31 August, 2009

More work on the Frost Flowers Shawl

I got to spend a good three hours on Saturday and another hour or so on Sunday working on the Frost Flowers Shawl. I have finished the first 15 rows, moved the markers for the corners and repeats and done another two rows. I did have one little problem - I had stopped during the row when I was moving the markers to their new positions and when I picked it back up on Sunday I didn't realize exactly where I was. I ended up having to tink back about 20 stitches but amazingly enough I got it right! Here is a close up. There were a couple weekends when I didn't get much done so I am pretty happy I was able to spend so much time on it this weekend.

I still haven't rehearsed with our new bass player. I didn't hear from the leader on Saturday so I just assumed we weren't rehearsing and made other plans. Then he calls me at 5 pm Sunday ... uh no .. sorry, I can't make it. I HATE being called at the last minute. He was pretty mad because I guess the drummer was supposed to call me earlier in the week. Oh well - next Sunday.

Mr. M has been suffering with a cold for a few days. He never gets sick so you can imagine what's it like at my house. *sigh* I just keep him doped up with daytime and nighttime cold medicine. That man will NOT rest though! What is up with that? Stay in bed!! No, he'd rather be out there spreading his germs around.

I had a pretty decent run on Friday and it would have been really good, actually, except my thighs were just killing me! I believe I need to strengthen my medial quads. I was a bit achy on Saturday as well but I think that's because I was wearing such high heels. I am going to keep the heels to a minimum for a while and keep my fingers crossed that my legs get stronger. My wind was fine and that's good.

The weather is gorgeous but it's predicted to start raining later this week. Bumbershoot is this coming weekend. I don't have to go and probably won't especially if it's raining. Mr. M, on the other hand, has a stage to run. Ick

28 August, 2009


It was just too bloody hot to knit last night. I did really want to finish that hat but I couldn't do it. Maybe tonight. It's supposed to be cooling down and it is much cooler today than yesterday. We might even have some rain on Saturday. I've got to get back out into the garden again but Sunday will work just as well as Saturday, I guess. I'll just postpone the manicure. There's no use getting my nails done before I garden - it's a total waste of time.

I ordered some cashmere from Elann earlier this week. I was sure I had ordered 5 balls each of blue and black but when I opened the package I found blue and plum! I plan on using the blue to make a nice hat and mitts set for my sister's birthday in December and I had planned on using the black to make something luxe for myself. Alas .... I have no black cashmere. I don't know ... maybe I'll use the plum for myself. I should branch out on my color choices more often.

Had a good run yesterday. I still am not totally convinced that it makes any big difference if I drive in or ride my bike when it comes to the strength of my run. Logic tells me that it should make a difference . Today is my "easy" run day and so I biked in. We'll see if it's any harder than yesterday. Another thing I'm concerned with is that I don't over do it and injure myself. I have a feeling that I'm going to need all of the training in order to make it through that 1/2 marathon. If I over do it and get behind, I'm going to be sunk.

27 August, 2009

I have a choice???

It has taken 3 days but I have finally managed to change our phone plans from individual to a Family Talk Plan with AT&T. Talk about hoops -- it took 3 days because each time I tried I would run out of patience after completing one or two of the steps involved. I am sure they are hoping you will just throw in the towel after a day or two of fruitlessness, but I was determined to get this done. The phone company makes too much money off of running people around. So back and forth and on the internet and on the phone, I finally get it done and she says, "Thank you for choosing AT&T". As if I have a choice! With iPhone there is no choice. Whatever .... I am happy knowing they will get $100 LESS a month from us from now on. Next - a new iPhone but I think I'll wait a few more months.

I finished the second Neck Warmer Hat Tuesday evening and worked on the i-cord at lunch yesterday. I didn't finish it up last night because we had to go pick up something in Alderwood and then we went to dinner. So tonight I'll finish up the i-cord, weave in the ends and perhaps cast on for yet another. It's good TV knitting. But I am going to have to plan out a couple hours Saturday and Sunday to make some progress on my Frost Flowers Stole.

It's going to be hot again today. It's predicted to be about 86 degrees. I am going to go for my run early, like maybe 11 am, before it gets unbearable. I am still not convinced that NOT riding my bike on running days is making a difference. Tomorrow I'm going to be riding and running but my Friday run is supposed to be easy. I was figuring that my run on Tuesday would be strong but it wasn't particularly. That could be because again I was a bit late and I was hungry so that's why I'm going out at 11 today. I still have a couple weeks before "official" training starts so I guess you could say I'm training for training. I don't want to be the slowest.

25 August, 2009

Does my dress form need a name?

It has been suggested that my dress form needs a name. It has no head - it has a little ball for a head - and that makes it a little harder to name for me. If I had an alter ego or an evil twin name then it would be simple, but I don't. I supposed it'll come to me.

This weekend I found a cute peach colored linen sheath which just happens to coordinate perfectly with my February Lady Sweater! So that's what I'm wearing today. It is the only thing I have that goes with that sweater! I have been just wearing it around the house but I'm glad now I have something to wear it out with.

I didn't knit on the neck warm hat last night, nor the socks that just need binding off nor the Frost Flowers Stole. By the time I was done with my shower and my little after work chores I just wasn't in the mood to knit. Mr. M was out at a meeting so I had a little time to myself to play Mario Kart and by the time I was cooking dinner he was on his way so we got to eat together. And then he had ANOTHER meeting, but this one at home, so I just went upstairs and read. I should be able to finish up that second one tonight though. And when I have some spare time I'd like to bind off the socks and divide that Noro sock yarn I got to make a pair of arm warmers. So much to do ... and never enough time!!

24 August, 2009

No London trip ... boooo

I spoke to my sister this weekend and she was pretty upset with her company. She's been selling booth space for a licensing show. The one in February was in Las Vegas and the whole London office came over. The one in October she was promised she would go, and I was going to meet up with her and we were going to have a few days, but come to find out they have decided to cut the budget and save a little money so she doesn't get to go, nor do I. She has filed a formal complaint but doubts anything will come of it. We shall see.

I ended up taking Friday as a vacation day since I had plenty and I'm caught up at work. It was a good thing to do and I ended up being able to make a nice party without being all stressed out about it. I gave myself Saturday off - just did a little shopping (using my b'day gift certificates) and watched the Seahawks on TV. The second pre-season game and they won again, this time beating the Broncos.

I've been getting a head start on my holiday knitting, finishing up one neck warmer hat and starting another. They go quickly and are really cute and useful. I've also joined up with another silly knitting contest. This one is call Hat Wars. It looks like it's going to be a blast!!

Rehearsal was cancelled on Sunday due to the bass player having the flu(!!), so I worked in the garden for a couple hours and did chores and knit. Typical Sunday. Dinner was lovely. One of Mr. M's clients had caught some salmon which we grilled on cedar planks and had fresh from my garden corn and a caprese salad with my tomatoes and basil. Funny thing about the tomatoes - I believe the plants must have caught some sort of thing because they have hardly produced any fruit compared to my neighbor's plants and the ones we had last year. I'm going to be more careful picking out the plants next year.

20 August, 2009

Better FO pictures

Yesterday my dress form arrived! It is awesome and now I have no excuses for bad FO shots. I snapped a couple this morning on my way out. I should have used my real camera and I will, but for now here's a pictures of Loppem and the wrap I made when I was on vacation. It's from "Knitting in the Sun". I still haven't put a button on the Loppem. I have worn it once and just let it hang but I think I'll use a pin as a button. I have a couple cute glass ones that would work just fine.

It was, as predicted, blazing hot yesterday and my ride home was tough. After walking Tink and having a quick shower, I went out to purchase the stuff I need for our dinner Friday night. I was unable, however, to find the two main ingredients for the starter and entree! Thank goodness Mr. M has time and he's on a mission today to find them. Then tonight I'll get it all set and all he has to do is start the cooker. On the one hand, it's a hassle to have people over for dinner on a Friday, but on the other hand I'll have my whole weekend to shop and knit.

19 August, 2009

Wow .. here comes the heat again.

It's supposed to top out at 90 today. It was pretty darned hot yesterday too. I ran at lunchtime but I was so exhausted from that rotten night that it didn't make any difference that I drove in - it was a bad run. I also had started out later than I had planned because it's pretty darned busy around here so I was hungry as well. No matter -- I've got a couple weeks before we even start the serious training so I'm feeling pretty good.

Oh! And great news yesterday - we finally have a bass player! Yay! We're going to have a 3 hour rehearsal on Sunday. I couldn't make it last Sunday - actually I figured it would be much better if just the guys got together for the first time. I am SO looking forward to this weekend.

I worked just a little bit on the Neck Warmer Hat last night. And I have definitely decided to frog the Flutter and sell the yarn. And while I'm working slowly on the Frost Flowers Stole I can start holiday knitting. Hats. Lots and lots of hats and fingerless mitts.

I feel SUPER this morning. I got caught up on my sleep. Despite the fact that it was sweltering last night, even with the ceiling fan and another fan across the hall, I slept soundly and got a full 8 hours in. I went up super early to read, made it for about 30 minutes and then conked out. Tink woke me briefly in the night, barking at some phantom in the street. But once I got her upstairs and settled I was out! I have lots of chores the next few evenings because Mr. M wants to have a business dinner party on Friday so I have all the shopping and prep to do the next couple nights so that he can get the entree cooking on Friday afternoon and all I have to do is finish the sides. It's much better for me to have these types of things on Saturday, but I guess schedules did not permit that.

18 August, 2009

It's that time of year already!

It's insomnia season. That time of year when if I am awakened during the night the chances of me being able to get back to sleep are slim indeed. I try to avoid looking at the time, but I do know that it was pitch black when I woke up and so that means it was before 4 am. Needless to say, I am exhausted. I started thinking about work and that was all it took.

I drove in today because Tuesdays and Thursdays are my harder weekday running/training days and I think I'll get a lot more out of the run if I'm not worn out from that long bike ride. We'll see how it goes these next few weeks.

I finally ordered myself a dress form! Mr. M found it in one of his catalogs he gets. I'll finally get to take some decent FO pictures. It should be here tomorrow. Woohoo!

17 August, 2009

And Monday rolls around again

We are getting our summer weather back this week. Yay! It was perfect gardening weather Saturday. Not too hot, a little breeze, and sunny. I filled up 3 garbage cans with stuff. Amazing. There was a lot of dead heading to do, and tons of buttercups to get cleaned out. The other gardeners I hired to do weeding just never got around to that. I should have walked them through the garden before setting them loose. I spent a good 2 hours out there. That's about my limit. Next weekend I'll work more in the front.

Tinkerbell was up getting groomed while I was working in the yard. When I finished and got cleaned up I spent a couple hours on the Frost Flowers Stole. Still not up to the first moving markers row. I'm on row 12 now. This is just something that I am going to have to keep plugging away on.

Saturday was the first Seahawks pre-season game so I mostly spent the evening watching that and doing a little more work on the socks. I think I can bind them off any time now. And I have decided that I hate that pink bamboo yarn so much that I'm not even going to bother finishing Flutter. I absolutely will not wear it. If it was more of a creamy pink, then yes I'd go ahead. But this is absolutely bubble gum pink. Not good on anyone over 8 years old. I think I'll frog it and sell it on eBay.

Last night I started a neck warmer hat - a pattern I saw in a book of Knitted Gifts that my friend brought to noon knitting. It's going to be a project I can make a few of for gifts and use up some of that yarn I got for that organic wrap that flopped so badly.

14 August, 2009

A busy bike trail

There is some kind of bike race going on today and part of their course took them onto the Burke Gilman trail. They were heading the opposite direction as me, and since the weather was bad this morning there weren't the normal numbers of commuters heading into Seattle. If it had been a sunny day it would have been quite a mess for a few miles. Yesterday when I was running at lunchtime I actually yelled at a bicyclist who passed me. I swear if I had moved one inch he would have clipped me. I always ding my bell or call out before I pass someone. It's just polite! And safe. And I know how annoying and scary it is to have a bicycle whiz past you unannounced.

There was no knitting last night. I was soaking wet when I got home, and then I had a phone call, then walking Tinkerbell, and on our walk I was waylaid by a guy selling meat and seafood .... weird. Anyway while he was showing me his wares it started raining even harder so I was really cold and wet by the time we made it back home. I had decided to finally finish up those socks I have been working on so I can cast on the Noro sock yarn I bought on vacation and make some arm warmers. But it was so late by the time I finally got showered and settled that I just watched TV and thumbed through Spring and Summer issues of IK. I can't decided if I should do the Tangled Yoke Cardigan with the beige Ella Rae Shibu I bought or if I should get some cotton and make the Gatsby. There's also a nice tunic in the latest issue of IK but I think it's pieced. The Gatsby is done in the round. That's a big plus -- not that I couldn't re-do the flat pattern to round but .... it's nice when it's already done that way. We'll see.

Big plans for gardening this weekend. Tonight we're going out to dinner, tomorrow Mr M will be working late so it's a perfect day for me to do chores and garden and MAYBE start a new project.

13 August, 2009

The hat is finished and my next 15 weeks sorted!

I finished up the Windansea during noon knitting yesterday. It's SO CUTE! I should have Mr. M take a picture of it on me, but here it is on my flat topped hat block. The color is my favorite and it fits my head perfectly. I'm not going to sew in the elastic. I really don't think it needs it.

I attended a meeting at Gilda's Club last night. I am definitely going to join their 1/2 marathon training program. As soon as I'm registered I will put a link up here and be bugging you for sponsorship. I have to raise $750 for them and it's a really really wonderful program, so I'm going to be really trying hard to even beat that. The training starts next week but I'm going to start this week since I already ran Tuesday. And every Sunday we all meet at one of several locations to do a training run together. The schedule is moderate 25 - 45 minute runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and on Sundays we will start at 3 miles and eventually get up to 12 miles a few weeks before the race. The sole down side is that the scheduled training is Sunday - football day - and starts at around 11. Thankfully I've got a DVD and can record the games but that does mean that if someone happens to have a spare ticket I can't go unless it's a night game. Or after the 29th. Totally going to be worth it though. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Mr. M has a big job tonight and won't be home 'til late, so it's just the Tinkie dog and myself. I guess I'll do some work on Flutter and get that out of my hair.

12 August, 2009

Pleasantly sore

It turned out that I was feeling quite strong yesterday afternoon and made my whole 30 minute run without having to stop and walk. That's great news! My leg feels fine, except of course that I'm a bit sore. But it's good soreness. So I am very excited to go to the meeting tonight and find out about the training. I did a bit of sleuthing on line and it looks like my Saturdays from now until race day, November 29, will have a formal training session. Shorter runs during the week and a longer session on Saturday. That makes sense. I just have to stay injury free, which is going to be the trick.

I didn't get to do any knitting last night because Mr. M's daughter came over for dinner with her new boyfriend. She's going to be gone for the next month and wanted him to meet her new beau. He seems nice. A whole lot better than the previous one.

It's noon knitting today. I brought my hat - I've only got 2 inches left of crocheting the wire in so maybe I can finish it up. It's sitting on a chair in the picture, the crown is flopping over but you can get an idea of how it is going to look. I will put it on my hat blocker and take a really good picture when I'm completely finished. And I brought my WIP Frost Flowers Stole just for show and tell.

11 August, 2009

Making up for all those dry days!

And how! It's been raining since yesterday evening. I know the garden and lawn will certainly perk up. Of course so will the weeds.

I'm feeling much better today. No sore throat! Since it was pouring rain and my rain gear is nonexistent, I drove in. I am going to try running today for the first time in over a month. More like a little run/walk action. Tomorrow is that meeting about the training for the half marathon. I want to know how my leg feels before I go to the meeting. I mean, it feels fine just walking and riding my bike, but I don't remember how long the last time I waited before I got back running.

I had plenty to do yesterday, work-wise, and kept busy. Tinkie got a bath late in the afternoon and then I settled down to finish up my Windansea hat. I didn't have much knitting left to do on the crown and finished that up and started crocheting the wire into the brim. I'm almost done and it looks really good! I meant to snap a quick shot this morning but as usual I was running out the door when I thought of it. Tomorrow.

10 August, 2009

Except for the sore throat ......

it was a pretty darned good birthday! I went to rehearsal Friday and when I got home my throat was very sore. I thought it was just from singing but it was still there Saturday. I chose to ignore it and did a little shopping instead of laying low. As usual, Mr. M gave me an awesome gift -- who doesn't love jewelry? And we had a nice dinner out with friends. And there was cake! Yay!! And a gift certificate to my LYS! YAY!! And champagne (well, sparkling wine). It was an early dinner so we had a movie when we got home.

I had big plans for Sunday -- yard work and doggie washing topping the list. But I was just not feeling well at all so I did a quick grocery shop and spent the day knitting. I got quite a bit done on the frost flower stole - I'm now starting row 11. I know that doesn't seem like much, but this is hundreds and hundreds of stitches. I got the hat nearly done - just the crown left to do. And I even managed to work a bit on the Flutter. I would like to finish the hat tonight. I couldn't find millinery wire but found 20 gauge wire that should work.

My goal today is to pound liquids and get rid of this whatever-it-is. Thank goodness I can work from home.

07 August, 2009

The good thing about it being unseasonably ....

cold today is that I got to wear my Ingrid skirt! It's awesome, if I do say so myself. I had Mr. M take this shot with my iPhone this morning. Yes, I could have been a little less lazy and had him use my camera but I was running late. At least you can see how the ruffle is indeed higher on one side and that is a design choice that isn't apparent in the picture on the web site. But it's really cute and it works. When I walk the ruffle moves in a most fetching manner. ;-)

I didn't do a thing last night. Mr. M was working late and Tink and I just chilled on the couch. I read the paper. I watched some TV, cooked some dinner. A nice, quiet evening. I haven't heard from Doug yet but I'm assuming we're still rehearsing tonight. If not, I'm going to do a big push and try to finish up the hat. I'll need to get some wire tomorrow. It is supposed to be cloudy all weekend but I really want to work in the garden AND I want to put in some solid hours on the Frost Flowers as well. Good intentions. Tune in Monday and we'll see how well I did, eh?

06 August, 2009

Clearly what I needed was a good sleep

I was so groggy yesterday. It was difficult to be productive and impossible to be in a good mood. When I got home I had a nice shower and got into my lounge-y pants and just relaxed. Mr. M was out running errands and so brought dinner home, which was nice because I sure didn't feel like cooking. And I tell you what -- after a dinner and a movie I went to bed and I must have been fast asleep before 10. I slept like a rock and now this morning I feel pretty decent.

Tomorrow I think we'll be rehearsing again, since I can't do it Saturday. The drummer has a bass player in mind and is lobbying hard to give him a try. I'm game. I don't know what the hold up is. Anybody is better than nobody because we can't make our gig demo without a bass player. Do you realize, if I'd started taking bass lessons when that first guy quit I'd be a whiz by now!

I got a good bit done on my little hat while watching the movie. I must make myself work for a few hours on the Frost Flowers Stole this weekend. It looks like it's going to rain so it shouldn't be too hard to carve out a few down hours since I won't be working in the garden and Mr. M is working most of Sunday.

05 August, 2009

The birthday week

It is in fact my birthday week and I am just flat out depressed. I hate getting older, and I miss my old friends SO much I can hardly breathe sometimes. I know ... don't think about it. But it's much much easier to say than to do. And OMG, do NOT read old email. I made that mistake. My thinking was ... oh this was a few months ago ... let's see what I was doing in May of 2000. Oh no no no. Bad idea. Well anyway this will pass. It always does. And there are always surprises around every corner, aren't there? And even if my birthday itself is a bust, there is football on Sunday! The first pre-season game.

I was going to attend a meeting about training for the half marathon in November. Gilda's Club is offering 16 weeks of free training if you pledge to raise $750 for them. I have always wanted to get some running training but it's rather pricey. Since I've just started riding again I am so tired I can hardly stand it. So I think I'll skip the meeting tonight and go next Wednesday instead. That way I can drive in and I won't be so wiped out and able to make a 6 pm meeting.

I worked a little on my hat last night but didn't want to bring that in with me because the yarn is so slippery, so I've got the Flutter with me today for noon knitting. I am really not loving that color. Way too pink. The picture on my monitor had it looking much lighter. I can give it away when it's done if I don't like how it looks.

04 August, 2009

Okay, so it hurt a little

I got back on my bike today - one month off! It was not painless, I'll tell you that. But I was only 2 minutes off pace. The weather was much cooler than it has been and it was very pleasant. Except for the pain, of course. Since I have my doctor's approval to do it I shall assume I'm not causing myself any permanent damage. But oh my goodness .... I am going to have to take some Naproxen or something. Ouchie

I got my hair done yesterday and by the time I got home and got a few chores done I was just ready to watch a little Star Trek and chill. I didn't do any knitting. I hope I can do some tonight. Tomorrow evening I'm going for a meeting about training for the half marathon in November so I probably won't knit tomorrow night. Oh ... but it's noon knitting tomorrow so I should be able to get something done. I guess it'll have to be Flutter.

More tea!!

03 August, 2009

According to plan

I got going early Saturday in order to get a good morning in the garden before the heat kicked in. Well of course the back garden is on the west side of the house so it was warm even at 9:30. I got out there and started with the hedge around the deck. I have never trimmed a hedge before but it actually turned out quite well. I switched up from trimming the hedge to weeding to dead heading, etc. etc. I ended up spending 2 1/2 hours out there but I got lots and lots done. It looks pretty good. I've learned a lot about gardening this year, watching this one come full circle. It will be better next year.

Mr. M was gone the whole day Saturday to a memorial service for a distant cousin so I had a nice long afternoon to myself. I *should* have picked up the Frost Flowers Stole and done a couple rows but instead I started Windansea with some beautiful green Seduce I bought at Weaving Works on Friday. I wound it up Friday evening and that was quite an ordeal. This yarn is linen, rayon, silk and nylon. VERY slippery! It is not a portable project because the balls threaten to unwind. It is knitting up nicely. I got it cast on and did a few rows before he got home that evening and a few more while I was watching a movie. It's an easy pattern.

Sunday was very hot again and we kept the AC on so we could sleep at night. Saturday night we tried fans and windows open but I ended up melting all night so at least I got a good night in last night. Went over to have a little rehearsal yesterday afternoon. Thankfully Doug has a window AC in the studio because it's on the top floor of the house. So it was okay - not cool by any means but we spent a couple hours up there without too much trouble. We hadn't been able to get together since my vacation and surgery. Still no bass player(!) but the drummer has a line on one so, fingers crossed, by the end of this month we should be able to put together out demo.