30 September, 2013

Mother Nature going nuts

Friday I did manage to get out at noon, but I had to take my computer with me because there was work I had to get done and it wasn't ready when I had to leave.  So I had that hanging over my head.  The good news is that by the time I was checked into the hotel it was ready for me to do, so I poured myself a drink and settled in.  It didn't take long, thank goodness, and then the weekend could begin.  

But there was a storm predicted and what a storm!  Well, I guess it was two storms that blew through this weekend.  The first one came in Saturday morning with high winds and plenty of rain.  I didn't even get close to the water, except to look at it from the hotel windows and run through it in and out of the car.  It was truly too wretched to take a walk without foul weather gear from top to toe so we went to the mall for a while - I did need some mascara - and then to the one and only gallery in town, which looked much more interesting from the outside.  It was a glass gallery and studio and had mostly WAY over priced things that you see at any other "gallery" - stained glass hearts and starfish.  There were a couple of bowls that I did like but, as I said, they were unrealistically priced.

And so what did that leave?  Football!  After stocking up on fresh bread and things for sandwiches and snacks we settled in to watch the Huskies play Arizona at 4 o'clock in Seattle in a terrible rainstorm.  They Huskies won.  It was especially sweet since the Arizona team beat us so terribly last year.

Since there really was nothing going on in town and another storm on the way, we headed out nice and early, just in case the ferries would be shut down from the storm.  Sunday football.  The Steelers lost in London - ha!  Unfortunate for those Londoners who bought tickets to that game.  Both teams had a losing record, so I don't suppose it was much of a game.

The Seahawks game on the other hand ... that was exciting!  They were on the road in Houston and it looked like they were losing, then down 20 to 3, they scored 23 unanswered points.  Took it into overtime ... but won!  Wow.  And it looks like I won my matchup this week too!  I am up 15 points and we each have a guy in the game tonight.  Fingers crossed - I need to win this one!

I forgot to bring knitting so I couldn't wait to grab it yesterday, but then the game got so exciting.  I want to figure out which wrap I'm going to knit this week but I don't know -- things are going to be super busy - again.

27 September, 2013

I try not to be jealous ....

but it's very difficult.  My sister is going to London on the 8th.  I know it's a business trip and I know she's going to be working all day, every day.  But still I can't help but be envious.  I think I could manage to carve out some time to do a little playing but she insists it is all work work work and she has to turn right around and come home with not even a day to herself.  It's very unfair because the people from the London office, when they come to the U.S. for the same type of work, end up lounging around the pool and hardly do a thing.  At least that is what she says.  I suspect the truth on both sides is somewhere in the middle.  Nevertheless, I am not going to London but I am going .... going to Silverdale, Washington. 

Yes it's true.  Just a little weekend get away.  I know the weather is going to be horrific - stormy and wet and windy.  It doesn't matter though.  I will be away from home and there are football games to watch and beaches to comb.  Tinkerbell is at the Dog Resort, which she loves!  I didn't even bring any knitting.  I am going to read and lounge and drink tequila - not necessarily in that order.

I have been going through the patterns on Ravelry trying to find just the right pattern to use the yarn I got from YarnBox.  It's between the Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood or Geada by Twist Collective.  I can't decide.  I'll let it sit for a while because I am not going to start it right away anyway.

Well I've got lots to do before I can take off at noon so ... wading in now.

26 September, 2013

iPhone's new camera filters

This morning while I was giving Tink her walk in the fog, I came across a spider web and it was so beautiful I wanted to take a pictures.  So I used the iPhone and tried a couple of the filters that are now built in with the new iOS.  Wow is all I can say.  Can you see the dew drops? I am really impressed with this.  I am a terrible photographer but the filters are simple to use.  I'm going to play with this some more.  We're going away this weekend and there will be opportunities at the beach for more experimenting.

I had to go to my storage room and get my black raincoat this morning.  It was 45 degrees when I left.  And foggy but it's going to be a gorgeous day when the fog lifts.  I am looking forward to my walk at lunch.

Noon knitting was mostly show and tell about my YarnBox.  MaryEllin had forgotten it was Wednesday so she mostly looked at books.  I worked a bit on the mitts but what I should really be doing is Kitchner-ing the Cowl together.  I guess it'll have to wait until next week because I doubt I'll be doing any knitting this weekend.  Nothing fussy anyway.

I tried to pick out something to make with my new yarn.  I think I have an idea but I want to do a little more looking.  It is SO soft!  And I love the color so much.  I wish it wasn't quite so variegated but it will work well for a scarf or wrap.

So -- just today to get through and half of tomorrow, then I'm off.  It'll just be a relief to be out of that apartment for a weekend.

25 September, 2013


I tell you -- it's one thing after another this year!  Crazy!  There are schedule issues and student issues and paranoid rants. I am on the edge.  And then people are sick at work.  Today both the women in my office are out sick, and another downstairs.  That leaves me in the main office alone with the IT guy, which can get sticky.  People are constantly coming in and asking me questions that I have absolutely no idea about.  Issues with their lab equipment, or packages.  That is the only downside to this office.  I can always close my door, which I believe is going to be my move today.

For my birthday this year I bought myself a subscription to YarnBox and I got my first one yesterday.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I got three skeins, 217 yards each, of a beautiful squishy soft merino wool from Annie's Yarn.  Robin's Egg blue.  I believe this is enough for a nice wrap.  Or maybe a little cardigan or shrug.  It's not something I would typically buy.  I wish you could feel it.  It's just gorgeous!

The last thing I wanted to do last night was socialize but I had to go to dinner at a friend's house.  The food was awesome, the company as well and I ended up having a fine time.  But I was exhausted when I got home and could barely get through a few pages of my book before I conked out.  Only to wake up at 11 and not be able to get back to sleep.  And then I made the mistake of looking at email and away I went.  I did end up getting to sleep finally and almost turned off my alarm but Tink got sick on the bed.  Yes.  On. The. Bed.  So I got up and stripped the bed and that was the start to my day.  Hey, there's no place to go but up.  And there's noon knitting today.  It's probably only going to be two of us, but who cares?

24 September, 2013

It has already started

There have been first year medical students sniffling and complaining of nausea already!  And a second year student, one of the TAs, is out today.  Two of my office mates are sick - one at home and one here, bless her heart.  It seems awfully early for the crud to start it's way through the office.  Bill, who got back from Italy a few weeks ago, was sick for five days but I put it down to a big caught while traveling.  Oh, I dearly hope I do not get it.

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't have a second to spare.  It was go go go all day long.  I could not wait to get out of here!  I don't have my running stress buster this week.  My foot/ankle is acting up and I am not going to risk it.  It feels like I have aggravated the injury of 6 or 7 years ago when I rolled my ankle and tore the ligaments on both sides.  That took a long time to rehab.  I can afford to take a week off to make sure it's okay.   But long walks don't quite have the stress busting power as 30 minutes of hard sweating, do they?

It was a quiet evening.  The slippers came out of the dryer almost small enough, but they are now so soft that they don't have much shape.  I definitely want to get some soles to put on them.  Monday night football was a bust - Raiders and Broncos - so I didn't watch much of it.  I did win my match up and I am now 5 out of 12.  Not bad for picking 10th in the draft.  One of my guys broke his arm in a car accident, but he is a bench guy so I dropped him and picked up a replacement this morning.

Well ... here goes Tuesday.  Friday is a short day for me and I can't wait to get there.

23 September, 2013

Right on time

Sunday was the first day of autumn and bang!, it was right on time bringing wind and rain.  I'm ready for it this year, considering all the sweltering I have been doing.

Friday night I didn't get home until nearly 7.  Thank goodness I had gone into work an hour early and Tink wasn't suffering.  Not that her life contains much suffering, mind you.  She's got it pretty good.  I was so exhausted I just had a drink and a bite to eat and read for about five seconds before drifting off.  Saturday I had booked an early (10 am) hair appointment so I could watch the Husky football game.  Until I realized I didn't have the channel and would have to find somewhere else to watch it.  I arranged a meet up at a pub across from my nail salon, figuring I'd get my hair done, get a quick manicure and skip the pedi and be at the bar in the first quarter.  But that wasn't how it worked out.  The hair took longer and the bus was late, so I skipped the nail salon and headed straight for the pub.  The Huskies were just running all over Idaho State - not a AAA school.  We chucked it at the half and went on to enjoy the beautiful beautiful last day of summer day.  I steamed mussels for dinner and had a super good bottle of wine.  Perfect.

Sunday was windy and rainy but I headed out and got my grooming done in plenty of time to get back to watch the Seahawks.  They had another terrific game.  In fact, they pulled the starting QB at the third quarter because we were beating the Jags so soundly.  And we kept beating them.  That team is very very deep.  Oh!  And I won my matchup.  Woohoo!  So now I'm 2-1-0, but won't know my standing until after the Monday night game.

I am facing another tough week.  And I couldn't run this morning because my foot is still hurting from when it tweaked out last week.  I am going to let it heal.  Low shoes and no running for a few more days. 

I did get some knitting done and also finished up the monster slippers.  Wow -- they turned out so big.  I can't believe my gauge was so off, but I'm not a crocheter, so ....  I ended up putting them in the washer to felt.  My washing machine, even when on full hot, is not really hot.  Just warm.  So it took two 15 minutes cycles and then I let them spin out and put them in the hot dryer for over an hour.  I didn't look at them this morning.  I hope they're wearable.  It's pretty expensive yarn to just felt and throw away!  I also got some good work done on the Noro Taiyo mitts I'm doing.  Good football knitting.  K2P2.

20 September, 2013

What a difference an hour makes

Oh how lovely it was to sleep in, if only for an hour.  It made all the difference.  The football game wasn't very interesting last night.  I didn't own any of the players and it was obvious that Philadelphia was going to lose.  I went to bed rather early, because I have a super good book I'm reading, and read until my eyes wouldn't stay open and then slept like a rock!  It's going to be a long day.  I won't be able to leave work until some time after 6 so I came in an hour early so that I could give Tink a later morning walk.  She didn't want to go outside last night until after 7:30, which is odd for her, but it made it easier for her to sleep later and not get outside until after 8.  It was almost as if she knew the plan.

The Huskies are playing tomorrow but not on a channel I get - again.  As luck would have it, there is a nice sports bar/restaurant across the street from my nail salon, so I will go over there after my appointment and I won't miss much of the game at all. 

Wednesday night I downloaded the new iPhone software (unfortunately my iPad is not of the generation that can take the new iOS).  So far I'm liking it.  I don't think I've gotten to know all of its ins and outs, but it's pretty slick.  And fast!

I sure hope to be able to get some knitting done this weekend, as well as finishing up the crocheted slippers.  I haven't felted anything in a long time and it's one of those "magic" things I just love to do.

Oh how happy - Friday Friday Friday!

19 September, 2013


I have always felt that it's not in one's best interest to tinker with the lineup of one's fantasy team.  However - my team was terrible from the start, then with the injuries ... well, I'm having a hard time deciding between two mediocre players.  I have to pick one of them because we have a game tonight.  My opponent has a terrible team as well so I would like to win this one.  Hopefully I'll get it right.

My stress level is out of this world.  Between clashing personalities and normal student angst, plus the next class looming I am having a tough time.  I woke again last night and my mind start whirring.  But this wasn't about a To-Do list so I think I was away for about two hours.  I feel fine this morning, thank goodness.  It's a gorgeous day with a little teeny bite in the air this morning that made me wish I'd put on some gloves or at least fingerless mitts before my walk with Tinkerbell.  I am looking forward to my afternoon walk.

What with work and updating my iPhone to the new software and chores I didn't get around to any knitting, although I am just four rows from finishing up with that cowl.  Again, I wish I liked the colorway a bit more, but it'll look fantastic with a black coat.   And then maybe it'll be cool enough to take on the Mariah again.  Wow, I was looking at the little bit of a start I did get on those sleeves.  This is going to be a gorgeous jacket.

Tomorrow is the second exam and end of week 3 of 5.  I will be happy for this to be over this year.

18 September, 2013

A super good run

It is a beautiful morning.   Perfect late summer with a blue sky and cooler temperature.  My cool down walk was such a joy I did not want to go back in.  I felt great on the treadmill this morning despite not wanting to get out of bed.  I got going and it felt SO good compared to Monday's poor excuse for a run.  Unfortunately I got a sharp pain in my foot right before I was done.  It's scary when that happens.  It happened once before when I was running around Green Lake's outer path when I was training for the 1/2 marathon.  I was well into mile 5 and all of a sudden a pain shot through my foot.  Same type of thing.  But it was okay and it's okay now although I'm wearing flat shoes as a precaution.  I'll make sure to stretch well before I run on Friday.

I did decide not to sign up for the run at Seward Park in October.  I remembered that I had done a 5K there with Kate a long time ago.  And I did not like the course because it has a hill that starts nearly at the beginning of the run and goes for a mile.  NOT fun.  I'll look for another Green Lake run.  I believe there is one in November.  I did it last year and had a very good time.  Almost three minutes faster than the one I did a couple of weeks ago.

Work is sucking the life out of me.  But after this week there are only two more of this very very busy time.  I can make it.  While I wanted to knit or finish those slippers last night, I just didn't have the psychic energy.  After the doggie walks, and the shower and cleaning up the kitchen and getting some dinner prepped, I didn't feel like doing anything, so I found a movie to watch and then went to bed early and read.  On Comcast's OnDemand I found "Sea of Love" with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin -- from 1989.  I saw Samuel Jackson in a tiny role.  I love this movie but haven't seen it for so long that I forgot who did it, so it was like a new movie.  I guess there are perks to forgetting things.

Noon knitting but since I've got to get the imaging faculty set up I am going to miss half of it.  Thirty minutes will be nice though.  And maybe tonight I can finish the Mobius Cowl.  I only have 10 more rows to go, then Kitchner the ends together.  I still haven't figured out if it's different for garter stitch, but I would think it is.

17 September, 2013

A win and a loss

My fantasy week was terrible.  I have moved down two spots, from 5 to 7 (out of 12).  I made some good moves yesterday and hopefully I can pull this team up this week.  My quarterback is playing against a terrible team so I am looking to get some big points there.

The cooler weather is much appreciated.  Tinkerbell just loves walking but not when it's hot.  We had a very nice walk after work yesterday.  I was listening hard to my fantasy football podcast and she was sniffing happily.  The air is humid but bearable when it's not 90 degrees.  She got very interested in her chewy later in the evening and when 7 o'clock rolled around she was NOT interested in going for her walk!  She just wanted to chew.  I let her go for another 30 minutes and she finally remember I said "walk" and she was ready to go.  However, it was sprinkling when we got out and she wanted to turn right back around and go in.  I made her get out there and walk and do her business.  I know if I had let her go back in I would be out again at 2 in the morning.  Better to get a little wet at 7:30 than have to get up and dressed in the middle of the night.

As it was I did wake up and stayed awake for at least an hour, maybe more.  As much as I tried to keep thoughts of work from going through my head, it was inescapable.  I am trying something new, for me anyway, and keeping lists of things I want and need to do and that way when I wake up I know that I won't forget any little detail because it's written down at work.  Well, that is the theory.  It's not foolproof.

So lack of a good sleep left me feeling so groggy.  I wanted to sleep in this morning but that wasn't going to be happening.  I am kind of regretting getting such an early hair appointment for this Saturday.  Well, maybe Sunday I can sleep in.

The Noro Kureyon slippers I started crocheting are almost done.  I am nearly finished with the first one and have to make one more sole and put the second slipper together.  Unfortunately, my gauge was really off and they are HUGE.  Which is actually not such a bad thing.  I will felt them, which I think will be better anyway.  If they felt well and I like them as much as I think I will, I am going to go to the craft store and get a soft sole to sew on.  I love the colors.

16 September, 2013

Another fantastic storm

It is unusual for us to get so many thunder storms but we had another big one yesterday.  At least it was rather quick because it stopped the football game for almost an hour!  What a great game though.  The Seahawks really beat San Francisco.  Beat them good.  Unfortunately my guy - the one on my fantasy team - didn't even touch the ball last night and two of my other players were hurt during their games.  I definitely lost my match up this weekend.  My opponent has another player tonight and he's already 20 points ahead of me.  Ah well .... next week.

Saturday the Huskies were playing in Illinois and the game was televised on a college football channel that I was sure I had.  Unfortunately, after running errands all day I was looking forward to watching the game and found it had not recorded because I don't get that channel.  I hate Comcast.  They won but I would rather have seen it.

Since the Seahawks game wasn't until Sunday night I spent the majority of Sunday giving the apartment a good cleaning and washing the dog.  Frankly it was such a busy weekend I don't feel like I got much of a rest at all.  And it's busy busy busy at work as well.  I need a vacation.  January is SO far away!  I'm going to have a little weekend jaunt in a couple of weeks.  But I feel like I need a week.  Hopefully I can get a week off in October once I get the Histo class going.  I need to recharge. 

I didn't have much of a run this morning either.  On Friday I had to use my inhaler in the afternoon and I was grumbling to myself that it just didn't seem to be working.  Then I looked at it - empty.  No wonder if wasn't working.  Silly me.  I got it refilled Saturday and good thing too.  Nevertheless I still didn't have a very good run this morning.  See above.  I think I'm just tired.  Oh well.

13 September, 2013

Stuck zipper, Part deux

It was just crazy.  I could not get that zipper unstuck.  I tried graphite, I tried candle wax and still I couldn't move it at all.  Nor could anyone else.  I tried calling the Michael Kors store downtown but they were less than helpful.  And besides, the bag was purchased at Macy's so they told me I had to go to Macy's.  Thank goodness I checked with the gift-er and I found that it was purchased at the Northgate Macy's, which is right across the street from where I live.  I got the imaging faculty set up for their afternoon class and I was off and at the Macy's counter with my stuck purse at 3 o'clock. 

The counter girl gave it a good try and she couldn't budge it.  Then she called in the manager who gave it another good try with the same results.  Design bags always have a warranty and I was concerned that if I cut the zipper I would be voiding the warranty, but that was the only way I was going to get into that bag to retrieve my belongings.  The manager concurred - there was no other way.  We looked for a replacement but that style is sold out, since it was purchased in December, so she agreed to give me a full refund.  Perfect.  I then went off to the shoe repair shop and the nice lady, who is quite a character, cut the zipper for me.  And oh my, when I saw the inside .... I have never, ever seen a zipper stuck like that in my life.  The lining was zipped through both sides of the pull! 

I went back to Macy's - by now it was nearing 4 o'clock - and had to stand and wait for another ten minutes or so until we could finish the transaction.  By that time I was exhausted and in no mood to shop for a new purse, plus Tink needed her walk, so I went home and walked and dog and did chores until the Thursday night game.  Tom Brady is my QB and he played the Jets last night.  I found a replacement purse browsing on my iPad while I watched the Patriots struggle against the Jets.  It was not pretty, especially when it started to pour rain.  Brady could not connect with his receivers and he really did not get me many points at all.  I am sure I'm not going to be able to win my match up with those measly 9.97 points when he was projected to get over 17.  Well who knows.  Maybe somebody will step up for me.

It's lovely and misty this morning but it's not going to last.  I haven't been able to blow my hair straight all week because of the heat and the mist.  I hope I can get it done this weekend.  Maybe it won't be blazing hot on Sunday.

12 September, 2013


This last Christmas I received a very lovely Michael Kors handbag.  I love it.  I carry it every day.  And this morning I went to open it to put my iPad inside and ... the zipper was stuck.  Really stuck.  As in - I can barely move it!  I know that the lining is in the teeth of the zipper but I can't get it open enough to pull it down.  I just don't know what to do.  My wallet is in there.  Thank goodness I keep my keys in the outer pocket or I would have had to walk to work since my bus pass is in my key case.  I just don't know what to do.  Monika, who I was sure would be able to help, cannot.  I am super busy at work but I may have to go downtown to the Michael Kors store.  I should make some phone calls.  This is SO annoying.

I was swept away to happy hour at Twigs last night after work.  I have been wound so tightly.  This year with all the new technology they are insisting we use in the class that doesn't yet work .... *sigh*.  We are the guinea pigs always since we are the first class of the year.  Now here we are at the end of week two and finally the SOM has been able to fix some access issues.  The good news is that I have not been having nightmares and, despite the oppressive heat in my apartment, I've been sleeping quite well.  Anyway I trip to Twigs for a couple of martinis was just what the doctor ordered and it put me right as rain.  Riding back up to my apartment (I almost said room, for that is what it is) there was a couple in there, looking bedraggled as I felt and not at all happy to be going up to their expensive oven.  I said, "I wonder if anyone would mind if I propped my door open to the hall tonight".  Just as a joke, since the hall is air conditioned and our apartments are not.  The woman looked at me and said that sounded like a great idea and their place was "a nightmare".  They probably have one of the apartments on the front that have western exposure.  Whew, that's got to be bad.

There was no knitting, since two martinis pretty much puts the kibosh on that type of activity.  But I got caught up on silly TV and went to bed early.  I've got to get my fantasy line up done today because tonight is football.  And Saturday the Huskies are playing and Sunday night ... oooo, the Seahawks are playing San Francisco.  That is going to be quite the game.

Now to figure out what to do about my stuck zipper!

11 September, 2013

This should be the last of it ..

the heat, I mean.  It is going to be 90 degrees today!  That is the hottest it's been this entire summer.  I got my new-ish MacBook Air yesterday (P.S. I love it!) and I might just have to take it and find a cooler place to work this afternoon.  My office is going to be unbearable. 

I did get to get out and have a nice walk in the sunshine yesterday noon.  It was lovely - a little breeze and I strolled through the campus.  Classes don't officially start for another week, so it's still nice and quiet up there.  Then Tink got a great walk when I got home and then I went to pick up my prescription that I've been trying to get refilled for two weeks.  No -- more than that.  The Doctor's office got a new refill system.  It wasn't working.  What a hassle - especially when no car.  But oh well, the weather was nice and I got to have a nice, long chat with my sister.

I felt like a movie and heaven knows I've got plenty to choose from -- Netflix and Amazon Prime and now my Apple TV.  I really really should consider "cutting the cord".  If it weren't for the football and two hilarious programs that I can't get on Hulu Plus ....Definitely after football season though - I am going to drastically reduce that stupid Comcast bill.

Noon knitting today and it might just be two of us but I don't care.  I am looking forward to a nice, cool and calm noon hour. I might even be able to finish the Mobius Cowl!!

10 September, 2013

A good start

I had a couple players in the Monday Night Football game, which I watched with one eye while I was first finishing up the second slipper top.  After that I started a sole and then because it was black yarn and a bit too dark for that, I picked up the mittens I started in August.  Noro Taio is SO soft!  Who would have thought.  ANYWAY .... back to football.  I won my match up this week - hoorah!  I'm fifth out of twelve.  It's a good start and I'm happy about it.

It took me quite a while to unwind last night - three projects were touched and two worked on.  I didn't get a lunchtime walk yesterday and so I am looking forward to my walk today - hopefully before it gets too hot - and then tomorrow morning it's back on the treadmill at 6 am.  Since I wasn't all that fast for this last race (not as slow as I have been either - I was 9 out of 24 in my age group) I will be working on running a bit faster.  The next race is at the end of October.  Plenty of time.

Week 2 of the anatomy course - this second week is not quite so crazy but very busy nevertheless.  A faculty member quit unexpectedly and she had just gotten two new laptops - a MacBook Air and a PC laptop and I get them both!  And I really really need new laptops.  The one I have at home, the PC one, is ancient and extremely slow.  Anyway I haven't even had time to power the MacBook up yet!  I am dying to take it for a test drive.  Hopefully I can do that today.

I need to get organized for the onslaught of students wanting to go over their exams.  I posted grades yesterday.  There are always a few freaking out.

It is going to be very very hot this week.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 90s!  Good heavens.  It is September!  I am ready for a little bite in the air.  Not a lot -- just a taste.  The leaves are starting to turn and football is being played.  Let's turn down the heat.

09 September, 2013

I trip to the dark side

Friday was a BEASTLY day!  Just chaotic from the time I walked in until the time I left.  I managed to grab a bowl of soup around 2 and had to close my office door to get some peace.  I don't do well in that atmosphere.  Not to mention the heat and humidity.  I was frazzled when I was finally able to get out and on the bus.  I just wanted to crash and do absolutely nothing.  It was doggie walks and stupid TV and early to bed.

The start of the NFL season was Thursday so I had football to look forward to on the weekend.  It is strange how football and travel are linked in my head.  I should be planning a fall vacation, or at the very least a quick trip to Paris for the soldes in January.  But I am not, and so things are just a little bit off balance for me.  Ah well.  I do have the Mexico vacation in January to look forward to.  And then I'll start planning maybe a spring trip.  You know how I love love love to plan trips!

The Huskies had a bye week (!) so it was errands on Saturday.  I had to get ready for a race on Sunday so I wasn't interested in going out or anything.  Anything except starting a new project.  I was looking at the Noro magazine where I got the pattern for the Mobius Cowl and noticed a nice pair of slippers made from Kureyon.  On closer inspection I saw they were crocheted but I have a few more squares that I know will never be turned into a blanket, so I unraveled them and got down to it.  It became evident on Sunday, when I picked it up again, that I had made a mistake.  I know now the difference between the two stitches I was using but at the time .... hubris.  I should have looked them up.  So Sunday while watching the Seahawks I tore out the first sole and instead started the tops, which are much easier.  I got 1 1/2 done.  Crochet goes much faster than knitting BUT it's not as nice a fabric and it uses twice as much yarn.  That being said, crochet is perfect for these slippers.

My race was fine on Sunday.  Not the fastest I've done but not the slowest either so I'm happy.  And the weather was perfect - not too hot!  I think I'll sign up for one at Seward Park in October.  I've never run there.

Now it's back into the fray.  arghghg

06 September, 2013

Slept in!

I have been having such a problem with my alarms this week!  I love the iPhone alarm because you can set alarms for different days and then forget about it. BUT, if you have a holiday like we did on Monday, you have to remember to turn it off on Sunday.  I did that, but then I forgot to turn it back on.  Plus I have different wake ups -- 5:45 for workout days and 6:30 for non-workout days.  So that further complicates things and I turned them both off.  Well luckily I woke up at 7 so I wasn't too late.  It's exam day today.  I went to bed very early last night, as in before nine.  I did read but I must have been fast asleep  not long after 9.  So I slept 10 hours!  Good heavens.  I must have really been sleep deprived.  I feel awesome though.

There's a big rain storm hanging about here.  Yesterday there was the thunder and lightening that took out the WiFi and we're supposed to get more of the same today.  So far it's been just drizzling.  I wouldn't mind if it was raining for the run on Sunday.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like it.

There was no knitting last night during the game.  The first NFL game of the season but I couldn't get into it.  I have none of the fantasy players and I was just too darned tired.  I watched most of it.  I am, of course, more excited about Sunday's games.

Well .... exam time.

05 September, 2013

Thunder and lightening and rain rain rain

Wow!  Are we ever getting a storm!  It started this morning at my place just as I was finishing up with my run.  I didn't notice until I was outside with Tinkerbell and so on top of the sweat I was soaked by the rain.  Needless to say, I had to catch the early bus so there was no time to dry my hair.  It is pony tail day.  Yeah.  I look grrrrreat!

The thunder and lightening came up to the U by 8:30 just as I was starting the students on their pre-class quiz.  It shut down the WiFi right in the middle of it, so I guess everyone gets a point.  I had a wonderful run this morning but I would really like a walk at lunchtime as well.  I have an umbrella.  As long as it's not pouring I should be fine.  I wore boots.

Tonight the NFL season opens.  Last night was soccer.  I only watched part of the game.  Even though Seattle is soccer crazy - and we got a new guy who is a great player - I still can't get into it too much.  Plus - how is this for crazy.  They get a new guy and then immediately he and the other best guy on the team are NOT playing for the Sounders but rather for the World Cup team.  I will never ever ever understand soccer.  At least it's just for a few games.  I gather that in Europe the teams take a break when their good players are playing World Cup games.  That makes sense.

I was SO exhausted last night.  The combination of heat and work.  I could not do a thing.  I had a toasted sandwich for dinner and lounged on the bed with my iPad, fielding work emails from harried students.  I finally conked out around 9.  I haven't even been able to read this week!  I am hoping I can get a little knitting done tonight during the game.  Ooo ... and I had better make sure I like my lineup this afternoon.  I won't be able to to change it after that.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

04 September, 2013

The late draft

Finally, last night was our fantasy football draft.  It's twelve of us this year and we are scattered far and wide - from Alaska, through Seattle, out to Massachusetts, and down to Southern California. I got a terrible pick - I was number 10.  I did my best but I got one real dud - I picked a guy that had been dropped from his team the day before!!  And he was still on the list!  Oh I was SO mad!!  I don't know what I'll do if he's not picked up by a team.  Hopefully the Commish can help me out and get me another pick.

That went from 8 until 10.  I had taken Tink out at her normal time, but unfortunately at 1:30 she needed to go again.  I was surprisingly awake and we had a lovely walk.  The weather was just about perfect.  But then I couldn't get back to sleep and kept waking up and trying not to think about work.  Plus it is a workout day so the alarm was set to go off at 5:45.  I thought it was set to go off at 5:45 but I had forgotten to re-set it after turning it off Sunday night.  So I didn't wake up finally until nearly six, at which point I said forget it and tried to get another 30 minutes.  Actually it is fine.  This way I can run tomorrow morning and then have two days of rest before the race on Sunday -- which, by the way, doesn't start until 9:30!  Oh well, I'll just set the game to record.  The Seahawks have their season opener on the road.  It'll be a tough year.

Works is nuts, as usual.  I think this is the worst week of the year, not last week.  And this horrible humidity doesn't help much either.  Why would they remodel the entire office, air condition the hall and NOT the offices?  It's like a sauna in here.  [Okay, no more complaining].

Back to putting out fires.

03 September, 2013

Late post today

It is the first day of class for the medical school.  What a morning!  I can now take a breath.  Hopefully the afternoon will be quieter.

I started my long weekend at noon on Friday, but had to come back in from the bus stop to answer some emails.  I did make it home at a decent time to start relaxing.  The weather was awesome all weekend.  A little too warm at times, but that's mostly just inside.  I had both fans AND the air conditioner going yesterday.

Saturday was errands in the morning and then a lovely walk from the old MOHI parking lot to Foster Island along the marsh path.  It was just gorgeous!  Tink had a fabulous time too.  The Husky game didn't start until 7 that evening so there was plenty of time for strolling and relaxing.  Sunday was a bit busier, meeting up with friends in the late afternoon for happy hour and then dropping by another place for a visit, then home for dinner and a movie.  On Monday I had planned to run around Green Lake because next Sunday is the WOW 5K.  My tummy was a bit upset but I got going anyway and ended up having a fantastic run!  I was afraid that running on the treadmill would not translate well to actual running on pavement but it does and I am now excited about this race.  Oh but was it ever hot and muggy, even though I was on the trail by 9.  This race next week doesn't start until 9:30 - that's pretty late.  The clouds did come in yesterday afternoon and it's been raining off and on.  It's still rather warm but maybe it'll cool down a bit more.  70 would be perfect.

I only got a teensie bit of knitting done.  I did not get the cowl finished, as I had hoped.  I am close.  The Husky game was SO exciting that I had to put the knitting down!  They beat #19, Broncos, by a goodly margin.  They did not allow a TD, only two field goals.  It was great!  I read this morning they are ranked now.  As well they should be.

Tonight is my fantasy draft and I practiced yesterday afternoon between loads of laundry and cooking.  I am not so happy that it's going to be at 8 o'clock tonight since I had a very rough night last night.  It's always tough the day before class starts.  Every time I wake up I start thinking about work.  We do only have 10 people so hopefully we'll all keep our connectivity and it should go quickly.  If someone loses their connection then it takes the entire 3 minutes each turn for that person.  Otherwise it's just as fast as one can pick their player.  Here's hoping I get a decent spot.

Short week - hoorah.