29 January, 2014

Day three

Well I finally heard back from the orthopedist yesterday and I've got an appointment with him first thing Friday morning.  So we wait.  Thank goodness I have a few things to do at work so I'm not completely bored.  But pretty close.  I don't like to watch TV in the daytime, obviously I can't walk the dog.  I did a little too much around here yesterday and payed for it so today I'm going to lay low and do as little as possible.  As long as I'm keeping my foot up it's tolerable.I'll feel a lot better once I know what the course of action will be.

I am getting lots of good work done on the Color Affection and should have a new YarnBox waiting for me when I go home Thursday night. 

It's pouring rain.  And I have to stop typing and put my foot up.

28 January, 2014

What upper body strength?

Oh how I hate crutches!  And boy are my arms and pecs sore today.  Thankfully I can put a little bit of weight on the outer part of my heel, so with the lovely and stylish velcro boot at least I can put my heel down and help out a bit.  I don't do a lot of moving around, as in going outside, but there are just some things one must do.  Like make a cup of tea.  Or change your clothes and let the dog outside.  It all requires movement across the room.  I've taken to using one crutch, ala Tiny Tim.  I am sure it's a very attractive look for me.  I avoid mirrors.  Day 2 - I'm already stir crazy and I still don't have an appointment with the specialist.  The orthopedic surgeon's nurse said he wanted to take a look at the X-rays before deciding if he wanted to see me or refer me on to a different specialist.  Hooray.

I have work to do, which is good.  It did get a bit boring by the afternoon.  I do really like walking my dog and it is going to be a time before I can do that again.

I got some good knitting done while watching silly TV last night.  Now the rows on the Color Affection are really long and it takes nearly an hour to do a stripe.  I think for the bottom, since I'll have plenty of yarn, I'll make it a ruffle by doubling the stitch count, rather than doing a lace edge.  The lace might look silly on this type of scarf.  What's the saying about dressing up mutton? 

Okay - back to real work.

27 January, 2014

I won!! AGAIN!!

Wasn't I saying what a lucky start to the year I am getting??  And what is it about exotic vacations and good news?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  Here's the thing -- We lost our WiFi at the casa on Tuesday.  I noticed that I had a voicemail but I couldn't get it without calling voice mail, which I didn't want to do.  I had a suspicion that it was my lawyer because she's the only one who would call me who didn't know I was out of town.  On Wednesday I got WiFi at a cafe and guess what was there.  An email from my lawyer telling me the appeals court denied the appeal, affirmed the original judgement!!  WooHoo!!!!  How awesome is that??  And we all rejoiced.  With tequila.

This was such an amazing trip.  The village was gorgeous and the weather hot and perfect.  We even had a lightening storm one night.  I went for a two hour horseback ride through breathtakingly gorgeous scenery.  I didn't even take pictures.  I was gasping with amazement every few minutes.  Pelicans flying and swooping, horses and bulls and oh the butterflies!  Really pretty.  Turtle nests and iguanas and the house had a cat.  The food was good.  I did get a few bug bites and it was pretty darned hot and muggy.  But there was the pool and the ocean just steps away.  I got a bit sick, not too bad but I missed a trip into town.  There was one major bump - luckily on the last night.

Four of us decided, after drinking a few shots of tequila, that we'd better toddle on down the beach for some dinner.  And afterwards somebody had a brilliant idea - let's walk home along the beach.  It's only three doors down.  In the pitch dark.  And somebody fell and that somebody was me.  Saturday morning I couldn't put any weight on my foot.  But we had to get home.  Thank goodness for the airport wheelchairs.  Especially since we had to change plans in LA and their customs is almost as bad as Heathrow.  I went straight to the emergency room.  I have a displaced fracture of my left big toe.  Not good.  I have to see an orthopedic surgeon later this week and in the meantime I am not to use the foot, keep it elevated and iced.  Thank goodness Ben's house is done because here we are.  I can let Tink out a couple of time and hook her up in the back.  I cannot walk her, especially in the icy weather.  I can telecommute. 

The good news is that it happened at the end of the vacation.  We'll see what is what later this week. 
I don't like not being mobile but I don't have too much to say about it at this point.  I am not good on crutches and it hurts when it's not elevated.  So.  Let's see what the week brings!

19 January, 2014

They won!

What an awesome game!  Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!  We watched the game in a little bar. And boy were we obnoxious.

It is hot but we are right on the beach. It is great. And good call not bringing knitting. Way too humid. You should see my hair!

17 January, 2014

I don't get it

It was December 26 when I called Comcast and changed the date of my end of service to January 15.  I came home last night and wouldn't you know it, the service was still active.  I managed to get hold of a customer service rep this morning and was told that yes, my service was terminated effective January 15 BUT I'd still be getting service until the 26th.  huh?  And then the bills would reflect that the service was terminated January 15.  huh?  In the meantime I had paid half a month, knowing that Comcast bills a month in advance.  Now I'm getting overdue notices.  Crazy.

I didn't get home until 6 last night, which is very late for me.  Poor Tink could  not wait to get outside.  I was very tired, but after having a cocktail and cooking a little dinner I got a second wind and wound up watching ... rather RE-watching ... the first episode of the Sherlock series (the modern one with Benedict Cumberbatch).  It was on my mind since the third series is starting up on PBS this week.  So I stayed up a little later than I had intended, but fell right asleep and slept great until, oh ... about 3:30.  Then I was up and thinking about all the last minutes things I had to do today and I am just SO groggy today.  But I'm leaving at noon, so hopefully I can get a little nap in and get packed and even clean up a bit before Tink has to go to the doggie resort.  Then I'm on vacation baby!  I've got a bottle of Veuve Cliquot in the fridge just waiting.  Ahhhh   I know I'm going to have to get up at some ungodly hour, like 4 am.  But it's all fun after that.  And sun.  And tequila.  And laughing.  Should I take knitting?  I haven't decided.  I just remember that the last few times I have taken it I haven't touched it.  So .... still thinking.

16 January, 2014

Still waiting for step 2

I was going to get my HD antenna up last night and disconnect all of the Comcast stuff, however I still had a connection and frankly I was just too tired to tackle anything.  I suspect that since I had the 15th as the shut off date, it didn't go off until midnight.  I am quite excited to see how that HD antenna works and to be rid of cable.  But I might not get around to it until I get back.  It depends on how this evening goes. 

I have to stop at the hair salon at 4 so I won't be getting home until nearly six.  I can get my clothes sorted out and into the suitcase while I cook something to eat and then I can then have tomorrow evening, after dropping Tink at the Dog Resort, to get my little things together.  The plane leaves Saturday at 6:55 am, which means getting up WAY too early to get to the airport on time.  I have to have everything ready to go Friday before I go to bed. 

I so wanted to knit last night, but by the time I sat down I just didn't have the energy.  I did what I could to stay awake as long as I could, but I think I must have dropped off before 10.  Then Tink needed to go out at 2 AM.  I don't know what's up with her.  This is the second time in as many weeks that she's needed to go out.  Maybe that's know why I've been so tired lately.  Or maybe I am just anxious to get on with vacation. 

I have a new audiobook that I am just loving, called The Bones of Paris.  It takes place in the late 1920's.  It's a little macabre, but I love the way the author describes Paris.  And knowing the streets she's talking about.  I don't hold any hope for a happy ending though.

15 January, 2014

Step one

After a visit from the CenturyLink tech, my DSL light was green when I got home and I was able to finish the installation.  Woohoo!  I also got my AppleTV running on the wireless AND got a movie going on my iPad from Amazon Prime and, through the AppleTV, had it on my TV through AirPlay.  Unfortunately it's not HD unless I go through the Wii, so that's the second part of the thing.  Tonight I'll unplug the Comcast gear and, hopefully, get the HD antenna up and then I'll be completely free of Comcast.  Exciting, huh?  I think it's great.

With all of that going on as well as trying on outfits for the vacation, I didn't get any knitting done at all.  I did find that I have plenty of outfits and I'll undoubtedly pack twice what I need or will use, but that's okay.  Summer clothes are light.  What I do need to buy yet is a decent pair of PJs.  I do have cotton PJs and tank tops, but they're a bit too revealing to be hanging out with other people, other than family or intimates.  So ... perhaps when I go down to U Village at lunchtime for my InSpa appointment I can dash over to Victoria's Secret and see what I can find.  If nothing there, then on my way home Friday I can stop at Old Navy.  I do love Old Navy's PJ bottoms.  I'm sure I'll be able to find something.  It just can't be flannel.  It is HOT where we're going.

I saw some daffodils with buds yesterday when I was out for a walk at lunchtime (yes, yes I'm going to start running again real soon).  It seems very early for spring bulbs, but the weather has been extremely mild these past few weeks. Ever since that cold spell passed.  But winter has just started, so I'm not getting spring fever quite yet.

14 January, 2014

Still trying to sort it out

My CenturyLink DSL was fast tracked by the saleswoman and supposedly turned on by last Friday, the 10th, at 5 pm.  I had gotten a call from the tech that morning, letting me know he was turning the service on.  During that conversation it was discovered that he was trying to turn on the service for the wrong apartment.  Of course.  We got the unit number changed and he said that he wouldn't need to get into my apartment and that I would be good to go by the time I got home.  Alas, I was in and out too quickly to have time to test the modem, and anyway he was off work on Monday.  So yesterday as soon as I could I started getting the modem set up.  And wouldn't you know it -- no connection!  I called him and left a message and then sent an email to the saleswoman who, by this time, is going crazy with this sale.  I am sure she wishes I had never turned up at her breakfast.  I am fairly certain I'll have it linked it when I get home tonight.  And then tomorrow I'll not have cable anymore so I'll have to figure out the HD antenna and how to get the AppleTV to work.  Maybe I'll have time to do that tonight.

Vacation is starting to affect my days.  All I want to do is get out of here!!  I need to spend a little time tonight deciding what I'm going to take and try on a couple of outfits.  It shouldn't take too long.  I think a couple of yoga skirts and a few tops, my bathing suit and a hat.  Maybe a long dress or two and some cut offs.  Oh man, I am just SO excited to get to this tropical paradise.  I made reservations for Sunday to watch the football game.  And Monday we're all going to take a cooking class in Zihuatanejo, which should be fun.  They will take us to the market to pick out the ingredients and then back to the school (which I believe is outside) to show us how to make something.  And that's about as strenuous as I want to get.

I was dreaming last night - or maybe it was the last dream I had before I woke, because it seems like I was dreaming this dream ALL night -- about being with my friends in Europe.  Since I normally go in either the fall or winter, it is easy for me to imagine myself there and I've been especially missing them lately.  A lot.  Oh well.  Since we can always only be in one place at a time, I think it best that I "be here now".  Thank you Ram Dass.   

13 January, 2014

It's starting to dawn on me

Finally I am getting excited about my vacation!  I've been so busy and now I've got just a few days to get a summer wardrobe together and get into the vacation state of mind.  Although, I've never had much trouble doing that.  It is strange though to be going on a "gang" vacation.  And for an entire week!  But these are my good, old friends so I am sure it'll be crazy fun.  I cannot wait to get on the plane.   But there's an entire work week to get through.

Seahawks -- what a weekend!  Saturday was awesome football day.  They played great and the only bad part is that Percy Harvin got knocked out of the game after only a few plays!  Good heavens!  He got injured at the start of the pre-season, was out all of the season with the exception of a few plays in another game when he decided he wasn't sufficiently recovered from his surgery and now he gets knocked out.  I wonder if he'll be recovered enough for the game Sunday.  We'll be watching in Mexico.  I hope.  I should get some reservations at the closest place.

I got lots of wonderful knitting done on my Color Affection and then, in a rush on Sunday, didn't manage to get it packed up back to my place, so there I was with no knitting and the San Francisco & Panthers game to watch (recorded).  Oh I was SO mad!  Nothing to do but start a new project.  Oh sure, I do have other projects started but none of them are TV knitting.  I started the Hearts, Vines and Flowers shawl.  I guess it was last year when I decided to do this but when I went looking for the pattern on Elann it was gone.  I got in touch with them and they said they took it off after they ran out of the suggested yarn but they sent me a copy of the pattern.  I got in touch with the author of the pattern then (who doesn't LOVE Ravelry) and let her know.  She didn't even have a copy of it herself!  I forwarded my copy.  It starts out quickly.  I just wanted to make it because it's lace on huge needles.  Easy peasy.

I got my manicure and pedicure yesterday, then Wednesday I've got an appointment at lunchtime for leg grooming, plus that pesky bikini area.  (Oh yes, I love being a woman but sometimes .....)  Thursday is a trip to Derby to get my hair done.  Dana is leaving Friday so I had to do it Thursday.   So it'll be a busy week.  Hopefully busy at work as well.

10 January, 2014

Getting closer to actually cutting the cord

Well, yesterday was entirely a blur.  I had a ridiculously horribly bad night Wednesday, including having to take Tink out at 5 am.  I was beyond exhausted when my alarm went off, thought I had put it on snooze but had turned it off.  I didn't wake up until after 7, at which point I decided I would stay home.  Everyone at work has been sick, Ben's been sick, *I* do NOT want to get sick, and if my body is telling me I need to rest, then that's what I'm going to do.  I went back to sleep until Tink could no longer stand it, which was 9:30.  She got another little walk, I did some email and fell back asleep AGAIN until 3 o'clock!  I am not kidding.  It was like I was drugged.  Obviously I needed it, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep during the night, so I fought off going to sleep again after giving Tink another walk.  I didn't have to worry.  I was asleep by 10, slept through the night and today I feel just fine.  So - hopefully my body took care of whatever was trying to break me down.

Remember how excited I was to finally say goodbye to Comcast and "cut the cord"?  I got my HD TV antenna and picked up the modem and my service was set to start December 27.  However, I got a call on the 26th saying they were oversold and I would have to wait until there was a spot for me.  What???  People came to my apartment building selling this service and there is no service to sell?  I was very confused and very angry.  I called Comcast to cancel the service termination and on Monday spent quite some time on the phone trying to sort out the mess that was my CenturyLink order.  Finally I sent an email to the guy at Thornton Place who arranged the breakfast where they were selling the service and told him what had happened.  That's when the woman I had spoken to at the breakfast got into the picture and she has made things happen!  My service is turned on today!  So hopefully I can get everything fixed up this weekend and say bye-bye to Comcast on Monday.  Woohoo!

The Seahawks play the Saints tomorrow afternoon.  Big game.  If they win then we'll have to hope Ginny was right and that the resort close to our place in Mexico will be showing the football game.  Go Hawks!!!

08 January, 2014

In praise of the humble garter stitch

I've never been a big fan of the garter stitch.  Until now.  I have always considered it useful, but not particularly attractive.  I am working on size 3 needles doing the Color Affection pattern, which is worked entirely in garter stitch.  The resulting fabric is actually very nice!  My previous work with this stitch had been with larger needles, resulting in a stretchy fabric and with a very amateurish look.  Not so with the smaller needles and the sock yarn I got from my last YarnBox.  This is going to be HUGE - nearly 8 feet across.  I think it's going to be one of my favorites.

Last night I did get to do a couple of rows on my Color Affection.  Also I managed to fit in some reading - I couldn't help myself and started my new book.  AND a few minutes of playing with The Room 2 on my iPad.  Chores?  What chores?  It was such a nice evening I might just do it again tonight, although I may toss in a load of laundry too.  Might as well multi-task.

We got a notice that the pub at Thornton Place is finally nearing completion.  It should be open in March.  What is that - like a year since they put up the signs?  I was dearly hoping for it to be ready for football season - no.  And then for the Super Bowl - no.  I don't give a rip about basketball.

Today is noon knitting, but it's also curriculum meeting day, which is happening soon.  Good think I got a good night's sleep.

07 January, 2014

My lucky day

I'm hoping anyway.  And my year has already started out lucky - I won a Visa gift card yesterday. Today is the day my ex-husband's appeal of the divorce settlement is being heard.  I won a settlement in the divorce, then he filed a Request to Reconsider, which was denied.  Then he filed an appeal and that's what is being heard today.  So good vibes and happy thoughts sent my way would be most appreciated!  I don't expect to hear anything for a long while.  The courts take their own sweet time, so I'm not going to fret.  What happens happens.  But that being said, I would dearly love to win this as well. 

A couple months ago I downloaded the audiobook of The Hobbit, which was being offered on discount and I thought what the heck, it had been so many years since I had read the book.  It was showing on HBO, so I watched it and was so sorry I had missed seeing it in 3-D.  I was not going to miss out on the second installment, so I went during my little Christmas break.  I have to say though, I was very disappointed.  The story moved only a little, even with the addition of a character, and the violence was WAY over the top.  I can't stand all that blood and gore and heads rolling.  A good part of the movie I spent with either my eyes closed or my hands over my eyes.  Plus there was a stinky guy sitting in front of me - you know, as if he had left his clothes to mold in the washer before drying them.  And behind was the noisiest popcorn eater ever!  It was not a great experience.  Or am I too fussy?  Nah

I didn't even touch my knitting last night.  I had too many chores to do and then I finally sat down and it was time for Tink's 7 o'clock walk!  It was bread and cheese for dinner and early to bed.  Tonight I am hoping I can finish the rest of my chores early enough to cook a proper dinner (I'm thinking eggplant cutlets and a nice salad) and get at least an hour of knitting in and - am I being greedy? - maybe even some reading time as well!  I haven't finished my latest novel and just got another pre-order today.  There is a new book by Martha Grimes out and I got it for my Kindle app.  So - plenty to do at home.  Too bad I have to stick it out here for another 8 hours.

Let's hope this is a major lucky year for everyone (with one notable exception, of course).

06 January, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well that was a quick week and a half!  Happy new year everyone!  I had no WiFi and blogging from my iPhone is an exercise in frustration.  I did check in on Facebook once or twice but honestly, I was so busy I didn't think much about it.

What did I do?  Mostly helped Ben get his house together.  Day after day after day after day.  Thankfully not much paint touch up, although I believe in the spring when the light changes there will be plenty of that to do.  In the middle - well no, at the beginning there was Christmas.  That day was spent unpacking boxes.  I wanted to cook a turkey dinner for Christmas but the kitchen wasn't in any shape for that type of thing.  Boxing Day I went with him to Costco to pick out a TV set and mounting bracket for the living room to go over the fireplace and then the Dish guy came and hooked him up.  Whoohoo!  Football!   I did make turkey dinner for Boxing Day and it was perfect!  A day or so after that his sister and brother in law needed help moving the furniture back into their newly remodeled house.  There wasn't much I could do on that front, once the boxes were put into the (now 4 car) garage, so I spent the rest of that day removing blue tape from around windows and cleaning.  Oh man, seriously - it was work work work.  And all on a house that I don't live in!!  Finally, January 1, it was done enough to have people over.  And I was finished working.  So the rest of the weekend I spent doing plenty of knitting and watching football.  Perfection.

The Seahawks had a bye and we got to watch the wild card games.  Wow.  Seriously, they were awesome!  Next up the Seahawks play the Saints here at home.  Nothing is a slam dunk at this point, but we are sure hoping they'll win.

In the forefront of my brain right now is the upcoming REAL vacation in Mexico.  Twelve days and counting.  And I've got plenty to do until then.