31 August, 2012

Disaster averted

Yesterday was a super busy day -- again.  I had a run but it wasn't very satisfying.  It wasn't until late in the evening before bed that I finally figured out why.  I have a little cold!  I knew I was having a bit of trouble breathing but I just chalked it up to lack of fuel or something like that.  But half way through the Seahawks preseason game (they just beat the pants off the Raiders) I started having a bad headache and I was congested.  Ah!  Just what I need.  :-(   I have big plans for this weekend.  I managed to get a decent night's sleep though, which is good since today is ... yes, you guessed it .... another busy day.  Maybe I can slip out early, since it's the beginning of the long weekend and next Tuesday marks the beginning of the 5 week anatomy course.  So ... fingers crossed for an early exit.  I am already nearly cross eyed from this sinus pressure.  Why didn't I take some DayQuil?  See?  My brains are scrambled.

Speaking of scrambled brains -- I was waiting for the bus yesterday after work, listening to my audiobook. Usually my phone is in an outer pocket of my purse but for some reason I had it in my hand.  I must have been looking at email or something.  The bus came, I got on - purse in one hand, phone in the other - and it wasn't until we were past the next stop that I realized that what I should have had in my left hand was my bag with my jacket and scarf, NOT my iPhone.  Lucky for me Monika was able to run out and get it before someone picked it up.  Yay Monika!! 

As I was watching the Seahawks I was working with the ruffle yarn.  I am nearly done with the first skein.  Three skeins is going to make quite a statement.  I am not sure if I'll actually wear it.  Well, I should say it will be striking.  Whether it is a good striking or a bizarre striking is yet to be discovered.

A huge weekend is ahead.  Tomorrow I am going to buy my new, small dining table and desk and even look at a new dresser.  Tomorrow night is the first Husky football game.  Sunday is Bumbershoot and Tony Bennett and Sunday night my fantasy football draft.  Monday -- day of rest in preparation for a big September.  Perhaps I can finish up those socks as well.  Seems a bit ambitious though.

30 August, 2012

Oh the peaches!!

I don't know about you, but the peaches I have been buying this year have been incredible!  It feels like years since I have had a decent peach and now I can't get a bad one.  Every night I have one for dessert. They are that good.  I should try nectarines this weekend.  I tried them earlier and they were awful - pithy and tasteless.  Don't you love summer?

The next best thing to summer is .....vacation!  A few days ago when things started to get crazy I put my November vacation on the big calendar, which now is right outside my office and across the room.  If I lean a little bit to the left I can see it and in the November square my days are clearly marked.  They are the only ones except the 3 holiday red H's.  So when things get too crazy I just lean a little ..... and smile.

The Dawg Dash is October 21 this year and I signed up yesterday.  This year they can't start and end the race at Husky Stadium because it is under construction, so it's going to be all upper campus.  The route map isn't on line yet.  I hope it's not going to be too hilly.

Yesterday was a super crazy day.  I made a HUGE blunder and thought that our (the anatomy class) part of the orientation was starting at 3:45 when in fact it was an hour later.  Ooops.  Truly I cannot figure out how I did that, but it is done.  All ended up okay, but I felt a complete idiot.  I guess I'm not perfect after all.  Oh dear oh dear.  It was quite a hit.

I was exhausted when I got home - which wasn't until after 6.  Tink got a walk, I had some dinner and watched Hard Knocks and knit.  Thankfully I was able to get to sleep by 11 and was conked out all night.  So here's to a better day!  No mistakes!!!

29 August, 2012

It's getting to be a bad habit

Two days in a row I overslept!  Yesterday wasn't that late but today ... I slept until 7:30!  I don't even remember turning off the alarm at 6.  Last night I read until late.  I just wasn't tired even though I had a nice run in the afternoon and an after work workout.  My mind was just busy with work I guess.  I put out the light after I finished my book but it was no go.  I turned the light back on and watched a comfort movie on my iPad - last night it was the first Harry Potter movie.  Finally about 1:30 I must have fallen asleep.  This won't do for the next couple of weeks.  I will start setting my iPhone just as a backup.

Speaking of iPhones .... I am just crossing my fingers that mine holds out another few weeks.  Every time something goes a bit weird with it I am afraid it's going to give up the ghost.  But it's holding up fine so far.  One of the good things about this newest iPhone, I understand, is that it will have a removable SIM card so when I travel to Europe I can just buy one over there and pop it in and not worry about overages and such.  Although when I'm in metropolitan areas it isn't a big deal because there's always WiFi, but I sure could have used it in Normandy last spring.

Noon knitting today and errands after work, so Tink came in with me.  She just sleeps all day at home any way, so she's fine in the car and I give her a break at noon.  I guess today it'll have to be earlier.

I still haven't taken the time to get my passport picture taken!  Seriously ... I need to get that done.  Maybe I can do it Friday. 

28 August, 2012

The return of novelty yarn???

I can't remember where I read that or saw that.  I shuddered a bit, remembering the "fun fur" craze.  Oh it was ugly my friends.  Remember those skinny scarves with crazy acrylic bits and bobs?  Oh I don't want to go back to that time.  What I think they were talking about was the large number of ruffle yarns on the market these days.  They are mostly not acrylic, but wool or other blends.  I don't think they're all that popular because when I notice them they are always on sale ... bad sign, yes?  Last week I succumbed to the fever and purchased three skeins of a deep purple ruffle yarn just to see what the fuss was all about.  They came yesterday so while I was watching some preseason football (rookie quarterbacks RG III and Andre Luck) I played around with it, casting on twice the number of stitches for a scarf to make something a little larger and more sumptuous.  So far it's fun but frankly it's a one trick pony.  There's only one thing you can do with this stuff and that's make ruffles.  There there.  Tick.  I've done it.

We have clouds this morning, maybe some rain later, but it looks like we're heading into a nice weekend, which will be super for Bumbershoot.  I can't remember when we've had a good Labor Day weekend.  It's been a few years, I'm sure.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to seeing Tony Bennett this weekend??

I was a little disappointed with my run yesterday.  I was hungry so maybe that was the problem.  I was not fast and in fact felt like I was running with lead weights in my shoes.  Annoying.  Maybe today will be better.

My day just flew by yesterday and I was tired when I went to bed.  I am still groggy today.  Maybe it's the clouds.  Oh well -- nothing for it.  Better dig in.

27 August, 2012

The end of August already!

This month flew by!  I can't believe it's the last week of August but I had better come to grips with it, hadn't I?  Next week will be super super busy, while this one will only be super busy.  It's going to be beautiful outside though, so that means I'll have lovely shorts weather to run in every afternoon.  Two more weeks until my next race.  Last week I ran the hilly route, which takes me down a 5% grade for 1 1/4 miles and then, of course, back up for the second 1 1/4 mile.  This week I'm going to go just flat and hope that my time has gotten better.  As I said, I can't be any worse than I was last year.  That's the race when my shoe laces came untied and I didn't use my music.  This year they changed the rules - the rule that 1/2 the people didn't bother following anyway - so there will be music in my ears.  I am going to tweak my training playlist a bit - make a race playlist with all pace music on it.  My training list has a few slower songs.

I did have a really great weekend.  Friday night I watched the Seahawks win their 3rd preseason game.  They are looking quite good this season ... fingers crossed.   I was knitting away on my socks.  I think I'm at the point where I start the toe decreases.  I will check tonight.  I'd like to get them finished and get the mitts cast on so I can have more football knitting ready.  I was pretty tired from work and crashed out right after the game. 

Saturday morning Tink got me up bright and early.  She was ready to go at 8 and I had a big day planned so off we went for a nice long walk in the sunshine.  It was going to be a big girlie day and it didn't disappoint.  After Tink's walk it was off to the nail salon for a mani-pedi, then groceries and lunch and another little walk.  My  massage appointment was at 2:30, to after lunch it was back to the mall to find glasses.  And I scored!  My friend Monika had suggested I check out a sale at a store I never, ever go into.  It turns out they have a wonderful department and I found frames I liked for regular glasses and sunglasses.  The sole downside is that I have to wait for two weeks to get them, but now that I have new contact lenses it's not a big deal at all.  Score!!  After that triumph I did a little shopping, browsing mostly, then went for my massage.  Oh I love a massage.  Thanks sis for the b'day present!!  You can never go wrong with a spa service.  ;-)

There was plenty of time to do laundry before I had to pick McG up at the airport, and then we went out for a quick dinner.   He wasn't feeling well anyway, so I got him settled on the couch and read in bed until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Perfect. 

The list of chores I had for myself on Sunday was long and complicated.  I wasted a couple of hours selling ... or rather trying to sell books.  I gathered two large bags of hardbacks together and dropped them at one place while I did another errand.  When I came back he had rejected them all.  I seems that used bookstores do not want hardback fiction, especially mysteries.  Hmmmm ...  I took them to another store and got pretty  much the same story, except she took the most recent volumes.  At least they donate them so it wasn't a total loss. And I got rid of some books!  Bonus!  But the biggest bonus is that I found a book that is in fact a rare and valuable book.  I knew it was worth something but I had no idea it was quite as rare as it seems to be.  I found one on line at a bookseller in Great Britain in a far worse condition than mine for quite a nice little sum.  I am going to do some research on this.  Oh, and check more closely at a few other volumes I have on my shelves.

Much work to do here this week.  Many wonderful things to look forward to.  Maybe I can even get some knitting done this week as well!!

24 August, 2012


Next week is the last week before the start of autumn quarter.  These next two weeks will be some of the busiest days of my year.  But I feel in control.  And luckily I am MUCH calmed down.  As long as there are no - or few - bad surprises, it should be smooth sailing.  And then in September when things calm down a bit I can start working on my November trip.  There were plans floated this spring of a November trip to Las Vegas for Emma's boyfriend's birthday.  But just yesterday she told me that was cancelled because he had taken his holidays earlier, without her, so she was planning on going to Thailand in October, then a trip to London at the end of November.  She was going to take the first week of December off but said she can take the last week of November just as easily so .... we will talk about it in a few weeks.  I want to see the Thanksgiving football games at my friend's bar in Paris, but other than that ... I'm pretty easy.  And if I stay through the last week of November then I will for sure be able to see lots of Christmas decorations go up, which is always nice.

But that's weeks and weeks and weeks away!  And there's much fun to be had here in the meantime.  Yesterday was a great day -- super great run at lunchtime.  Finally!  Then to the optometrist in the afternoon where I got new contacts!  Woohoo!  She only made a very small change in the strength.  But I really needed a new eyeglasses prescription.  I realized that those glasses were at least 4 years old and possibly even 6!  They don't usually bother me except I had nearly run out of contacts so I was using them nearly every day and that's how I noticed that the prescription was off.  This weekend is going to be super girly -- manicure, pedicure, massage and shopping for new glasses.

What with the eye exam and stopping at the store and then a few little chores around the house, it wasn't until after 7 that I finally was able to sit down and eat and watch an episode of "Hard Knocks".  And then, while I was watching the football show my fingers started to tingle.  I reached out for my socks!  Ahhh .... knitting and football!  The only thing that would make that better is a drink at my elbow.  Unfortunately not for a few weeks.  It doesn't mix with training for a race.

Besides football this weekend I will see McGarrah tomorrow and celebrate his birthday with him.  And then Sunday I need to take some good pictures of that desk and start sorting books and taking them to the Third Place Books.  That sounds like a big weekend.  I wonder how I'll do?

23 August, 2012

Yet another guilty pleasure!

This time it's a game on my iPad!  And, strange as it may sound, NOT a word game.  I know!  I am sure (I mean I hope) this gets boring soon, but for now I am enjoying the Simpson's Tapped Out.  It's such a stupid, silly game.  I can't figure out what exactly is keeping me so amused, but as long as I'm amused all is well. 

My fingers certainly enjoyed their noon knitting yesterday but that was all they got.  Dog walking, a few chores around the apartment, dinner, a little TV and then it was bedtime for Tink, so I had a shower with this super yummy smelling soap I bought at a farmer's market in Anacortes and settled in for a nice long read.  Now here's a pleasure that I don't feel the least bit guilty about enjoying and that's early to bed with a good book in clean sheets and normal weather.  It was glorious and relaxing.  Relaxing - key word here.  Now that it's just a matter of time - 29 days and counting - I am much calmer.  I can start thinking about fun things to do this fall.

The weather is a bit overcast and cooler today so that means I'll have a great run!  I can't wait.  My last couple have not been that fast.  I have been able to get through them but at a slower than normal pace.  I need to start out faster I think.

It's nearly the end of the week and I still haven't gotten my picture taken for my passport!  I have been so busy.  Hopefully I can get it done this morning before I run.  If not I MUST do it tomorrow.  And I need a new picture on my Husky Card as well as a name change.  Hopefully I can do them both together.

And now .... Thursday awaits.

22 August, 2012

I remembered!

I felt like such a goof last week, forgetting my knitting on a Wednesday.  I didn't take any chances yesterday.  I put my knitting right by my purse so I couldn't help but see it when I left in the morning.  Not that I've been doing a lot of knitting these days.  I truly do need to get my knitting mojo back!  I just bought some gorgeous wool/camel yarn to make a hoodie.  I shouldn't give myself too much grief.  It has been crazy hot and that is not conducive to knitting, even socks.  It is nice and cool today.  It's overcast.  I can see myself in my comfy chair tonight, if it doesn't get hot today.

I have changed my evening workout routine and I must say - it is hitting some different muscles because I am sore!  I had a wonderful run yesterday.  I have less than three weeks to go to the next race and I was rather less than moderate this last weekend, so I have some catching up to do.  I should be okay if I am really good for the next 18 days.  Oh ... I think I'll have to give myself a day off though.  September 2nd is my fantasy football draft and also Tony Bennett at Bumbershoot.  Okay -- 17 good days.  I can do that.

Tomorrow I finally get my eye exam.  I have been having to wear my glasses nearly all the time since I have only a few contacts left.  And I need new glasses too.  I really had no idea that I'd have to wait three weeks for an eye exam appointment.  The other thing on my list to get done this week is my passport picture.  I must get that done ASAP.

I love my new office.  Even on a cloudy day it's nice and bright in there.  The orchid has done very well.  It's loving the filtered light.  I should get another one or two.  Maybe a white one and a yellow one.

And finally ... drum roll please .... the house in now in escrow.  Thirty days.  Is that a sigh of relief I hear?

21 August, 2012


Thank goodness that really hot weather has left us!  Saturday morning was overcast in Seattle and a good (and I do mean good!) twenty degrees cooler.  Anacortes and Deception Pass were cooler still and I was glad I had brought a couple of long sleeved tops.  Actually I could have done with a pair of jeans as well, but made do with shorts.

Friday evening the dining room table left the building.  I was amazed that I didn't get all mushy and sentimental over it.  I let it go quite easily, actually.  I guess when you're ready for a change ... when *I'm* ready for a change ... it's easy.   I think I'll get a little birch table for two that pull out to seat four.  I found one that I like.  That way I can keep the chairs I have.  Next I need to take some good photos of the desk rather than the bad, iPad versions I used.  It might take a while to sell that desk because it's something someone will have to be looking for specifically.  But I'm in no hurry -- not at this point any way.

The Seahawks won their second preseason game and were looking quite good.  Unfortunately our big "get" - Terrell Owens - has yet to catch a pass.  Yes, he came into camp late and missed the first game, but he played quite a bit on Saturday night and did not catch a single pass.  Dropped a few.  Catches?  None.

I worked from home yesterday.  I had a person situation I needed to handle.  It as a busy day, but productive.  Oh!  And the house is sold - the sign should be going up today!  Woohoo!  Closing is just around the corner.  Or I like to think it is.  Nothing is ever done until the papers are signed.

I am grateful for this cooler weather.  I will have a nice, normal run today at noon.  I'm looking forward to it.

17 August, 2012

Friday - another day in the heat

 It is fairly unusual for Seattle to get this hot so as you can imagine it's all people are talking about.   Oh, and the wildfire in Eastern Washington, which is just horrible and going to be going on for another few days.  I got my run done at 10:30 yesterday morning and even though I went the shady route I still wished I had gone out earlier.  Today I will go out at 10 instead.  Then I spent about 15 minutes wandering around the air conditioned halls cooling down.  I think I'll leave a bit early today because my office is still holding the heat from yesterday.  The afternoon is just misery.  I believe if we could have a fan in the doorway blowing cooler air in from the hall it would be much nicer in here, but we don't and most likely it would be considered a hazard.

A woman was going to take a look at my dining table yesterday but got caught up in traffic so she's coming this evening, as is another guy.  Great!  I should have that sold soon, then it's just the big desk and I can get myself some nicer, newer and smaller furniture.  I should start sorting the books too.  I did find out that I have to stay in this current apartment until the end of November.  So I don't know how that's going to play out.  Probably I will get most of my packing done before Thanksgiving, take a little holiday in Europe  -- maybe only 8 days rather than 10 and come back on a Thursday and have the weekend to move.  Sounds like a lot of work but .... missing Thanksgiving in Europe?  Sounds worse.

My plans for the weekend got derailed yesterday as well.  But I am going to go to Anacortes Saturday for the night, then visit Deception Pass on Sunday.  Tink will love it and hopefully it won't be quite so hot nearer the water.

Hives?  Well ... not gone, that's for sure.  I am a bit disappointed but things are definitely better.  I can see the end in sight.  That's a little positive thinking thrown in there for good measure. 

"Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them." - John Updike

16 August, 2012

Heat warning

It sure doesn't happen here very often, but it just keeps getting hotter and hotter!  Today and tomorrow are predicted to be over 90 (which is 32 to you crazy Centigrade people).  And no air conditioning in my new office!  How insane is that?  Yes, sure we have windows that open and we were supposed to get air conditioning but ... here we are sweltering.  My blinds are closed against the direct sun and I have a little fan blowing behind me but it's not air conditioning.  We may be sent home early today.  I am for sure going to have to take my run in a couple of hours.  If I wait until noon it will be impossible.

I am a little less itchy today and the bumps are going down.  We are trying a new approach - just working on the inflammation.  I was hoping to feel the difference immediately and it's not quite that good.  There is improvement though so I've got hope.  I did wake up and stay awake for a couple of extremely uncomfortable hours last night.  I was that close to taking another midnight cool shower when I must have dropped off.  I am also trying something that was designed to stop itching (handy) but ended up making people very drowsy, so it's marketed now as a sleeping aid.  The initial dose of 3 mg did not do it, so tonight I would double it and hope for a full night of sleep.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  That would go a long way towards banishing this stress.

Knitting would also help my stress.  Needless to say again there was no knitting.  I made a nice little dinner - mostly cold (Caprese salad and prosciutto wrapped melon) and settled in to watch "Hard Knocks" where Chad Johnson gets fired for being an idiot!  That guy!  Here he gets another chance with a good team, after bombing with the Patriots last year, and then insults the coach by giving a profanity laced interview after being told to watch his language, then on his first weekend off has a fight with his wife of one month after she finds a receipt for condoms in his possession, and allegedly head butts her and gets put into jail!  Can you say self sabotage?  So he is gone.

It feels like Friday.  *sigh*

15 August, 2012

I can hardly believe it myself

This is the first noon knitting Wednesday that I have forgotten my knitting!  Or at least the first time in recent memory.  I know how it happened -- slept in, had my arms full of stuff for the dry cleaner, voila!  Lately it's the only knitting I've been able to do since it's crazy hot in my apartment.  Oh well ... I guess I'll just chat and when I get hungry, go have lunch.  I am leaving early today anyway to have another go with the doctor to banish these silly hives.  Maybe I can talk him into trying to treat the stress.  I think one more month and I should be (relatively) stress free.

I have tried out a new service for eye glasses frames called Warby Parker.  The frames are very trendy, quite affordable, they donate a pair of glasses for every pair you buy AND you can try them on at home for 5 days before you order them.  They came yesterday but I haven't had a chance to try them on yet.  I most probably will get the sunglasses but the others .... not quite sure yet.  I have my eye exam next week -- yay, because I have 5 pair of contact lenses left!! I didn't expect to have to wait so long for an eye exam.

Have I said it's hot?  It's hot.  My apartment ... gah!  I can't wait to move and next one I have a list as long as my arm.  The ability to have a cross breeze is right up there.

14 August, 2012

Phished on my mobile phone!

Well this is a first.  I have been wireless for a long time.  I got rid of my land line .. gosh, at least 10 years ago, and so nuisance calls and solicitation calls are totally off my radar.  Yesterday morning my phone rang and it was a number I didn't recognize.  But since I'm waiting to hear about the house inspection, etc., I answered and it was a recorded message saying something about lowering the interest rate on my credit card.  I immediately thought this was odd, so I pressed one to find out what was going on, and a woman with a Russian accent comes on the line.   The entire conversation revolved around her trying to get me to tell her my credit card number and me trying to figure out what was going on.  I asked her what credit card she was calling about.   She ignored that question and said she needed my card number so she could check the balance to see if I qualified to have my interest rate cut.  I said she had to tell ME what card she was calling about and my name.  This time she said she wasn't qualified to give me that information because what if I wasn't the cardholder!  And she was getting snippy!  What a scam.  "Ma'am, your credit card number is not useful to anyone without the CVC code".  Really?  Hmm ...... I don't think so.  Credit card companies don't just call you up out of the blue and offer to cut your interest rate in half.  Amazing.

I signed up for the Iron Girl 5K for September 9 and started back training yesterday.  My run was slow, but not painful.  It'll be better today and hopefully I can get out before noon since it is going to be hot again today, and the rest of the week.   I also started a new after work workout and I thought I'd be sore this morning, but I'm not.

Monday night preseason football felt a little weird since it's so crazy hot.  I couldn't pick up any knitting, even the socks, but I did delve a little deeper into the Victorian lace book.  It's fascinating and there are a few things in there I'm thinking of making.  Those are the big, months long projects perfect for winter.  There wasn't anything I wanted to watch after the game was over at 8 which was fine.  I was pretty tired from my day so retired to the bedroom, fan full on the bed, and read.  I've been waiting for this particular book to come out (Vengeance by Benjamin Black) and I was delighted to see it had just been released August 7, so I downloaded it from Amazon and had a nice read.  Amazon sure makes it easy.  One click and it's on my  iPad.  Magic.

13 August, 2012

Weekends just fly by

Here it is Monday morning already and I don't feel as if I've even had a weekend!  No fair!  I did plenty, but I'm sleepy.  I think Mondays should be half days so you can play all you want on the weekend and then have a sleep in Monday morning.  I'm going to propose that .....

I brought Tink with me Friday because I had a hair appointment.  As usual she got her fill of tummy rubs.  I had ordered a couple of books from Amazon last week and they came Friday.  I wasn't expecting them until this week, so it was a wonderful surprise and I got home in time to pick them up from the office.  I bought the Knit Noro: Accessories: 30 Colorful Little Knits  and Victorian Lace Today.  I have seen both of these books and just fell in love with the projects, so I treated myself.  There are so many fantastic projects in both of them.  That's all I could do this weekend - look at knitting.  Because it was WAY too hot to pick anything up.

A guy came over at 6 to pick up the chaise.  He came alone, but it wasn't a heavy piece of furniture so I helped him with it.  Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in the elevator so we had to carry it down the stairs.  And it was slippery!  I was a puddle by the time we got that thing loaded.  One down, two to go.  I got the desk and dining table listed Sunday night. 

Saturday was the golf tournament (hah) and reunion dinner.  It ended up to be a super fun time.  I just wish there had been more people but I found out that the previous year's class had a golf tournament the day before AND had a big reunion dinner that Saturday, and that as well as the multi-class picnic a few weeks ago ... well, there are only so many things one can attend.  I got grief for once again not golfing, but as I explained it ... what was I supposed to do?  Golf with three strangers?  I got promises from several of the women that they would golf next year for sure, and somehow I ended up volunteering to do it again!!  I was drafted.  But we ... those of us there .. chose a weekend for next year and I'm going to make it a year long project.  Get people thinking about it now and putting it on there agendas now. 

The Seahawks played very well Saturday night - I got home just in time.  We beat Tennessee where not only our ex-quarterback plays, but several other of our ex-players and the Huskies QB from last year was drafted there.  He did well but not good enough.  Here's to a big year for the Seahawks!

Sunday was hot again but I had to get some serious housecleaning done and I am proud to say I did.  Cleaned the whole place top to bottom.  I hate housework and it never gets truly bad, but you know there are some chores that are much worse than others - for example, spot cleaning the carpet.  My carrot was a little trip to the mall.  I didn't go crazy, but I had to pick up a gift my sister had sent me and I picked up a couple of summer dresses, since it's that late in the season when everything is on sale.  All my chores were finished by 6:30 when I finally collapsed on the couch.  I truly meant to pick up those socks and get them finished but I just watched some silly TV instead.

Today I am going to register for the Iron Girl 5K.  I will have exactly four weeks to get ready for it so no more excuses!  I must run 4 times a week as well as workouts at home after work.  I am determined to get a better time this race.  I'd really like to be first in my age group this year!

10 August, 2012

One more sweet birthday surprise!

I was so surprised yesterday when I opened my mailbox and found a birthday card.  Well, I know it was just my birthday the day before, but it was still not expected and much much loved.   

Yesterday I finished up with getting my name changed on my credit cards.  I believe that is it with the exception of the passport.  Since I'm getting my hair done today I thought I'd wait for Monday to get the picture taken.  Then I can send it off and be done!  Monday I'm also going to sign up for the Iron Girl 5K on September 9.  That will give me a month to get back into race shape.  I have been SO bad these past few weeks about running.  I need to have a goal.  I got second place in my age class last time and my time wasn't very good, so hopefully I can be better this time.  AND I'm going to use my headphones, despite their silly rules that nobody else was following.  I probably should get some new shoes too.

There was preseason football last night and I have NFL Red Zone, so I was able to see all of the games being played - parts of them anyway.  For preseason they don't do it quite the same way.  Peyton Manning looked pretty darned good with the Broncos.  I have been thinking about going for him for my QB in one of my fantasy leagues.  But preseason can be a little boring, so I watched the first episode of  Hard Knocks.  They are doing the Dolphins camp this season and it's pretty interesting. 

It's a short day for me today.  I had to take a hair appointment at 3 rather than do it tomorrow because tomorrow is the golf tournament and reunion dinner.  I am, of course, now regretting that I can't play golf.  It is a lovely course, flat and not difficult.  But even if I had decided I wanted to play before there aren't enough people and I would have been left to play with strangers, so this worked out fine.  It'll be nice to see my old friends.  And if not -- well, the first Seahawks preseason game is on at 7 so I'll have that to look forward to.

09 August, 2012

No complaints

I had a pretty wonderful birthday.  Not nearly as spectacular as last year -- that would be hard to top -- but just a very nice day and evening.  Thanks to everyone for all of the lovely birthday wishes.  I had a nice bottle of Cremant de Bourgogne to drink while I was getting ready for dinner.  Sometimes you get a really super bottle and it was one of those.  Yeasty and just yummy.  And then dinner at one of my very favorite Italian restaurants.  The pasta was SO good!   The only bad part of the day was when I discovered that Tink had piddled on the floor!  NEXT to the potty pad that she had used a couple of times in the past.  NEXT to it!!  So that means I've got to shampoo that part of the carpet tonight.

After the record 93 degrees last Sunday, everyone is much relieved to be back to mid-70s.  My new office is a bit stuffy and I think I should just put the blinds down at noon to keep the direct sun from shining in.  It's just hard to do after all that time in a closet, but it should keep me a little more comfortable in the late afternoon.

Preseason football is in full swing now, with quite a few games tonight and the Seahawks first game this coming Saturday evening.  Hopefully I will be done with my little reunion thing in time.  I'll set it to record anyway just in case.  The Seahawks signed Terrell Owens a couple of days ago and everyone is anxious to get a look at him, as well as our new quarterback.  It could be a good season.

My socks are nearly done.  I think I will make that my push.  See if I can finish those off this weekend or next and then cast on for some mitts to match the scarf I made out of the Dream in Color Starry.  I have plenty left and I won't need mitts for another couple of months - hopefully.

08 August, 2012

A great start to my birthday!

It could hardly have started any better.  First a lovely chatty email and then a phone call from far far away.  With such a fabulous start, it's going to be tough to keep it up.  I do have a dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants to look forward to this evening.  And noon knitting!  Yay!

One of the walks that I take with Tink passes by the North Seattle Community College.  There is a bit of wood, a  nature preserve, and a large lawn.  This sign is on the corner of the lawn, with a cement path to it's immediate left and further on to the left the nature preserve.  I haven't seen any racoons, but these signs have been up for a few days now.  I was going to take Tink into the little wood last weekend, but thought better of it after seeing this!  I wonder what they are doing?  Last summer I remember seeing one in a tree around the pool area at the apartment complex, but that was the only one I have ever seen.  I'm not going to take any chances, that's for sure.  I am staying out of there!

The weather has cooled down and I am ever so grateful.  I didn't even need the fan last night.  I did wake up around 1:00 and had a bit of a time getting back to sleep.  These silly hives keep popping up still; not as bad but they are there.  Maybe when I know for certain the house is all sorted out, then I will calm down.  If not I'm going back to the doctor.  I have a spa day planned - my big birthday treat - but I can't even think about going to the spa until this is fixed.

07 August, 2012

Ooops ......

I really was very tired yesterday.  And oh, once the clouds cleared up it was hot again.  My apartment was like an oven, of course.  After I got Tink walked I had a cool down shower.  I haven't been able to blow my hair dry for days because of the heat.  I'm not the only one.  I ran into a woman yesterday who teaches anatomy with us in September and she didn't recognize me because I had my hair up.  She has the same problem.  It is cooler today and it should be nice all the rest of this week.  And NOT 90 degrees.

There was no knitting done last night.  I didn't do much of anything really.  I was going to watch some Olympics but I didn't even do that.  I read a little bit and fell asleep very early, turned off my alarm at 6 and didn't wake until 7!  I feel great though, so I must have needed all that sleep.  I am sure I haven't been getting much rest in this heat, even with the fan blowing directly at me. 

Now that the hives have gone from my face it is time to get going again on my new passport.  Perhaps tomorrow, if I can get my hair blown dry tonight, I can get my picture taken here at work and then I can send that in.  I believe they say to allow 6 weeks, but I have never had it take that long.  And then a few more credit cards and I'll be all changed back!  Woohoo!

I have started looking at new apartments.  Not visiting them, but checking them out on line.  I need to find out exactly when I can move before I start looking in earnest.  It's pretty thrilling though.  The first step is to get that furniture sold.  I have someone interested in the chaise.  Maybe tonight I'll take pictures of the oak desk and chair.  I found a lovely desk this weekend that I liked a lot.  The top is glass with abstract designs in white.  It's very cool.

06 August, 2012

Things are looking up up up!!

I got a call Friday afternoon from my real estate agent.  THE call.  It was almost surreal after waiting for so long.  I was out for a walk - it has been super hot here and I just couldn't face going for a run.  It wasn't a perfect offer but workable.  We met up Saturday and tweaked it a bit, and Sunday it was accepted.  Of course nothing is absolutely certain until a few more steps, but I'm feeling pretty darned good right now.  Not entirely out of the wood hive-wise but definitely a much happier girl.

I designated Saturday as my birthday fun day, since it comes on a Wednesday this year and this coming weekend is busy with the tournament and dinner.  It was very hot so I didn't get everything done that I set out to do, but I managed to get to Best Buy and purchased a very very cool ZAGGfolio for my iPad.  It is a case with a Bluetooth keyboard.  It is awesome!  The rest of Saturday was spent trying to keep cool in my apartment, which is like an oven!  If I could leave the door open to the corridor then it wouldn't be so bad because I could get some air movement but as it is ..... just terrible!  The only way to be comfortable is to have the fan blowing directly on me.  Friday night I was so hot in the middle of the night that I got up and had a cool shower! 

Yesterday was another hot one - nearly 90.  Tinkerbell got a trip to the off leash dog park and a paddle in the lake, which she loves.  I got some new pads for my outdoor chairs and I spent some time out there after the sun went down. I remembered to get an extension cord for my little fan in my office.  Unfortunately there is no air conditioning in this office.  I know it sounds incredible since we just had this office remodeled a few years ago, but it doesn't.  So I have light but it's going to be hot this afternoon.  I have the fan blowing and soon I'll have to lower the blinds to try to keep it cool.

I haven't picked up my knitting since last Wednesday.  It is just too hot.  I was tempted last night because the first football game was on and knitting and football go so well together.  But I simply could not do it.  It should cool down a bit this week.  Not that I'm complaining.  [looks a little bit like complaining though, doesn't it?]

03 August, 2012

Sometimes flowers trump a run

The grey skies took their toll yesterday.  I wanted to run, but I wanted some flowers in my office even more.  I reached a good compromise - I walked to Trader Joe's where I had noticed a bunch of orchids last time I was there.   I love the color of this one.  Most of them were white.  I took the picture with my iPhone so it's not great since there is no flash (can't wait to get a new iPhone with flash!!).   A few times a year some group comes to the hospital and sells all sorts of exotic orchids.  This year I'm going to get myself something gorgeous for the office.  for now this will do and it does brighten things up a bit more.  So far I'm really liking it here.  I was expecting the natural light to help my  mood a bit more but we all know that only one thing can do that effectively.

I spent the entire evening watching Olympic events.  I love my OnDemand for that.  This is one place where Comcast has really outdone itself.  You can go to the OnDemand directory, choose Olympic Events and then choose which event you want to watch.  In that category you have 85 minute programs covering, for example, women's gymnastic team finals.  That's what I watched last night.  I couldn't even knit, it was so fascinating.  There is one thing that always just kills me when I watch these events, and that's the empty seats!  How can that be?  Well, I do know how, but it's a travesty.  Especially for these very coveted events.  Think of all those people who could kill to get in there.  What should I watch tonight?  Maybe men's gymnastics or a swimming event.  I wonder if the rain has subsided over there.  I would imagine it could make some of the track and field events very uncomfortable if it was pouring rain.

It is going to be very hot this weekend.  It might even be too hot to knit.  Tomorrow I have a million and one errands and chores to take care of and then Sunday will be a nice day to take Tink somewhere.  At  5 pm .... tada!  The first preseason game.  So you know what I'm going to be at 5 pm on Sunday.  In case you were wondering. 

02 August, 2012

Make up your mind!

When I looked out my window this morning it was so pretty!  Blue sky and puffy white clouds.  But on the way in to work the darker clouds moved in and now it's not nice at all!  Even looks like it will rain.  That's not supposed to happen so let's hope these clouds are just temporary.  I don't want to have to run in the rain today.  I'm very tired and it's going to be hard to shake off this groggy feeling, especially with the sun hiding. 

I had company for dinner last night and then stayed up WAY too late watching "Necessary Roughness".  Well, as of this Sunday I won't have to watch that show to get my football fix!  The Hall of Fame game, the first preseason game, is on Sunday and I am going to be watching.  My fantasy league, the one with my nephews, won't be drafting for another month but I was doing a practice draft yesterday and got caught up in a little smack talk with some of the other drafters.  It was pretty funny.  I don't usually go in for that type of thing but I was feeling frisky yesterday, I guess.  Anyway I ended up agreeing to join another league with some of these guys.  No money, just for fun.  They want to draft early, as in this weekend.  Actually they wanted to do it next Monday but because of the time difference the draft would be starting at 3:30 my time, which wouldn't work since I am at work.  I'm trying to get them to switch it to this Sunday or maybe the following Sunday.

I had hoped that finally getting the tournament and dinner thingie sorted would make my hives disappear.  But that hasn't happened, although they are much improved.  It's that other thing out there that is keeping me itchy.  I was really hoping for news from Pamela yesterday but ... nope.  I have no choice but to be patient.  It's not easy.  I'm pretty tired of it and very ready to move on with my life.  I have so many things I need and want to do and my hands are tied until this is sorted.  Frustrating is what it is.  Perhaps that's why I have such a short fuse these days.  Maybe I'll try screaming into my pillow tonight. 

01 August, 2012

I thought my head would explode!

Yesterday morning was pretty good.  I got to talk to the golf pro who was very understanding and helpful.  I guess it's not that unusual for these things to not come together.  My guys will still be able to golf and all will be well on that end.  I'm still playing phone tag with the caterer but hopefully will get to speak to her today.  I can't imagine that they would want to do a buffet for 25 people but we'll see.  That is a big load off my mind and I was ready for my run at noon. 

Ah .... it was perfect weather!  Not too hot, but warm enough for the running skirt.  Nothing spectacular but a nice, solid run.  I got my things together for lunch and as it was cooking I was going through my email.  And then I saw it -- the email that erased all the goodness I had reaped from the run.  As a little background - every year I ask the School of Medicine and the Dental School registrars for a list of the incoming first year students with their undergraduate major.  I use this information to put together our dissection table groups so that we don't end up with more than one non-science major at a table.  The Dental School had their list to me a few days after I asked for it but the School of Medicine was much slower.  Finally, after being promised the list for a week I got an email from the admin of the registrar saying she was unable to give me that list because of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations!  I lost it.  It was all I could do to keep from going downstairs to the Dean's Office and stomping my feet.  The fact that I was in my running clothes .....  I dashed off a few emails, had a cooler head translate for me and finally I did get the list.  But really!   What next?  It is the simple idiocy of the people following regulations blindly that makes me crazy.  Some little admin who comes in and decides that I can't have the information I need to do a very simple part of my job that is for the good of the student.  Gahhhh .... I shouldn't have started thinking about it again!

Let's think of better things.  I put in a fare watcher for air fare to London and Paris in November and every week I get an email with the lowest fares listed.  And guess what?  That stupid Icelandair is ALWAYS the lowest.  It's not like it used to be when you could sometimes snatch up a bargain ... a real bargain .. if you were watching carefully.  Now it's pretty much the same with very little fluctuation.  I like their schedule, but their bare bones flights are not for me.  Maybe I will compare a couple of better airlines with them but factor in a few of their upgrades - which aren't considered upgrades on other carriers.  And then schedule will be the final deciding factor.  I'm not in any hurry.  It's just interesting.

I was planning on watching some Olympics coverage last night.  I have seen a few events, but watching alone is not very much fun.  I knew I wanted to see the swimming and gymnastics last night but the way they are doing the coverage on NBC is very annoying.  And they don't put on the really good events until the last hour which is just too late.  I get bored and sleepy watching that much TV.  However, I do believe I can get it OnDemand but only after it was shown.  I can look for it tonight or tomorrow night.  Anyway - I spend most of my time scanning the crowd, looking for a certain silver head.  So far no luck. 

I worked more on my socks while I watched synchronized diving.  Crazy sport but pretty amazing all the same.  It's noon knitting and I've got some errands after work so I drove in today and I heard on the radio that some badminton doubles teams were disqualified for trying to lose.  I need to read up on that.

Oh ... and did you notice the craziness on the web yesterday?  Yahoo mail was down for hours!  And later in the afternoon I couldn't connect to the iTunes store.  Very strange.  But now ... work!