31 August, 2006

Retail therapy, my darlings

Ah yes -- that quick little feel good shot. Sale yarn. I just bought 10 skeins of Noro Kureyon at Webs on closeout. $5.70 a skein. Mmmmmmm! That should be enough for a nice simple raglan crew neck to show off the beautiful colors. Doesn't cure anything but it's a nice little balm, right?

All of my four projects are nearing completion at around the same time. My cardigan is still awaiting the final seaming. I haven't done any more than that one sleeve. It was such a bitch because you are mattress stitching bound off to edge. It's so difficult, but it looks nice. After that it'll be smooth sailing. So instead of doing that last night, since I was medicating myself, I worked on the shrug for my friend K. I am about 20 rows from completion. Seaming that it easy work. My socks just need to be bound off but I don't bind off until I have the time to cast on for another pair, which I will do this weekend. And last, the Green Gable. That has the most to do but I need to try it on before I can go any further because I want to make sure it's long enough. So. I am going to have plenty of time this weekend to work since Mr. G. is going and/or gone. My goal is to get all of those four projects finished. Frog the X-back tank because I am not going to finish it, might as well make the yarn available. Then cast on for another pair of sox, and swatch and maybe even start my Ogee Tunic. I want to also buy the yarn for the Rock Star Cardigan but maybe I will wait a few weeks until I'm finished with the front of the Ogee Tunic. Once I get done with the trim on the back piece it's just going to be acres of boring StSt so might as well have a brain teaser to work on as well.

Tonight is the final preseason Seahawks game. The weather is nice here. I hope they win.

30 August, 2006

Trying hard to keep good thoughts

You know when stuff keeps happening and you are just trying to keep it all together? That's me. And no matter how old I get, it never gets any easier -- I'm talking about the love/sex/man/woman deal. I truly can understand why some people just check out of the whole deal. Unfortunately for me I have this stubbon streak of optimism. I don't think my prince is coming though. At least I grew out of that. However I can't grow out of the believe that SOMEONE is out there. Unless he's dead. Or married to somebody else. Or taken a vow of chastity.

No knitting last night. Mr. G. (whose name is soon to be mud) suggested going to the driving range. It was fun. Something I can actually do better than him. Go figure. Good burger for dinner. Then the plans for my weekend are trashed. Ah well. See?

Thank goodness I have lots and lots and LOTS of knitting I can do. I need to finish up that cardigan - just sewing is all. I think I'll do that tonight. And I may be able to finish my socks at the ladies lunchtime knitting today and cast on for another toe-up in my Koigu. And then ... oh then I'm going to swatch for my Ogee Tunic.

28 August, 2006

Speed blogging

Things are nuts here at work and I don't have time for a long blog today. I had a pretty good weekend. I hiked up Tiger Mountain to watch Mr. G. jump off a cliff. It's called paragliding but ... I call it yikes!! My legs are pretty darned sore today. I think it was the hike down that did it.

I finished up all the pieces of my yellow lacey cardigan and started putting it together last night. Here's a closeup of the sleeve. I sure hate sewing things together. This took me forever but it looks nice. Tonight I'll get the other sleeve in and if my back isn't too sore then all I have to do is the side seams and sew on a button. Let's hope now, shall we, that this DOES indeed look nice with that skirt. If not, I'm going to be very mad at myself and then I'll have to go out and buy something expensive to go with the skirt!

All I hope is that I get through this week without any disasters. It's going to be that kind of week.

25 August, 2006

It's Friday!!

And gorgeous weather to boot and it's supposed to be gorgeous all the weekend! I don't suppose I'm going to get too terribly much knitting done. I am a bit bummed because I WAS going to go to Mt. St. Helens to climb up to the crater but unfortunately they only allow 100 people a day to go up and all of the permits are taken from now at least through the end of September. So. No big deal. There are tons and tons of things to do in Seattle, especially at this time of the year. Maybe a nice bike ride. Maybe a walk in Discovery Park. There's some kind of festival at Marymoor. On and on and on.

I stayed up too late last night and didn't sleep at all well. Not complaining. At all. Sleepless for a good cause. But still I'm groggy all the same. I took my Dad to a doctor appointment this morning, ran some errands for him and got to work at 11:30 and I'm considering skipping out by 3 for a little nap. The IT guy is home sick and I can't make changes to some documents which is throwing me off. But I got a whole lot of other stuff done so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Yessir.

Oooo! I love Elann -- how many times have I said that? Anyway, my yarn for the Ogee Tunic came last night. I had to hold myself back from swatching it. I've got too many projects on the needles now as it is. I am almost done with my socks - the toe up ones. In fact I was working on them at the doctor's office and had two people come up to me to look at them. A few more inches of ribbing and then I am going to cast on with the Koigu I tried my first 2 at once with. I was wearing my first pair of top down ribbed socks last night and realized what a perfect pattern that is. I just don't like doing top down for the measuring part. I like to be able to make the top as long as I want it. So I'm going to do toe up one more time and try yet another heel. I have GOT to find a toe up heel I like. The short row one I don't like the looks of. I like the gusset heel. There are a couple patterns out there so that's my quest - the perfect toe up heel. Preferably one you can do 2 at a time. (Although come to think of it one of my knitting companions on Wednesday afternoons is doing top down 2 at a time on 2 circs and she got past the heels. I have to ask her about that. I must have been missing something very elemental.)

24 August, 2006

"Snakes on a Plane"?? Hah!

What about "Mosquitos in the Bedroom"?? Now that's scary. And annoying. I had not one, but two freakin' mosquitos dive bombing me last night for almost an hour. PLUS (oh yeah, there's more) about 1:30 AM one of them came back, hoping to catch me asleep and maybe finding a limb out of the covers. No such luck. It was cool enough last night that I managed to stay covered up and I woke up with no new bites. Cold comfort considering I have at least 5, maybe more, scattered all over my body. The one that is driving me nuts is the one right in the middle of my back. Watching me walking down the hall must be a treat as I twitch and reach my arm back to try to ease the itch. Didn't that used to be a trick boys would play in high school - having you reach behind your back for something. Not that it was an issue when I was in high school. I'm a "late bloomer", thank goodness.

Got another package from my sweet SP. This themed "Back to School" with primary colored sock yarn, a cute little lamb pin and a nifty pattern/card thingie. I love it! What a great idea. Oh, and some Peppermint Patties. mmmmmmmm

I got a little bit of knitting done last night on the "A Bit of Lace Cardigan". I have finished the sleeves and back and am nearly done with the right side. I had to wind another ball and did so while I was cooking dinner (which is another story), then after I ate Tinkie needed to have her ball thrown, then the phone rang and before I knew it, there was bedtime. Oh well, maybe tonight.

Dinner: I went up to the grocery store to get a couple things for my lunches and a piece of salmon for dinner. The "meat guy" was cooking up these lemon pepper chicken vegie skewers for samples and they were just really yummy. So I bought a couple of them as well as the salmon. I was going to have the salmon and vegetable rice mix for dinner but then figured I could have the salmon next time and eat the chicken and vegies then. So I cooked them up and took them downstairs to watch a bit of TV while I was eating. OMG! They were too hot! I mean ... I have a pretty high tolerance for heat in food but this .... dang! Somebody obviously over seasoned them. I ate a few pieces and then threw in the towel. I saved it though. I think I'll mix it with the rice and vegetable mix and see if that doesn't calm down the heat. I sure was disappointed though. That's why I ate the two Peppermint Patties. To cool down my mouth. yeah

I told my Secret Pal that I ordered the yarn for the Ogee Tunic from "Knitting Nature". Here's a picture. Size 4 needles. Straights. It's going to be a tough go. I'll tell you what I think it going to be the worst though -- the back. Inches and inches and inches of StSt on size 4s. ooooff

23 August, 2006

I feel naked!!

I forgot my phone! I LEFT MY PHONE AT HOME!!! I swear I put it in my pocket when I put on my bike jacket but you know me, one little deviation in the Dance of Getting Out the Door and I'm screwed. So I get to the office and start my Dance of Getting Changed Into Work Clothes and as I did the pirouette after putting down my helmet and gloves I realized that my left hand was coming up empty. Dang. I feel ... rudderless. Cut off. If I lost my internet connection now I would be pacing and sweating. Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

No knitting last night. I wasn't even done with the crossword puzzle when I got company. We watched "Any Given Sunday". Ahhhh football! Today is Lunchtime Knitting with the Ladies so I will get some work done on the shrug. I ordered yarn from Elann yesterday for my Ogee Tunic. I am psyched about that.

Now -- back to work!!

22 August, 2006

I'm all over the place!

Instead of knuckling down and finishing my Green Gable, I worked instead on the yellow cardigan. Big needles. Need I say more? Talk about instant gratification after working with size 2's and 6's. I finished up the back, cast on and did about half of the right front before I got interrupted. A couple more good sessions and I'll be able to wear it this week! Which basically means I'll finally have something to wear with that kick a** skirt I bought two weeks ago. It's so annoying to buy something that looks great on and yet have absolutely nothing to wear with it! Well, I have one sweater but it's too warm for that still. So I am truly inspired to finish it.

AND ... I hear that my SP8 finished her Green Gable but decided on longer sleeves so technically it's not finished yet. We want pictures!!!

I didn't get around to ordering the yarn for my Ogee Tunic yesterday. I am just so busy at work it's not funny. I think I just may wait for a week or so until I've got time to breath.

21 August, 2006

Made it through the weekend

Indeed. I made it through the weekend. I had chores to do for my Dad and I got them done and rewarded myself with a manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately the salon was so busy that I got a crappy manicure - she didn't even put a top coat on it! A dull French. Not good. I have some top coat so I guess I'll do it myself.

My Secret Pal is going to scream, unless she's been hitting the Green Gable herself, because what with hanging in the ER last week and football last night I've got maybe 2 inches left to knit on the body! yay! That's one of the things I love about football season. I can sit and knit and knit and watch football and really get tons done. I also watched a movie Saturday night and knit on it then as well. That's what comes of not having a social life too, of course. When that changes my knitting output is going to plummet.

The heat is going to get turned up here in Seattle again. It's supposed to be 87 degrees today. I'd better get out and run before it gets too hot. I MUST work out and run every day this week. I have gained about 10 pounds since I got back from my vacation. Not good. It's easy to ride my bike but running in this heat is tough. Oh well, no more whining.

17 August, 2006

It's been a wild couple days

Well ... the good thing is that everything is fine. The bad is that I spent all day yesterday going from doctor's office to ER to hospital with my poor Dad. He's just fine now but it was a little scary. Now with his meds adjusted should be just fine.

I got lots and lots of knitting done, as you may imagine, since I was sitting and waiting for about 5 hours or so. I got the decreases done on my Green Gable and now I just have the rest of the body to knit. I'm still upset about the little mishap on the front of it but still hopeful that once it's washed it'll be fine. Or at least not so noticeable.

And yesterday I got another package from my Secret Pal. This one the cute pattern from Knitty and some yarn to make it. Thanks SP! I will definitely make these. I'm a huge fan of fingerless mitts. I made the "Hurry Up Spring" armwarmers a couple times - once in a green similar to the green in the Knitty picture. I thought they showed the cables better than Noro.

Last night my friend Mike took me out to eat and drink. He was visiting and he's the type of friend that I always get in trouble with so I am happy he no longer lives close by. Last night was no exception and I am hurting today. But we had a fun time. And I needed some fun after yesterday.

15 August, 2006


What a morning. Here it is nearly 10:45 and I'm just eating my breakfast raspberries. It's that time of year when we all start freaking out about getting the Anatomy course ready for September 5. Actually, syllabus, etc., needs to be finished like at the end of this week or early next week so people are starting to get wacky. And I'm right up there with them. Well, this is not the forum to whinge about the job so ..... next topic, please!

Here we have a picture of my latest WIP, a lacy cardigan made with some cotton ribbon yarn I bought at Elann. What you are seeing here are the two sleeves on top and what I've gotten done on the back below. This is going quickly because the lace is done on size 11 and the body on 13s. The only problem is that my hands hurt after purling a few rows with those larger needles. It's going to be cropped so not a huge problem, eh?

And last, but not least, say hello to my Super Secret Pal 8 at Baa Bonny Belle. She is a super talented and sweet person and a wonderful Secret Pal. Click on over.

I am too busy really to go on much more today. I feel guilty for not having my nose to the computer screen.

14 August, 2006

I have NO discipline!!

In case there is any question about it. No discipline at all. Yes, I truly wanted to finish up that shrug but instead I picked up the yellow cotton ribbon yarn and made two lace sleeves and started the back of a cute little lace trimmed cardigan that will match my new skirt. Well, I don't have anything to wear with it!!! I HAD to.

I got lots of work done on my Green Gables today as I was waiting for my dad at the doctor's office. I probably only have 3 or so inches to go before I do my decreases. I must say I really do like that yarn.

I'll put some pictures tomorrow. I have only just got to work and it's 2:30!!

12 August, 2006

And now it begins!

I posted this from the game yesterday. The team was just running onto the field. It was so exciting! Even though the stadium wasn't full it was still very very loud! They lost .... oh well, it's preseason after all.

11 August, 2006

I've got a hankerin' for some wool

I was fondling my yarn last night. Currently I am working on a cotton yarn project and a ribbon yarn project (I haven't picked up my socks for weeks!). And I was thinking that I am anxious to get something wool on the needles. I think it's probably because it's not been very sunny or warm lately. You know ... cooler weather, warmer projects.

Speaking of projects - here are pictures of my current WIPs. My brown "Green Gable" is coming along nicely. The hole in the front where I mistakenly picked up an extra stitch is visible but gets less so as I go down the body. I imagine that when it's on it won't be so bad because as I stretch the fabric down it disappears. Well, we'll keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

The ribbon shrug is like a scarf at this point - a stockinette scarf. It goes pretty quickly but is not really a TV project because the ribbon is a bit tricky to knit with and you can't do it by feel or you end up poking the needle through the ribbon. I don't know what I'm going to do tonight, but if I end up staying home I'll most likely get a few more inches done on both of these projects.

Tomorrow is the first Seahawks preseason game! Woohoo! I am excited!!!!

10 August, 2006

And around and around

My brown "Green Gable" top is taking shape. I got lots of good work done on it yesterday while I was waiting around and in the evening I watched movies and got the sleeves on holders and started working on the body. Now it's just around and around and around ...there is some shaping to look forward to but other than that, the ultimate mindless knitting project. My goal for the weekend is going to be finishing up that ribbon shrug. And I am now almost 100% sure (how's that for ambiguity?) that I'm going to frog (yet again) my x-back top and use the ribbon for something else. I am just not feeling it and I refuse to knit on something when it feels like work. I don't like having a bunch of stalled projects laying around. I like to keep things tidy.

I spent a considerable amount of time daydreaming about what I wanted to do with the beautiful pink yarns that my SP sent me. They coordinate beautifully and the lighter one is a bit fuzzy. I was thinking that a raglan pull-over with the top and sleeves the lighter color, might just be the thing. Ideally I'd like to put small cables or twisted stitch patterns in the contrasting color but I don't know if it would be viable. Maybe not anything too fancy. Well I'm going to have to think about it a bit. Maybe one going down each arm to bring the colors together. Sky's the limit, right?

09 August, 2006

It was a most satisfying day

It was a GREAT birthday. Just wonderful. Massage, gifts, flowers, food, tequila, cake, company and lots and lots of laughs. Who could ask for more? And my wonderful Secret Pal sent me a beautiful birthday box filled with pink yarns! And "Welcome to the Knit Cafe" book, chocolates, lavender sachets for my wool and a card. Secret Pal, THANK YOU!!!! If you don't win that contest I will be very surprised.

Yesterday was also eventful in a knitting sense because I joined my very first knitting group. One of my friends at work introduced me to a woman who knits and find out she has a couple other pals who meet once a week at lunchtime to knit and chat. It was just nice. Can you believe I've been knitting seriously for two years and this is the first time I've actually sat and knitted with other like minded (addicted) people. I was a little intimidated at first but I got over it.

I am not actually working today. I figured I wouldn't much feel like getting up this morning and I didn't. This is like half a vacation day because I have to take Dad to the doctor this afternoon. I was working on my brown Green Gable top yesterday and I think I'll stick with that today.

And now I seriously need coffee.

08 August, 2006

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee

Yes indeed, another year gone. I can hardly believe it. I was remarking how one's perspective changes over the years regarding birthdays. When you're young you're excited because you're one year older! And when you're a bit older you're excited because of the gifts and the fun you are going to have at your party. BUT after you hit a certain age .... yikes. The years move by too quickly. That's not to say that I'm not excited about the gifts and the party. And thankfully I've trained my friends over the years not to question me about my age. Nothing can ruin the party mood faster than that horrible question, "So Shelley, how old ARE you anyway"? Not so old that I can't kick your butt for asking such a nasty question!!

I like to spread the birthday celebration out as long as possible. This one started last Friday when my friend R took me out for dinner and a movie. We were going to see "A Prairie Home Companion" but it was gone from that theatre so instead we went to see "Little Miss Sunshine". I just howled! It is the funniest movie I've seen in ages and ages. Definitely I want to see it again.

I had a wardrobe crisis this morning that almost put a crimp in my happy day. I had gone shopping Saturday and found some great goodies at Macys and I planned on wearing my new skirt, top and sandals today. Well it is cloudy and significantly cooler today than the weekend so I decided to forego the sandals. I wore my new top Sunday night and, unfortunately, got a bit of dinner on it. I just figured I'd spot clean it this morning but the spots turned out to be a little more stubborn than I had imagined so there I was going through my drawers trying to find something to wear with this skirt. And then had to find shoes to go with it. Well ... it's a girl thing, what can I say? I did end up getting myself together finally and was only 1/2 hour late to work. So for the rest of the day - the fun part - I am going to skip the gym today and meet a group of women to knit at lunchtime. Could be fun! Knitting in the daytime on a weekday! And then I've got an appointment for a massage at 3. And after that a little party tonight with my Pub Night pals. It's going to be a good day.

I got a lot done on the shrug last night. A couple more good pushes and it should be done. I'm going to work on my Green Gables at lunch today. Once I get the sleeves on holders that thing is going to just practically knit itself.

07 August, 2006

Stereotypes - alive and well

I ran into that "YOU knit?!??" stereotype for the first time and I was rather taken aback. "Yyyes!," I sputtered, "It's cool and fun and .. and". No need to get defensive, right? But wow! I read an article in the latest Vogue Knitting, an interview with Tracy Ullman (1 "L" or 2?). She was talking about how she knit a tie for Jay Leno and he wasn't impressed at all. She took it back and gave it to someone else. Her message was "Guys just generally don't get it. If you're single, HIDE your knitting!" Not that this person was a romantic interest, but a guy with a guy's perspective. I wanted to haul out some of my more gorgeous things - my "Banff", my "Simply Marilyn" but it wouldn't have impressed him I don't think. It's the stereotype that knitting is for grannies. Jeeeepers!! So that's going to have to be a calculated step - the first time he sees me in my glasses, the first time he sees me with no makeup and in my sweats and last but not least, bring on the knitting!! If he still wants me after seeing me with pointed sticks in my hands I will know I've found a winner!!

I had a busy and productive weekend. Sometimes I think that heaven must be Seattle in the summer. It was just perfect this weekend. Not too hot, blue skies and a big ol' sale on at Macy's!! I had to go to the mall to pick up some scarf valances to finish my little redecoration of the living room. Well not really finish ... not really, because the last of the blinds needs to be put up but it has got to be cut down a bit, and also a curtain rod needs to be moved down. My friend A is helping me out of the goodness of his heart so I'm not bugging him. But it's MOSTLY finished and it looks lovely, if I do say so myself. Very girlie. Anyway, I went for a specific thing and didn't mean to look at the sales but I was on the phone with my sister and spied a white skirt, on sale, and I had to find a top to go with it to try it on with, right? And then I was still talking to my sis so I stopped by the clearance rack and found a pair of Calvin Klein sailor pants in that light, drapey denim marked down from $98 to $18. Uh huh. And a very cute almost madras plaid skirt. As luck would have it, everything fit. Swung past the sale shoes and lo and behold, the very same pair of 9 West rope soled wedgie shell strap thongs that I had been coveting all season were also there, in my size (how's that for fate?) Snapped them up as well. VERY satisfying shopping expedition.

The only knitting I accomplished this weekend was a good chunk of that ribbon shrug. I have decided since my friend K loves it so much and I sure as heck don't want to make another one, I'll just give this one to her. I mostly use my Noro Flower Power shrug anyway. I have to bake my B'day cake tonight and other than that, I'm going to work on Green Gables.

I found out what stash is for besides looking cool on a shelf. The skirt I bought has some very odd colors and I don't seem to have a top to go with it - at least not a transition top. I have a pink sweater that will be perfect but not for a few months. BUT I have some cotton ribbon I bought for a little cardigan and it would be PERFECT! I had to stop myself twice from casting on for it. Three projects at a time is my limit.

04 August, 2006

Not a single stitch

No progress yesterday on any knitted items. Nope, not a stitch. My hands are a bit twitchy this morning. I wanted to smuggle a WIP into work with me today but I would be sorely tempted to spend too much time in the ladies room ... just one more row!

My pathetic attempts to find a mate (sometimes also known as "dating") - doesn't that sound like a great title for a book? Okay, maybe a pamphlet. Here's what doesn't help: my sister reminding me that she went through a 2 year drought not long ago and then had two bad boyfriends in a row! Uhhhh yeah, great sis. My latest greatest thing is to actually get out and socialize rather than sit in my house knitting and listening to music every night of the week. I know I know ... it sounds like heaven to me too, but that's not the way to find love, or even like. I've lowered my expectations a bit these days. Now I'm just looking for a man I can STAND and that I want to see naked. Love? That'd be nice, sure. But there is the chance that I actually used up all the love I was allotted in this lifetime so I'm not going to hold my breath for the fireworks any more.

So - the point is that last night I went out for drinks after work with a woman I re-connected with at the reunion/golf thingie a few weeks ago. We had such a nice time. I never kept up with anyone from high school. I moved to the city, traveled, lost touch. So it's fun to hear the gossip about people I haven't seen for years and years. And just to connect with another woman in pretty much the same position I'm in, except she has a fabulous job, makes TONS of money and is dating 3 or 4 guys. *sigh* I think in my case I just have to be patient. And to tell you the truth, that is definitely not one of my strong suits. Again, as my sister says (are you tired of her words of wisdom yet?), "Go out with your girlfriends!! They have brothers and friends!" It just seems so contrived somehow and yet when you think about it, not any more contrived than when I'd dress up like a floozy and go out with my girlfriends dancing in hopes of meeting Mr. Right. It's funny when I think back on it the disconnect my brain would make. We, all of us girls, would dress up in what we considered sexy clothes, smear makeup on so we looked like junior hookers and then get angry if guys treated us like objects. I must be making another kind of mistake these days but I sure can't put my finger on it.

03 August, 2006

It's like she's reading my mind!

My Secret Pal is very VERY cool! Look at my goodie box that arrived yesterday. She made me a CD ... you probably can't read the label since the picture was taken with the dreaded camera phone, but it says "All Purpose Music An SP8 Production". A terrific selection of music! My musical tastes are all over the place and this has stuff I am familiar with and new (for me) stuff as well! Good job! Also in the box is a pattern that I had noticed and thought I might make called "Marigold" and some Endless Summer yarn to make it! Wow! Thanks Secret Pal!! You are incredible!!

I, on the other hand, am most certainly not incredible. What a bonehead move I made yesterday! I took my "Green Gables" in progress with me to the hair salon. I had needle protectors on the ends of the needles but didn't bother putting it in a basket or bag since it's relatively small and I wasn't going far, just to the car. One of the needle caps came off (of course) and I noticed it as I was getting into the car. I replaced it but thought I might have dropped a stitch. When I parked and before I went into the salon I looked more closely and was pretty darned sure I had dropped a stitch. So I picked it up and went on my merry way. After a few rounds at the salon I noticed a hole where there shouldn't be one. *Sigh* Had I dropped 2 stitches? I am very happy with how perfect my "Green Gables" is so far. I didn't make a single mistake in the lace portion. It's perfect. So I was so upset that I had made this stupid stupid move! When I got home I knit up to the offending hole and, thinking that I hadn't picked up enough stitches, let the four rows of that stitch unravel, got out the trusty hook and started making the ladder. Ahhhhh and then it dawned on me. I hadn't dropped a stitch!! I just thought I had!! ARghghghghgh!!! And now I have loose stitches in the front. I pulled them up on the inside and I'm hoping that I can kind of spread out the damage as I go along so it's not so noticeable. Good heavens!! Just when you think you've made every stupid mistake in the book, huh?

02 August, 2006

Men & women are SO different!!

I know that's a trite sentiment, but sometimes it's just comical to observe such vastly different mindsets. It is indeed quite astonishing that we ever get together. Yesterday evening as I was walking Tinkerbell we passed our local pub, the Ravenna Alehouse. There are tables outside and from time to time I go there when the weather is nice because I can sit outside with Tink and have a beer. I have become acquainted with a group of guys that hang out there regularly after work - a low brow, working crowd but very very nice guys. So I'm sitting there last night with two of the guys, one of which has long hair in a pony tail. Guy A is teasing guy B about getting his hair cut. Seems that guy B is cutting off his pony tail after many years and the bar owner has offered to pay if he'll actually do it. It's all a big joke and we're laughing and egging him on. While he is next door arranging for his shearing I asked guy A what was up? Why was he cutting his hair after all this time. Guy A shrugged and said he didn't know. I said, well it must be a woman! Did he get a new girlfriend or break up or something? Hmmmm, guy A is thinking ..... ah! Yes, he said, he thinks he broke up with a woman. These men hang out regularly, get it? So guy B comes back and I ask him what has precipitated this change. Did he get a new girlfriend, or ??? And he said well he'd been brutally dumped less than two weeks ago by his girlfriend of 5 years! He said he should actually still be in the sweat pants stage but he was trying hard to get out, etc. Ladies, are you with me? Can you imagine hanging out with a woman most nights every week and NOT know that she'd been dumped? And not know every freaking detail?? The conversation then veered toward brutal dumpings and we all tried to out do each other with the heinous crimes perpetrated upon us by various ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. Quite entertaining. And eye opening as well.

Football -- yesterday as I was leaving the IMA (the gym here on campus) I saw Coach Willingham in front of the Athletic Building talking with a woman. I must have gotten a goofy grin on my face as I passed by because he smiled and nodded at me. Ooooo! I almost squealed like a schoolgirl! Football season. yay!

I didn't knit at all last night. I stayed at the pub, had pizza and came home and read and went to bed. This evening I'm getting my hair done so I'll have plenty of time to work on my Green Gables. I'm going out tomorrow and Friday nights and having company Saturday so I won't get much done. Maybe Sunday I can do a little yard work and then have the whole rest of the afternoon and evening. Sounds like a plan.

01 August, 2006

My contacts are in backwards

I am not joking. It is the weirdest feeling! Somehow I put the wrong cap on the contact lens case and voila! I don't know why I didn't catch it this morning but I didn't. Too busy rounding up all my gear I guess. I noticed it when I was biking in, looking out ahead of me. I can't switch them because I don't have stuff. Whooooo ... it's strange.

I was home yesterday with a tweaky back and did a bit of knitting but not too much. My foolproof, TV knitting - the shrug - got somehow messed up! I am just furious about it but I don't think I'm going to try to rip it out because it's frayed ribbon. Impossible. How did I mess it up? Well the only sure way to tell front from back was where the tail was . If the tail was on my left it was a knit row, and on my right a purl row. However, when I put the second ball of yarn on I left a tail that was too long and I must have misread the signal so I therefore purled when I should have knit or the other way around leaving me with a 3 row garter ridge. It's not stunningly obvious and I think it would be much easier to ignore than try to fix, ya know?

My new favorite TV show is a British program (or should I say programme?) called "Life on Mars". It's a great replacement for "Lost" until they start up again. I believe there are only about 8 episodes of this program for it's first season. The premise is cool - a police detective gets into an accident and wakes up in 1973 and works for the police again. It's kind of hard to explain but he wakes up dressed in 70's clothing, etc.

I did a few rows on Green Gable last night as well. Tonight I should be able to get some good work done on it, maybe even get the sleeves on holders. I am anxious to tackle something difficult. I can't decide if it will be the Rock Star Cardigan or the Ogee Tunic. I found a Knitting Nature KAL that I am going to ask to join.