29 December, 2016

It lives

It has really been a long time since I've been on my computer!  First was the trip to LA, then to Paris, then I got sick and there was Christmas and now it's coming up on New Years Eve and I'm STILL  sick!  After all my self congratulations that I hadn't been sick this year and here it is.  Granted it's not as bad as it has been in the past.  I'm coughing but not so hard that I can't catch my breath.  And the stuffiness is getting better.  I slept a bit more last night than I have in the last week, although most of that was propped up.  Whatever works.

So  - Paris!  Yay - my favorite time to be there, in the winter when there are the fewest tourists.  We had a nice apartment on Rue De Turenne and the weather was quite mild and only rained once.  Kelli was freezing all of the time though and complained bitterly at every turn.  We visited the pub Monday night, had dinner with Eoghan and Deirdre on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately we didn't work very had at combating jet lag.  In retrospect I suspect it was because I was coming down with this cold.  I was constantly exhausted.  We were getting after it pretty good though so it's not entirely without cause.  And Eoghan had a cold.  Emma came to visit Thursday and Friday and we went on a Bateau Mouche for the early dinner.  That was pretty nice.

Getting home proved to be a huge battle.  Kelli refuses to take the RER to the airport and Uber was blocking the traffic to the airport.  Deirdre was keeping us posted but we were getting pretty twisted about the whole thing.  Then we got up Saturday morning to prepare for our trip to the airport - however we were going to get there - and I tried to check in for our flight and found it was delayed.  Delayed from 3:10 that afternoon to 5 am the next morning!!!  Panic time.  I had to call and change my Alaska airlines flight.  I had to contact the AirBnB host to negotiate another day, if possible.  I don't even feel like going through the whole tortuous thing.  I made it home Sunday early evening after 25 hours traveling.  I was exhausted and dirty and sniffling and when I woke up Monday morning I was sick as a dog.  Two days later Ben was sick.  Lucky for him he had vacation days so he was able to convalesce.  We missed Christmas Eve, but rallied for Christmas Dinner.  And here it is the 29th and I'm still not over it.  Ten days.  At least I know I'm on the mend.  I picked up that blanket I'd been toiling over and ripped it back to the mistake row and got it going again.

The cashmere scarf was way too warm for my trip.  Gosh I always forget how warm cashmere is!  And like I said it wasn't very cold in Paris, plus I had puffy coat.  It is supposed to get cold here again tomorrow or the next day so ....

Anyway I'm on my computer today to finish up applying for my refund for the costs associated with my trip delay.  They are asking for copies of the receipts for my expenses, but since I didn't everything from my iPhone I don't have proper paper receipts.  Let's hope they accept what I do have.

I am anxious to get back to the gym but I know better than to go when I'm sick.  Hopefully next Tuesday since Ben has Monday off and I won't go then.

Happy New Year everyone!

05 December, 2016


It's snowing!  It is pretty wet though and I'll bet it turns to rain later today.  It is 37 degrees, so I really don't think it's going to be much of a problem for anyone.  I hope.  That being said I don't plan on driving much, if at all today.

I have such a lot to do today, and really the rest of the week before I leave on Thursday.  Today, besides normal chores, I've got to decorate the Christmas tree and do stuff for the trip.  I need to buy museum tickets and have Ben print them out at work.  (Oh man, the snow is getting heavier)  I really really want to get that cashmere shawl finished up so that I can block it and it will be dry for me to take.  I have four more plain rows, then the bind off, which is going to be long and arduous but gorgeous.  I should also get Tink's toenails cut before I leave since she is slipping all over the hardwood floors.  Poor little thing.

Tomorrow I have a spa day, thanks to my sweetie.  I will be super bummed if there is snow and I can't go!  The freeway should be clear though.   I shouldn't worry.

I made turkey and dumplings for dinner last night and we ate as we watched the Seahawks dismantle the Panthers.  Very satisfying.  In fact, it was a great football weekend all around.  The Huskies dominated over Colorado, winning the Pac 12 title and getting a spot in the play offs!  They are playing Alabama on New Year's Eve.  Very exciting.  So ..... Friday we're watching the game and having dinner and after we finished I noticed a big chunk of one of my teeth was gone!  Holy crap!  I called the dentist Saturday morning first thing and they got me in at 9:30 to take a look.  Yup.  Half of my tooth is gone.  There's nothing they can do about it and since it was a clean break and doesn't hurt we are just going to wait until I get back and do a crown.  I am lucky that it doesn't hurt.  I would be panicked if this happened while I was gone, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

Okay ... it's slowing down out there.  Maybe I can do some errands after all.

29 November, 2016

Less spam

I have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of spam I've been getting lately.  Usually if I didn't open my Yahoo mail for a day I'd  have more than 100 spam emails but now it's a 10th of that.  I opened it up today after a week and there was only 66.  Fantastic.

So, where did the week go?  Well Wednesday I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to skip the gym.  I baked a pumpkin pie instead.  Thursday was Thanksgiving and I made a nice dinner for just the two of us.  Friday was the Apple Cup and Ben had the day off.  Oh what a great game that was!  This Friday the Huskies play Colorado for the Pac12 Championship.  Then?  Well it could be that there is a playoff in their future.  SO exciting.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we put up the lights on the house.  It's always a tough job but we  spread it out and finished it up on Sunday.  My feeling is that it's a little TOO colorful but what the heck.  Then when we finished up on Sunday I took Tink to the park before we settled in to watch the Seahawks get absolutely humiliated by Tampa Bay.  It was terrible.  Awful.  I got lots of knitting done on my cashmere wrap.  Which, by the way, is absolutely heavenly.  I can't wait to finish it so I can block it. I want to bring it with me too Paris.  I think it's going to be cold, because next week it's getting cold enough to snow here.

Tuesday - my computer day and shopping day.  I've got to go up to Alderwood and get some things at Nordstrom.  Maybe shop for a new top or another pair of jeans for my trip.  Oooooo .... it's getting close and I'm finally getting excited.

22 November, 2016

More forms

Unbelievable  -  I have two more forms to fill out for retirement! I thought all of the forms were accounted for in my packet but either I skipped a couple or they weren't included.  Well happy days, they have been sent to me for completion and they're good ones.  My official UW Retirement form, which will give me my UW free parking anywhere forever, and the VEBA which is an account for miscellaneous medical expenses - copays and medicine - which uses your accrued sick pay.  But you know what?  They can't make me go back to work!!  woohoo!!

I had a really tough workout yesterday.  It felt like Friday, it was that tough.  I think I might be fighting a bug.  I am so tired all of the time.  But I slept in today and I was going to the mall, but I think I'll skip that and stay close to home - to some more knitting.  I'd like to get that cashmere wrap done in time for the trip.

My replacement debit card finally arrived yesterday.  An entire week without a debit card - more annoying than I had anticipated. I just wish I could figure out where on earth the numbers escaped from.  No harm done, thankfully.

It is getting colder and colder.  There is snow in the mountains.  Now I've got to figure out where to buy more wood!  I love having a fire in the fireplace.  It makes it so cosy.

Saturday morning early we had help arrive and we got the couch out of the back room.  It was a huge effort but it had to come out and it finally did with a little twist and much grunting.  And now we have a comfy living room again.  And got to watch winning football on the weekend.  This weekend is the Apple Cup  - well, Friday.  Can't wait.

17 November, 2016

Bad dreams

I've only had a couple of dreams about work and last night I had another.  It was short.  I walked up to a door - I guess my office door - and there was a huge long handwritten list taped to the door.  I burst out  crying.  It was a long list of thankless chores for some class or another.  I tore it off the door, and through my sobs said, "This is the LAST time I'm doing this"! I wonder how long before the dreams go away altogether?

I was right about the cashmere.  It really cheered me up and I'm working on a beautiful wrap with it.  I think I'd like to take it with me on my trip so I've got to keep at it.  It's mostly garter stitch with increases and then every 16 rows a 15 row short-row lace bit.  It's quite interesting but that short row part is definitely NOT TV knitting.

We went to Anacortes Saturday morning, stopping in LaConner for lunch and arriving at the hotel in Anacortes at 1:30.  We went in to see when our room would be ready and oh, guess what.  I had made the reservation for Sunday rather than Saturday.  *sigh*  But those girls at the reception desk could not have been nicer.  They called around to all of the other places near by and found us a dog friendly motel just a few blocks away.  After that horrible experience in McMinnville we were a little skeptical but I had the woman show me a couple of rooms and they were just fine.  Not fancy, but not stinky.  Whew.  We strolled around the town before the football game and decided that the place we were going to watch the band would be perfect for the football game, so we settled in around 3:30 for a long night.

And it ends up it was not a great long night.  The Huskies got beat.  Oh ... disaster.  They were ranked #4 in the country!  USC had their number and the Huskies just did not have the juice.  It was a train wreck.  But the band was awesome and we stayed for the entire time.

Sunday when we got home we were going to take another go at the couch and get it out of the office and into the living room.  But we just could NOT get that thing out of the doorway.  Now we know that it is possible because we got it in there, but between the two of us ... to happening.  I think Ben's brother will be able to help us tomorrow.  I sure hope so because I am getting tired of trying to get comfortable on these chairs.

I had two good work outs this week and I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well, with more core work.  I was sorry to have missed last Friday and I know I really should have gone.  I would probably have felt happier right away.  Ah well.  Tomorrow for sure.  Today, Tink gets another medicated shampoo and I'm going to the recycle and Trader Joe's.  What an interesting life I lead,

11 November, 2016

I need a positive knitting experience

Well things are just a bit weird, don't you think?  Who wasn't surprised by the election outcome?  I find it hard to believe and so I am not thinking about it.  We'll survive but ... good heavens.

I've got the blues today.  I should be getting ready for the gym but I just can't face it.  I think what I'm going to do is wind up that cashmere and start something lovely with it.  I worked on the blanket yesterday while I was helping someone re-learn how to knit and it looks like I got off somehow on the broken rib.  I can't figure out what I did because the count is right and I'm doing the right stitches so I think probably I messed up midway across a row when I put my project down to help her.  Anyway I am just fed up with that project.  I will keep it for TV knitting but today I want something beautiful in my hands.  So that's the plan.  Along with our normal doggie walk in the park and errands and a bath for Tinkerbell.  She has a skin thing going on and I'm pretty upset about that as well.  She had it once before and I had to bathe her every other day for two weeks.  Not fun.  Hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it gets to that stage again.

I should be getting excited about my trip to Paris.  I made my reservations for the LA portion of the trip.  Four weeks to go,  and I haven't really thought much about it since I made the reservations.  That should cheer me up.

We're going to have a fun weekend.   We're spending Saturday at a nice hotel in Anacortes.  There is a good band playing right across the street and a Husky football game before that.  It should be a great time.  I haven't seen a live blues band in ages.

Ah .... here's something funny.  We bought a beautiful new area rug for the living room.  We decided to sell the couch and use the green one in the office - my old green suede couch.  The color is perfect and it's not so big as the other couch.  I put it on Craig's List and Tuesday a nice couple came by and bought it and took it away.  Yay!  So I go into the office and take the cushions off the couch and move things around and out so that we can put it in the living room when Ben gets home.  He gets home, changes his clothes and we go to move the couch.  Can you guess?  We can't get it out of the door!  So he takes the door off the hinges and we try again.  Then we realize that when we put that couch into the office the big, huge desk was in the closet alcove.  We have since moved it out into the room and reclaimed the space for a closet and that is why we couldn't get it out the door.  We need to move the desk to the back of the room so that we can tilt the couch down and get it through the doorway.  So for now the living room consists of a beautiful rug and two arm chairs.  It looks funky but until we can get some more muscle around here it will have to stay.  Hopefully his brother can drop by and help get the couch into the living room.

08 November, 2016

The dark days

They are upon us.  Already.   But the temperature is quite warm, at least for now.  Crazy warm today. I just read an article last night that said we are in for a snowy winter this year, like 2008/2009.  That might be fun, since I don't have to drive anywhere.

Things are going well at the gym.  I have added a little weight to the squat portion of the workout and a little to the triceps.  I will try for some more tomorrow since I have no soreness from Monday.  Well none in the legs anyway. My upper body strength is so nonexistent that I always can get soreness there.  Last Friday I tried the BodyPump and CRX class and that was indeed challenging.  And I had all kinds of new soreness after that one because the CRX is core work.  I am looking forward to trying it again this Friday.

Today I am waiting for a couple to come buy the couch.  We bought a new area rug for the living room and decided that we want to move the green couch I had that is now in the office/guest room into the living room.  The convertible chaise is just too big for this space.  And the green couch will go much better with the new rug.  It will give a whole new feel to this room.

I made my reservations for the LA portion of my December Paris trip.  And I've been trying to activate my Trusted Traveler card but their web site seems to be down.  It is very annoying.   I have to get it activated soon or it will become inactive so .... hopefully I can get it done today.

Still working on that stupid blanket.  I hate the yarn.  I should have known better than to use acrylic and should have shopped for a super wash wool.  But I did want a fuzzy blanket so that's why I went against my instincts with the acrylic.  Ah well.  As soon as it's done I'm going to reward myself by using the cashmere I have stashed away.

01 November, 2016


I have no problem with my discipline when it comes to going to the gym.  I am pretty happy with that.  My problem is finding the discipline to sit down at my computer and do my business.  Like banking and budgets and things like that.  When I was working I had to sit down at the computer every morning so it was much easier to keep up with that kind of thing but now I have to consciously sit down and balance my accounts and pay my bills and ... I haven't even bought my ticket for LA yet!  Nor have I filled out my ballot.  But I'm going to do that this morning before lunch.  I have done the grocery shopping and tidied up and I can't put it off any longer.

Well I am not all that keen on the blanket I am making.  Not that the color is not nice and the pattern is great, it's that darned acrylic yarn!  Ick ick ick.  But I shall keep on with it because it does not make any sense to have a blanket you can't wash.  Then when I'm done with that I'm going to find something beautiful to make with my stash of cashmere.

Speaking of my workouts, I had to skip Wednesday and Friday last week.   My goal this week is to do all three sessions and add a little weight.  I didn't get any soreness in my legs from yesterday's workout so I will add some to the leg work.

It has been raining a lot lately but also blowing and the leaves are nearly all down.  I raked up part of the yard on Friday but then on the weekend it started raining again.  This week I may have to get out there on Thursday.  That looks like the only day without rain.

The Huskies won a nail biter this weekend but the Seahawks lost, with lots of help from the referring committee.  Terrible job there.  And I lost my match up.  I am now 4 and 4 on the season with absolutely NO help from Russell Wilson.  I was so happy I got him and now .... not so much.

26 October, 2016

Laying low

Well it's not so bad.  I'm just a little under the weather is all.  The way I can tell for sure if I'm actually sick or just needing a rest - well, back when I was working anyway - is to answer one question.  Can I knit?  If I don't feel like even picking up the knitting I'm actually sick.  That was yesterday and, I am afraid, today as well.  I slept in very late for me.  I didn't even wake up until 9, which is the latest I've stayed in bed since I retired.  I don't have a full blown cold, thank goodness, but a dripping nose and sore throat and ear ache is bad enough.

Yesterday I had things I needed to take care of and the sun was out so Tink and I were up and out and to the park by 9 where she had a nice walk.  Then I took her to the dog self wash and gave her a much needed bath.  I am going to be much more vigilant about bathing her between grooming sessions so that we can keep her skin condition from returning.  The self wash is easy, just like a car wash with the shampoo already mixed in with the temperature controlled water.  And the tub is raised so it doesn't kill my back.  She hates it though, but she is much nicer smelling.  After that I stopped at the store for some essentials and then went for my manicure and pedicure and then home and that was fine because I was beat.

It is pouring rain today.  I sure hope Tink doesn't start putting up a fuss about going to the park because it is not on the agenda for today.

25 October, 2016

The long road back

Getting back into shape is a long and painful process.  There are no short cuts.  I went to BodyPump Monday morning, yesterday, and made it through the entire routine - a new one this time - with weights!  I was very proud of myself for that.  Pretty soon I'll be able to start adding more weight, but just the face that I was able to use weights for the whole class is huge.  There are lots and lots of different routines, but they all target the same muscle groups, just in different exercises.  This particular one had very difficult ab and triceps routines.  That being said, I have no soreness in either of those areas, but I certainly do in my upper back and shoulders.  So I need to add more weight to my triceps routines and work on better form for the ab work.  I certainly don't want to be as sore as I was at the beginning but I should feel something.

I had been craving collard greens for a few days, so I decided to make a pot of them yesterday for dinner.  I had forgotten what a huge hassle the particular recipe I was using was to prepare, not to mention pricey.  You would think that greens would be cheap but all they had was organic at the Haggen market and I had to go there for the smoked turkey wings, which this recipe uses instead of ham hocks.  Last time I did this I used a ham hock and I wasn't blown away, so I went with the turkey and I am really glad that I did.  The reason this recipe is so difficult is that you not only have to individually wash and tear the leaves, which you would have to do anyway, but then you wilt them in a pot of boiling liquid so they fit into the slow cooker.  I should have taken a picture of the pile of leaves.  That's six bunches, about 5 pounds, of greens torn into bite sized pieces.  It was huge but it eventually got wilted down, with a lot of stirring and cursing from me and my sore muscles, and into the slow cooker.  I must say though it was totally worth it.  They are delicious!  And pricey as this recipe is, I have left overs for two more meals, since they are sides and not mains.  Very yummy.

Here it is the 25th of October and I have not been sick!  Usually by this time in the year I've had at least two bad upper respiratory things.  Fingers crossed though, because I bring this up because I am feeling definitely sniffly this morning and I was awake twice in the night, once to take puffs from the asthma inhaler.  So ... we'll see what the day brings.  I've got to get Tink washed today and I found a self dog washing place I'm going to try.  And I need to get my manicure done today.  That is all I need to do, although I would very much like to get out and rake some leaves if the rain stays away.  We'll see how I feel.

The parade of wild life continues.  Yesterday afternoon I saw a young buck walk through the yard, horns about 8 inches long.  So beautiful.  No sign of the bears thank goodness.

20 October, 2016

Global Entry!

Woohoo!  The day is finally here.  I go for my Global Entry interview today at 1:45.  No more log TSA lines.  Pre-check all the way.  It is pouring rain yet again so the drive out and back is going to be a mess, but I'll just give myself plenty of time.  If I have to cool my heels for 20 minutes I've always got my iPhone.  I just don't want to miss this.

And here it is Thursday already!  I was anxious to go to the gym on Monday and do the BodyPump class again.  I was feeling nearly normal, muscle pain-wise that is.  It was a packed class and I was very happy with myself.  I made it through almost all of the workout with weights and I didn't once feel like I was going to throw up.  Big improvement.  However, now my biceps are SO sore that they wake me up in the night.  Ah well, the price of success.  I went again yesterday and did all but ONE set of exercises with weights.  And today my chest is crazy sore.  Tomorrow?  Well I have a choice.  I can take the half BodyPump have abs class or I can just run on the treadmill.  The housekeeper is coming at nine and I'm going to want to spend as much time as I can there, so perhaps I'll do the 30 minutes and if the advanced abs are too much for me I'll go spend some time on the treadmill.

Yesterday evening I met up with Andy and Kate for a few glasses of wine, some food and some good talk.  As I suspected, this autumn has been a disaster and I am SO glad I am not a part of it.  I don't miss it at all.  Not at all.

I have got to get a knitting project on my needles though.  I finished up the socks last Sunday and I've been waffling around about what I should do next.  I think I'll just buy that cheap yarn and get to work on another blanket  - one that can't be ruined if it gets tossed into the washer again.  On the way home from the airport today I can do that.

We were supposed to have a huge wind storm this last weekend but it never materialized.  People got all crazy buying generators, etc.  And nothing.  Except there are a few more leaves on the ground.  The rain is doing me in though.  Hard rain.  Relentless.  I take Tink to the park anyway.  You can't live in this part of the world and let the weather stop you from doing things.  If that was the case you could spend a lot of time in doors.

14 October, 2016

Or so I thought ......

It ended up that I got to keep my 2 o'clock facial appointment on Tuesday, so I was happy,  Especially because my muscles were so very very sore.  Tink got a nice park walk in the glorious sunshine and I headed up around 11.  First stop the Apple store where I bought a nice new  iPad Air 2 with cellular.  Next up Nordstrom, where I needed to get some cosmetics.  When I walked in there I was saying to myself, "Hmmmm .... wouldn't it be great if that gorgeous little Rebecca Minkoff pink suede fringed bag was marked down?"  Nordstrom rarely has markdowns but lo and behold, there was the bag and it was marked down!  With my Nordstrom notes I was out the door with that bag at half price.  Awesome!!  What luck, eh?  Then I had a quick trip through Tuesday Morning, ho hum, and a soup and salad lunch and then to the spa.  I had a nice long soak and some time relaxing my muscles even more in the hot sand room and then a facial.  Now that's what I call a perfect day.  And Ben was able to come home for dinner and I made a nice mushroom pork chops recipe from Cooking Light.

Wednesday rolled around, another gorgeous sunny, blue sky day, and I was looking forward to doing another BodyPump class at 9:30.  Except I was even MORE sore than I had been on Tuesday!  How could that be?  I could barely go down stairs or raise my arms over my head.  No gym for me.  Tink got some long walks and that was all I could handle.

At 2 in the morning the power went out and it was still out Thursday when I got up.  I was planning on going to the U District to do some banking but no power, so I couldn't get my car out of the garage. I know there is a way to do it, but I have never done it and I am not confident I could budge that double wooden garage door.  I had the truck but it was pouring rain and I did not want to drive it to Seattle, so I went to Starbucks for coffee and that was the end of my driving.  The power didn't come on until after 6 so I am grateful for the gas stove.  I just heated up some chicken  soup I had in the freezer.  

Today I woke up feeling almost normal and I was anxious to go to the class, but they don't have it on Friday mornings, so I did the treadmill instead.  There is a huge storm blowing in, with 70 mph winds expected for tomorrow.  So of course everyone is expecting the power to go out again.  It has been pouring rain for two days now and the ground is saturated.  It won't take much for a few trees to topple.  Just hope the power will stay on until I get dinner cooked.  Today another fancy recipe from Cooking Light - chicken baked with fennel and tomatoes and lemon.  I hope its good.  

The Huskies have a bye this weekend and the Seahawks are back, playing Atlanta.  That should be a good game.  Maybe I can finish those socks this weekend.  Or maybe tonight even.

11 October, 2016

Ouch ouch ouch

Eery time I go to the gym I look into the classrooms and see all sorts of interesting things going on.  I know that just running and doing a few stretches is really not getting me a decent workout so I did a little asking around about the 9:30 class, which is called BodyPump.  And yesterday I did my first body pump class.  All I can say is wow, what a great great full body workout.  I am SO sore today, everywhere.  Back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, quads, lats ... not so much the gluts but that's probably because it's used so much with running.  Even though I am sore I am quite looking forward to going back again on Wednesday.

As unlikely as I found it, I actually won my matchup lady night since my opponent had a ridiculously underperforming player in that game.  But big deal - even though my record is the same as three other guys I am lowest because I haven't been making lots of points, except the first week.  Hopefully they will change this weekend with Russell Wilson healthy.

One thing I have been looking forward to is my appointment at the Olympus Spa today for a facial and, not coincidentally after yesterday, a big old soak in the hot tubs.  But yesterday evening I got  call saying that they had made a mistake with the booking and could I come in at 2:45.  NO!  That is too late.  The girl was supposed to call back, but she didn't so I'll have to give another call this morning to see what is up.  I have also decided that it's time to get a new iPad and I was going to go to the Apple store before the spa.  The one I have is obsolete and can't even take the latest update, and it is so slow.  I'm going to get a new one and wipe the old one clean and give it to Ben.  He won't be putting anything on there App-wise.  He just wants to read sports news on the browser.  Perfect.  I am going to get one with Wi-Fi AND LTE or whatever it's called, so that I can get phone service when I need it, like when I go to Paris in December.

I still haven't finished those socks but I might sit down and do that this evening.  I've got to get started on the new blanket.  This one I will make out of washable yarn in case the housekeeper takes it into her head to wash it again.

06 October, 2016

Thumbs up

Yesterday I tried out NOT showering at the gym.  I did my workout, left my workout clothes on and took off for home, with a quick stop at the post office to mail a package.  Bu the time I got home I was plenty cooled down and had a nice shower and did  a little clean up in the kitchen while my hair air dried.  Perfect.

Except my day got a little messed up.  I had taken Tink to the vet Tuesday to have her neck checked out.  It is a skin infection and she's no stranger to that, since it is most prevalent in Westies.  I got some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal wipes that I have to use on the affected area twice a day, some antibiotics and some anti-itch pills.  I have switched her to a harness to avoid further irritating the skin on her neck and I have tied a cotton bandana around her neck to protect the area.  But at night she scratches at it with her back paws so yesterday I was going to go to Petco to get her some socks to cover those feet at night and a doggie T-shirt to cover up the neck/chest area.  But our friend came over to clean off the roof and the gutters and I couldn't really leave him alone on the roof, so no trip to Petco.  I'm going to do that this morning.

And I'll tell you what - I have created a monster with Tink and the park.  Yesterday while I was drying my hair I had her basking in the sun on the front porch.  But she wanted in.  Next thing I know she's sitting by the door where I'm drying my hair and barking that sharp "I want something" bark.  When I asked her what she wanted she trotted to the closet where I keep the leashes.  This was around 12:30 when she has been getting her park walk so I did a little test, hooked her up and walked towards the front door.  Nope.  She put on the brakes.  And then pulled me toward the back door.  I had to finish drying my hair, which was difficult to convey to the dog, and then she got her park walk.  She is feeling better, I can tell.  She didn't exactly run around the park, but she was more active.  It's got to be annoying having a big sore on the neck.

Last night I had a dream about work.  It was about how I did not want to be there.  It was like I was still having to go in but I had nothing to do.  Not a nice dream at all and I was trying to do the math to figure out if I had enough vacation time to just quit then an there.  What a relief when I woke up and remembered that I had already done that.  Whew

04 October, 2016

Rethinking the gym day routine

My current routine needs some adjustment.  As it is now, on gym days Tink gets a very basic walk in the morning before I put her in the car and take her to wait for me when I work out.  I do my 45 minutes on the treadmill, do a little stretching or some machines, then I head to the showers.  The problem, in a nutshell, is that I need more cool down time.  Even though I take at least 15 minutes to stretch and cool down it is not nearly enough.  Even a cool rinse in the shower and blowing cool air from the hair dryer on my head does not do the trick.  Basically I cannot get my hair dry!  I finally gave up yesterday and just put it in a pony tail and headed out.  I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store and I needed to get a harness for Tink since she's got this mysterious sore on her neck.  Then it was a little after noon, I was h-angry and still we hadn't done the park.  When we got there Tink was not interested in a walk.  SO frustrating.  I have been trying to be efficient but I think I've got to forget getting dressed at the gym.  For Wednesday I'm going to just give her the normal business walk, head to the gym and do my thing and then come back home to get cleaned up.  If I get organized I can do all my running around on non-gym days.  But I know I'll probably have to make extra trips in the car.  But I have to be able to get my hair dry so that's that.

Today we're going to have the vet look at Tink's neck.  She has always worn a collar so I can't imagine it is entirely the fault of a collar that caused the sore on her neck.  We'll soon find out.

Rain has moved in.  Autumn is here.  It's not cold yet though  so that is good.

03 October, 2016

Monday Monday .... not so bad anymore

It's amazing how things change when you don't have to steel yourself to get back to the office on Monday.  It's just a quiet day after the weekend.  And today it's a cloudy and chilly quiet day.  I will be able to go to the gym.  I finally wore a full shoe yesterday and while my toe did hurt a bit, it wasn't debilitating and I will be able to run.

Tink got groomed this weekend and she looks like herself again.  I had noticed a patch of raw skin on her neck and now that she's groomed it is very obvious and we're going to have to go to the vet about it.  I don't know if it is some irritation from her collar and she's aggravated or what, but it's almost two inches long and more than half an inch across.  Not good.  I'm going to buy her a harness to use instead of her collar for the time being until we can figure out what's up with it.

Football weekend started early with a Husky game on Friday evening.  They played Stanford and absolutely crushed them.  They have moved up in the polls to 5!  That is really something. The Seahawks also did well on Sunday and beat the Jets in New York.  I like it when both of the team win.  It would be better still if my fantasy match up had gone well, but even though I have two more scores tonight I have no chance of winning this week.  Again.

The Seahawks socks on size 8 needs are moving right along.  I've already turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and now I'm on the foot.  I could finish tonight, or get pretty close.  And then what?  I think I should start thinking about making another blanket after the first got ruined.  And maybe this time I'll just a washable yarn in case the house cleaner tosses it in the washer again.

30 September, 2016

Nature on the doorstep

Yesterday evening I saw a bear cub.  We both did, so I know I didn't imagine it.  Ben had just gotten home and I was standing near the doors to the deck when a bear cub walked into my sightline from the right, and sauntered right across the deck!  I said "A bear!" Clever, me.  I watched, mouth agape as it leisurely strolled across the deck right in front of my eyes,  Ben said, "Get a picture!" but by the time I did it had started towards the back to the ravine.  I opened the door so I wouldn't be shooting through the glass but the noise startled it and it gained speed and headed down the ravine.  Where was mama bear and papa bear?  Not far,  I would suspect.

I had to drive into the U District yesterday to do a little banking and I stopped at Trader Joe's in Redmond on the way home for some wine.  Before that I walked across the shopping center parking lot to the craft store to see if I could find some washable yarn for a pair of Seahawks color socks for Ben, since the angora blend ones didn't last long.  The store is a Benjamin Franklin craft store that I thought would have crappy yarn, but indeed they had some lovely stuff!  Also the acrylic I needed but I am sure going to go back there.  I am happy I found a LYS with something other than Red Heart brand.

I finished up the Cheyenne shawl and bound off so that I can start the socks today.  I would like to get a few projects blocked but that will have to wait until next week since we are having company for dinner Saturday and I don't want a bunch of stuff all over the floor.

I fully intended to go to the gym this morning for my run, even though my foot was still a bit sore yesterday.  But that is not going to happen.  It is still WAY too sore for that.  I can't imagine getting it into my tight running shoe.  I still get zings of pain that make me shiver.  The swelling is down but it is still very bruised and sorer than I would like.  Hopefully I can get Tink to go twice around the park.

Tonight at 6 o'clock is the first Husky conference game.  They're playing Stanford, a tough and also ranked team.  The weather is perfect.  It should be an awesome game.  Go Huskies!!

28 September, 2016

Clumsy clumsy me

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and I had errands galore.  I had my manicure and pedicure, a went to Costco, and after lunch drove to the Redmond recycle center.  I had skipped Tinkerbell's park walk, which I would have normally done after I ate lunch, because she was peacefully snoozing in her bed and I had to get to Redmond before traffic got bad.  So when I got home around 2 I just assumed she would want to continue her snooze-fest in the front in the sun or in the back on the deck.  But she was whining and not content to be in the front.  I therefore assumed she wanted to go for a walk, so I grabbed her leash and hooked her up and urged her towards the front door.  No deal though, not where she wanted to go.  Fine, so I walked back towards the back yard thinking she wanted to walk around out there but no dice, she put on the breaks before we even got to the door.  Well what the heck?  So we walked back up into the dining room and she walked through and out to the door to the garage!  She wanted to go to the park!  We go out that door when we take the car.  I wasn't entirely convinced so we walked through the laundry and down into the garage and didn't she stop by the car's back door!  Well good communication like that is rewarded to off we went to the  park.  And now who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??

I had a little time before I had to start dinner when we got back so I was sitting on the couch contemplating my shawl -- bind off or go another row?  I got up and caught my little toe on the corner of the rattan chest we use as a coffee table.  Oh lordy did that hurt!  It woke me up in the night and kept me up for hours.  It is black and blue and swollen.  But I can put weight on it so I am skipping my 3 mile run for today -- as if I have a choice - and I'm going to put it up and ice it and hope for good things.  I think I just stretched the tendons or whatever.... ligaments ...  If anything was broken I wouldn't be able to hobble around on it.  I don't think.  In any case, if it's not better in a couple of days I'll head to the doctor.

And speaking of doctor, I keep getting these dire notices saying my health insurance is finished and I had better make sure I'm covered.  I am pretty darned sure I handled this WAY before I retired, but I'll double check today.  Maybe even triple check.

26 September, 2016

Happy Monday

Well the rest of the vacation was super awesome.  A day and a night in Florence in a place right on the river.  The weather was gorgeous and the view was so very nice.  Wednesday morning we headed inland to the McKenzie river and a cabin in a little tiny place called Rainbow.  The cabin was just incredible.  And right ON the river.  We had two nights there and the weather was great for the first day but cloudy and rainy the second.  It didn't matter.  It was so nice.  We had a fire and a good TV to watch football on Thursday,  Then Friday we took off for McMinnville.  I found a winery I wanted to visit and we had reservations for dinner at one of my favorite French restaurants.  We bought some crazy good wine at the winery and I found an excellent bottle for dinner too.  It was wonderful.  The motel was crap though.  We just slept there and got out asap in the morning.

The Husky game wasn't on until 7:30 Saturday night so we got home in plenty of time.  I got all the clothes sorted and in the wash and unpacked.  Pizza and salad for dinner as we watched the football game and I knit.  Perfection.  They won in overtime.  A nail biter.

Then Sunday was football all day.  Now the I can do shopping and errands on the week days there is none of that nonsense on the weekends.  I got to knit and knit and knit.  I am nearly done with the latest wrap.  It's from "Cozy Stash-busting Knits" and it's called Cheyenne.  I added on to it, adding another increase row after the last chart C repeat and then just knitting in garter stitch until I have to bind off.  It's going to give a ruffled bottom to it.  Nice.  And I love the color of this yarn.

I am remarkably busy.  My time gets filled and my calendar as well.  I used to feel like I was wasting so much time at work when I had real stuff to do.  Now I get to do all my real stuff.  I got the tomatoes picked and plants pulled up.  Shopping and dinner cooking. A good workout.  A walk in the park with Tink.  Did my monthly budget and paid bills.  And the sun is shining.  For now.

Now it is time to get the rest of the dinner ingredients ready to go into the pot.  And Monday Night Football tonight.  I"ll finish up that shawl.

19 September, 2016

The good and the terrible

Our motel in Lincoln City left much to be desired, except for the view which was super awesome.  The access to the ocean beach was not bad either although about a million stairs.  Tink did very well on the beach and she even braved the stairs like a champ.  She loves the beach!  I brought a hard ball to throw for her and she chased it an acted like a puppy.  That was Friday.  Saturday we woke up to a heavy mist that in a couple of hours turned into a full on heavy rain.  I mean heavy.  We drove out for breakfast and then got supplies because we were not planning on going out in that downpour to a club, especially if we could work out how to watch the Huskies.  We got smoked salmon and beer and bread and stopped for an excellent bowl of clam chowder before heading back to get comfy and watch the Huskies.

The game started at 5 but the motel TV did not get the Pac-12 network.  Thank goodness for WiFi.  I got it on my computer on the Pac-12 network website and we watch the whole thing, only having to call down twice to have the guy re-boot the network.  I love my MacBook.  The picture was stunning and made all that much nicer by the fact that the Huskies crushed Portland State.  Oh, and the Ducks lost as well to Nebraska.  That was pretty nice to watch too.

Sunday morning we headed out from Lincoln City to Yachts.  We stopped for a little breakfast, drove through Newport, which was quite stinky from the fishing and just run down and icky.  We got to Yachts around 11:30 am, which is quite early for a 4 o'clock check in but we figured we could hang out in the bar and watch football until the room was ready.  They got it done before the Seahawks kickoff at 1:15.  The room is nice and spacious with a beautiful view again.  Then we watched the mess that was the Seahawks game.  The Rams beat us and Russel Wilson only got me a little over 8 points!  Needless to say I lost my matchup.  I should have gone with my guts and played a couple of my bench players who did well last week.  I will make some changes to my line up for sure for next week and probably bench Wilson to boot.  *sigh*  Ah well, early days.

I think we'll just kick back and walk Tink some more today.  It's only Monday and we've got the entire week yet!  Yay!  Vacation

16 September, 2016


Gosh here it is Friday already!  Wednesday was pretty busy with getting everything ready for the trip.  The garden and the new potted plants were soaked and hopefully that will be fine.  I do believe it's going to cloud up and rain at least a couple of times while we are gone so the new plants should be okay.

We took off early early early Thursday morning so that Ben could make a meeting in Portland.  The traffic wasn't bad at all and we made good time.  After dropping him off at 10am at the office I made a quick call to the hotel to see if I could get early check in.  The woman on the phone was rude.  "Check in is 3pm".  So I explained to her that I was at loose ends and couldn't she please check the reservation and see when the room might be ready.  I know that people don't all wait until noon to check out.  But she would not cooperate and reiterated that check in is 3pm.  Well I didn't know what to do with myself and Tink.  I had had no breakfast and I was beyond hungry at that point and 30 minutes from the hotel.  But I thought what the heck, let's drive over there anyway and at least the front desk person might be more helpful and tell me where we could go to hang out where dogs are allowed.  Thank goodness the front desk person was very very friendly and helpful as well.  She directed me to the river front on the Washington side of the Columbia.  There is a river walk and several restaurants with patios.  Tinkie and I had a nice walk along the river and then at 11:30 when I could no longer wait, I found a seat on a patio that allows dogs and we had a little rest and some lunch.  I ordered a cup of clam chowder and some fish and chips.  The chowder was just awful.  I didn't find a single clam in that cup, and it was way too thick and floury.  The fish and chips was nice - the fish was breaded with Panko bread crumbs so it was very light but not much flavor.  So I didn't each much, but enough to keep me going.  Then at noon off we went again.  We had no choice but to keep walking around for a while longer.  We finished the river walk for a second time and then we went to a cafe where I had an iced coffee and Tink could lay in the shade.  And then Ben called - he was getting out of there early.

By the time I picked him up, he had a bite to eat, and we got to the hotel it was time to check in.  There's not much around here but a big mall, a really second tier type of one.  So I located a dog friendly brew pub in Vancouver, just 7 minutes away, and we drove over there and had a nice beer in the shade on the patio.  Very nice.  But I was exhausted from all of the walking around with the dog I had been doing in the sun plus there was Thursday night football on, so we went back to the room and crashed and ordered pizza.

This morning I got up when Ben left, around 7 or 7:30.  Tink was already whining to go out when I was in the shower so I just put on my face cream and threw on some clothes and took her out for a nice long long walk.  She did her business and then I could get dressed.  As I was eating breakfast downstairs one of the women at the desk had see me take Tink out and we were talking about dogs.  I said I was going over to Petco when they opened and maybe I could get her a bath there and she was saying that is where she takes her dogs, so I ate and then went to get Tink and we took our sweet time walking over there.   Actually I spent a bit of time brushing her but it didn't do much good.  She needed a bath.  Petco didn't open until 9 so we had some time.  As luck would have it, they did have time to do her so that's where she is now, getting cleaned up and her nails clipped.  We'll be able to pick her up when we check out at noon.

I've got some time -- maybe I'll do a little knitting.  I've got nearly an hour.  Ahhh ..... I am so lucky.

14 September, 2016

The cliche

I have heard time and again people say "I don't know how I had time to work" after they retire.  And you know what?  I get it.  The void gets filled pretty darned quickly.  I should be on my way to the gym this morning, but I have a miserable headache.  It almost feels like I'm coming down with a cold, but since we are leaving for vacation tomorrow I am going to ignore that.  That being said, I'm not going to force myself to go to the gym when I don't feel 100%.  There's plenty to do around here to get ready for our week plus on the road.  Laundry for starters.  I'll get myself together and take Tink to the park first.  It is, again, a gorgeous September morning.  It looks like it's going to cloud up here later in the week, but we'll enjoy the sunshine while we have it.

Yesterday I went to lunch with Ben's sister up by Trinity.  Google maps directed me to the restaurant up the old Woodinville Duval road through just gorgeous hills with lots of horse farms and an equestrian park.  I am anxious to start find a place too ride but I've got to wait until we get back from vacation.  I could have looked this week but it didn't make any sense to do that since I won't be back until the 25th.

Eww ... I just made a bowl of oatmeal and it was just not right.  I think the oats were just too old - like maybe a year.  And the milk is off.  I'll have this orange for breakfast instead.  And then get cleaned up and take Tink to the park.  And keep my fingers crossed it's just my sinuses acting up and I am NOT getting a cold!!!

13 September, 2016

My favorite time of year

I love love love September!  Especially when we get these beautiful blue sky days.  There's football and trees turning colors and it's still warm and sunny and gorgeous.  Yesterday my new routine got interrupted and I spent extra time at the park.  Ben texted me at 7 AM saying he was coming home.  He had forgotten his laptop at home!  So it was a work at home day for him, except it was also the housekeeper's day so .....  And normally it would be my workout day but everything got mixed up.

After breakfast and while he was working I took Tink to the park directly rather than go in to the gym because I knew we had to get out of the house by noon.  We spent a little over an hour at Cottage Lake Park, with Tink doing the leading mostly.  She went around twice which is a big walk for her.  Then we headed home.  I had a couple of errands to run up at Alderwood Mall so we hung out here until it was just about time for her to arrive, and then off we went for lunch in the sunshine. By the time we had a leisurely lunch and took our time on the errands at the Shane and the mall it was time for a drive home, the long way through Maltby and Trasher's Corner.  Lovely.  She was just about finished up when we got here so I took my laptop outside and that was pretty much the day.

Football again, since it was Monday night, and since it was the FIRST Monday night game there were two and mine didn't start until after 7.  I already won my matchup but I had the LA defense and I was just playing for points.  Their defense sucked and that left me in third place overall, which is awesome.  Now if I can just keep it up.  I have to set my lineup soon but now you're not stuck with a player any more.  You can change your line up right up until kick off for that particular game, unlike before when the lineup was frozen at Thursday night's kick off.  We are concerned with Russel Wilson's sprained ankle.  But also I have a tight end and a WR I want to move around.  Fun!!

I am going like lightening through my latest knitting project.  I'll take it along with me on our trip because it is supposed to be rainy on the coast, not that it matters to me, but I might like to knit a bit.  I love this yarn - it was a gift and the green color is absolutely gorgeous.  I'll have plenty to expand the pattern a bit and make it bigger, which is what I like.

Now Tink is whining and I have even eaten breakfast yet.  She wants to go to the park!

09 September, 2016

Three miles

Oh boy -- what a great workout I had today!  I ran 3 miles in 47:39.  Granted that is on a treadmill and not out on the asphalt - but I am just so very happy that my wind is coming back and I haven't hurt myself.  I think I'll make that my goal - three miles each time.  If I can get it done in less than 45 minutes, then good for me.  Maybe I'll run a race this fall!

After Tinkie's walk in the park I came home and had lunch and then went out to Costco to pick up a few things, then back home to clean up the mess in the kitchen.  I baked cookies last night while the dinner was cooking and found that there were bugs in the flour and sugar!  Ick!!!  I ran to the store for new flour and sugar and then sealed everything up tight.  This afternoon I emptied the cupboard and wiped everything down.  I believe the culprit may have been the Balsamic vinegar

Last night was the opening of the NFL season and I had a guy on the Bronco's team.  He did very well for me. My first match up of the season is with Ali.  He always does so well so it would be super awesome if I could beat him.  Huskies tomorrow.  Playing Idaho.  It should be a good game.

The weather has turned nice again and I'm looking forward to our week in Oregon.  I am wondering if I should get somebody to water my plants though.  The three new crocosmia I planted have become a banquet for the deer.  I am not so happy.  I'll have to find the deer repellant this weekend.

08 September, 2016

Fifteen minutes more

I am SO lucky!  I wasn't feeling any negative effects from my 30 minutes on the treadmill so I added another 15.  I tried to do 5 walking and 5 running but my wind is not quite back yet - well, what do expect after only one time.  I am not so patient with myself.  Anyway it was a terrific 45 minutes.  I worked up quite a sweat.  Then a little stretching and I called it.  Friday I will shoot for a full hour on the treadmill and some upper body work.  I have all the time in the world now, don't I?  I am so used to hurrying myself through the gym and now I can take all the time I want.  Tink was patiently waiting in the car for me - well snoozing actually and so then we took off for the  park and we got another nice walk in for her.  Today I think we'll go to Marymoor Offleash Dog Park for our long walk.  I need to go get myself a bigger gym bag and I've also got to get my car washed so it'll be a busy morning.

Ben's flight was on time from San Francisco and the traffic wasn't bad coming home because I could use the diamond lane most of the way.  As I predicted he was pretty darned tired and was in bed early.  I'm glad he's home.  It is awfully quiet around here without him.

I'm working on my new project and Ben even commented - "Oh, knitting's back!"  It is the cooler weather.  It is supposed to clear up here today and be sunny for the next week at least.  That means both the Seahawks and the Huskies will have sunshine for their season opener.  Well I know the Huskies played last weekend but that didn't really count.  This game coming up is Idaho.  NFL starts tonight.  My fantasy team doesn't have anyone on for tonight .... oh wait maybe I do have somebody.  I do - I have a running back on Denver's team.  It's Denver vs Carolina tonight.  Woohoo!  Away we go.

07 September, 2016

A fabulous fabulous lady day

Oh what a great, relaxing day!  I was able to get in for my manicure an pedicure at 10.  Nobody else there.   Then up to the mall to get my jewelry checked. Good thing too!  They found a loose baguette so that ring is staying there this week to get fixed.  I had an hour before I was due to check in at the spa so I took myself to lunch and had a gorgeous salad and a mediocre glass of wine.

The spa, for the first time in I don't know how many visits, was quiet for a change.  I guess now that I can go during less busy hours, I'll be able to enjoy the quiet and relax rather than wish people shut the fuck up.  A nice soak, and then the body scrub followed by the moisturizing treatment which includes a mass of cucumbers and other green dripping things being put on your face.  I tell you though, you end up coming out of there feeling so soft and smooth and relaxed.

By the time I got home it was after 4.  Tink got her walk and I got to knit on my new project.  But then the phone rang.  And rang again and before I knew it it was time for dinner.  I meant to get my HBO shows caught up but I did not do that.  Maybe tonight.  I expect Ben will be in bed early.

It is raining today and so dark.  The weather is supposed to get better soon though.  For now, I've got to get some clothes on, walk Tink and then head off to the gym.  Maybe 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning?  We'll see.

06 September, 2016

This is the real day

Yup.  NOW I feel it.  Today is the start school and I am at home.  Hoorah!  Now it feels real and I am having a special celebration today.  I booked a day at my favorite spa for a soak, a body scrub and a body moisturizer.  It is such a treat.  It is so very relaxing and I feel so so good when it's done.  Before that I'm going to try to get in to get my manicure and pedicure.  I wanted to do it on Saturday but I was not feeling so hot.  In retrospect it must have been stress but I felt like I was coming down with a bad cold or something.  I did get in to sign up at the gym and then for the rest of the day I just lazed around, snoozed and Sunday woke up feeling great.

So far Tink got some nice long walks this weekend and yesterday I went to my new gym and did half an hour on the tread mill.  Yes, I could have done more but I was afraid of overdoing it after such a long hiatus.  And the good news is that I am not so sore this morning.  My back a little bit but overall not too bad.  Wednesday I'll do another half hour and then do a few weights or machines.  Slowly ease into it.

I started another project yesterday. I was going to be strict with myself but after cleaning off my yarn shelves on the weekend I got too jazzed about all the lovely yarn I have there and started a new project rather than finish up something I have.  I do think that of the four WIPs I will finish 3 of them.  I definitely am going to frog the lace front cardigan.

Ben comes home tomorrow.  It feels like a really long time that he's been gone.  And this going weekend NFL starts.  The Huskies had their season opener on Saturday and looked very good.  They weren't playing a very difficult opponent but still .... very exciting.  And Dish finally got their contract dispute cleared cup with Channel 13 so no more antenna for Seahawks.  Life is awesome.

02 September, 2016

The day has finally arrived

My last day at work.  Unreal.  I don't feel scared or anxious or sad.  It just feels like Friday before a long weekend and when the long weekend is over, I don't have to come back here.  Weird.  But I'll make a new routine.  Tomorrow I'm going to sign up for the gym and then Monday I start my new weekly routing - hopefully they will be open on the holiday.  My life needs structure and going to the gym is a good way to start. 

I got my office nearly cleaned out yesterday.  I've got at least one more load to haul out to the car.  Maybe two.  I threw away a lot of junk yesterday.  I got an email last night around 8 from my friend Andy, saying he and Kate wanted to have a drink with me on my way out to my car.  Well .... I would have liked to know that sooner!  I made reservations at Purple for six - I know it's early, but it is difficult to get a table there at a normal time!  Did they really think I was going to hang around here until 5 o'clock?!?  I don't have anything to do except clean out my office!  I told him perhaps we could plan to have lunch or a drink later in the month.  I need to be on the road no later than four in order to get home in time to walk Tink and change my clothes.  We could meet at 3 I guess but then we have one hour .... not ideal.

Last night was the last preseason game.  The Seahawks won but I got bored by the half.  And Tink was anxious for bed.  I put her in, but she wouldn't stop whining until I came in too.  I can't get the game in there because of the antenna issue - which was working well last night, thank goodness.  So I read on my iPad for a while and had a long night's sleep.  And woke up to the alarm for the last time. 

01 September, 2016

Still not quite there

As I was texting to my sister last night, the reality of this being my last couple days of work has not truly sunk in yet.  I suspect that Monday while I'm on the treadmill it might start feeling real.  Or maybe not until Thursday or Friday when Ben has taken off for work and I'm left to my own devices.  Right now it just feels like any of the 28 other starts to the new school year.  I am looking forward to a Husky football game Saturday.  The office is quiet as everyone has taken off for vacations.  Normal normal normal. Except I won't be coming back after the holiday.  Except for that.

I spent most of yesterday getting my computer stuff cleaned out and moved into the cloud.  I'll do more of that today and also take away all of my work out clothes and as much of the stuff as I can.  I think most of this stuff will end up in the garbage.  I have a couple of pieces of artwork that I'll bring home along with my workout clothes but coffee mugs?  Don't want them. 

Last night I got caught up on my HBO shows and tonight is the last pre-season football game.  It's not going to be very interesting to me because the starters don't really play much, if at all.  I am looking forward to the real thing.  One more week.  I am going to kick butt this year in my fantasy league!

Today though -- today I'm going to get the reservations finished up for our trip to Oregon later this month.  And that's probably about it.

31 August, 2016

My last drive to the Transit Center

I have to come to work Thursday and Friday, but I'm going to be driving in both of those days so I can bring things home.  Today then is my very last commute by bus and my last drive to and from the Redmond Transit Center.  This morning, as is my wont, I was driving the speed limit down Avondale.  Maybe a mile or two over the speed limit, but basically 40 mph.  Then an ass in a big SUV sped around me, flipping me off and then proceeded to weave his/her way down the road, switching lanes as they passed cars.  Good lord, it's a busy street full of cars!  How far did that ass think he was going to get?  All he did was piss more people off as he gained maybe 6 car lengths.  Idiots.  Well I've got to drive down Lake City Way on Thursday and Friday but I'll be the traffic will be light because of the upcoming three day weekend.

Yesterday I thought I'd better verify that my new health insurance is going to cover the free gym membership.  I am very glad I checked because no, it does not.  I called Gold's Gym where Susan had just gotten a great deal and I'm going in on Saturday to sign up.  I know me.  I need to get a new routing in place ASAP and the gym has got to feature in it.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings start at the gym.  Tuesday and Thursday I can play golf or ride or whatever. 

I spent an hour or so on the phone with my sister yesterday, then watched a movie and cooked up an AWESOME dinner for myself using tomatoes from my garden.  It was delicious.  Really good.  I need to get a new knitting project going though, especially now that it is cooling down.  It's going to rain today.

My last Noon Knitting day and Monika will not be here.  Her cat had an operation and she's staying home to take care of the cat.  That is a shame.  Noon Knitting going out with a whimper.

30 August, 2016

I can't quite grasp it

I know that this is my last week of work.  Ever.  But I don't seem to have a grasp on what it means.  Silly, I know.  I think I should be feeling more .... just more.  It feels like I am going on vacation or something.  Except my office is starting to look tidier.  I cleaned all of the papers off my desk.  That's kind of my filing area, if you know what I mean.  I need to start hauling other things away - my stash of workout clothes, my lotions and coffee cups and odd ball things.  In the trash or take home.  I think I'd prefer to toss everything except the workout clothes, truth be told.  I am really really ready.

And here's what's pissing me off today .... The administrator is on vacation.  She came in yesterday but that is her only day of work this week.  And lo and behold, doesn't Joyce have an "issue" with her father and needs to stay home to take care of it.  Uh ... caretakers?  The phone?  He's in an assisted living situation so it is completely not necessary for her to be there, especially since Monika is working from home because her cat had an operation.  Both of these women only work 4 days a week as it is.  And we're short handed.  I mean, I am completely and utterly useless as a front office person.  I don't do packages except I can sign for them.  I don't know anything about anything someone would come ask about.  Oh heavens.  I just need to power through.

I ate left overs again last night but tonight I'm going to make some nice pasta with tomatoes from my garden and Kalamata olives and capers.  Kind of my own Putanesca sauce from scratch.  It is delicious if I do say so myself.  I went to bed kind of early last night and read for a while, then fell asleep around 9.  I was SO tired from waking at 3 am Monday morning, so I slept well, except Tinkerbell got too hot and wanted off the bed.  Fine.  She went under it.  Then an hour or so later came out from under the bed and woke me walking around.  Then when I tried to get her back on the bed she went back under - her favorite midnight game.  I did not like hearing that alarm. But when do I ever?  Not long now.  Three more times.

29 August, 2016

A long, lonesome weekend

I managed to keep busy, but it was a long and quiet weekend.  Tinkie got two really nice walks in the park and the weather was good enough on Sunday to work in the garden.  I dug out the old raspberries and planted some perennials.  And I got some other flowers for the pots along the walk.  Oddly enough, the cherry tomatoes and the early girls are still ripening and the roma tomatoes are still all green!  Not even a blush on any of them.  I can't figure it out.  That plant is right between the other two.

I did tons of practice drafts on Saturday and one Sunday morning in preparation for our 2 o'clock draft.  I got third pick, which is a sweet spot, and I think I did pretty good.  I know at least I was on the right track with players because my picks got stolen six times.  That is frustrating but it happens to everyone.  The proof will be in the playing, of course, but I got Russell Wilson for my QB.  That is awesome. 

So now I start my last week of work.  I woke up at 3 am and wasn't able to get back to sleep until almost 5, so I am very tired this morning and I was not happy to hear that alarm.  Only four more times. 

26 August, 2016

Yay for the Seahawks

Last night was the third pre-season game and the Seahawks finally started looking like themselves.  They beat the Cowboys and played like they should play.  The offense got going.  It was a pleasure to watch.

Hot yesterday and it's going to be hotter still today, although we get relief for the weekend.  It might even rain this weekend.  Well I'll believe it when I see it, but it definitely will be cooler.  I don't have much going on for the weekend.  I need to order new contacts, which means I have to go to Costco.  I have a couple of planters in the front that I need to re-plant so perhaps Home Depot?  Dry cleaning and grocery shopping on Saturday and a good walk at the park with Tink.  On Sunday we are having our fantasy draft.  It is moved to 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I need to start practicing.  Seriously.

I worked SO hard yesterday.  I am still exhausted.  Oh lordy but only one more week of waking up to alarms.  Unless I have to catch an early flight somewhere, of course.  I am SO sick of that alarm.  Five more mornings.  Only five.  Can you see me grinning?

25 August, 2016

One of my super favorite things

You know that I love love love to plan vacations.  It is just SO much fun!  I am tasked with putting together a week in Oregon and I knew two things for sure - that we want to stay at a particular place on the Mckenzie River and that we want to go hear music at the Roadhouse 101 in Lincoln City.  So first I found out when the music is going to be happening, which is Saturday nights.  Since we want to be driving home on a Saturday that means that we have to start in Lincoln City and finish up inland.  This is what I think we're going to end up doing -- A day and a half in Portland for business, then leave Friday afternoon and drive to Lincoln City, stay Friday night, Saturday night music then Sunday morning head further down the coast to Yachats, a couple nights there, maybe a third night in Florence and then drive inland on Wednesday and spend Wednesday night and Thursday night on the River, Friday drive to McMinnville and spend the night there and go to that French restaurant and then Saturday drive home.  I've got a lot of reservations yet to make.  We're taking Tinkerbell along with us so that makes it a little more difficult.  Not impossible though, because people bring their dogs to the beach all the time. 

I was busy laminating pictures of brains for the sites yesterday.  I've got to finish that up today and then start on 14 sets for Seattle.  It is mind numbing, repetitive work.  Brainless.  Oh lordy ... the end is in sight.  Just today, tomorrow and then one last week.  Yesterday I made a fabulous spa appointment for myself on my first official day of retirement - well I mean the first day I would have been at work, which is September 6.  Oh that is going to be wonderful.  First I'm going to buy myself a little present at Shane -- a ring I have been eying -- and then the spa.  And I'll probably still have money left from my parting gift. 

Last night was pretty quiet.  I tidied up, got all the plants watered, watched a little silly TV and then the latest episode of Hard Knocks.  A little dinner, a little reading and then Tink was ready for bed.  Like NOW.  I was tired so off we went.  She did wake me around 11:30 for a quick potty outside, then right back to sleep and I slept straight through until my alarm went off.  Oh man .... only six more times do I have to hear that freakin' alarm. 

I really want to knit but it's just plain too hot.  It's going to be in the 80's today and into the 90's tomorrow.  Thank goodness the house stays relatively cool.

24 August, 2016

Penultimate Noon Knitting

Yes we are really really getting down to the wire.  The second to last noon knitting will happen today.  I'll have to find myself another knitting group, won't I?  Knitting alone is like meditating and knitting together with friends is much different.  I'll miss it.

Yesterday I had an appointment in the morning and because somebody had made SUCH a fuss when I scooted out a bit early on Tuesday, I had to drive all the way in to work and then he never even came by.  What was so important, I have to wonder.  I got my desk mostly cleaned off and did some little things for Kate.  I need to get out of this toxic environment.  Too many unhappy people.

Ben is leaving this morning for San Francisco for two weeks.  I will be starting my retired life without him, but only a couple of days.  And now that we know the dates of this trip we can start to plan our September vacation - a little road trip in Oregon.  Part on the coast and part inland on the McKenzie River.  That will be lots of fun, especially if the weather is September perfection.  It should be nice, either way.

22 August, 2016

Too hot for Tink

We were intending to take Tink with us to Gig Harbor, but the weather was just plain too hot!  I knew that we wouldn't be able to leave her in the hotel room when we went out, so that means she'd have to be in the car and there is no way I would leave her in the car, even starting at 7 pm, because it still would be too hot.  And it was - way too hot.  Luckily they had room for her at the Doggie Care Resort, so we took her up there where she could play in the fountain and play with the other doggies and enjoy the weather instead of being uncomfortable.

We headed out around 10:30 and got there before our room was ready, so we went to downtown Gig Harbor, an old town on the water, and had lunch at the Tides Tavern.  Very good.  Then walked the town.  Heritage Distillery has a store there, of all things, so I walked in since they had last year's advent calendars on sale.  Instead of a chocolate each day of December, you get a little shot of their liquor.  Sold!  And I bought a mini of the Brown Sugar Bourbon because I wanted to try it.

We had a little lay down, but the air conditioner in the room was absolutely WAY too loud.  So we headed out again, Ben craving ice cream, and he had a little snack and we did a little stroll around Home Goods, where Jill took me all those years ago when she was dating Hoverson.  I still have the salad bowl I bought there. 

Mike was playing in between the sets Doug's band was playing, and also Jim Valley was playing.  It's confusing and I was confused and it was hot.  The venue was a coffee shop/wine bar that has live music on the weekend.  Small.  The menu was basically snacks.  But they had beer for Ben and I was driving so I was sipping wine.  I don't like being the designated driver.  It's difficult for me to have fun, frankly.  Especially in situations that are not much fun anyway.  The crowd was noisy.  The sound system was messed up and McGarrah was nervous that nobody would be able to hear him.  Well anyway, it turned out okay.  Not fantastic but okay.  I was glad to get out of there.

Yesterday we headed back and it was cloudy and cold!  I hadn't brought a sweater or long sleeved shirt even and it had clouded over and was about 20 degrees colder than the day before.  Not fun.  We did the grocery shopping then headed home so I could change into more suitable clothes, then up to Alderwood Mall so Ben could get a few more pairs of shorts and I could get some face cream.  Lunch at Preservation Kitchen.  Yum.  And then I went home and fell asleep!  I mean I fell asleep and slept until 3:30 when Ben woke me to go pick up Tinkie.  She had had a great time and was wet and dirty when we got there.  I didn't feel like washing her but I'm going to leave here early today and give her a good bath.

So -- yes, here I am at work and I've really got to dig in and get the few last workie details done and start cleaning up!  Seriously.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning so I'm working from home tomorrow.  I'm going to be coming in late and leaving early.  My retirement party was good on Friday but I cried - embarrassing.  But that seemed to put the end to it, you know?  It's odd I have to be around and most people are looking at me like I'm crazy.  But that's how I set it up.  I didn't expect to have my party two weeks before my last day.  Ah well ... in late and leave early.  I can deal with that .

19 August, 2016

My day

Today is my retirement party.  I can't believe I am writing that but it's true.  I wish it could also be my last day of work but that will have to wait a bit.  I won't be working too hard these next two weeks, but still I will have to get up with the alarm.  Not for much longer.

The Seahawks had their second preseason game last night and it was another annoying time trying to watch it on TV.  The NFL Network cut the broadcast off and we had to use the HD antenna.  I just wish the game had been better.  They lost.  At home.  It wasn't pretty. 

So Ben is not flying out to San Francisco until next Wednesday so I think we'll go to Gig Harbor tomorrow and spend the night and see my friend Mike play with some friends.  It is too far to drive both ways, especially after a night out of music and fun.  Now I need to find us a place to stay.  That is not going to be easy.  If I can't find a place we are not going.

Well I have some nasty little chores I'd better get to.  I've already been putting them off long enough.

18 August, 2016

Lashes back to normal

I noticed earlier this week that my eyelashes are finally back to normal after the lash extension experiment.  Thank goodness for Latisse!  How long did it take?  From July 6, when I took them off ... that's six weeks.  Not too bad.  I might do it again because I sure loved not having to put on eye makup.

Ben was golfing after work last night so I had the evening to myself.  I watched stupid TV and Hard Knocks.  I ate leftovers and played with Tinkie.  Soon I will be able to start another knitting project. 

Tomorrow is my retirement party here at work and I'm a bit nervous about it.  I think it's going to be a bigger do that I had anticipated.  Perhaps I'd better come up with something to say.  "So long, suckers" is probably not going to fly.  I have decided that this meeting today will be my last.  I really really need to dig in here and start cleaning out this office and I've got lots of little things to do for Kate and Andy.  I am tired of all this committee BS that I have no interest in.  So -- done today, hopefully.

17 August, 2016

Noon knitting

When it's hot like it has been it's really not feasible for me to knit at home.  I just get too moist to handle the yarn.  So I really look forward to noon knitting at work because the room is air conditioned and I can really go to town.  Today I hope to finish off the first ball of yarn and turn the corner on the Venomous Tentacula I've been poking along on.  Then it's decrease time.

I made some lovely rosemary potatoes and pork chops for dinner last night with little tomatoes from my garden.  I noticed that finally one of the Early Girls is ripening.  Hoorah!  But the Romas are still green.

Since it's been so dry and it is nearing the end of August, a few of the leaves are dropping.  I can barely believe that I won't be coming back here in September.  I'm happy.  But it's quite unbelievable.  Yesterday a faculty member stopped by to wish me well.  He can't attend the party this Friday.  Small talk.  What am I going to do?  Make another life.  It'll be SO much fun.

16 August, 2016

The temperature is rising steadily

Looking at the weather app on my iPhone I can see that we have nothing but clear skies and sunshine for the next 9 days at least and Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are predicting 90 degrees!  That is hot.  That is hot so that the house never cools down.  Well at least maybe the tomatoes will ripen.  The cherry ones are ripening but not the Romas and not the Early Girls.  Next year I am getting larger cages.

For Do Nothing Monday we re-watched the Seahawks game.  They are playing their second pre-season game this Thursday so if it's on Channel 13 again we're going to have to use the HD antenna.  Perhaps we should try it in the bedroom because there are fewer trees in the front.  It's makes Ben so frustrated.  I hope it works because it's no fun listening to him scream while I'm trying to watch.

I have lots of stuff to do at work and I don't give a hoot about any of it.  I am trying hard to buckle down and get stuff done but ... well, but nothing.  I just have to do it. 

I am sweating already.  And it's not supposed to be that hot today.  ick

15 August, 2016

What a perfect party

The title says it all.  It was a wonderful night.  Ben had invited two of our neighbor couples and they were SO nice and they got along very well with our other friends.  We started at 3 o'clock and the last couples toddled out around 11.  That's pretty good, I'd say.  It was hot, but not too hot and we got plenty of shade in the back.  My only complain is that I put a bit too much water into the red beans and it was quite soupy compared to how I usually make it.  The recipe calls for 6 to 8 cups of water and typically I only need 4.  I put in around six this time.  I don't know why .... I will remember for the next time.

I put the HD antenna onto the living room TV on Saturday and we were not getting a very strong signal.  And no wonder, considering all of the trees surrounding is in the back.  It was quite frustrating trying to watch the Seahawks when the picture and sound kept cutting in and out.  And then the guests arrived and it was a moot point.  I did happen to see the very last of the game and we won, which is awesome.  NFL network had it on at 10 o'clock last night so we recorded it and can watch it tonight.

Sunday was as I predicted - a little clean up, some grocery shopping, lunch out and plenty of relaxing.  I got the laundry done and that was it, even though I had intended to wash my car.  I was tired.  I actually think I'm coming down with something but with only three weeks to go I am trying to ignore the symptoms. 

Yes, three weeks.  This Friday is my retirement party and then the last two weeks ... not going to be much work getting done I don't suppose.  Mostly it'll be clean up.  I've got a bunch of stuff here that needs to be either thrown away, archived in some way or taken home.  I'll think about it next week.

12 August, 2016

When the dream lingers

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent some time with an old old friend.  It was the dream I had, but the feeling of being with that person just stuck around.  It's still here.  This happened to me ... oh maybe six months ago.  I like it, but it's bittersweet as well. 

Friday is here and I've got a bazillion things to get organized for the party tomorrow.  People won't be arriving until late afternoon so I've got plenty of time to get everything done plus have a lie in, which I really really need.  I fell asleep after my alarm went off for the first time and was in deep deep sleep when it went off at 6:09.  Urgh.

We watched a little bit of the pre-season game on last night but it wasn't very interesting since it was nearly the end of the game and all the players are 3rd stringers.  But I will be watching the Seahawks on Saturday, at least for the first quarter.  I even did a little bit of knitting last night.  I have a pair of socks I've been working on for a year or so - just handy knitting to have around when you need a fix.  They're not too hot to be in one's lap.  It got hot yesterday and today it is going to be even hotter.  And hot for the foreseeable future - at least what is foreseeable on the iPhone weather app.  I brought the fans out again last night.

Saturday the party and Sunday resting up.  Hopefully I can get some good sleep in there as well.

11 August, 2016

Still on vacation

Well I just can't come down from my birthday weekend high.  SO much fun.  Work?  Not so much, but busy busy busy.  I had a bad night last night - my asthma has been kicking my behind - and I am very tired today again.  I've got one meeting today at 9 and then another at 1:30 to hand off a web site.  Perhaps I'll go home a bit early today.  I've got to stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my red beans and rice for the party, and I've got to get the wine too.  Trader Joe's is very close to the Redmond TS so I can drive over there after I pick up my car.  Then the QFC is right next door and it carries the smoked pork chops I need for the beans.  Then I won't have to worry about running around after work on Friday - which is always NOT fun - and I'll have everything I need Saturday morning.

Another thing I need to get done is hook up the HD antenna so we can get the Seahawks' first pre-season game at 1 Saturday.  Ben took a look at it last night and it uses the coaxial cable rather than a HDMI cord.  That's good so we can hook it up to the living room TV and I won't have to unplug the DVD player.

I found out about my retirement party yesterday.  I had assumed they would just take me to lunch, like they did for Sandra.  But no, I'm to have a catered do here with the faculty invited as well as the staff.  That will be really nice!  I didn't expect that.

10 August, 2016

My fabulous birthday weekend

It was SUCH a good time!  I got pre-check so getting on the plane to LA was quick and easy.  We did so many fun things -- went out to eat, saw a movie, had a massage, shopping, fun times with my nephews and we had THE most awesome meal ever on Saturday night.  It was a place my nephew found called Scratch.  I can't even describe it - it was that delicious.  Needless to say I can't wait to get back there.  The weather was nice - not too hot. 

I've got a party in the works for Saturday.  And back at work with lots and lots of things to do.  So ... back to it.

04 August, 2016

People make me CRAZY!!

Why oh why are people so freaking lazy?  And thoughtless?  Yesterday I used the last of my English breakfast tea and so I had to buy tea this morning.  I know that Monika bought three boxes of it for the coffee room so I thought nothing of it when I went in there this morning only to find the box EMPTY.  And turned upside down -- as if that's helpful.  Why couldn't the person who used the last bag let Monika know?  How is that so difficult??  She won't be in for another 30 minutes and so I have to sit here without my tea until then.  Just seething.  I hate people. 

Now that Ben's trip is set for after the 14th and the BBQ is fixed we have decided to have a party on the 13th.  That means I've got to get the invitation out today and hope that we can get a few people to come.  It's so hard in the summertime because there are only a few weekends and people make plans way in advance.  Oh well, that's the way it goes.

Noon knitting was fun yesterday and a nice break.  I nearly wound the silk last night but I had to help Ben with some Excel stuff and then it was too late.  I won't be knitting on my little vacation anyway.  I'll wait.

Today I've got a manicure at 3:30 so I'll have to leave early.  I would really prefer to NOT have to come in tomorrow since I have to be at the airport by noon.  We'll see.

03 August, 2016

My keyboard may melt

I know that August is always crazy but this one seems even crazier than normal.  Well "normal" since these past couple of years have been anything BUT normal, work-wise.  I have a deadline and a big push to meet it.  I worked solid, non-stop yesterday except for about 45 minutes when I went outside and walked as fast as I could.  I am leaving a bit early tomorrow to get my manicure and then Friday I have to leave here in time to get to the airport parking at noon for a 2:30 flight to LA.  The lines at the SeaTac security are insane so I'm not taking any chances.  I do not want to miss that flight.  My sister and nephews have a wonderful birthday weekend in store for me.  I want to start as soon as possible.

Good news on the BBQ front - the other replacement part, the hot rod, came yesterday and Ben installed it and voila! The smoker works!  Hooray!  I had no idea we counted on that as much as we do.  Tonight burgers and tomorrow steaks.  Nice.

I am looking forward to noon knitting.  I don't think I've picked up a piece of knitting since last Wednesday!  I need a fix.

02 August, 2016

Another hijacking

It was four or five years ago when my eBay account got hijacked.  This time it was my Netflix account.  The good thing is that I had just yesterday looked over my Nordstrom statement and noticed that Netflix is on that account, because I had to have the credit card number to get back into my account.  The person who hijacked it had changed not only the password but the login AND the phone number.  What an ass.  In Equador.  Well, they're out now.  I've changed that password to something new, as well as changing my Yahoo password just for giggles.  Next is the Apple password.  Again.  Okay.  That's done.  Hopefully nothing else gets taken over.  It is such a hassle changing these things.  And harder still to remember!

Yesterday was a brutal day.  SO busy but the good news is that the day scoots right by.  Today it is cloudy and I've only got one meeting.  Tons of things to do so hopefully it will scoot by as well.  I know - it is TERRIBLE to wish time away, however I am so very anxious to get on with it.

Perhaps with this cooler weather I can get up the energy to wind some yarn tonight.  I need a knit fix.

01 August, 2016

August 1

So now every day of my last five weeks of working is one one calendar page on my wall above my desk here at work.  Five weeks.  It's hard to believe.

It was quite the frustrating weekend for me.  We got up early on Saturday to get a few errands run before we had to stay put to wait for the new tv satellite installation.  We have decided to put some posts around the deck in the garden and then string lights.  It will be AWESOME!  We went off to get the posts and the cement holders and bolts in the morning and ingredients for a nice soup - a great recipe from the Cooking Light magazine.  Ben found that he needed a couple more bolts so off he went and while he was gone the guy from Directv came.  I was SO excited to get NFL network back again, and channel 13 as well.  However, here's the bad news.  He couldn't get a clear line of sight.  Unless we cut down some trees, which isn't going to happen.  So I had to call Dish back and get that service turned back on.  Damn!  The woman on the phone assured me we'd have NFL Network by the time the season starts, but still no channel 13 and pre-season just weeks away.  Not good.

The soup turned out good.  I wish I could say as much for "Batman vs Superman", which we got on PPV Saturday night.  No wonder it's available so soon after release.

Sunday even though it was cloudy again we went to the Ballard market to get some fresh produce and some raviolis.  Then we went to Ray's Boathouse and sat upstairs in the bar in the sunshine and had a drink and some mussels.  Very nice.  Then we went for a drive looking for a new park, which we couldn't remember the exact location of.  We missed it and ended up driving all the way to Monroe!  But we did find a very nifty nursery and koi pond place, which we walked around like a park.  I was looking to purchase some anti-fungal powder for my roses, which because I have been watering them in the evening and spraying the leaves, they have got brown spot  mold.  But they didn't have any.  I got a cool thing for the back garden anyway.

It's been warm and muggy so I haven't been knitting.  I might have to wind some silk so I can because my hands are getting itchy to knit.

29 July, 2016

It's already too hot

It is SO hot in my office.  I'm wearing leggings and a little dress but I am feeling like I am over dressed.  We need to get a fan in the doorway blowing some of that air conditioned coolness into this suite.

Today I should be able to copy the development website to its new home.  It all depends on how comfortable Kate feels with it.  I want to get it done so I can do my things and she can get it all set for copy out next Friday.  I would really like to skip coming in next Friday since I'm flying out at 2:30, which means getting to the airport BEFORE 12:30 plus I've got to drop my car at a parking lot.  So that means I'll have to leave here at 11:30 at the very latest.  And I'm going to be coming in late because I can't drop Tink at the Doggie Care Resort until 7:30.  Therefore I'll only have a couple of hours on Friday to take care of any last minutes craziness. 

It was too hot to knit or wind yarn last night.  If it doesn't cool down soon I guess I'll just wind up that pretty silk and make the scarf and wait until it cools down even more before I start the cashmere cardigan.  I can always frog that lace front cardigan if I really need a yarn fix.

Nothing much on this weekend.  The new satellite service is being installed Saturday and for chores we've got to take the hazardous waste to the site and get the shelf for the closet in the office/guess room.  I really feel like having company but Ben doesn't feel like it so that's okay.  He has been working awfully hard and traveling as well.

28 July, 2016

Animal stand off

Sometime in the night I was awakened by the strangest sounds!  It kind of sounded like a big bird - peacock like hooting - and chattering.  I figured it was a raccoon and maybe a coyote or bobcat standoff in the front yard.  I never heard any sounds of combat thank goodness.

Otherwise it was a quiet evening and night.  It was so hot when I got home.  I really had wanted to wind up that cashmere and get to work on a new project, but in this kind of heat it's crazy to try to knit with cashmere.  And I wasn't in the mood to do that silk scarf pattern from my YarnBox Artyarns even though the yarn is just beautiful.  So I sat in the back for a while, put my salad together for dinner and watched part of a movie.  Nothing sounded good and, as luck would have it, I don't have a book I'm really into now.  Tink wanted to go to bed at 8 o'clock so I joined her and played around on my iPhone for a while and then had a nice long sleep.  I feel great today and that's a good thing because I have a HUGE day today.  And then another huge day tomorrow, I suppose.  I am very much looking forward to my little trip to SoCal.