24 March, 2017

Working through the chores

It seems that having all the time in the world does not keep one from being a procrastinator.  Yesterday I finally went to have my car serviced - a few months late.  No real reason other than I kept putting it off.  And now I keep doing the same thing with my taxes.  I think because I know it's going to be different this year and I may have to pay, haven finally gotten the divorce settlement and put the money to work.  So .... that needs to be on my list for next week.  Ben will be out of town and I'll just need to dig in and get it done.

But now I am tasked with getting a couple of trips to Europe together.  I already have planned for us to go for two weeks at Thanksgiving but I put the bug in Ben's ear about canal trips in France and he is now quite keen to do it.  Now now now.  Well you know how I feel about traveling to Europe in high season.  Not my favorite thing to do.  I'll do some digging around and see what I can come up with.  It'll have to be quick though.

Knitting seems to be helping with my broken wrist therapy.  I did it until it hurt yesterday and it's on the agenda for today.  I can't wait to be back to 100%.

22 March, 2017

Spring finally

Not that you can really tell it by the weather.  It is Seattle spring.  Wet and cloudy, but the gardens are coming alive.  I walked around the yard yesterday and see that indeed the roses need pruning and the first sunny day I'm going to take care of that.  I don't see signs of new growth on the hydrangea trees yet, but I will look closer.  I'd like to take care of pruning those as well when I do the roses.  I also found a mangled opossum in that bed.  It looked squished but then I didn't get right up to it.  I don't know what kind of animal would kill it and not eat it ... weird.  Ben took care of it, thank goodness.  It would have started a mighty stink.

So what else?  I am still not allowed to go to the gym.  I can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds and yes, before you voice that though, I could definitely go to the gym and get on the treadmill or bike but that's not what I want to do.  I can just take a walk in that case.  I want to take my class.  I am doing very well, if I do say so myself, with the exercising of my hand and wrist.  I see improvement every day with strength and flexibility.  Maybe I can get them to let me start up little earlier.  They said mid-April.  I see the PT next week so maybe first of April?

Knitting is coming along fine.  It is sure nice to get back to it.  I'd like to do something other than a shawl next.  Although I did get some lovely yarn from my Luxe Yarnbox .... an Artyarns kit for - of course - another shawl.  Ah well.

I made plans for a long weekend in Port Townsend in early April but I've not started on the New Orleans trip.  I am actually a bit blue these days.  I guess after all of that glorious sunshine and warm weather it's really a bummer to be here in the clouds and rain.  I need to shake it off though.  Ben's going to be gone all next week and I can't be just pouting around the house by myself for a whole week.  That's no good.

15 March, 2017

Free at last

Monday I saw the doctor, had more X-rays, and was very happy to see that the bone has healed.  Six weeks it took.  Now I can keep the cast off all during the day except when I'm out hiking around or in crowds.  The swelling is still there but I can see my wrist bone now.  That's progress.  In therapy I was given another set of passive exercises, which are painful but tolerable.  Plus which I can knit now and boy have I been taking advantage of that!  I am knitting away on my Metalouse and have just started the slipped stitches part.

Hawaii was just what the doctor ordered.  It was gorgeous and warm and sunny.  And there were so many people from Seattle in Kona.  In every restaurant and bar we heard mention of Seattle. It seems everyone wanted to escape this winter.  Now we're back and it's tolerable but only because the temperatures have risen and it's no longer below freezing.  The rain is still with us but I am seeing signs of spring all over the place and hearing the frogs.  Soon it will be time to prune the roses.  I am rather disappointed that I won't be able to have my Potager garden this year, but we'll have all summer to build it rather than having to rush.  That's nice.

I have lots of errands and it's pouring rain.  Not a good day to be driving around but it can't be helped.  Tink needs food and I've got to go to the recycle. Better get started.

01 March, 2017

one month out

It is four weeks since I broke my wrist and I had my second visit with PT yesterday.  I am progressing nicely.  The swelling will be with me for a while, but the pain is pretty much gone except when I am exercising the wrist.  I have to keep the splint full time for two more weeks at least, but now I am to take my shower without the splint and also do a series of stretching and bending motions with the fingers and hand, bending the wrist back and around.  It is uncomfortable but it must be done.  I tried knitting and it does not hurt per se, but the placement of my thumb against the hard splint is sufficiently uncomfortable to make it no fun.

The snow has been a big bother.  We had another bout Monday, but it is hone now.  Oh I am so looking forward to Hawaii.  We  leave Saturday for a week in Kona.  It has been a while an we are both very excited.

Typing with one hand is no fun.

13 February, 2017

Broken wrist

Well the title says is all  I broke my wrist 01/30 and i still have the ER splint on it because the Ortho doc could not make it to clinic last Monday.  I go in today and will get a real cast that will hopefully be much lighter and smaller.  The list of things I cannot do include wearing any pant besides a yoga pant and putting on a bra.  Hawaii is set for March 4 so that is kind of a drag.  Ah well there are much worse things like not being able to knit.  Stay tuned.  Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day

11 January, 2017

Hidden benefits

Have I mentioned how much I love retirement?  Oh I do.  I really really do.  I have noticed that people are much nicer now that I don't have to deal with them during rush hour or on a crowded bus or at the grocery store when everyone else is shopping.  In the world where there are no places to run to, things are just better and people are happier.

So I wanted to pick up that wood on Thursday but Wednesday night Ben jumped the truck but it wouldn't take a charge.  The battery was dead.  On the way to the dentist Thursday I talked to the wood guy and told him the truck was dead so I couldn't pick up the wood.  Even though he had said the previous Saturday that they would NOT deliver the wood, for some reason he said "Oh, well I'll just deliver it then for an extra $25".  Done!  How awesome!  The guy delivered it and after I had a little lunch I set out to stack it.  How's that for feeling better?  I stacked that entire cord of wood all by  myself and I wasn't even sore the next day.  Very proud of myself.

Saturday was Seahawks Saturday and they beat the Lions, so this Saturday they will be playing Atlanta in Atlanta.  We beat them before, but here in Seattle.  Most of our players are well so with a little luck we should win.

My latest "thing" is a potager garden.  I have been buying books and I think I've got the place for it.  I need to measure the part of the lawn that I want to use for the garden and see if it'll work.  It really is the only place that gets enough sun during growing season.  Because of the rabbits and deer it will have to be enclosed.  It will take a good bit of work, but Ben is up for it.  Still there is much planning to do.

Speaking of planning, one of my chores for today is planning a vacation in Hawaii for March.  I am very much up for that.

04 January, 2017

A second wave

Can you believe it?!  Just when I was starting to feel better, I got worse!  WAY worse.  Friday I had to get out of bed because the house cleaner was coming, and I had a couple of things I had to do, so thankfully she switched up to the morning.  I got her to do the master suite first and did my couple of errands and collapsed into bed and I was miserable for the entire weekend.  I think I used an entire box of Kleenex myself.  Holy cow.  I am still sniffling but I feel 100% better than I did over the weekend.  Poor Ben.  Not to say he was feeling much better than I was.  We've had a miserable holiday season.  Thankfully there was tons of good football.  The Huskies faced the number 1 team and gave them a good game.  They lost but it was a good fight.  The Seahawks won and they will play the Lions Saturday for the first playoff game.  Football is winding down.  Not good.

Because I'm still congested there is no going to the gym.  I've kept busy.  I found that Tink doesn't care how cold it is - she still wants her park walks.  And is it ever cold!  Below freezing and sunny.  Beautiful.  I found a place to buy a cord of wood but I need to pick it up.  I'll have to do it in two trips because the bed of the truck will only hold half a cord.  I am going to pick up the first load tomorrow after my dentist appointment.  I thought it would be a good idea to get the truck warmed up today and put a towel on the windshield so I could drive it tomorrow.  Unfortunately it won't start so Ben will have to jump it tonight when he gets home.

I need a new knitting project.  I have some WIPs.  Perhaps I should go through them and see if they're worth picking back up.

Mostly what I want to do it plan a vacation.  I know that Emma is wanting to have her 40th birthday in Las Vegas so I need to find out if she has nailed down those plans yet so I can piggy-back on that.  Maybe we can go to Las Vegas for a couple of days and then go to visit Ben's cousin and his wife in their new retirement home in Utah.  They've been bugging us to come visit.  I'd rather plan an exotic vacation though.  A cruise to Cuba?

29 December, 2016

It lives

It has really been a long time since I've been on my computer!  First was the trip to LA, then to Paris, then I got sick and there was Christmas and now it's coming up on New Years Eve and I'm STILL  sick!  After all my self congratulations that I hadn't been sick this year and here it is.  Granted it's not as bad as it has been in the past.  I'm coughing but not so hard that I can't catch my breath.  And the stuffiness is getting better.  I slept a bit more last night than I have in the last week, although most of that was propped up.  Whatever works.

So  - Paris!  Yay - my favorite time to be there, in the winter when there are the fewest tourists.  We had a nice apartment on Rue De Turenne and the weather was quite mild and only rained once.  Kelli was freezing all of the time though and complained bitterly at every turn.  We visited the pub Monday night, had dinner with Eoghan and Deirdre on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately we didn't work very had at combating jet lag.  In retrospect I suspect it was because I was coming down with this cold.  I was constantly exhausted.  We were getting after it pretty good though so it's not entirely without cause.  And Eoghan had a cold.  Emma came to visit Thursday and Friday and we went on a Bateau Mouche for the early dinner.  That was pretty nice.

Getting home proved to be a huge battle.  Kelli refuses to take the RER to the airport and Uber was blocking the traffic to the airport.  Deirdre was keeping us posted but we were getting pretty twisted about the whole thing.  Then we got up Saturday morning to prepare for our trip to the airport - however we were going to get there - and I tried to check in for our flight and found it was delayed.  Delayed from 3:10 that afternoon to 5 am the next morning!!!  Panic time.  I had to call and change my Alaska airlines flight.  I had to contact the AirBnB host to negotiate another day, if possible.  I don't even feel like going through the whole tortuous thing.  I made it home Sunday early evening after 25 hours traveling.  I was exhausted and dirty and sniffling and when I woke up Monday morning I was sick as a dog.  Two days later Ben was sick.  Lucky for him he had vacation days so he was able to convalesce.  We missed Christmas Eve, but rallied for Christmas Dinner.  And here it is the 29th and I'm still not over it.  Ten days.  At least I know I'm on the mend.  I picked up that blanket I'd been toiling over and ripped it back to the mistake row and got it going again.

The cashmere scarf was way too warm for my trip.  Gosh I always forget how warm cashmere is!  And like I said it wasn't very cold in Paris, plus I had puffy coat.  It is supposed to get cold here again tomorrow or the next day so ....

Anyway I'm on my computer today to finish up applying for my refund for the costs associated with my trip delay.  They are asking for copies of the receipts for my expenses, but since I didn't everything from my iPhone I don't have proper paper receipts.  Let's hope they accept what I do have.

I am anxious to get back to the gym but I know better than to go when I'm sick.  Hopefully next Tuesday since Ben has Monday off and I won't go then.

Happy New Year everyone!

05 December, 2016


It's snowing!  It is pretty wet though and I'll bet it turns to rain later today.  It is 37 degrees, so I really don't think it's going to be much of a problem for anyone.  I hope.  That being said I don't plan on driving much, if at all today.

I have such a lot to do today, and really the rest of the week before I leave on Thursday.  Today, besides normal chores, I've got to decorate the Christmas tree and do stuff for the trip.  I need to buy museum tickets and have Ben print them out at work.  (Oh man, the snow is getting heavier)  I really really want to get that cashmere shawl finished up so that I can block it and it will be dry for me to take.  I have four more plain rows, then the bind off, which is going to be long and arduous but gorgeous.  I should also get Tink's toenails cut before I leave since she is slipping all over the hardwood floors.  Poor little thing.

Tomorrow I have a spa day, thanks to my sweetie.  I will be super bummed if there is snow and I can't go!  The freeway should be clear though.   I shouldn't worry.

I made turkey and dumplings for dinner last night and we ate as we watched the Seahawks dismantle the Panthers.  Very satisfying.  In fact, it was a great football weekend all around.  The Huskies dominated over Colorado, winning the Pac 12 title and getting a spot in the play offs!  They are playing Alabama on New Year's Eve.  Very exciting.  So ..... Friday we're watching the game and having dinner and after we finished I noticed a big chunk of one of my teeth was gone!  Holy crap!  I called the dentist Saturday morning first thing and they got me in at 9:30 to take a look.  Yup.  Half of my tooth is gone.  There's nothing they can do about it and since it was a clean break and doesn't hurt we are just going to wait until I get back and do a crown.  I am lucky that it doesn't hurt.  I would be panicked if this happened while I was gone, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

Okay ... it's slowing down out there.  Maybe I can do some errands after all.

29 November, 2016

Less spam

I have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of spam I've been getting lately.  Usually if I didn't open my Yahoo mail for a day I'd  have more than 100 spam emails but now it's a 10th of that.  I opened it up today after a week and there was only 66.  Fantastic.

So, where did the week go?  Well Wednesday I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to skip the gym.  I baked a pumpkin pie instead.  Thursday was Thanksgiving and I made a nice dinner for just the two of us.  Friday was the Apple Cup and Ben had the day off.  Oh what a great game that was!  This Friday the Huskies play Colorado for the Pac12 Championship.  Then?  Well it could be that there is a playoff in their future.  SO exciting.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we put up the lights on the house.  It's always a tough job but we  spread it out and finished it up on Sunday.  My feeling is that it's a little TOO colorful but what the heck.  Then when we finished up on Sunday I took Tink to the park before we settled in to watch the Seahawks get absolutely humiliated by Tampa Bay.  It was terrible.  Awful.  I got lots of knitting done on my cashmere wrap.  Which, by the way, is absolutely heavenly.  I can't wait to finish it so I can block it. I want to bring it with me too Paris.  I think it's going to be cold, because next week it's getting cold enough to snow here.

Tuesday - my computer day and shopping day.  I've got to go up to Alderwood and get some things at Nordstrom.  Maybe shop for a new top or another pair of jeans for my trip.  Oooooo .... it's getting close and I'm finally getting excited.

22 November, 2016

More forms

Unbelievable  -  I have two more forms to fill out for retirement! I thought all of the forms were accounted for in my packet but either I skipped a couple or they weren't included.  Well happy days, they have been sent to me for completion and they're good ones.  My official UW Retirement form, which will give me my UW free parking anywhere forever, and the VEBA which is an account for miscellaneous medical expenses - copays and medicine - which uses your accrued sick pay.  But you know what?  They can't make me go back to work!!  woohoo!!

I had a really tough workout yesterday.  It felt like Friday, it was that tough.  I think I might be fighting a bug.  I am so tired all of the time.  But I slept in today and I was going to the mall, but I think I'll skip that and stay close to home - to some more knitting.  I'd like to get that cashmere wrap done in time for the trip.

My replacement debit card finally arrived yesterday.  An entire week without a debit card - more annoying than I had anticipated. I just wish I could figure out where on earth the numbers escaped from.  No harm done, thankfully.

It is getting colder and colder.  There is snow in the mountains.  Now I've got to figure out where to buy more wood!  I love having a fire in the fireplace.  It makes it so cosy.

Saturday morning early we had help arrive and we got the couch out of the back room.  It was a huge effort but it had to come out and it finally did with a little twist and much grunting.  And now we have a comfy living room again.  And got to watch winning football on the weekend.  This weekend is the Apple Cup  - well, Friday.  Can't wait.

17 November, 2016

Bad dreams

I've only had a couple of dreams about work and last night I had another.  It was short.  I walked up to a door - I guess my office door - and there was a huge long handwritten list taped to the door.  I burst out  crying.  It was a long list of thankless chores for some class or another.  I tore it off the door, and through my sobs said, "This is the LAST time I'm doing this"! I wonder how long before the dreams go away altogether?

I was right about the cashmere.  It really cheered me up and I'm working on a beautiful wrap with it.  I think I'd like to take it with me on my trip so I've got to keep at it.  It's mostly garter stitch with increases and then every 16 rows a 15 row short-row lace bit.  It's quite interesting but that short row part is definitely NOT TV knitting.

We went to Anacortes Saturday morning, stopping in LaConner for lunch and arriving at the hotel in Anacortes at 1:30.  We went in to see when our room would be ready and oh, guess what.  I had made the reservation for Sunday rather than Saturday.  *sigh*  But those girls at the reception desk could not have been nicer.  They called around to all of the other places near by and found us a dog friendly motel just a few blocks away.  After that horrible experience in McMinnville we were a little skeptical but I had the woman show me a couple of rooms and they were just fine.  Not fancy, but not stinky.  Whew.  We strolled around the town before the football game and decided that the place we were going to watch the band would be perfect for the football game, so we settled in around 3:30 for a long night.

And it ends up it was not a great long night.  The Huskies got beat.  Oh ... disaster.  They were ranked #4 in the country!  USC had their number and the Huskies just did not have the juice.  It was a train wreck.  But the band was awesome and we stayed for the entire time.

Sunday when we got home we were going to take another go at the couch and get it out of the office and into the living room.  But we just could NOT get that thing out of the doorway.  Now we know that it is possible because we got it in there, but between the two of us ... to happening.  I think Ben's brother will be able to help us tomorrow.  I sure hope so because I am getting tired of trying to get comfortable on these chairs.

I had two good work outs this week and I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well, with more core work.  I was sorry to have missed last Friday and I know I really should have gone.  I would probably have felt happier right away.  Ah well.  Tomorrow for sure.  Today, Tink gets another medicated shampoo and I'm going to the recycle and Trader Joe's.  What an interesting life I lead,

11 November, 2016

I need a positive knitting experience

Well things are just a bit weird, don't you think?  Who wasn't surprised by the election outcome?  I find it hard to believe and so I am not thinking about it.  We'll survive but ... good heavens.

I've got the blues today.  I should be getting ready for the gym but I just can't face it.  I think what I'm going to do is wind up that cashmere and start something lovely with it.  I worked on the blanket yesterday while I was helping someone re-learn how to knit and it looks like I got off somehow on the broken rib.  I can't figure out what I did because the count is right and I'm doing the right stitches so I think probably I messed up midway across a row when I put my project down to help her.  Anyway I am just fed up with that project.  I will keep it for TV knitting but today I want something beautiful in my hands.  So that's the plan.  Along with our normal doggie walk in the park and errands and a bath for Tinkerbell.  She has a skin thing going on and I'm pretty upset about that as well.  She had it once before and I had to bathe her every other day for two weeks.  Not fun.  Hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it gets to that stage again.

I should be getting excited about my trip to Paris.  I made my reservations for the LA portion of the trip.  Four weeks to go,  and I haven't really thought much about it since I made the reservations.  That should cheer me up.

We're going to have a fun weekend.   We're spending Saturday at a nice hotel in Anacortes.  There is a good band playing right across the street and a Husky football game before that.  It should be a great time.  I haven't seen a live blues band in ages.

Ah .... here's something funny.  We bought a beautiful new area rug for the living room.  We decided to sell the couch and use the green one in the office - my old green suede couch.  The color is perfect and it's not so big as the other couch.  I put it on Craig's List and Tuesday a nice couple came by and bought it and took it away.  Yay!  So I go into the office and take the cushions off the couch and move things around and out so that we can put it in the living room when Ben gets home.  He gets home, changes his clothes and we go to move the couch.  Can you guess?  We can't get it out of the door!  So he takes the door off the hinges and we try again.  Then we realize that when we put that couch into the office the big, huge desk was in the closet alcove.  We have since moved it out into the room and reclaimed the space for a closet and that is why we couldn't get it out the door.  We need to move the desk to the back of the room so that we can tilt the couch down and get it through the doorway.  So for now the living room consists of a beautiful rug and two arm chairs.  It looks funky but until we can get some more muscle around here it will have to stay.  Hopefully his brother can drop by and help get the couch into the living room.

08 November, 2016

The dark days

They are upon us.  Already.   But the temperature is quite warm, at least for now.  Crazy warm today. I just read an article last night that said we are in for a snowy winter this year, like 2008/2009.  That might be fun, since I don't have to drive anywhere.

Things are going well at the gym.  I have added a little weight to the squat portion of the workout and a little to the triceps.  I will try for some more tomorrow since I have no soreness from Monday.  Well none in the legs anyway. My upper body strength is so nonexistent that I always can get soreness there.  Last Friday I tried the BodyPump and CRX class and that was indeed challenging.  And I had all kinds of new soreness after that one because the CRX is core work.  I am looking forward to trying it again this Friday.

Today I am waiting for a couple to come buy the couch.  We bought a new area rug for the living room and decided that we want to move the green couch I had that is now in the office/guest room into the living room.  The convertible chaise is just too big for this space.  And the green couch will go much better with the new rug.  It will give a whole new feel to this room.

I made my reservations for the LA portion of my December Paris trip.  And I've been trying to activate my Trusted Traveler card but their web site seems to be down.  It is very annoying.   I have to get it activated soon or it will become inactive so .... hopefully I can get it done today.

Still working on that stupid blanket.  I hate the yarn.  I should have known better than to use acrylic and should have shopped for a super wash wool.  But I did want a fuzzy blanket so that's why I went against my instincts with the acrylic.  Ah well.  As soon as it's done I'm going to reward myself by using the cashmere I have stashed away.