28 February, 2011

My little adventure

So far nobody seems to have a definitive answer to the prat/wanker debate.  It could be that it's just a matter of opinion.  The polling is still open.

Tink and I got on the road Friday afternoon and headed south.  The freeway remained clear and (mostly) dry all the way down, although when we stopped in Olympia to get gas there was quite a bit of snow still on the ground there.  And it was very cold.  I forgot about the little coastal mountain pass and was a little anxious as we headed into it since the clouds had come in and it was snowing but, again we were lucky and the roads remained clear.  We made it to the hotel by 4 o'clock and the sky had cleared as we got to the coast.  Luckily I was able to upgrade to a pet friendly room with a view.  There was time to take a nice walk before the sun went down.  I am regretting not taking a picture of the sunset Friday night.  I assumed that I'd get another chance on Saturday, but it was just stormy and gray.  No sunset colors.

Saturday I drove further south to Cannon Beach.  I just love that place and it was just as I remembered when Kelli and I went down 5 or six years ago.  I found the hotel we had stayed in and I was hoping to have lunch at the French cafe but it had closed.  Back we went to Seaside and walked around there as well.  And it was packed with people!  I knew that there was a Dixieland band convention since I had seen signs for it and the hotel I was staying in was packed with old folks.  What I was seeing on the streets Saturday afternoon was packs of teenagers.  I later found out there was a basketball tournament there. 

After our long walk in Cannon Beach and another long walk at Seaside I took Tink back to the hotel and went out for lunch, then went looking for an ATM.  I found one and was about to go into the building when I read a sign saying to use a different door because of the wind.  I did as I was told and opened a sliding door and caught my finger.  I mean .... wow!  Ouch!  When I took off my glove to take a look at the finger it looked as if I had broken the nail bed and I was totally freaked out.   It looked bad, so I did the most logical thing and got directions to the urgent care clinic.  When I got in to see the doctor and took off the bandage I had put on there she said, "Oh, that's not bad.  Take a look".  I am squeamish and I wasn't looking at it and I said "Didn't I break the nail bed"?  "It's not bad", she said.  "I didn't break the nail bed?"  And then I looked and indeed it wasn't bad.  I mean, again it is a matter of opinion.  It was seriously scraped but I had NOT broken the nail bed.  It was the piece of skin that had been scraped and was laying across the nail bed when I put the bandage on.  Whew.  It was very sore but she put some surgical glue on it and that's that.  Unfortunately it was too sore to do much knitting.  I tried but ... oh well.

Sunday it was stormy outside.  I took Tink for a little walk before breakfast, thinking we would have a nice long one on the beach before taking off for Seattle but when I checked out of the hotel the rain was coming down in buckets AND blowing sideways.  No walkies for us.  Just a long and stormy ride home.  I listened to my audio book and it lasted all the way home.

I MUST finish up those sleeves this week.  Then I hope I can get some knitting mojo back.  It seems I don't like anything I am working on right now.  Maybe when I get the stranded work done on the Cloisonne Jacket I'll be excited about it again.  It is quite pretty.

27 February, 2011

Prat or wanker?

I know I have asked this before? But which is more derogatory?

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25 February, 2011

And escape we shall!

Thank goodness the weather cooperated and the roads are clear, so Tink and I are heading south after lunch to the Oregon coast for the weekend.  It's going to be great!  It might even snow there, which would be awesome.  Snow at the ocean.  I am going to walk on the beach and eat clam chowder and just be.  I brought a book and some knitting and, of course, my iPhone is loaded up with movies and TV, plus I can get Netflix movies on my iPhone as well.   I won't be bored, that's for sure.  I couldn't remember the name of the hotel my sister and I stayed in the time we visited Cannon Beach and the ones that came up on the search were either WAY too expensive or didn't accept pets, so I chose Seaside and got a place on the beach.  Unfortunately they didn't have any pet friendly rooms available with a view of the beach but that's okay.  I'll ask again when I check in.  Maybe someone canceled. 

It was snowing at lunchtime yesterday so I didn't end up running.  It is extremely cold today and I'm not going to run before we get on the road.  I'll have to double my efforts next week.  And/or do some running this weekend.  I'll bring my running clothes with me just in case I get the urge.

I feel good today.  Maybe it's the abundant sunshine.  More likely it's the sense of impending freedom.  AND the sunshine.

24 February, 2011

As usual, much ado about nothing

It started precipitating while I was getting my hair done yesterday evening.  It was hailing and then lightly snowing when I actually left, but the roads remained clear.  It did snow a bit during the night but when I got ready to leave for my appointment this morning the roads were clear.  It is very cold, below freezing, and as I was walking in from the parking garage it started to snow little tiny flakes.  But it is my opinion that there is not going to be much of an accumulation and I will be able to go to the shore tomorrow with Tink.  Yay!!!!  I will make reservations today for Cannon Beach.   If I can't find anything reasonable there I will stop at Seaside instead.  I like Cannon Beach better but it is only about 11 miles from Seaside so we will be able to go there as well.  Tink loves the beach.  It is going to be cold but it will be very nice to get away by myself.  I can certainly put up with a little bit of cold.

I really really want to run but I am not crazy (truly, I am not) and if it is still snowing in 30 minutes I will just forget about it.  Running in the snow is just a bit over the top.  I worked on my boring project last night.  I need to concentrate on finishing up those sleeves so I can put the ugly thing together and forget about it!  I will take them with me this weekend.  It is perfect knitting for a weekend away.  I can drink wine and not worry about  messing it up since it's just stockinette. 

23 February, 2011

Pink gloves 2

I wasn't the only one surprised by the arrival of the pink gloves yesterday.  I called my sister after I had opened the envelope, thinking that she had somehow gotten in touch with a work colleague in London and talked them in to doing her the favor.  She said she would have liked to take the credit but could not, in good conscience.

I woke up at 4:20 am.  I was sure I could get back to sleep but I didn't.  It's probably a good think I don't have a comfy chair or couch in this office (not that there's any room for one) because I would surely close the door and settle in for a nap.

I had a SUPER good run yesterday afternoon.  It started sleeting one mile into it but it was not so bad and I finished up my whole hour.  If I can get another one or two runs in this week and do 3 or 4 next week I should be able to run the race in March.  I guess it just depends on the weather.  We are supposed to be getting more snow today.  There wasn't any on the roads here but a little ways north they are closing schools.  I had to drive today because I have an appointment after work and I must drive tomorrow because I have an appointment in the morning, so I am hoping we don't get much, if any.  The media always make such a fuss about snow and usually it is a tempest in a teapot.  What I am really worried about is Friday because I am planning on taking Tinkerbell and escaping to the Oregon coast for the weekend.  If the roads are bad that will hamper my escape.  So fingers crossed people!

Noon knitting today.  I am getting very close to finishing up the stranded work on the Cloisonne Jacket.  And oh I am going to celebrate when that is done.  Plus everyone is getting darned tired of looking at it as well.  Peggy  keeps telling me to take it home and work on it, but if I did that I'd put it in a basket and never take it out.  This way it is going to get done.  Slowly.  But done.

22 February, 2011

Pink gloves!!!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry so I am doing a little of both.  No, not true but never mind.  I was completely astonished when I opened the envelope.  They are just beautiful!  Thank goodness they didn't arrive on Valentine's Day or I would have been in bits for hours.  As it is ....  Thank you so much, Mystery Shopper.

The very picture of sloth

I did as I said I would and slept and slept and slept some more during the long weekend.  It was wonderful to not be sleep deprived.  I did wake up, but knowing that I didn't have the alarm going off at 6:15 somehow made it easier for me to get back to sleep.  The weather was not too bad - it was cold but not wet.  Tinkerbell got loooong walks all three days and I spread my errands and chores out so every day I had a good amount of time to just knit and listen to my audiobooks or play scrabble or whatever.  At one point on Sunday I was sprawled on the couch listening to my audiobook, not even knitting because my arm was bit sore from the purling and I was thinking how lazy is this?  I am not even reading a book, just listening to it!  I finished it up yesterday afternoon.  Another good narrator.  The book was set in Scotland.  Here's an odd coincidence - the two books I had listened to prior to this last one, "Skippy Dies" and "Dead Ex" both had young boys fascinated with string theory and M theory.  I had heard of string theory but never M theory and here it was referenced in two disparate novels.

There was snow on the car windows and in the garden.  It must have gotten very cold last night.  It is only 36 now.  It is supposed to remain very cold this week.  It's sunny though so fingers crossed it stays that way since I have to drive in tomorrow and Thursday.

Lots to do this week.  I shall get cracking.

18 February, 2011


Look at that moon!

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Furnace woes

I spent yesterday afternoon working from home, waiting for the repairman to arrive.  And it was cold!  I finally took my laptop downstairs and sat next to the gas fireplace.  Thank goodness for that thing!  And drinking cup after cup of peppermint tea to keep my hands warm.  Of course something like this has to happen when we are having another cold snap, right?  He finally arrive around 6 pm!!  And he worked and worked on it.  Turns out it isn't the strike place .. or heat plate or whatever.  The bottom line is that he couldn't fix it and needs to come back today.  The gas fireplace ran all night and actually kept the place comfortable.  But still, I sure hope he can fix it today.

I simply couldn't face another evening working on that boring project so, against my own rules, I picked up the Frock Camisole and started working on that again.  I am not loving the linen since it falls out/off the skeins and I have to keep each ball in a zip lock.  I am loving the fabric though.  And I understand that when one washes linen it becomes very soft.

A long weekend is coming up.  Monday is President's Day.  Right now all I want to do is sleep.  I plan on doing a lot of that this weekend and not much else.

17 February, 2011

Little steps, but steps all the same

I had an appointment this morning so rather than go into work and have to turn right around and leave again I decided to go from here so I got to sleep in a little bit.  That felt good.  It did not feel good to get up though because the furnace has broken again.  I believe that when the guy fixed it last time he replaced the plate with a used one.  Because Mr. M had an install I came home after my appointment and now I'm sitting in a cold house drinking hot peppermint tea trying to stay warm.  The gas fireplace downstairs doesn't do much unless one is standing right in front of it.  Thankfully it's not all that cold outside.  The really cold weather that has been predicted all week has yet to show up.  Crazy.

Still nothing exciting knitting wise.  Just plugging away on that stockinette disaster.  It keeps my hands busy.  My mind is always racing these days.  Every night I just hope that I don't wake up and when I do ... because invariably I do ... I hope that it's early enough that I can pop a Benedryl.  Otherwise I start thinking about things and then I'm toast.   Every day moves me a step closer to untangling this mess.  That keeps me going, knowing that it WILL get untangled and now, sooner rather than later.  I have one big hurdle to get over and then things should move a little more quickly and smoothly.  Or at least that is my fervent hope.

16 February, 2011

Why do I even bother to read it?!!???

The weather reports.  Useless!  Of course you know that.  Everyone knows that, it seems, except me.  Yesterday I took the bus because it was supposed to be stormy again but it was clear when I left.  Sure enough it did start raining, hard, just about the time I was ready to have my run.  I waited until I was just too hungry for lunch, ate it and then it cleared up.  grrrrr ...  It got bad again during the night and it was supposed to be showers this morning turning to hard rain in the afternoon.   So rather than take care of my bike tires last night I figured there would be no way I would be biking this morning.  Come morning I look out - no rain. No wind.  Oh I am just kicking myself!!  I can't run today because of knitting at noon.  I need my endorphins!  I have to drive in tomorrow because I've got an appointment in the morning so I am going to keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to run tomorrow because if I don't ... I'm going to go crazy.  Or crazier, I should say.  Since I don't seem to be able to sleep much these days, I am feeling very crazy. 

I just realized that I have a long weekend coming up.  I don't have any plans, obviously, because I had forgotten all about it.  Unfortunately Mr. M has no shows this weekend.    I need some time alone.  Alas, that's not going to happen.

I was looking for a book to read last night before sleep.  Like most people I keep a stack of books by  my bed.  I have two there that I have started and  I always try to finish a book once I've started it but, sometimes I just need to start a new one.  That was last night.  I went through the books and got to the bottom of the pile where I found a book that my sister had given me on one of  her visits.  She typically buys a book at the airport when she travels and this was one of those.  This edition came out after the movie so the actresses are in character on the cover.  The title ... I'm blanking ...ah!  The Hours.  The movie is most famous for Nicole Kidman's big fake nose.  I read a few chapters before I went to sleep.  I think I will like it.

The Tepotzlan is booooring still.  I did a few inches on the sleeves.  Gosh all this time I have coming up this weekend.  I sure wish I had a fun project to knit on.  Maybe I will give myself dispensation to work on a more exciting project.  Not start a new one -- no no no.  But at least have something with interest to work on.  Maybe.

15 February, 2011

Public Transport Tuesday

The La Nina weather has kicked in with a vengeance.  I didn't have a run yesterday because it was lashing rain and windy and I wasn't into going out there and getting soaked.   And that's too bad because it was stuffy and hot in my office even with the fan going full blast.  I was sitting at my desk in a sleeveless tunic!  Oh how I hate this office!!  I had to walk Tink when I got home and the rain, which had slacked of some, started up again in earnest.  We were only out for a few minutes but by the time I got home I was completely soaked!  My pants, my socks, my hair was dripping because I hadn't tucked it up under my hat.  Thankfully I had a new raincoat on so my upper body stayed dry.  What a mess.  And it was going on most of the night as well. 

This morning it is calm but I don't trust the weather so I decided it would be better to take the bus.  I didn't want to chance having to bike home in the wind and pouring rain.  That is no fun at all.   I am hoping the rain will hold off a bit so I can at least get in a half hour run today.  It's a month away from the race I want to run in March and I've got to get serious about training. 

I cast on for the sleeves of the Tepotzlan last night after dinner.  Frankly I am not loving this project but I am determined to finish it and so I am soldiering on with a set jaw.  I WILL finish it and soon, I hope.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon struggling with another programming problem.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

14 February, 2011

Happy V-day to .......


Oh how I miss football.  I really felt it this Sunday.  That special void.  All this time on my hands.  I could have been doing something constructive but I just lay on the couch with Tink playing with my iPhone.  How pathetic is that?  I could have been knitting or reading, but no.  Of course there's still this bad mood I'm dealing with as well.

I don't know how I did it -- well probably because I don't typically watch the Science Channel, but I completely missed the first run of  "An Idiot Abroad".  In case you don't know what it is, it's a show by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant where they send their little pal Karl Pilkington off to see the 7 wonders of the world.  Hilarious.  I'm now trying to catch up by recording the re-runs on the Science Channel.  And while I've set my DVR to record all new episodes it's not doing it so I'm getting two and three recordings of one episode and so I've only seen 3 out of the 8 episodes.  I think I might try to buy them for my iPhone because it's very frustrating seeing I've got a new recording and then finding out it's one I've already seen twice.

Well I've got lots of work to do today.  I might take a few minutes on my run to remember my most special Valentine's Day.  I like to dust off that memory now and again.  xoxox

11 February, 2011

The year of the flu

It seems that every time I turn around I've got some little bug or another.  It's very annoying.  Likely stress-related AND annoying.  This time it's that ache-all-over thing.  I went to bed early Wednesday and this is the first time I've felt anywhere near normal.  ick ick ick  And it was SO beautiful yesterday.  What a waste.  Well it's not nice today.  Cloudy and cold.  Typical Seattle.  I did notice the tulips are starting to come up in the yard.  Hope we don't get a big freeze this month.

So no knitting.  Tomorrow I'm going to take my friend McG's sister to my LYS.  She has been knitting - just winging it and doing great.  But the only "yarn store" she's been in is JoAnn's!!  Holy cow.  She's never knit with anything but synthetic fibers.  She's going to go crazy at Weaving Works.  Plus she doesn't know about gauge, so we're going to get her a little gauge measuring do-dad. 

09 February, 2011

Working in flannel

Ah yes, working from home today.  Just finished doing a bit of work, then a quick shower.  I love being able to sleep in until nearly 8, turning on the computer and being at work.   Plus the sunshine of course.  It is another cloudless day today and cold.  My ride home yesterday was brutal.  Very cold headwinds to battle all the way home.  I was frozen when I got home so I got in my car and drove the liquor store for some whiskey.  Well, I didn't want to catch a cold!  Nothing like whiskey to knock that stuff down.

I was admiring the colors of the Tepotzlan yesterday evening and noticed what looked like a decrease.   That's not right ... it is just a straight strip.  So I looked closer and discovered a dropped stitch!  I put a cable needle through the stitch so it wouldn't go anywhere.  I was not in the mood to bring it up but I'm going to have to steel myself and do it this evening.  What a huge hassle that is.  Lucky I found it though.

Well it's off for a quick shower before the ladies come to clean.  Then a walk with Tink in the sunshine while they're working and then, nose to the grindstone!

08 February, 2011

A great listen

I finished listening to "Skippy Dies" yesterday evening while I was walking Tink.  I believe I got more from listening to this book than I could have had reading it.  The entire cast was wonderful and subtle.  Also, I have noticed many times when there is singing in a book the narrator doesn't take the time to learn the song and sing it but rather just recites it or makes up a tune.  Not so in this one and it makes a big difference.  Read it or listen to it.  Well worth the time.

Yesterday I did an hour on the trail at lunchtime using the Nike+ GPS app for my iPhone.  It works flawlessly.  In other words, I did not need to buy the sensor.  The app is only $1.99 and is accurate.  If you don't have an iPhone then the sensor is the only way you can go.  I wish they had told me that at the store.  The saleswoman had given me the wrong sensor and the one ringing me up had noticed the iPhone and said that I only needed the sensor but that's not true.  All I really needed was the app.  Oh well, I like the shoes although I didn't wear them yesterday since I was going to do a whole hour and my foot was a bit sore last time.  It doesn't seem to be a problem with the shoes though because it was a bit sore yesterday as well when I wore my Pumas.  It's not hurting today so I think I'm okay.

Bad mood persisting.

07 February, 2011

As we say goodbye to football for another year

I never look forward to this time of the year.  No more football and nothing but weeks and weeks of bad weather.  Not my favorite time of year.  And since my vacation has already been had I don't even have that to dream about.  Ah me ... could be worse, always.

The Super Bowl game itself was rather good and I wanted the Steelers to lose, so that's good.  However, we did not win any of our squares.  We came very close but no luck for us.  My nephew came over - he was sharing in the four squares with me and Andre and another guy.  It was a quiet party.  Mr. M's brother and sister in law came and they stayed upstairs in the theatre.  I don't like watching things up there.  It's too dark.  I stayed downstairs with Monika and my nephew and Tink and Andre spread their time evenly upstairs and down. 

Monika had brought a knitting project so we kept our hands busy.  I still have quite a few more inches to go but I'm getting there.  I did put the Tepotzlan pieces on the table to get a better measurement and found I had put one marker in the wrong place entirely.  Monika spent quite some time reading and re-reading the instructions for the bodice because she agrees with me that something is not right with it.  It was quick knit so once I get the other parts done and try to put it together -- I can maybe baste it and try it on.  I might have to take it out and redo the bodice.  Just wing it.  It just seems odd to me that nobody else said anything about it so it could be that once it's put together it'll work.

I'm in a pretty bad mood.  I hope it goes away soon.

04 February, 2011

A milestone

I watched my odometer turn over to 90000 this morning.   And that's just how exciting my life is. 

Still no luck with the program troubleshooting.  I don't know how many hours I spent on it yesterday.  It gets to a point where you MUST figure it out.  As in -- I'm not going to let this stupid program beat me.  I did finally get someone on the forum to address the issue but nothing he suggested has worked yet.  Maybe today will be the day.

Also my calibration still isn't right on.  I was able to easily (!) run the mile yesterday and the Nike+ was 2/10th of a mile off from the Garmin.  I walked the second mile back rather than push my luck - I had biked in and nothing hurt after that one mile.  So far so good.  The Garmin battery was low anyway so I couldn't check the accuracy on the way back.  Since I was retracing my steps I could get it nearly right and the Nike+ still seemed to be off.  I'll work on it some more next week.  Now I am concerned that the Garmin might not be accurate -- oh, but I did check its accuracy on a 5K run that had been measured and was certified accurate so I am pretty sure the Garmin is accurate versus the Nike+.  I'm going to be rather disappointed if I can't get it to calibrate accurately.  I like my gadgets but only if they work properly.

Tink and I had a lovely quiet evening alone last night.  Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, just nice and quiet.  I did some more work on the boooooring Tepotzlan.  I won't have time tonight since I've got to attend a birthday party at 6 for my niece, but tomorrow I'm going to lay those two strips on the table and measure them.  I goofed up and missed placing the last marker so the pieces are not marked identically.  Since it's stockinette the sides are rolling and it's hard to measure on the coffee table.  (I know I know ...)  And I don't want to have to knit this boring stuff any longer than absolutely necessary!

My love for the Scrabble games with real people is waning.  I have found that most people just stop playing if they're not winning!  What fun is that?  It's really rather annoying.  I think 3 games so far have gone all the way.  I won 2 and lost the other and it was pretty obvious I'd have to pull off a couple of 7 letter words to win it but I kept playing anyway.  People either forfeit or, worse, just quit.  Plus it eats up the iPhone battery.

Super Bowl Sunday -- I don't think we're going to have very many people over but it'll be fun anyway.  Especially if I win more money.  Yeah.

03 February, 2011

I feel so naughty!

It is very important to wear goggles or some sort of eye covering when you're biking and I always have either my clear goggles or sunglasses or my regular glasses.  But I am such a creature of habit and my goggles were not with my helmet and gloves, where they usually are, because the last time I rode in I was wearing my regular glasses.  Therefore I went off without any eye protection.  I was a few blocks away when the unfamiliar sense of freedom registered -- no glasses.  But I said the heck with it and went on without.  If it had been raining I would have stopped and dug them out but it wasn't so I took a chance.  No bugs in the eyes.  Yay

Yesterday was a brutal day.  The meetings ate up the entire morning, then knitting so I didn't get out for a run and finally the afternoon spent vainly trying to track down the problem with a php script.  There are few things more frustrating than troubleshooting programming, especially if it's someone else's script.  I have posted a question on a forum so hopefully I can figure this mess out because I'm about ready to tear my hair out.

The weather has been incredible.  It was beautiful yesterday - sunny and windless.  And in the rest of the country it's snowy.  I don't know how we lucked out this winter, but I'm not complaining.  I should have good weather for a run today.  I think I'll just do 1/2 hour and try to calibrate my Nike+ sensor again.  I feel like I'm almost back up to speed already.  I was less than 1 minute off pace today on my ride in so I believe I can easily ... well, 'easily' is relative here ... run a mile nonstop to do the calibration.  If I'm terribly winded I can walk a bit and then do another mile back to check the calibration.

I was so beat when I got home last night I didn't do much except play a little Scrabble and make dinner and after an hour or so knitting I went up and read until my eyes wouldn't stay open - which wasn't very late.  If I take Tink up with me before 10, even if I let her out to do her thing before I head up, she is more likely than not to want to go out in the middle of the night.  So sure thing, 1 am she wanted to go out.  I let her stay out for 10 or so minutes and back up we went and I fell right back asleep. 

Okay -- now to hunt for more clues on why that freaking script won't run!!!

02 February, 2011

Is obsession too strong a word?

Not that I don't still lllllove Angry Birds, but I have discovered that the updated Scrabble app for my iPhone has an option for playing games with real people.  Anonymously of course.   You can have numerous games going at the same time.  So far I haven't been beaten and all but one of my opponents forfeited.  One of the games I am playing now I believe I am going to lose because for the second time in 3 turns I have a rack full of vowels.  I have already skipped a turn to exchange letters so I am way behind.

I did try to calibrate my Nike+ Sensor yesterday.   Using the Garmin, which is a GPS device and therefore accurate, I did a mile walking and then told the Nike+ that was a mile.  To test it I turned around and walked another mile.  It was off by more than 2/10ths of a mile.  I can't do it again today because it's noon knitting, but I'll give it another go tomorrow.  Maybe I should try running rather than walking.  My foot didn't hurt after the two mile walk but we all know running is way different.

"Skippy Dies" is the current audio book I'm listening to.  It is an awesome book.  The hardback is more than 600 pages.  It's a long listen but I am loving every second of it and the story is incredible.

Now I have 2 1/2 hours of meetings to attend.  gah

01 February, 2011

Look ma! I'm flying!

That's what running in those awesome new shoes feels like.  They are so incredibly light.  Remember when running shoes used to be so huge and clunky almost?  Now there are people advocating barefoot running.  Have you seen the funny shoes with toes?  They are really more like aqua socks.  Well, my shoes aren't that crazy but indeed they are way different from my Pumas.  I did an hour of walk 5, run 10.  At the end of the hour my right foot was hurting a bit though and that's not good.  Today I brought my Garmin.  I need to calibrate the Nike+ sensor so I will walk a mile and if my foot isn't hurting then I'll run the second mile and that should do it.  The notes with the sensor say that the default calibration is generally good for most people and it did seem to be yesterday but I would like to get it exact.  I believe in accuracy in all things.

I was going to bike in but ended up taking the bus because it was only 30 degrees this morning and all I need is to hit a patch of ice going down one of those hills.  It is cold and very clear and I noticed, walking to the bus, that it is much lighter.  I had to carry a flashlight a few weeks ago. 

No knitting last night.  Had a nice dinner out and watched a pretty funny movie - "Date Night".  I should be able to get a good few hours in on the Chirimen Tepotzlan.  And I will vow to do at least two rows of color work at noon knitting tomorrow.  I am sure looking forward to being done with that thing.