit differently but I am sure she'll be just as effective.  I got a little sore though and this morning I had to take some pain meds.  I am going to try for 3 miles today walking if I feel well in my running shoes.  I am SO ready to run.  I dream about it.

I am going to have a big weekend.  And a party on Saturday.  I am going to be exhausted on Monday.  The good kind.  I don't think I'll get to knit at all though and I really wanted to get the sleeves bound off on my Hitofude.  We'll see.

26 March, 2014

Up from the deep

Don't you hate it when your alarm goes off when you are deeply asleep?  Oh it is SUCH a shock.  I got up but I sure didn't want to.

What I should have done last night is give my apartment a good cleaning since my nephew is going to be staying with me Thursday night.  But did I?  Well, I got some laundry done and got the kitchen cleaned up.  It just seems so wrong to have to clean after working all day.  I don't like it.  I'd rather take a few hours out of my weekend.  But tonight I'm going to have to do a few more things.  At least I'm a tidy sort of person so really I just need to vacuum, take care of the little bits of floor in the kitchen and bathroom and give surfaces a little wipe.  I'm just lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff, truth be told. 

I had a fine night, doggie walks in the rain, Subway for dinner, and silly TV and knitting.  Self indulgent I know.  And then I watched TV in my iPad in bed.  It was cozy and Tink was nice and quiet. 

I walked nearly 3 miles yesterday at lunchtime, in the rain.  Thank goodness I remembered my umbrella.  Today is PT.  I have been doing more strenuous exercises and walking more and my foot is a bit more sore than I would like it to be.  But I don't feel like I've actually re-injured it so hopefully this is the natural progression of the healing process.  I am wearing normal shoes all the time now and I can tell that the left foot is still a little swollen.  Patience.  Patience.  Patience.

25 March, 2014

A check in from Paris

I got a text from my friend Eoghan, who owns an Irish pub in Paris, yesterday on my way home.  He must have been watching the news and heard about the terrible and tragic mud slide that happened a few days ago in Oso, a small town north of Seattle.  He wanted to know that I was okay.  It wasn't anywhere near me and I thought that was just so sweet.  I have GOT to find a way to get over there in November.  It has already been too long.

What a beautiful day we had yesterday!  And warm too.  When I took Tink out for her 7 o'clock walk I was just wearing yoga pants and T-shirt with a hoodie and I was perfectly comfortable.  Of course today it's wet and chilly.  Just the kind of weather one expects in spring time. 

I had lots of fun things in my mailbox when I got home including a new YarnBox with more than 500 yards of worsted weight yarn - merino and silk blend.  It's beautiful.  I don't know what I'll do with it since I have a billion projects queued and I started a TV knitting project as well last night.  I lost my favorite fingerless mitts in Silverdale last fall and I saw a cute kit for them from Jimmy Beans Wool.  It's a pickle jar filled with small amounts of Rowan Pure Wool.  I got the muted colors and I cast on and did a few stripes before bed.  It is perfect TV knitting and I should have a new pair of mitts in no time at all.  Dinner consisted of two pieces of leftover quesadilla and popcorn.  Seriously. 

I walked 2 1/2 miles yesterday.  I do very well in my running shoes and less well in street shoes.  Even flat ones.  I am happy I am not getting any inflammation and I just need to keep working on it.  I'll get there.

24 March, 2014

Looking good

Friday was a beautiful day and the bus ride to the doctor has a transfer, but since the second bus is only a mile or so from the doctor's office I elected to walk rather than wait around for the second bus.  I was not walking in my running shoes, but rather my soft, flat boots.  They flex a bit more than the running shoes, oddly enough, and I kind of tweaked my toe on the way to the doctor.  It wasn't bad, but if I would have had to walk more than that mile it certainly could have been.  The x-ray showed no change, which is what we were looking for and therefore I am done visiting the doctor about this unless it starts to bother me when I begin running.  So woohooo!  I got on a bus for home and realized I had a few minutes before Tink needed to be walked, so I stopped in to the Nordstrom Rack.  I have been looking for a new coat and I thought I'd give the Rack a try and oh am I ever glad I did.  I have been wanting a new leather coat and I found an absolutely perfect one AND it was on the clearance rack to boot!  I really scored.  Happy happy happy.  A very good day.

It was very cold Saturday morning so I ran errands in the morning and then worked in Ben's yard all afternoon.  I planted 150 summer bulbs - 90 gladioli and 60 of some other thing I didn't recognize.  And then I raked for a while.  Tink was SO good, staying around the perimeter of the property, sniffing and sniffing.  Considering all of the wildlife I've seen stroll through that yard I would imagine there's much for her to consider. 

I am looking forward to my sister and nephew visiting this weekend and I started getting things in order for them - setting up dinner Thursday and a party Saturday.  I got Ben's hall bathroom done with new towels and shower curtain and the guest bedroom habitable.  My little place is WAY too small to have sleep overs.

It is not supposed to be raining today and I'm going to walk in my running shoes for 2 1/2 miles today.  By the end of the week I want to be up to three so I can start running next week.  Oh wouldn't that be awesome??  Indeed it would.

21 March, 2014

It's the pollen

Oh the trees and the bushes are looking SO gorgeous but the pollen is knocking me for a loop!  My asthma is really bad.  Again last night I had to get up and take some puffs.  I'll be happy when this runs its cycle and I'm not allergic to the spring any more.  It used to be that I had no problem with spring and it was the summer grasses that would get me.  That doesn't seem to have been the case these past few years.  So I'll be patient.

My walk yesterday was great.  The weather was cold but the sun was brilliant.  I walked over 2 1/4 miles.  The foot was a bit sore but it didn't last at all.  Today I see the doctor, hopefully for the last time.  I am figuring a couple more weeks and I can start to run again.  Woohoo!!  I'd even forgo high heels for a few additional weeks happily.

Watched a wonderful episode of True Detective last night.  I'm going to be sorry for this to be over.  I think I've got five more episodes to watch.  Or maybe only four.  I'm not sure.  Maybe we can watch another tonight.

Short day so I'd better get on with it.  I have to leave a little after 2 to get to the doctor on time.  

20 March, 2014

Chilly first day of spring

At least it's not raining!  It's going to be a beautiful day, but it is starting out chilly, that's for sure.  I've been sitting in my office, wrapped up in whatever shawl or scarf I've worn in these past couple of days. I don't mind.  I'd rather have the sunshine than the warmth.  That'll come soon enough.

The PT session yesterday was quite vigorous and having had an asthma attack in the night, I was sorry I hadn't thought to take another couple of puffs from the inhaler before I went.  With certain exercises my therapist was able to show me just how much weaker my entire left leg has become!  I was astonished at the difference.  That morning I had been tempted to wear my cute brown boots with a bit more of a heel than I have been wearing.  They looked so good with my outfit!!  I realized before I even made it to the bus however that it was a mistake and I wore my running shoes the rest of the day.  During my therapy session she asked me if I'd tried high heels yet.  How did she know??  I guess I'm that transparent.  Anyway, it's all good and as soon as I can comfortably walk 3 miles I can start slowly running again!!!  One minute running, one walking.  Today I'm going to go at least 1 1/2 if not 1 3/4.  I should be running before the end of April!

Here's my pet peeve of the day -- why don't people narrating audiobooks take the few minutes to find the melody to songs that are written into the book??  It drives me crazy!!  [rant off]

No knitting last night, although I got four rows done at noon.  I wanted to watch another episode of "True Detective" and that show is NOT conducive to knitting.  I'll probably do it again tonight.  I'm trying to catch up to the shows recorded on Ben's DVR since HBO is going away on the 25th and I won't have access to HBOGo any more.  That's the only thing I'll miss about not having cable.  Small price.

Now go out and smell the spring in the air!!

19 March, 2014

Better and better

Yesterday I put my running shoes on and walked up to Trader Joe's, which is 1 and 1/4 mile from my office.  It was awesome!  I didn't have any pain at all -- well, not true.  There was a little bit of pain but it was completely tolerable.  I didn't want to over do it so I took the bus back, even though I could have easily walked back as well.  I don't even count Tinkerbell's walks but last night we covered a bit of ground as well.  This is such great news.  Today I didn't want to wear flat boots so I wore boots with a little heel and, I must admit, that was not the thing to do.  I made it to the bus and from the bus to the office but my foot was starting to get sore, so I took them off as soon as I got into my office and I shall put my running shoes on for the rest of the day.  I can't see my physical therapist in those boots.  She'll kill me.  I just wanted to see how I was doing in that regard.  I think I have a couple more weeks of flat shoes in my future.

I had such a wonderful day yesterday and a pretty great evening as well.  While at Trader Joe's I bought a couple of those composed salads I love so much.  Last night I had the greens and seeds one with pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, roasted squash and feta cheese.  That was my whole dinner and it was delicious.  Tonight I'm going to have to share the other one - it's also one with seeds and it has quinoa and cranberries.  I made some nice potato leek soup Sunday which will be great with that.

I was just so full of energy last night.  I did laundry and gave Tink two nice long walks and knit on the Hitofude.  I could get to the three needle bind off this weekend if I put my mind to it.  And there's noon knitting today, so that's a whole hour dedicated to it. 

Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Yay!

18 March, 2014

Lots of progress

Yesterday I set out at lunchtime in my running shoes to see how walking in them would feel and I am happy to report that it felt great!  I walked for 45 minutes and could easily done more.  It's sore when I'm walking but it's tolerable and there are no sharp pains.  I would, of course, prefer that there be no pain at all but I suspect that's going to be a little while coming.  In the meantime I can stand this and today I'm going to walk up to Trader Joe's.  I will most likely take the bus back, but I guess that depends on what I buy and how my foot is feeling.  Quite honestly, I think I could run now but I'll have to wait to see what the physical therapist has to say about that step.

So many trees and shrubs are blooming now.  It is SO pretty on campus and in the neighborhoods.  Tink and I went east for our walk last night, going to the P-Patch and up around the houses across 5th Avenue.  She doesn't always want to go that way, but I'm glad she chose it yesterday because it was quite lovely in places.  I think the cherry trees are blooming now as well so maybe I can get to the campus this weekend if it's not raining.  I have lots to do this weekend to get ready for my company next week.  I sure wish the Thornton Place hotel room wasn't booked.  It would make my weekend a lot easier.  Ah well, nothing I can do about it.

I only did about four rows on my Hitofude cardigan last night.  I have four more repeats of the lace pattern to go before I can do the three-needle bind off of the sleeves and start on the body, which will be a little more interesting since there are increases to incorporate.  I'm going to do like some other knitters and make modifications by increasing the number of repeats in the body portion to make the cardigan a bit longer.  I prefer that look.

I have been listening to A Confederacy of Dunces and while I like the story, I am not too enamored of the narrator which, as I said, is probably why it was on the BOGO sale in the first place.  I suspect the story would be greatly enhanced by a good narrator.  I will check to see if there is another version.

I need a vacation.  April 11 can't come soon enough.

17 March, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Not that I'm going to be celebrating, mind you.  But I must confess that I have emeralds on today in acknowledgement of the day.  I remember vividly St. Patrick's day last year.  We had given Frank a surprise birthday party in the Great Room on Saturday night, the 16th.  Sunday I went to the Farmer's Market and felt terrible!  I just thought it was a hang over, even though I so rarely get them.  But instead it was the beginning of weeks and weeks of a nasty cold and asthma.  This year I'm healthy!

It poured rain all weekend.  Big, sloppy wet drops.  I cooked a lovely Mardi Gras themed dinner Saturday and Sunday had lunch with friends .... the weekend just slipped by.  I did get some good knitting done on the Hitofude as I was watching more of the True Detective series.  I know the finale has shown on HBO already, but I'm behind so no spoilers!

For years and years I've been meaning to read "A Confederacy of Dunces" and I finally bought the audiobook version of it, which I started Saturday while walking Tink.  So far it's engaging but I suspect the reason this book was with the current promotion is that the narration is not very good.  Tolerable.

You can see the signs of spring all over the place, rain or no rain.  Today it's sunny, which is a welcome rest from the relentless rain.  I'm going to walk a mile at lunchtime today and maybe more if my toe feels up to it, although I probably should err on the side of caution.  I did very well this weekend and I can walk for quite a distance before I start to feel it or limp a bit.  This is in flat shoes, mind you.  Still flat shoes.   I see the doctor on Friday.

14 March, 2014

Well that's a surprise

Yesterday morning I got a text message from one of my nephews, telling me he'd made reservations to come to Seattle the same time as his mom and oh, PS, he assumes it is okay to "bunk with" me.   Obviously I couldn't say no, because it was fait accompli at that point.  I was hoping to have some sister time but it doesn't look like that's going to be happening and I'm going to have to take a day off of work that I hadn't planned on either.  We do have a hotel room set up at the complex that can be rented by the night, but of course it's all booked up.  It's going to take some doing to fix that weekend and I sure won't be getting any rest. 

I took the bus up to the U Bookstore and did walk back down to campus, which is 8/10th of a mile!  Yeah!  I was sore, but it was tolerable and I was barely limping, which is huge.  The best part is that by the end of the night it was not inflamed.  So easy does it.  I won't be able to get out this afternoon because of a noon meeting, which is probably okay.  I'll be sure to do my foot exercises and get a walk in the hallways.  I am still so thrilled to be wearing matching shoes!

13 March, 2014

Happy happy happy!

I had a really good session with the physical therapist yesterday.  Not nearly as painful as the time before.  I've got much more range of motion and strength.  I expressed my fervent desire to be rid of the ugly boot and she agreed!  Woohoo!!  So of course no high heels, but at least I can wear matching shoes.  So today it's my tried and true Hush Puppies, pink and white suede oxfords that are old, but cute and still stiff enough so that my foot gets support.  Yes, it's still sore, but it's tolerable.  I have permission to start increasing my walking distance.  Yesterday I had to get to the bus straight after the session and walked 6/10ths of a mile.  It was in the boot though, so I don't think it counts.  Today at lunchtime I need to go up to the Ave to get something at the U Bookstore, so I think I'll take the bus up there and then walk back and measure the distance with my iPhone.  And if I start getting too sore then I can always hop on a bus for the last few blocks.  I am determined not to over do it.  If I am good and keep up with the strengthening exercises and can keep myself from re-injuring it then I am sure I'll be able to run in another few weeks.  Fingers crossed!

It was an astonishingly beautiful day yesterday.  Not warm exactly, but pink gloves weather for sure.  And in the late afternoon I walked Tink in a hoodie - me in a hoodie, not her.  And gloves and a scarf.  But still.  It was warm and I let her lead and we walked, slowly, for quite a while.  Me smiling all the way.

The meeting in the afternoon was fine, but not anything earth shattering.  I hate being at the mercy of another's pace, if you will.  Or, maybe a better way is that I hate not having any control over a situation.  Well I guess everyone feels that way.  Alas it is my place right now so I better make peace with it.

Free Agency is going strong and the Seahawks have re-signed some key players, lost some others and are having visits with a few more that would make great additions to the team.  It is so wonderful having a Super Bowl winning home team.  Everyone wants to play for the Seahawks now so it's possible they could repeat next year, which would be crazy.  Good crazy.

I'm happy and it seems like ages and ages since I've felt this way.   I had a little celebration last night, just me and Tinkie.  And how did I celebrate?  By purchasing a crazy bad and decadent dinner from Five Guys.  You know how sometimes you get cravings for silly things?  I was just craving a hot dog!  So I ordered one and Cajun fries.  I know - it sounds terrible, but it was SO yummy.  I knocked out a few rows on the Hitofude, but I was so tired from a bad night Tuesday night that I was sound asleep quite early.  I slept great.  Let's just hope this euphoria lasts for a bit.

12 March, 2014

It's a love hate kind of thing

Oh joy.  It's physical therapy day.  I am that much closer to getting rid of this stupid boot!  I hardly wear it any more as it is.  I wear it to and from work and when I give Tink her morning and one of her evening walks.  At work I have been wearing tennis shoes for the majority of the day and I've been going out at lunch for a walk in them as well.  I have been doing my oh so tedious exercises religiously so I feel pretty confident that it won't be long before I get the green light to wear regular shoes on both feet!  Fingers crossed.

I did no work on the Hitofude yesterday evening.  I went out to dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant and when I got home I was more in the mood to read.  I am going to have to miss noon knitting today because of my 1 o'clock appointment downtown, but maybe I can get into it tonight and do a few rows.  The sleeves are getting boring and I'd like to get them out of the way and on to the more interesting body parts. 

I slept very poorly last night which I directly attribute to the window being open much wider than usual and therefore being greatly disturbed by the people leaving the movie theatre.  I must get a handle on this earlier than I did last year.  I don't look forward to my entire spring and summer being sleep deprived.  Well, it's quite cold today, although clear and sunny, so I don't think I'll have the window open quite so much tonight.

11 March, 2014

She keeps surprising me

You'd think, being 10 years old now, that Tink wouldn't have any surprises for me.  But that it is not the case.  Why do her surprises come so often when I'm getting ready for sleep?  I've been in a reading mood lately (thank goodness) and I had just gotten settled in bed, ready to have a good read and Tink started whining.  Typically this means she wants off the bed, and she either goes for a drink of water or goes to sleep in her bed under my desk.  But last night that was not what she was after.  She got off the bed and grabbed her ball.  She wanted yet another game of fetch!  I indulged her, rather than lay there listening to her making the ball squeak.  And squeak.  And squeak.  I always give her a nice game when we get back from her walk, and then maybe again around 7.  But nine?  Even taking into account we turned the clocks forward, it was an odd move.

I did have a nice little read after that and popped off to sleep, but she wasn't done with me.  She wanted off the bed again at 11:30, back on at 11:35.  And then at least once more during the night.  I think part of it is that it's warmer and I've got the window open more, so it is much louder in the apartment and her hearing is much keener.  I could have done with a few more winks, I won't lie to you.

I am right sick of this stupid boot!  Yesterday I wore my tennis shoes at work for 6 hours and took my lunchtime walk in my tennis shoes even though I don't have permission to walk outside without the boot.  I just couldn't stand it!  Yes, the toe is still sore, but I did make it through a pedicure on Sunday without any discomfort at all, so it's getting better and better.  I see the physical therapist tomorrow so hopefully I can get permission to ditch the boot.  I'll probably have to swear an oath that I won't wear high heels.  I think it's worth it.  At least for another few weeks, although I must say I am extremely tired of the wardrobe choices I have for flat shoes.  I think I've been wearing the same six or seven outfits for the last month and a half.

Big day tomorrow.  After PT I go to visit my lawyer.  It is going to be an interesting meeting.

10 March, 2014

Spring is getting closer

I did go straight home after my meeting last Wednesday.  I felt terrible and went straight to bed.  Where I stayed, with the exception of doggie walks and soup pick up, for the rest of the week.  The sore throat, thankfully, did not get much worse so I skipped the doctor and instead dosed myself liberally with NyQuil and staying hydrated.  I had to cancel plans for Saturday and even yesterday I was still pretty achy, but I am here at work today.  I have too much to do.

I felt well enough to do a little knitting.  I meant to snap a picture of my progress.  It's a lovely lace pattern and I am quite anxious to get done with this first part and do the three needle bind off of the sleeves to see just exactly how this Hitofude is going to come together.  It is very very cleverly constructed.  I think my biggest hurdle is going to be getting the provisional cast on onto the third needle.  The provisional yarn is high contrast so I hope it won't be too much of a problem.

The weather is warmer and going to be in the 60's this week, so I am thinking we have seen the last of winter, although not the last of the wet weather since it's been raining like crazy.  We turned the clocks forward this week and it was nice to have that little bit of extra light in the evening, though with the clouds it wasn't much evident yesterday.

Only one more month and then a little mini-vacation.  I am anxious for it.

05 March, 2014

Not good

I woke up last night with a sore throat.  I wouldn't be here at work if I didn't have an important meeting at 9 o'clock.  I am going to head straight back home after the meeting.

I had a call from the physical therapist yesterday with an opening at 1 o'clock so I took it.  That was a rough session.  She had me standing on my tippy toes and then told me to put some more weight on my injured toe.  I put a little too much weight onto it and I nearly fainted with the pain.  Holy cow - it hurt like ... well, it was excruciating.  I have a long way to go.  I was hurting quite badly after that hour and she told me to take it easy today on the exercises.  No problem there.  And good news, I get to expand the time away from my boot and take walks in the hallway in my regular shoes twice a day.  And again last night I gave Tink her 7 o'clock walk in regular shoes.  Baby steps indeed.  But with luck I should be able to start running by April or May.

04 March, 2014

Oh I could kick myself

This morning as I was getting ready to leave I started to pick up my knitting to take with me.  Then I remembered that I have an appointment with a student at lunchtime so I wouldn't be able to get away to knit and so I left it.  Only when I got in did I remember why I was going to take it in the first place - I have an exam to proctor this morning.  Oh well, it's not a long one.  But still .... very annoying.

My gait is getting closer to normal every day.  I even walked Tink without the boot at 7 last night.  It's a short walk and I wanted to give it a try.  I don't think I'll tell the Physical Therapist though, since she was not keen on that idea.

I knit a few more rows on the Hitofude last night, then I went in to read.  Hah!  I lasted about 10 minutes before I dropped off.  I slept like a rock and woke up before my alarm, feeling great.  So I have no regrets there.

I just realized that we turn the clocks forward this weekend!  Good news, yeah?  Except now I will no longer be able to walk Tink in my jammies at 7.  It'll be too light!  Small price to pay.

Well.  I need some excitement! I'll see what I can dig up.  Things have gotten a little slow around here.  I am sure being hobbled hasn't helped.  I am anxious to see the PT again, but she was booked this week and is going to try to fit me in, so there's no guarantee I'll even see her until next Wednesday.  I want to start maybe walking fast on the treadmill.  Something!

03 March, 2014

Soggy weekend

Oh the title says it all.  What a mess this weekend!  Saturday started out raining, but by noon it was snowing.  It didn't stick around though, thank goodness.  Sunday was the same, rain rain and more rain.  Quite boring. 

My foot is getting better and better.  I can tell immediately when I have to stop using it.  Yesterday I iced it twice, so I think that is telling me I over did it a bit.  I walked Tink a couple of times and did a fair amount of shopping both days.  Well it's back to work today and, considering the rain, I won't be walking around outside at lunchtime.  I'll take it easy in the tennis shoes as well.  On Friday I walked out to the mailbox in the tennis shoes and by the time I got back to the office I was hurting quite sharply.  Mind you, it is probably half a mile between here at my desk and outside to the mailbox so I think I did really well.

Good progress was had on the Hitofude this weekend.  In fact, I sat up much too late last night but I was on a roll.  I had watched the first two episodes of True Detective - love love love it - and then just sat with a glass of wine, listening to the rain and knitting away.  I haven't done that in a long while.  I feel a bit guilty since I have not one but two books on my iPad now that I haven't even started and two that I have started!  So tonight I should knit first and then spend an hour in bed reading and see if I can finish off one of those books at least.

Rain makes me sleepy.  I wish I could just shut my office door and curl up on the floor.  But ... I can't.