30 September, 2005

Yay it's Friday!!

Woohoo!! Only one more week and I am going away for a lovely little mini-break. And boy do I need it. This next week is going to be brutal but it's sooooo nice to have something to look forward to, ya know?

AND I am feeling giddy because I just made another stellar eBay purchase .... I have been wanting an iPod but I honestly think the Nano is a bit too small. I found Mini iPods on eBay for a very reasonable price - actually about the same as the Nano but twice the storage. I know that it has a built-in battery but quite honestly I think it will take me a loooooong time to run it out. I don't run around with music plugged into my head all day long - just at the gym and maybe running. I have a little MP3 player but it's such a hassle to change out the music every weekend. This way I can just load that sucker up -- I mean .... 1,000 songs? That's plenty. Thank goodness for that lawyer guy here at the U that I do that consulting for. He and the scientist couldn't figure out how to integrate some of the images I had made for them into their final report, so they hired me for four hours to fix it up for them. Et voila! New iPod. Don't you just love how that works out??

I worked a bit more with that silly Sari Silk last night. I can't let it go. I started crocheting with it to make a small bag and wow! I think that's the key. It still hurts a bit to work with it but not nearly so much as knitting it. It's beautiful - the colors are so vibrant. I am thinking of putting a ruffle around the tab. It's going to be very very cute. Yes Sylv -- I should have done a bit more research before I bought it. I hadn't heard that it was so hard to work with. But anyway - happy ending after all.

And only more thing .... I think this Secret Pal thing is so much fun!! I get such nice feelings when I read on my Pal's blog that she got my card or gift. I sent her some chocolate and candles early this week and she got them just when she had had a bad day and needed chocolate. Bingo -- she gets home and there it is. Makes me feel all niiiiiiice.

29 September, 2005

My awesome purple cowboy boots!!

I finally got my new phone, the camera works great and I took a picture of my latest fantastic eBay purchase, a pair of purple Steve Madden slouch cowboy boots. I lllllllove these! They're showing a bit red on my monitor even though I tried to adjust the color. They're much more purple - like Welch's Grape Juice purple, or UW Huskies Purple and Gold purple. Just perfect. I'd wear them with everything if I could.

So ... knitting news ... hmmmm ... well, I got the first sleeve done on the basketweave jacket. I really really REALLY want to get that finished this weekend. I should be able to get a good start on the second sleeve tonight if a) the dog is not all wound up and b) my friend picks up her son early enough. Otherwise it's going to be a big push this weekend because I have about a bazillion other projects I need to get cracking on.

School is just about in session - for the regular students anyway - we've been going here at the Med School for a month now. But you can really tell it at the IMA (the gym). Last Tuesday was packed at 11:30 am!! Usually it's a very quiet time to go - that's why I go there on Tue and Thur - less traffic. But the kids don't have much to do now so they're hanging out in the gym making my workout an annoyance rather than a stress reliever. Oh well, it's only for a few weeks, then they'll stay away until right after the Christmas break when it'll get busy again for a few weeks. Like clock work.

28 September, 2005

Sari Silk Ssssssucks!

I was seduced by the romance of it all ... recycled silk from real Indian Saris worn by who knows who? And the colors .... gorgeous and rich and jewel-like. But the reality? It smells bad. It is scratchy and hard to work with. I tried two times last night to start a small drawstring bag with a very simple chevron lace pattern. But it didn't show the pattern at all and it's so hard to work with! No stretch! My hands are killing me. I don't know now what to do with it. Perhaps a simpler bag. Or maybe I'll crochet one. I saw a women with the cutest crocheted purse a few months ago here at work. Or maybe I'll use both colors and make another chain link scarf. That would probably be very cool looking. Whatever I make, it won't be something that is worn close to the skin. This is definitely NOT "soft as silk" silk.

My replacement phone should be coming today. If they don't take the signature I left on the door I guess I won't get it until tomorrow. I still want to put up a picture of my latest eBay score - the purple slouch cowboy boots. In fact, that's how I found that my camera wasn't working - when I went to take a picture of them at work. I want that Motorola Razr but not for $300 I don't.

Another gorgeous day. Can't believe our luck! I'm going to go out for a run here real soon. I have to leave early today to go to the dentist for appointment #2.

27 September, 2005

These are TOO funny!!

The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational once again
asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it
by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a
new definition. Here are this year's {2005} winners:
1. Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you
realize it was your money to start with.
2. Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.
3. Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops
bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows
little sign of breaking down in the near future.
4. Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose
of getting laid.
5. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the
subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.
6. Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.
7. Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the
person who doesn't get it.
8. Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late. 
9. Hipatitis: Terminal coolness. >
10. Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease.
(This one got extra credit.) >
11. Karmageddon: It's like, when everybody is sending off all these
really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's
like, a serious bummer.

12. Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day
consuming only things that are good for you.
13. Glibido: All talk and no action.
14. Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter
when they come at you rapidly.
15. Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after
you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

16. Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into
your bedroom at night and cannot be cast out.
17. Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm
in the fruit you're eating.
And the pick of the literature: 
18. Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an a**hole.

Another gorgeous day!

I am feeling a bit spoiled. Here's yet another gorgeous day! But that's Seattle in September. I will be complaining soon enough.

I got a hilarious e-card from my Secret Pal, who is also a football babe! yay! Knitting and watching football are great pastimes because you're not JUST sitting and watching TV but you're making something as well. My guess is that most men don't really consider sitting in front of the television for all of the weekend to be a waste. But if I'm not at least doing laundry I feel like a slug. This way I can be working on a sweater AND doing laundry AND being a couch potato. It's the best.

26 September, 2005

September in Seattle

It's so wonderfully gorgeous!! Whenever I'm away from Seattle and getting homesick, it's this time of year that I think of most fondly. The blue blue skies. The chilly mornings and the warm afternoons. And football, of course! It was a stellar weekend. Saturday was one of those days - and the afternoon was spent at the Fremont Oktoberfest, drinking too much beer in the bright sunshine. It was lovely. And Sunday a football game - and the Seahawks just ran all over the Cardinals. Swwweeeeeet!

At the Oktoberfest there was also a streetfair and I bought some sari silk -- two skeins. If I had been thinking clearer (see above re: too much beer) I would have tried to match the skeins, but instead I got a beautiful mostly pink one and then another that has a good bit of white in it. I have always been curious about recycled sari silk. It is much rougher than I had imagined it would be and it smells kind of like twine, if you know what I mean. Perhaps after it is washed with some fabric softener it will be nicer. But the colors are gorgeous! I'm thinking of making some sort of drop stitch scarf out of one and then maybe a little drawstring bag out of the other. We'll have to see how it knits up.

I didn't have much time to do any real knitting this weekend, although I did a good bit on the sleeve of the jacket while I was watching football yesterday evening. I didn't do anything but watch "Desperate Housewives". It's the only network show I watch regularly. And it was goooooood.

I ran errands first thing Saturday and bought a few things for my Secret Pal. I'm going to put them in the mail this lunchtime. Next one will be knitting goodies, but this one is just pampering goodies. I hope she likes it.

23 September, 2005

New Pattern Blog & stuff

I finished my felted basket and decided to make a blog where I can post patterns only. Here's the link to Shelley's Patterns. I guess I should put a link on my sidebar as well. Here's a picture of the finished basket. I particularly like how I did the handles and that's the main thing I was going for. I think I could have made it a little deeper, but for hauling around unfinished projects, it works. I used purl ridges for dividing the bottom from the sides and for the top to have a good place to sew the handles. It doesn't show after it's felted. I thought it would be more obvious, although I don't mind that it isn't. Here's a picture of the unfelted basket. It measures 23 inches a long side and about 6 1/2 or 7 inches tall. It felted down to just over 3 inches, which seems like a lot. I used Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann and that's the first time I have used it for felting. I like the finished fabric. It's nice and stiff. I used two strands, by the way, because it's not a bulky wool. I'm thinking of using this for that cabled shrug from IK I was going to make for my friend Ruth and now am making for myself. My office gets wicked cold and it would be very comfy and pretty as well.

I got another good bit done on the sweater jacket sleeves but my hand started hurting again. I swear it's the purling. I will be glad when that beast is finished.

22 September, 2005

I feel like a REBEL!!

I was sooooo out of it when I finally dragged my sorry behind home last night that I forgot my bike helmet!! I have only done that a couple times and when it has happened before I realized it before I was half way across campus. That feeling of the wind in my hair usually wakes me up. But I didn't realize it last night until I was in the house and putting my stuff away! Good lord! And after that crash I had last month, too! So this morning I had to bike to work sans helmet. I felt like I was doing something soooo naughty. Sure that people are looking at me and wondering what kind of a dare devil I am. ;-)

My felted basket is looking very nice but it wasn't quite dry last night so I didn't want to take the stuffing out of it and take pictures. I'll do it for sure tonight and then post a pattern as well. I got the sweater front done and both are now attached and I've picked up stitches for the first sleeve. My hand starting aching again last night. I know it's because of all the purling that needs to be done with this particular basketweave pattern, plus the stitches were very tight after I had picked them up. I just want this thing DONE!!!

If I didn't know better I'd say that the cat and dog are conspiring against me. Last week and even through the weekend they were getting along at night just fine. Both sleeping at the foot of the bed, nearly cuddling! But this week! When I NEED my sleep? Huh-uh. Nothing doing. Tink is like a doggie possessed. She is on that cat every time she makes a move. Makes for a very exciting night. Not a restful one. Maybe they're in cahoots. Figuring that if I am sleep deprived I'll make some kind of big mistake like leave meat on the floor or something. See? That's how nuts it's making me. I am anthropomorphizing the animals!

21 September, 2005

I'm whole again!

I am so thankful I went to the dentist yesterday! Now I can smile again. I've been taking full advantage of it. Unfortunately since I was an emergency they were only able to do the bare minimum - made me a temporary cap and started the process. I have to go back next Wednesday to get the final impression made and the tooth ready for the crown, then once again in October for the final. But still - yay Dr. Fukuda!

I finished my basket last night and felted it. The Peruvian Wool felts nicely. I took pre-felt pictures and tonight I'll take a picture of the final object. It looks pretty good. And I am now only a few rows away from being done with the second front of the jacket. It's going to be super warm and cuddly.

I'm proctering an exam right now - finally I can use the wireless connection in the lecture hall. For some reason the signal wasn't good enough before. I am SUCH a gadget junkie.

20 September, 2005

My whine-free zone

Okay, no whine today. I get my tooth fixed in .... just a little more than 4 hours. Or at least start the process. That's good. And then I'll go home and veg and knit. I just need to make the I-cords for the handles of the basket and I can felt it tonight and get back to the sweater-jacket. I guess I'm going to have to take pictures with my digital camera since my camera part of my phone still isn't working. It started to work again Friday night but then Saturday - not. I guess I'm going to have to take a minute or 60 and go to the Cingular store and find out what's up. I use that camera more than I thought I would.

19 September, 2005

Talk about a string of bad luck!

My goodness - I must say that from Friday afternoon on through yesterday afternoon - it was just one rotten thing after another! Work was stressful, my Dad is making me crazy and I don't even want to think about that . I want do a Scarlett O'Hara and think about it another day. My hair did turn out okay and Lisa Marie had a good idea and turned me on to a woman who is some sort of elder advocate. I just need somebody to talk me through finding another doctor for him, plus which I have to find out just why that other doctor decided he shouldn't be a patient of hers any longer. Ooooo it just steams me, but I can't deal with it now. If I could hire this woman to do it for me, though, how sweet would that be? Anyway -- Saturday I was still upset about Friday and had to go into work to boot. On the plus side the Huskies won! yay! But then I went to the Seahawks game yesterday and while I was eating garlic fries a piece of my tooth just broke off! I mean .... fries!! It's making me crazy. I called my dentist this morning and they can get me in tomorrow at 12:45 to start the crown. I told Janet I looked like a hillbilly and she started laughing! Well, honestly it's not quite that noticeable but if I smile, then you can definitely see it. Thankfully it doesn't hurt much.

In knitting news -- I am a little over half way done with the basket I'm going to felt for the WACDL auction. And I got Interweave Crochet magazine and saw a little shrug/wrap kind of deal that I thought might work for Ruth rather than that beautiful cabled one. I showed it to her and yup, she likes it better! Go figure. It's good for me though because I know I wouldn't actually make two of those cabled thingies and I do so love it, so I can crochet that one for her and still make the other for me. It'll have to go down the list since I already have the yarn for the Alpaca purple one, plus I've got to finish that jacket. But that's a bit of a silver lining.

Now I've got to get to work. Real work.

18 September, 2005

Oh dang!

I broke a tooth! How messed up is that?


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16 September, 2005


Oooo! Check out the new Flickr Badge thingie!! Isn't it cool? I found it on my Secret Pal's blog. I would put a link to her blog here but I don't want her figuring out who I am until we're all done with it. But ... wow! I lllllove it!!
My camera phone doesn't work!!! I got these absolutely stunning boots from eBay yesterday and I wanted to take a picture to put on my blog and my darned camera won't work on my phone! I deleted all the older pictures, thinking perhaps the memory was full and tried it again. No go. I re-booted the darned thing ... still won't work. Oh I am going to be so mad if my phone is broken!! I haven't dropped in in ages! (No, I'm not kidding. For a while there I was dropping it every couple days ... don't know why). But it's been working and all of a sudden, not. Of course, if it is truly broken then I would have an excuse to buy one of those new Razr phones. Well ... we'll just have to see.

I'm going to get my hair done today so I'll be working on that felted project while I'm there. I'm almost done with the bottom of it and then it goes pretty quickly. Except I've got an idea for the handles that I've got to work out design-wise. What I'd like to do is knit the handle into the bag rim, which is easy enough to do, except I want the cross portion of it to be I-cord. So perhaps I'll just knit two shorter sections and then graft an I-cord to them. Well ... don't know. But it'll be fun figuring it out.

15 September, 2005

The Secret Pal thing

Oh my gosh! I feel like a silly girl, but we got our Secret Pals today! For those of you who don't know, "Secret Pals" is a group that are anonymously matched with another person. For three months you "pamper" this person, sending gifts, emails, etc. What we have in common, obviously, is knitting. Also I think that the vast majority of us are women as well. But anyway - it's just goofy and fun. I got matched with a really cool woman and unbeknownst to her we have lots in common, so it's going to be easy to pamper her. It's the old do unto others thingie.

No knitting last night. I was out. Perhaps tonight I can do some more. I slept like hell last night so I'm pretty darned tired.

14 September, 2005

What it is about the thumb

The thumb. On my left hand. It's still feeling weird. I have come to the conclusion that it's the combination of the crocheting I did and the basketweave pattern of the sweater jacket I'm making that is causing the problem. I overdid it with the crocheting and the purling motion just aggravates it. Its the big needles, I think, plus the fact that there is more than 50% purl in that darned pattern. It looks nice, but ouch! I worked for a while last night - got a good start anyway - on the felted basket project for the auction.

I also heard last night that we'll be getting our secret pals soon! Silly me though -- I was trying to figure out how we wouldn't know our secret pal's identity because after all, we'd be reading their blogs and we'd have to have their address to send them things. But then, after describing it to my BF the penny dropped. We aren't matched! We each get a person that only we know to pamper. They aren't pampering us back!! Duh, huh? Or as Carlos Mencia says it ... "Doooo da dooo".

13 September, 2005

Let me just say this .....

I want an iPod Nano. I crave an iPod Nano. I covet, I desire, I feel like a kid that has just found a new toy and must have it or life will be over. It's just so darned nifty looking!! I could put audio books on it and pictures as well as 1,000 songs. Jeez, how many CDs is 1,000 songs!??! Anybody? Anybody? Oh well ... once the novelty wears off I am sure my craving will subside. But for now ...... NewToyItis.

My thumb is still sore. I had to practically sit on my hands last night in order to keep from picking up that stupid sweater jacket. I want to finish it because I have a couple of pretty things I want to do, plus which I have to make something so I can write out a pattern. I can't say what the "something" is because it's for one of my secret pal gifts. That's going to be taking priority this weekend so .... thumb, heal thyself!!

12 September, 2005

How strange ...

I was trying to log in this morning earlier and I couldn't. Strange. Well, seems to be okay now. Not that I have anything truly earth shattering to talk about, mind you. It was football weekend. The Huskies AND the Seahawks both lost - the Huskies worse than last year even. It's going to be a looooooong season, at this rate.

Again, three cheers for Rowan Big Wool. That jacket I am doing is working up so very quickly! I got the back done, the left front done and the sleeve seam done, plus I could have finished up the right front yesterday evening but my hand was hurting! I wanted instant gratification so I crocheted a looooooong purple glittery scarf on Saturday - doing most of it while the Huskies were losing - and my left hand got a bit over used. I think it was still sore from the previous weekend when I made the cat bed. I had to make myself stop yesterday. I am now super keen on getting more of that yarn and making the Vogue sweater I marked earlier. Mostly because it will go so quickly. That's always nice.

08 September, 2005

I am soooo boring

Or at least that is what it seems like if one is reading this. Work has been just extremely busy and insane and I'm exhausted when I get home. I did get the back of that Basketcase Cardigan done last night and got a good start on the left front. I'll take a picture. Other than that ..... NFL football starts tonight. Yeah see? Booooorrrrring.

06 September, 2005

No knitting news

Loooong weekend. And I did not knit! I did make the cat a bed though - crochet. Very veerrrry kitschy. It had to be done -- she had comandeered my down cuddle blankie that turns into a pillow. The weather is starting to turn and I wanted to use my blankie but the cat has gotten it all furry. So I found an old pillow and this weekend made a fuzzy cover for it. My hand hurts! I'm not used to the crochet movements. Anyway it's all done and now I can get back to making that jacket. I'm almost done with the back.

I took this picture on a walk in Discovery Park on Saturday. I tried to send it to Emma (Emma!! where are you??) from my phone but the call didn't go through. I don't know if that means she's got a different number or what. I was able to text her when she was in Australia so one would assume that Luxembourg would be no problem either. But then again ..... Anyway the walk was lovely. I was thinking of you Em ... it's been since Emma visited that I had taken Tink to this park. It's a wonderful walk and the weather was just fabulous. This picture makes it look much darker than it truly was. It looks like it's threatening rain in the picture but in reality it was much more blue. Oh ... and so we're walking along and all of a sudden a couple comes up behind us and start making over Tink ... "Oh, what a CUTE puppy!" I looked at the woman and immediately saw it was my second husband's girlfriend and sure enough, bent over Tink cooing was Andre! He looked up at me when I said "This is Tinkerbell" and just about swallowed his tongue. She said "Oh, nice to see you again." and off they went, walking as if Satan was at their heels!! Verrryyyy funny!

College football season has started and the Huskies made a brave start and even lead Air Force but choked and lost the game. Still it was a nice long holiday weekend. Now back to reality.

02 September, 2005

Never say never??!! What the heck ....

Daily Leo (by Astrology.com)
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