18 April, 2014

The new upstairs neighbor

I guess I was living in denial.  I didn't want to believe that the squeaking bed upstairs was anything but a restless sleeper.  Alas, last night I had that notion dispelled.  There were definite sounds of amour coming from right over my head.  Not happy.  Not happy at all.  Me I'm talking about.  They sounded quite happy.  Ecstatic in fact.  What to do ... what to do ....

It was extremely windy and rainy at lunchtime and I didn't want to get out there and run.  I did have a nice little walk in the rain with my umbrella, but I would have gotten soaked if I was out there in my running gear.  Plus my foot was a little sore from dropping my iPad on it.  The bruise is minor though and it's gorgeous this morning so I'll be out there for sure.

And it was another quiet evening.  I don't know what's up with me.  I've just been so tired.  My guess is that I'm not sleeping very well.  I think I'll have a good night tonight.

17 April, 2014

I dropped my iPad .....

on my foot!  On my bare, just recently rehabilitated foot!!  Right on the top of my foot, corner down.  Oh the pain. The cursing.  The tears. [okay ... no tears really]  This morning it is bruised, but not swollen so I'll give the noon run a good go.  I'm not expecting to be able to run much more than 50% anyway and I shouldn't so I guess it's okay.  But it was a scare, I'll tell you!

Yesterday I was happy and busy and I got a lot of ducks into a nice tidy row.  I even double checked with my boss that it's okay for me to be gone for two week in July and he said fine.  One week in Europe and one week home.  I am SO excited!  Right now I'm only telling one of my friends.   I want to get a few more details in place before I tell all my Paris friends so I can make sure to have a little time to myself.  You know how it is when you visit someplace you only get to once every couple of years - it's dinner here and lunch there and drinks someplace else and before you know it you've booked up every free bit of time.  I like to have time to myself to wander the streets, poke into my favorite shops or see how the neighborhoods have changed.  Indulge myself.  And I hear the Paris Zoo has been renovated and has re-opened although I expect it will be a complete madhouse, especially in July.  Also the Picasso Museum has re-opened, ditto there with the madhouse.  I used to love to go to that place when I lived in Paris in the winter.  No crowds.  I will be sure to get there very early one day.  That is one place I really do want to see.  There is plenty of day dreaming fodder.

Again yesterday evening I was moving slowly.  Tink got a couple of walks in the rain, I got some laundry done.  No knitting because after that Sunday marathon and noon knitting yesterday my arm was tingling a bit.  It's the purling back that always gets me.   I just left it and watched a couple episodes on my iPad - The Kroll Show - and got to sleep around 10.  And then .... and then I was awakened by my upstairs neighbor.  I can't figure it out.  Whoever lives up there is sleeping on something that squeaks like old bed springs.  What could it be?  Whatever it is, when they are tossing and turning it wakes me up.  Maybe a sofa bed?  I am not happy about it. 

16 April, 2014

April showers

There are plenty of flowers around already, but April is showering anyway.  I don't mind.  There is plenty of time for sunshine and I have noon knitting today so I wouldn't be running anyway.  Yesterday I had such a good time on the trail.  I went for 3 miles and I think I can say I was pretty much running half the time.  It feels like I should have my wind back by next week, especially if I can go again tomorrow and Friday.   Today is my last physical therapy session (I hope - the last one scheduled anyway).  I was going to cancel but then I thought better of it.  I figured it would be good to have a professional assess the situation after that good run.  My foot felt just very slightly aggravated last night when I got up in the middle of the night, but this morning it's fine.  No problems.  I am expecting to get the green light today.

I was understandably a bit tired last night.  And my arm was sore from all of the uninterrupted knitting I had on the weekend, so I just did chores and tried to nail down the last bits so I can get my travel booked for July.  I am just about there.  And then comes the fun part - waiting 13 weeks.  I love anticipation.

My friend Emma had suggested a book to me and a few weeks ago the audio version was on sale, so I bought it and just finished listening.  It's called "The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared".  It was a cute listen, but I was just a little bit distracted because it was narrated by Steven Crossley who is the actor to narrate all of the Shardlake books and he is so in my mind as that character.  Now it's on to a Phillip Roth book.  Quite different but still enjoyable. 

15 April, 2014

Fabulous weekend!!

What a treat!  Sunshine and more sunshine.  It was a gorgeous long weekend on Hood Canal.  Although, truth be told, the cabins could have been a little nicer.  I know we got one of the least fancy ones but it's more the service (or lack thereof) that bothered me.   We stayed three nights and not once during those three days did the housekeeping staff come by!  Well, no they went by on their way to other cabins but I had to chase them down for coffee and towels.  Seriously.  Also, this particular cabin is attached to the one next door and the walls are so thin that I could hear the guest snoring Saturday night.  Not good.

The grounds are lovely though and there is a creek that runs through and there are paths you can walk through the woods along the creek.  Lovely, especially with the superb weather we had.  I got to visit with John a couple of times, had some really excellent meals and had plenty of time to knit.  I got lots and lots done on the Hitofude.  I have once again changed my mind about the extra repeats.  Now instead of doing twice the number of rows I'm just going to add one 8 row repeat to each of the four expanding fronts.  I realized that if I doubled the rows it would be come too wide I think.  Well I can still change my mind, can't I?  I have plenty of yarn.

It was great to take Monday off as well as leaving a bit early on Friday.  I had a nice relaxing time and now I've got a short week.  AND I get to run today!!  I am happy to report that I had exactly zero problems after my little run walk on Thursday.  I even wore heeled boots this weekend without problems.  That is also great news. 

I am almost ready to start planning my trip to Europe.  Almost.  I few more ducks to line up.  I didn't think it was going to be so complicated, but I guess that's because I typically travel to Europe in November, which I can't do this year.  It'll be fun to go at a different time.  It's been so long.  I can hardly contain myself. 

11 April, 2014


I was a little nervous yesterday when I got out on the trail, but I needn't have been.  I kept myself to running just a little bit, then walking, then running a little bit more.  My foot did not hurt!  Well, I felt a tiny bit of ache now and again, but no zingers.  Of course, my wind is not where it should be after such a long lay off, plus the asthma, but that being said I was thrilled the entire 40 minutes.  I was, understandably, a bit tired and achy last night but I feel just fine this morning.  No aches, no pains and I'm even wearing boots with heels!  Not super high ones, mind you, but they're not flat boots.  Hallelujah!  I finally managed a rehab correctly.  Of course, I've gained weight, but that's easily [relatively] taken care of and I've already two weeks into my regimen so it won't be long until I'm back into my nice jeans and pretty dresses.  Ready for summer.

And speaking of summer -- thanks to my most awesome early birthday gift, I'm planning a wonderful week with my friend Emma.  We're still trying to nail down the specifics.  Of course Paris on both ends and maybe Belgium.  Oh I am just SO excited!  I haven't told my friends in Paris yet because I don't have the dates set.  They are going to be so surprised!!  I never travel in the summer.  It'll be quite a switch up.

I have a few things to get to this morning, then at noon it's off for Hood Canal.  I spoke with John last night and he's excited to see us.  I can't wait to see his place in the springtime.  He's been posting pictures of the tulips.  Plus he's been doing some wood working that I'm anxious to see.  And then there's the lovely lawn over looking the canal.  Ahhhhh ...... Good weather to boot.  Not super warm, but not cloudy or rainy either.

10 April, 2014

Drum roll please

I am SO glad I went to physical therapy yesterday because I got to run!  And it didn't hurt!  Well, not much anyway.  So I now have the green light to start slowly slowly back running.  I can hardly wait for lunchtime!  The trick is going to be not to hurt myself again, so it's good that I'll be leaving tomorrow at noon and won't be able to run and most likely will not be bringing running gear on my long weekend.  There will be plenty of walking and I'll be able to assess how I feel.  I am so excited!  The weather is perfect for it as well.  Can you see me smiling?

I had forgotten my row counter so I couldn't do any more than one wrong side row on the Hitofude at lunchtime but made up for it by knitting well into the night.  Then I read more notes from Ravelry by people who have made the pattern and looked at their finished products.  I have decided that I am going to add one extra repeat for each section.  I have plenty of yarn and I like the look much better than the little short cardigan.  Even with aggressive blocking I don't think I'd be happy with the finished product as written.  I like the way it looks on the model, but when you read closely it is a size XS, so she must be exceptionally tiny.   And she obviously doesn't have any chest to speak of.  The real people pictures show the garment in a different light and taking into account the different gauges and after measuring mine I will really like it much more if it's a few inches longer.  So, done and done.  And it's moving right along.  I've got the pattern memorized now, which is helpful.

I've got a full evening.  Hair appointment right after work, then I've got to get all of my things together for the long weekend so they can be put into the car tonight.  I slept great last night so hopefully I'll get another great night tonight and then .... hitting the road at noon!

09 April, 2014

Who knew spring could be so mean?

I have to blame this directly on springtime and pollen.  The headache got worse on Monday and I went home where it finally dawned on me that it was a sinus headache and therefore, since it had been going on for days, I must have a sinus infection.  Grand.  In hindsight I should have called my doctor but I did not and therefore woke up on Tuesday with the same headache.  The office doesn't open until 9 and when I called they were way too busy to fit me in but the receptionist got my number and said the doctor could call something in for me at lunchtime.  He called me at 1:30 to ask a couple questions and then he dropped the bomb -- he's retiring in June!  Good heavens!  He's been my doctor for 25 years.  It is very handy having a doctor you can just call and they know you so well that you don't even have to go in for some things.  And now I'm going to have to break in a new doctor.  Well anyway, good for him.  I'm jealous.  Imagine not having to work but still getting paid.  Now that's something to look forward to!

I didn't want to come in today but I have physical therapy at 11 and it's noon knitting and the headache, while still around, is not nearly as bad as it has been.  And for that I am grateful. 

I have been knitting like crazy on my Hitofude cardigan.  I am of two minds about modifying the pattern now that I see that the model in the picture has been rather aggressively blocked.  Mine was looking so tiny but when I re-read the pattern and saw the gauge difference pre- and post-blocking and then looked more closely at the pictures, I think I might be okay.  I will for sure take out the tape measure.  I'd rather err on the side of more length than having it be too short, as I said before.

On Monday, even though I was sick with headache, I still had to walk Tink and it was glorious outside.  It must have been 70 degrees!  Gorgeous.  Yesterday it rained, but not until I had gotten back with my medicine so that was nice.  And today looks like it's going to be pretty again.  The forecast for the weekend is also sunny, so I am hoping it will be sunny on Hood Canal as well.  That would be a nice addition to the weekend out of town.  Sun. 

07 April, 2014

The neverending headache

Oh heavens ... I have SUCH a headache!  I woke up with it yesterday and despite my best efforts, it is still plaguing me.  I nearly got up for an ice pack last night, but then managed to fall asleep, mercifully.  Today at lunchtime I'm going to walk up the Ave and search for one of those masks you can microwave and put on your face.  It is definitely a sinus headache, and no wonder with all of the pollen around.  I did notice that the blossoms are starting to fall from the trees, and my asthma is not bad at all.  I don't know that I'm happy to switch from asthma to sinus headache.  Not a fair trade.

Compared to last weekend, this weekend was quiet and fully of girlie goodness.  Saturday I had a nice long time to sit and work on my Hitofude and I managed to finish up the sleeve/bodice portion.  Thankfully it was raining so I didn't have to work in Ben's garden.  [I love flowers, but oh how I HATE to work in the garden.  Is that ironic?  Or just bad luck?]  And then on Sunday I got a manicure and pedicure and all sorts of girlie grooming.  Ahhhhhh ... nice.  I was in fact relaxed in the nail salon and my headache faded.

My goal for the weekend was getting the sleeves bound off and getting the ribbing started on the Hitofude.  This is not a trivial matter and I sat myself down at the table in good light to get to work.  It took about an hour, maybe a bit more, but I got the provisional cast on transferred to a third needle and get the job done.  It was confusing reading the pattern, but I've found that if you just follow the directions to the letter it all makes sense once you're actually at that point in your project and you're executing it. Again I will say that this is the most ingenious construction.   It is much like the Whisper Cardigan but the skirt part of it will be longer, plus I'm going to extend it even further as some other people have so modified the project.  I don't like a cardigan that hits above the belly button.

The weather is lovely and I am looking forward to my mini-break this weekend.  I'll be working half day Friday, then we're taking off for Union, Washington.  What's there?  Not much, actually.  But my friend John lives not too far from the resort, and there are lots of beautiful walks to take.  Tink will love the beach.  And it's NOT home!

04 April, 2014

Wireless headphones

I've had nearly a week with my wireless headphones and for the most part I like them.  These are the type of headphones that fit with the band at the back of your head rather than on top of it, and it took me a while to figure out exactly how to wear them.  I didn't realize at first that in order for them to fit and not slide around you need to hook them around your ears.  I couldn't see how I was going to run with them flopping around like that, but once I got the hang of hooking them around my ears, all was fine.  I've used them for hours every day and still not had to re-charge them.  And it is nice not having that cord to deal with. 

Yesterday was pretty quiet.  I set off at lunchtime to walk up to the Petco to get Tink some food.  I didn't take my purse, just my wallet and a bag and my keys in case my foot started to hurt and I needed to hop on the bus.  Well, it wasn't my foot that caused me problems.  I guess there was a lot more pollen in the air than I had suspected and naively I did not take a puff of my inhaler before setting out so I had a big asthma attack about a mile and a half into my walk.  Not good.  I got to the store, picked up the dog food and headed straight for the nearest bus stop.  Luckily there was one coming right by so I got back and took my puffs.  I should be a little more conscientious about keeping that thing with me when it's allergy season.

I left work a few minutes early last night, hoping I could walk Tink and get to the nail salon in enough time to get my manicure and pedicure since it's going to be difficult to fit it in again this weekend.  However, when I got there it was full and there was a 30 minute wait.  That would bring my start time to 5:30, but I thought I'd wait it out.  Well, at 5:22 it was obvious that there wouldn't be a chair available at 5:30, so I left.  Somehow I have got to find a way to get it done this weekend since I"m leaving town Friday at noon for a long weekend, plus which they really need it!

I worked a bit on the fingerless mitts last night before going in to read.  I actually managed to read this time and not just conk out.  I didn't have such a good night as I had Tuesday and Wednesday and woke up groggy.  I can sleep in tomorrow and, rest assured, I shall!!

03 April, 2014

A morning gone

I kicked myself for not bringing my knitting to the Curriculum meeting yesterday.  The Associate Dean always brings hers, so it's not like it's an oddball move and she really is on to something.  It does make that 90 minutes move by a little faster.  These meetings, normally a huge bore, have been getting more and more interesting as we move into the latest phase of the curriculum renewal.  This renewal is going to affect our department to a huge extent, since we teach a very large part of the basic sciences classes.  Two years are being condensed into 18 months and some of our classes, most notably the anatomy class which we teach in an immersion style in five weeks, are now going to be strung out over the entire 18 months.  This is going to change how I can take vacations, maybe "normalizing" them a bit, which is not always a good thing.  However, it has been a very long time since I've been able to take a real vacation in the summertime, although I quite like traveling when there are fewer tourists about.  I suppose it will all shake out.  I'm not going to get twisted about it .... yet. 

After the meeting I had my physical therapy session which was terrible!  For the first four times I had Genna, who was quite awesome and did a great job.  Then she went on a 3 month leave so last week I had Ashley, who had taken the time to read Genna's notes and did a fine job.  This week I got Jan.  I did not like Jan.  She was preachy and looked like the quintessential spinster.  She's too "whole wheat" for my liking.   It is surprising to me that each therapist can basically do things her way.   I was underwhelmed.   I guess I'm on my own.  I will go back to her only once more and then for my last session I think I have Ashley.  I almost don't need them ... almost.  I want to do this right so I will try to pry my mind open a bit.  It's been a while.  And I will walk and walk and walk.  Today I'm going up to the pet store and back.  Tink needs food and I need to walk at least 3 miles. 

Again last night I did a few chores, ate, walked Tink and I was in bed early.  I didn't even try to fool myself that I was going to read.  I watched a bit of nonsense on my iPad and again was asleep by 9!  What is wrong with me?  And I slept like a rock and woke right before the alarm went off.  I did notice that the blossoms are falling from the trees and that is good news.  It is supposed to rain as well today so hopefully the pollen is almost gone.

02 April, 2014

9 1/2 hours of bliss

Well yes indeed, bashing my toe into the stool did turn out to be a painful accident.  Since it was a beautiful day I wasn't about to miss out on my lunchtime walk so I skipped the foot exercises and cut my walk down to 2 miles.  I don't think I did any real damage but I feel like I put myself back a couple of days at least.  And I definitely am NOT looking forward to my physical therapy session today.

After Tink's walk and a few chores I was just good for nothing last night.  I knit for a little while, had a bite of dinner, took Tink for another little walk, put the clean sheets on the bed and it looked soooooooo inviting.  I managed to resist for another 30 minutes, then threw in the towel and crawled in for a little read.  But who was I kidding?  I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I was asleep by nine and I slept like a rock and when the alarm went off at 6:30 it was a surprise.  That's how well I slept.  No asthma attacks.  And either it was very quiet outside for a change or I was that exhausted, because I don't remember waking to any noise either. 

I really did want to do a bit more knitting than I managed, which was exactly one round.  I took a break from the Hitofude to get the fingerless mitts done and I couldn't get into it.  Maybe tonight.  Today is noon knitting and I should be getting pretty darned close to finishing up the sleeves.   This morning is also the curriculum meeting, which is 1 1/2 hours of yammering.  Last month I took my knitting - oh!  That was the Wednesday when I was so sick and went straight home after.  Wow - I've been working on this project for a while. 

01 April, 2014

The new pub

Finally, after how many months?  The new pub opened for tenants of the building yesterday.  I am somewhat disappointed in that it is really not a sports bar, which is what I was hoping for.  Oh they have TVs, but you have to sit at the bar or on the tall tables directly behind to have any chance of seeing the two sets.  Also, they have made a family friendly space, which I can't fault them for since there is a movie complex here and that is most likely a large amount of their custom.  However, last night the place was mobbed and there were toddlers SCREAMING for way too long.  There are so many articles written by parents about how childless people don't know how difficult it is to handle children in public, and they'll have tantrums and you just have to ride it out or whatever.  Well, no you don't.  I DO remember being around my nephews when they were little and when they started acting out we picked them up and took them outside and if that didn't work, we left.  Period.  They soon learned that if they wanted to eat in a restaurant they had to act civilized.  Now it seems that a certain type of parent expects the world to suffer along with them.  That's just not fair.  And that's the end of my rant for today.

Back to the beer -- they have a fairly nice selection and two very nice Belgian ales that I particularly enjoyed.  The space gets a lot of light, which is also nice.  But the seats are not comfy and there's no fireplace.  I don't expect it will be a very good place in the winter, but the spring and summer will be nice because they will have tables on the patio.

I had a super great walk yesterday at lunchtime and my foot didn't hurt one little bit!  I felt so good that I was thinking maybe I could persuade the physical therapist to let me start running this week.  But what did I just do to it this morning?  I bashed it on the leg of a stool I have in my office!  It made a little cracking sound.  And now it is sore.  But I'll let it rest up for the rest of this morning, maybe foregoing my exercises, and have a nice long walk at lunchtime and see how it goes.

The trees are still going strong and I was up last night for about an hour dealing with an asthma attack.  As much as I love these beautiful trees and shrubs, I sure wish they'd get over their display and get on with the leaves so my allergies would go away!  It's miserable.  But I don't feel too bad today, even after being up for two hours in the middle of the night.  I should sleep great tonight though!

31 March, 2014


Thursday night before I fell asleep I turned off my iPhone alarm, since I was spending Friday with my nephew.  Unfortunately I forgot to turn it back on last night so I am late today.  It dawns on me slowly in these cases.  First, I wake up refreshed (big hint) and then I notice that it seems a little lighter than it should be and then ....I remember the alarm.  Ah well, no big deal.

Thursday night my sister and nephew made their way to my little place and, since we had time before we had to meet people for dinner we stopped at Twigs for a cocktail.  I haven't seen my sister or nephew since August when I went down there for a visit.  That's too long, but Christmas got all messed up and this is the first she could get up here.  Dinner was loud and fun but I was exhausted, having woken up at 4 am Thursday.  Ali was also tired since they had to get up super early for their flight, so Kelli went back to the hotel downtown and Ali and I were both in bed and asleep by 9:30. 

Friday was a rainy day but we made the most of it, togging up for the weather and heading down to Pioneer Square.  We gallery hopped and ate a nice brunch and did it some more.  I fell in love with a painting, but it was a bit out of my league.   And all this time it is alternately pouring down rain or just blowing a bit.  That's spring in Seattle.  We made our way downtown looking for a restaurant for dinner.  It needed to be somewhere Kelli could walk to from the hotel.  I had Sazerac in mind - something not too fancy, but interesting.  We stopped in there for a beer and to check out the menu and it got a thumbs up.  All this time we're walking and walking in downtown Seattle, which if you didn't know, is quite hilly in places.  My foot was screaming by the time we finished our beers so we headed back home for a little rest.

Ali had a concert he wanted to see and Kelli had been working the convention center all day so dinner wasn't a long affair.  I must say though that I was a bit disappointed with my dinner.  Sometimes I'll order the vegetarian choice and on their menu they have listed "Ricotta Dumplings  Chard,Crispy Grains & Shallots, Parmesan".  That sounded good to me.  Something not too heavy, and savory.  I had a lovely salad to start and then ..... then they brought me a plate of gnocchi in a very rich sauce!  No sign of chard and the shallots tasted like those nasty fried onions that come in the can.  I ate about four and I was done.  Everyone else had super great meals though so that's nice.

We had a big party planned at Ben's for Saturday so that was a long day, broken up by a trip into Seattle to pick up Kelli and Ali.  The reason Kelli was up here was to work the ComicCon and the number of costumed people parading around Seattle streets was staggering.  When we were driving up to pick them up Saturday we saw a group of guys and one girl, all dressed in the same Flash costume.  It was hilarious.

The party was huge and long - from 3 until ... gosh midnight I think.  Everyone we invited except four showed up.  It was noisy and really fun.  Sunday I took everyone out for a gorgeous brunch, starting off with blood orange mimosas.  I think the brunch was the best meal I had all weekend.  Kel needed to be at the airport by 3 and I was home by 4 and simply wrung out.  All I wanted to do was sit and knit and sip some good wine, and that's what I did. 

I got the most wonderful early (WAY early) birthday gift Friday and I have hardly had time to think about it!  But now I can start getting excited.  What is it you ask?  Only a trip to Paris!  I still am trying to wrap my head around it.  I need to get a few ducks in a row but it looks like the soonest I can go will be July.  Which would actually be awesome since I haven't been to Europe in the summer in a very very long time.  But first -- I've got to get my day started and maybe this afternoon I can start day dreaming. 

27 March, 2014

Thursday is the new Friday

Yay!  Today my sister and nephew are coming to town and I'm taking tomorrow off.  So it's going to be a long day because I want to be out of here!  I'll have to keep very busy.

I got a new pair of headphones are Christmas.  They are pink and over the head rather than the iPhone ear bud type.  My iPhone ones have a loose wire and they keep cutting out, so I was very glad to get the new ones, but now they are broken as well!  Only one side works.  The reason for this is that I keep my phone in my pocket while I'm walking the dog and listening to my current audiobook or some music.  That in and out bends the cord and it breaks.  I got on line to get another pair and then it dawned on me -- wireless!  I found some bluetooth wireless headphones.  I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  They should be just the thing.

I had PT yesterday.  My original therapist was so wonderful, but she has taken a 3 month leave, so I had a new one yesterday.  She's very nice and does things a bit differently but I am sure she'll be just as effective.  I got a little sore though and this morning I had to take some pain meds.  I am going to try for 3 miles today walking if I feel well in my running shoes.  I am SO ready to run.  I dream about it.

I am going to have a big weekend.  And a party on Saturday.  I am going to be exhausted on Monday.  The good kind.  I don't think I'll get to knit at all though and I really wanted to get the sleeves bound off on my Hitofude.  We'll see.