31 January, 2011

What a boneheaded move!

I woke up and not wanting to risk a sleepless night, I took a Benedryl.  Unfortunately I took it before looking at the clock.  Before I could fall back asleep the alarm went off!  Now I could fall asleep, but of course I am at work and it is severely frown upon.  Oh but I would love to curl up on something soft and drift off for an hour or so.  Never again will I take one of those unless I know what time it is. 

I did buy myself some new runners on Saturday.  They are so cool!  Super light weight and they have a little pocket in the sole for the Nike+ sensor.  Now I can use my iPhone rather than my Garmin when I run.  I can't wait to try them out this afternoon.  Since they are so light I don't know that I'll be using them every day.  For the time being I'm going to leave my Pumas here in case they are not good for the longer hour runs.  I don't typically have problems with my feet but you never know so until I am sure I'll keep both pairs here.

The weekend was pretty busy but I did manage to get a couple of good hours in knitting on both days.  In my quest for finishing projects I have limited myself to knitting on one project at a time.  I got quite a few more inches done on the body part of the Tepotzlan.   The bodice is finished.  These two strips are the front and back.  The stripes will be vertical when the pieces are attached to the bodice.  I'm not head over heels about this project but I guess that happens sometimes to the best (and worst) of us. 

I took a picture of the Frock Camisole as well to put on my Ravelry page so I thought I'd put it up here too.  The color is exact and although I don't have a lot of brown or taupe in my wardrobe I think I'll get some use out of this top.  The linen yarn is very slippery and hard to work with.  I am using two strands at once to get the gauge and fabric I need. I noticed quickly that the yarn was not staying in it's ball so I put them each into a baggie and that keeps the balls together better.

It is going to be a super busy and hard week for me.  One step at a time though.  And the next step for me right now is another cup of tea.  I hope I don't have to resort to ice cubes down my back to stay awake.

28 January, 2011

It's kind of freaky

The weather is extremely mild and it's just strange.   This morning my hands were almost too warm in my winter biking gloves.  It's going to be brutal when winter decides to show up again because, as I said, the plants and shrubs are thinking it's spring.

Mr. M was off doing a show last night so Tinkerbell and I had a lovely, nice quiet evening all to ourselves.  We had a nice walk before it got pitch dark.  It was a gorgeous sunset last night!  Then a little Wii time and finally a couple hours working on the Tepotzlan and catching up on TV shows I had recorded.  Not a terribly exciting evening but satisfying.  I have a fairly stressful weekend coming up so we get our relaxation when we can.

I have been informed that I am giving a party on Saturday so after I go buy my new runners tomorrow I am a slave to the kitchen and company for the rest of the day and evening.  That leaves Sunday for my other normal errands - nails and grocery shopping, etc.  And the following weekend is the Super Bowl and there will be people over for that as well.  So there doesn't seem to be a lot of knitting time available these next couple weeks.  I think I'd like to concentrate on the Tepotzlan top first for finishing but also I'd like to carve out a little time to get back into the Shining Birds Eye Shawl.  Maybe Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday at lunchtime I took an hour on the trail and did some running.  It felt good and I didn't push myself.  I am taking it slow and easy this time.  Walk 10, run 5, walk 10, run 5, etc.  By the end of next week I should be up to 30 minutes running and by the end of two or three weeks be able to do the full hour.  Or maybe I should do 30 minutes on my biking days and an hour when I drive in or take the bus.  I'll figure it out.  Mostly I don't want to get hurt or sick again so ..... slow and easy.

27 January, 2011

Back to normal ....

whatever that is.  Thankfully Tinkerbell seems to have now gotten herself fully rested up from her stay at the Dog Resort.  I was going to take her for a walk before bed last night but instead she wanted to play fetch around nine and then went outside so I felt confident when we went up to bed a little later that she was ready to sleep and she did!  She slept all night without waking me up for a midnight potty break so *I* slept all night.  A full eight hours and I feel pretty good today.  I decided to take the bus in rather than bike, although the weather is fine. I need to get home and take Tink for her walk since Mr. M has a show and won't be home much after late morning.  Also, I have been doing an hour at lunchtime trying to get back to my full running capacity and I don't want to overdo it at this stage when I'm just getting myself back into shape by biking AND running/walking for an hour AND having another long walk when I get home.  Slow and steady and, fingers crossed, I won't get injured and I won't get another chest thing and I will be able to race in March.  There is a race in February - the Love 'em or Leave 'em race around Greenlake that I just LOVE.  But I don't think there's much chance I'll be ready in three weeks.  I may be, but it's more likely that I'll be able to do the March St. Pat's race.  That's a goal I can set and be quite sure I can make.  However ... I have signed up for that race the past two years and each time I missed it.  Once because of the infection in my lungs that just wouldn't go away -- I guess that was last March -- and the one before because it was SNOWING that morning and I was not going to go risk my neck.  It's got to be fun, above all.

I must take pictures of my WIPs.  I vowed yesterday at noon knitting that I wouldn't start any more projects and instead start finishing them, one by one.  I do believe I have six projects .... the oldest is a modified Simple Knitted Bodice that I started about two years ago with some gorgeous white angora blend yarn.  I got the V-neck portion of it done and started in the round and then put it down.  There is also a blue Green Gables top that I started - again I've gotten to the body portion and put it down.  That project is being made with Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in a beautiful deep blue.  Then there's the Shining Birds Eye Shawl, which is pure concentration knitting and it is going to be exquisite.  My Noro Chirimen Tepoztlan also has the bodice portion finished and I'm working on the front and the back simultaneously - boring TV knitting.  The final and newest project is the Frock Camisole that I am making in Lino Pura by Elann.  That is the project I cast on while on vacation and I'm 4 1/2 inches into it.  AND not to be forgotten, the project that I only work on at work during Wednesday  noon knitting, the Cloisonne Jacket, which is driving me CRAZY.  But I only have 10 more rows of that color work portion and the rest of it should just fly.  Yup, that's six.  And that doesn't count the blanket I work on sporadically when I feel like crocheting.  So finishing is the word of the day.  Or month.

26 January, 2011

Two minutes off pace

That's what I was today after not being on the bike for probably four weeks, maybe more.  That's not so bad, I guess.  I didn't have any problem with my wind, I just think I've lost a little strength.  I suspect the hills are going to kick my behind tonight.  The good news is that it's markedly lighter now.  I was able to turn my headlamp off at 4 miles into the ride.  And yesterday I saw a daffodil blooming when I was out on the trail!  It just seems so odd to me.  We were supposed to have this terrible winter and yet here it is feeling like spring already.  I'll bet we get another terrible cold snap in the next few weeks and all that spring work the garden is doing will be for naught. 

This weekend I'm going to buy myself some new runners.  I really really want the Nike shoe so that I can use the iPhone Nike app for running rather than using my Garmin.  The Garmin is good but you have to keep looking at it to make sure you're on pace, etc.  With the Nike app I can get some of that information straight into my ears, plus have a voice to keep me on pace.  So say I want to start out the first  1/2 mile at a 12 minute mile pace, then pick it up to a 10.5 minute mile, the voice will be able to tell me to speed up or slow down.  Well anyway, I just like gadgets, don't I?

I got home late last night because of  my appointment.  After changing and cleaning up the kitchen it was nearly 7 before I could start dinner.  I was only able to do a few rows on the Noro project.  Unless I have something very engrossing to watch on TV, the Noro project is booooring - plain stockinette done flat.  This is for the front and back of the top, which will be pleated and sewn to the bodice I have already made, so it's going to look cool but it's dead boring to knit.  I threw in the towel early and went up to watch a little TV and get a decent night's sleep.  It was a bit better than the previous night.  At least Tink didn't ask to go out until 3 am and, thankfully, I was able to fall back asleep after that.  Her schedule is WAY off and I'm still fighting the time lag, so I look like I haven't slept in weeks.  Maybe tonight will be the night she sleeps through.  I may take her for a little walk before I head upstairs tonight.  I'm not entirely convinced that she does her business when I put her out before bed because it's not right that a doggie should have to go outside in the middle of the night if she's given the chance to take care of it before bedtime.  If I walk her then I'll know for sure.

Noon knitting today.  I'm still working on that Closinne jacket.  The colorwork is KILLING me.  Never again will I do stranded work flat.  It's insane.  I only have about 10 rows to go.  I should commit to 3 rows this afternoon. 

25 January, 2011

It's like I never left

I mean .... I have GOT to start taking longer vacations!  One week is hardly enough to relax let alone feel rested.  Not that I'm complaining .... oh wait - that's exactly what I'm doing. 

I picked up Tink yesterday from the Dog Resort.  They sure love her there but she was happy to come home with me.  After running errands and replenishing the groceries, I spent the afternoon unpacking and doing laundry and then had a nice long cuddle in my comfy chair with Tink and some knitting.  I worked on the linen top -- gosh, I can't remember what it's called  -- until I got to the part where I need to start decreasing rows.  That requires counting and it was time to start dinner so I switched over to the Noro project, had some dinner and knit and went to bed at 10.  I thought I might have a hard time falling asleep but thankfully I did not and slept all night except when Tink had to go out at 1:30 am. 

I took a book as well as audio books with me on my trip and I finished the hard back -- it is the autobiography of Steve Martin called "Born Standing Up".  It was quite good.  I've read other books of his, fiction, and I saw at least one of his plays.  He is an odd duck though.

My current audio book is "Skippy Dies", an Irish author and cast.  It is a large cast and I quite like it.  One main person does most of the narration but there are so many characters that it would be rather difficult for just one person to do it.  My inner dialogue is mostly in Irish accent these days.

Fingers crossed the rain stays away so I can have a nice hour outside on the trail this lunchtime.  I have a hair appointment after work so biking wasn't an option, plus which it is so wet again.  It looks like it's going to be nicer later this week so maybe I'll be able to bike a couple of days.  I haven't been on my bike for weeks and weeks!  The cold or freezing rain is much much harder to handle when I'm 8 1/2 miles away versus the 2.8 mile commute I had before. 

24 January, 2011

Yeah ... well ...

Home finally.  Obviously I didn't send any blogs from the trip for a few reasons.  Let's see .... we got to Houston on Saturday late. I was told there was a shuttle bus just outside of the baggage claim area that would take us to our hotel in Galveston.  Unfortunately that was not the case by the time we landed and so our only recourse was a taxi ride.  Which was $100.  Ah well, vacation.

Sunday it was just coming down in buckets and we needed to get to the terminal quickly so that we could catch the Seahawks/Bears football game.   Lucky for us they were playing the game on a big screen in the terminal so we could watch as we were preparing to get on board.  But once on board they couldn't get the game on their satellite so that was that.  It wasn't until later that evening when we were able to catch some scores on ESPN that we saw the Seahawks had lost.  It was a very long shot anyway and quite thrilling.  During the game they lost two of their major players to concussion and that throws a monkey wrench into the best of teams.

Once we got going down south the weather changed and it was just beautiful and warm.  Because of the motion of the ship it wasn't always comfortable to sit outside but I could always find a cozy corner to knit and listen to my audiobook or just day dream.

Tuesday was our day in Jamaica.  Mr. M had been quite keen on the Zipline adventure and since I'm not at all keen on heights I chose a more sedate tour and off we went our separate ways.  It was hot but I had a very nice tour of an old great house with a shady past owner who had murdered 3 husbands and countless slaves.  After the requisite stop at an over priced shopping place it was back to the boat and an uninterrupted afternoon of lazing around on the deck in the sun.  Wednesday was Grand Cayman Island and a trip to the beach.  I got to walk along the soft sand and paddle in the gorgeous water.  Thursday was the day I was really looking forward to - the visit to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.  However, due to circumstances that I shall not go into I was not emotionally able to go on that outing.

Here's the highlight of my trip at this point -- one evening we were out at a comedy club and we got there a little late so our only choice of seats was up front.  Of course the comedian seems obliged to interact with the folks in the front.  After the questions were are you from and what do you do, etc., he says to Mr. M, "Sir, you have a very beautiful wife".  The punch line --- he looks at me as if to say, "Seriously?  You couldn't have done any better than that?"  Of course the audience loved it.  Mr. M ... not so much.  The next evening we were having cocktails and another couple comes by, sees us and the guys says, "Oh, sir you have such a beautiful wife", and give the looks and walks off laughing.  One for Shelley.  No, make that two.

I am glad to be back to familiar things and ready to dig in and get things straight.  But first things first.  I've got to get some clothes on and go pick up my baby dog!!  Oh ... and good news.  I won another square on my football pool with the Green Bay win!  That's the third time on this one.  Poor Dave, the guy who sold me the square.  He hasn't hit once.  He is sure sorry he gave me that square, I can tell you that.

14 January, 2011

Tick tock tick tock

Vacation count down.  There are quite a few little details I need to handle this morning and early afternoon, then I'm going to button up this operation and head out.  I'm stopping for a manicure and pedicure and then it's home to pack.  Saturday early afternoon we fly to Houston and then spend the night in Galveston.  I've never been to Texas and have always wanted to visit.  Well, not entirely true.  I did have a layover in Houston airport once a long time ago after some business meeting in Virginia.  I didn't see anything except the bar so I don't think it counts as a true visit.  We will be spending the night in Galveston and then heading for the ship first thing when we check out.  I want to get on as soon as we can so we don't miss too much of the playoff game.  And when we get back from the cruise we'll have some time before we have to head to the airport to explore Galveston a little bit.  I hope the weather is decent.  They are predicting a thunder storm on the day we leave.  It is January after all.

I'm going to miss my dog.  I know that sounds silly but it would sound sillier if it was a cat I was missing, so .... for whatever that's worth.   The house sitter just LOVES Tinkerbell and she's thrilled to spend all the time with her that she wants.  She is Mr. M's bookkeeper and she comes twice a month but has to work and therefore doesn't get as much cuddle time with my dog as she would like.  I am entirely 100% confident that she will take as good care of her as I do, and also I know she'll take care of my house and not have parties or use my Jacuzzi tub, or order pay-per-view movies or drink all the good whiskey.  She is, in a word, perfect.

I did take some time last night and swatch the linen.  I found a pattern that I like for a camisole.  It was in an Interweave magazine but I found it searching on Ravelry.  I believe I put it out of my head the first time I saw the pattern because the yarn they used is just plain ugly.  In a beautiful plain linen the top is going to be perfect.  I also cataloged my circular needles with a new iPhone app.  Because I have so many WIPs going now my Denise set is being all used and I need a size 7 24".  I'm actually going to have to buy one, which is incredible considering the ridiculous amount of circular needles I already own.  My knitting goal, when I'm back from vacation and facing the rest of this long and dark winter, is to finish up some of my projects!  No more starts until I finish some things. 

Blogs will be sparse on vacation.  I am going to relax.  No, really I am.  I am!!

13 January, 2011

My little Scrabble buddy

One of my favorite games to play on my iPhone is Scrabble and I do so nearly every day.  The latest update has a feature I just love called The Teacher.  If you turn it on it will show you the best word you could have played with your tiles after you make your word.  The Teacher is an animated tile that will grin if you play a word that earns as many points as the best word, or smiles if you're close.  However, it has a third expression -- a little moue of disappointment -- when you slack off.  Sometimes I find myself talking back to it.  I do learn new words though.

It is pouring rain today.  It woke me in the night, it was raining so hard.  I rather like laying in bed and listening to the rain if I don't have to get up in the morning.  Sometimes it makes me feel a bit melancholy though.  I sure am ready for some sunshine.

Tinkerbell is getting a bath tonight and then I've got to swatch that linen.  I am thinking of making a tank or a T-shirt so I guess I'd better find a pattern I like first and then go for gauge.  I guess I could always make another Sizzle. 

12 January, 2011

A very sloppy mess

Sometimes the weatherman gets it right.  It did start snowing last night and it stuck.  It also warmed up during the night so the snow turned to rain.  When I got up it was raining steadily and the snow had turned to slush.  Sloppy, dirty slush.  Wet, cold slush.  I had been considering taking the bus - biking is completely out of the question and I don't like to drive in the snow.  But since it is not going to freeze anytime soon and it is a terrible walk to the bus stop, especially in slippery weather, I drove in and didn't have any troubles.  Other people further north are pretty much stuck in their neighborhoods unless they want to shovel their driveways or put chains on to get to the closest arterial.  Neither of those are good options.  It will melt fast enough.

I had a very constructive day at home yesterday.  I had just enough work to keep it interesting and enough down time so that I was able to clean up my desk.  Then in the evening I started sorting through clothes to pick what I want to take on the cruise this weekend.  I pretty  much have it down.  Now I just have to figure out how to make it all fit in the suitcase.  What?  Get a bigger one and then I wouldn't have to worry about it?  Well what's the fun in that??  Plus I bought Mr. M a great huge suitcase and he never fills his up, so I use it as an overflow.  Or I could use my rolling duffle.  I might just do that.

11 January, 2011

Not my iPhone!!!!

Every night when I got to bed I turn my iPhone to silent and put it on the charger alarm clock on my bedside table.  When I wake up I take it from the holder and check my email while I'm still horizontal.  Or if I have insomnia and I want to play games or read email .... the point is that I pick it up off the charger and it comes to life.  Well, this morning I woke up at 5.  Since I am working from home today I wasn't too upset about waking so early since I can sleep until 8 when I work from home.  But oddly when I picked it up it didn't come to life.  Nor did it come to life when I pressed the on switch.  Five o'clock in the morning is perhaps not the best time to troubleshoot an iPhone so I put it back where it had been and fell back asleep, only to start the process over again at about 7:45.  But then I had an "aha" moment.  The reboot!  Thankfully that worked because I just really didn't want to have to buy a new iPhone now.  Not with the second generation 4Gs coming out this summer.  I can wait for that.  Or the iPad.  Hmmmm ... well not an issue now.

I have a couple of pieces of business to take care of here at the computer this morning, then I'm going to run a couple of errands before lunchtime and before the predicted snow.  I'm not too worried about the snow.  It is supposed to be well above freezing for the rest of the week.

As for the game last Saturday:  Seismic Activity Registered at Stadium after Seattle Seahawks Win
I read a little something about this yesterday and told the chairman, who is my best football buddy at work, and he thought I was pulling his leg.  This morning is was front page news. 

10 January, 2011

A stunner!!

What an absolutely amazing football game on Saturday.  The Seahawks, 11 point underdogs, managed to beat the defending Super Bowl champions, the Saints.  It was just crazy!  And not a single one of the football analysts that I watch predicted this incredible upset.  They beat them, fair and square and by a darned good margin as well.   Next Saturday they play the Bears in Chicago.  Unfortunately we'll be traveling that day but I am hoping I can catch the second half once we land in Houston.  Only if they're winning of course.  I won't go out of my way to watch them lose.  I've seen enough of that.

Because the game was played on Saturday it felt like I was getting an extra day off.  It wasn't a very relaxing weekend though because I had so many errands and chores to do, getting ready for vacation.  The weather cooperated, thankfully.  No snow although I did see a few flakes on the way to work today.  I hope it's a really ugly week.  That'll make it all the nicer to get on the boat.

Saturday I finished up the bodice portion of my latest project and started on the front and back.  I was skeptical about the bodice and tried it on after I bound off.  It fits and I think the reason for the funny looking armholes is that the sleeves themselves are kind of weird.  I am kind of regretting this.  I don't know that I will actually wear it.  Should I frog it now or complete it and see how it looks then?  One more decision I can't seem to make.  The first being what project should I bring on my trip?  I know it's going to be something with the linen but that's as far as I got.

07 January, 2011

The voices in my head

At lunchtime yesterday I took a long walk in the stormy weather and finished up "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand".  I so enjoyed that book and the ending was very sweet.   Major Pettigrew's voice is stuck in my head, making observations and generally amusing me.  I shall let him stay for a while.

For Christmas my nephew gave me the CD version of David Sedaris' "Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk" and my friend McG gave me an autographed copy of the hardcover.  I put it on my iPhone a few days ago and listened to a couple of the stories on the way to work today.  Boy -- the stories are all over the map, just like his other stories, except the characters are animals.  What a mind that guy has. 

I did want to bike in but the weather, while not particularly cold, is windy and wet and oh so very very dark.  It just doesn't seems safe or fun at all to ride.  Now that my cold is gone, finally, I can get out at lunchtime and walk or jog, which I did yesterday and shall do again today.  It might not be as good exercise as biking back and forth from home, but it is something.

I'm still slogging away at the bodice of the Tepoztlan top.  I decided to just follow the pattern and assume that it's correct.  The few other people that made it didn't say anything about the bodice being written incorrectly so I'm going to have to follow my instincts.

As for a project for the trip -- I still haven't decided on anything.  I have a stack of books on my bedside table and I'm going to bring a couple along and do some reading rather than listening.  I know I will go nuts if I don't have something to do with my hands but I surely don't have to be busy all the time.  It's vacation after all.  Since the Tepoztlan top is being made with a cotton blend yarn and the knitting is very plain, maybe I'll just bring that, depending upon room in my suitcase.  Since I'll be bringing only summer clothes I should have plenty of space.  Well ... I've got a week to toss this ball back and forth, don't I?

Snow showers still predicted for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  Go Hawks!

06 January, 2011

The "S" word

That would be snow.  It's not snowing now and in fact it's not even cold.  But we are expecting a change and if not snow, it will at least be rainy and blowing and just plain icky.  And this is good why?  Well, the Seahawks won their division Sunday and so this weekend is the first playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.  Not only do the Saints have to travel 2,000 miles and play in Quest Field, which is the loudest stadium, but they would be at a further disadvantage if the weather was bad, coming from such a warm place.  So all over the radio this morning people were talking about snow.  I hope it does snow and I hope all next week is just miserable and wet and gloomy because I'll be getting on a plane on the 15th and heading to paradise and that would be just that much nicer if I were leaving behind snow as well as gloom.  Speaking of gloom -- yesterday was so dark all day that it was like twilight. 

I need to figure out a project to take with me on vacation.  And it has to be silk or cotton or linen ... something definitely NON-fuzzy.  Maybe I won't even pick it up but I would feel naked if I didn't have a knitting project with me.  Since we have a balcony stateroom this time and two entire days at sea before our first port, I can envision myself sitting on that beautiful balcony maybe listening to a good book or some jazz and knitting.  I do have a beautiful linen yarn that I bought a while ago thinking I'd maybe make another skirt or a top.  It's a lovely color - I'd say mushroom.  Not at all my typical colors but lovely really and I think it would make a great top with some kind of flowing sleeve to show off the drape.  I'll have to get on Ravelry and see what I can come up with.  I can't remember the yardage but I'll bet if I go to Elann's web site I can look up the order and figure it out.

05 January, 2011

The case of the disappearing nickel

I decided last night that it would be prudent to take the bus this morning rather than bike in since it was surely going to be raining and miserable and I am just getting over a cold.   I managed to pop out of bed after only one bonk of the snooze bar and decided what to wear while I was in the shower (as opposed to standing in front of the closet, where I can spend upwards of 10 minutes trying to decide).  I was in very good shape, time-wise.  Of course there is an App for everything, is there not?  A friend had told me about a bus app that tells you where your bus is and when it is expected to reach your stop so I was able to monitor my bus as I was getting everything ready to go.  Oh!  And my sister gave me a new umbrella for Christmas.  I hate to retire my gorgeous little animal print umbrella that I bought when I was in Paris, but it has gotten to be more of a weapon, what with all the little bits of metal poking out of it at odd angles.  I have given it a place of honor on my shelf and taken up with a snappy little black number with multi-colored polka dots.  Last thing I had to do upstairs was make sure I had the bus fare.  There is a little cup I  keep on top of the dryer and when I find change after doing a wash I put it in this cup and I have a ready supply of change for the bus.  I grabbed a nickel, went back to my room, picked up my iPhone and reached for my bus fare but the nickel was not there.  I didn't have time to turn in circles looking for it so I grabbed another one and went downstairs to finish getting my things together.  As I was walking down hill towards the bus stop I felt something in my boot.  It took me about 4 more steps to realize it was the missing nickel.  How did it get in my boot?

I had a good day working from home yesterday.  Mr. M was out the greater part of the day with the contractor getting cabinets, etc. for the remodel of the rental property, so I had a nice quiet house.  I kept it warm, kept myself hydrated and today I'm feeling pretty darned good.  My cough is almost completely gone.  Hopefully I have figured out the odd ball pattern directions for my new project and last night after dinner I sat down to watch the entire second season of  "Eastbound and Down" which I had recorded a few days ago and got a good bit done on that bodice.  I can't understand why the pattern doesn't have any measurements or even a schematic!  It really annoys me, in case you haven't noticed.  But knitting in the round goes so quickly I am now about 20 rows from finishing the bodice -- or at least to the point where the pattern says to bind off.  I'm going to put it on a longer cable and make sure it fits before I cast off.

04 January, 2011

The first cold of 2011

I woke up with it January 2nd.  I went to work yesterday but was so uncomfortable plus I was coughing all day.  So now I am working in my jammies from home and I'm going to stay warm and hope I can kick this thing.  I was just so cold all day yesterday!  I couldn't warm up and when I got home I changed into flannel everything and curled up with Tink on the couch with a blanket where I stayed all evening just watching stupid TV, talking on the phone and knitting on the new project.  I have been reading and re-reading the pattern instructions for the bodice and finally think I've found the answer about where exactly one joins and starts knitting in the round.  It is never explicitly stated but at one point on a WS row you are purling and then all of a sudden it's knit, so that must be it - the point where the whole thing is joined together.  It's a poorly written pattern but it's going to be cute.

While I was out Christmas shopping at Tuesday Morning - a very odd ball shop with just about everything - I picked up one of those silly desk top LED candle fountains.  I was going to give it to somebody but then realized it might make my little office/closet a tiny bit more comfortable to have that little babble going on.  I brought it in yesterday and after rearranging my desk I got it set up, poured a cup of water into it and set it going.  Just one problem - there was water pouring out all over my desk!  I have a towel in my office for when I arrive soaking wet so I grabbed it just in time and sopped up the water.  I then inspected the unit and found that it had a big crack in the wall of the reservoir.  Nice.  It hadn't been opened and the box wasn't dented so I don't know how it happened.  Then of course I just had to have one!  I would not be denied.  I got on eBay, found one and bought it and it's on its way now.  Nearly instant gratification.

My current audio book is called "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" and it is charming.  Beautifully narrated and a wonderful story.  Again, I don't want it to end but I can't stop listening to it.  I don't have another one in the queue.  I had taken a page from the newspaper a couple of Sundays ago that listed the best books from 2010 as chosen by several different people.  And now I can't find it. I do that a lot - I will take something from the newspaper and then forget that I did it on purpose and think it's garbage and throw it away.  I will probably be able to find it on line at the newspaper's web site, don't you think so?

I suspect the chaise in my office is going to get some use today.  Maybe this afternoon I will switch from my desk to the chaise with my laptop ..... on my lap!  The sun does come directly into this west facing window in the afternoon but it's quite cloudy today so it shouldn't be a problem.

03 January, 2011

And a happy new year!

Oh it was a fun visit with my sister and a hectic vacation.  Busy maybe is a better word.  The snow didn't stick, luckily, and in fact the skies were clear for the entire time my sister and her boyfriend were visiting.  It was beautiful and very very cold.  Mr. M volunteered to pick them up Thursday night because I wanted to get the dinner ready and I didn't really want to drive on the icy roads.  It worked out fine.  AND the Huskies won their bowl game!!!  Awesome game!

After dinner we had our Christmas.  Since I hadn't been able to go to London with Kelli in the fall and she knew how disappointed I was, she had bought me some things there at Harrod's -- a pretty key ring and a watch with a Westie on the face and a gorgeous pair of gloves.  Pink gloves.  

On New Year's Eve day we went shopping for the New Year's Day open house I had decided to have.  We had so much fun buying tons of stuff for the party.  Then we went home and just relaxed.  That evening we went for a fabulous dinner at a French restaurant called Bastille.  On our way out I picked up my  new gloves to wear and then realized they were both for the left hand!!  When she had purchased them they were hooked together. Too weird.  And sad, because I loved those gloves.  We watched the fire works from the Space Needle on the big screen and went to bed at a decent time.

New Year's day we got up fairly early.  Mike, Kelli's boyfriend, had hurt his back on the way up so he had an appointment for a massage.  Mr. M took him and Kelli and I started getting things ready for the party.  I like to get everything set and then have a few minutes or an hour to put my feet up and just relax before the onslaught.  I had just gotten settled in my chair and did about 10 or 15 stitches on a project and they started arriving.  It was a good party.  And we all slept in late the next day.

My car battery died so yesterday got all messed up and to make matters worse I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.  While my car was being fixed we took the ornaments off the tree and stowed all the decorations.  The car was fixed by around 3 but by then I was really feeling under the weather so I ran off to do my errands and Kelli and Mike took Mr. M's car and went out for a couple of hours.  We were only having crab for dinner so it was not a meal I was going to have to slave over.  I went upstairs to my room with my new, beautiful comfy chaise and sat in the sun and knit for a while before the football game started.  I know it is VERY irresponsible of me but I started a new project on Thursday.  I was sitting on my chaise just looking at my yarn stash and feeling a strong urge to use that Noro Chirimen I had purchased a while back.  There is a cute top on the front of  Eternal Noro, a pattern book I had gotten a month or so ago, and I just cast on for it!  It is not like I'm not finishing projects.  I made a scarf and a couple of hats and all those mittens.  This is just an indulgence.

And now it's back to work.  Hello real world.  After a week on vacation it was a very rude start to the day -- 6 am instead of 9 am.   I am not feeling any better than I was when I got into bed last night but I had to get up and get them to the airport and get into work.  Winter quarter starts today and although all my sites are ready to go there will be lots of posting to do.  Thank goodness I have my cruise to look forward to.  I only have to make it through two weeks and then it's off to paradise.

And now I'd better have some breakfast.