31 August, 2016

My last drive to the Transit Center

I have to come to work Thursday and Friday, but I'm going to be driving in both of those days so I can bring things home.  Today then is my very last commute by bus and my last drive to and from the Redmond Transit Center.  This morning, as is my wont, I was driving the speed limit down Avondale.  Maybe a mile or two over the speed limit, but basically 40 mph.  Then an ass in a big SUV sped around me, flipping me off and then proceeded to weave his/her way down the road, switching lanes as they passed cars.  Good lord, it's a busy street full of cars!  How far did that ass think he was going to get?  All he did was piss more people off as he gained maybe 6 car lengths.  Idiots.  Well I've got to drive down Lake City Way on Thursday and Friday but I'll be the traffic will be light because of the upcoming three day weekend.

Yesterday I thought I'd better verify that my new health insurance is going to cover the free gym membership.  I am very glad I checked because no, it does not.  I called Gold's Gym where Susan had just gotten a great deal and I'm going in on Saturday to sign up.  I know me.  I need to get a new routing in place ASAP and the gym has got to feature in it.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings start at the gym.  Tuesday and Thursday I can play golf or ride or whatever. 

I spent an hour or so on the phone with my sister yesterday, then watched a movie and cooked up an AWESOME dinner for myself using tomatoes from my garden.  It was delicious.  Really good.  I need to get a new knitting project going though, especially now that it is cooling down.  It's going to rain today.

My last Noon Knitting day and Monika will not be here.  Her cat had an operation and she's staying home to take care of the cat.  That is a shame.  Noon Knitting going out with a whimper.

30 August, 2016

I can't quite grasp it

I know that this is my last week of work.  Ever.  But I don't seem to have a grasp on what it means.  Silly, I know.  I think I should be feeling more .... just more.  It feels like I am going on vacation or something.  Except my office is starting to look tidier.  I cleaned all of the papers off my desk.  That's kind of my filing area, if you know what I mean.  I need to start hauling other things away - my stash of workout clothes, my lotions and coffee cups and odd ball things.  In the trash or take home.  I think I'd prefer to toss everything except the workout clothes, truth be told.  I am really really ready.

And here's what's pissing me off today .... The administrator is on vacation.  She came in yesterday but that is her only day of work this week.  And lo and behold, doesn't Joyce have an "issue" with her father and needs to stay home to take care of it.  Uh ... caretakers?  The phone?  He's in an assisted living situation so it is completely not necessary for her to be there, especially since Monika is working from home because her cat had an operation.  Both of these women only work 4 days a week as it is.  And we're short handed.  I mean, I am completely and utterly useless as a front office person.  I don't do packages except I can sign for them.  I don't know anything about anything someone would come ask about.  Oh heavens.  I just need to power through.

I ate left overs again last night but tonight I'm going to make some nice pasta with tomatoes from my garden and Kalamata olives and capers.  Kind of my own Putanesca sauce from scratch.  It is delicious if I do say so myself.  I went to bed kind of early last night and read for a while, then fell asleep around 9.  I was SO tired from waking at 3 am Monday morning, so I slept well, except Tinkerbell got too hot and wanted off the bed.  Fine.  She went under it.  Then an hour or so later came out from under the bed and woke me walking around.  Then when I tried to get her back on the bed she went back under - her favorite midnight game.  I did not like hearing that alarm. But when do I ever?  Not long now.  Three more times.

29 August, 2016

A long, lonesome weekend

I managed to keep busy, but it was a long and quiet weekend.  Tinkie got two really nice walks in the park and the weather was good enough on Sunday to work in the garden.  I dug out the old raspberries and planted some perennials.  And I got some other flowers for the pots along the walk.  Oddly enough, the cherry tomatoes and the early girls are still ripening and the roma tomatoes are still all green!  Not even a blush on any of them.  I can't figure it out.  That plant is right between the other two.

I did tons of practice drafts on Saturday and one Sunday morning in preparation for our 2 o'clock draft.  I got third pick, which is a sweet spot, and I think I did pretty good.  I know at least I was on the right track with players because my picks got stolen six times.  That is frustrating but it happens to everyone.  The proof will be in the playing, of course, but I got Russell Wilson for my QB.  That is awesome. 

So now I start my last week of work.  I woke up at 3 am and wasn't able to get back to sleep until almost 5, so I am very tired this morning and I was not happy to hear that alarm.  Only four more times. 

26 August, 2016

Yay for the Seahawks

Last night was the third pre-season game and the Seahawks finally started looking like themselves.  They beat the Cowboys and played like they should play.  The offense got going.  It was a pleasure to watch.

Hot yesterday and it's going to be hotter still today, although we get relief for the weekend.  It might even rain this weekend.  Well I'll believe it when I see it, but it definitely will be cooler.  I don't have much going on for the weekend.  I need to order new contacts, which means I have to go to Costco.  I have a couple of planters in the front that I need to re-plant so perhaps Home Depot?  Dry cleaning and grocery shopping on Saturday and a good walk at the park with Tink.  On Sunday we are having our fantasy draft.  It is moved to 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I need to start practicing.  Seriously.

I worked SO hard yesterday.  I am still exhausted.  Oh lordy but only one more week of waking up to alarms.  Unless I have to catch an early flight somewhere, of course.  I am SO sick of that alarm.  Five more mornings.  Only five.  Can you see me grinning?

25 August, 2016

One of my super favorite things

You know that I love love love to plan vacations.  It is just SO much fun!  I am tasked with putting together a week in Oregon and I knew two things for sure - that we want to stay at a particular place on the Mckenzie River and that we want to go hear music at the Roadhouse 101 in Lincoln City.  So first I found out when the music is going to be happening, which is Saturday nights.  Since we want to be driving home on a Saturday that means that we have to start in Lincoln City and finish up inland.  This is what I think we're going to end up doing -- A day and a half in Portland for business, then leave Friday afternoon and drive to Lincoln City, stay Friday night, Saturday night music then Sunday morning head further down the coast to Yachats, a couple nights there, maybe a third night in Florence and then drive inland on Wednesday and spend Wednesday night and Thursday night on the River, Friday drive to McMinnville and spend the night there and go to that French restaurant and then Saturday drive home.  I've got a lot of reservations yet to make.  We're taking Tinkerbell along with us so that makes it a little more difficult.  Not impossible though, because people bring their dogs to the beach all the time. 

I was busy laminating pictures of brains for the sites yesterday.  I've got to finish that up today and then start on 14 sets for Seattle.  It is mind numbing, repetitive work.  Brainless.  Oh lordy ... the end is in sight.  Just today, tomorrow and then one last week.  Yesterday I made a fabulous spa appointment for myself on my first official day of retirement - well I mean the first day I would have been at work, which is September 6.  Oh that is going to be wonderful.  First I'm going to buy myself a little present at Shane -- a ring I have been eying -- and then the spa.  And I'll probably still have money left from my parting gift. 

Last night was pretty quiet.  I tidied up, got all the plants watered, watched a little silly TV and then the latest episode of Hard Knocks.  A little dinner, a little reading and then Tink was ready for bed.  Like NOW.  I was tired so off we went.  She did wake me around 11:30 for a quick potty outside, then right back to sleep and I slept straight through until my alarm went off.  Oh man .... only six more times do I have to hear that freakin' alarm. 

I really want to knit but it's just plain too hot.  It's going to be in the 80's today and into the 90's tomorrow.  Thank goodness the house stays relatively cool.

24 August, 2016

Penultimate Noon Knitting

Yes we are really really getting down to the wire.  The second to last noon knitting will happen today.  I'll have to find myself another knitting group, won't I?  Knitting alone is like meditating and knitting together with friends is much different.  I'll miss it.

Yesterday I had an appointment in the morning and because somebody had made SUCH a fuss when I scooted out a bit early on Tuesday, I had to drive all the way in to work and then he never even came by.  What was so important, I have to wonder.  I got my desk mostly cleaned off and did some little things for Kate.  I need to get out of this toxic environment.  Too many unhappy people.

Ben is leaving this morning for San Francisco for two weeks.  I will be starting my retired life without him, but only a couple of days.  And now that we know the dates of this trip we can start to plan our September vacation - a little road trip in Oregon.  Part on the coast and part inland on the McKenzie River.  That will be lots of fun, especially if the weather is September perfection.  It should be nice, either way.

22 August, 2016

Too hot for Tink

We were intending to take Tink with us to Gig Harbor, but the weather was just plain too hot!  I knew that we wouldn't be able to leave her in the hotel room when we went out, so that means she'd have to be in the car and there is no way I would leave her in the car, even starting at 7 pm, because it still would be too hot.  And it was - way too hot.  Luckily they had room for her at the Doggie Care Resort, so we took her up there where she could play in the fountain and play with the other doggies and enjoy the weather instead of being uncomfortable.

We headed out around 10:30 and got there before our room was ready, so we went to downtown Gig Harbor, an old town on the water, and had lunch at the Tides Tavern.  Very good.  Then walked the town.  Heritage Distillery has a store there, of all things, so I walked in since they had last year's advent calendars on sale.  Instead of a chocolate each day of December, you get a little shot of their liquor.  Sold!  And I bought a mini of the Brown Sugar Bourbon because I wanted to try it.

We had a little lay down, but the air conditioner in the room was absolutely WAY too loud.  So we headed out again, Ben craving ice cream, and he had a little snack and we did a little stroll around Home Goods, where Jill took me all those years ago when she was dating Hoverson.  I still have the salad bowl I bought there. 

Mike was playing in between the sets Doug's band was playing, and also Jim Valley was playing.  It's confusing and I was confused and it was hot.  The venue was a coffee shop/wine bar that has live music on the weekend.  Small.  The menu was basically snacks.  But they had beer for Ben and I was driving so I was sipping wine.  I don't like being the designated driver.  It's difficult for me to have fun, frankly.  Especially in situations that are not much fun anyway.  The crowd was noisy.  The sound system was messed up and McGarrah was nervous that nobody would be able to hear him.  Well anyway, it turned out okay.  Not fantastic but okay.  I was glad to get out of there.

Yesterday we headed back and it was cloudy and cold!  I hadn't brought a sweater or long sleeved shirt even and it had clouded over and was about 20 degrees colder than the day before.  Not fun.  We did the grocery shopping then headed home so I could change into more suitable clothes, then up to Alderwood Mall so Ben could get a few more pairs of shorts and I could get some face cream.  Lunch at Preservation Kitchen.  Yum.  And then I went home and fell asleep!  I mean I fell asleep and slept until 3:30 when Ben woke me to go pick up Tinkie.  She had had a great time and was wet and dirty when we got there.  I didn't feel like washing her but I'm going to leave here early today and give her a good bath.

So -- yes, here I am at work and I've really got to dig in and get the few last workie details done and start cleaning up!  Seriously.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning so I'm working from home tomorrow.  I'm going to be coming in late and leaving early.  My retirement party was good on Friday but I cried - embarrassing.  But that seemed to put the end to it, you know?  It's odd I have to be around and most people are looking at me like I'm crazy.  But that's how I set it up.  I didn't expect to have my party two weeks before my last day.  Ah well ... in late and leave early.  I can deal with that .

19 August, 2016

My day

Today is my retirement party.  I can't believe I am writing that but it's true.  I wish it could also be my last day of work but that will have to wait a bit.  I won't be working too hard these next two weeks, but still I will have to get up with the alarm.  Not for much longer.

The Seahawks had their second preseason game last night and it was another annoying time trying to watch it on TV.  The NFL Network cut the broadcast off and we had to use the HD antenna.  I just wish the game had been better.  They lost.  At home.  It wasn't pretty. 

So Ben is not flying out to San Francisco until next Wednesday so I think we'll go to Gig Harbor tomorrow and spend the night and see my friend Mike play with some friends.  It is too far to drive both ways, especially after a night out of music and fun.  Now I need to find us a place to stay.  That is not going to be easy.  If I can't find a place we are not going.

Well I have some nasty little chores I'd better get to.  I've already been putting them off long enough.

18 August, 2016

Lashes back to normal

I noticed earlier this week that my eyelashes are finally back to normal after the lash extension experiment.  Thank goodness for Latisse!  How long did it take?  From July 6, when I took them off ... that's six weeks.  Not too bad.  I might do it again because I sure loved not having to put on eye makup.

Ben was golfing after work last night so I had the evening to myself.  I watched stupid TV and Hard Knocks.  I ate leftovers and played with Tinkie.  Soon I will be able to start another knitting project. 

Tomorrow is my retirement party here at work and I'm a bit nervous about it.  I think it's going to be a bigger do that I had anticipated.  Perhaps I'd better come up with something to say.  "So long, suckers" is probably not going to fly.  I have decided that this meeting today will be my last.  I really really need to dig in here and start cleaning out this office and I've got lots of little things to do for Kate and Andy.  I am tired of all this committee BS that I have no interest in.  So -- done today, hopefully.

17 August, 2016

Noon knitting

When it's hot like it has been it's really not feasible for me to knit at home.  I just get too moist to handle the yarn.  So I really look forward to noon knitting at work because the room is air conditioned and I can really go to town.  Today I hope to finish off the first ball of yarn and turn the corner on the Venomous Tentacula I've been poking along on.  Then it's decrease time.

I made some lovely rosemary potatoes and pork chops for dinner last night with little tomatoes from my garden.  I noticed that finally one of the Early Girls is ripening.  Hoorah!  But the Romas are still green.

Since it's been so dry and it is nearing the end of August, a few of the leaves are dropping.  I can barely believe that I won't be coming back here in September.  I'm happy.  But it's quite unbelievable.  Yesterday a faculty member stopped by to wish me well.  He can't attend the party this Friday.  Small talk.  What am I going to do?  Make another life.  It'll be SO much fun.

16 August, 2016

The temperature is rising steadily

Looking at the weather app on my iPhone I can see that we have nothing but clear skies and sunshine for the next 9 days at least and Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are predicting 90 degrees!  That is hot.  That is hot so that the house never cools down.  Well at least maybe the tomatoes will ripen.  The cherry ones are ripening but not the Romas and not the Early Girls.  Next year I am getting larger cages.

For Do Nothing Monday we re-watched the Seahawks game.  They are playing their second pre-season game this Thursday so if it's on Channel 13 again we're going to have to use the HD antenna.  Perhaps we should try it in the bedroom because there are fewer trees in the front.  It's makes Ben so frustrated.  I hope it works because it's no fun listening to him scream while I'm trying to watch.

I have lots of stuff to do at work and I don't give a hoot about any of it.  I am trying hard to buckle down and get stuff done but ... well, but nothing.  I just have to do it. 

I am sweating already.  And it's not supposed to be that hot today.  ick

15 August, 2016

What a perfect party

The title says it all.  It was a wonderful night.  Ben had invited two of our neighbor couples and they were SO nice and they got along very well with our other friends.  We started at 3 o'clock and the last couples toddled out around 11.  That's pretty good, I'd say.  It was hot, but not too hot and we got plenty of shade in the back.  My only complain is that I put a bit too much water into the red beans and it was quite soupy compared to how I usually make it.  The recipe calls for 6 to 8 cups of water and typically I only need 4.  I put in around six this time.  I don't know why .... I will remember for the next time.

I put the HD antenna onto the living room TV on Saturday and we were not getting a very strong signal.  And no wonder, considering all of the trees surrounding is in the back.  It was quite frustrating trying to watch the Seahawks when the picture and sound kept cutting in and out.  And then the guests arrived and it was a moot point.  I did happen to see the very last of the game and we won, which is awesome.  NFL network had it on at 10 o'clock last night so we recorded it and can watch it tonight.

Sunday was as I predicted - a little clean up, some grocery shopping, lunch out and plenty of relaxing.  I got the laundry done and that was it, even though I had intended to wash my car.  I was tired.  I actually think I'm coming down with something but with only three weeks to go I am trying to ignore the symptoms. 

Yes, three weeks.  This Friday is my retirement party and then the last two weeks ... not going to be much work getting done I don't suppose.  Mostly it'll be clean up.  I've got a bunch of stuff here that needs to be either thrown away, archived in some way or taken home.  I'll think about it next week.

12 August, 2016

When the dream lingers

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent some time with an old old friend.  It was the dream I had, but the feeling of being with that person just stuck around.  It's still here.  This happened to me ... oh maybe six months ago.  I like it, but it's bittersweet as well. 

Friday is here and I've got a bazillion things to get organized for the party tomorrow.  People won't be arriving until late afternoon so I've got plenty of time to get everything done plus have a lie in, which I really really need.  I fell asleep after my alarm went off for the first time and was in deep deep sleep when it went off at 6:09.  Urgh.

We watched a little bit of the pre-season game on last night but it wasn't very interesting since it was nearly the end of the game and all the players are 3rd stringers.  But I will be watching the Seahawks on Saturday, at least for the first quarter.  I even did a little bit of knitting last night.  I have a pair of socks I've been working on for a year or so - just handy knitting to have around when you need a fix.  They're not too hot to be in one's lap.  It got hot yesterday and today it is going to be even hotter.  And hot for the foreseeable future - at least what is foreseeable on the iPhone weather app.  I brought the fans out again last night.

Saturday the party and Sunday resting up.  Hopefully I can get some good sleep in there as well.

11 August, 2016

Still on vacation

Well I just can't come down from my birthday weekend high.  SO much fun.  Work?  Not so much, but busy busy busy.  I had a bad night last night - my asthma has been kicking my behind - and I am very tired today again.  I've got one meeting today at 9 and then another at 1:30 to hand off a web site.  Perhaps I'll go home a bit early today.  I've got to stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my red beans and rice for the party, and I've got to get the wine too.  Trader Joe's is very close to the Redmond TS so I can drive over there after I pick up my car.  Then the QFC is right next door and it carries the smoked pork chops I need for the beans.  Then I won't have to worry about running around after work on Friday - which is always NOT fun - and I'll have everything I need Saturday morning.

Another thing I need to get done is hook up the HD antenna so we can get the Seahawks' first pre-season game at 1 Saturday.  Ben took a look at it last night and it uses the coaxial cable rather than a HDMI cord.  That's good so we can hook it up to the living room TV and I won't have to unplug the DVD player.

I found out about my retirement party yesterday.  I had assumed they would just take me to lunch, like they did for Sandra.  But no, I'm to have a catered do here with the faculty invited as well as the staff.  That will be really nice!  I didn't expect that.

10 August, 2016

My fabulous birthday weekend

It was SUCH a good time!  I got pre-check so getting on the plane to LA was quick and easy.  We did so many fun things -- went out to eat, saw a movie, had a massage, shopping, fun times with my nephews and we had THE most awesome meal ever on Saturday night.  It was a place my nephew found called Scratch.  I can't even describe it - it was that delicious.  Needless to say I can't wait to get back there.  The weather was nice - not too hot. 

I've got a party in the works for Saturday.  And back at work with lots and lots of things to do.  So ... back to it.

04 August, 2016

People make me CRAZY!!

Why oh why are people so freaking lazy?  And thoughtless?  Yesterday I used the last of my English breakfast tea and so I had to buy tea this morning.  I know that Monika bought three boxes of it for the coffee room so I thought nothing of it when I went in there this morning only to find the box EMPTY.  And turned upside down -- as if that's helpful.  Why couldn't the person who used the last bag let Monika know?  How is that so difficult??  She won't be in for another 30 minutes and so I have to sit here without my tea until then.  Just seething.  I hate people. 

Now that Ben's trip is set for after the 14th and the BBQ is fixed we have decided to have a party on the 13th.  That means I've got to get the invitation out today and hope that we can get a few people to come.  It's so hard in the summertime because there are only a few weekends and people make plans way in advance.  Oh well, that's the way it goes.

Noon knitting was fun yesterday and a nice break.  I nearly wound the silk last night but I had to help Ben with some Excel stuff and then it was too late.  I won't be knitting on my little vacation anyway.  I'll wait.

Today I've got a manicure at 3:30 so I'll have to leave early.  I would really prefer to NOT have to come in tomorrow since I have to be at the airport by noon.  We'll see.

03 August, 2016

My keyboard may melt

I know that August is always crazy but this one seems even crazier than normal.  Well "normal" since these past couple of years have been anything BUT normal, work-wise.  I have a deadline and a big push to meet it.  I worked solid, non-stop yesterday except for about 45 minutes when I went outside and walked as fast as I could.  I am leaving a bit early tomorrow to get my manicure and then Friday I have to leave here in time to get to the airport parking at noon for a 2:30 flight to LA.  The lines at the SeaTac security are insane so I'm not taking any chances.  I do not want to miss that flight.  My sister and nephews have a wonderful birthday weekend in store for me.  I want to start as soon as possible.

Good news on the BBQ front - the other replacement part, the hot rod, came yesterday and Ben installed it and voila! The smoker works!  Hooray!  I had no idea we counted on that as much as we do.  Tonight burgers and tomorrow steaks.  Nice.

I am looking forward to noon knitting.  I don't think I've picked up a piece of knitting since last Wednesday!  I need a fix.

02 August, 2016

Another hijacking

It was four or five years ago when my eBay account got hijacked.  This time it was my Netflix account.  The good thing is that I had just yesterday looked over my Nordstrom statement and noticed that Netflix is on that account, because I had to have the credit card number to get back into my account.  The person who hijacked it had changed not only the password but the login AND the phone number.  What an ass.  In Equador.  Well, they're out now.  I've changed that password to something new, as well as changing my Yahoo password just for giggles.  Next is the Apple password.  Again.  Okay.  That's done.  Hopefully nothing else gets taken over.  It is such a hassle changing these things.  And harder still to remember!

Yesterday was a brutal day.  SO busy but the good news is that the day scoots right by.  Today it is cloudy and I've only got one meeting.  Tons of things to do so hopefully it will scoot by as well.  I know - it is TERRIBLE to wish time away, however I am so very anxious to get on with it.

Perhaps with this cooler weather I can get up the energy to wind some yarn tonight.  I need a knit fix.

01 August, 2016

August 1

So now every day of my last five weeks of working is one one calendar page on my wall above my desk here at work.  Five weeks.  It's hard to believe.

It was quite the frustrating weekend for me.  We got up early on Saturday to get a few errands run before we had to stay put to wait for the new tv satellite installation.  We have decided to put some posts around the deck in the garden and then string lights.  It will be AWESOME!  We went off to get the posts and the cement holders and bolts in the morning and ingredients for a nice soup - a great recipe from the Cooking Light magazine.  Ben found that he needed a couple more bolts so off he went and while he was gone the guy from Directv came.  I was SO excited to get NFL network back again, and channel 13 as well.  However, here's the bad news.  He couldn't get a clear line of sight.  Unless we cut down some trees, which isn't going to happen.  So I had to call Dish back and get that service turned back on.  Damn!  The woman on the phone assured me we'd have NFL Network by the time the season starts, but still no channel 13 and pre-season just weeks away.  Not good.

The soup turned out good.  I wish I could say as much for "Batman vs Superman", which we got on PPV Saturday night.  No wonder it's available so soon after release.

Sunday even though it was cloudy again we went to the Ballard market to get some fresh produce and some raviolis.  Then we went to Ray's Boathouse and sat upstairs in the bar in the sunshine and had a drink and some mussels.  Very nice.  Then we went for a drive looking for a new park, which we couldn't remember the exact location of.  We missed it and ended up driving all the way to Monroe!  But we did find a very nifty nursery and koi pond place, which we walked around like a park.  I was looking to purchase some anti-fungal powder for my roses, which because I have been watering them in the evening and spraying the leaves, they have got brown spot  mold.  But they didn't have any.  I got a cool thing for the back garden anyway.

It's been warm and muggy so I haven't been knitting.  I might have to wind some silk so I can because my hands are getting itchy to knit.