26 July, 2016

Interview set

I applied for the Global Entry status a couple of weeks ago and on Friday I got my acceptance and set an interview date.  I tried to get in at Boeing Field but the wait there is awful!  I couldn't get in until 12/27!  So I tried the other location for interviews, SeaTac, and got in on October 20th.  So I'll have to stand in line for my trip in a couple of weeks, but after that I am done.  Pre-Check for me from now on. 

Summer is here - hot hot hot and it's supposed to stay like this all week.  I've got to get the fans down from the rafters in the garage.  Even though the house generally stays cool in warmer weather, after a few days of above 80 degrees it will stay hot all night and I can't sleep when it's that hot.

Tonight I am supposed to be doing the late meeting, but I never got an agenda or reminder email yesterday so I'm wondering of she even did it.  Or if she did it and forgot to add me.  The reason I'm doing the meeting is because the new person is going to the Adele concert tonight.  Hopefully she'll be in the office today and I can find out if she ever sent the reminder.

I still haven't decided on my next knitting project and it is bothering me.  It's pretty much moot at this time though when it's so hot. 

My big project now is getting our TV service switched from Dish to Directv.  I wish I didn't have to do it but I'm not going to take the chance that Dish won't get the job done and we'll end up having to scramble to find a place to watch football.  Nope.

25 July, 2016

When a bargain isn't a bargain

A few months ago I fell in love with a particular top at Chico's.  A pretty lace tunic in a nice light pink and, because it was lace you had to purchase the T-shirt to match.  Together they were just a little more than I was comfortable spending so I passed it by.  And then I saw it on sale, 75% off!  Woohoo!  I bought it after reading the reviews and figured I could wear a white sleeveless top underneath it.  It arrived Friday and I immediately tried it on with the white top and .... nope.  It did not work for me.  But no matter, I thought, I'll just go to Chico's and buy the matching T-shirt.  But there were none to be had in that color since it was last year's pink.  A woman at the store told me to go on line but they only had it left in Extra Small.  That's too small for me.  So then I had to get cagey.  I got onto eBay and I found one there in my size.  Fingers crossed it will work out.  I really really love that top!

It was a strange weekend.  The weather was grand, but I was in a very weird space.  Especially yesterday.  I was so restless.  We got Tinkerbell up to the groomers at 9 am, had breakfast at The Commons, which I love, and then did some shopping at Costco.  A little yard work - feeding the plants and new shrubs, mulching the new roses.  Oh we have tons and tons of tomatoes.  When we picked Tink up we took her for a walk.  And I did some laundry .... but I just couldn't shake it.  I'm still feeling weird.  I'm anxious to get moving - as in out of here.  But I do have my birthday trip to look forward to as well in a couple of weeks.  That'll be nice.  And we're planning a nice road trip to Oregon in September and that'll be nice too. 

Football is coming up really soon now.  The Seahawks are going to be in training camp starting Friday and pre-season starts in August.  And still we don't have our channels back.  Do I need to cancel Dish and get another TV service?  I hate Comcast!  I don't know what to do but I'm going to have to figure it out and sooner rather than later.

22 July, 2016

Oh so close

Oh I can almost smell it!  I'm that close to the end of the bind off.  I had a couple of hours to myself last night and after chores and before dinner I sat and really got to work.  But I wasn't able to finish.  Tonight for sure.

It was hot and humid yesterday and I just couldn't face trying to dry my hair, so I am a frizzy head today.  Plus it started raining this morning, early.  Once these clouds move away though it's going to be hot and sunny for at least a week and maybe more. 

Yesterday was a boring boring day at work.  Nothing really to do.  I'm just waiting for the final big push to get Kate's class website done.  Then I can start the process of cleaning off my computer and packing up and/or throwing away nearly 30 years worth of office stuff.  Junk mostly.  I can't see myself taking any of this home with me except for a few pieces hanging on my walls -- the caricature of Tink that Ben had done when I lived at Thornton Place and two paintings of Trinity College that Emma gave me.   Most of the rest of this is just junk. 

Next week Tuesday I've got to do the late meeting since my replacement has concert tickets for that night.  Hopefully I can get rid of the MBB meetings soon as well. 

Because I didn't have to walk Tink this morning I was super early and got the early bus, getting to work super early.  Maybe I'll leave early - or should I say earlier - than normal today.

21 July, 2016

A change of plans

Well poo!  It's two weeks to my birthday and Ben still hasn't gotten a confirmation on the dates for San Francisco, although he thinks it is going to be in the next two weeks so that means my birthday weekend trip to Port Angeles is off and my party, of course.  He told me to go ahead with the Plan B to spend the weekend with my sister and nephews in California.  So today I'll make my reservations and at least I won't be alone for my birthday.  But I really wanted to go to Port Townsend.  Ah well ... we'll have a nice week in Oregon in September to make up for it.

I was itching to get at the longest bind off in history last night, but Ben had lots to talk about so I listened and then cooked a nice dinner - from scratch Putanesca with hot Italian chicken sausages with onions and peppers.  Easy and tasty. 

We had a teaching meeting yesterday and I found out that my hunch was correct - someone had been acting strangely last year, I said he was ill and sure enough that's what was going on.  It is odd to me though that someone would rather have people think he is an ass than admit to being ill.

Thursday ... not Friday.  It's going to be a long and hot day. 

20 July, 2016

It's like a bad dream

You know those dreams when you are running and yet not getting anywhere?  That's what this bind off has become!  I worked for more than two hours on that sucker last night.  I am just a little bit over half way done.  Seriously.  It looks awesome, but wow, is it ever a time sink.  Ben's home tonight so I don't know how much I'll get done, but now I'm just going to have to keep on and hope that it comes to an end sooner rather than later.  I put the new yarn on last night and the purple isn't quite right, but I don't think it's going to be an issue.  I mean, I don't think it's going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I had another good sleep and actually woke up five minutes before my alarm was set to go off, feeling rested and good.  It's cloudy today but it's going to be a hot one and more hot and sunny weather is on its way.  There was another doe outside this morning, this one standing on the driveway down to the across the street neighbor's house.  I tried to keep Tink from seeing her but that's a losing battle.

I've got a busy morning.  Then noon knitting.  Then a long and boring afternoon, I suspect.

19 July, 2016

The never ending picot bind off

I was very much looking forward to finishing the bind off on my Rising Dawn shawl but I don't think I am even half way done!  I worked on it until I just couldn't stand it any more.  It is so tedious!  Gorgeous though - I mean, who doesn't love the picot bind off?  However there are nearly 600 stitches at the border of this wrap and this picot is cast on 3, then you cast those off and three more.  The progress is glacial.  Not only that but for sure I'm not going to have enough yarn, although I find another bit of a Noro sock yarn colorway that I can pull until I get to a pink/maroon-ish bit that should blend in fine.  I'll give it another good long go tonight.  I'd like to finish it so I can wind some new yarn.

I have been noticing a lot more deer lately.  Sunday there was a lovely big doe at the bottom of the driveway on the side of the road, just standing there looking beautiful.  I was walking down the drive to take Tink for a walk.  She just goes NUTS when she sees one and we had to run up and down the road as she sniffed at the ground.  What a little hunter.  Oh!  Just remembered - I've GOT to get her a grooming appointment this weekend.  She really needs a haircut.  She hasn't had one since we went to Europe, so first part of May. 

Ben's in Spokane for an extra night this month, for an outing with some work dudes.  I guess they have a luxury box at a baseball game, although it's minor league so how "luxury" is that box going to be?  It will be fun, I'm sure, and quite honestly I'm a little jealous.  But it will give me another quiet night at home and, as I said, I'm just going to be knitting like a madman anyway.

18 July, 2016

Happy Monday!

Seven weeks.  Just sayin'.

Well the summer is having a hard time returning to our neck of the woods.  Saturday was cloudy.  But you know what?  If you wait for good weather to do things in the Pacific Northwest you're an idiot.  You get out there and do things despite the lack of sunshine or whatever.  It wasn't cold, and it wasn't raining, and it wasn't windy.  So we got ourselves together and went off to the Bite of Seattle, arriving about 30 minutes before official opening time.  That's okay.  We weren't ready to eat lunch anyway at that hour.  We walked around, checked out the stages and beer gardens and vendors and the crazy crazy people.  In an hour or so I was ready for lunch so I got an awesome Vietnamese sandwich.  Oh ... it was SO good!  And Ben had a Gyro and then we headed to the beer garden by the Fountain Stage and settled in to listen to some music.  We heard two bands and then headed out for another stroll around.  By this time the people were moving in -- like around 2 o'clock -- and it was getting WAY too crowded for my comfort.  So we took off back to home.  We stopped to shop and then I took Tink to the Cottage Lake park for a nice long long walk.  She loves the park.

Sunday again was cloudy but we had errands and chores to do.  We took a load to the dump and picked up the new closet doors for the office/guest room.  We did yard work and laundry and then got cleaned up and went for an early drink/dinner at Preservation Kitchen to celebrate the anniversary of our meeting.  Wow, Preservation Kitchen is now my favorite happy hour place.  I have always loved it as a good restaurant, but they've also got a pub in the back with a little bit different menu and outdoor tables.  We had a few drinks and a great meal.  Then I watched a movie while Ben watched some war movie in the bedroom and, after the movie, I watched an HBO comedy special therefore staying up WAY too late.  I'm tired.

15 July, 2016

Two years ago ....

I was on a visit to Paris.  Bastille Day in Paris was hot and humid.  Oh so very very hot.  And then yesterday we read the news about the attack in Nice.  I am sick to death of bad news and crazy people.  Maybe when I retire I'll retire from daily news as well.  I can barely stand to read Facebook anymore, although I believe that has more to do with finding out which of your friends are complete idiots.  Yeah ... well. 

Yay Friday!  I am trying oh so very hard to find goodness and fun in every day in this run up to retirement date, but sometimes it difficult.  I do enjoy my Starbucks pick up.  I've been taking advantage of that more and more.  It's awesome to be able to just drop by on the way to the bus, run in and run right back out with my coffee. 

Last evening it was just Tink and myself because Ben was out golfing with Andre.  There's a course very near his work and of course, Andre is pretty much mostly retired anyway, according to Monika.  I had picked up a brie tart and a nice salad when I got my license plates, which by the way came with a decent refund check, so after watching most of a movie I popped that into the oven and that was dinner.  I got the new yarn attached and I do think it's going to blend in just fine.  But these garter rows -- they are very long and binding off with the picot binding is going to take some time as well.  But it'll be worth it.

14 July, 2016

Why one keeps the yarn

I had absolutely no luck finding a skein of my Silk Garden Sock in the correct colorway for sale.  It's discontinued which is how I got it in the first place.  But as luck would have it, on the bottom of my basket where I keep stray skeins of sock yarn, I found most of a skein of a colorway that is quite similar.  It will definitely work, especially for the binding off part.  So ... I just kept knitting.  Sometime soon it will be done, hopefully.  And then I think I'll do one of my ArtYarns boxes.

It's supposed to get quite warm today and it hasn't rained for a couple of days, so I must remember to water the plants tonight.  And I've got to deadhead the roses.  The new white one that we planted in the front bloomed like crazy, plus the other two have buds on them.  I am SO happy that they have taken so well. 

I've been quite busy at work lately.  The deadline for getting materials done for the MBB block is rapidly approaching and Kate has no end to the nasty chores for me.  Making Powerpoint presentations and entering questions for the exams.  Oh that is the WORST.  But you know what?  It keeps me engaged and the days are moving by a little easier.  I hardly knew where the time went yesterday.  Today I've got a meeting at 9 and at noon I've got to go up to the Mazda dealer to pick up my license plate.  I was looking at the temporary license and noticed that it expires this Saturday.  I texted the salesman and, even though he is out of the state on vacation, he got right back to me.  He had called the dealership and find out that the plate is there, but they neglected to email me about it!  Lucky I called.  And Ben got me an awesome Seahawks license place frame so I'm all set!

13 July, 2016


When I started the Rising Dawn wrap a few weeks ago I was so happy that I had purchased the two balls of Silk Garden Sock yarn and I have been happily knitting along on this beauty, looking forward to finishing up and blocking it.  Ah, but now that I am up to 543 stitches and doing the last six rows before casting off, I realize that I am getting mighty close to being out of yarn.  I looked at the yarn label last night and compared it to the pattern and I see that I probably should have done that sooner.  I am going to be a football field short.  109 yards short.  I think that there is always a lot of wiggle room to these things but it turns out that in this case there might not be.  The good news is that I have a couple of skeins of Noro sock yarn that I could use to bind off.  Yes, different colorway but it might just work.  I won't panic just yet.

I had a busy morning and then took off at noon for my hair appointment.  I made a nice dinner - prosciutto wrapped chicken thighs and sauteed spinach.  And I got a great night's sleep.  Today is noon knitting and I've got a little bit of work to get to.  Pretty soon I've got to start getting my computer organized and cleaned up and start ferrying the stuff I am going to keep from my desk and shelves to my house.  And start throwing away things as well.  I'd like to get to that point but perhaps I'll wait until August.  I still have a few important deadlines to make.

This weekend is the Bite of Seattle so, weather willing, we'll go to that.  I've go to deadhead some roses.  Go to the dump.  Stuff.  But it's only Wednesday.

12 July, 2016

Short Tuesday

The only thing I've missed about giving away some of my duties is that I don't have a reason to leave early on Tuesdays.  But today I have a hair appointment at 1 o'clock so I am going to be leaving at noon.  I wanted to get my hair done on the weekend, but Christina's m-i-l died so here I am doing a weekday appointment.  Just think, in a few weeks I can do this all the time.  No more weekend appointments!  No more grocery shopping on the weekends! 

Yesterday was a busy busy Monday and I was exhausted by the end of the day.  Meetings and work work work.  Thank goodness for left overs.  I went home, did a few chores, had a shower and kicked back on the patio.  Then heated some left over chili and knit.  I had a great night's sleep too.  Probably because I was so tired from not sleeping Sunday night.  It was rather noisy.

The SOM announced the new Foundation's Manager position yesterday and that person is taking over MBB when I leave.  So that is a big sigh of relief for Kate since it's the person we both most wanted to have the job.  Not I just have to make it through the thousand cuts -- all of the little picky chores Kate will find for me to do.

Speaking of that -- better get to it.

11 July, 2016


There seems to be an abundance of them around this year.  Or maybe it's because I have more flowers in the front gardens and on the patio?  I saw another this morning on the way out to take Tink for her morning walk.  I saw a really cute feeder this weekend at a street fair.  I kind of wish I had bought it.  I would dearly love to see more of them and up close.

More rain and rain and rain.  Mostly at night so in the daytime the clouds move away to show glimpses of blue sky and it gets warm.  There are little tomatoes on all of the plants now.  Let's hope we get some ripe ones this year!  Last year we had a cloudy and gloomy August and very few of them got red before the cold rains set in.  I want to be overflowing with tomatoes this year.

It was pouring rain Saturday morning so we decided to skip the Redmond Art Fair in hopes that Sunday would be better.  And it was.  The Art Fair however was a big disappointment.  We went to Mill Creek for lunch and their street fair, which was much like Duval's but the live music was better.  Still, it was quite boring.  I just couldn't get into it.

I got some good work done on my latest wrap - Rising Dawn - and I am a little scared I won't have enough yarn to finish it!  But I'll be able to find something I can substitute or I can go buy another skein of Noro and have some left over for mitts or something. 

Eight weeks today.  Eight looooooooong weeks.

08 July, 2016

Global Entry application

I finally started my Global Entry card application yesterday.  After the last time at the airport I vowed I would never go through that mess again.  Pre-check is the way to go and for $20 more I can get Global Entry so I can skip the pesky passport checks as well.  Or at least expedite them.  I will get that finished up today.  I'll need to do a bit of digging to get my addresses for the last five years.  It's the first one after I moved out in 2011 that's going to be the hardest one to find I think.  The other one - Thornton Place - is still printed on my checks since I so rarely use them so that will be easy. 

Sunshine has been scarce and rain plentiful so that the plants are going crazy.  I only hope that we get some decent sunshine and heat in August so that the tomatoes I am sure are showing up will have time to ripen before the autumn rains start in earnest.  I am so pleased with my new rose bushes too.  All of them have new growth and buds and blooms. 

Not sure what's up for the weekend.  I have to see Jane tomorrow.  I'd like to get my hair done but my hairdresser's mother-in-law died this week so she may not be working.  I'll give a call anyway.  There was a concert in Cottage Lake  Park last night but it was raining and I didn't want to go.  There is a bunch of stuff happening in Redmond this weekend - Derby Days and an art festival - but again if it's raining I am not interested.  It does look like it might be decent on Sunday.

07 July, 2016

Hot air balloon

I was sitting in the back last night talking on the phone with my sister and I heard a funny noise.  A kind of whooshing noise.  It happened a few times and then over the trees comes a hot air balloon.  It was SO low that I thought it would hit the tops of the trees.  It was coming down fast.  I wonder where it landed.

I was sad yesterday.  It is hard extricating myself from my job.  Well, my job actually left me a couple of years ago, but this situation I'm in now ... it's difficult.  I am not happy and as much as I hate to hurry time along, I am all for rushing through these next eight weeks.

Ben informed me last night that he might have to do his three weeks in San Francisco at my birthday time.  I am therefore sad about that as well.  Three weeks!  And we have reservations in Port Townsend for my birthday weekend and I am very much looking forward to that.  I won't go without him.  What fun would that be?  But to be alone on my birthday as well??  That is no good.  My sister said I could come down to visit her and the boys.  As soon as we know when he's going I guess I'll do that.  It just sucks though.