30 April, 2013

Better and better

So here it is, the last day of April and I still have the cold symptoms.  BUT ... but I am definitely getting better and that is a wonderful thing.  It's been six week since I've been able to run.  Six weeks since I got that original chest cold.   I predict that I will be 100% back to normal by the weekend.  And oh, it is supposed to be a glorious and hot weekend!  It rained last night, but it is blue sky and puffy clouds this morning.  Pretty spring weather.  Yesterday for my lunchtime walk I had to go to the store and that's not such a pretty route.  Today I'll go to upper campus and walk in the gardens.

Sleep was my number one priority last night, but before bed I got lots done.  I ran the dishes and did a big load of laundry and Tinkie got her two walks.  I had soup to heat up so I didn't have to cook.  I almost reached for my socks -- I am getting very near to the toe decreases -- but I was interrupted by the phone and then I decided to read in bed and that's what I did.  I dropped off super early, but I really needed the sleep.  I feel great this morning.

Another thing I was planning on doing last night was downloading another audio book.  But I've gotten so hooked on the sports talk pod casts (!) that I don't miss the books.  That is until I've listened to all the episodes in a day and then I've got either music or nothing.  That's when I miss the books.  So tonight I'll do that for sure.  Kate Atkinson has a new one.  I read (heard) all of her other books - a detective series set in Scotland - and I loved them.  This one has a little sci-fi bent to it and sounds pretty interesting.

Noon knitting tomorrow and I think I'll bring my Mariah in and get back into that.  I just can't seem to carve out the hours or silence and solitude I need for that at home.  I should get a little more proactive about that or I'll never finish it.  Actually ... once the sleeves are done it's going to be TV knitting, more or less.  So I'll keep that at the front of my brain and perhaps I can get a few rows every day or so.

29 April, 2013


I really noticed them this weekend, and riding in to work this morning.  There is a downside to my new apartment that I hadn't considered when I first moved in.  I no longer have the neighborhoods to wander through when the lilacs are in bloom.  For so many years I've always had places I could walk and if not snag some to bring home, at least get a few deep breaths.  Not so now.  And I don't currently have any friends or acquaintances with them either.  That scent really says spring to me.

As usual these days, I had a jam packed weekend.  I managed to get a decent sleep Friday but Tink was up way too early Saturday morning for my liking.  She needed to go out so of course we went, then I tried to get back to sleep but that wasn't happening.  The mall doesn't open until 10 on Saturday and I had a few things I needed to pick up, and also have my manicure touched up, so I did a little tidying and took Tink for another little walk and then headed over to the mall around 9:30.  I was under the mistaken impression that DSW opened at 9, but it's only the Bed, Bath and Beyond that opens early.  I didn't have to wait long though because I had stopped at the Starbucks for a nice coffe and an 8 grain roll -- which I love because it's full of raisins.  Mission accomplished and I had a few minutes to grab a sandwich at home before it was off to Derby to get my hair done.  And while I was there I booked myself a fabulous lady day for the Saturday before I take off for the blues festival.  I had gotten an email with May specials and noticed they have a salt scrub for $65, which is a bargain and I have been wanting one for so long.  I just decided to splurge - the salt scrub AND an hour facial.  Oh my, I can hardly wait for May 11th!!

My final item for Saturday was going to be practicing driving a truck.  On Sunday I was going to go with my friend when he picked up a new car.  But I haven't driven anything that large since my sister had the big SUV when she had her art gallery.  So we're talking probably 10 years.  I wanted to practice, but that went out the window because an impromptu meeting was set up at a restaurant for us five to talk about what we're bringing to the condo for the blues festival.  We met at a Mexican restaurant and the food was just out of this world.  Not to mention the drinks which were .... wow ... very strong.  The truck driving had to wait.

So Sunday morning before the mall opened I drove that truck around the parking lot before I dared to venture out onto the streets.  Actually it wasn't difficult at all.  Mostly I was distracted by the big mirror on the driver side, which seemed to block a lot of my view.  I got a little scared on the freeway but otherwise it was (mostly) smooth sailing.  I did have a bit of a problem backing out of the parking lot at the car dealership.  It was a tight spot and I was backing and turning right towards a row of brand new cars.  It's nice to know that if I ever had to, I could drive a truck.

Add in a few chores and whoosh -- there went the weekend.  I managed to get a few more rows done on the socks.  I sure miss my comfy purple chair.  That was the perfect knitting spot.  But oh well - no room for it now.  I have a spot on the couch that isn't bad.  It isn't perfect and I think if I could just come up with a way to make it a bit more comfortable perhaps I could do a bit more knitting.  Anyway just an inch or so more and I can get the toe decreases started.

It's a little cloudy today but by the end of the week we're supposed to have some great weather.  Maybe even as soon as Wednesday.  My cold is still hanging in there.  I am getting better but oh so slowly.  I don't think I'll be able to run this week either.  But I can walk and I'm going to have a nice long one at lunchtime, since I managed to forget a couple of key things at the grocery store this weekend.  Let's hope the rain is through for the day by then because I forgot my umbrella!

26 April, 2013


Wow ... it is SO quiet here at work.  So many people are on vacation and/or out sick.   Seriously, I can't hear another human right now.  Well, it is early, but still.  It's kind of eerie.

I'm very happy it's Friday.  I made it through an entire day at work yesterday and it wasn't all that bad.  The sun was shining and I got out for a little walk in the sun at lunchtime.  It's just so crazy -- I haven't been able to run since March 15!!  I was hoping to start back up this week but we know what happened to that idea.  Now if I have a good weekend and this cold finally goes away then I can start next week.  Slowly, but at least I can suit up and walk and run to get my wind back.  I bought new running pants when I was in Oregon a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to get them on.  My other ones were getting so ratty.  These are nice Nike ones with a clever zipper pocket at the small of the back for my iPhone.  That'll be so nice to have the headphones behind me and the cord out of the way.

I was quite tired when I got home last night and I had a perfect relaxing geek evening planned.  After walking Tink and doing a few chores I turned the NFL draft on.  It wasn't a very exciting one, but surprising.  And even though our team doesn't have any first round picks, it's fun nevertheless.  At least for an hour or so.  I knew I needed to get some good sleep (for a change) so I went to bed early and read and then actually had a pretty decent night.  I didn't wake up coughing, which is a bonus these days.

I still haven't booked Tink's eye surgery.  She has a benign growth on her lower eyelid and I need to have it removed because it is irritating her eye.  I was going to book it right away but then I realized that I'm going to be putting her into a kennel in three weeks when I go to that blues festival, so I must talk to the surgeon to find out how much time I need to consider for her recovery.  It's probably better that I put it off until I return.

We've had such gorgeous sunny weather while I've been sick this week and it looks like we have to say goodbye for the weekend.  That's okay.  There's plenty of spring and summer to come!

25 April, 2013

Round two

The weekend started out so well.  Friday night I had a girlfriend over for dinner and it was a 3 hour gab fest.  A perfect girlie evening.  And the next day was my knitting brunch.  Everyone brought something delicious to eat and a project or 2 (or 3) to either rip out or finish.  I finally finally finally got the facings knit for my Cloisonne Jacket!  yay!  Now I need to sew them and re-block the sweater.  Yes, I did block the pieces before I sewed it together, but it's been sitting in my basket for two or more years so it needs another go 'round in the wash and re-blocking.  Everybody had a nice time though and I want to do it again soon.

So I woke up Sunday with a terrible head cold.  I couldn't believe it!  AND a sore throat to boot!  I had been coughing a bit more since I had finished one of my medications but ignored it.  I couldn't ignore this.  Headache and body ache all over again!  So first thing Monday I called my doctor and they fit me right in.  He says it's another entirely different virus.  Oh yay me.  This one has given me a sinus infection so it's back on antibiotics.  It's Thursday and I'm back to work but seriously, I'd rather be in bed. 

On a positive note, the weather has been extremely gorgeous.  Not that I've been able to take advantage of it.  I did have to walk Tink every day so at least I got to be out in it for a while.  Mostly I slept Monday and all of Tuesday.  Yesterday I worked from home.  I can almost do everything on my iPad but not quite.  But since my apartment is so compact, it's easy enough to sit up to the desk and get a little work done.  Not much walking needed.

And so -- with my head all stuffed up here I sit, trying not to cough all over my nice clean computer screen.  I wish I had a futon so I could curl up under my desk for a little nap. 

19 April, 2013

Love/Hate relationship

Generally speaking, I'd say my car-less life is going quite well.  But every once in a while .... like yesterday morning ... it can be frustrating.  I have an app on my iPhone called "One Bus Away" and it is supposed to let you know if your bus is running on time. Yesterday the app was showing that the bus I was taking to my 9 am appointment in Ballard was running quite late.  So I called them, saying I am running late and should we re-schedule, perhaps when I have reserved a ZipCar.  The woman said to just come along whenever I could.  And as soon as I terminated the call here came the bus, on time!  It was nice I got there in time, but I could have done without the fire drill.

My latest infatuation with podcasts is eating up my iPhone battery at quite an alarming clip, however it is fine since I can just plug the phone into my computer here at work and oh I do so love listening to football talk when I'm doing tedious tasks.  I found a couple more yesterday - Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick both have their own podcasts.  I don't spend the evenings in front of the TV watching ESPN or the NFL Network, so this is perfect.

We are now into the spring rainy weather -- April showers.  I haven't run all week since I'm still coughing and I'm supposed to be running indoors anyway.  But I have had a few nice walks, besides my normal doggie walks.  Today I'll go up to the grocery store at lunchtime so I can get the ingredients for my brunch dish for Saturday.  Plus I'm having a girlfriend over for dinner so I need to get something for that as well.  I still don't know what I'll make.  I am hoping for inspiration at the store.

At noon knitting Wednesday I got a good hour in on the socks and last night another hour.  I need to measure because I should be getting pretty close to starting the toe decreases.  I am looking forward to finishing up the Cloisonne Jacket tomorrow.  I dragged the big bag of sweaters home last night and actually during the day I was wearing the Trellis Shawl since it was pretty cold here in the office.  Maybe I won't frog that one after all. I always get compliments on it.

Oh I am SO glad it's Friday.  If only it were Friday afternoon and not 8:30 am!!!

17 April, 2013

Sunglasses in the morning

Oh hooray!  It's finally light enough in the morning to wear sunglasses.  Now I can stare with impunity at all the weirdos on the bus. 

Yesterday was a little better.  Not so much vacation hang over and I have a big project that keeps me busy.  It's a little tedious at this point while I'm making pages and links, so I can indulge myself and listen to some podcasts.  I have found sports podcasts and now I can listen to football talk whenever I want to.  It's spring practice time for the universities so there is much chatter about that -- some interesting and some nonsense.   There are podcasts about sports in general and some about football only.  When it's closer to the season then I suppose I'll only listen to the football ones.  The thing is, there are only so many hours in the day and I also listen to audiobooks on the bus.  But this way, when the current audiobook is done I can listen to sports rather than Pandora or my iTunes.  Sometimes music makes me too nostalgic.  Or too yearn-y.  Is that a word?  You know what I mean.

After my chores and Tink walking I actually picked up my knitting and I knit on those socks!  I must say it felt pretty good to get my needles back in my hands.  I just can't knit when I'm sick, and I've been sick for nearly a month!  Now I've got to start back running.  On my mini-vacation I bought some new running tights.  My doctor doesn't want me running outside this week and I still don't really feel up to it inside OR outside.  I'll give myself the rest of this week if I need it, but  next Monday whether I feel like it or not, I'm going to get out there and at least pretend.  It's going to take a few times to get back into it.  I'm sure my legs will be fine but I'll have to work on my wind.

Noon knitting today, but poor Peggy is still out sick.  It sounds like she's got something like I had, although hers went to her ears.  Ouch.  At least she was smarter than I and went to the doctor WAY sooner.  Hopefully she'll be able to join us Saturday.  

16 April, 2013

Tax day

I am the type of person who gets her taxes finished and filed as soon as possible.  But this year it was a little different -- well, the past few years have been different because I've had to file with someone, but that was a blip.  Anyway, because of a few tricky things I didn't feel comfortable doing them myself, so I went to have them done.   But because I was sick for so long I kept postponing it.  Then when I finally got all my papers to the tax accountant I was missing a document and I had to wait for someone to get back from vacation to get it to me.  And finally I got all of the documents to my guy and then I left on vacation.  So I had an appointment yesterday after work to get it filed.  Talk about last minute.  But it was done and I was home by six.  With the exception of one load of laundry, I did nothing last night and it was lovely.  Tonight for sure I'm going to get going on those socks.  I want them done done done!

While I was gone last week there were more than a few outstanding meals to go along with all the gorgeous wine.  One of the unfortunate side effects of a few days of decadent dining is nightmares.  I mean waking up screaming nightmares.  It happened to me two times on this trip.  I can't remember what the dreams are about even, but they're scary enough to cause me to scream myself awake.  Not fun at all.  I slept very well last night though.  I didn't even wake up coughing.  I think that's the third night in a row that I have not coughed myself awake.  Well it's only been a month.  It's pretty mild out so I had not only the window but the big slider open last night and I did wake up when a huge delivery truck pulled up in the courtyard to deliver something at 3:30 am.  But I went right back to sleep, so that's okay.

I am so looking forward to Saturday.  I'm having my knitting buddies over for brunch and finishing or ripping out.  Those things are much easier done in company.  Maybe I can even finish up my Cloisonne Jacket.  That will be my goal.  I have plenty of things to undo and recycle the yarn as well.  I will remember to bring my big bag of big sweaters back home with me and maybe I can get one or two of them undone.  All the yarn is delicious and gorgeous.  I just don't wear big sweaters any more.

Work was tough yesterday.  It always is after a vacation, even a short one.  Hopefully I can buckle down and get a few more things done today.  I wasn't a complete bump on a log yesterday.  I worked but my heart wasn't in it.  I have a walk to the post office planned today.  Perhaps I can be running by the end of the week.  My doctor did not want me running outside this week.  I can use the gym at home after work but it is very difficult to get myself into the exercise state of mind after work.  I like doing it either before work or at lunchtime. 

15 April, 2013

There is such a thing as too much wine!

My little 5 day mini-vacation was absolutely perfect!  The drive down to the Willamette Valley on Wednesday morning was relatively quick.  All of the rush hour traffic was missed, but it was absolutely pouring rain, which made for a few dicey moments.  But once down there it was perfect weather.  Oh sure, there were a few clouds here and there, but plenty of blue skies and it was just gorgeous. 

McMinnville is a cute little, old town.  And the Mcmennamin Hotel Oregon is a very old building that has been updated somewhat.  I had reserved the best room which was one of the two rooms in the hotel with bathrooms en suite!  I hear that the shared bathrooms are nice and clean but ... ick.  I have to say that the food there is SO bad and the beer that they serve is their own and it too is pretty much the worst beer I have ever had.  I ended up drinking Coors light because that was the only other beer you could get.  Our of sheer laziness being in the sun and all relaxed I dared order a personal pizza and it was truly inedible.  I should have listened to all the locals.  They do know what they're talking about.

The majority of wine tasting was done on Thursday, with just two stops on the way into town on Wednesday.   Friday before heading out to the coast there were three I wanted to visit, but my palate was completely fried so after the first one I threw in the towel. 

The second part of the mini-vacation was out on the coast in Lincoln City.  The hotel room was HUGE - a suite with a full kitchen and two bathrooms and a queen sized Murphy bed in the living room.  It was much colder at the ocean but so nice to watch the sea.

Friday night there was a fun blues band at the Roadhouse 101 and Saturday was spent cruising the outlet mall.  That's pretty much all you've got in Lincoln City if you're not into the gambling, which I'm not really.  My friend Scott and his girlfriend came to spend the night Saturday and we had a ball.  That woman -- she's a talker.   But it was so wonderful to see Scott again after who knows how many years.

I brought knitting with me but only got so far as to put it on my lap for the ride home.  I didn't even open it up!  And I was just WAY too exhausted last night to do anything.  I was gong to make dinner but instead ate some cheese with a lovely Pinot Noir from Lange.  I was surprised when the wine was unpacked that there were only six bottles!  I thought for sure I bought more than that.  But they're all great bottles and each one will have a prime place at a meal or, like last night, a quiet evening with some nice cheese and that's just fine.

It was great to have Tinkerbell back at the end of the bed.  She is always so worn out after I pick her up for a stay at the Doggie Resort.  They bathed her and then she rolled in the mud so they had to give her a second bath!  She was still a little damp when I picked her up.  But very happy to see me.

Five more weeks until the next mini-vacation.  Better get my nose to the screen.

09 April, 2013

Short week

I just have to make it through lunchtime and then I'm gone!  On vacation!  Woohoo!  I have to see my doctor so he can check on my progress, and I got the last appointment I could get, so I'll be here until a little before two, then off to see the doctor, then to get my taxes done.  I didn't pack last night because it's only five days and I can do that in a few minutes.

Two weekends ago we got a lovely couple of days with lots of sunshine and warm weather.  I was really hoping for that this coming week, but it doesn't look like we'll get it.  But on the other hand it is going to be mild and it's not supposed to rain too much.  It'll be fine.  It's always great to be at the shore, no matter what the weather.  And driving around in the hills in the Willamette Valley wine country is also gorgeous no matter when.

At Thornton Place there are still four or five empty storefronts and there are a couple of businesses I can think of that would make the environment all that much closer to perfect.  One of them is a pub and there is the perfect spot on the south west end of the complex.  A great spot with a place for tables outside even.  As I was walking by a couple of weeks ago I looked in to see chalk markings on the floor.  At closer inspection you could see things written -- Darts, Bar, Table ..... ah ha!  I checked with the office and sure enough, we're getting our pub!!  The owners of The Fiddler's Inn and the Latona Pub, both favorite spots of mine, are opening this spot in June!  Perfect!  I'll be able to take Tink and sit outside to have a beer.  There will be someplace closer than the Ram to watch games.  Now all we need is a little grocery and a dry cleaners and we'd be set.

I will be taking the socks with me for knitting and riding, although I don't imagine I'm going to get a lot of knitting done.  Drinking wine?  Oh yeah, there will be plenty of that.  Fingers crossed for some sunshine!

08 April, 2013

Well enough to rant

It has been a long, long haul but today I feel pretty darned good!  I didn't wake up coughing one time last night!  That's the first night in weeks that I haven't had to get up to take cough medicine.  I am still coughing, but very little and I am rested and in very good spirits today.  Finally.  I am feeling SO good that I am ready for a rant - I have left over energy.  Nice.

So here's the deal -- about a month ago my friend Monika asked me if I wanted to go to the Vogue Knitting Live event with her.  Just the marketplace - neither one of us wanted to take any classes.  I was all for it, so we got on the web site and purchased our marketplace tickets for $15 by the deadline.  Supposedly the cost of the tickets would be going up, thus the deadline.  And then what happened?  The VERY NEXT DAY the same tickets were advertised for half off!  HALF!  That is just so annoying.  It's not that $15 is a lot of money, but the fact that we were lead to believe the price was going to go up and it was slashed instead.

So we were not very well disposed to this event from the start, I must say.  I got up fairly early Saturday, had some breakfast and then went to get my manicure and pedicure. I was tired and feeling just a bit woozy, but I really wanted and needed to get out and start doing some normal things.  Monika picked me up in the pouring rain and off we went.

Mind you, we are paying for the privilege of going into a marketplace to buy more stuff.  Wouldn't you expect there to be bargains, some freebies?  Something to justify the entrance fee?  Free espresso.  Period.  End of story.  No yarn snippets.  No free patterns.  Hand cream samples?  Nope.  Unbelievable.  Just plenty of high end yarn - gorgeous but completely out of the question for a casual purchase.  We were both underwhelmed.  I did buy some extremely cute buttons.  That was my big splurge.  I was actually hoping to snag some gorgeous cashmere or silk or something special.  Even if it were one skein of lace weight for a nice little shawl or whatever.  But it was all just WAY over the top.  Oh well, I don't really need another shawl or scarf but I did feel very disappointed in the entire event.  I won't be going back.

Except for that disappointment the rest of the weekend was very satisfying.  I bought a few items for brighten up my spring wardrobe - it's been a long time since I've had any new clothes.  It was true spring weather with plenty of wind and rain, downpours, and then spots of sunshine.  I hadn't done laundry or cleaning in weeks (!) --- well, I've been sick! -- so the apartment got a top to bottom cleaning and I treated myself to some good knitting time Sunday once everything was in its place and the soup was on the stove.  Yummy chicken soup.

What I didn't get around to this weekend was making the winery tour agenda but I will have time to start that tonight.  As I said, I only really have to get Wednesday set and I can work on Thursday later if need me.  Just now need to get through today and part of tomorrow and then -- vacation!!!!

05 April, 2013

Slow progress

Progress nevertheless.  I made it through another night without an asthma attach (hoorah!) and only woke three times coughing.  Each time was quickly handled - a sip of water or a dose of cough medicine - and right back to sleep.  I think I got the best, most restful sleep last night in a week.  I was asleep crazy early, but after a full day at work I was very tired.  The socks continued to taunt me from atop the basket, but truly I didn't have the energy to do anything but lounge and heat up some soup.  I have a ticket to Vogue Knitting Live - no classes, just the marketplace - for tomorrow.  I'll take it nice and slow. 

I've been so caught up in being sick that I haven't even started making my wine tasting route!  I've got to get on that.  I'm leaving next Wednesday early morning so I need to get a few places set for on the way to McMinnville, and then a second set of places for the full day of tasting on Thursday, and then maybe a third for the trip out to the coast on Friday.  Although I am pretty sure nothing will be open and by Friday I most likely won't be wanting to taste wine in the morning. 

The weather has turned to the spring blustery storm weather.  Yesterday it was pouring rain and in the night I could hear the wind and rain, so it must have been seriously coming down.  It's not bad this morning, but still windy.  No matter.  It will be another week or probably more before I can even consider going out to run.  Wow -- this is the third week.  At least I haven't had much of an appetite.

04 April, 2013

Why am I so stubborn?

It took a third horrible night of coughing and asthma attacks to make me finally finally realize that waiting for my annual exam appointment was about the stupidest thing in the world.  I just get these things in my head and ... well, it's just stupid.  I called my doctor's office right before they broke for lunch yesterday and the nurse said there was a cancellation at 2, so I got my clothes on and headed right over.   It turns out that she was wrong, she had been looking at the next day, but they fit me in, thank goodness.  After being scolded for not going to the emergency room a few nights ago (!) the doctor set about getting me back on track.  I guess he's been seeing quite a few cases of walking pneumonia, so I got a chest x-ray to check on that and in the meantime had a nebulizer treatment, which helped right away.  And then I was loaded up with a massive amount of prescriptions.  I was tired and having no appetite hadn't eaten all day, but managed to get a cookie down when I picked up my prescriptions so I could take some.  And after a quick trip to talk about my taxes - thankfully only a few steps away at the mall - I was in for the evening with some Greek food which tasted pretty good.  Even in a few hours I was feeling better.  Not perfect but at least I could breathe.  I still had to sleep with three pillows to keep me reclining and I did have a couple coughing fits in the night, but  no asthma.  I'm tired today too, but here at work.  Every day now is going to be better and better.  I'll take a nice little stroll at lunch to get more cough syrup.  It's raining but not cold.  I don't mind.  No wheezing.  I am happy.

I wish I hadn't missed noon knitting but there was nothing for it.  I think tonight I am going to feel like knitting!  I want to get those socks done.  They are taunting me.

Ahhh .... deep breaths!  I love it!

02 April, 2013

A little wait for my new computer

It has been weeks and weeks since the departmental IT guy has been telling me that my new computer is ready.  Then I was out sick for most of two weeks and he didn't want to install it then.  So yesterday I went home and little early and when I came in this morning there was a new computer, monitor (huge) and keyboard.  He left me a note with my new password.  Only thing is, the password didn't work.  It seems he forgot to include the entire thing.  Missed an 's'.  Crucial omission.  But now I'm on and all is dandy.  It will take me a few days to get used to the new interface, but I am loving the new keyboard and the massive screen!

I am feeling improved today.  I left at lunchtime yesterday and had a nice quiet afternoon and evening except for the 3 or was it four asthma attacks I had to endure.  My hairdresser was saying that this whatever it is going around is really bad for people with asthma and that is most definitely true.  Asthma is pretty new to me, having only had it for a few years and then just when I exercise.  But this cold has certainly exacerbated it.  I am sure my doctor will have something better than my current inhaler for these coughing fits.  And in the meantime I can make it work.  I only have to wait another couple of days.

My knitting mojo has deserted me but I am sure it's because I've just been so darned sick lately.  I don't feel like doing anything but laying around reading or maybe watching something on TV or my iPad.  I looked at the socks last night, but in the end left them where they were and went to bed to read and play word games.  I have noon knitting tomorrow so at least I'll do a few rows on my Mariah, which hasn't seen the light of day for two weeks.

The sun didn't come out until late yesterday and it looks like the same for today.  But it is mild and beautiful, but with all the trees and shrubs blooming and turning green.  And vacation in only a week!

01 April, 2013

A whole week gone

I knew I wasn't feeling all that terrific when I got to work Monday but I had no idea just how bad it would get.  That cold came back full force and then some.  I went home around 2 o'clock and I was down and out for the entire week!  I think the last time I was this sick for so long was five or six years ago!  And I'm not out of the woods yet either.  I am at work but I seriously doubt I'm going to be here all day. The cough has been driving me crazy.  Why does cough syrup taste SO bad??  I must say that the Robitussin has been my savior but good heavens it tastes nasty!

So where did the week go?  I slept and walked the dog.  Eating wasn't high on my list of priorities, which was handy since I was not feeling much like cooking anyway.  Oddly, when I am sick knitting is not something I can do.  So yeah ... an entire week of sleeping and coughing and walking the dog and coughing.  On Tuesday I had to get myself together for a meeting with my lawyers.  I got dressed, did the meeting and came home and went right back to bed.  I thought for sure I'd be back Wednesday, but no.  And then again Thursday, but I just couldn't get on top of this bug!  I have my appointment for my annual exam this week or I would have tried to get in to see my doctor on Friday.  Ah well, I can wait a couple more days.

The weather has been absolutely stunning and I tried to get out to enjoy the shirtsleeves weather at least a little bit this weekend.  A couple longer strolls with Tink and then long naps.  The sun felt so good.  What a treat that was.

Ten days until vacation, even though it's a short one.  I am looking forward to that.