30 March, 2012


That's the word for the rain yesterday and all through the night.  I swear it didn't stop for a minute and I didn't run, that's for sure.  It's not such a bad thing after all since my knee was just a teensie bit sore and the rest did it good.  It must have stopped just lately, because I recall hearing it really coming down in the middle of the night.  Right now it is not raining and I could see patches of blue sky, but there are more big clouds on the horizon so I don't hold out much hope for a dry day.  If it's not coming down too hard I will run at lunchtime.  I'd rather do that than run on the treadmill at the fitness center.

Because of the rain the buses were running late yesterday afternoon and there was a detour so I got home much later than usual, which put my entire evening off.  I couldn't seem to get one thing done without being interrupted so I ended up having dinner and that was about it.  In other words, no picking up of stitches.  I am going to put it on the list for Saturday.  I have got to get that done! 

I have a lot of running around to do this weekend and I am hoping that the rain will disappear for a while but it doesn't look too promising.  Among other things I must give Tink a bath.  Even though she's getting wet to the skin on our walks, it is not the same and she is more gray than white.  I did give her a dry bath last week but this weekend it's going to be the real thing.

A trip to the book store is on my list (along with a a million and one other things).  I need to pick up a book about Normandy and there isn't anything for the Kindle or Nook that looks good to me.  I am not all that keen on all of the war stuff, although I suspect my friend is going to be wanting to visit all of the sites.  I am not sure about his wife and daughter's level of interest, but he did mention to me how near we would be to the landing beach and memorial sites so I feel obliged to read up and refresh my memory.  I was never a big fan of WWII history and even now I do not watch war movies.  No, I've never seen "Saving Private Ryan".  Not my cup of tea.  But I do appreciate the history so ... that's got to get done.  I'll give myself a trip to the Rack while I'm up in  Alderwood as a reward for all of the other tedious chores I will be performing. 

29 March, 2012

A committee of one

I must confess I am getting a little excited about this golf tournament and dinner this summer.  I have found, much to my delight, that although many people are quite keen on having this event, no body wants to actually DO it, which makes my job all that much easier.  I basically have carte blanche to set it up however and wherever I want to as long as I do all the work.  I have a group of people willing to volunteer to do little things and otherwise it's all up to me.  Frankly, I like that the best.  No interference.  Of course, if the event falls flat then I must take all the blame, but there's not too much chance of that happening.  So, yesterday I nailed down a venue and Saturday I'm going to go take a look at the club and get the contract.  Because my supposed second in command has plans for the weekend we typically hold this I have moved it to August 11.  Fingers crossed, we have pretty good weather in August so hopefully that won't be an issue.  Next week I will send a "save the date" email out and post notices on several web sites and then when I get back from my trip in May I'll start working away in earnest to get people to attend.  I suspect that's going to be the tough part, except for the group of 20 or so who always attend.

At noon knitting yesterday I finished and bound off the sleeve of the Whisper Cardigan but I didn't get around to picking up those stitches and I didn't do it last night either.  I was feeling great yesterday from all that sleep I got, but I just wasn't in the mood for the fiddly business of picking up those 200 plus stitches.  Maybe tonight, but certainly this weekend because I really do want to finish that up before I leave.  That gives me 18 days because I certainly won't be working on it after the 16th.

It wasn't raining at lunch yesterday but it was cloudy.  When I got home Tink and I walked over to Northgate so I could pick up my Clinique order.  It started out dry but by the time we left the mall it was POURING rain!  I didn't have a hat or an umbrella, just my pashmina which I put over my head and which did little or nothing to protect me.  It's not a long walk back, about 15 minutes, but we were both soaked by the time we got home.  And it continued for hours, sprinkling and then pouring.  At one point during one of the worst downpours Tinkerbell definitely had to go outside.  I togged up and out we went.  You can bet she didn't last much longer than what it took to get her business done.  It's still raining and there's a chance I won't be able to run at lunch.  Or rather, there's a chance I won't WANT to run at lunch.  I love running in drizzle or little sprinkles but I draw the line at a downpour.

Monika had a wonderful book with her at the noon knitting yesterday and I fell in love with this top.  I broke my yarn diet and actually purchased yarn to make this top.  I bought Aimee in a lovely peachy-pink.  Aimee is the yarn I used to make my Rondelle top last year, which I love.  The yarn is cashmere and cotton - the best of both worlds.  At the hem there is beautiful detail which doesn't show up too well in this picture.  Because of the yarn used by the designer they did it in pieces, but I am using a yarn that has a bit more elasticity so I will do it in the round up to the arms in the back and up to the placket in the front.  What might not be obvious from the picture is that the placket is done sideways by picking up stitches after the body is made, and the sleeves are picked up and, after shoulder short rows, knit down.  I know I have a billion and one other projects either in the wings or started, but I am excited about this one.

28 March, 2012

What a difference a door makes

I have been complaining about the hall door outside of my apartment for months.  Last Thursday night I was awakened, as usual, several times.  The next evening when I got home the door was propped open and I left it that way.  Guess how many times I woke up that night?  Zero.  I spoke with one of the managers on the weekend and explained that it was at least the third time I had come to her with this problem, that she herself had gone through that door twice and slammed it that very day.  People don't notice because by the time it slams behind them they are half way down the corridor and it doesn't register.  I got a telephone call yesterday afternoon from one of the maintenance men asking for clarification on which door exactly so I was very excited to get home and experience the newly silenced door.  Unfortunately rather than fix the problem itself, which is that the mechanism needs to be either adjusted or replaced in order to work properly, they just added another layer of rubber around the door so that it doesn't slam quite so hard or so noisily.  It is only a matter of time before the rubber wears down and it is back to slamming just as loudly, but at least for a while I will be able to sleep. 

I was very tired again yesterday and even though I had all good intentions of working on the Whisper Cardigan I couldn't muster the energy after all the little things I had going on after work.  Tinkerbell got some good chase the ball time, I got a pot of soup started and that was about it before I headed in to read.  The good ... no, great ... news is that I had a glorious, uninterrupted night and I feel like a new person today.  It's amazing how insidious that slamming was and how waking up time and again during the night is very wearing.

What is it about Wednesdays?  The stormy weather had me running in the rain yesterday, although I much prefer that to the wind.  And now this morning it's gorgeous!  It won't last because I saw the clouds as I was coming in, but it was nice and calm.  I can use the rest today though and maybe tomorrow it'll be decent at lunchtime.  Not that I mind getting a little wet when I run, but the wind I can do without.  I still haven't been able to find a 5K for May but I am certain there must be something going on for the holiday weekend at the end of the month.  I'll need to look some more before I leave.

27 March, 2012

The mind-body disconnect

It was very windy at lunchtime yesterday and I had to start my run into the wind.  It is so tiring.  I got through the run but at a pace almost 1/2 a minute off of normal.  I was just so tired all day actually.  I was busy with the start of the quarter and the other things I have piling up around me.  I got home at a decent time, walked Tink and got through my second workout by six.  I had big plans to make a pot of soup and work on the Whisper Cardigan but instead I gave myself the night off, had a quick pasta dinner and settled in to catch up on some TV.  By 8:30 Tink was ready for bed and quite insistent that I join her for some reason, so since I have a book and I was tired anyway I turned off the TV and went to bed to read.  And I read and read until I could barely keep my eyes open.  Then I turned off the light and settled down to drift off to sleep.  Except that's not what happened.  My body was exhausted and my mind kept going 'round and 'round.  And not about anything in particular.  I don't have any worries at all.  In fact I even nailed down a Tink/house sitter yesterday so I have no explanation.  It was very annoying.   And not only am I tired this morning but I've got a headache to boot.  Good job I've got some of those fizzy tablets I brought back from London in November.  They work like a charm.  I'm going to really stock up this time.

The house sitter I have scheduled is a young woman who sits for my friends.  She is a friend of his daughter and I've met her.  A very nice girl.  She's going to come over on Sunday and we can just formalize the deal.  I am sure she'll work out fine and she does want to do it.  And I've no doubt she will leave my furniture where it sits.

On the weekend I got very near finishing the arms of the Whisper Cardigan.  I have about three rows to go.  I could do that tonight but the tough part is picking up the stitches around the entire thing.  Plus it is black.  Maybe I'll finish up the sleeve tonight and then measure and place markers so that I can pick up the stitches tomorrow at noon knitting where I will have good light.  After that it's going to be smooth sailing.  I certainly should be able to finish it in time for my trip.

Oh and I found a British Air iPhone app!  I will be able to have my boarding pass on my iPhone.  Very handy.

26 March, 2012

Stormy Monday

While the trees and the flowers and the birds know it's spring, somehow the weather still isn't cooperating fully.  The weekend wasn't bad.  We did have some sun on Saturday and Sunday and the temperatures even got up to about 55, but we're back to stormy weather again today.  The courtyard at the apartment complex is beautiful with all of the flowering trees and the spring bulbs coming up.  I just wish it would warm up just a bit more. 

Cold weather or not, Tink and I had 2 hour walks to the lake both Saturday and Sunday.  And again she went into the cold cold water!  It doesn't seem to phase her in the least, although she doesn't stay in the lake nearly so long as she does in the summer.  That two hour walk and a couple of 1/2 hour ones later in the day keep her nice and quiet.  I like the idea that I'm wearing her out because she really needs the exercise considering that she mostly sleeps the entire rest of the week.

Saturday was nothing special - a few errands, laundry and a good bit of knitting.  Sunday was a repeat except I had fun errands.  I got my nails done and then headed out to find a new suitcase.  And I found a great one!  It's just a little bit bigger than my older one and I am hoping those few inches will make the difference between having to us an overflow duffel.  It's nice and light and has the spinning wheels.  I am anticipating being able to get everything I need in this bag with a little extra wiggle room for the expansion that seems to happen every time I travel.  But just to be safe I will pack the duffel I bought in Paris in November in case.  It's three long long weeks away, I know.  But getting a new suitcase makes it feel a bit more immediate.

When we were coming back from our Sunday evening walk a woman and her black terrier mix were walking towards us as we headed down the parking lot towards our building door.  This dog was going crazy, barking at Tink who was not that interested.  But as the other dog increased it's barking Tink started to bark as well.  I moved towards the far side away from them and stopped, hoping the woman would pass us.  However, she stopped and tried to quiet her dog.  She did a very poor job of it, grabbed the dog's collar and he slipped out of the collar and made a mad dash towards us, teeth bared.  At that point I started to bend over to pick Tink up and get her out of the way of this charging animal and the woman yelled, "Oh, he won't hurt her".  "Yes he will"! I said as I struggled to pick her up.  Unfortunately I couldn't get her up in time and before I knew it the dog was heading for her neck.  I managed to get my body between them somehow and pushed him away just as his teeth were going to come down on her shoulder.  By that time the woman was there called her dog away as we made our way into the building.  I was SO mad!  Tink was in a state and went and hid in the bedroom for about an hour.  She got over it and wanted to play ball later, but when we were in bed and the storm started blowing the blinds around and making noises outside I had to close the window because it freaked her out.  She kept trying to get as close as possible to me, which means when she is right next to me she scratches to get even closer.  I swear, if that woman and her dog get anywhere near us again I'm going to .... well, I don't know what. 

I still haven't done anything concrete about that golf tournament and dinner I'm suppposed to be organizing.  That's on my list for today.  Nail down a venue.

23 March, 2012

Our big chill

Another cold morning.  I drove in because I have an appointment late this afternoon and I heard on the radio that the deadline for removing studded tires has been moved to April 16 in case people traveling over the Easter weekend and the following will be needing them.  I suppose they are thinking of the people traveling over the mountain passes.  Well, good for the spring skiers anyway.  I hear it's spectacular skiing still at all the resorts around here.  Today would be a good day for it spring skiing.  It is sunny and clear but, as I said, cold.

Tink will get a nice long walk at lunchtime.  It's handy that I can put her in the car and get to her so easily at lunchtime.  I would like to run and I'm going to dress for it, but she does not like running with me because I don't stop for the entire 30 minutes while her thing is to stop every 30 seconds and sniff something.  It just doesn't work out.  I am forever cajoling her and she's forever trying to slow me down.

Yesterday felt like Friday.   And I've been so terribly busy.  I was beat last night, got to bed at a decent hour, read until my eyes refused to stay open and fell asleep only to be awakened by the slamming hall door.  Not once.  Not twice.  Three times!  I am going to try yet again to get the maintenance people to fix that door and if I don't get action soon I'm going directly to the building owner.  It has gotten worse.  Then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was angry about the door and thinking about all the things I want and need to get done today.  Fun times.

No matter -- tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in and then have a nice long long walk with Tink.  I doesn't look like it should be raining.  A little sunshine would be nice though.

22 March, 2012

What was under there??

I was sent this link yesterday to a story from BBC Online:

** Tinks the terrier freed from tyre **
A terrier makes a full recovery after getting her head jammed in the centre of a spare tyre.
< http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/uk-england-hampshire-17460371 >

Now what do you suppose was under there??  What was so yummy and delicious and irresistible to that dog that would make her do that?  If it were MY Tink ... well, if it was sitting on a pile of meat she'd do that.  Or if it was sitting on anything rotting ... boom!  She'd be right there after it.  Poor little dog! 

I worked and worked yesterday after finally getting the programming problem solved.  If I could have gotten the error logs from the IT guy right off the bat I could have saved myself a day at least.  Ah well ... I was hard at it then for the entire day.  All I needed was a bag of Doritos and a can of Mountain Dew and you wouldn't have been able to tell me from the geeks downstairs.  Spring quarter starts next Monday though, so I've got to put this project aside for a few hours today and tomorrow so I can prep for that.  Luckily I've only got one course this quarter, which leaves me a lot of time to work on projects -- and I've got a few lined up.

I got good news from my friend in Luxembourg.  Since my first choice was tied up ... figuratively, I assume ... when I get back from Normandy, I suggested to Em that she might come spend a couple days with me in Paris.  It is her birthday weekend and as luck would have it her boyfriend will be away in China on business, so it looks like she can come up Sunday the 28th and spend the 3 days with me until I leave on Wednesday.  Perfect!  We usually stay in the Marais, but she's ready to branch out and so we'll give the15th a go.

Somehow .. oh, it was slick and quick .. I have been drafted to coordinate my graduating class's annual golf tournament and dinner!  I don't even golf, really.  I mean I own clubs but I play maybe, *maybe* once a year.  So at some point today or tomorrow I've got to start calling golf clubs and getting information to hold a tournament at their club. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Yesterday was noon knitting so there was no running and, of course, the sun was shining and there was no wind at all!  Today will be nice, but cold.  No rain right as of now.  I should be able to get a good one in since I had a day off yesterday.

21 March, 2012

Midweek lull

Usually on Wednesday I am a little disappointed that I can't fit a run in at lunchtime because of knitting.  But not today.  Both Monday and yesterday the wind was blowing at lunchtime .. well, all day really .. and my run was a chore and a half!  Yesterday was full in the face to start so by the time I turned around and headed back I was beat.  It will be nice to have a rest today.  Of course, it's still outside. The wind finally blew itself out.  I tried to open the window last night in my bedroom but had to close it right back up because it was really blowing and storming outside.

I have been wanting a new book to read.  I have one by my bed that I have picked up and started twice, but each time I get to a spot where the protagonist is about to humiliate himself in the worst way and I just can't get past it!  One of my friends yesterday suggested "The Hunger Games" which I have been seeing ads for lately since the film version is coming out soon.  She couldn't put it down, so I popped on to Amazon.com and one click and the entire trilogy was downloading onto my  iPad.  I had a good hour or so read last night and she's right, I am enjoying it so far.  It's not my typical read since I lean more towards historical fiction and mysteries, but definitely it has caught my attention.

I did just a little bit on the Whisper Cardigan last night.  I have brought it with me for noon knitting today.  I am nearly to the place where I start the second sleeve but I just wasn't in the mood to do some fiddly measuring thing last night.  It's better at noon in a well lit room with other knitterly help available.

20 March, 2012

Frist day of spring!

Hoorah!  Who doesn't love spring?

I'm getting a late start today.  It was very windy last night and the noise of the blinds clacking against the window kept waking  me up, so sometime very early this morning I got up and closed the window.  Then my alarm went off and I turned it off ... except it hadn't really gone off.  At one point I remember looking at my phone for the time and it was 6:15, 15 minutes before the alarm was set to go off.  That's when I realized I had dreamed it, but then I fell back asleep, of course, and didn't wake up for another hour.  I feel good.  Those few extra minutes of sleep were yummy.

I didn't have a fabulous run yesterday, but it was good enough.  I don't like running in the wind.  Either way you lose.  If it is in your face when you start out you tire more easily and if it is the other way around the last 15 minutes are a real grind.  At least it wasn't sleeting.

Good work done on the Whisper Cardigan last night.  I am kicking myself for not counting the rows from when I bound off that first sleeve to the middle of the back, because now I have to try to measure that same distance and if you've ever made this then you know just how difficult that is.  I did three different measurements last night and between them there was an inch difference.  I have given up measuring on the table and now fold it and let the second half of the back hang down.  That seems the safest way to get a good measurement.  According to that method I am about 1/2 inch for casting on for the underarm and joining for the second sleeve.

I spent the entire day yesterday futzing around and waiting for the IT guy to make a few changes to the server so my script would run.  All this time I had been believing that I was changing the permissions on those folders when in fact my changes were not sticking!  So hopefully we have the problem solved and I can get on with this project.  I'm not the only one getting frustrated here.  And that's not a good look for anyone!

19 March, 2012

If I could only move things with my mind!

Wouldn't that be an awesome super power?  It's not that I'm too lazy to do things for myself.  But on these chilly mornings I would SO love to be able to close that bedroom window without having to get out of my warm and cozy bed to do it!  The feeling of being in a warm bed and having the ambient air be fresh and cool, well that's heaven.  However, having to get up and out into that cool air ... not so heavenly.  But we do it.

It was a sloppy weekend, weather wise.  Except for a few hours on Saturday afternoon when the clouds disappeared, it was rainy, sleeting and blowing most of Saturday and Sunday.  I took Tink out Saturday morning as usual, but cut the 2 hours down to 1 1/2 because I was soaked and so was she.  Sunday was better and we got to walk for an entire 2 hours with only a few sprinkles.  And Sunday evening I found a "new" street.  I went up past the frisbee golf park and found a residential street I hadn't been aware of.  It was lovely up there!  Nice view, quiet street and lots of new smells for Tink.  I even found a lilac tree, full of buds, right on a corner.  It will be a perfect place to get my lilac fix in a few weeks.

Now that the scarf is finished I worked on the Whisper Cardigan, which as I have said before just really moves along.  I finished the first sleeve and overshot the middle of the back by about a half an inch.  I did the gathers and I am nearly done with the second half of the back.  Oh this cashmere yarn is just working up beautifully.  It is Little Knits Indie, 100% cashmere lace weight.  My only concern is that I might be cutting it close as far as yardage is concerned.  But I think if I can get through the entire sleeve/back/sleeve portion with anything at all left I should be good to finish up the rest of it.  If not ... well, we'll cross that bridge IF we come to it.

I am glad I didn't run the St. Paddy's Day Dash because it was filthy weather in the morning and I would have been miserable.  I am a little disappointed (but not much, considering the circumstances) that I'll miss the Top Pot run on April 29th, but I will look for one in May to sign up for before I go on my trip.

I did not solve the programming program on Friday and had asked for help from the support people.  Unfortunately they didn't get back to me until Saturday afternoon and it wasn't that helpful, frankly.  I will try a couple more things this morning and if I still haven't solved it I'm going to have to go back to them again.  It's very frustrating because I'm not a programmer.  I just re-purpose scripts that other people write and so sometimes my errors are just as simple as a misplaced / in an address.  Did I say frustrating?  Hopefully I can get this thing fixed and move on with the project.

18 March, 2012

16 March, 2012

Pink trees

Despite the despicable weather, I can see spring right around the corner.  There are masses of daffodils and hellebore blooming around budding trees at Green Lake and cherry and plum trees showing their pink blossoms.  I don't think the cherry trees in the quad are blooming yet, but if the weather cooperates I may drive over this weekend.  I guess I could incorporate a trip to the quad in my noon run, but it's uphill and I really hate running hills.  If it were a gorgeous day, then maybe.  But today, like yesterday, is wet and windy.  I didn't get too wet yesterday.  I managed to sandwich my run in between two downpours.  I was lucky.

My luck wasn't with me in regards to the programming problem I was determined to solve yesterday.  I just know it's a tiny little thing, but I lack that certain knowledge to fix it.  I have sent an email to the support people and hopefully they will get back to me today so I can get on with it!  I have thought of one more thing to try, but I don't hold out much hope at this point of solving it without some help.

I did measure my scarf last night and found I was a couple of inches over the recommended 60, so I bound off and sewed the second lace panel border onto the end.  If I had put a little more thought into it I might have worked it in two pieces and grafted the two ends together at the center.  As it is, I did a pretty good job of sewing the border on without it being any more obvious than picking up the stitches as I did for the first end.  But I think it would have been easier.

Tink is back to her normal self, so there was ball chasing last night and I didn't get much work done on the Whisper Cardigan.  That will be my big push this weekend.  I've got nothing else going.  I don't want to take part in any St. Patrick's Day nonsense.  I'm sure I'll find plenty to keep myself busy and amused.

15 March, 2012

Yucky weather

It is typical Seattle March weather -- rain and wind.  Just terrible.  I am very glad I didn't sign up for the St. Paddy's Day Dash because it would have been a total waste of money.  There's no way I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn to drive downtown and run in the rain and wind.  No thanks.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to run in the Top Pot run this year either, because it's on the 29th of April and I'll still be in France.  Ah well ... I don't mind so much.  There will be more races this spring and summer.  I imagine I'm going to get pretty wet at lunchtime today though, unless we get a little break.

And now that we set the clocks forward, it's pitch black when my alarm goes off again!  This morning I was deeply asleep when it went off and I was wondering why my clock was going off in the middle of the night, just like I would do a few months ago.  It's nice that I was sleeping so well, but terribly annoying to know it is indeed time to get up.

I got some good work done on that scarf at noon knitting yesterday and again yesterday evening.  Tink is still pretty tired from her couple of days of boarding, plus I gave her an hour walk after work, so she pretty much spent the evening snoozing and I got to put in another hour or so.  I will measure again tonight.  I should be pretty close to bind off.  Then all I have to do is sew that second lace and pompom panel to the bottom of it and I can spend full time on the Whisper Cardigan, which would have been perfect to wear today with this dress. 

In five weeks to the day I'll be in London.  Maybe even checked into my hotel by this time.  But in the meantime .... I've got a tough problem to solve today.  And I am determined to get it done.  I am really going to be needing that run at noon, I can tell already.

14 March, 2012

Oh Canada

We had a very nice and productive trip to UBC.  The trip up with surprisingly quick with little or no line at the border crossing, which is always pleasant.  There are no hotels near the University so we stayed where we had stayed before, the Granville Island Hotel.  I love Granville island!  It's a mix of industrial and artistic.  There are theatres, an art school, galleries, a huge market, restaurants and a working forge, a cement factory ... just crazy.  There are water taxis that go to other parts of Vancouver, although I didn't notice them running.  I suspect they are more active during the summer months.  The Granville Island Hotel is just a lovely place.  It's a small-ish hotel, and the rooms aren't huge, but average.  Most of them have a view of the marina and some even have little balconies.  I liked that they were so very quiet!  I couldn't hear Andy next door at all - not his shower or even his phone ring when I called him.  And oh, the bed was out of this world comfy with lots of pillows. 

We had a nice long visit with our friends at the University, attended a lecture and part of a lab as well.  We needed to get on the road by 3 so that we could be home in time to get Tink from the doggie hotel.  The weather coming up was bad, but going home we were in sunshine most of the way until we hit Bellingham where it was sleeting.  But we drove through and by the time we made it to Seattle it was nice again. 

Tink was completely worn out from her two days at her hotel.  It's a doggie day care during the day and then they board dogs as well.  So during the day she is playing with all the day care doggies and just loving it.  She is always so tired when I pick her up.  She conked right out when we got home and I had to wake her and make her go outside at 9 before we went to bed.  And this morning as well, she didn't want to get up at all.  I took this little video of her.  You can see how out of it she is. 

I have lots to do this week.  I've got to get my train reservations for Bayeux and I found a hotel in Paris near where Joan is going to be staying so I've got to give her a call and make sure she's going to be there those days and then book that and I'm all set, except for the waiting!

Noon knitting today.  I worked on the scarf on the way up to BC and now I only have 7 inches to go.  I should have worked on it on the way back, but I was dealing with a little misunderstanding between the real estate lady and myself, which unfortunately impacted the current occupant of the house -- I don't know how I could have misunderstood her so completely but I think we are back on track.  It was a bit embarrassing for me, but I just had to take responsibility and apologize and hope things can keep moving forward.  So I can knit on that scarf at noon today and perhaps I can even finish it up tonight. I'd like to finish it so I can work full time on the Whisper Cardigan.  I think it will be a very useful layering piece and I'd like to take it with me in April.

12 March, 2012

What a nice weekend

Friday my run was not nearly as spectacular as Thursday. I sure wish I could figure out and recreate those conditions that make for a super run! Friday was good but not as fast. I am writing with my iPad this morning as I wait for my ride up to Vancouver. For some reason the carriage returns don't register so we end up with one huge, long paragraph. I had all good intentions of doing laundry on Friday but I made soup instead and watched silly TV. I wanted to have a relaxing day Sunday so Saturday was my day to work. First Tink and I had a two hour walk, then I ran a few errands, after which I got the laundry and mountains of chores done. Then I had just enough time to shower and change and head out to the birthday party. It was a kids party at a pizza place and I had lots of fun with my nephew. I made one crucial mistake though, I drank 3 glasses of diet cola. I swear I don't know when I developed this hypersensitivity to caffeine, but it was very clear to me when I got home around 9 that I wasn't going to be sleepy for quite a while. Saturday was turn the clocks forward night so it was 10 actually. I had a couple of glasses of wine and knit and watched South Park reruns for a couple of hours, then headed to bed around 1 am. I was up most of the night, but dropped off for a few hours in the morning, and woke around 8:30 feeling fine. Sunday I just lazed around and at 3 went for a massage. It was heaven! She did something to the pressure points on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet that made me feel like I hadn't a bone in my body. I am still relaxed today. And now I am heading north. Let's hope the border isn't packed.

09 March, 2012

Wow! A new record!

Yesterday I was feeling great and ready for my run.  I hadn't done anything differently than usual - I ate the same breakfast, same stretches, same shoes.  However, I did change up my music a bit, but I wasn't running on pace with it, so I really can't say it was the music.  I did feel that I was running a bit faster, but it wasn't tiring me and I wasn't more out of breath than usual.  So imagine how surprised I was at the end of my first mile when my Nike app voice informed me that I had run my first mile under 11 minutes!  At the end of the 30 minutes when you finish your run you also get a little more feedback and that's when I was informed I had run the fastest mile yet.  I am just thrilled!  At the pace I was running yesterday I could have easily beaten my 5K time for the run I did in February.  I should start looking today for the date of the Top Pot run.  I know it's coming up in May.  I wouldn't like to do it immediately when I get back from my vacation because I will have spent two weeks eating and drinking and NOT running.  Hopefully it's at least a week from my return.  If it's on the 12th, or even better, the 19th, I should be ready to go for a new personal best.

That sure gave my afternoon a boost.  And I was working on programming problems that seemed to solve themselves.  Today will just be mostly working with templates to populate my new virtual microscope with test images.  Not too exciting, but oh well.

Tink was much more herself yesterday evening, although she didn't really eat too much.  She was frisky and wanting to play, which means I didn't get quite so much time to knit but I'd rather have her feeling better.

I've got a huge weekend coming up and then Monday morning taking off for BC.  I hope to be back by at least 7 on Tuesday so I can get Tink from the doggie hotel.  If not I'll have to get up earlier than usual on Wednesday to get her before work.  So tonight will have to be laundry night since Saturday is full up with errands and chores and a birthday party.  But Sunday ... ahhh ... Sunday I am going to use a spa gift card I received for a much much needed massage.  Oh baby, I cannot wait.

08 March, 2012

My rant on bus drivers

I know that all bus drivers must go to school to learn how to drive a metro bus, so it amazes me how much of a difference there is in the driving style.  Well, basically there are only two driving styles as far as I'm concerned.  There are bus drivers who are smooth, and then there are bus drivers who continually stomp on the brake or the gas causing me to be flung around like a rag doll.  Guess which one I like.  Guess which one I had this morning.  There are a few seats where it is difficult for me to brace myself, since my feet don't touch the ground.  It makes for a rather annoying ride, having to constantly be wary of sliding off the seat.  Once I dropped my umbrella and as I bent over to pick it up the driver did one of those graceful accelerations and I came that close to falling into the aisle.

Tink was uncharacteristically quiet after our walk last night, so I was able to get quite a few inches done on the scarf.  If I don't finish it up this weekend it will be a good project to take on the car ride up to BC Monday, although the Whisper Cardigan would do as well.  I think I'll make the pompoms soon so then I can just knit until I run out of yarn.  I found out why Tink was so quiet after I took her out for her 7 o'clock walk.  She was back in the house for only a few minutes when she got sick.  She was eating a lot of greenery when we went out after work so I was almost waiting for it.  Thank goodness for that spot cleaner spray!  It is quite good, especially if you treat the spot immediately.  So I had the rest of the evening to knit while she snoozed.  Some evenings it is hard to even carve out 30 minutes, she is so keen to chase the ball.  I am just a little worried though.  She got sick again in the middle of the night, although there wasn't much.  And again on our walk this morning.  But I can't do what I need to do from home today, so I'm here.  She was drinking water and her tail was wagging, so I suspect she'll be fine.  

It's cold this morning but supposed to be very nice this afternoon.  I'm ready for a good run today, in the sunshine! 

07 March, 2012

It's sneaking up!

It was completely off my radar, but I drove in this morning and on the radio I heard that this weekend is when we turn the clocks forward!  yay!  Although it is noticeably lighter here already, both morning and night, especially since it's been so clear in the mornings.  Yesterday was a fluke - today is again bright and clear.  Cold, but clear. 

I've been having some great noon runs lately.  It is nice to be back in the land in the living, even though we are still "circling the airport".  I mean that I have stopped letting myself be sucked into the limbo state of mind.  I think I took two weeks off from running!  I feel great, although just a touch sore this morning.  It's Wednesday so time for a rest anyway.  And time for some new running shoes I think.  I love the Nike Free Run shoes I got last year - off center laces, super light weight.  Usually when I find a running shoe I like, by the time I need a new pair they have discontinued them.  But this time I am in luck.  Although it's version 3, I'm sure it's the same awesome shoe.  I probably won't have time to do it this weekend, but next weekend I probably can.

The trip is coming into sharper focus, which makes me happy.  And I've got a little mini-trip coming up next week.  Monday morning I'm driving up to the University of British Columbia with a colleague and spending the night, visiting UBC on Tuesday and then coming right back.  We will be staying on Granville Island, which is very picturesque.

Well, it's meeting Wednesday as well as knitting Wednesday, so I'd better get my things in order.

06 March, 2012

Things my dog does to confuse me

Well of course, I'm not a dog and I don't think like one, but sometimes Tinkerbell does some really odd things.  Last night she woke me up and wanted to get off the bed, which she does from time to time.  She went out of the room and I heard her drinking water, having a little snack, then I drifted off back to sleep only to be awakened by her scratching on the side of the bed, wanting up again.  She can't .... no, won't ... jump up or down on her own.  I got up to pick her up and she was gone!  Back into bed I went only to be awakened in another few minutes by the same routine, only this time I saw her little tail sticking out from under the bed.  Why did she ask to come up and then dive under the bed?  I don't get it.  Back into bed again, only to hear her little whine.  Nothing too loud or obviously pathetic, just a little whine.  This happened 3 or 4 times.  And then what do you?  Yes, she came out from under the bed and scratched once again to get up!  This time I was ready, armed with my iPhone for light, and caught her before she could disappear under the bed again.  I wonder what game she is playing?

It got really cold last night and there was a bit of snow on the cars and it was just coming down lightly as I came into work.  I don't believe we'll be getting much more than this.  I was going to drive in today because I have something to pick up after work, but it's going to have to wait.  I was late this morning.  Because of all Tink's shenanigans it was hard to get up, so I didn't want to fuss with cleaning off the car, nor did I want to take the chance that it was going to really snow.

I have a fun chore this morning - I'm going to try to get my flights set for April.  I have all of the info needed and now just have to put the puzzle together.  One entire week in Normandy with other fun bits on each end.  How did I get so lucky?  I don't even care what the weather is like!

Yesterday evening I got a few more inches done on that scarf.  Maybe I'll break up the monotony of it by making the pompoms!

05 March, 2012

Buckets of time

This weekend I really felt the absence of football.  Maybe because my whole life has been wrapped up in all this stress and worry that I didn't notice all the free time I have all of a sudden.  I could have put it to good use, like for example chores around the apartment.  I did not feel like it however.  So mostly it was a weekend of long doggie walks interspersed with bouts of knitting or playing Scrabble on my iPad or reading.  Saturday morning I walked Tink for two hours.  We went all the way to the lake, and around the lake for a while as well.  She even dashed INTO the lake after some unsuspecting ducks.  I would have thought it was too cold for that but she didn't even seem to flinch, not that dogs can flinch.  Later on she got another hour walk and then two 1/2 hour walks.  Sunday was almost as good for her, although the morning walk was only a little over an hour.  I had tried a new route, heading north, but it wasn't very good.

Friday evening I went out for a little while and at one point I was talking to a woman sitting next to me.  She commented on how pretty my gloves were - my pink gloves.  So I got to tell the story.  It doesn't happen often, and it's a good story too!

There were hours put into the scarf I'm working on - the one with the soft 50/50 merino and silk yarn.  It's a boring 4x4 rib, but the pretty party about the scarf is the lace panels at the bottom, and then you make pompoms to dangle off of the lace.  I will most likely give it away, since it's not really my colors.  But it's fun to make and yummy to work with.  I took a good look at my yarn shelf this weekend.  I haven't replenished it for ages.  Maybe in a few months I can do something about that.

And speaking of a few months, I finally got details about the spring trip!  I had written down an incorrect email address which is why I hadn't heard back.  So now it's set for the last week of April.  I haven't got all the details ironed out and that's the fun part.

It's pouring rain this morning.  I want to start running again today but I don't think I'll be up for going out in a downpour.  Let's hope it lightens up in a bit.

02 March, 2012

And here's what I learned yesterday

After spending the day compulsively checking my email ... oh, about 1 million times an hour ... I finally get a message from my attorney saying that I shouldn't put much faith in the promises of a judge.  She may have had all good intentions of making her ruling yesterday morning but in fact can do it when it pleases her.  Great.  I have given up all expectation of getting any news today and I am going to just pretend that I already have the news and get on with things.  There is no sense in worrying anyway.  So when I have news, everyone else will get it but until then - enough is enough, right?

Amazingly, I did get some actual work done yesterday.  Not my normal stuff, but my chairman has asked me to help him quantify our teaching effort (again, I don't even ask why his secretary/assistant can't do this.  I know the answer).  Spreadsheets are not my forte, so I'm learning a lot.  Like, how much I hate spreadsheets.  Even though I read in bed quite late in hopes of sleeping through the night, I did wake up and couldn't get back to sleep, and I got some good thinking done on the spreadsheet I am currently working on and even had a breakthrough idea.  Then I must have dropped off because next thing I knew it was light in my room.  Obviously I had turned off the alarm without even coming to the surface.  I'm looking forward to some good sleep this weekend.

My heart is light.  In a little more than six weeks, give or take, I'll be on a fun holiday.  And if all goes well I'll even have my passport changed!  Oh, I want that more than anything right now!

01 March, 2012

Like a plane circling the airport

Do you have any idea in the whole world how tired I am of being immersed in this mess?  If all goes well, the judge should send her judgement by early afternoon and then I am NEVER going to think about it again.  Yesterday  I felt a bit better about the judge and the possible outcome.  My attorney did a fantastic job of showing that the respondent was misrepresenting his income to the court.  It was beautiful.  And the more he cried poverty the worse he looked.  I don't expect to get everything we asked for, by a long shot, but I am more confident now that I will get something.  Regardless -- I know I've said this a million times before, but I mean it -- I win.  I am almost whole again.

Hey!  By the way, here's a surprising result of all the positive thoughts coming my way -- my travelers elbow hasn't been bothering me much at all!!  [I am joking of course].

The internet has been down this past hour and I've not been able to do anything, so I finally got on the phone to my friends in Paris about joining them at their gite this spring.  I am just thrilled about this trip and it is something I only dared dream about.  Thanks to the most wonderful person in the entire world, I will be able to go this year finally!  The details are still being worked out, but it's either the 3rd or fourth week in April in Normandy.  I've never been there, and it's going to be awesome.

It was so very very cold yesterday!  I was wearing another(!) new skirt suit, but it was so windy and there were even snow flurries.  I couldn't stop shaking.  I had decided to take the bus to court since the weather was rotten and I couldn't trust myself to drive, since I was so distracted.  The bus leaves from right in front of my place so it was convenient getting down there.  Unfortunately the same bus doesn't go back until the evening rush hour, so I had to wait for something else, which took me to Northgate where I stopped for lunch before walking home.   I managed to do a little work in the afternoon after court, which was good because it kept my mind off it.  And now I'm going to dig myself into this pile of code and further keep my mind off it!