23 January, 2015

It was fabulous!

I was feeling some trepidation about my run yesterday, but it wasn't raining and my foot was just fine, so off I went.  Slowly slowly it went.  I ran a bit, walked a bit, ran some more, etc etc.  At 1/2 mile I stopped for another couple of puffs from my inhaler and then off I went again.  By 1 3/4 miles I was feeling ggrrrreat!  I did my entire 3 miles, about 2 minutes per mile off my usual pace, but that is to be expected.  And am I ever sore today!!  I will walk at lunchtime, rest on the weekend and run again on Monday.  Hopefully I can do four times next week, but I would be happy with three.  I want to work myself up to where I was, four times a week with a day off for knitting.  But I don't want to inflame this foot or toe or ankle.  So easy does it.  But I am super happy.  The sun even came out for a bit!  And the angels sang - softly.

Today I'm going to do my best to finish up the itinerary.  I will book Florence accommodations and do some research into where in Tuscany we should spend the last five days before heading back to Paris.  Steve & Ginny went to Tuscany on a wine tasting tour.  I should get in touch with them.

Nothing much on for the weekend.  A trip to a new (for me) brewery in Woodinville tonight, tomorrow maybe an appointment with the manicurist, and then I'm on my own Sunday through Friday.  I need to visit Trader Joe's to stock up on girlie food - spinach & kale pie, chicken meatballs, salad.   I should be able to get some good knitting done too.  I'd like to get a few hours in on the Jo's Pride and block some things I've got hanging around.  Lots on the plate.

22 January, 2015

Working on that darned itinerary

Okay I'm getting closer to getting this trip figured out.   Hooray for me, yeah?  I had totally spaced Emma's birthday - April 27.  She does want to meet up and so I think I'll suggest she comes to Florence.  That way we don't have to go way out of our way on the return trip to Paris and can spend more time in Italy.  Perfect.  I'm going to work on this today and try to put as many pieces together as possible.  I was reading a bit about Siena yesterday and got an idea.  The book was talking about wine tasting classes in English.  I had such a fun time last year in Mexico taking that cooking class.  Therefore, I'm going to read a bit more and see about maybe going further into Tuscany (south) and finding some cooking classes.  That would be so cool!

I didn't touch my knitting last night.  It was "Inside the NFL" night and then reading.  I was looking for a new Sarah Dunant book, but she doesn't have one that I haven't ready.  Ah ha ..... but she had written a few books BEFORE I discovered her historical books.  I bought one of those a few days ago and that's what I'm reading.  It's called "Birth Marks" and features a detective named Hannah Wolfe.  It's definitely an early work.  The story is good though.

It's been a long time coming but today I am going to try running again.  Well, it'll be more like walk walk walk run walk walk walk run ..... slowly.  Besides my foot my lungs are out of shape.  As long as my foot is okay I suspect this time it'll take me a good two weeks to get back into a good pace.  I'll go out if it's sprinkling but not if it's pouring, so let's hope for the best.

21 January, 2015

Tuesday knitting

How many years have I been doing noon knitting?  A long long time.  Now that it's moved to Tuesday it throws my entire week off, especially when there is a long weekend.  Despite reminding everyone on Friday, one of the ladies forgot her knitting entirely.  But there are always books to look over and plenty of idle chat - knitting and otherwise.  I got my Jo's Pride back on track and found a cardigan that I really want to make.  I am feeling guilty about the two projects that I've put aside.  Will I pick them up again?  I don't know.  I might take the alpaca I have for the Iwi pullover and use it for an open front cardigan. 

After having a terrible night's sleep Monday night I was feeling quite sleepy yesterday.  I made a nice fire when I got home and settled in for a night of reading.  Onion soup for dinner and some fresh bread and I was in bed by 9:30 and out like a light.  I woke up one time during the night, which is excellent for me because Tink manages to wake me every night.  Usually it's more than once.

I am getting closer to finishing up my itinerary for the trip this spring.  I want to contact one last friend over there and make sure we can connect.  So I can't finish up until I know if we're going to be going to Belgium or Luxembourg on the way back from Italy.  And then how many nights should we spent in Paris on the back end?  I just have to make the decisions and sometimes that's difficult.  I have been feeling a little wishy-washy lately.  It's a phase.  I hope it hurries away. 

20 January, 2015

Quite spectacular

Well, does it get much better than this?  A weekend that starts out with a visit to Tiffany's and ends with a football win for the ages.

There was one last Christmas present waiting for me Saturday morning in Bellevue - a cute necklace from the Tiffany interlocking circles collection!  I love it! Especially the little clinking noise that it makes.  I had to have my hair done Saturday morning, so that threw my weekend off a bit, but I got a very early appointment so errands were done early enough. 

Sunday was THE game.  The Seahawks won and are going to the Super Bowl again, this time to play the Patriots.  The game was extremely exciting and went into overtime.  The Seahawks were behind for most of the game, so the comeback was one for the ages.  And Green Bay was floored.  They thought they were going to win, for sure.  Now we wait for two weeks for the Super Bowl.  I do NOT want to go to a party.  I want to watch the game.  That might mean a little white lie here or there, but completely worth it.

Yesterday was pretty quiet.  The weather was decent, so I took Tink to Cottage Lake park in the morning, and then then for another long walk in the neighborhood in the afternoon.  I did laundry.  I went to the mall.  I knit on Sunday, late into the night, so I wasn't really in the mood for that.  I read.  And read.  It was lovely.

16 January, 2015

It's about those Christmas lights

In our little cul-de-sac neighborhood a few of us put up Christmas lights, some more elaborate than others and some done by professionals.  The first house with lights had them done professionally and I was in awe of those men up there on that extremely steep roof, lining the dormer windows with lights.  They must be on a timer, because I notice in the morning when I'm walking Tink that they go out at 6:45 am.  Now though, everyone has taken their lights down except these people.  Still on the timer.  I suppose they want to get their money's worth, having them done professionally.  But hey, enough's enough. 

What's on for the weekend?  Ah .... Seahawks football, that's what!  If the Seahawks beat Green Bay this weekend they're going to the Super Bowl, so that's all that is on everyone's mind, on the radio, talk on the bus, etc.  I don't know yet if we'll be staying home to watch.  I would much rather do that than be with a bunch of people, half of whom are really not interested in the game.  Yeah, well we'll see.

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means a long weekend for me.  I've got an appointment for my hair and then that's about it.  Sleeping in is going to be tops on my list.  I have a couple of things to exchange so if I don't get that done Saturday I can take care of it Monday.  And maybe I can find my knitting mojo.

15 January, 2015

Just one more episode

That's what happened to me last night.  I stayed up way too late catching up on the Showtime series "Episodes".  The new season is just starting and I never finished season three.  I didn't finish it last night either, but I got close.

Therefore, I am sleepy today.  Soon I will go outside and walk around and try to wake up.  It's cloudy, but not yet raining.  I think it's going to start raining and keep on for a week.  Hooray. 

I miss my LYS.  The store didn't go out of business, but moved up to 65th & Roosevelt, which means it is not a visit I can make at lunchtime.  I guess I could walk up to Bartell's and get some Kleenex.  I like to have a destination at lunchtime.  I stay out longer if I do.  Otherwise I get cold, just strolling around listening to my book.  I am still listening my way through the Outlander series.  How many months now have I been listening to those books?  I can't remember.  Three at least, maybe more.  I need to find a book for my Kindle app though, for reading at night.  I finished my book while I was sick.

14 January, 2015

Could the flu shot have helped?

Friday I didn't last long at work.  At lunchtime I went out for a walk thinking that maybe I'd feel better after some fresh air, but I kept feeling worse and worse and just went home finally.  I was dragging and achy all weekend. 

The football was good though.  Seattle won again.  Now we're in the NFC championship game with Green Bay this Sunday here in Seattle.  That'll be a good game.  I had also been looking forward to the first college national championship game - Oregon Ducks vs Ohio Buckeyes.  Not a great game.  The Ducks were beat soundly.

I ended up staying home from work both Monday and yesterday. I made it in today.  I am feeling better, at least the continual body ache is gone.  I'm a bit stuffier than I have been, but I am not tired.  Let's see how the day goes.

Not much knitting done either.  I did a few rows on a spring shawl I'm doing but that's it.  I need to get my count right on the Jo's Pride.  I think I messed it up at the last noon knitting.  I need some quiet time to do that.  Maybe tonight, but I doubt it.  I'm not in the mood.

09 January, 2015

A big ol' dose of vitamin D

It is getting colder and it's very foggy today.  It started out that way yesterday as well, but the sun did come out and I took full advantage of it, going on a long walk at noontime with my face to the sun.  It was wonderful and really did make me feel better.  After lunch I even got myself together enough to book some places for the trip.  I got AirBNB going and booked a place in Paris, near to where I lived, but closer to Place des Voges (one of my favorite places).  And then I booked a teeny weeny place in Venice.  It is small, but the price is right and it's away from the tourist section in a neighborhood.  Just what I'm looking for.  Next is Florence, then Cinque Terre and from there I am not sure.  At least I've finally got a start on it!

I can't warm up.  The bus was cold this morning, despite being packed as usual.  I was restless this morning.  I kept waking up and I don't know why.  Was it because Tink was restless?  Because I was cold?  I don't know.  It's just annoying and now I'm groggy. 

This weekend is all about football.  And next Monday is the first college championship and that will be a good game, I am hoping.  I want to get some good knitting done and that's about it.  Here's to a nice, quiet weekend.

08 January, 2015

It's all about the timing

And I can't seem to get it down!  I knew that this week the traffic would be much worse than the past few weeks because of school starting up again.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I just barely made the bus.  This morning Tink was quite efficient in her morning routine and therefore I pulled out of the driveway at 6:50 rather than 6:55 or 6:57.  The traffic was bad up until about 124th, where people can cut off to get to the 405.  Typically it's just as backed up after that but this morning it was smooth sailing and I got to the parking garage with 10 minutes to spare!  Ah well.  I'll get it.  I just want something between having to cool my heels waiting for the bus and having to dash down the stairs and run for it.

I got a good little run at my itinerary yesterday, but I am still having a hard time with it.  I feel like things are just about to burst wide open though.  I'll have it finished in a week, maximum.

Noon knitting was fun, after a little break.  We're moving it to Tuesdays to accommodate a regular meeting that has been scheduled for one of the ladies on Wednesdays.  That's going to make my week feel a bit off for a while. I wonder how many times I'll forget my knitting? I only got 1 1/2 rows done because I was yapping and lost count on the wrong side row.  I will have to find some quiet time this weekend to fix it.  Last night was "Inside the NFL" and early to bed to read again. 

Tink woke me once for a drink of water, but otherwise I slept like a baby and I must have gotten a solid 8 hours, taking that into consideration.  That being said, I am still SO tired!  I know it's got to be because of the constant darkness.  I wake up in the dark.  I drive to the parking garage in the dark.  It dawns on the ride in, but unless I get outside at lunchtime I don't get any appreciable sunshine because it's getting dark when I catch the bus home and by the time I'm there walking Tink it's dark again.  Some years the seasonal darkness doesn't bother me that much and others .... this is one of those years I guess.

07 January, 2015

Getting bogged down

I don't understand exactly how or why it happens.  It is like when I lose my  knitting mojo.  Procrastination at its worst.  I can't seem to get out of this rut!  But I must get myself back on track.  It could be just seasonal malaise because of the lack of daylight.  Perhaps once I start (there's that word - start) planning my trip things will loosen up.  Or maybe if I could just get myself running again, that would do it.  I am expecting that I should be able to get out there and at least run a minute walk a minute by next Monday.  I think I am being overly optimistic that the pain from my foot will disappear.  I may just have to deal with it.  Whatever it takes. 

How difficult is it going to be to stay awake at my meeting this morning?  At least I have some work to do today and noon knitting to look forward to.  Since I didn't pick up my knitting again last night.  I caramelized onions last night.  I have never really done that before, not correctly and not on purpose I should say.  It takes about 45 minutes to do it right, but yummmm.  A great addition to a steak.

06 January, 2015

Time to start planning

I made the plane reservations months ago, but I haven't really gotten down to setting my itinerary for the three weeks in April and May.  And I have GOT to start planning!  I have fourteen weeks to go, and I've not gotten any farther than a vague idea of where we should go.  I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this but the time has come and plans need to be at least starting to be formed.  I did figure that taking the train to Venice, while a fun way to go on a sleeper, is a waste of time and money.  So we'll fly to Venice from Paris.  And then?  Florence I think.  After that?  I am torn - I am not all that keen on Rome and instead maybe we'll go to the coast.  I don't want this trip to be one mad dash after another.  I want plenty of time to just sit and absorb.  It's been so long since I've spent any time in Italy.  I think the last time was when I was living in Paris and my friend got married in Italy.  That's nearly 15 years ago -- well, it will be 15 years in June.  Isn't that crazy?

Do Nothing Monday was glorious.  The house was clean, the dinner just needed to be heated.  A couple doggie walks, a nice hot shower and in bed with a book and a nice glass of wine at 8 o'clock.  I know it sounds slothful, but a couple of hours in bed with a good book is a luxury.  And not something that you can do in the spring and summer when it's still light outside!  I guess I must have had my fill of knitting, what with knitting five hats before Christmas and then my stay-cation day knitting.  I haven't picked up either piece since Friday, or maybe Saturday.  Tomorrow is noon knitting so I know I'll get at least two rows done then.

I am really anxious to start running again.  My asthma is finally back under control.  My foot .... a little dicey, especially after that incident last month.  But I am wearing high heels to work and changing into my running shoes in the afternoon for a long walk.  The high heels are a challenge but I believe as long as I keep switching back to flat shoes after a few hours it'll be fine.  In other words, I have been able to keep from aggravating it to the point of needing to ice it.  By the middle of this month I should be out there doing my 3 miles.  I WILL be out there.

05 January, 2015

I did not want to get up

Oh dear.  How hard was it to get up and out this morning?  Ridiculous.  I had such a wonderful week and a half.  It was so relaxing.  Getting back into the routine of going to work was terribly hard.  I didn't stay up too late, thank goodness, so I wasn't really tired this morning.  But it's dark and it was pouring rain and I knew the traffic would be awful.  I was right.  It was bumper to bumper nearly all the way to the parking garage, then there was the search for a parking spot.  It was that full.  And I'm wearing very high heeled boots and I had to "run" for the bus.  I was carrying my week of lunches and fruit and milk in a bag, purse on my shoulder and holding an umbrella.  I wasn't so much running as kind of walking fast.  I am sure I looked quite foolish.  But I made the bus and I got a seat, which is more than I can say for the people who got on later. 

So what did I do with the embarrassment of time and leisure?  I cooked Christmas Eve dinner, I had a lovely Christmas day.  A fun little overnight in Bellingham, some great shopping.  I knit nearly every day, I slept in and that was perhaps the best part of the entire stay-cation.  Tink got some nice long walks, although my plan of driving to a new park every day did not pan out.  The weather wasn't fabulous.  It was, in fact, quite cold.  I took a vacation from blowing my hair dry - just let it go wild for a week.  I watched quite a bit of football.  I cooked some fabulous meals.  I worked on my Jo's Pride, but that it slow going!  Seriously - it's 30 minutes for each row still, even though it is decreasing.  But size four needles with sock yarn, that's small.  It's gorgeous, but wow, it is a slog.  I think I spent two hours on it one day, maybe three.  Then other times I would just do a couple of rows.  I am now on row 18 of the decrease section, which was started after 28 rows of the border.  This decrease section goes for 45 rows.  You do the math .... I'm going to have days into this by the time it's done.  For TV knitting I started a fun triangle that I am going to put tassels on the three corners.  It will be a great spring scarf/wrap.

I did a fair amount of reading and not any binge TV watching.  While it was cold, it was not raining or snowing outside and I just don't feel right having the television on during the day - that is unless it's a weekend and I'm watching sports, or I'm sick in bed.  Otherwise I just like the silence.  I am very proud to say that Christmas got cleaned up Saturday - the tree, the decorations outside all put away.  And good thing too, because it started raining on Sunday and it would have been much easier to put off.  Now it is done and put away. 

Of course there were two work related emails that I made the mistake of looking at, but I am proud to say that I did nothing about them.  I wanted a real vacation plus it irks me that people wait until the very last minute.  So I have a full plate this morning.  I should get to it.

24 December, 2014

Why that hat didn't look right

I had been working on my last of five hats for kids.  The final one, for a two year old, was Troll.  It's a cute little pattern with a pointy top.  But it just looked wrong somehow - as in the body of the hat before the decreases was as big as the hat I made for a six year old!  I finally took another look at the pattern and realized that the measurements were in centimeters rather than inches.  *sigh*  I had to unravel three inches of knitting.  After that it was quick and now I've got five cute little hats all ready to be wrapped up. 

It was so quiet on the way to work that I again had time to stop at Starbucks.  This time I thought an eggnog latte would be perfect, seeing as it's Christmas Eve.  Then when I got to the garage I parked on the second floor!  I think there were five of us on the usually standing room only bus.  I won't be staying here long today.  I've got a 2 o'clock manicure appointment and then I've got to get home and get the dinner ready for tonight.  And then ..... ah then I've got a week and a half to do nothing, and plenty of that!  My main occupations will be doggie walking and knitting, with a few naps thrown in for good measure and some TV binge watching.  It's going to be awesome!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

23 December, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

There was even less traffic today than yesterday.  I was so early this morning on my way in that I had time to stop at Starbucks for a nice seasonal beverage.  And still I didn't have to hurry to get the bus.  Plenty of time. 

It is really quiet around here and since I have nothing to do (!), boring as hell.  If I didn't have to save these days for my 3 week trip in April and May I surely wouldn't be at work.  As it is, I could have gone home early yesterday except the house cleaners come on Monday, so I couldn't be home anyway.  I left at my normal time and got home and .... they hadn't been there yet!!  And that threw my entire evening off.  By the time I was done walking Tink they had arrived, so I had to put her in the truck and away we went to sit at Triplehorn.  The beer is awesome and there's football on TV AND I can bring my dog.  It's not all bad.  It just wrecked my evening.  I'm hoping I can make it up today.  If I can get my manicure appointment moved to today rather than tomorrow, I can get that done and tomorrow just go right home and get everything ready for Christmas Eve dinner.  So we'll see.  If not my plan for tomorrow will work fine.

I didn't get my last hat finished last night but tonight for sure.  Then I've got a few more gifts to wrap - 10 more, actually.  No, twelve.  But they don't all have to be done by Christmas because we're taking four of them on Saturday. 

Fantasy Football is over.  I wasn't last.  That's all I can say about it.  I had such high hopes though!  I got the first pick.  Next year will be my year!  Yeah.