29 August, 2014

Well that was no good!

The Seahawks were beaten by the Raiders last night!  I know it's only preseason, but the Raiders??  Good heavens.  I didn't even watch the entire thing.  It was painful.  Very few of our number ones were playing, but still!  Terrible.

You know what else was painful?  My foot!  My toe, to be more specific.  Shooting pains and throbbing.  I do recall that I felt the toe crack a couple of times during the day, but not a painful thing.  More like when your knuckles crack accidentally.  And then I noticed that it was a bit swollen as well.  Oh man, I am absolutely NOT happy about this.  I iced it and that made it feel a bit better.  I haven't been running for 5 weeks, I think.  Maybe more .... I went on my trip, then a week of vacation, a week sick, and that brings us to six weeks.  I have been doing quite a bit of walking, and not in my running shoes, so that might be the problem.  Well ... I'll keep a watch on it.

I've got to be busy and active this weekend, especially Saturday since I'm moving furniture that day.  Sunday cleaning the apartment, and Monday putting things away and trying to get ready for this fantasy draft.  Actually, I'm leaving early today so hopefully I can start this evening with at least one mock draft.

My presentation went well yesterday and I've got nearly all my ducks in a row for next week.  But nevertheless I woke up during the night and my head was whirring around, thinking about all of the things I have yet to do.  Things I had forgotten about.  But I'm on it  now and still I think I can get out of here around noon today and finally get that manicure and pedicure I've been wanting for quite a long time.  And maybe even find someone to do my hair as well, since I had to cancel my appointment with Dana this Saturday.  Well much to do, anyway.  Hopefully I can carve out some time to do a little knitting and relaxing!

28 August, 2014

One week until Football

The final Seahawks pre-season game is tonight and next Thursday they open the season.  Have I done anything with my fantasy team yet?  No, no I have not.  I haven't had one practice draft.  I haven't read one single article.  I haven't even looked at the standings!!!  I have got to get on it.  Maybe this afternoon I can get a little time.  And tomorrow I hope to leave early so maybe then I can do a couple practice drafts. 

I got out for the bus extra early last night but the traffic wasn't quite so bad so I was in fact early for my second bus.  That is much better than missing it!  I watched a little stupid TV, made a really tasty dinner - a tomato salad (I had meant to make Caprese but I put the fresh basil into the fridge instead of leaving it out and it was gone) and TJ's wonderful lobster ravioli.  And then I had a nice long gab with my sister on the phone and then ..... well, then it was time for bed.  I was too tired to unpack anything -- again.  The best laid plans, etc. etc. etc. 

I have to give a presentation to the new students this morning at 11 or so.  I'm all ready - it's basically the same talk I give every year.  This year we're using a brand new website LMS (learning management system) and as usual, being the first class, we're the guinea pigs.  I have worked with it before so it's not entirely new, but new enough.  I am sure it'll be fine.  That's what the practice quiz is for this afternoon - for the students to learn about the interface and for me to learn about the input I get from the quiz. 

My plan -- get everything done before noon tomorrow so I can take the rest of the day off and get a jump on the long weekend. 

27 August, 2014

The best laid plans, etc. etc.

I'm not doing so well so far on my plan to unpack a little each night.  Again the traffic was atrocious in front of the medical center and even though I went out to catch the earlier bus, which would come by just a few minutes before my normal 4:10, I didn't get on a bus until nearly 4:30!  So obviously I missed my 232 again.  However, the bus driver for the 931 must have been new because he started the route at 5 o'clock rather than 5:15.  I didn't complain.  Even with the mile walk I got home before six and that's what is important.  Tinkerbell got her walk, I got a load of laundry in and then made myself a gorgeous salad to eat after my hair was dry.  Fresh tomatoes from the garden, goat cheese, pistachios ..... other stuff.  Yummmmmmm

Did I unpack any boxes?  Nope.  Did I take the clothes out of the dryer? Nope.  Did I knit?  Nope.  So yes, it was Do-Nothing-Tuesday.  I must do some work tonight though.  I must.

The thing is that I am so busy at work that I'm exhausted when I get home.  I don't want to work.  I will certainly regret it if I have to work all of the long weekend and don't get any time to rest.  Move the furniture Saturday, clean on Sunday and rest (and fantasy football draft) on Monday.  That's the plan.  Looks good on the screen, doesn't it?

26 August, 2014

Oh that darned traffic

I can't figure this out, but yesterday was the second time I missed my second bus in the afternoon because of bad traffic outside of the medical center.  Once the bus was on the freeway it was smooth sailing.  Last night the 232 was right in front of my bus but by the time we got to a bus stop my bus had missed a light and I couldn't catch it.  It is a HUGE hassle.  My choices are wait 45 minutes (yes, that's right .. 45 minutes) for another 232 to come by or, the less heinous choice, wait 25 minutes for a bus that gets me within a mile walking distance.  That's the choice I took.  I'd rather walk a mile than sit and sit waiting for a bus, wouldn't you?  Well truly, I'd rather not miss that freaking bus!! In the future, when I see the earlier bus running late I'm going to run out a few minutes early and catch that one.  I just missed it both times and now I know that if it is running late, my 4:10 will be as well.  I should just start driving to the Transit Center.  I really don't want to though.

So then I got home and I was hot and tired and pissed off.  But my deal with myself is that I've got to unload and put away at least one box, if not two, every night this week.  My compromise was that I cleaned up the kitchen and put away the rest of the things I hadn't put away Sunday.  The weather was SO gorgeous and mild and I couldn't stand to be cooped up inside any longer.  I had a nice shower, poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the deck and knit and knit and knit until it was getting a little too dark and I was feeling it start to cool off.  But that wasn't until 7:30, so that's pretty good.  I am loving knitting on my new project.  The lace pattern is easy to memorize, the beads look totally awesome and it's going fast.  This is going to be a really cool scarf/wrap thingie.

Work is totally crazy and I feel almost overwhelmed.  It won't be that long though and it'll be calmed down.  In the meantime .... back at it!

25 August, 2014

Carrot and stick thing

It was that kind of weekend - talking myself into doing things I really didn't want to do and then rewarding myself with some fun.  Saturday was packing and getting half (or less, really) of the moving done.  Oh my goodness do I hate moving.  And for someone who hates it so much, I sure have done a lot of it in the last few years.  This is the fourth time since March, 2011.  And please all supernatural beings, let this be the last for a long time!  The good thing is that I have pared down my belongings so it's not nearly as bad as when I started out.  I got rid of a bit more this weekend and made two trips.  It was a tough day for me, I won't lie.  The carrot was going out to hear some music.  As luck would have it, the Triplehorn Brewery was having an annual do and I absolutely love their Belgian beer.  The weather was super awesome so it was nice to be outside.  There was live music but I must say I wasn't all that keen on the bands.  The music was not danceable and I had wanted to dance.  Oh well, no matter.  The beer was wonderful and I had the best BBQ sandwich I have ever had, hands down.  The BEST.

On Sunday I would have liked to get back to the apartment to start on cleaning and maybe get my manicure and pedicure, but that was not to be.  A big family party, thankfully early in the day, was planned and I didn't have the time.  A quick trip to Costco and the grocery store for necessary items, then off I went to the mall for a really quick sweep through to get my makeup and some face cream.  Nordstrom is on one side of the mall and that's the only place I can buy Chanel makeup and then WAAAAYY on the other side of the mall is Macy's where I get my Clinique stuff.   The party was nice.  Tink had a couple of doggies to play with, and they all enjoyed a little dip in the creek.  And rolling in the dirt.  Too much food and it was so hot and I was so thirsty that I drank 3 cans of soda!  So I was full, but did manage to eat a bite of most things. Big Italian family so you know there's going to be too much food.  And good thing, the family stuff was done and I was in the shower, washing off the dirt and sweat before 5.  And my carrot Sunday?  No, not putting boxes away.  No, not doing laundry.  I sat down in the quiet and cast on for my new project and then I got to do two repeats and start on the third!  The pattern is super easy and my beads that came Saturday are absolutely perfect.  It took a while to get used to lace weight yarn again.  It's like knitting with thread!

I don't think it will be Do-Nothing-Monday tonight.  I have to unpack a few boxes or I'll go nuts.  I hate clutter.  And laundry.  And maybe some more knitting?

22 August, 2014

I thought it was automatic!

How long have I been commuting now?  Since I left my big house and moved to the apartment on 105th.  So that's since March of 2011 - over three years.  And I keep learning new things.  Like make sure you pull the cord (or push the button) to get off at your stop.  I always assumed that my morning stop at the UW was one of the automatic ones where the bus always stops so I quit pushing the button because the Stop was always lit.  Well today he went right past the stop!  I suppose because so many people are on vacation or taking Friday off there was nobody else on that bus getting off but me and I had neglected to push the button.  So I had a lovely walk back to my building. 

I really really really wanted to get cast on for the Melon Pattern Shawl last night.  I found my needle, got some waste yarn, found the video of the cast-on method I was using and started casting on the 91 stitches.  Except Tinkerbell was so needy.  She just wouldn't leave me alone!  I had already played ball with her and let her out and in and out and in.  She wanted my undivided attention and so I had to put my knitting aside or there would have been no peace at all.  I haven't gotten my beads yet anyway so I guess it's okay.  But what am I going to knit on while the game is on tonight?  Iwi I guess.  I should get a pair of socks going.  That would be good for commuting and football too.

I was in the mood for a football movie, so I went old school and watched North Dallas Forty.  Good movie.  Very dated but good.  And tonight it's Seahawks.  Only two more pre-season games to go. 

Big weekend - working on packing and moving.  Not fun but it must be done.

21 August, 2014

Clothes off the floor!

Hooray!  My closet bar is back in place and I got all of my clothes hung up again.   And bonus -- it didn't fall down in the night!  I threw away three bags of clothes when I was packing last weekend and I feel like I've got only what I wear, but I suppose there are a few more things I could toss.  I'll go through it again when the weather changes. 

During noon knitting I got all of the ends taken care of for the Venomous Tentacula and then picked up the Iwi and did a row.  It had been quite a while since I had picked it up and I looked at my row counter -- oh, row 4.  So I did row 4.  It wasn't until I had finished it that I realized ... duh ... that I should have turned the counter and done row 5!  Mind you, this is the pattern that I changed from knit flat to knit in the round and I'm reading the lace pattern backwards on even numbered rows.  There is no way in the world I could tink that back.  I think my best bet is to just pretend I didn't do that and carry on with row 5.  I mean really -- what else can I do?  It's either that or frog the whole thing and use the yarn for something else.  I'm not there yet.

I was quite keen on getting that lace yarn wound last night, so I got my swift and ball winder out and went to it.  It has been a long time since I've used lace weight yarn.  I can't even remember -- maybe when I did the Frost Flowers Shawl?  That yarn was on a cone so I didn't have to wind it.  Therefore I was not prepared for such an ordeal.  Each skein is 1000 yards.  That's 10 football fields!  It took me almost 30 minutes for each skein!  My arms were getting so tired I had to keep switching right and left.  Also I made some little jerk now and again so each ball has a funny little loop or two that I know are going to cause problems down the line.  Anyway I'm going to try to cast on tonight for the Melon pattern shawl.  I have to use a provisional cast on and I'm increasing the original pattern from 70 to 90 stitches, which will make it a little wider with two extra pattern repeats.  Fun!  Not fun, really.  I don't like provisional cast on.  I did one last time that wasn't so bad -- if I could remember where I found the instructions.  Ah well .... it'll be fine.

It felt a little chilly this morning.  I almost wished I had gloves.  It does move in quickly, doesn't it? 

20 August, 2014

Baking is science and cooking is art

I read that somewhere.  In the broadest of terms, it is right.  When one bakes the ingredients have to be measured carefully, the thing has to be cooked at a certain temperature for a certain length of time.  Once you know the basics of cooking though, you pretty much can't fail and sometimes things turn out fantastic.  That's what happened last night.  I had purchased some prawns from the fish market with the intention of making some sort of lemon-y shrimp pasta.  I looked up a few recipes but never wrote anything down.  Then I picked what was left of my basil (and now I know to nip those flowers off - thanks to Monika) and with some capers and a fresh lemon, vermouth and olive oil and butter, I made a super awesome dish.  I was very pleased with it.  I will definitely be doing that again.

I need to get back to running again soon.  I haven't been doing it since I got back from my trip!  First I got sick, then it has been too bloody hot!  Now I'm just very busy AND it's too hot.  Once the class gets going I'll be able to have more time during the day and I can go run and get on it.  I would like to race this fall at least once.  I already know I'm not going to make the Women of Wonder race this year. 

When I woke up this morning I saw that my phone had not taken a charge during the night.  While I was checking the weather and my emails before hauling myself out of bed it died.  I plugged it in while I was getting dressed and in twenty minutes it still wasn't ready!  Usually the lightening plugs work by then.  So I walked Tink and still not ready.  Thank goodness for my new watch - at least I could tell when the bus was coming!  Finally by 7:20 it was charged enough to start.  That's an hour without my phone.  Crazy.  It wasn't that many years ago that it wouldn't have been an issue.  But now ....stupid.  I had my iPad but it's Wi-Fi only and all of my media is in the Cloud.  I could have read but really the reason I like my iPhone in the morning is so that I can have music in my ears and I don't have to hear the gabble of the people on the bus.  Maybe I should make sure I've got music on my iPad from now on.

19 August, 2014

The lull before the storm

It is awfully quiet here at work.  So many people gone on vacation.  And the others working like crazy to get ready for class in two weeks from today.  Still things are up in the air about what is going to be happening to anatomy in the new curriculum.  I am just not going to worry about it.

I was happy it was sunny yesterday and it's supposed to keep up the rest of this week.  There are lots and lots of tomatoes that need to ripen up!  I remember one year I had a couple of plants at my little house in Ravenna.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and I think I had maybe four ripen out of all of them.  That was disappointing.

Do Nothing Monday stayed pristine, which means the closet is still down.  It makes getting dressed a bit of a challenge. Hopefully tonight we can get it fixed up.  I watched some football, prepared some vegetables and some super awesome stuffed Portobello mushrooms to go with a nice little piece of steak.  Then I settled in to finish up my Venemous Tentacula and I did!  The ends aren't tucked in nor is it blocked but it's done.  I will bring it in to noon knitting tomorrow pre-blocking so they can all see.  I don't think this one is going to look significantly different after blocking though.  Just the bottom part will be more uniform.  I am hoping that the stitches will even out as well.  All that casting on and casting off -- it's tough.  I guess I'll bring in the Iwi and start going on that again and see how it feels.  I am waiting for some beads I ordered before I start the other new project, so I might as well do something constructive.

18 August, 2014

A mysterious bump in the night

I was sure glad to be done with the week and get home Friday to some football and knitting!  The clouds were still hanging around, but it was still a lovely evening and the Seahawks really kicked some behind.  That's always nice to see.  Our fantasy draft has now been set for 8 pm September 1, so when I watch preseason football I should really pay more attention to things other than the score.  I did find a football website that shows the depth chart for each team and that's going to be a big help to me.

The weather was much better during the weekend but, with the exception of the wedding on Saturday, the majority of the weekend was given over to the process of moving.  Shuffling things around, repopulating the shelves in the garage, a trip to the Goodwill to drop off donations, a trip to the garage to drop off the truck (!).  Bad timing, that.  It means I wasn't able to use it on Sunday.

The wedding was fun and the weather was absolutely perfect.  It wasn't quite so fancy as I had thought it was going to be, but it was lovely all the same.  The ceremony was outside in the gardens at Tibbets Creek Manor in Issaquah.  My one disappointment was that there was no wedding cake, but a little cake at the top for cutting and then a cupcake tower.  But I had such a huge day on Sunday, plus in order to have a vehicle to get to the apartment and back, I had to take Ben to the golf tournament at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, that we skipped out after dinner and the toasting while the dance floor was being cleared.  The upside to having to drive him to the tournament was that I was in the apartment working by eight AM. 

Because I had the fancy convertible, there wasn't a terribly lot of room to haul things back, but I was able to pack some things with the few boxes I did have and, the biggest thing, got ALL of the clothes into the back seat.  I couldn't see out of it.  And I couldn't put the top down because they would have been blown all over.  But I got them all transported, plus all of my knitting tools and my new YarnBox yarn so that I can wind that up and maybe start my new project this week.  I got all of the bedding and towels washed, a few cupboards cleared out.  The time just flew by!  I ran out of boxes at about noon and I had planned on stopping by the mall to pick up some face cream and make up that I'm nearly out of, but I was a sweaty sight, so I had a quick little power nap before I had to head up north to pick up the golfer.

So here's the kicker.  I got my clothes in, hung up in the dressing room arranged by color.  I walked Tink.  I had a shower and got my hair dried - and in the heat that was a serious bit of work.  THEN I got to have a few hours of weekend.  In the middle of the night I heard a strange thump but I wrote it off as some sort of critter sound.  Alas, it was not.  I walked into my dressing room this morning and what do you think I found?  Any guesses?  Come on -- I'm sure one of you has guessed by now.  Yes, all of the clothes down.  The brace holding the rod pulled right out of the wall!  *sigh*  My Do-Nothing-Monday night just got cancelled.

15 August, 2014

There's just not enough time!

Every evening this week has seemed the same.  By the time I get my little chores done and dinner cooked and deal with Tink, I'm tired and ready for bed!  Work must be sucking the life right out of me.  And the fact that we haven't really had much sun this week is a big change and must impact my energy level as well, don't you think?  I truly wanted to buckle down and finish up that shawl last night but it didn't happen.  Tonight however I've got a better chance.  The Seahawks are playing their second pre-season game.  Football and knitting go together SO well.  That will be my goal then - finish up!

I'm on a roller coaster at work.  I am either waiting for input and bored or furiously taking care of something or other.  Today I've got to get the class web site going.  That is, of course, of the guy in the School of Medicine has finished giving permission for the dental students to use the site.  I understand he has to do that manually.  I can't send out their pre-class handout, which specifically states they need to get onto the class web site, until the dental students are able to do that.  One year, not knowing that the SOM hadn't given them permission, I nearly had a riot on my hands.  Lesson learned.

I've got a pretty fun weekend coming up.  AND the weather is supposed to be nice too.  My friend's daughter is getting married.  I love weddings!  Especially fancy ones.  Oh ... isn't wedding cake the absolute best?? Mmmmm  Plus, added bonus, I get to see my friend embarrassed since he's the father of the bride and must dance with her for all to see.  He is the worst dancer in the world.  It's going to be epic.

14 August, 2014

What a nice change

I must say I have been enjoying this cooler weather.  It's not cold by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not 90 degrees either!  It's just a bit easier to take.  We're not used to the hot and humid weather here in Seattle.  As soon as the clouds part it gets very hot again, as it did yesterday afternoon.  I keep having to get up and walk out into the hallway so I can get a bit of cool air. 

Quite innocently I started a controversy on Facebook a couple of days ago.    I simply said that I have known people who put the silverware into the basket handles down and I prefer handles up so that when I put the silverware away I don't have to touch the tines or spoons, and also knife points are down so you don't accidentally cut yourself.  Well I guess not everyone sees it that way.  My friend Steve insists that handles go down, but he lets his dog lick the dirty dishes before the dishwasher is run so ...... yeah, there's that.  It's pretty funny.  And WAY better than reading about Robin Williams. 

I didn't finish my project in noon knitting, nor did I pick it up last night.  I am so close.  Maybe tonight is the night it's finished up.  It was cool enough to knit but I just didn't have it in me.  I made a nice salad with the last of the ripened cherry tomatoes.  There are tons of tomatoes just waiting for more sun to get ripe.  That should happen this weekend, fingers crossed.  The few that I've tasted have been spectacular.  I love home grown tomatoes.  Well, who doesn't?  Oh -- Emma doesn't. 

For years and years and years I've been wearing a heart necklace.  White gold, pave.  I had to replace the chain but seriously, it's like 15 years or more that I wore that every day.  When I got back from Paris I noticed it hanging a little crookedly and on closer inspection I saw that the chain had worn away one side of the bale!  Have you ever heard or seen anything like that?  I hadn't.  Now I've got to find a jewelery repair.  I feel just naked without it!

13 August, 2014

Leaves on the ground!

I suppose from all of the storming these past couple of days, but I have been noticing a few leaves on the ground.  It is a bit early, don't you think?  I believe I read that it is more about the lack of water than the temperature as to when the leaves start to turn and fall.  The big trees haven't started yet, but the two or three outside my window here at work, in the courtyard, are starting.  I think they're beech trees.

It rained in the morning yesterday and it had stopped by noon.  I went out for a little walk (I still can't run because of my chest congestion.  Hopefully next week I'll be entirely done with the virus) with the intention of sitting in the lovely air conditioned lobby of the School of Medicine for a little knitting.  However, something was going on down there so it was back to my stifling office.   But it's Wednesday today so I'll get a whole hour at noon.

The days are busy at work and Tuesday zipped by.  Do-Nothing-Monday gave way to lazy Tuesday.  I hadn't had a very restful sleep Monday so I was tired.  At least it was a bit cooler in the evening and Tink got a couple of nice walks.  I did get a little knitting done and I'll be very close to finishing up today.  Maybe tonight I can finally be done with it.

My Fantasy Football draft had been set for Monday the 1st of September, which is a holiday and the day after I have to be out of my apartment and have it clean.  However, one of the guys objected and now it is moved to August 31 at 7 pm.  I am going to be exhausted!!  I picture myself sweating in that little box with a carpet cleaner right up to the last minute.  Well, there's time yet.  I should take steps, shouldn't I?  I want to enjoy the draft and, more importantly, I want to do much better than last year.  The draft order is randomly chosen.  Let's hope I'm lucky!  Plus I've got to do a little better study before I dive in. 

12 August, 2014

Les orages

I have many many MANY wonderful memories of those six months I spent living in Paris from January through June, 2000.  One of my favorites is the thunderstorms.  I remember being in my little apartment watching the lightening flash and jumping at the huge rumbles of thunder.  The smell of the rain and the sound as it hit the cobblestones in the courtyard.   Every time I am in a thunderstorm now it takes me back there -- as if I ever need much of a push anyway.  Last night we had a huge thunderstorm.  It felt like it was going right overhead and the poor dog was very uncomfortable, panting and whining.  At least it was over quickly.  It was over 90 degrees yesterday and this morning it's hot as well.  I believe we're not done with the thunderstorms.

It was too hot to knit and besides, it was Do Nothing Monday, so I did exactly nothing.  Or nothing much anyway.  I used the left over lamb for a curry.  I drank some wine.  I didn't even read.  I am rather anxious to finish this wrap, so hopefully between tonight and tomorrow's Noon Knitting I can get it done.  Maybe I'll knit at lunch today if it's raining outside.  We'll see.

My sister's birthday gift arrived yesterday.  It's an adorable Betsey Johnson watch with a Seahawks green band.  A rose gold case and Mother-of-Pearl face with a pink sweep hand with a heart on the end.  Like it was made for me!  It's very cute and right up my alley.  It's sad to say goodbye to the birthday week.  But it's over. 

I am very sad about Robin Williams' death.  What a waste. 

11 August, 2014

A rather uneventful birthday weekend

Fancy French birthday dinner ..... postponed.  My gallant dinner companion would most definitely have gone through with it, but he's sick and coughing (yet another victim of this vicious virus) and I simply didn't want to make him go through that.  It's postponed to September 6.  Something to look forward to during this very busy month. 

It was, then, a rather quiet birthday weekend.  I knit and did laundry and read and had some nice meals.  I got some ripened goat cheese with a vein of ash ..... gorgeous!  The weather was sunny and hot.  The tomatoes are starting to ripen - there were a few little ones and a Roma ready to be made into a salad as well as the one lone red pepper.  Delicious.  Leg of lamb done on the grill outside.  Scrumptious.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers from the outdoor market with while Stargazer lilies.   Just quiet and relaxing.

I am very very close to being done with the Venomous Tentacula and I've decided on a pattern from Victorian Lace Today - the Melon Pattern, which is a rectangle with a knitted on border.  I had to read that book three times before I finally figured out how she was describing knitting on the border.  And the edition of the book that I own has the diagram for the melon pattern itself missing.  I finally got online and found the errata and see that the pattern stitch is quite easy and the repeats small so that working from a chart is not an issue.  I can put a bead into the middle of "melon" and it'll be really nice.  I am going to make it wider that the pattern calls for but I have plenty of yarn.  I could make it twice as large as the pattern and have left over.  I won't make it twice though.  That'd be too large.  I won't be starting it right away either.  I want to make another stab at the Iwi and see if I can get my mojo back for it.  Plus my weekends are not made for yarn winding this month.  They're made for work.  Packing and rearranging and moving.

It is supposed to be over 90 degrees today!  And then the clouds will move in and we'll have thunder storms tomorrow.  I hope not during the day because it makes Tinkerbell SO scared.

08 August, 2014

When you have no vacation days to take for your birthday ......

I simply can't complain this year.  I had a super early birthday vacation and so I've got to work on the real one.  But it won't be so bad.  It's a lovely day and it's not supposed to get so hot today.  I have a great fancy French dinner to look forward to tomorrow evening.  Tonight I'm pretty much stuck until 10 pm with nothing scheduled.  I have been pretty self indulgent all this week, especially since I've had to stay in the hottest of hot apartments.  But last night was the last night of that nonsense.

One could have hoped for a better outcome with the game, although sitting and knitting and watching football was pretty awesome.  However, the TV, which in the apartment is using an HD antenna, was acting strangely and it kept stopping.  I suspect it's because of all of the fans going.  It looked like that type of interference.  And when I turned the air conditioner off it calmed down a bit, but it made watching the game very very annoying.  And then they lost in the end.  It's the first pre-season game the Seahawks have lost since 2011.  But the Broncos were out for blood and we didn't have very many of our best players active.  Then one of our guys lost his cool and threw a punch and there was a penalty and ... there ya go.  I got lots of knitting done and I made and consumed another fabulous chicken salad.  It wasn't a bad evening.

That is until 2:30 am when my eyes popped open.  I don't know what woke me up but I was wide awake and it wasn't until nearly 4 that I was able to get back to sleep.  I feel fine though.

I keep searching Ravelry for the perfect pattern for all of that laceweight yarn I got from YarnBox.  I want a pattern that is written, NOT charts only.  I hate working from charts.  I can do it if I have to but I much prefer written instructions. AND the pattern has to have beads because I have now because smitten with beaded knitting now that I am doing this project with the beading done with a teensy crochet hook.  It's much better than stringing all those beads and having to slide them down.   And it's got to be big.  I have 2,000 yards.  No I know I don't have to use all of it, but just think how spectacular it could be.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Now to start my birthday.  

07 August, 2014

Don't rush it!

For some reason this year I've been getting happy birthday greetings early.  I love love love that people remember, absolutely.  I'm not complaining exactly.  I just don't like to rush time.  Unlike a child who counts the days until their next birthday, after one reaches a certain age we are not all that eager to add another digit.  I already have a hard time saying how old I am out loud.  And now I've got to add another year!!  I can wait another day.  But thank you all.  Really. 

I had a wonderful pre-birthday eve day yesterday.  Wednesday knitting with my girls after such a long lay off was so nice, especially in MaryEllin's comfy and air conditioned conference room.  I hadn't picked up my project for nearly a week.  It won't be long now before I'm done.  Then I treated myself to a little early exit and headed to the mall.  I've got this wedding to attend on the 16th and I hadn't decided what I wanted to wear.  Then I remembered that I have a really cute pink ruffled dress that I bought last year before I went to California to stay with my sister.  And on Sunday I had seen a really cute lace cut out jacket that I thought would work well.  So I headed to the mall, found a necklace that will add a little sparkle to the outfit, found the last jacket in my size (score!) and then went to DSW and found a pair of lower heeled sandals with rhinestones on the buckle that will complete the ensemble.  I have a feeling that this wedding will be outside and I didn't want sharp heels that sink into the grass.  I am well pleased.

Ah --- then I went home and got Tink and we stopped in at BevMo where I found a simply gorgeous bottle of Pouilly Fuisse - my favorite.  [As a side note, I have GOT to get back to Beaune.  I was so jealous of Deirdre and Eoghan.  That's where they were when I was in Paris.]  I had it chilling while I prepared a lovely chicken salad.  Then I cranked that air conditioner, took a cool shower and sat down and I even knit!  It has gotten a bit cooler lately and with the air conditioner blowing on me and keeping the bulk of the project to my side rather than on my lap I was able to complete quite a few rows. 

Tonight .... tonight on my birthday eve we have the most wonderful entertainment of all.  The Seahawks pre-season football game against the Broncos.  It doesn't start until six so I'll have time to get my dog walked, my little chores completed, a salad composed and I'll be all set.  Go Hawks!

06 August, 2014

An unexpected plus to moving

Moving house is always a huge hassle.  And all of the address changing that has to go on  ...... so tedious.  Yesterday however, I found a silver lining.  On Monday I had renewed my driver's license online (who knew? Very convenient) and while I was doing that also changed my address on my voter's registration.  I had gotten a jury summons in the mail and I needed to respond to that, which I did yesterday.  It had me coming to court the 9th of September for a week and that I cannot do, because of work.  So, I got onto the court website and, since the address change hadn't come through yet, tried to change my address on the site, but it wouldn't accept the Woodinville zip code, saying it was invalid.  I called the court and left a message explaining my problem.  Later in the afternoon I got a return call and yay and hoorah, I am excused from this jury because the Municipal Court only calls Seattle residents!  What a lovely bonus.

I have been very self indulgent these past few days, just going home, walking Tinkie and then just laying around.  It's too hot to knit even with the air conditioner.  I did go through the Victorian Knits Today book for some more ideas for that lace weight yarn.  I should have brought it with me today, but I want to knit at noon knitting, not read.  There's no hurry to pick a pattern.  I still have the Iwi I haven't worked on for a couple of months.  Not to mention a couple of other projects I've probably forgotten about.

I'm so hungry this morning.  I couldn't get it together to cook last night.  I should have made a salad with the chicken I have but the heat just saps me.  So I made a little plate of nachos.  Tonight for sure I'll make a nice salad as soon as I get home before the heat gets to me, put it in the fridge and when I'm ready there it will be.

I am finally catching up here at work.  Things were a bit nerve wracking but I feel like I've got it under control now.  Hopefully this heat will break and my cough will go away and I can start running next week.  Fingers crossed.

05 August, 2014

I love my Do Nothing Monday nights

Yesterday was a long, hot day.  I had lots of work to catch up and I feel good about what I did get done.  I took a short walk at lunchtime - no running until this cough is gone.  Plus it was about a million degrees outside.  I had made a hair appointment for yesterday a month ago and I couldn't change it so I did have to leave a few minutes early.  It couldn't be helped.  Poor Tinkie didn't get rescued from my hot apartment until after 6.  That's a long long day for her and I let her lead the walk.  It was so hot that she wasn't that interested in lingering too long.  Then I got the air conditioner blowing, took a cool shower, mixed up a martini and I was finally relaxing by 7:15.  I swear I could have fallen asleep right there but instead I watched a little TV and heated up a couple of slices of left over pizza for dinner.  Tink got a late walk a little after eight and it was still just beautiful outside.  Blue skies and not quite so hot.

Oh I wanted to knit, but even with the air conditioner blowing there was not any way I was going to put a pile of wool (or in the case of the Venomous Tentacula, alpaca) on my lap or even off to the side.  Just plain too hot.  It was all I could do to stay awake until 9:30.  And then with my fans blowing I fell asleep and slept just great.  I don't remember waking at all coughing so the worst is (finally) behind me.  Just a little cough now and again to remind me. 

I need to set up our noon knitting group for tomorrow.  Everyone has been either on vacation or sick for a month of Wednesdays.  It'll be nice to be back in the air conditioned comfort of MaryEllin's conference room (if it's available).  I got 2,000 yards of lace weight yarn in a lovely light green from my YarnBox subscription for July.  I think I'm going to tackle one of the lace stoles with a border from my Victorian Lace Today book.  I think there's a design-your-own kind of thing there.  I need to look at the book again.  What else can you do with so much lace weight yarn?  I guess I could double it for a cardigan or something.  But I haven't made a big fancy stole since I did the Frost Flowers Shawl years ago.  So, that's my plan for now.

I need to untangle this TA situation today.  Then you know what?  I need to realize it's my birthday week!  Since I got a couple of big presents already it almost feels like September.  But it's not.  So I'm going to work on the birthday frame of mind.  In my spare time. 

04 August, 2014

Worst summer cold ever

I lasted most of the day last Monday, but it was not easy.  I got sicker and sicker as they day went on and I got home and went to bed and .... there went the week!  I slept and slept and coughed and slept some more.  Terrible.  And the weather was absolutely stunning!  Work?  Oh man, the worst possible time of all to be sick.  But there you go.  I'm going to have to be working like a maniac for the rest of the month. 

Not the best start to my birthday is it?  Having to work like crazy.  BUT ... last night was the start of football season.  The Hall of Fame game was last night and the beginning of pre-season.  The Seahawks will be playing their first pre-season game later this week -- Thursday I think.

Well I should dig into this huge pile of work.