31 July, 2012

Catch up

Yesterday the sun never really came out and it was a bit chilly.  I was SO tired from lack of sleep both Saturday and Sunday nights and the lack of sun didn't help.  I had a few checks I had to get to the bank and I was going to run back, but I wanted to stop at Trader Joe's - I have been craving their marinated tuna for ages - so the run went by the wayside and I had a little shopping trip instead.  On the way to the bank I got a phone call from my real estate agent.  I had been practically sitting on my hands all morning, not wanting to bother her and knowing that she'd call if there was any (good) news.  So imagine how my heart took a jump when I saw her name come up on my phone.  Good news?  Pretty good.  There are two parties very interested in the house and she's expecting an offer or two this week.  I have to keep my expectations down.  But oh my goodness ....   Well that put a bounce in my step, sun or no.

I was planning on watching some more Olympics and knitting last night but honestly, after dinner I could barely keep my eyes open.  I was saying to somebody on the phone earlier in the evening that I was not sure I could stay awake past 8:30 and honestly, I didn't make it much past that!  I was down!  I know I was asleep before 9 and except for a few minutes around midnight when Tink woke me to get off the bed, I slept straight through until 6:30 this morning!  I feel SUPER this morning.  Well rested and (dare I say it?) pretty darned happy.  Looks like I am coming up to that corner.

On the weekend I started another project.  I was poking through some magazines - I had gotten the new Interweave Knits Fall Saturday but nothing jumped out at me.  I wanted to use some Noro I had rediscovered lurking on my yarn rack.  None of the new patterns from the first issue of Noro Magazine were right for the Kureyon.  Actually I was looking through Ravelry to find something suitable for a couple of skeins of Noro Kureyon Sock but then found the Argosy Wrap by Vyvyan Neel that uses Kureyon worsted.  I don't like the colors she used but it's an interesting construction and it suited my mood.  No, you're totally right.  I do not need another wrap or scarf or shawl or stole.  But I really enjoy making them so I will just do what I like to do and give them away.  It's the process anyway.

I made the calls to the golf pro and to the caterer yesterday but both of them were out for Monday.  Hopefully today I can tie up that loose end and send the couple of dozen people who are actually interested in the event an email with details. 

I would like to take some pictures of that recliner chaise and get it listed for sale tonight.  Will I get around to it?  Stay tuned ......

30 July, 2012

All these new sounds!

The first thing I noticed when I got into my  new office today was the sound of the crows and just now I heard a seagull.  Not exciting birdsong, by any means.  But music to my ears.  I'd like to do something to improve the view directly outside my door when I have it open, like now.  At present I look across the room at a blank wall -- well, blank except for two pieces of paper giving instructions on how to use the FAX machine and what is acceptable to put into the shredding bin.  So obviously then I do see the FAX machine on a wooden cabinet, the shredding bin to the left and then a counter with paper cutter and various staplers and cabinets holding office supplies.  A nice scenic poster above the supplies counter would be nice.  But first I should get something for my office wall.

I had quite a busy weekend and the weather was nice through it all.  Friday evening I went to dinner and for a wander around Ballard, which is one neighborhood I am considering for my next move.  The restaurant was very interesting Mexican - but not typical.  The food was excellent.  I heard from Gregg that evening on the way home that the guy, Michael, who was going to play guitar with us on Sunday had run into a snag and couldn't make it until after 6 because he had a new job.  That meant getting the acts shuffled around.  I didn't need any more aggravation so I just put it out of my head.  Either he would make it or not - out of my hands as well.

I just wanted to relax on Saturday but that was a little more difficult than it should have been.  I got Tink walked and ran a few errands and then my plan was to kick back, work on lyrics and maybe do laundry.  Mike was going to come by to crash on the couch so I got something for dinner and was looking forward to a fun evening, and early to bed.  BUT that didn't seem to be in the cards.  My new neighbors downstairs were exceptionally noisy and their music was playing loud all day, driving me crazy!  In all the time I've lived here, with at least two separate tenants below me, I have never been bothered by noise.  Finally when I was about to scream with the incessant thump thump thump I went downstairs and asked them to turn it down.  She said she would but it didn't make much difference.  And then I learned why when she and her boyfriend knocked on my door about 7:30 to inform me they were throwing a surprise party for a friend.  Oh joy.  It was going on nonstop until 3 am.  Thank goodness Mike had some ear plugs in his car and the combination of that and the fan going at least dimmed it enough so I could sleep through most of it.  But I didn't wake up feeling too great yesterday.

The weather was again great [which I am hoping means that a lot of people came to see my house - but no word yet] and after a couple of walks I got ready and headed up to Snohomish for our gig.  It actually turned out fine.  Good even, in some spots.  Gregg and I both forgot the second set of lyrics on the last song, but made the most of it.  What can you do?  It happens.  My favorite part was when the second guitar player started playing with us.  He is awesome!  And I got to finally sing Adele's arrangement of the Cure's "Lovesong".  It went over better than I could have hoped.  Mike recorded it on his phone so I will have to give a listen and see .... I mean hear ... how it sounded out there.  It was a fun fun night.

And now back to reality.  First thing I need to deal with the lack of participants for the golf tournament and dinner.  I will call the golf course this morning.  I think the caterers are closed on Monday but I'll give them a call as well, just in case.  And then a good run this afternoon after a walk to the bank.  It's not very nice today but the plus side to that is that it's not very hot either.  And fingers crossed all over the world that I get some GOOD NEWS this week!!!

27 July, 2012

From my NEW office!

It's 3 o'clock and I have finally finished moving into and arranging my new office.  Light!  Natural light!!  Fresh air!  I might even get an orchid for the window sill.  I am happy.

I have turned a corner these past couple of days.  My hives are on the run - practically gone!  The golf tournament and reunion dinner has been driving me crazy and I finally had to make a decision.  I gave an ultimatum to the group - speak up now or it's too late.  I have gotten a couple more but I am going to have to call the golf course and caterer on Monday and change things drastically.  First of all it was suggested to me that 5 foursomes would be a good number and in fact, if I don't count myself (which is another sigh of relief since I was NOT looking forward to showing everyone how bad I am) we have only two foursomes.  Eight people when I was expecting 20!  Further, I had booked with the caterer and said we would be expecting a minimum of 40 people.  We have 22.  I suspect we'll have to lose our deposit.  I am going to email everyone - all 26 of them - on Monday after I talk to the caterer and golf course and let them know that we will be meeting in the restaurant and everyone can order off the menu.  It's a shame David has to lose his deposit but really, I did everything I could.  There is a multi-class picnic this weekend and I suspect it has stolen some of our thunder.  Ah well.  Now that I've made those decisions I feel as if a weight has been lifted.  I will feel better when I make those phone calls.  Maybe I'll do it tomorrow instead of Monday.

Yesterday I was working from home, since I had no office, and I was doing a little housework.  I have been thinking a lot about moving in November when my lease is up - maybe October.  Since this situation is now going to be going on for probably another year, there is no reason for me to stay in this bad apartment.  I want to find a nicer, quieter place.  And I have done a little bit of searching and realize that if I want the space I have now I couldn't really afford to live in an urban area, or not a nice one.  As I was vacuuming my office I was thinking about how much I hate that reclining chaise my ex-husband gave me and how little time I actually spend in that office.  If I get rid of these things I don't use I will be quite comfortable in a smaller, thus nicer, place!  I can get rid of that HUGE and heavy oak roll top desk and get something smaller and more ladylike.  Get rid of that gigantic dining room table I've been hauling around for years and get something cute and small.  And my books.  There is no reason in the world for me to keep hauling those around either.  The only time I touch them is when I move them!  I will keep the reference volumes and sell all the novels.  If I want to read one sometime I will download it to my iPad!

This is such a revelation.  How do we get so stuck?  Why did I think I had to keep all that big furniture?  I will start slowly - I am not going to empty my apartment all at once.  For sure I'm getting rid of the dining table, big desk, chaise and most likely my big purple comfy chair and ottoman.  And most of the books.  I will want to have that all taken care of by October.  I need to check to find out if my lease is up at the end of October or the end of November.  If it's the end of November then it's going to be a bit of a challenge since I want to spend the last part of November in Europe.  But I'll figure it out.  First thing to do is find a building I want to move to.  The rest will fall into place.

Now - here I am.  MUCH happier than I was earlier in the week.  I can't really say why.  Nothing has changed except my attitude and goals.  The hives are still here but on the way out.  Things are looking up again.  Yay.  Now fingers crossed for the house to sell this weekend and then everything will be perfect.

25 July, 2012

I wouldn't go back

I wouldn't go back to how things were 16 months ago.  Not for all the money in the world.  This isn't a pity party, just an observation.  But sometimes it is crazy difficult to be alone because you can't ever get a break.  [Well, unless you check yourself into a loony bin.]   It would be so nice to be able to say,  "Could you just take care of things for a few days?  Walk the dog?  Plan the meals?  Do the shopping and the laundry?  I just need a little break".  That's what was going through my mind yesterday.  But I chose my path and this is the price I pay.  Totally worth it.

I guess in a way I got a break.  A few breaks.  First,  the sun shone all day and it was lovely and not too hot.  Then, I had a super awesome run at lunchtime.  I was fast and strong.  When I got home, there was no bad news in the mailbox!  Hooray!  All good things.  I was invited out to eat at my little local Indian restaurant, which is yummy.  So all in all a good day.

The night however -- I swear I must have woken up four or five times!  The first time I woke up was very strange.  I could smell a sweet coffee drink.  I mean, it was so strong that I swear that's what woke me up.  I just can't figure out where it was coming from.  My best guess is the people in the apartment below me.  It was warm so it could be they had a fan going but still ... it was as if there was a tray of coffee in my room.    I don't know what else woke me - probably just random noises.  A siren once.  Noisy people getting out of a car in the parking lot.  I can sleep in a bit tomorrow and I most likely will do that.

Gregg is coming by tonight to rehearse a bit rather than having me drive all the way up to Snohomish.  That's nice of him.  He left a message last night that he has been in touch with another guitar player who will be playing with us.  That'll help fill out the sound.

Noon knitting today and then for most of the rest of the day I'm going to have to concentrate on getting all my stuff packed up and ready to go.  Lucky I can take that kind of time now.  In a few weeks it would have had to wait.

24 July, 2012

From an office torn apart

Yesterday I started dismantling my office, getting ready for the move.  When I leave tomorrow I have to be ready for the mover so he can put my big things in the hall on Thursday.  I have one cart load of books that I've got to find a place for this morning before I can do anything else.  I am hoping I can pop them onto the shelves in my new office.  Maybe I can just stack them there because I don't think Marcia has done much with her preparation yet.

I had a very nice run yesterday afternoon, after slacking off for more than a week.  I was surprised that my pace was so good.  It's going to be nicer today, so maybe it's time for shorts again.  It is July after all.  The end of July! 

I am sorely disappointment in the response I've gotten - or rather not gotten - with regards to the golf tournament and dinner.  The fact that there is a multi-class potluck picnic this coming weekend may have something to do with it.  I just don't know what to do!  I can't wait much longer before confirming or cancelling with the golf club.  And we'll lose our deposits which is bad.  Maybe I can get a couple of foursomes out golfing and have the rest of the people just meet us in the restaurant and order their own dinners.  I guess I'll give it another day or so before making the decision.  I sent out a big email yesterday as did my co-host.  We may yet get some late comers.  It's just .... I just don't need any more stress right now.  I've got to find something fun to look forward to, which will keep my mind off this other stuff.

Name change has stalled.  I want to get my picture taken and get my new passport but whenever I remember it happens to be a day when I've got a hive (or three) on my face.  They are slowing down - thank goodness.  Hopefully they will be all gone soon.  I crave a really hot hot shower.

It was a bland evening - dog walking, dinner preparation and sock knitting.  I finished up the gusset stitches and am now working on the foot.  It seems strange that the only project I have going now is a pair of socks!  I'll remedy that when football season arrives.

23 July, 2012

Why I hate musicians

Well ... I guess that is a bit broad.  I don't hate ALL musicians.  Or  not all of them all of the time.  Right now I am extremely disappointed in one in particular.  I was having a lovely weekend.  Friday night I went up to rehearse harmonies with the bass player and Gregg.  It was fine and we got a lot of work done.  We figured then a couple more full band rehearsals - one on Sunday for sure - and we'd be ready to go for the benefit this coming Sunday. 

It was that kind of weekend - good things and then bad things.  Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day and I had a fun time out at the Bite of Seattle, which I haven't attended in years and years.  The music was good, the beer cold.  All in all a great day.  Then I got home and picked up the mail and found a really nasty surprise in there, thanks to my ex.  Talk about sucking the fun out of a day.  So instead of doing laundry I just did some grocery shopping and relaxed on the couch and watched a movie, looking forward to my Sunday band rehearsal.

Sunday morning as I was having my breakfast I got a call from Gregg.  The bass player had just called him to say he didn't want to do it after all!  Just like that, one week before we're set to perform!  Oh I was SO mad!  I am still so mad!  Gregg couldn't get him to give a reason, but the drummer spoke to him as well and finally got it out of him - he didn't want to do the work to learn any more songs.  Unbelievable.  So that means we will just be a duo and definitely not be going 45 minutes.  That's just such a selfish move!

So blam!  There I had an entire day stretched out before me that had previously been filled with band rehearsal.  The laundry got done, the errands got done and it was still not noon.  Tink got a couple of nice long walks and I listened to my audiobook while we walked.  I am getting near the end of it but must make it last until the 25th.

I just wanted to pout and be grumpy but I ended up realizing that the bad guys win if that's how I'm going to act, so instead I picked up my socks and worked on the gusset stitches, which is always a long and tedious process.  I am more than half way through now.  Had a nice dinner and today I'm going to be able to run, which should feel really good. 

Things will get better.  They always do.  Just .... I'd rather it be sooner than later!

20 July, 2012

Soggy cuffs

Boy is it ever coming down this morning!  A thunder storm with lots and lots of rain.  I guess this is what it has been doing in London for a while.  It has made the news here, since Seattle is supposedly known for being so rainy.  Actually here it's not the yearly rainfall - New York City gets more than we do - but it's the number of cloudy days that really get people down.  Anyway, it's warm and soggy.  I regret my choice of pants because they are long enough to soak up rainwater and I am wet. 

I haven't been able to run all week!  I did get up to the bank yesterday so at least I got outside for a while.  I was so busy, the day sped by.  I need to take some time soon to get my office packed and ready to move.  This must be done by Wednesday end of day because Thursday I will be working from home and my office will be emptied so that the floor can be washed. 

I haven't picked up my socks since noon knitting.  I was so tired yesterday I didn't do anything but slob about on the couch, half watching TV and talking on the phone.  I've got a busy weekend coming up.  Let's hope the rain is done by the time I have to drive all the way up to Gregg's in Snohomish tonight.

19 July, 2012

The move is coming up

I was met at my office door this morning by a maintenance man who wanted to take a peek to see what picky little things he was to get done before the computers are moved into my luxurious space.  The pain in the behind who is moving his computers in here had complained about a couple of holes in the ceiling -- which is very high.  Afraid some asbestos will come leaking down on his computers or something idiotic like that.  Also there is a piece of baseboard missing.  When I moved in here after the department was remodeled I wanted to have all of the shelving brackets removed, the ceiling lowered -- not really lowered you understand, but have a real ceiling installed to cover the duct work -- and the room painted.  But there was no money for that kind of thing so the best I got was a floor wash.  Now this boob needs to have the ceiling patched and the baseboards tidied up for his computers.  But he is a scientist and so can make more demands than I. 

It was noon knitting yesterday and so no running.  I was planning on a walk up to the bank and a run back today, but note the past tense.  One of my more troublesome faculty members - the one I think is the main cause of my stress which caused these hives - needs a one-on-one tutorial for my new virtual microscope annotation system and wants it at 11:30.  Granted, this annotation system is not intuitive nor is it documented.  The company provided a demo showing all of the ways one can use the annotation system, but you are left to puzzle it out on your own.  For someone with a little computer knowledge or experience it doesn't take too long, but she will not take the time to learn it on her own, so I have to write out a tutorial and then go through it with her step by step.  This is the same woman who sat by me when I was teaching her how to make some other html pages and talked over me continually ... "Yup.  Uh huh.  Got it.  Yes.  Mmhmm.  Right."  Then she gets to her office and calls me every 5 minutes with questions that I had already answered and that she had in print in front of her face.  [Ooooo, I'm feisty this morning, aren't I?]

Tomorrow evening I am going up to Gregg's and he and I and the bass player will have a vocal rehearsal to just work on harmonies!  That is going to be SO much fun!  It is so nice to sing with people who actually know how to sing and can pick out their parts.  And then on Sunday again we will have a full band rehearsal.  The following week I am hoping we can have at least two more full band rehearsals.  We got a great spot on the 29th.  We will be playing at 5 pm.  That might sound really early, but since it is a Sunday people are going to be out early, wanting to get home at a decent time.  So 5 is perfect!  I am so looking forward to this.  And I am going to start asking Gregg about recording so he can maybe get someone up there to make a nice one for us.

18 July, 2012

Is humiliation really all that helpful?

I suppose because my immune system is a bit compromised because of stress - witness the hives - I am destined to catch every single little bug that crosses my path these days!  I wasn't here Monday much past 11 when it became apparent I would be much better off at home.  I was pretty much back to normal by yesterday afternoon.  Now I need to play catch up.  Perhaps getting organized should be first on the list.

On the weekend I had forgotten to get dog food so I had to go out yesterday afternoon and thought I'd take the opportunity to run my car through the car wash.  It really needed it, since I park under trees.  I didn't have any cash, but supposed that either I could get some at the car wash at an ATM or from the cashier when I paid.  But the cashier wouldn't give me any cash, saying he was unable to do so for another couple of weeks - which made no sense but I was not willing to argue.  I simply said that I needed money to tip the attendants but he just looked at me and shrugged.  Very helpful.  I went through the car wash and had to pass the tip jar without putting anything in it.  Thankfully there was no one standing right there.  Ah, but they are quick.  They checked, of course, and before I could get around the corner and into the traffic, which was rather thick, the news had spread.  As I sat at the corner waiting for a break in the traffic I had to endure the calls of  "CHEAP"! coming from the guys washing the next car in line.  I had to sit there for a while and endure this since the traffic would not give me a break.  I finally put the window down and yelled back, "Hey!  It's not my fault!  He wouldn't give me any cash".  That shut them up - most just one guy - but really, I didn't need that kind of attention.

I did get the heel turned on the first pair of top down socks I've had on the needles in ages and ages.  I brought them in for noon knitting today.  I think next time I get some free time and am at odds I'll make myself finish another project.  And speaking of finishing I still need to press block that Elsie cardigan.  I could have used it today.

And here's my final thought.  No news is NOT good news.  It's just no news.

16 July, 2012

Malodorous bus passengers

One can usually spot them - the folks who may not be smelling springtime fresh - and take a seat upwind, so to speak.  I was fooled this morning though.  And I don't know if this is a blessing or not, but a couple of stops after I got on and took my seat, a woman got on wearing WAY too much (cheap) perfume.  The combination was unusual, to say the least.  However it did mask the worst of it so I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly.

Last Friday the weather turned and we were treated to a thunder storm.  It ruined my plans for a walk up to the bank and a run back, since it was pouring.  Saturday morning was much the same.  It wasn't actually raining when we went out for our morning walk, but the thunder was grumbling and I cut it short because it looked like rain was on its way.  I took a quick trip to the grocery store and was ready to get laundry going but I was met in the vestibule by a maintenance man who informed me that the water would be shut off for the next few hours to replace a water tank.  So no laundry.  I should have taken myself back out and gone to to the nail salon, but work is being done on Northgate Way and it's a nightmare.  Plus, truth be told, the work of keeping a positive attitude in the face of all this and that and the other nonsense is tiring.  I just didn't have it in me to get out and fight the traffic and so instead thought I'd go through my WIPs or pick out a new project to start.  But that didn't work either.  Nothing was speaking to me. I ended up loafing on the couch reading the Grisham novel I had started about NFL football in Italy.  It was a short read and lead me to some lovely daydreaming.  Not productive but it soothed my soul I guess you could say.

Saturday was a sleepless night.  I stayed up late late late finishing that book and wasn't asleep for long before the wind kicked up again and the blinds were rattling like crazy.  I had to shut them finally because it kept waking me up.  But the worst was done and I ended up sleeping until 9:30 Sunday morning!  Oh and then I was truly sorry I hadn't gotten my nails done because I had to get Tink walked, then do my nails and be up at Rusty's for a rehearsal at 1:30.  With a little hustle I got it all done and we had a pretty good rehearsal.  Not great because I had mistakenly thought that the bass player and drummer had been given CDs of the songs last week.  Not so, therefore we had to waste time teaching them the songs instead of working on harmonies.  We will be getting together at least two more times before the 29th, I sincerely hope. 

I need to run today.  Let's hope the rain holds off. 

13 July, 2012

Where is everybody?

I am sitting in my office.  It's 8:15 and I can't hear a single soul walking in the hall, or talking anywhere.  Ah!  There, I just saw someone walk by.  Otherwise it is silent.  The chairman and his wife are going to be gone for a few weeks - traveling to a meeting in Berlin and then vacationing, so his secretary is also gone.  Probably most of his lab will be out, taking their summer break at the same time.  And it seems that many people are taking vacation time or at least a long weekend.  It's spooky!  I thought for a minute there that I had forgotten a holiday.

The move to my new office is set for the 27th - two weeks from today.  However, we are going to have to move my big furniture out into the hall on Thursday so that the custodial staff can wash the floor before the next occupant moves his stuff in.  Talk about a piece of work!  This guy ..... he's rather new here - maybe been here a year - and not making any friends, that's for sure.  He will be using this office for his computer servers which are currently in a windowed office that the department supervisor is going to move into, and I will be taking her office.  He is afraid that there will be glitch when his servers are moved and therefore asked that he move them a week early into my office just to be sure everything goes smoothly!  Believe me when I say that I always try to get along, I don't make trouble and I am super accommodating.  But one has to draw the line somewhere and I had to tell the supervisor that it was not something I was comfortable with.  This space is cramped as it is and it would be next to impossible to get my things OUT if we had all of his stuff IN.  Ah!  Good point, she says.  The IT guy has told him several times that there will be no problems, that it is the same subnet as he is currently using, but that's not good enough.  He came to my office yesterday to take some measurements and see the space.  When I assured him he would not have any trouble with his servers he threatened me!  Shaking his finger in my face -- "Well, if they don't work I'll have to move them right back to that office"!  As if I was in charge of the move.  As if that was a something I was concerned with.  Then he looks at the ceiling and asks me if there is asbestos up there!  At this point I'm just looking at him like he's crazy -- which I think he is.  A few minutes later the supervisor came to see me and told me what a pain he is, and how rude.  I can believe it.  He told her the space smelled "smoky".  Smoky?!?  I had just opened a new box of tea, so perhaps that was what he was smelling.  He's a jerk.  The good news is that since my office has to be emptied on Thursday she said I could just take the day off.  Nice.

I drove up to see Gregg last night and to run over our songs.  He lives 45 minutes away, way up in Snohomish.  It's beautiful, but what a terrible commute!  I got back around 10 and of course wasn't in the least bit tired.  Tink enjoyed the company, we had a nice little walk around the garden and I watched some TV.  It's about time to start thinking about my next project.  Maybe I'll make that Henley.  I wore my Rondel top this week.  I sure love that top.  And I have the same type of yarn to make the Henley.  I'll check it out tonight maybe.

12 July, 2012

It's all in the timing

I just missed the bus this morning.  If I had gotten out of the house even half a minute sooner I would have caught it.  It's not usually an issue if I miss the 316 at 7:20 because there is a 16 that comes at 7:27.  But this morning it didn't show up!  So because of that I missed the 48 that I typically catch which gets me to the office a little before 8.  Not a big deal, just a lot of time standing around at the bus stops.  I still have a few hours left to listen to "Wolf Hall", which I am enjoying even more now that I have a clearer understanding of those characters.

This evening I am going up to Gregg's to start working on our set for the benefit on July 29.  On Sunday we will rehearse with the whole band and I am looking forward to that a lot!  Gregg has put together a fine set list.  It is a bit more country that I would like, but since we are playing the Oxford I know it will go over well there, since it is kind of a country place. 

I don't know when I'm going to carve out some time to get to the driving range, but I'd better get serious about it if I want to golf in August.  This tournament and dinner thing is coming up in about 5 weeks and I'm getting nervous about having enough people signed up.  I got two more in the mail yesterday, but only one golfer.  I'm going to have to be a little more aggressive, which is not fun.

I got all the fringe put on the Aristida yesterday afternoon.  It's lovely and I should get a lot of use out of it this winter.  I definitely have enough yarn left over to make some gloves, or mittens I should say, which I will do when I get finished with the socks I have growing on my number 2 needles.  There is no hurry.

11 July, 2012

Late start

Monday night I stayed up WAY too late, finishing up the book about Henry VIII's wives.  Fascinating read and I couldn't put it down.  I was sorry to have it end.  So I was pretty tired last night.  I went to bed at my normal time but I woke up at 1:30 and my thoughts started spinning and I was awake for a couple of hours.  I read email - there was a nice surprise in there.  I read some news on my iPad - I know you're not supposed to use electronic devices when you have insomnia but I always do anyway.  Finally I put everything away and spent some time in my happy place, standing at the window and looking out at the lake.  That calmed me down and I went to sleep finally, but turned off the alarm this morning.  I feel great so that extra little hour of sleep helped me out.

I had a  pretty good run yesterday, although the best part about it was that my hives disappear while I'm running.  It's the craziest thing.  I won't be able to run today though since it's noon knitting.  I brought my scarf and the fringe to go on it.  I have found that if I have knitting chores like finishing, it goes much quicker if I bring it in and do it while I'm chatting.

I did bring my mystery package slip to the office yesterday and no, there is not a package for me.  He said we have a new mailman - or mail woman - and things have been a little weird. 

The sunshine is here, summer is here.  It is supposed to get warm today.  I know it is going to be a big issue in my new office, not having air conditioning.  But I think it will be worth it.

I had a good news/bad news type of day yesterday and I am trying to cope.  Usually I wouldn't advocate this, but putting it out of my mind completely seems the only way to cope successfully.  It is what it is, and it will turn out how it does and I have no control.  That's the tough part.  But I'm up for it.  

10 July, 2012

The mystery invisible package

When I was going through the mail Saturday evening I found a notice from the USPS saying that a package had been left with the front desk on June 30th, while I was gone.  I'm not expecting anything ... a surprise!  The office was closed by that time and closed also on Sunday, so yesterday morning I phoned to let them know I was back and to make sure they hadn't returned the package, since it had been a week since the notice was put into my mailbox.  However, when I came by the office after work there was no package for me.  It could be that the mailman had written the wrong apartment number on the slip.  It's a mystery and it's driving me crazy!  I am going to take the notice back to the office tonight, just to double check.

I snapped a picture of the tremendous, ugly hole in the hedge this morning.  It is not very bright today, but you can clearly see the outline of a big truck.  What is not clear is the depth of the ugly hole.  I sure wish they'd assign that spot to someone so it wouldn't be visible all the time. The only thing that kept that idiot from going right through was the tree trunk - not visible here but you can see a branch at the top of the picture. That kind of wanton destruction just makes my blood boil!

The weather was not as nice as predicted yesterday (big surprise? Not really) and even though I wanted to run, I decided to take a check up to the bank and do my name changing business up there at the same time.  The checks for the golf tournament/reunion dinner are coming in at a trickle and I get them in the bank as soon as I can.  Now there's the bank done - which leaves a few credit cards, utilities, passport -- quite a bit left to do.

The Arista shawl was dry last night so I cut the 159, 9" pieces of yarn for the fringe and started putting it on.   That is an extremely tedious project by the way.  I got nearly half way done and put it down.  I will try to finish it up tonight so I can take it to noon knitting on Wednesday.

Sunday Gregg gave me a  nice song list for the upcoming fundraiser gig in July and now we need to start rehearsing.  I think I'll go up Thursday evening and then we can have a full band rehearsal on the weekend.  He chose some good songs - some we did last time we worked together and a couple from the first band we were in together and then a couple new ones, "Lovesong" being one of them, which I have been wanting to sing ever since I heard Adele's cover of it.  Lots of work to do.

I got the word yesterday - I will be moving to a new office July 23rd!  It will not be perfect - that area is notoriously hot and stuffy when the weather gets hot because the air conditioning just doesn't work very well, but the idea of having natural light is just too tempting.  And as I said, I can always close my door - it has a window with blinds I can close for privacy, plus the windows that open onto the courtyard!  Hoorah!!

09 July, 2012

Nice while it lasted

Obviously, I can't be on vacation all the time.  Which is really too bad, because it seems that when I'm not on vacation I am destined to be covered in hives.  I wasn't home for more than a few hours before they started popping up again!  It is crazy!  And they are coming in exactly the same places they were the last time, as well as a few more new ones.  It seems to me that I am feeling much less stress than when I left but my body says not so.  I am acutely aware of the mountain of things I have before me.  Maybe when I feel I have better handle on the immediate future I'll calm down.  In the meantime, I will look forward to my run this afternoon and know that at least for that time I'll be feeling better.

I can happily report that my little horseback riding adventure did not knock me down as I had feared it would.  I was a little sore for a couple of days - nothing major. I'll bet I'll be more sore after running today.  It's been two weeks -- or maybe more.  It is beautiful and sunny and warm.  Shorts for sure today.

I didn't do much of anything  Saturday after getting home except put my house back together and have some dinner.  Yesterday was devoted to chores.  I had two suitcases to unpack, a mountain of laundry, doggie walking and bath time and I even got my Aristida shawl blocked out.  Tonight I need to cut 159 pieces for the fringe and it'll be done.  And yes, I'm keeping it myself.  It would be much too hot for my sister.  Maybe I can find a nice cotton or silk blend .... maybe rayon ... and make a second one for her.

Oddly, we had a little thunder storm last night and Tink was going crazy.  She doesn't bark or whine, but she tries to get as close to me as she can, which sometimes means she tries to crawl INTO me.  That hurts.  And it was hot so she was panting even though the fan was going full.  Of course who can see the little scratches she made when I'm covered in welts?  Not an issue.

It was rumored before I left that I may be getting an office with a window!  That's the good part.  The bad part is that it would be in a very busy and consequently noisy area.  I don't care though.  If I get offered the space I am going to take it.  It has been too long since I've had natural light.  If the noise is really bothersome I can always close the door to the office, which is something I can't do comfortably here.

Well, I'd better start digging in.  And counting - only 20 weeks until my next adventure.

06 July, 2012

It is going to hurt tomorrow

Thursday morning we picked our niece up at the airport. She is on her way to a one week flight school camp in Arizona and Kelli thought it would be nice to treat her for a few days. Yesterday was low key - lunch, shopping and BBQ dinner. Today we went on a trail ride. It was wonderful, but it has been ages since I have been on a horse so I suspect I will feel it in the morning. In the meantime I am taking a little nap. Sophie is at Magic Mountain with her uncle so we will have a good few hours to kick back. If not for the book I downloaded I might have done a little knitting. As it is, I have ignored my knitting. I only have 20% left to read. I don't think it is going to end well. ;-)

04 July, 2012

Hot shower!

Oh how nice it is to have a proper hot shower! Today was the third day in a row and I still appreciate it. 4th of July holiday notwithstanding, we are just kicking back at home. Last evening we saw "Ted" at the theatre and it was so funny! Then a quiet night at home. Kelli was ready for bed early but I have been so enthralled with this book about Henry the VIII's wives. I wish I had read this before I went to Windsor! I read late into the night. I would have looked for many things at Windsor had I had this book before that visit.

03 July, 2012

Who are these people? - mini travel rant

I know people get attached to their pillows. In fact, I looked it up. However, a grown person who takes their pillow onto an airplane with them should be ... Well I don't know what the punishment should be, but come on! That is just stupid. Using my iPad this morning so excuse the lack of paragraphs. We are now back in California after a really wonderful long weekend in Flagstaff. We saw the Grand Canyon on Sarurday and the little folk festival on Sunday. The hotel was so nice. There were rabbits and chipmunks and squirrels. It was like being in a forest with a nice restaurant. We didn't have a flight out until the afternoon so we spent some time at the book store before we took off. I have been reading ... rather, listening to historical novels lately with King Henry the VIII and his wives as prominent characters and I wanted to learn more so I downloaded a book and it served me well since our flight was delayed out of Phoenix. Lazy morning today. Maybe a movie this afternoon. But coffee now!