21 October, 2014


Finally!  It has been since July that I have been able to run, what with being sick and then the class and being sick and the weather and being sick ....  Anyway, even though it was raining in the morning, it was fine at lunchtime and I actually got out there and ran 3 miles.  I was slow, but I don't care.  I had to walk a couple of times, but I did not have to take extra puffs of my inhaler, which is huge.  My legs felt like rubber at 2 3/4 miles, but that is to be expected.  And I am sore today, but not limping.  I am going out again at noon today if it's not pouring.  It was very wet on the way in, but by the time we got to the U there was blue sky showing, so I am thinking I'll be fine.

After my terrible football weekend, I really wasn't in the mood for Monday night football, especially since I didn't have anyone on either of the teams and I had already lost my fantasy matchup.  I cooked a nice dinner - sauteed scallops and some pasta and a great salad from Trader Joe's.  I love those composed salads.  The one I've been eating most lately is the Seeds & Greens - arugula, roasted squash, dried cranberries and some grain I can't remember.  It's delicious though.

I attending a very frustrating meeting yesterday.  Good thing I had already had my run and I was rather subdued.  I have been on edge lately and I suspect if I hadn't run I might have been even more obnoxious than I was. 

I think I'll have to cancel noon knitting tomorrow.  I've got an appointment downtown with my lawyers at 2.  I think it would just be two of us anyway.  I didn't even pick it up last night, but hopefully I can get a few rows in tonight.  I'm going to make cauliflower soup when I get home.  That's not too taxing and therefore I should have plenty of energy left for a row or two.  Now those rows are approaching 600 stitches!  And still no word on anyone having extra yarn to sell me.  I sure hope I don't run out!

20 October, 2014

We are in for a rude awakening

The weather continues to be mild.  Extremely mild and record setting.  Sunday was too warm for a jacket.  Once the weather turns it is going to be really hard to take.  It's like we're living in California here.  Except for the rain, which has settled in for the week, I believe.  We had a little respite on the weekend, well Sunday at least.  But the man on the news last night said it's rain and clouds for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  I don't really care too much except I do want to start back running today.  I can go when it's raining but I prefer  not to.  I'm so antsy though that I suspect I'll go today no matter what's happening out there.

I spent Friday working from home.  I've got an interesting week coming up.  A meeting today at 2 o'clock and a meeting Wednesday at 2 o'clock downtown with my lawyer.  Thursday night Tink goes to the boarders and Friday I have to take the bus from home because Friday afternoon I'm getting on the train to Portland.  Rain or shine, that's going to be fun. 

Now I'll tell you what's NOT fun -- watching both of my teams lose this weekend.  The second loss for the Seahawks, who haven't had back to back losses since 2012.  Oh it was just brutal.  We lost so many players in the off season and then we've had some injuries.  Ah well -- it's early days yet.  As for my fantasy - I got killed there too.  I guess it is not my year.   Again.

I didn't get much done this weekend, which is okay once in a while, isn't it?  You can't work all the time.  There was sunshine to enjoy and walks to take - Tinkie got a nice walk at Cottage Lake for a change.  It's a nice little park and the lake is lovely.   Movies and a fire - even though it's warm, it's always nice to have a fire.  I got lots of great knitting done on the Brown Eyed Susan.  I'm on row 19 of the lace border and I've put out a request for another skein of the blue.  I'm just not entirely sure I'll have enough.  So far no luck though.  I had gotten a start on the lace border Thursday at work, but row two wasn't working out and so I had to take out both rows - tinking back over 350 stitches twice.  I realized I had done the t2l (twist 2 left) incorrectly.  The instructions in the book were not sufficient.  Once I did a little more digging I realized my mistake and from then on I was on fire.  Except when my Denise needle came apart from the cable!  Oh heavens ... what a mess.  I got it fixed but I was going crazy trying to keep the stitches from unraveling.  Now I am very very careful with it.  It is getting heavy with now over 500 stitches and those cables can twist out if you're not super careful.  I am using my other size 6 long circular for the project that is on hold - the Melon scarf - so I'm stuck with the Denise set.

So let's keep good thoughts for a dry-ish noon time.  I am just crazy anxious to start running again!!

16 October, 2014

It's a let down

After being so terribly busy for a couple of months, I am finding it very difficult to keep interested now that it is not busy.  I much prefer to be super busy -- well, who doesn't?  I've got to find something interesting to do.

The good news is that I've been sleeping great.  Again, not surprising.  The nightmares and jaw clamping must have been disturbing my sleep a lot.  It was so very cozy this morning, I really didn't want to get out of bed.  Therefore I was running late and didn't have time to make my coffee to take on my drive.  I pride myself on getting up and out in less than an hour.  I can do it in 40 minutes, but I must know what I'm going to put on.  I can't be dithering in front of my closet.  I had decided to wear one of my new dresses today but when I decided that last night I hadn't quite decided on the shoes, so that was what held me back.  What shoes?  Or boots?  I need grey ones.  The black would have worked but since I wore super high heels twice already this week I thought I might wear lower heels today ... see?  That takes up a lot of time!  Tick tock.  So I wore something else entirely.   And missed my coffee.  And had to rush Tink on her walk.

At lunch yesterday I found a nice little spot and knit and knit.  I wanted to go for a walk as well, but it was pouring rain.  I think I will be able to run next week!  My cough has almost disappeared and my lungs feel good.  So -- next week I will start up.  I cannot wait.  I need my endorphins.  I can't get endorphins from knitting.

I think I'll be able to start the lace border on the Brown Eyed Susan tonight, if I get a good solid hour or so in at lunchtime.  I hope I have enough yarn to finish up the body.  I might not have enough for the contrast lacy bind off though.  That would be a drag.

I was reading something the other day about how certain things in your resume make you look old.  Did you know that putting two spaces after a period is now considered passe?  That it is a convention only taught on type writers?  I hadn't noticed but I'm going to start looking to see if I can spot the difference.  The person writing the article had to train himself to put only one space and he said it was quite difficult. I can believe it. 

15 October, 2014

Awake at last

I finally feel human and as if I've had a good night's sleep.  In other words, I'm not groggy this morning - or not as bad as I have been the first two days of the week.  I fell right asleep last night - which I know because I looked at the clock when I turned out the light - 9:16 (!), and then an Amber Alert made my phone buzz just after 9:30 and I was already deeply asleep.  Unfortunately the Amber alerts do not turn off when the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.  I need to search for the alerts and turn that one off.

It's still raining today and it's starting to feel like autumn.  I'm ready.  But it's going to be a long long winter without a trip to look forward to, I'm afraid.  I am starting to put together a three week trip in early spring and I don't have many vacation days to spare between then and now.  A few -- I think maybe 5 -- days I can use around Christmas and the New Year.  It's going to be tough, make no mistake.  Ah but to have three whole weeks off in a row, now that is going to be awesome!  It's a long ways away.

Noon knitting today and I'm going to be the only knitter.  MaryEllin and Monika are off on trips and Diana has too much work to do before her two weeks off and that leaves me, since Christina hasn't been coming lately, nor has Peggy.  Of course Peggy has a good excuse, since she's across the lake.  So - just me.  If it's not still pouring rain I can have a nice little walk and then find a corner and knit for a while.  I am only ten rows from the lace part of the Brown Eyed Susan.  Yes, I know I have a few (million) WIPs, but I felt like doing this and so I am doing it.  At some point I need to dig through my WIPs and figure out what I'm going to finish and what I can frog.  I am running out of tools - needle point protectors, markers, etc. 

Yes .... I slept better but I could do with a bit more still.  It's got to be the lack of sunshine.

14 October, 2014

Tuesdays at the Transit Center

What a huge difference a few weeks makes at that Transit Center parking garage!  When I first started driving in and parking every morning it was still summer and there were always tons of parking spots.  Now though school has started for the med school and the undergrads.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings must be very popular for classes because I was just two or three minutes later than usual today and I had to hunt for a spot.  Since this is an express bus it only stops at a few places right off the freeway and if you're not at the Transit Center or the next stop you have to stand.  That bus is packed to overflowing.  I had to fight my way out of it this morning. 

It rained last night and I find that noise to be so soothing.  I slept like a log.  I was going to read but I couldn't keep my eyes open at 9, so I just turned over and fell asleep.  Ahhhhhh ..... better this morning.  Although I know I could have easily slept another two hours.  Maybe it's the darkness that is keeping me so sleepy these days. 

The nightmares have gone the way of the stress, thank goodness for that.  It was getting quite tiresome.  What hasn't gone away is the sensitivity of my teeth on the right side of my mouth.  Obviously I was clenching my jaws as well as having nightmares and I am afraid I've injured that tooth.  I'll give it another few weeks though.  I've got my cleaning appointment in November so that will give it enough time to heal, if it's going to.  I really want to avoid a root canal.

I'm looking forward to the little weekend getaway coming up in a little over a week.  A train ride to Portland for the weekend.  Hopefully there will be some sunshine and some good music.  Just getting away is fun for me, but getting away on a train is always better.

I wore my new red shoes all day yesterday, with the exception of a couple of hours in the afternoon when I put my running shoes on and went for a walk.  I can't run until my lungs are clear and, can you believe it, I'm still coughing!  It is getting better, slowly.  But what I can do it put on my running shoes and get out there for a real walk.  My concern was for my foot, and I can't say it didn't hurt at all.  It didn't hurt much though and I have heels on again today and I'm still not in pain.  This is a good thing.  I'll be running again real soon.  And in the meantime I can wear some nice shoes!  

What should I do with the rest of this tea?  Pour it over my head or drink it?  Which way is going to work faster??

13 October, 2014

Never enough

I feel like that this morning - that I can never get enough sleep!  I am just dizzy and I even went to bed at a decent hour.  I slept through the night, but eight hours just isn't enough sometimes, is it?

I discovered a little leak on Wednesday and ended up having to work from home for a couple of days to get that taken care of.  And then Friday was my spa day.  Oh heavens, it was bliss.  It was so incredibly relaxing,  And then I went shopping!  I got some dresses for work and some crazy beautiful red suede shoes.  High heels, zippers in the back.  I love them.  Practical?  Well, no.  No they're not.  But they are gorgeous!

There was an incredible rain storm Saturday.  It was a downpour for about 30 minutes.  I was in a parking lot and couldn't get out of the car because the entire lot was a river!  The walkways in front of the stores were rivers.  Flooded streets because of overflowing or plugged storm drains.  And as quickly as it started, it ended.

The Seahawks got beat last night, at home, by the Cowboys.  It was a terrible game.  So difficult to watch.  My fantasy team is losing big this week as well.  I had some good players on bye and a couple underperformed and somebody else was injured.  Not a good football week for me, except the Huskies looked pretty good.

I finally got about half of the stuff hung on the walls.  I'd like to live with it for a while before I get the rest of it up. 

Oh I hope this caffeine kicks in soon.  It better or I'm going to put my head down on the desk and have a little snooze!

07 October, 2014


I was positive I was missing some shoes.  Shoes that I hadn't room for in my teensie apartment but shoes I couldn't bear to throw away, so they were in my storage locker and then disappeared when I moved.  But they surfaced yesterday and I'm so happy!  I didn't get a chance to go through them last night, but I know for sure there are some booties in there and I almost bought another pair on Sunday.  And some fabulous brown heeled oxfords and ... well, I am sure I've forgotten but they're all good winter shoes and boots and I'll get to them tonight, maybe.

I have lots I want to do tonight that I couldn't do last night because of the game.  The Seahawks won but the number of penalties called on them was absolutely obscene!  I guess it comes with the territory.  I do have to at least start the tomato sauce.  I picked the last of the tomatoes except a couple behind a spider web.  I will get those tonight if they're still good, then I'm going to do what most of the recipes suggest, which is blanch them and peel them before removing the seeds.  Time consuming but I think it is a necessary step.

When I took Tink to the vet on Sunday I also needed to get her flea pills - anti-flea pills, I should say - but they had run out of them!  Ridiculous.  Obviously I can't drive all the way back there just to pick up pills, so the doctor wrote out the prescription and I stopped at the vet by my house to get it filled.  But guess what?  They don't carry those pills.  *sigh*  Now what?  The receptionist suggested I go to an online vet pharmacy.  So that's on the list for today.

The students took their re-exam yesterday and I just sat and knit while they did their exam.  And that's that.  Anatomy is over and it'll never be taught like this again.  Now we start putting together the new curriculum.  Or soon, anyway.  I sure need a breather.  Luckily Histo is not so demanding right now.  I can take some time to clean up my office - it is a wicked mess with stacks of papers and piles of other papers, x-ray envelopes piled on the filing cabinet.  Untidy, although I can put my hand on anything I need.  Still, I'd like a clean blotter for a change.  Right now on my blotter - so that I can't see anything but Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the last two weeks - a red folder (empty), invisible tape, an iPhone charging plug with no cord, a pencil, a pink highlighter, two pens, assorted yellow sticky pads, pieces of white note paper with lists scribbled and checked, white envelopes with who knows what in them ..... No food anyway.  That's a good thing. 

The weather is strangely warm.  I was out walking Tink in the pitch black last night in just my cotton PJs!  Usually I just take her out there to the end of her leash and let her piddle, but it was gorgeous so I strolled around with her, watching the stars and the big moon.  Sure enough, there was a rabbit, but all you could see was it's white tail as it hopped off into the forest.  It's sure to turn soon, but right now it reminds me of a particularly warm November when I was in London.  Walking around through the parks in late November in just a turtle neck sweater and a shawl.  It was that warm.  We could be in for a very mild winter this year.

06 October, 2014

Odd little observations on getting older

First - I hate it.  Well, not all of it.  I love not caring at all what other people think.  That's wonderful.  But other parts of it - not so much.  One of the things is hair.  As in, grey hair.  So you get your hair highlighted to start with and when that's not doing it you move on to all over color.  And that works fine but having dark hair I notice that the roots are more noticeable and rather quickly at that.  What's the next move?  You have two - you can chose to go natural and therefore grey.  Or you can lighten your hair color so that the roots are not quite as noticeable.  That's where I went.  Rather than just having face framing foils I had my new hairdresser do my foils all over my head.  So now I'm lighter - not blond exactly but not all brown either.  It will take a bit of getting used to, but I like the change just to shake things up.

I dearly wanted to sleep in Saturday but there was too much going on.  Tink got her hairdo, I got mine and then time to pick her up and me to change clothes and it was off to Frank and Shannon's.  I was hoping it wouldn't go long but that was not the case and there was no time left for tomato picking or anything much at all but watching some college football.  I also had some work to do.  The final exam was on Friday but a few students failed so I couldn't post the grades until Saturday afternoon.  And today we have a re-exam for three students so I'll be home late again.  And Monday Night Football is the Seahawks.  It's recording.

I was hoping the nightmares would be done now that the class is done, but that's not the case and I had another screaming nightmare Saturday night and another, though not screaming, last night.  Do I need a relaxing day?  Oh yes.  A relaxing week is more like it, but not in the cards right now.  I don't think it would be so bad if I hadn't gotten another cold -- which by the way is hanging on still.  I so want to start running again this week but not until the cough is gone. 

We are having an incredible Indian Summer!  It was positively hot yesterday so rather than bring in the outdoor furniture and winterize I enjoyed the weather for as long as I could.  I even knit outside for a while until the late game was on.  I nearly won my fantasy this weekend - nearly.  I am disappointed because it was so close.  I won the close one last week though. 

Well -- I must dig in and get an exam ready.  It's going to be nice today at least.

03 October, 2014

Thursday night football

In the past the NFL games were only on Sunday and Monday until Thanksgiving, but this year we're having Thursday night games all season long.  Last night my fantasy QB and a receiver plus the defense of the other team played.  Well, my QB is Aaron Rogers and the Packers just killed the Vikings.  They were so far ahead that they pulled Aaron Rogers and put in the backup for the last quarter.  Of course then my defense got no points to speak of but Aaron Rogers and Jordy Nelson got me nearly 30 points.  That's a good start.  I'd like to win a second in a row and move up a little more in the standings. 

The Seahawks don't play until Monday night which means that Sunday is a little more open than it would typically be.  I set up Tink's annual vet appointment for Sunday morning.  I can move my hair salon, but I don't want to change vets at this late stage.  She's been going there since she was a puppy and we don't go many times a year, so we'll keep her vet.

It's going to be a busy weekend.  I've got to drop Tink at the groomers first thing Saturday morning, and then I've got a hair appointment at 9:45 and after that a family gathering at 1 o'clock.  Hopefully it won't go too long.  I'd really like to do some serious knitting this weekend.  I did get a couple rows done last night, but I've a long ways to go with this beaded shawl and I've got two new knitting books coming today plus the yarn from YarnBox is really calling my name.  I am going to make "Brown Eyed Susan" from Juju's Loops and I actually was going to have someone check the book out of the library for me to copy the pattern, since it's the only one out of the book I want.  However, the book is published in London and it's not in our library system!  Therefore I had to fork out $30 for one pattern.  I know ... but I really really like it!  And I think it'll be perfect for the yarn I got.  I should take pictures -- the blue is absolutely the most gorgeous peacock blue ever.  It reminds me of the ink I used when I used to write with a nibbed pen.  The ink came in cartridges rather than a bottle.  I thought it was so elegant and romantic to write with an ink pen, but my teachers didn't think so. 

I got my appointment at the spa all set for Friday and got the day off on the calendar at work.  Oh joy!  I'm to get to the spa at 11 am to soak in the tubs for an hour before my body scrub, and then I'm having a body moisturizing as well.  That is just SO relaxing.  And they put this fresh green mask on your face while you're getting lotion massaged into your freshly exfoliated body.  You come out of there as soft as a baby all over.  Then I'm going shopping and I'm going to buy myself something really nice.  I haven't had any new work clothes and I deserve it.

Also on the agenda for the weekend is to take the cushions off the outdoor chairs, put the umbrella down, take the cloth off the round table ... winterize, in other words.  And I'm going to get the last of the tomatoes in and make sauce.  I tried it last weekend and it was okay in the slow cooker, but I didn't care all that much for the recipe.  I will do it in a big pot this time instead and I will not use nearly as much olive oil as that other recipe called for.  Fun weekend ahead.

02 October, 2014

Fat rabbits

Poor Tinkerbell.  She will NEVER get a rabbit and it is driving her absolutely stark raving mad.  The one time she got away from me this early spring was to chase the rabbits, which got away thank goodness.  And now I swear they taunt her.  There is one big one, or perhaps they all look the same at this time of year, that seems to be in the same spot every morning when we go out for our walk.  It sits and sits until we get up rather close and then darts away, but not ALL the way away.  Just away enough to watch and drive my poor dog crazy.   I love watching them, especially the little tiny babies.  But I will be glad when they are gone, because I don't like to see Tink all worked up like that.  Part of me really wants to let her go and have a good chase, but I would feel just awful if she actually caught it and killed it.

Two more days of this insanity at work.  I am just about tearing my hair out.  I did absolutely nothing last night -- well, I did my hair and cooked a lovely curry for dinner.  Other than that though, I just watched "Inside the NFL" and relaxed.  I am feeling better.  I still sound bad, but I am feeling better.  I long for a day just to myself to sleep and shop and that's what I'm going to do next Friday.  I'm going to take a vacation day and go to the spa and go shopping and just pamper myself.  I can't wait.

01 October, 2014

Flu shots

Generally, I avoid them.  I don't know when is the last time that I've actually had the flu.  Oh I get colds, bad colds.  But flu?  However, since I am now enjoying my second cold since July, I am most definitely getting a flu shot this year.  Absolutely.

It took me a while to get home, but after a late bus and a quick stop at the store for necessities, I was in bed and asleep (again) by 3 and slept for two solid hours.  Then I got up and got a few things sorted out in the kitchen.  I was feeling better!  Yay!  I had picked up comfort food at the store - chicken pot pies.  Something easy to heat up and warm and nice.  I had some hot whiskey, watched some silly TV and went to bed early.  I slept pretty well except having to get up once to take more cough medicine.  And here I am today, on time and ready to go.  And it's Wednesday, so there's knitting to look forward to at lunchtime.  I'll be a little late, but no matter.  I should be able to get 40 minutes in at the least.

I was hoping to be able to start back up running this week, but that went down the drain.  I'll have to shoot for next week then.  And start off slow since it's been since the first cold that I've run - actually since my trip in July!  Twelve weeks.  I suspect it'll take me at least two weeks to get my wind back up.  That's fine.  I know I'll feel much better once I can get running again.  Things won't be so busy at work either, for at least a few weeks.

Have you noticed how dark it is in the morning now?  I am looking forward to turning the clocks, but it won't be until the end of the month.  I almost turned the porch light on to walk Tink this morning.  I guess I'd better find a flashlight to take with us soon. 

30 September, 2014

I just had to go

I couldn't NOT go to the football game on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and I was super excited to go to the new stadium.  It wasn't the best idea, considering the state of my cold - bad.  But it was a wonderful day even if the Huskies stunk up the place.  Granted, it was a tough team but still ... if their defense hadn't been so stout we wouldn't have had the 13 points we ended up with.  We lost.  To Stanford.  But all in all, a wonderful day. 

Sunday I spent entirely in bed.  All day.  My cold had morphed from throat to entirely in my head and I was a mess.  I had no choice, I had to come in Monday so I thought spending the day in bed would do it.  Well, it didn't.  Monday morning the cold was in my chest and I was miserable, but got myself up and out and got my meetings done, quiz done, small groups set up .... and got home and back into bed by around 2.  I was hoping to be able to stay in bed today and work from home, but there was a problem with the quiz and then I got an email at 6 this morning that one of my faculty couldn't make an afternoon session, so that means re-scheduling 155 students. 

So -- I let myself sleep until seven-ish, showered, walked Tink and headed to the Transit Center at 8 o'clock.  I thought it would be easier than 7 but oh no, that's when the little kids are getting to school.  If anything Avondale Road was even MORE crowded than at 7!  I stopped in for a coffee and a muffin at Starbucks and kept on going, bumper to bumper to the Transit Center, intending to catch the last Greenlake Express.  I got to the parking garage and it was filled.  I went to the tippy top and not a spot to be found!  Now what am I going to do?  I sure didn't want to drive, but as luck would have it I found a spot on the ground floor.  Whew!  I made the 9:09 545 Seattle Express and walked to work from Montlake.  What a slog when you're sick. 

It's around 1 now and I've got all of the fires put out, everyone tucked up nicely and my boss told me to go home as soon as I could.  Now would be good.  And tomorrow I'll be just fine and dandy.  Yes, yes I will.

26 September, 2014

Squeaky steps

It's raining again, and almost every time someone walks by the office suite I can tell because of the squeaking of rubber soles.  I don't know if it's the coating or wax that makes this floor so noisy, but it's always been like that for all the years I've been here.  More people wear sport shoes now so it's even more pronounced.

I made it through the day yesterday but I was oh so tired.  I left my iPad at work (I know!) and even though I have Kindle on both my iPhone and iPad, it's not so comfortable to read on my phone, so I watched an episode of Outlander after the football game and early to bed.  I slept like a rock until the rain woke me up around 5.  It was pouring down and it's still so nice and warm that I can keep the window wide open.  I love the sound of rain when I am all snug in bed.  Not so much when I have to get up though.

Big plans for the weekend - football!!  I get to see a game in the new stadium and I'm very excited about it.  I flew through it in a helicopter when they had put the grass in -- oh, about two years ago I think -- but it's going to be exciting to actually get in there and sit down.  I think they're pretty good seats, too.

I had to cancel all of my appointments with my hairdresser at Derby.  I feel terrible about it.  I've been going to her for ages, but it is just too inconvenient now that I have moved to Woodinville.  I can't go on a weekday night because of the buses and it seems every Saturday I've got something on and I can't take four hours out of the middle of my day.  I was pleased with the job they did for me at the little salon near my new place, so I have to let Derby go.  I think I'll write her a nice card, since the last time I had my hair done she opened the salon on a Monday just for me! 

Oh I wish I could wake up!

25 September, 2014

Another cold!

I can't believe I have yet another cold!  I am here at work - as I said, I can't miss work at this time of year.  I would much rather be in bed, I can tell you that for sure.  But I don't have a fever and no cough and my throat is much better, so here I sit.  I slept the day yesterday so I suppose that's what I needed.  I kept myself dosed up with Nyquil, would work for a few hours, then snooze.  I got everything done that needed to be done.  I have to say though, it was not easy getting out of bed, especially since it was pouring rain.

I didn't block my shawl.  I didn't do anything except heat up some soup and let Tink outside a few times.  I watched the recording of "Inside the NFL" and made myself a sandwich and more tea and honey, then crawled into bed and read.  Boring, but effective.  I mean at least I'm up!

My boss is giving me tickets to the Husky game this Saturday.  I haven't yet been in the new stadium so I'm pretty excited about that.  We're playing Stanford - not a pushover team by any means - and our first conference game.  The Seahawks have a bye this week, so Sunday will be chore day.

Well, the students won't leave me alone so I'd better get on with the day.