30 June, 2005

Pink and Tinkerbell

What is it with me and the color pink? I can't really say. I guess it's the same impuse that makes me love Tinkerbell. This Tinkerbell and my own little Tink.
Is she not the most adorable Westie in the world?? Now if we could only get her skin problem cleared up. I sure hate to see her so itchy and biting at herself. We have to wait one week until we can see the vet and that's a week without any medication. Already this morning she was biting at herself. I can foresee a week of bad sleep. For her and for me and the BF.

29 June, 2005

FO Extravaganza!!

Finally I get around to posting pictures of my FOs and WIPs!

I'll start with one of the oldest, my Simply Marilyn from Interweave Knits.

Unfortunately, this beautiful sweater looks HORRIBLE on me so I am thinking of frogging it and using this lovely Cashmerino for something I'll actually wear.

This could be something I might actually wear - the Banff from Knitty and KnitWits:

This thing weight a TON. I knit it out of Elite Gatsby. I think I cast off a little too tight, but ... oh well. It really is something. It's warm at least. And I think it'll probably be about 4 months before I'll be able to wear it.

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the Flower Power Shrug from IK before I sent it off to my sister. But I made another of the shrugs from that inset, although I used ribbon yarn instead.

I LLLLLLove this Deco Ribbon yarn. I've got to make something else from it.

I loved Knitty's French Market bag so much that I made two - one from Lamb's Pride and the other from Noro Kureyon. The Noro one didn't felt up as well as the Lamb's Pride but it's beautiful. I use them for carrying my WIPs.

I couldn't help myself but had to make the Chain Link Scarf from Loop-d-Loop because I had some mohair left over from the Flower Power Shrug. I added a beaded flower just because I love making them

I have only 3 WIPs (yay me). A guitar strap that I will felt for the BF,

a Knitty Branching Out in fuzzy yarn so it's hard to see the detail

and an off the shoulder, top down raglan sweater in recycled cashmere yarn that I'm designing myself.

Whew! So that was a morning's work!!