31 July, 2009

I know this could go without saying .....

but oh my goodness, I am SO glad that it's a bit cooler today! Last evening I actually turned off the AC and opened the windows. It is still supposed to be getting hot - predicting nearly 90 again today - but this is a nice respite.

I took the bus again yesterday. Two days is enough for me. I really really hate taking the bus. It's not like taking the Metro in Paris or the Tube in London. It's the bus. Noisy and stinky. And yesterday, the 2nd hottest day of the year, a poor man got on dressed in a shirt, tie and a coat and hat! He was quite obviously impaired somehow and quite a nose full. I have errands after work so I could justify driving in. Monday as well I've got a hair appointment but then on Tuesday I'm getting back on my bike. It will have been a little more than a month. I wonder how long it'll take me to be up to speed.

No knitting last night. I did get the circular needle I need to make that hat but the new Interweave Knits arrived so I indulged myself with an evening of reading. Isn't it funny how priorities change? I used to be such an avid reader. I always had a couple books going AND a few in the queue. But once I started knitting my reading has gone down down down. I do always have a book by my bedside, but the days of spending an entire evening reading seem to be gone. Who knows, I might get back into it someday. And I do keep up with my favorite authors, although they're mostly getting quite old. I'll have to branch out pretty soon.

No big plans for the weekend except to get out into the garden and pull weeds. That's another thing that hasn't been touched for some weeks and it is starting to look like it. I think I can get things spruced back up in a couple hours tomorrow if I start early in the morning before it gets too hot.

30 July, 2009

It was indeed a record

All I can say is thank goodness for the air conditioning. When I finally dragged myself through the door last night and looked at the indoor/outdoor temperature ..... would you believe me if I said it was 30 degrees cooler inside the house? The temperature outside read 105, and inside 75. It felt like Arizona out there! I took Tink for a little walk around the block and that was about all she wanted too.

This heat just sucks all of the energy out of me. I couldn't even knit. I just played Mario Kart and watched stupid TV and made a little food for Mr. M, who left the house at 6am and got home at 9pm, and ate, went to bed and got up and is doing it all over again today. I swear, I don't know how he does it! He's got two shows running simultaneously - one at Boeing and one at Microsoft. And one of his best employees has the flu. Talk about timing.

I am going to a meeting next week at Gilda's Club. They are offering a 16 week training for free to run the half marathon November 29 if you pledge to raise $750 for them. Since my nephew wants to do a triathlon I asked him if he wanted to do it with me and he does! It's going to be perfect timing for me. I'm really excited about it.

29 July, 2009

And hotter

It is crazy! The house was nice and cool yesterday when I got home, thankfully. I stopped on the way home and got Tinkerbell a new "swimming pool" -- actually just a plastic storage bin. But she loves it! As soon as I got it filled up she hopped in. She just stands there, maybe takes a little lick or two. Crazy dog.

I had also stopped to get some Seduce for the Windansea hat. I hadn't read the pattern closely and the needle it calls for - a size 6 16" circular - I do not have. I am using my size 6 Denise needles on the lace knitting and I am loathe to take them off. Besides, the Denise set is not very good at making a viable 16". So if I can't borrow one from one of the knitting ladies I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy one. It's just a rather odd size. Usually a hat is made with a 7 or 8 ... well, at least the hats I do.

Even though I have the doctor's approval to get on the bike it is truly too hot for me. As I said, getting to work would be lovely, but coming home in the heat of the day and going up that hill would be impossible. So rather than drive in again (they raised the PayPerUse parking fee) I thought I'd take the bus this morning. Of course since I have never taken it from home, and only once taken it from work back home, I went down the wrong road heading to the stop and had to walk back, causing me to JUST miss the bus. Just miss as in I was standing on the corner waiting for the walk sign. It was early as well. So I had to sit there beside that busy road for nearly 20 minutes to wait for the next one. Ick

I worked a little bit on Flutter last night since I couldn't start the hat. Let me just rant here a bit about this pattern and well, a lot of patterns by this particular designer. Here is a simple T-shirt really that she has written out in pieces - front, back and two sleeves. There is no reason this can't be done in the round, which is much more efficient. So I re-wrote it so I could do that. And also she has you increasing evenly across your work but doesn't give the count. Now I know how to figure this out or where to go on the internet to use a calculator but a beginner does not know how to do this. This designer has editors. Why in the world can't they just do the math for the pattern? Ridiculous. End of rant.

28 July, 2009


Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!! It is ridiculous! Tomorrow they're predicting we'll hit triple digits. Crazy hot.

Yesterday Mr. M decided to just leave all the windows open rather than turn on the air conditioning. Yeah ..... not a good decision, it turns out. Our house is situated so that the morning sun beats down on the back of the house, and the afternoon sun through the side windows and the evening sun beats down on the front of the house. We have a lot of windows. There was no breeze yesterday. Needless to say, he decided to close up and turn on the air con this morning. Good decision.

So it was definitely too hot to knit last night. I just sat in front of the fan trying to stay reasonably cool. Maybe tonight I can knit. I might stop by the LYS on the way home for a couple skeins of Seduce for that Windansea hat.

I got all the sticky bits off my leg ... all but one at the ankle. And I can get back on my bike any time I want to. Probably later in the week when it cools down. It would be fine riding in to work in the morning, but hideous trying to get home and up that hill. AND she says I can start running any time after 3 week post-surgery. yay!

27 July, 2009

I shall try not to whine

Ah yes ... back to work after more than 3 weeks away. It was very difficult to get out of bed this morning. I know these next few days will zoom by, thankfully, because I have tons of stuff to do. Oh but the heat! It is going to be in the 90s all week! And even though our main office was remodeled they neglected to give us air conditioning! I am not in the main corridor, however, so my office is cooler than those with the windows facing west.

It is not easy for me to get comfortable because if I have my leg down it starts hurting and to put it up I have to twist my body around to type and see my screen. I can't put my leg up right in front of me. I'm going to have to get clever because I can't stay twisted.

I started the Frost Flowers stole a week ago Saturday. What a project! This lace knitting is "real" lace knitting, as opposed to the other kind I've done where there is always a plain row after a pattern row. This is just row after row of pattern. Once you cast on the 997 stitches, you do a few rows before joining. I was so afraid I had the darned thing twisted. I finally had Mr. M help me by holding the circular needle for me while I made sure it was on there straight. Here's a picture of where I was after 7 hours (!) on that first Saturday. Granted I was still on pain pills so I might have been a little slower than normal but yikes. And here's a picture 8 rows in, taken this morning on my way out the door. You can start to see the pattern finally. Still it is an hour a row so I don't imagine I'm going to be moving along very quickly. NOT TV knitting, that's for sure.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Mr. M was doing a job at one of the 3 street fairs in Bellevue. The poor guy was mixing sound for the only music stage they had at this fair, so he was stuck there all day, every day. Luckily for him the food booths were near to him. My little great niece and I went to visit on Saturday. The main draw for me was the new Wii Resort game that they were demonstrating and that's where Sophia and I spent most of our time. It was so bloody hot that neither one of us wanted to stay long. We went home, turned on the air conditioning and played video games until our eyes bled. She was happy.

Now, back to real work!

20 July, 2009

Boring boring boring

Well now -- I had a nice long vacation. Part with my sister and part with my hubby. Then I had a little leg surgery last week. The bandages came off yesterday and now I have the better part of a week to stay off my leg and let it heal. This, my friends, is the difficult part. Sure sure -- at first it sounded great to have all that time off to just lay around and knit and read and it was nice for oh, about 3 days. The weather is gorgeous and yesterday I tried to give Tink a walk. At the end of 2 blocks I was whimpering in pain and almost called Mr. M to come get me! I guess it's going to take a little longer than I had remembered. In fact, I've been at my desk for a little over 30 minutes and it's about time to get it back up again.

I have been doing knitting, that's for sure. I finished my skirt on July 4. I started a little project on my vacation from a new bok "Knitting in the Sun". I had found a new Noro yarn on Elann on sale - Aurora. It has bits of wire in it for sparkle. I made the Silver Strand Ocean Waves Wrap and blocked it a couple days ago. It's lovely! And Sunday ... or was it Saturday? ... I finally started the Frost Flowers Stole. Oh. My.Goodness. This is a project and a half. Perhaps tomorrow I can get some pictures up!! Until then ...... errrrrghghghg

17 July, 2009


Vacation is over and yesterday I had a little procedure done on my left leg. So I am laid up now for about a week. I can't take the wrapping off until Sunday which means sponge baths and no shampoo. My goal today is to find a way to be comfortable.

In knitting news-- I finished my skirt on July 4 and am just rows away from finishing a little wrap I started at the beginning of our vacation. Finding a project for my convalescence .... I can't decide. Maybe some coffee will help.

10 July, 2009

Port Townsend

Today, Port Townsend. We passed a yarn store with a "sale" sign and Mr. M pulled right over!! Unfortunately not much of a sale but I bought some Noro sock yarn to make some fingerless mitts.
I wish I could do pictures with my iPhone like I used to with my other phone. I hear that MM messaging will be available soon.

Now .... Lunch

09 July, 2009


We are staying in a quaint place in Port Hadlock. Nice weather!! Lllllove vacation!!


02 July, 2009

What? No FO pictures??

Ah yes .... I got derailed again last night. First it was a little Mario Kart on the new TV. I still haven't gotten used to it. There's not a really big size difference, but enough of one that I'm still not used to it.

Then I called my sister to find out if her boyfriend eats lamb, because I want to make a special lamb dish for Friday dinner. And then we started gabbing away --- yes, I know she'll be here tomorrow but there's always so much to say! By then I had to get dinner ready and then we watched a little TV and there goes the evening. Tonight for sure. I have a few little chores to take care of, but mostly I'm ready for the visit AND let's not forget VACATION!!! Woohoo!! And YAY Summer!!

01 July, 2009

Here comes another heat wave

Well it is absolutely gorgeous again AND it looks like we're not only going to have a sunny 4th of July, but a hot one as well! This is not normal for Seattle but always appreciated. Super lucky for my sister's visit as well.

There was absolutely no knitting yesterday since I spent the evening at Doug's rehearsing. I like the newer songs he and the drummer have learned - some Fergie and Pink. We're going to be having a big break in July since I'm on vacation and the drummer has a family reunion and then I've got my little surgery which is going to lay me up for a week plus. Doug promised to audition bass players during our hiatus. I am sure I'm going to be getting very bored after a few days of laying around. Maybe I'll just make it a project to keep calling him about it. hee

I brought the skirt in today. I should be able to finish the band and start weaving in ends at lunchtime today and then tonight - in the washer it goes! Hope to post pictures tomorrow.