25 October, 2013


Ahhh .... finally I was able to sit down with my Juneberry yesterday evening and really work on that edging.  I got one repeat done.  There are only 21 stitches to be worked and actually I can see myself doing this while the football games are on.  It's not that complicated and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the pattern and I am really kicking myself for using this variegated yarn for something so intricate.  I will, of course, block the dickens out of it to stretch the lace to the max, but I still think a plain yarn would show it off better.  I may make another one.  I absolutely adore knitting on the edging.  There will be no bind off except the 21 stitches of the edging.  Sweet.  Especially on a large piece.

All I can think about now is my week off.  A little trip to Sequim and otherwise lots of work but it will be so satisfying to get that house painted and done.  If all goes well (and really, when ever does that happen when there are contractors involved??) Ben should be able to move his furniture in there on the 2nd or the 3rd.  But that's a big IF.

It is hard to work on the Friday before vacation and I'm going to cut the torture short by getting out of here around 2:30 or 3.  The weather is ugly but I do not care in the least.   Not the least!

24 October, 2013

My love/hate relationship with fog

Again this morning we have fog.  I think we have had it in the morning every day this week so far.  Traffic has been awful, my bus late arriving at work, accidents tying up the freeways.  But in the afternoon we get sunshine and beautiful clear blue skies.  I don't mind it.  I love running in fog - not dense fog but misty.  My hair on the other hand does not react well.  No matter how sleek and shiny it is when I walk out, when I get back indoors it is frizzy, which isn't a good look for anyone now, is it?  Nope.  But I would gladly trade frizzy hair for afternoon sunshine.

At noon knitting yesterday I did indeed finish those last two chart rows and got started on the border.  Oh I was so excited and really looking forward to working on it at home.  It is going to go quickly I think.  It wasn't until I was seated in the bus and it was pulling out of the stop that I realized I had left my knitting bag in my office!  Arghghghgh!  So no knitting for me.  Instead I did some laundry and explored a couple of shows on HBO I've been wanting to check out - one starring Steven Merchant called "Hello Ladies" (hilarious) and another with Chris O'Dowd called "Family Tree", also funny.  I watched both pilots.  Thank goodness for HBO Go app.  I wouldn't have found them otherwise.

Only two more days until vacation.  I have mixed feelings about it.  There is going to be a lot of work.  Painting is never fun and painting textured walls is even less fun.  Throw in some cathedral ceilings and you're talking zero fun factor.  But there will be a couple of days in Sequim on the beach thrown into the mix and there won't be painting every day AND I saved up my birthday 90 minute massage so ... there's that.

23 October, 2013

How to clean greasy dog ears

It doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?  Tinkerbell sometimes gets inflamed ears and the medicine that my vet prefers is oil based.  Twice a day I squirt the oily goo deep into her ears and massage them and in about a week her ears are clean and pink but her fur around her ears is black and greasy.  The ears itch when they're inflamed and she scratches.  So there I am with a cute little dog with lots of ugly, dirty and greasy fur on her face and I could never figure out how to clean it without taking her to the groomer, which is where I got this fantastic advice on Saturday!  I asked Kristi how to clean that mess and she says they first rub in corn starch and then wash the area with undiluted Dawn dish washing soap.  She says that is what the rescue workers use when there is an oil spill to clean the animals!  That is some good information and next time I will use that method.

Hooray for noon knitting because I still haven't had the time to get those last two rows done on the Juneberry.  There was too much to do when I got home and by the time I finished drying my hair and walking Tink and cooking dinner and talking on the phone .... I didn't have any energy for anything but reading.

Oooo ... I have to rant though. How difficult is it to go to the counter, get a paper town and squirt cleaner on it and just rub it on the handles of the Precor elliptical that you've just been sweating on for the past 30 minutes?  Really??  You're too busy to do that?  Pigs.  Here it is the cold and flu season and these people can't take a minute to clean up.  Rant off.

22 October, 2013

How can I fix my Fantasy team??

I had one guy in the game last night but he wasn't much help and I lost big.  I'm not last but I have moved down to 10.  Players are dropping like flies and my bench sucks.  Well, I'll tinker this afternoon but I don't have any great hopes.  I'm not giving up, but I don't think this is my year.

On a positive note, I had an awesome run yesterday afternoon and I feel so much better.  I slept better, my attitude is better.  I just don't do well when I'm not working out.  I got into the grove there with the morning work outs but once I hurt my ankle and got OUT of the grove ... well, it was just not happening.  But yesterday was wonderful.  It is the weather I adore running in - a little chill in the air, and some moisture.  I wasn't setting any records, but I actually ran my 30 minutes yesterday at a faster pace than my last 5K, which was six weeks ago. 

As much as I wanted to get the last two rows knit on my Juneberry, I couldn't get to it before it was time to watch Monday night football.  I wouldn't have bothered but I did have Victor Cruz.  And then I just went to bed to read.  I should have picked up my knitting at that point, but I was a couple of glasses of wine in and didn't feel like doing lace knitting at that point.  No purl row to skate on.  If I don't get it done tonight then there's noon knitting tomorrow.

Only four more days until vacation!  Mostly it's going to be work but there will be two days in Sequim for a nice break.  And I'm hoping it'll be decent weather so I walk on the beach.  Tink is going to be at the kennel so there will be plenty of sleeping in as well.  Woohoo!

21 October, 2013

A really good massage chair!

My regular nail salon has opened up a second shop, which is very close to my apartment.  Since I had such a big weekend ahead of me, I went to get my nails done after I walked Tinkerbell on Friday.  The chairs they have at the other salon also have a massage feature and I cannot stand it!  It hurts my back rather than making me relax.  Well, the chairs they have at this new salon are incredible!  They're called "Human Touch" or ... something like that.  But really they do feel like a human is massaging your back and neck.  It is delightful and oh so relaxing.  They were busy and it took them about 30 minutes longer to get finished with me but I didn't mind a bit.  I just let myself get massaged into a puddle.  Plus they've started doing a hot stone leg massage along with the pedicure.  Ahhhhh ... seriously.  It is something I look forward to every two weeks and now more than ever.

The rest of the weekend was a blur.  Tink to the groomer, a trip to an art show, an appointment with a color consultant, pick Tink up at the groomer and then an hour to get ready to go out for the silent auction.  And that was so much fun, although I still don't know what I actually won.  I thought I had purchased a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and some fresh oysters at least.  Oh well, if they want their money they will call, right?

I was hoping for some relaxation on Sunday and I did get to sleep in a little bit, but then it was more shopping and running around.  Finally around 3:30 I managed to get the apartment kind of cleaned up.  Cleaned up well enough so that I could let myself sit and relax and do some serious knitting.  I have only two more rows left on chart D and then I can start the edging! 

Since the Seahawks played on Thursday night I didn't have a game I really wanted to watch so that was good.  I did end up turning on the Sunday night game between the Broncos and the Colts.  My fantasy guys didn't do much of anything this weekend.  Tom Brady again, even though they won, only got me 5 of the 15 points he was projected to get!  I was projected to beat my opponent by almost ten points and has me by over 40 now and I only have one player in tonight's game.  Looks like I'm on a losing streak.  Like the Huskies.  I don't even want to talk about that .... I am glad I couldn't watch that game.

My morning running routine has taken a big hit.  Since I hurt my foot I haven't been down there even though I could have been doing it the last week.  It's just that it is darker now in the morning plus if I wake up before my alarm goes off and I don't get back to sleep I just cannot get myself out of bed!  So, today I threw in the towel and put my running clothes back into my drawer here at work and I'll run at lunchtime again.  It won't be so bad now that it's not so bloody hot.  And maybe it'll help pull me out of this funk. 

My friends in France - the ones I went to the gite with the spring before last - texted me on Saturday saying they were staying at the same place and were thinking about me.  That was very sweet and I will have to send Deidre an email soon to thank them and let them know I won't be by this Thanksgiving.  But I am looking forward to that great week in Mexico in January.  It's just the way it is this year.  Hopefully next year it'll be Thanksgiving in Paris.

18 October, 2013

I'm dragging

It's foggy and dark and boy, am I ever having a hard time waking up!  I was awake at 3 am, then again at 4 when a truck came for a delivery and then again (still?) at 5 when Tinkerbell decided she needed water.  I don't even remember turning off my iPhone alarm but obviously I did.  I finally woke up at 7 am when Tink started snoring loudly.  I was only 25 minutes late to work -- not bad.  But I am so groggy.  I didn't even stay up too late last night.  I watched the Seahawks beat Arizona and went to bed to read after that and must have fallen asleep at the normal time.  But right now I feel like I could sleep for days.  Good thing it's Friday. 

It should be a pretty fun weekend if I can manage to sleep in and carve out some quiet knitting time.  Tink is getting groomed tomorrow but I don't have to have her there too early, then while she's getting her hair done I'm going to an art fair, then in the afternoon meeting with a colorist to help Ben with picking out the paint for his newly remodeled house.  That is going to be awesome!  And in the early evening there is a party at the Derby Salon, a benefit for breast cancer research.  There will be a silent auction and all sorts of fun things.  I'm looking forward to it.

Since the Seahawks played last night I don't have to watch football on Sunday so I can get a good housecleaning done on my apartment and watch bits of games as the day goes on.  I have most of my fantasy points in the Sunday morning games -- all in fact except for one player on Monday night.  He's a good one though.  Fingers crossed I win this week or I'm sunk!

But I've got to get through this day to get to the fun, so I'd better get crackin'!

17 October, 2013

I love these autumn days

It never really got sunny yesterday, but it will be nice today and it is just perfect right now.  The leaves are still on the trees and turning gorgeous colors.  I suspect the reason I'm really noticing it this year is that we haven't had much rain yet.  We can miss the really beautiful part of fall if there is too much rain forcing those leaves to the ground.  I like it when they sprinkle down like snow.  I will have a nice long walk at lunchtime - I have to go up to the store for salad ingredients.  I will walk through campus on my way north to get the full effect.

Noon knitting was fun and I got two or three rows done and another one last night.  The Seahawks are playing at 5:30 tonight so there won't be any knitting on the fancy stuff.  I am hoping I can get a few hours to myself this weekend to finish up the last body chart and start on the edging. 

I have been trying to avoid thinking about my sister in London.  No use fussing about it.  I'll just have to start making plans, saving up and saving vacation time. 

Tinkie is going to the groomer this Saturday and boy, she really needs it.  I was going to bathe her last weekend but I figured she could wait another week if I could get an appointment.  Yay me!  Her ears were in need of medicine for a week or so and the medicine is oily.  She then scratches her ears and spread the oil outside of her ear and scratching with dirty feet means that she has oily grey patches on her face.  Not a good look.  But she'll be right as rain on Saturday and pretty again.

16 October, 2013

Not quite cold enough

Not that I'm complaining!  No no no .. it's just that I wore my Mobius Cowl in today to show at noon knitting and it is a bit warmer of a scarf than I need right now.  I didn't even double wrap it.  Since I'm wearing brown boots and tights I thought it would look good with the outfit.  It works.

I'm anxious to finish up the body of the Juneberry Shawl and get on with knitting the edging.  That's going to end up being the toughest part of this entire project, I think.  I has gotten me thinking about tackling next one of the complicated shawl patterns with the knitted on edging.  Now I can't remember the name of the book .... Anyway they are mostly stoles, which prefer because they're just huge scarves after all.

Usually this time of year I'm getting ready for the Dawg Dash, but when I run this race I can't attend the benefit that my salon does, and the girl who does my hair is in charge of it.  So this year I am forgoing the Dawg Dash and instead going to the benefit Saturday.  And it's actually turning out for the best since I haven't been able to run these last couple of weeks.  I did put my running shoes on and walked for an hour at lunch yesterday and so far so good.  I may even run on Friday.  Today I'm going to look around for a race in November. Usually there's one around Green Lake.  I just hope it's not too early in the month.

The leaves are so beautiful and perfect right now.  The golden ones are starting to drop like snow flakes in places.  It's very pretty and makes me think of wonderful wonderful trips I have made.  November vacations with lots of autumn light and falling leaves and blue skies.  Not this year.  That vacation in the sunshine is going to be very very appreciated in January, I'm sure.

15 October, 2013

Another bad football weekend

I have been laid up with a cold these past few days.  Thank goodness it didn't get into my chest, like last year.  Just nasty head cold yuckiness.  I worked from home on Friday and actually did a little knitting on the Juneberry, which is a most awesome pattern.  Saturday I wanted to lay low and get over the cold, but my services were needed in picking out hardware for cupboard doors and lighting and ... and ... stuff.  So I allowed myself to be dragged around from store to store.  Everything got done and picked out and I was feeling bad again.  I ended up working from home yesterday as well and today I feel pretty good.  I can breath and that's always a nice thing.

I finished up three charts (although C hardly counts as it is only 3 rows) and am working on chart D.  When that is finished it is just the lace border.  I absolutely adore the yarn I got from YarnBox that I'm using for this project.   It is soft.  What I don't really care for is the variegated colorway.  That just says "granny" to me.  But for a fancy scarf it's perfect.  I finished up with one skein and I've got ten or eleven more rows to go in this last chart before the border.  I doubt it'll even use two entire skeins so I'll have enough for mitts and this soft yarn would be perfect.  I lost my first pair of fingerless mitts when we were in Silverdale a few weekends ago.  The pair of Fetching I knit up ... wow, how many years ago?  Five?  More?  Well, I got my use out of them and they were looking a bit ratty so I didn't even bother searching for them.  I am sure I left them at the hotel bar.

So here it is Tuesday and my days are all mixed up.  But two weeks to work and then I get a week off, although I'll be helping paint and put things away, so it's not that much of a holiday.  But on Wednesday and Thursday we're going to Sequim to stay on the bay and that'll be lovely.  Just to get away in the middle of the madness and relax.  But there's much madness to be had before then.

I had a bad football weekend again.  The Huskies lost badly, the Seahawks played badly but won and I lost two in a row in my fantasy league.  Every one of my players but one performed WAY below projected - as in project 7 points and got 2.  I don't even want to see where I am today.  Let's hope for a better week this week!

10 October, 2013

ESPN on campus

An email was sent out to all faculty, students and staff about ESPN being on campus.  This Saturday the UW is where College Gameday will be, starting at 6 am.  So they're setting up the set today and tomorrow.  The email also said that student seating (around the set) opens at 3 am Saturday morning!  Yipes.  I am going to be happy watching that game in my own comfy house.  It will be madness there!  Plus, the Huskies are playing the Ducks.  It could be a bloodbath.  Maybe I can record it.  Sometimes it's better to be able to fast forward a college game.

I haven't finished tinkering with my line up yet.  I should do a little studying.  I believe I could have made a few better choices last week if I had taken a little more time to think about the games themselves.

I had reserved a conference room for noon knitting, but when I got there someone else had taken the room and started a meeting!  My name was on the schedule!!  The nerve.  So we had to meet in the lunchroom.  Luckily it was only three of us, but still.  That is so rude.  I did get four good rows done on the Juneberry.  I love how the charts are written out and that they change every 40 rows or less.  It keeps me interested and it seems to go faster.  I sure hope I can find some quiet time this weekend.

09 October, 2013

The let down

After five weeks of crazy-ness I guess it's natural to have a little bit of a weird feeling when things do finally slow back down to normal speed.  And it's darker in the morning, and much chillier.  Pretty soon we'll be turning the clocks back.  I think that this is hitting me more this year because I don't have my Thanksgiving trip to plan and look forward to.  In fact, I know that's what it is.  If I could run, it would be easier on me, but my foot/ankle is still not right and I am afraid of making a bad situation worse by jumping on the treadmill too soon.  I took a long walk at lunch yesterday and it wasn't feeling quite right all night.  Maybe Friday I can try it.  Worst case I might have to walk part of the time and best case, I'll get some much needed endorphins!

I was too tired for much of anything last night when I got home.  Tink got her walkies, I put away the clean dishes, watched a little TV and was asleep by 10 or so.  For noon knitting today I brought my Juneberry start and hope to get four rows done at lunchtime.  It is not TV knitting - it's lace knitting, every row except once in a great while a plain purl row.  It is going to be stunning though.

I tinkered a bit with my lineup yesterday and may take another look today or tomorrow.  I don't like to tinker, I like to get it right and keep it that way.  But injuries abound this season and I got a terrible starting lineup to begin with.  I haven't given up yet.

08 October, 2013

Ouch! I didn't want to look

I knew I had a terrible week but ... wow, I'm down to 7th in the fantasy league!  Dang!  Well, I'll fiddle with my line up and hopefully I can get a better score this week.  My quarterback situation sucks bad.  I have Tom Brady but he doesn't have any receivers.  It's crazy.  Oh, yes I do have one on the bench - Matt Schaub.  Not any better.  In fact there is talk of benching him.  Maybe I'll try to pick up another QB today.

Yesterday was a huge day, I got home late.  But anatomy is over and now it's on with the rest of the autumn quarter.  There are a few loose ends yet to pick up but for all intents and purposes, finished.  And I didn't get sick (yay!) and nobody failed.  All good things.  I was pretty darned tired when I got home and very happy that I had put what turned out to be an awesome stew together.  The hall smelt of goodness when I got out of the elevator.  I had a nice glass of Cabernet, an early dinner and then read until 10 o'clock.  Nice quiet time evening.  I was going to knit but I couldn't get up the energy to do that.  I just wanted to read in silence.

I am hoping to get back on the treadmill tomorrow.  It's been nearly two weeks since I hurt my foot or ankle.  I've got to get back on it now.  Before I know it January will be here and I've got to be bathing suit ready!  Scary.

07 October, 2013

We knew it would happen sooner or later

Ah ... the agony of defeat, I guess this should be titled.  It was a losing weekend all around.  The Huskies got beat by Stanford in a terribly exciting game that went down to the wire.  The soccer team got beat and then, on Sunday, the Seahawks finally lost.  It was a very close game as well, on the road.  Their 4 and 0 start, the first time in its history, is gone.  They played well but couldn't come up with that last minute magic.  Oh, and my fantasy team?  VERY badly beaten.  I have two more guys tonight but there's no way in the world that I'm going to win this matchup.   There is nothing for it.  I just have to look forward to next week and a better outcome.

Friday I worked from home.  I had to make sure I could connect and do everything I need to do from home, since I have a new (well new to me) laptop for home.  It was perfect.  Everything worked seamlessly so I feel much better.  The cold and cough going around here is spreading like wildfire and I need to be prepared since this is such a busy time for me.  Speaking of busy, I was working like a crazy person Friday.  I couldn't even take a break until 1:30.  The weather was lovely and Tinkie and I got some nice walks. 

Finally in the late afternoon I was able to stop and get my yarn wound and start the Juneberry Triangle.   It is a shame that they sent hand dyed yarn in a variegated colorway because this yarn is lovely and I'd like to have a cardigan made from it, but I don't like garments made with variegated yarn.  It just screams "homemade".  So a scarf/wrap is the ideal accessory with a soft yarn like this.  The Juneberry has quite a few charts but it's moving along nicely.  Unfortunately it is one of those with charts for both sides of the thing - like the Frost Flowers shawl I did a few years ago.  I do prefer having a plain purl row but I am committed to this project now and it is really a gorgeous pattern.  I will soldier on.

Besides knitting and (bad) football this weekend, I visited a new farmer's market on Sunday in the heat!  I was wearing a skirt and T-shirt, it was that warm.  I got some nice carrots and some fingerling potatoes and got a stew going in the crock pot this morning.  I visited the new nail spa that my regular place in Lake City has taken over.  The massage chairs are actually comfortable for me!  They are awesome!  So I had a lovely hour pampering after the market.

Today is the final exam for anatomy and then tomorrow starts histology.  I am pretty much ready for that.  Pretty much.

03 October, 2013

I did finish

Whew!  It took me all of the hour to Kitchner that cowl together but I got it done, despite breaking the yarn about a million times.  And oh is it every cozy.  I should have snapped a picture.  Well, I'll do it tomorrow.  I anticipate using this a lot this winter.

I didn't get the yarn wound last night.  I was SO exhausted yesterday, I could barely make it through the day.  Here's how tired I was -- I had to make myself stay up until 9.  I could have easily walked Tink and gotten right into bed when I got home, but that would have been a disaster.  We had a great walk - made even better by the note I found in an envelope on my apartment door.  My lease is up at the end of next month but when I read the letter it didn't look like I was getting an increase.  Off I went to the office to check on it and indeed, that is the case!  Woohoo!  Considering all we have heard lately in Seattle about rents going up, I was expecting a big jump.  Great news has a tendency to energize.

I caught up on silly TV and played with my iPad and, as I said, made myself stay up until 9.  I must have been asleep by 9:05 and today I finally feel like I've caught up a bit.  So tonight I would love to wind that yarn and start the project.  I can stay up a little later tonight since I'm working from home tomorrow, so I'll be able to sleep in until 7:30 at least. 

Trying to keep ahead of things, I got the final exam copied and ready for Monday's last Anatomy exam.  Only to find out yesterday that it was not actually the FINAL version!!  Arghghghg!  That's 160 copies of a 10 page exam that I had to trash.  This morning I'm going to do it again.  What a waste.  But then anatomy will be done until next year, and I'm not unhappy about that.

02 October, 2013

Today I will finish it

I brought my Mobius Cowl in for noon knitting today and I'm going to get it Kitchner stitched up and it will be out of my basket!  It was a good TV knitting project but I've been sick of it for a while.  I don't think it's quite cold enough to wear yet.  I think I'll use it a lot this year though.  It is cozy even though the colors aren't exactly what I like to wear.  It'll look fine with a black coat.

I wasn't even aware of it, but Eastbound and Down has started a new season and since I had it on my DVR it got recorded and I watched the first episode last night.  I've got lots of stupid TV saved up and I think I'll dig into it tonight.  Tomorrow is football - I am not sure though if I've got a player in the game or not.  Well, I'll tweak my line up one last time tomorrow morning and I'll figure it out.

Anatomy is winding down, thank goodness.  I finished up the final exam yesterday.  I'm still going to be pretty busy for the next week or so, then it'll calm down.  I feel like I could sleep for a week and I haven't been able to run because of my ankle.  I will have to give it another try on Monday and if it's still feeling weird I'll have to go to the doctor.  I really don't want to have to do physical therapy again, but it sure felt like it did while I was rehab-ing it all those years ago.  I sure don't want to have to go through that again.

The wind had a particular bite to it yesterday that I noticed while Tink and I were having our walk.  It is supposed to warm up here a bit.  We did have a pretty spectacular summer.

My plan is still to wind that yarn tonight.  I would love to get the Juneberry started but I also want to slob out and watch stupid TV so ..... there's always tomorrow.

01 October, 2013

Decisions decisions

Monday Night Football -- it was a squeaker but I won my matchup and I'm 3rd out of 12 now!  Oh but this coming week is going to be very tough.  I have two players on a bye week and nobody really good to bring up.  This is going to take some time, but I don't have to have it done until Thursday.  Although ... if I have to get another player I had better carve out some time this morning to check the waiver wire.

While watching football I finally finished the last four rows of the Mobius Cowl an so I'll bring it in tomorrow and sew it together at noon knitting.   I have decided on the Juneberry Triangle for my next project with my super soft YarnBox yarn.  I very rarely - as in never - purchase a pattern because I have so many magazines and books, plus there are so many free ones on Ravelry and Knitty.  But I just love this pattern.  There's so much going on and the little wave action on the bottom will be perfect with the color of yarn I have.  So, Wednesday night I'll wind it and maybe even cast on!

I had one of those nights -- I woke up and my mind started going.  I hate that!!!  But the weather has finally changed and it's not so hot in the apartment so I didn't have to deal with that.  I finally fell back asleep after a half hour or so on my iPhone (gloating over my Fantasy Football win).  I feel okay but oh my goodness -- I need a vacation.  Or even a few days in a row when I don't have to do anything and can sleep in.  I know I just got back from a weekend away but that's not really a rest, you know?  Oh well ... onward.