31 March, 2011

Things are humming along

I had a great day yesterday!  I seem to be settling nicely in my new space and Tink even wanted to play ball last night, which says to me that she is acclimated to her new surroundings and happy.  My contacts finally arrived and now I am missing only one last piece of the puzzle - my wireless router.  As it is set up now, the only way for me to get on line with my laptop is to unplug the Wii and plug in my computer, which wouldn't be bother if the cord was longer but as it is now I have to lay on my stomach to work the computer.  And since it is a work computer I have all of my audio books and iTunes library on an external hard drive which is on my desk in my office, so I can't download any new audio books or things from iTunes.  I spoke to Comcast a couple of days ago and was told that they are a little behind in their orders.  I sure hope it gets here soon though.  I am jonesing for a new audio book!

I had a very positive meeting with my lawyer yesterday and am feeling quite confident in her and in the ultimate outcome.  I feel relaxed about it for the first time.  And I sleep like a baby!  Yay!  No more grinding of teeth, clenching of jaws and the only pain is when I yawn, and that should be gone in another day or so.

I got a wonderful email from my friend Gregg, the bass player for my band, who I have not heard a thing from since New Years.  He has been trying to get in touch with Doug, the leader, but Doug seems to have withdrawn.  However, Gregg asked me to sing 3 or 4 duets with him at a show in May!  I am thrilled!  This is just the thing I need right now.  I am going to have to start being social soon and this is just the type of thing that will start getting me out of my shell, and my apartment.  I'm going to talk to him some more about it today.  Double Yay!

At noon knitting I worked on my sleeves for the Tepotzlan.  I have about 7 or 8 more inches to go and then that monkey will be off my back.  I hope to carve out some time this weekend to put the Cloisonne Jacket together and start the finishing process.  It's not going to be quick, but it will be lovely.

My friend McG turned me on to a new show last night called 'Saxondale'.  I can get it on Netflix which I watch in bed on my iPhone, or I can watch on TV too, but it's just more cozy on my iPhone.  He wasn't familiar with Steve Coogan, who I have seen on several things.  Very funny guy.  I've only watched one episode, but I like it.  I might try an episode on my TV tonight.  Still haven't dared turn on the Wii.   It's about time.

30 March, 2011

Still no love for the bus

This is my second week commuting by bus and it is still as icky as ever.  The schedules are pretty good in that I don't have to wait long for a transfer and on the way home if the wait is too long I can just walk that last mile or so.  There are two things that I find most uncomfortable.  First is the combination of the seat height and the drivers.  I am short and my feet don't always reach the ground. The drivers are not smooth, or I should say I have not yet had a ride with a driver who was smooth.  So each stop and take off nearly throw me off my seat, not to mention the corners.  Of course, yes, I can hold on to the seat in front of me but that is not always convenient due to other people, the person in the seat and how they are sitting, etc.  And let me tell you, find a seat as soon as you get on because the driver stomps on the gas as soon as the doors are closed.  And the second thing that I find objectionable is the majority of the people.  Call me intolerant, I don't care.  I am just getting through this and looking forward to the day when I can move to a nice place on the trail, or close enough.

And speaking of that -- I have an appointment with my lawyer today.  Baby steps, but each day gets me closer to my goal.

My contacts still haven't come and I am wearing my very last pair today.  I did get my blocking mats and the potty patch yesterday.  Tinkerbell doesn't seem at all interested in the Potty Patch so I think it's going to take some getting used to.  Until I know she will use it I am going to have to keep leaving so I can get home between 4:30 and 5.  I leave the apartment at around 7:20 and 4:30 is 9 hours!  That is a long long time for a dog not to go potty, especially if she's used to being in and out at her whim.  I have high hopes for this system though.  People swear by it.

The blocking mats were a bit of a disappointment.  I guess I had just assumed one would get a dozen and when I pulled them out of the box there were only 9!  Not enough room to block the body of the Cloisonne Jacket and the sleeves as well.  I soaked the pieces and then rolled them in towels and stomped on them.  Boy do I ever miss my beautiful washer with the hand wash cycle!!  I pinned the bottom of the body out but I am going to have to wait until the sleeves are completely dry and then do the body again.  I don't like the schematic either.  It's not clear how wide to block the body.  I'll wing it.

29 March, 2011

Almost back to normal

Okay then .... what an ordeal.  But I feel pretty good this morning, thankfully.  My  mouth is a little sore but otherwise I seem to be in fine shape.  I slept well last night, most likely because I wasn't in so much pain.

Despite the impending dental appointment, I had a pretty good weekend.  I had a few things I really wanted to get accomplished.  I started off bright and early Saturday morning.  After Tink's walk (in the rain) we headed out to Tuesday Morning where I found a gorgeous comforter set and sheets to match, plus more towels.  I tried to have a manicure but they were too busy for me so I took a quick trip to the mall and then went home for an hour or so before my hair appointment.  I worked hard on the stains on the carpet in my bedroom and so far no luck.  One of them, I now realize, is a burn from someone ironing on the carpet.  The other looks like oil.  I will give it another try and then I guess I'm going to have to find a throw rug to put down because it is driving me crazy!

Sunday was my day for hanging picture and mirrors, etc.  I had friends coming over in the evening to help with the larger things but, after a quick trip to the store and a manicure, I managed to get most everything hung to my satisfaction.  It is looking more homey now that I have all my nice things up and out.  The only thing I have yet to try is my Wii.  My friend Monika is very good with electronics but neither she nor her husband could get the speaker system to work with the TV.  Supposedly it works with the Wii but I haven't had the courage to try it yet.  I will this week for sure.

I did just a little bit of knitting on Saturday night.  I am quite anxious to block the Cloisonne Jacket but am still waiting for the blocking pads, as I am still waiting for my contacts!  I ordered them right after I moved in and it's more than a week now and no sign of them.  I don't know how I missed ordering new ones when I opened the last boxes but I did.  Anyway my eyes are getting a nice break.

It's looking quite spring-like around here.  If only the temperature would rise a bit.

28 March, 2011

Oh what a day

My appointment this morning was a nightmare. More than two hours in the chair. I was a total wreck afterwards. My plans were to rest up and do chores in the afternoon. But instead I came home, turned the phone off and tried to recover. I am still so sore and it is nearly 10. I have to go to work in the morning so let us hope I get a good sleep.

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26 March, 2011

I love my friends!!

Thank you my awesome friends up North. But there is no such thing as "too much wine". Monday 10:15am is the appointment. Unlike Demi Moore, I will not be posting photos.

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24 March, 2011

Better living through chemistry

Bad news. They want me to take a few days of antibiotics and come back Monday. Thank goodness for drugs.

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Oh joy.

Emergency root canal. At least the pain will stop.

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It can't be that much to ask!

I just want to run a couple of loads of laundry!!  Yesterday after our walk I went to the laundry card machine and bought a card.  Grand, all set to go.  Up I go the apartment, gather all my washing supplies and head to the laundry room only to get there and find I had no key!  The facilities key doesn't work for the laundry room.  Who's smart idea was that?  I telephoned the office, supposedly open until 6 pm, to find out of they had a key for me but there was no answer, even though it was only 5:30.  I will stop by yet again tonight and get a key.  In fact I'll call ahead and make sure they have one waiting!  This is getting ridiculous.

One thing I love about living in an apartment - when I come home there is not a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for my magic touch to put them in the dishwasher.  One thing I do not like about living in an apartment - when Tinkerbell gets an upset stomach at three in the morning I need to get dressed, put a coat on and take her downstairs and walk her around.  It doesn't happen very often and at least it was mild, but it is a hassle nonetheless.

Last night I watched a DVD called 'RED'.  Pretty cute movie about retired CIA agents.  RED stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous.  Helen Mirren is awesome in it as a retired British wet work agent.  I couldn't get the sound to come through the speakers but I am pretty sure that's because I need that extra cord.  Nor could I get the speak system remote to work although the lights were coming on.  I am going to assume the batteries are low and get a couple more when I get the cord.   This weekend for sure I'll try the Wii.  I am just a little scared to do it and find it doesn't work because then what will I do?  I guess I could call my nephew.  He could probably figure it out.  I will not call Mr. M.  I don't want him to know where I live.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I need and want to get done this weekend.  Tops on the list is work on the stains on the carpet.  I had asked them to clean it a second time when I saw the apartment a few days before I moved in.  They said it was done but I am skeptical because the stains I had pointed out look the same.  One is a black stain in my bedroom that is driving me crazy!  I hope I can get it out.  Otherwise ... maybe I'll have to get another little rug.

I have not yet gotten to knitting in my new place.  It just doesn't feel right until I get my art hung, for some reason.  Perhaps I'm still figuring out my routine. I am just wallowing in all the quiet and trying to relax.  I think I'm still clenching my jaw at night because the right side of my mouth is so sensitive.  I make a point of relaxing before I sleep but I imagine I am still having some bad dreams.  Nothing that time won't cure.

23 March, 2011

Best laid plans

I had another great run yesterday at lunchtime, but it's rest today and I think that's probably a good thing since my knees are aching just a little bit.  Of course, the high high heels don't help that but one must suffer for beauty, right?  I had noticed on Monday that my apartment wasn't as far away from the bus transfer spot as I had originally thought.  Using my map on the iPhone I saw that it was only a mile to my apartment, so rather than wait for the bus and since it was a lovely afternoon I walked home yesterday.  This means that it is only 1.4 miles from my apartment to the shore of Green Lake!  That is an easy walk and something that Tink and I can do in less than half an hour on the weekend!  It'll be great.  I don't know why or how I got so confused about distance.  It still doesn't mean that I can bike to work.  Oh the distance isn't bad nor are the hills, but it is all on busy city streets and some of them quite narrow.  It's not safe.  And getting my bike in and out of the apartment and up and down the elevator -- a huge hassle.  I may do it now and again this summer but I am not going to be doing it regularly until I can get moved and into a place near the trail.

My big plans for doing laundry went out the window yesterday.  After I got home and walked Tinkerbell I went into the lobby of the apartment complex to purchase a laundry card.  This is all new to me. How it works is that you purchase a card from one machine and then use the second machine to add value to the card and then in the laundry room you insert it into the machine you want to use and it deducts the cost of the wash or dry.  Fine.  I put in my $20 bill and .... nothing.  Okay, maybe it doesn't like the bill.  I try a second and same thing.  Very frustrating and also the directions are in Spanish, which I don't read very well, so I didn't understand what was going on.  I got one of the managers to come help me (heavy sighs on her part as if I were a moron) and she took my bill, put it in and .... oh what is that?  Won't work for you either??  Supposedly the machine had been serviced and it no longer took any bill larger than a $5.  So no laundry for me and I'll give it another go tonight.

With my apartment all tidy, with the exception of my pictures and mirrors that need to be hung [and that mess is driving me crazy] all I had to do was ... well, nothing.  Slowly I am feeling more and more like I am coming back together.  Still not ready to start my strength training, but that's okay.  I had a nice comfy evening catching up on some shows I missed and just enjoying the quiet and calm.  Tink got another nice long walk before bed and I settled in for a nice long read.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to pick up my knitting or find some other things to do, but frankly I feel like I've been through a war and it is just so nice to just BE.  I'll get bored of it sooner rather than later but truly I am enjoying the feeling of becoming Shelley again, if that makes any sense.

I didn't even get the Cloisonne Jacket blocked.  I don't have any clean towels.  I bought a few new ones, not wanting to take anything but Tink's doggie towel from that house.  I need a couple of towels to pin the parts out on since I don't have an extra bed anymore.  Perhaps I should bite the bullet and order those blocking pads from KnitPicks.  I grabbed the sleeves of the Tepotzlan for noon knitting today.  Might as well wade right into that mess and get it done.

Thankfully the weather has been nice, sunny and not too cold.  It is very springlike here.  As I was walking Tink last night I passed a pond and I could hear the frogs croaking.  Nice.  It is supposed to get raining this weekend.

22 March, 2011

Good intentions

I have come up with a rather ambitious workout regimen along with diet modification to get rid of this winter weight as soon as possible.  Plus, since I am not riding my bike to work I need to make up for that.  My plan is that I run for an hour each weekday lunch except Wednesday (noon knitting cannot be missed) and then when I get home do 30 minutes or more of strength training.   I did have an awesome run yesterday but I was so tired when I got home that I could barely get Tink walked.  And I still had a few more things to get put away, which I did.   I worked so long and hard from last Wednesday on through Sunday that I think it's going to take me another few days before I will be caught up and ready to add the second component.  Especially if I don't quit having unpacking dreams!  I only woke up once last night and went right back to sleep, but I think that during the second half of the night I must have had the dream.  I kept finding more and more boxes that needed unpacking!  It was a nightmare.

I am so very grateful that my apartment is quiet.  The only bad thing I've found so far is that my front door is next to the hall door so whenever anyone on my floor goes out to do laundry or take the elevator the door slams and it's quite loud.  My bedroom is nice and quiet with the exception of the traffic noise from the freeway.  What I might do is try to mask it with white noise from a humidifier, because it is a little bothersome with the window open except in the middle of the night when there is no traffic.

After doing a final bit of tidying and stowing yesterday evening I quite simply relaxed, watched some TV, took Tinkerbell for a second longer pre-bed walk and then settled in with a book.  Unfortunately I don't know where I put the books I had on my bedside table -- I managed to find one, but not one I had already started.  I have 5 bookcases to go through so rather than do that I just started another. 

I keep forgetting to post this link.  A friend of mine sent this to me and it is just wonderful.  Steven Fry was given the Harvard Humanists Lifetime Achievement Award and this is his acceptance speech. 


Big plans tonight.  I am going to try out the laundry and, hopefully, soak and block the pieces of the Cloisonne Jacket. I miss that gorgeous washer and dryer I bought but oh well, small price to pay.  I'll get another soon enough and in the meantime I can make do with the sink for soaking and blocking.

21 March, 2011

Apartment house living

It was a long, hard weekend.  I  hate clutter and crave order so I had my work cut out for me.  Two days to get the apartment unpacked and comfortable.  Thank goodness a girlfriend came to help me unpack on Saturday.  All I could  manage Friday night was getting my bed made and finding my toothbrush.  I had thought I would be able to go get a shower curtain and a few other necessities after the movers left, but since they took 9 hours to complete the move I had to make do with a bath.  And when I say "make do" ... I didn't realize that the plug in the tub was slowly leaking water for a few minutes.  I couldn't get enough depth for a really satisfying bath, but it worked okay.   And I slept like a log.

It was sunny on Saturday and I woke up early and got moving.  First took Tinkerbell for a nice walk and then started trying to bring order to chaos.  A quick run to Target for a few essentials (shower curtain, etc.) and then started unpacking.  One last (I hope) disservice done to me by Mr. M -- I took a television, my surround sound receiver and two speakers and my Wii and I ordered cable service and had them set to come on Saturday to hook me up.   I don't know a thing about hooking up electronics and as he was trying to tell me what goes where I said, "Oh I'll just have the cable guy do it for me".  And Mr. M told me that they wouldn't do anything but plug in the cable box.  I thought that was BS because I have had them do adjustments for me in the past, but it was enough to make me nervous.  So I was worried about it.   I got all of the components together and all of the cords laid out neatly and sure enough, when he came in he hooked everything up as well as the Wii and showed me that I needed another cord to get the stereo speakers working for the television when it goes through the cable box but the Wii goes through the speakers.  What a sweetie.  I haven't yet tried out the Wii or gotten around to getting the cord, but I can watch TV.

After my friend left I went out for a few little groceries - I was beat.  I watched a little TV, took Tink down for one last potty run and I was out like a light around 10.  Sunday was a repeat - unpack unpack unpack but I am THAT close to having everything done and it's looking like a home.  I have a few more details to handle tonight and then next weekend my friend will come over again and help me hang my art.  Then it will be perfect.

I hate the smell of the place.  It must be a combination of fresh paint and carpet cleaner.  I love the incense from L'Occitaine but they have discontinued it, so I use it very rarely.  Last night I burned one stick trying to get that other smell out of there.  No dice.  It will take time.

I am a little worried about leaving Tink for so long.  I gave her a nice walk before I headed for the bus but still it was 7:10 when I put her in the apartment and even if I leave here a little early and get home around 5, that will be 10 hours for her without a potty break.  I did order a ... well, it's kind of like a cat box for dogs.  But it hasn't arrived yet.  And until it does I think I'm just going to have to leave early so she doesn't suffer or make a mess on the carpet.  Otherwise she's doing fine there.  She already knows her way around and she's good about getting her business done when I take her out.  It's not convenient for me, being on the top floor, but at least I don't have anyone thumping around over me and I only have one wall that is next to another apartment and it's my office, so I don't hear my neighbors.  That's important to me. It's going to be a long time before I get my money back from Mr. M so I had better be comfortable.

And I haven't touched my knitting.  That is going to be another few days.  I did finish the sleeves of the Cloisonne Jacket so next it blocking the sleeves and body, putting them together and then picking up stitches for the collar.  I probably won't get around to it until the weekend.

This is going to be a heck of a week in many ways.  I'd better get on with it.

18 March, 2011


I am SO glad this day is nearly over. The movers came at noon and left my new place at 9 pm! I am just now, at 10 o'clock, sitting down with a sandwich. I hadn't eaten all day. I severely under estimated the time it would take. I thought I would have time to do some shopping, put some things away. Nope. At least I have the rest of the weekend to get this place in shape.

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17 March, 2011

One more day

I ache from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I have been working solid since 9 this morning. Thankfully a girlfriend came over and helped for a couple hours. I didn't even stop for lunch. But I am done now. Time for a martini!

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16 March, 2011

Want to feel pathetic?

I have the perfect way. Just spend a day packing and moving by yourself. Guaranteed to make you feel really really bad. Friday night should feel great.

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15 March, 2011

Talk about detective work!

A few lifetimes ago (and a few name changes ago) I belonged to AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Actors).  I was doing radio and TV commercials and one needs to belong to the union to do that.  Yesterday I got a piece of mail from them, addressed to me using my maiden name!  Incredible.  I last used that name when I was 27.  That just is amazing to me that they were able to track me down after 3 name changes.  It's easier now than it might have been 20 years ago, but still pretty amazing.

When I first started listening to audio books I had downloaded a Flashman book on the advice of a friend and I couldn't finish listening to it because I hated the narration so much.  I wish I had remembered his name because I downloaded a book last week and he's the narrator.  He's not nearly as annoying in this book as he was in the other, but still I really hate how he does the voices of women.  He just comes off sounding like a very gay man.  I am liking the story though so I will finish it.

I woke up at 4 this morning and wasn't able to get back to sleep so I am just dizzy this morning.  I'm taking the rest of the week off to pack and move, so I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow.  I'm going to need all my strength.

14 March, 2011

No place to go but up

The weekend was just as terrible as I had suspected it was going to be.  I had some news I had to deliver and although I had wanted to wait until Sunday to drop the bomb, I had to do it Saturday morning instead.  Tinkerbell and I are moving this Friday.  This news was received with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I felt like a weight had been lifted, but there is still a long week to get through.  And how do I feel?  I feel positive about getting my life back, hopeful that I might once again be happy and not dread getting up every morning or going home every night.  I'm a little scared but I'm sure that will go away soon enough.  I'm proud of myself for finally having the courage to take the steps necessary, and I feel angry that I made such a stupid stupid mistake in the first place.  In high school I had a band teacher that was the first person I heard say, "If you're going to make a mistake, make a big one!"  That has always translated to me as living fearlessly.  Not carelessly or thoughtlessly but .. perhaps with abandon.  If you're afraid to make mistakes you're not going to live a very full life, are you?  So this is me living. 

The apartment is a compromise that I didn't want to make, but it's going to be a while before the entire mess is untangled and I can purchase my own place so, because of budget limitations, I had to chose either proximity or space.  I want all of my things with me - my books and furniture and art., and of course my dog.  All of the apartments I saw near enough to bike to work were just too tiny.  But I found a nice large 2 bedroom apartment, not too far out but too far to bike.  So for the next year or so I will be a bus rider and just suck it up until I can move again.

And through all the commotion I did get a good bit of knitting done on the sleeves.  I am now doing the sleeve cap shaping.  Maybe I can finish it up this week.  It is going to be a challenging week, that is for sure.

11 March, 2011


You know how sometimes when you wake up you are right in the middle of a dream and the last line or two says with you for a while?  I don't know what I was dreaming about but this is what I remember.

Guy 1:  "You better hope they don't get any fingerprints off that bacon"!
Guy 2: "Dude.  You can't get fingerprints off bacon".

What in the world was I dreaming about???  Yes yes, bacon, obviously.  But something else was going on there and I can't put it back together.

Yesterday was a colossal waste of time.  I thought I had an appointment at 10 am.  When that happens I will work from home rather than go in and then turn right around and leave again.  So I got up and did a little work, got ready for my appointment and remembered that it wasn't until 1:45.  Sooooo ... I could have gone into the office after all but oh well.  Then at noon my appointment is canceled.  Mind you, if *I* want to cancel an appointment he needs 48 hours in advance.  I guess it doesn't work both ways.  I suppose it would have been a bigger waste if time if I had driven in to work and left and then come back.  It could have been worse.  But it was rather annoying.   I did get some work done but ... well, truth be told I'm a bit scattered of late so it doesn't make much difference now, does it?  The good news is that by this time next week things should be a million times better.  No, make that a billion times better.  I just have to get through the weekend.

There was no running yesterday either, although I did manage to get Tink walked in between rain storms.  It has finally stopped raining and blowing.  I should be able to get a really good run in this afternoon.

The sleeves of the Cloisonne Jacket are zooming right along.  I am on the decreases then will come the long, boring main part of the sleeve.  This is going to be a very pretty jacket.

09 March, 2011

That particular system works

I did buy the Adele 21 album on iTunes yesterday and it was directly because I had heard the song on the radio that morning.  I don't like to think I'm that easy, that suggestible.  I guess I shouldn't be broadcasting that type of information.

I got half of the lace portion of the sleeves done last night before I put the knitting down to finish making dinner and watch a little TV.  At noon today I may be able to finish the lace.  I have a meeting downtown at 1:30 so I won't be able to knit for the entire hour.  I should be starting with the main color tonight.  Depending on a number things -- I am not sure how my weekend is going to end up -- I may have lots of time for knitting or none at all.  I would just like to get this thing finished while it's still cool enough to wear.  Well, it is a jacket so I suppose I will be able to wear it in the spring.

I've been thinking about Doug and my band lately.  I know he was involved in getting his son and kids settled in his house but that has been more than two months.  I should give him a call this weekend and see what's up.  All that time we spent rehearsing and doing one gig -- doesn't seem a very effective use of time, does it?

No running today and I think that's fine.  Yesterday my foot started hurting about 45 minutes in so I walked most of the last 15 minutes.  For the second day in a row I have beaten my previous 5K speed and I think that's good.  I don't want to injure myself so even though I wanted to run the whole hour yesterday .....  I am pretty sore today as well.  I like that, although it makes it difficult to walk downstairs.

I need to dig up my diplomatic hat this morning.  I have a tough meeting coming up.  I am not very good at diplomacy.  Not very good at all.

08 March, 2011

Ahead of schedule

I was sure I was going to have a rough time of it yesterday when I went out for my run.  On the contrary, I had a super awesome hour!  And while I'm still not quite up to speed I did go over 4 miles in that hour.  My average pace was just over an 11 minute mile.  When I race the best I've done is around 10 1/2 minute miles.  This spring/summer I would really like to get it down to 10 minute miles.  But for training and every day purposes, I am quite happy with 11 minute miles.  Of course, as I said, that was just the average because I did walk a couple of times.  Today I'm going to try to run the entire hour with no walk breaks.  It is misty outside and I always run better in the rain for some reason.  Unless it's pouring.  I won't be able to run tomorrow due to meetings and such, but I should be able to do it again on Thursday.

And I was on a roll yesterday.  I got home and sat down to finish up the body of the Cloisonne Jacket.  I did that AND cast on for the sleeves.  Unfortunately I didn't read the directions all the way through and ended up having to re-cast on one sleeve.  So they are cast on and ready to go.  Tonight I'll get at least a portion of the lace done.  I've decided to do them flat.  Hope I don't regret it.

Adele has a new album out and on the radio this morning they played the Cure song that she covers, 'Lovesong'.  It's beautiful.  I haven't purchased an album on iTunes for a long while but I think I'll buy this one.

07 March, 2011

Maybe next year

It doesn't look like I'm going to be ready for the St. Paddy's Day Dash.  I was very sore on Friday and it didn't get any better as the morning wore on.  I went out at lunchtime for an hour but mostly walked.  I feel perfectly fine today and plan on running for an hour but I won't be ready for the race.  That's okay.  I'd rather be injury free and run in some race in April.  There's bound to be one.

It was a busy weekend, as I had anticipated.  Tink was at the groomer for most all of the afternoon on Saturday so I took care of chores and knit.  I have finished up both sides of the jacket and am now on the back.  I have about 10 rows of plain knitting left at the back, then shoulder and neck shaping for a few rows.  If I put my mind to it I could probably finish it up tonight, or tomorrow at the very least.  I want to plan on casting on for the sleeves on Wednesday and get this albatross off from around my neck!

Speaking of albatrosses ...the current audio book I am listening to is painful at times.  The only reason I am keeping on with it is that there is a secondary plot line that is interesting and historical.  Otherwise it is a not very thinly disguised Christian tract.  If I were reading the book I could easily skip the preaching.  However, it is a lot more difficult when listening on an iPhone.  I can go back in 30 second increments but to advance forward you have to scrub.  I don't want to miss the good parts of the story so I endure.  I think there's only about an hour left.  I shall do my best to avoid this in the future.

The birds were quite noisy this morning.  It's is going to be milder at night this week and maybe, just maybe I will be able to ride my bike.  I should check the tire pressure tonight.

04 March, 2011

What shall we call it? Accident prone or clumsy?

My head aches this morning.  I suspect it is directly related to hitting it on the deck.  Last night Tink needed to go out.  He tummy was upset.  Earlier in the day it had hailed like crazy, then rained and at 2 am it was very cold.  I let her out for 10 minutes or so and then stepped out onto the deck to get her to come in.  The deck was very slippery and I was sleepy so I didn't even notice.  As soon as I took a step both feet came out from under me and I landed first on my bottom and then fell back and hit my head.  I must have braced myself with my right arm because my shoulder was sore this morning.  I don't have a bump on my head but as the morning wears on my back and neck are getting sore.  I feel like an idiot.  An achy idiot.

After working yesterday I did a few more rows on the Cloisonne Jacket.  I think maybe one more inch and I'll be starting the sides and underarm decreases.  I am excited to start on the sleeves.  I shall do them two at a time.  I haven't decided yet if I'll do them in the round or flat.  I am inclined to do them in the round, of course.

I would like to run this lunchtime.  I know I've been saying that all week and I mean it.  I think even if my back is sore I will at least walk, unless it's precipitating.

Big plans for this weekend.  Big goals, anyway. 

03 March, 2011

Cloisonne Jacket color work finished!

It has taken months and months and months to complete these forty rows.  Of course I only did one or two rows a week because I knew it would languish at home.  That way I had a chore to do every Wednesday afternoon.  I am very very happy with how it turned out and I am sure now this will be completed very soon.  I pinned it out so the pattern shows.  It is very difficult to see the pattern when you're working on it.  This picture really does it justice.  The colors show perfectly on my monitor.  By the time it is finished it will be too warm to wear I imagine, but I will certainly wear it as soon as I can.  And as for color work -- I love the way it looks but I will never ever ever EVER do it flat again.  Ever.

I had an appointment this morning and now I'm working the rest of the day from home.  And it's time for lunch.

02 March, 2011

Sticky songs

While I was away this last weekend I went into a shop that had some horrible background music and one of the songs stuck in my head.  It was that Kenny Loggins song "House at Pooh Corner".  TERRIBLE song.  And yet it kept playing and playing.  I managed to banish it on Sunday, finally.  But now I have a Shawn Colvin song, "Monopoly" is what it's called.  It's a beautiful song, but oh so sad.  I wish there was a  product like TuneUp to clean all the sad songs off my iPod. 

I tried to run yesterday but it was raining too hard and I just turned around and came back.  I can't run today because of noon knitting so no matter what, I must run tomorrow or I will surely go mad.  Not to mention I need the exercise.  I don't like how I  look these days.

And no knitting again last night.  I don't know what's gotten into me!  I am going to take my Cloisonne Jacket home with me tonight.  I only have about 3 more rows of color work to do, then it's smooth sailing and maybe that will get me out of my slump.  It's not just boring stockinette.  There will be shaping and the lace to do on the sleeves. 

Early meeting this morning.  Time for one more cup of tea.

01 March, 2011

Coming in like a lion

After having that little bit of fake spring a few weeks ago, we are now back to our regular terrible weather.  The snow is gone but the clouds, wind, rain and low temperatures are going to be here for a while.  I can't even remember the last time I rode my bike in to work.  It has been weeks.  I just refuse to bike in this nasty stormy weather.  It's just too far for that.  I also skipped running yesterday but I must go today so let's keep our fingers crossed for mere sprinkles rather than the downpour of this morning.

I finished my second Kate Atkinson audio book while driving home Sunday.  Titled "Case Histories", it is the first of 3 books she has written with the same protagonist.  The first one I listened to was the 3rd in the series and I enjoyed it so that's why I got the first one.  It was good but I kept noticing that the author used more than a few odd ... conventions I guess is what you could call them.  For example in both books there was a dog and she chose to name it Poppy in both books.  Different dog.  Different owners.  Why would she use the same name?  Also, in both books there was a character enamored of etymology.  Again, not the same character.  Well there were lots of things like that.  I am tempted to get the 2nd book to have a listen and see if she's done it in all three.

The one I am listening to now may be a bust.  The jury is still out but I can say for sure that the narrator hasn't grabbed me yet and the story ... it could be a little trite.  I can't remember why I chose the book.  I suppose because the description caught my interest.   I'll give it a bit more of a listen when I run this afternoon.

My knitting slump continues.  I watched a stupid movie in bed last night rather than sit up and knit or do something else constructive.  Maybe it's just me in the slump.