31 March, 2015

Pet peeve 1 million and counting

Yesterday was the start of upper campus spring quarter and that means that the IMA is full of people.  It's like after winter break when everyone swarms the gym with New Year's resolutions, and it doesn't last long.  But in the meantime it's annoying.  That's not the pet peeve though.  I am bothered by those people who show up, get onto a bike or weight machine and half ass it.  By that I mean, for example, the girl on the stationary bike next to me who, for the entire 30 minutes I was on my bike, peddled away with her legs not even extending fully, and who didn't even break a sweat!  I swear, she was on that bike before I started and I didn't see a bead of sweat on her brow.  Meanwhile I am pouring sweat 10 minutes into my 30.  I wanted to grab her by the shoulders, give her a shake and say, "You're not doing it right!!  Adjust that seat, extend your legs fully and put some work into it."  Hah.  Wouldn't it be nice though to be able to do that?  I must just content myself with bitching into the wind, it seems.

The weather was extraordinary yesterday, sunny and warm.  After Tink's walk I had a quick shower and made myself a drink and sat down on the porch to soak in the last of the rays.  Today it's pouring rain, as predicted, so I'm glad I got that time in the sun.  And while I was sitting there I noticed bees (wasps?) going into the window frame around the bathroom window.  Great. 

I did get the reservations for the airport shuttle made yesterday, and the pass to Academie and Uffizi museums.  Good thing that I did that yesterday, because the advance passes are limited and sold out right up to the day I chose, which is April 28. Emma's birthday is the 27th and I suspect we'll be celebrating so we're going to see David at 11:30 and then the Uffizi at 3.  The last time I was there David was in scaffolding for cleaning and parts of the Uffizi were closed due to water damage.  That was 20 years ago!  Or was it 21?  I just remember that Kurt Cobain died while I was in Europe. 

Noon knitting today and I brought my Spring Fusion in to work on.  I didn't get that last increase field done last night and I think I'd like to take this with me on the trip.  It's going to block out amazingly.  But I've got to finish it first!

30 March, 2015

Monday and I feel fine!

Oh how wonderful it was to wake up this morning and not feel sick!  I realized I'd been sick for sometime when I started heading out with Tink for her morning walk and I hadn't put my contacts in!  Out of the habit.  She got her walk, I put them in while my coffee was making and headed out and still I was early at the Transit Center.  The traffic was very light.

I made it through Friday all right but I was exhausted when I got home.  I did get to sleep in until 9 o'clock on Saturday, which was great.  I had a manicure appointment for 11 and I made it in plenty of time.  Then a trip to Trader Joe's for a few staples (wine) and that was it for chores.  We had plans Saturday evening for dinner and games out and it was such a fun night!  We didn't take Tink, since she's been rather needy lately.  It's hard when you're at someone's house, because I have to take her out on the leash when she needs to go and invariably it's at an inconvenient time.  So, she stayed home and we stayed out WAY late playing table shuffle board and spades.

Again on Sunday I got to sleep in, which I am sure helped with my complete recovery from this latest cold.  The mall doesn't open until 11 and we got there right spot on.  There are always so many last minute things to buy when you're going away for a long trip.  And especially since I'm going to carry on, which means all my liquids have to be in 100ml or smaller containers AND all fit in one quart sized zip lock.  It won't be easy, but I think I'm almost there.  And it's only the flight to Paris and then a few days later the flight to Venice that I've got to worry about.  After that it's trains all the way and it doesn't matter.  If I have to check my bag on the way home, that'll be okay.

So this week - today I hope - I've got to book the shuttle to Beauvais Airport and get the advance museum tickets for the three of us for Florence.  Then I've got to figure out how to get from the airport in Venice to the train station and into Venice proper.  And from there to our apartment.  Details and more details.

I am just one field away from the half way point on my latest shawl.  I think I'll bring it in for noon knitting until I get it done.  It's quite a quick knit, but there's lots of counting.  

27 March, 2015

It lives

Holy cow.  Monday went from bad to worse.  I had such a terrible cough and by lunchtime I was really hacking and feeling terrible.  I went home, went straight to bed and stayed there for three days.  I tried to get in yesterday, but half way through my morning teeth brushing, face washing I knew it was a lost cause and back to bed I went.  Tink was not such a good doggie, since it was sunny most of those days and she was always wanting to go outside, then she'd bark.  Oh well, I'm nearly 100% and back in the saddle today.  Friday.  Good heavens. 

And now we're only three weeks away from leaving and I've got a full plate here at work plus the last minute things I've still not done - getting Tinkerbell's boarding sorted, the shuttle to Beauvais, the museum tickets for Florence .....  I suspect I'll be able to carve out some time this afternoon.  I won't be going to the gym at lunchtime.

So I am thinking -- I've been sick how many times since July?  July, September, at least once more in November or December and now this?  What's different this year?  I'll tell you, it's the flu shot. I thought I was being so smart and it ends up I've been sick more times this year than last, when I didn't have a flu shot.  Crazy.

Now I'd better dig in.

23 March, 2015

Fun in the wind and rain

What a fun weekend we had in Port Townsend.  I got out of here a little earlier than expected and we made the 1:40 ferry.  The hotel I had booked was not that great, but there were few choices that were dog friendly and I thought this one looked the best out of the bunch - except for the $300 a night place.  I wanted to be right on the water, which we were.  And as luck would have it, right across the street from the BEST Mexican restaurant, and right next door to a pub that had live music Saturday night. 

The wind was really whipping up on Friday night, and while walking Tink I nearly got blown over!  I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but since the restaurant was right across the street, that's where we ended up rather than fighting the wind into town.  It turns out it is owned and run by a cousin of another really good restaurant we have been to a few times in Union.  I ordered a carnitos taco and a chile rellano and I swear, it was the very best chile rellano I have eaten.  We learned to make them on the trip to Mexico last year and this one was that authentic.  Just fabulous!  Unfortunately I couldn't finish it because I got too full (don't you hate that?), but what I did eat of it was wonderful.

Saturday morning we decided to go up to the fort, not remembering that it is a national park and you need your park pass (which we have, but not in the fancy car), so we only got to drive around through it, not walk on the beach.  But we did run into a massive garage sale at a fair ground on the way up there.  Tons and tons and tons of junk.  But it was fun wandering through, and the weather held up.  In fact, when we got back into town and walked it was quite nice, and the sun was coming out.  There were quite a few people in fancy dress, being that it was the Victorian Festival.  Odd dress, not many in actual Victorian dress.  But still, it was fun. 

We got out fairly early on Sunday and had decided to stop in Port Gamble for breakfast, since we had stopped there last year and found the most wonderful cafe with excellent food.  We were half way through our meal when I realized I had left my earrings and a sapphire ring in the hotel room!!!  I have never EVER left my jewelery behind.  I couldn't believe it.  I of course called them right away and they had them, so we had to turn back around and drive all the way back to fetch them.  It was still early enough that we only had to wait for one ferry and after stopping for groceries and asthma medicine, we were still home before 3. 

And now we just have to wait ....25 days, 8 hours and 4 minutes until the real trip. 

20 March, 2015

It's spring!

Happy first day of spring!  I saw the first bunny of the season today as I was walking up to the bus.   I had to take the bus to the Transit Center today because we're going to Port Townsend right from work.  Yes yes, I know that in four short weeks we'll be heading to our 3 week European vacation, but somebody got antsy and had to get out of town.  Tink is coming with us this time.  The weather isn't going to be great, but we've got lots to look at since the Victorial Festival will be going on. 

I only did one field on my newest project last night.  I was so busy getting everything tidied away, my hair dried, etc.  And I'm not bringing it with me.  I do have a great book to read, so if I've got down time this weekend, that's what I'll do.

I was so busy this week that I didn't get around to calling the boarding place to see about what kind of deal we can set up for Tinkerbell for three weeks.  Nor did I get the bus tickets to Beauvais airport purchased.  Hopefully I'll have a little more time next week.  This morning I'm giving an exam, and grading it, as well as getting the last minute details done for the HuBio 532 class.  Then one o'clock and I'm out the door.  Yay weekend!

19 March, 2015

New project

I came home to find four packages on the porch!  And one of them was the yarn I have been waiting for, the five skeins of Noro Ayatori. Isn't that just springtime in a skein?  I couldn't wait to start my new project using this yarn.  I got the kitchen cleaned up, a load of laundry going and then wound up two balls of Noro Cash Iroha in a light pink to use as the "furrow" yarn, and one ball of the silver Artyarns Silk and Sequins light from a Yarnbox to use for one sparkly "field", and I cast on for the Swing Knits Autumn Fusion although obviously mine will be a Spring Fusion.  I got to field 9, which was a good start.  But it was getting late and I wanted to read, so I headed to bed. 

And then what happened?  I read, and read and still didn't feel like I could fall asleep, but by then is was getting really late, so I put the iPad away and tossed and turned for what seemed like hours.  Needless to say, I was NOT ready for the alarm go to off this morning.  The only good thing about this is that I will for sure sleep the sleep of the dead tonight!

18 March, 2015

Still waiting

I was so disappointed yesterday when my yarn was not in the mailbox.  I really want to start that new project.  So I didn't do any knitting last night but instead caught up on some TV programs I had recorded.  The two programs I watch on Showtime are finished up now, so I'm going to change to HBO.  I like HBO much better, but it doesn't have Inside the NFL, so I switch to Showtime when that's on.

My stomach is SO upset today.  I sure hope I'm not getting sick.  I have lots to do this week and that's not been the case these past few weeks.  So I'll just ignore it, shall I?

Friday is the first day of spring.  I have had to use a flashlight in the mornings when walking Tink but I think by the end of this week that I won't have to do that any more.  Nice.  I still have to wake up in the pitch black though and I hate that.  I can't wake up properly.  I'm still groggy now.  And grumpy.  Might as well work.

17 March, 2015

The perils of procrastination

There are two ways to enter and leave the house.  The garage and the front door.  The vehicles have door openers and there is also a keypad outside of the garage door.  However, that hasn't worked for a couple of weeks and we just haven't taken the time to fix it.  It's not really an issue for me because I typically go in and out of the front door, using my key to lock it and the garage door opener when I get home.  And we had also spoken of leaving a key outside so when we're gone for three weeks there is a key for whoever comes to check on the house.  But we didn't do that this last weekend either.  Do you see where this is going?  I got home last night just a bit early, there not being so much traffic since it's spring break.  The house cleaners were just finishing up so I dropped my stuff in my office, got the dog and her leash, my phone and headphones and out we went for a walk.  Imagine my surprise then when I walked past the house less than five minutes later and they were gone.  My heart sank.  Did they lock the door?  Oh of course they did!  Thankfully it wasn't raining.  I walked Tinkerbell for as long as she wanted to walk, then we sat in the front and waited for Ben to get home.   I'll tell you what, there is a key hidden out there now.  But that really put a damper on my evening.  I was SO mad at myself.

I finished my last project, a Wingspan out of the last Yarnbox classic yarns.  I am awaiting a package from DBNY of some lovely Noro Ayadori in a beautiful pastel colorway.  I'm going to make the SwingKnits Autumn Fusion Shawl.  I think it's going to be awesome.  I'll also use up some Artyarns Sequin Light to give one of the panels a little bit of sparkle.  I sure hope I get that yarn tonight.  I am really anxious to start it.  And every week I do a couple of rows on the Jo's Pride.  I just keep it at work.

Work is busy this week and I am looking forward to leaving a bit early on Friday and heading out to Port Townsend.  I hear there is a Victorian Festival this coming weekend.  Kind of sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it?  Were the Victorians festive?

16 March, 2015

Tinkerbell's busy weekend

Poor Tink.  There are two things she really doesn't like and she had to do both of them this weekend.  First thing Saturday morning she was up at the Doggie Care Resort for a grooming.  While she was getting groomed, I did too.  Thankfully I was able to move my hair appointment to Saturday, having found a hotel in Port Townsend for this coming weekend.  I had to run a quick errant at Macy's, then lunch and back to pick her up. 

I stayed up WAY too late Saturday night.  It was poker night.  I came out ahead, but not by much.  Then I wasn't sleepy after everyone left, so we watched a movie.  But Sunday morning .... I was a bit sleepy then, but Tink had her annual medical exam and Bordatella shot.  She was shaking like a leaf as soon as we got into the vet's waiting room.  She HATES it.  The shots hurt I suppose.  It was pouring rain, but we had a reservation at Serafina's for brunch.  What a lovely treat!  I only wish I had thought to bring an umbrella.  We arrived too early for our reservation and had to sit in the car, since the rain was coming down in buckets.

The rest of Sunday was knitting and snoozing and watching a spring training baseball game.  Thankfully I've got a busy week ahead, so I'd better get on with it!

12 March, 2015

And the total is .....

133 messages in my spam folder this morning.  My spam folder doesn't show up on my iPhone or iPad.  Imagine how many there are going to be when I'm gone for 3 weeks.  I suppose Yahoo empties it now and again automatically.  We'll see.

I finished up my stash posting yesterday evening.  And the two shawls I had pinned out on Monday were finally dry, so I wore the Brown Eyed Susan today.  It blocked out so well.  Lovely drape.  I didn't feel like cooking last night either.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe's.  We made a meal of hors oeuvres.  Tonight I'll be better and cook up some Italian chicken sausages and peppers.  Yum

Tink has finally come to terms with the time change and we all slept well last night.  I was so tired.  I worked my legs hard at the gym yesterday but I'm not very sore today at all, thankfully.  Today I'll do the bike and upper body.  And then tomorrow -- run!  Yay!

Despite having a wonderful 3 week vacation to look forward to in 36 days, I am charged with finding a hotel for next weekend, just for a little get away time.  That's going to be fun, although I'm going to have to move my hair appointment to this weekend (I hope!).  Someplace not too far away that accepts pets.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.

You know the problem with having snacks for dinner?  I wake up starving!! 

11 March, 2015

Spam, spam and more spam

I cannot believe how much mail goes into my spam folder!  Today I'm not going to clean it out, as I usually do first thing in the morning and then periodically throughout the day.  I'm going to leave it and see how much is there tomorrow morning.  Right now there are 50 messages.  Garbage.  Thank goodness for spam filters.

Noon knitting was fun yesterday, and that was about it for my day.  Pretty quiet.  I had an urge when I got home to get back to cataloging my yarn on Ravelry.  I've been so bad for so long.  I never post my stash or my projects on there anymore and I actually use it a lot for searching for patterns.  So I sat down after my chores and a bath (I was really sore) and started going through my yarn, inputting the information into my Ravelry stash.  I took pictures and today I'm going to put the pictures with the yarns.  I got about half way done.  And I have a lot of yarn!!  Especially since I've been getting Yarnbox.  A lot of that was already used up.

I really wasn't interested in making dinner.  I was so wrapped up in my project.  Finally I made myself a ham sandwich.  That's a fine dinner.  But I'm hungry this morning!  I had heard that there was a fun original series on Netflix, so I watched a few episodes, then headed to bed to read.  I'm trying to stay awake until 10 before turning out the light.  The time change is taking its toll.  Tink has been having a hard time with it and again woke me to get water in the middle of the night.  I am going to take her out late tonight and hopefully she will sleep through the night.  I am so groggy.

My chest and arms are still very sore.  I'll only work my legs today.  Let me see if I can get soreness there!

10 March, 2015

Euro vs US Dollar

I cannot remember how long it's been since the dollar has been so strong against the Euro.  Today $1 = .93 Euro.  I sure hope it stays like this.  That would be a nice little bonus for our trip.

Since my Husky card wasn't scanning at the IMA I had to get a new one, so I took off a little earlier than usual to walk up to the Husky Card office on upper campus.  Since I hadn't taken the time to change my card after the divorce, I got a free card because name changes are free.  And then I strolled in the sunshine down to the gym and had the new card activated, so I was there a little earlier than usual.  It doesn't really matter, because the upstairs isn't all that busy anyway.  I did the bike again and then some upper body machines, putting a little more weight on them.  I am just a little sore this morning, but I can still move around.  Perfect.  Today is noon knitting, so a day off.  Then tomorrow I'll do the Precor and lower body machines.

The clouds have moved in and we're supposed to get some rain tonight.  I am hating the darkness in the morning.  I had just gotten used to walking Tink with some light and this morning I forgot the flashlight.  Which is kind of unsafe since there are only a couple of streetlights for the entire neighborhood so you're pretty much invisible without a light.  There are a few people who take off for work around that time and I like to stay visible for them.  Tink actually walked today rather spend the entire time with her nose to the ground.  I wonder what had been in the yard yesterday morning.  She didn't even want to go to the road.  She wanted to stay in the garden, sniffing.

Ouch!  I just tried to stretch.  My chest is more sore than I thought! 

09 March, 2015

More sun

What a crazy gorgeous weekend we had!  All sorts of plans on getting cracking on some early yard work and finally finishing sorting the office/game room went by the wayside, replaced by other outdoor activities involving driving around with the top down and strolling neighborhoods looking for places to sit in the sun and have a drink.  Well, it wasn't all fun and games, but a lot of it was.

Saturday morning I got the manicure and pedicure out of the way early, after a trip to Costco where I stood in line for 30 minutes(!) to order new contact lenses.  At this time there is no other way to order them than in person.  Not on the phone and certainly not on line.  But the woman at the counter said that it coming soon.  On the plus side, when they do arrive I don't have to take a number and wait, I can just pick them up.  I had hoped to get the Costco run done, get the grocery store out of the way, and then head to the salon for an 11:30 appointment, but after taking so long at Costco I had to head straight to the salon.  After I was done we headed to the 192nd St. Brewery, which has a most charming outside area with mismatched chairs and tables, right on the trail.  Well, about a bazillion other people had the same idea and the line was well outside the door with people standing in line for beer and to order food.  The proprietors are still a bit taken aback by how popular their place is.  But it's the location!  It's right off the Burke Gilman trail, there's plenty of seating outdoors, the food is good and the beer is awesome and not only can you bring your dog but your children as well.  It was fairly swarming with kids.

Sunday was a bit more leisurely in the morning but out we went in mid-morning to stroll around Redmond and stop at Trader Joe's to stock up on wine, among other things.  But I did have things that really needed to get done, so back home for some work.  I got the laundry going and finally blocked two shawls.  The most recent one, Incentive, and one I had done months ago, the Brown Eyed Susan. Both of these are done using Yarnbox yarns.

This is an detail of Incentive.  I did some mods, making it symmetrical so I could use all of the yarn.
 And here a detail of the BrownEyed Susan.  Done in blues and greens, obviously.  Usually I don't like the mottled yarns but I thought since it was Seahawks colors I could use it.  It's whimsical.  The lace edging it really quite cute.

Hopefully they will be dry tonight.

06 March, 2015

Changing it up

What a wonderful surprise to find my Luxe Yarnbox in the mail when I got home.  And is it ever gorgeous!!  I am very glad I changed my preferences to purple on the Luxe box.  I would actually call this almost pink, but if I had pink as my preference I would have ended up with a magenta and reds and pinks in the cashmere blend yarn.  I am most pleased.  So I will keep the Luxe subscription for a little longer.

We had been planning to visit a little brewery on Friday, but switched it up to last night.  It was fun.  Tink came along and she was a very very good dog.  Of course, she was the only dog and that makes a big difference to her.  The beer was good.  The ambiance could be a bit better but being able to bring the dog in counts for a lot.

I had seen on the television at the IMA yesterday that the Safeway stores were changing into Haggen and I was well pleased, since there is a Safeway one mile from my place and I have to go over 5 miles to a Haggen.  But when I asked the girl at the deli counter, where we stopped on the way home, if they were going to be changing to Haggen tomorrow, she said no!  Oh poo!  She said that Safeway is changing into an Albertson's.  I never shop at Albertson's.  I didn't have my headphones plugged into the TV at the gym, so I was just reading on the screen as the news went by.  Obviously not every Safeway is turning into Haggen.  Too bad.

What is up for this weekend?  Not too much.  Hopefully some sleeping in.  And don't forget to turn your clocks forward!  More sunshine.

05 March, 2015

The demise of the scratch baked scone

I don't often get baked goods in the morning, preferring my fruit and oatmeal or lately, a Special K flat bread egg sandwich.  However, I wanted a raisin scone today so I stopped in at the Rotunda on my way upstairs only to find that the usual homemade scones have been replaced by bakery scones.  Those are not scones.  They're too sweet.  And iced!  I liked the other ones.  Some days they would have savory ones with bacon, other times they would put seasonal berries in them.  Ah well - you can't turn back time.  Pity, that. 

Is it because I'll be going soon or something else?  I don't know, but this time of year does always seem to bring back strong memories of my time in Paris.  I suppose because it was such an intense time.  Those memories are really and truly burnt in. 

My workout was wonderful yesterday.  I am rather disappointed in myself that I let it go this long rather than just accepting the fact that the road to running again would be a long one.  I feel just SO much better for having some good, hard exercise.  Yesterday I did the recumbent bike and then some leg machines.  Today I think it will be the Precor and more upper body work.  I think I can expand my machines to a few more exercises.  I am not getting as sore as I expected to get.  That's good news.  So I can go a little harder.

I was tired when I got home.  But good tired.  Tink got walked, I got cleaned up and got the soup on the stove.  While it was cooking I ripped back the two triangles I had done on the Wingspan and started it again.  I watched a little bit of TV and re-started it, going just a little beyond where I had gotten the first time.  It's much better without the glaring mistake.  I wonder when the Luxe Yarnbox is supposed to arrive.  I wonder if I can get those other projects blocked this weekend.  We're losing an hour after all. 

04 March, 2015

44 days and counting

This morning is really hit me.  Maybe it was the sunshine.  Anyway .... 44 days until vacation!  44 days until I get on a plane for Paris and then on to Italy.  It is finally feeling real and I'm getting excited.  Now comes the hard part - well, besides waiting.  I've got to read up on where we'll be and familiarize myself with the options of things to see.  I know a couple places I want to go, but I'll have to pick and choose.  And I would like to find a day trip around Venice.  So much to do.  So much fun to have.  Adventures.

I didn't get as sore as I thought I would, although as I said I took it pretty easy on myself.  My chest is sore but tolerable.  Today I'll work out the legs after 30 minutes of cardio.  I think I'll do the bike today.  It's beautiful outside and there are some bikes facing the windows.  But first a meeting.  And some work.  

I decided to make a Wingspan with my latest Yarnbox yarn rather than wait for the Luxe box.  I wound the yarn before dinner last night and got started.  But I was watching some of my silly recorded stuff and got distracted and made a mistake.  I thought I could fix it but it looks stupid and ugly, so I'm going to take it out tonight and start over again.  It's a quick knit and perfect TV knitting IF one can resist getting distracted.  It's easy but you do have to pay attention to which row you're knitting.  I am loving the yarn - Knitted Wit Polwarth Shimmer and Sincere Sheep Luminous, which is a wool and silk blend in DK weight.  Lovely and soft.

03 March, 2015


Good news for me -- the exam was over by 11:30 and I got to the gym early enough to beat the rush.  I got my basket and towel and changed and walked up to the top floor.  Ah, it was the same as it was when I was there before.  The basement has locker rooms and studios for classes plus a big free weight area, the main floor has mostly machines with a couple of small areas with mats for stretching and floor exercises.  The second floor is access to the climbing wall and the top floor is a glass enclosed track with two areas inside the track divided by an elevator.  One side is a small group of machines - treadmills, Precors and bicycles.  The other side has the older weight machines and stretching mats.  This part is used by fewer people, and mostly more mature people - except for those running.  I like it up there.  And I wasn't the oldest person nor the fattest.  Bonus.  I did 30 minutes on the Precor and then a few sets on a couple of upper body machines.  I didn't want to overdo it and I did well -- I'm just a little bit sore in my chest and arms.  Perfect.  Today is noon knitting so I get a rest and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I can hit it again.  Wednesday I'll probably bike and do a few leg machines.  Then we'll take it from there.  Perhaps on Friday I can have a little run.  We'll see.

It is cold and clear.  Really cold.  I like all of the sunshine though.  I am looking forward to turning the clocks forward this coming weekend.  It will be nice to have a little more light at the end of the day, although darker mornings for a while longer.

My hand is a little sore still from all the knitting I did over the past few weeks so I gave it a rest last night.  I know what I'm getting in my Luxe Yarnbox so now I can plan my next project.  Not to say that Jo's Pride is done, but I'm leaving it here at work and only working on it Tuesdays for now.  I need less intense projects for home.

02 March, 2015


One of my goals for the weekend was to finish up the Incentive wrap.  I did finally get it done on Sunday.  Those last few inches took a longer time than I had anticipated.  I do have just enough yarn for tassels too, which is awesome.  I was going to block it but then realized I couldn't do it because the cleaners come today and I can't have it laying around on the floor.  It'll be on my list for this coming weekend.  I wanted to wind the pretty yarn I got in my classic YarnBox but thought I'd rather wait and see what the Luxe box has in store.  I might want to work with that yarn first.  Big reveal today on Ravelry but I won't be getting mine for at least a week.

So the weekend was nice.  On Saturday after an early appointment at the Volvo dealer we went back to get Tinkerbell and then for a walk at the Tolt McDonald park and campground in Carnation.  She really like it and I did too.  What a pretty park!  The only bad part was the bridge over from the parking lot to the campground.  It was a high bridge, suspended and it moved when you walked on it!  Very scary.  Not comfortable at all for someone with height issues.  Me.  And Tink was having a hard time as well because there is only a narrow strip where the wood is solid.  Otherwise it has slats and her little feet went through.  She got it right away.

Monika and Andre came over for an evening of Rummikub.  I believe we've created a monster.  They just love the game.  And I must say it's more fun with four than two.

I have to give an exam today, which I was not planning on.  It got sprung on me this weekend.  I wish I had been asked my preference for the timing.  Now I've got to sit with a woman from 11 am.  She has an hour and she'll probably use every minute of it.  That's going to put me right in the middle of the busy time at my first day at the gym.  I've still got to get a locker.  Oh well.  I managed to get two sets of workout clothes this weekend and all of the little things together - shower shoes and toiletries.  This is going to be very different for me.  I seriously can't remember how long it's been except I do remember rehabbing that ankle.  How much longer after that I went I cannot remember.  Ah well.  It'll come back to me for sure.