29 April, 2011

Sunshine and fresh legs

It looks like we're going to be getting some spring-like weather for this weekend and the race.  It's still cold but it looks like it'll warm up over 60 for Sunday.  I had a nice, strong run yesterday at lunchtime and I have been debating whether or not to run again today, but my right ankle has made my mind up for me.  That is the ankle I rolled 5 years ago and I have found it aching and twinging lately.  I believe it is directly related to the little bit of yoga that I'm doing with the Wii fit DVD.  I can balance just fine on my left leg, but not so on my right.  I'm not going to risk hurting it just to run this afternoon.  I can use the extra day of rest.  I will be strong and rested on Sunday.

Last night was the first round of the NFL draft and our hometown boy, Jake Locker, was picked 8th overall by the Titans.  Way to go Jake!  I watched that for a couple hours last night while working on the lace project.  Then, again, I had another restless evening.  Nothing seems to be able to capture my attention.  Tink was also restless so we went out a couple times last night.  There was something going on -- somebody moving out or moving in.  The other dogs on the floor were also barking at a woman who was waiting in the hall.  I don't know how she got there since it's a locked building but ... well, maybe she was escaping something inside her apartment.  I just know it was making my dog crazy, and by extension, me too.  I did have a nice sleep though.

Big weekend coming up.  I'm exciting to be working with Gregg again and looking forward to a good race on Sunday!

28 April, 2011

Can you call it Spring Fever when it's still like winter?

Whatever you want to call it ... I am certainly feeling it.  Restless and chomping at the bit.  I can't say for what, exactly.  Just that elusive something.  Something fun or something different or ... I don't know.  I do have a fun weekend coming up and I am giving myself an evening off from my current dietary restrictions on Sunday after the race.  Saturday after my usual running around I am going to go to Gregg's and start working on the four songs he sent me yesterday evening.  Two of them I know and two I need to learn.  I think this will be fun - well, I hope it will be fun.

It was raining so very very hard when I got home from work yesterday.  Of course rain or shine, Tinkerbell needs to go out, but it was a very abbreviated walk and still I was soaked through my coat when we got back.  That made her very restless for the remainder of the evening and I ended up taking her out two more times for little strolls around the gardens.  We were a pair last night, for sure.  After my workout and dinner I was just wandering around the apartment.  I watched the new episode of South Park and finally turned Sports Center on and sat there working on my lace project and listening to the sports news.  It is quite exciting these days.  The courts have removed the lock out  so the football players are now able to go to their facilities and work out, and the draft is starting tonight.  I was able to get two rows done before I threw in the towel.  It was at that point that I got Gregg's email with the songs, so I downloaded them from iTunes and headed to bed where I listened to them for a while and turned out the light around 10 or so. 

The birthday in Vegas seems to be going over great.  We're going to have so much fun!!  I hate birthdays, but I am going to love this one!!

27 April, 2011

It won't be long now

I was noticing, while walking Tink around the gardens, that the lilacs will be opening soon!  The trees are leafed out and the buds are dark and big.  Unfortunately I also notice that they are situated in a way that I won't be able to get up close and take a sniff!  Have you noticed, you can never buy lilac blooms at the flower markets -- at least not at the ones in the nice grocery stores.

It wasn't raining yesterday at lunchtime, so I took my run in the neighborhood rather than the treadmill in the fitness center.  The route I chose was rather hilly, but I didn't have much choice in that.  I didn't run very fast, but at least I kept up for the entire 30 minutes and I felt good and strong.  It may rain for the rest of the week, but it is supposed to be nice on Sunday.

That thieving girl brought my clothes back yesterday.  I can't ... I am just still so incredibly angry about this!  I don't know what galls me more -- that she was rooting around in my closets and dresser drawers with impunity or that she had the colossal nerve to be abusive towards me when I accused her.  I am just going to have to let it go, because there is no way to make peace with it. 

I had a phone call from Gregg last night as I was in the middle of my workout.  I couldn't really stop to talk to him, but we agreed to meet this Saturday to start rehearsing for our little spot on the 22nd.  I am happy and excited to be doing this.  I am going to see him early Saturday evening.

I brought the Cloisonne Jacket in with me today for noon knitting.  I haven't touched it since last Wednesday.  Shame on me, I know.  What have I been doing?  Working on the Shining Bird's Eye shawl - 6 1/2 more repeats to go.  I was musing, as I was working on it this weekend -- didn't I say after the Frost Flowers Stole that I wouldn't ever do another lace project that didn't have a purl back row?  Not only am I doing just that, but it's a single motif and the markers move every other row!  It is going to be lovely ... I keep saying that and it is true.  Still ... no more with the lace projects that don't have a purl back row!!  Hold me to it now, will you??

26 April, 2011

That turned out to be not true

I didn't run yesterday, "no matter what".  It was not only raining, it was coming down in buckets!  I would have been soaked to the bone.  I am working from home today and I brought my running gear back home with me, so I will go out at lunchtime and if it's raining, I can just pop down to the fitness center and take care of it there.  I think if I run today and again on Thursday I should be fine for Sunday - rested but not too rested.

It was a funny day yesterday.  Not too busy at work, which has been the norm, but I think the weather is really starting to get to people.  It feels like winter still and it's pretty hard to take, my good mood notwithstanding.  I couldn't seem to muster up the enthusiasm to pick up any of my knitting projects.  I walked Tink a couple of times and caught up on some TV and went to bed early, only to toss and turn well into the night.  I did have my plans for Las Vegas to keep me amused for a bit.  I have a book that I am nearly finished with.  I should either finish it or chuck it and get myself a new book for my bedside reading.

I have an appointment this afternoon and am working from home today.  I have a few projects, but not much else going on.  It will be very busy soon enough. 

25 April, 2011

One day is better than none

As predicted, Saturday was a glorious day!  Cloudless, the temperature was in the 60s, which is the highest temperature we've had in Seattle since autumn.  I took full advantage of it, rising at 8 o'clock.  After a quick dash to Costco, Tinkerbell and I set out for a nice long walk to the lake.  She actually got in it a couple of times but stopped short of swimming.  It was just so nice!  Everyone had a smile on their face, a spring in their steps.  When we got home I opened all the windows and did laundry and put in a few hours on the Shining Bird's Eyes shawl.

Being in such a wonderful mood, I let my mind wander while I was knitting and came up with a SUPER cool idea. I am, as I have said, quite anxious to have things to plan -- vacation type things mostly.  June is up in the air because of my sister's schedule - all but the reunion Saturday, and November is still a ways out.  But my birthday -- that's not too far away and so I have decided to have it in Las Vegas this year!  My sister can hook us up with discounted rooms at the Mandalay Bay resort, it's close enough so my nephews and my friend McG can even drive there if they want to, and anyone else in Seattle or environs that wants to come can!  It will be a blast!  I'll do August 6 - 10 and that'll give people a weekend to join me, if they want, and/or week days too!  Oh I am just REALLY excited about this!  It's going to be awesome!

Sunday was quiet, as one might imagine.  I gave Tink a bath, and we only had a couple of small walks because, true to form, Sunday was cloudy and raining.  We did find a new park, though.  I gave Tink her head and we started out in a different direction and wandered into a park dedicated to, of all things, Frisbee golf!  It's a beautiful little spot, very close by.  We haven't walked up that road before because it feeds right into a busier street.  I had no idea there was a secret park.

I did have one rather annoying piece of news this weekend.  Because I had un-friended all of my soon-to-be-ex's friends and family from my Facebook page, when one sends me a message it doesn't show right up unless you go to messages.  It's an annoying glitch.  Anyway, I found a message Saturday morning that had been sent the previous Monday by his youngest daughter.  I had accused her of stealing my clothes when she was staying with us and she would deny it again and again, even though she was the only one with access.  Finally after discovering yet another nice piece of clothing missing and being abused by her, rather nastily, I asked Mr. M if he thought the housekeeper's workers could have been responsible.  His response -- well, if his daughter said she didn't do it .....  That led me to confronting Maria, and of course her workers denied any knowledge.  Well, the message from A said that yes, she had indeed stolen my clothes and she had wanted to tell me earlier but she was "too embarrassed".  Can you BELIEVE that????  And all the crap I took from here ... " How *dare* you accuse me of stealing your things!", etc. etc.  I sent Mr. M an email telling him of the confession and saying that the housekeeper deserves an apology.  He responded that he would take care of it.  Sure.  I am so very very very VERY glad to be rid of this family.  Ick!  What ever was I thinking???  I must have been simply crazy.  Insane.  If I could take a pill that would wipe out the last 3 years in my memory I would take it.  No kidding.

So.  Enough of that.  It's raining all week but it looks like the weekend will be fine for the race.  No matter what it's doing at lunch I've got to run today.  I feel strong and I am very much looking forward to the race this weekend.!

22 April, 2011

Oh Spring, where are you???

While we may have cherry blossoms and tulips, it's still cold cold cold!  I see that it is supposed to reach 60 degrees tomorrow but cloudy and rainy Sunday and through next week!  If I wasn't just so happy this weather might bring me down.  As it is, it's just annoying.  I hope the weather is nice for the race on May 1st.

I managed to spend a couple of solid hours on the Shining Bird's Eyes shawl yesterday and got a full four row repeat done and part way through the second.  Maybe I can do a few more hours this weekend.  I do want to get that finished up.  I can see that it would be useful in the springtime weather, should that ever show up that is.

There's not much on my plate for this coming weekend.  Tinkerbell needs a bath, we will have a couple of long long walks, and that's about it.  Gregg hasn't called and it's Easter weekend so I don't suppose we'll be getting together to sing.  I will be proactive next week and set something up for the 29th.  We only have four weeks to get something together.  It'll be easy for me to put a song together with McG because we have a duet we've done for years, but not so with Gregg.  We'll have to learn a few songs together or rather, I'll have to learn a few of his songs.

Looking forward to my run this lunchtime.  I have had two days off so I should be strong.  And fast.  I'm going to bring my super light Nike runners in to work with me next week.  Those are the shoes I want to race in, so I should practice in them at least a couple of times.

21 April, 2011

A disturbance in the sleep zone

I have been saying that since I've been on my own I've been sleeping extremely well.  Last night was the second night that I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  Both times I had this problem I had taken a cup of herbal tea before bed and that is the only common thread between those nights.  The teas are herbal and meant to be taken at bedtime so I am at a loss as to why or rather what is stimulating in those cups of tea!  Luckily I had planned on working from home today so I was able to sleep in until 8 and I feel fine but still, I'd like to know what caused that.

And speaking of feeling fine - my running has been going extremely well too.  Both runs on Monday and Tuesday were strong and, if I am to believe my NikeGPS app, faster than I have been going lately.  I took yesterday off from running because it was noon knitting and today I'm working from home and don't have a running bra.  I had purchased a new workout bra a couple weekends ago with hopes that I had found a substitute for the expensive running bras I have to buy.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  I can't run in that bra and it goes to show you get what you pay for.  I have ordered a second running bra to leave at home because my new workout disk has me running and I need it to be comfortable.  Also, on days when I can't run outside and want to run on the new treadmill I would need it as well.

Last night I worked on the sleeves of the Green Gable and watched the first episode of the new HBO show, "Game of Thrones".  It was gory.  And crude.  And I had a great deal of trouble following the relationships between the characters.  I'll give it another go, but first episode was kind of creepy and hard to watch.

My wireless connection at home is so zippy fast!  And with the southern exposure there is lots of light.  It's quiet and a nice place to work.  I'm not so busy though.  I am, in fact, getting quite antsy and it would be nice to be busier at work.  Maybe I am a bit bored with all this solitude.  I feel it has its purpose and while I'd like to be social I think it would serve me better to lay low for a couple more months.  What I need is a vacation to plan, to have something to look forward to.  November it WAY too far off to get any satisfaction from planning.  Since my cousins have been planning a family reunion June 25, I am going to take the following week off and as a bonus will get Monday July 4th.  My sister can't commit to anything right now although I know she wants to come for the reunion.  Her life is in such a flux at present, also she has a show to get ready for in early June.  This is all very frustrating for me and I don't know if I should just make plans on my own (not my first choice) or what.  Patience is not my strong suit these days, it seems.  I will try to give her another few weeks before I start pushing again.

20 April, 2011

How to turn a toilet into a tiara

My friend McG is a huge fan of British TV comedies and uses Netflix to search out programs and then I am badgered into watching them as well.  Not that I mind that much because I am also a fan of British comedy and I loved Saxondale, which I most likely would never have run across on my own.  The latest of the "finds" is a comedy from a few years ago called "Pulling."  The protagonist is a woman who breaks off her engagement with her boring fiance and moves into a flat with her two girlfriends to live the single life.  In the episode I watched last night one of the women said that staying drunk was how she got through being single - "That's how you turn a toilet into a tiara".  That is the best line I've heard so far in the five episodes I've watched.  Unlike McG, I don't like this sit-com near as much as Saxondale.  The writing isn't all that and, what I finally figured out, is that I don't much care for the characters.  That makes it pretty hard to watch.

I have a new workout disk for my Wii that is kicking my butt!  The Wii Fitness Plus is not a bad program but the exercises are not that difficult and the yoga is not so interesting to me.  I get a good aerobic workout with my four runs a week so it is the toning exercises that I am looking for and have found with my new EA Sports disk.  That is a hard workout and I am sore after only two days of it.  I know it sounds silly to be working out with a video game, but it seems to work and I just can't take any more time away from the dog, her being locked up 9 hours a day as it is.  This is a great compromise.

Speaking of being locked up .... she woke me up at midnight last night for the first time in weeks.  I really need to invest some time to teach her to use the Porch Potty so in those instances she must go in the middle of the night I can put her out on the balcony and she can go on her patch of fake grass.  Having a small yard is going to be one of the priorities when I get my new place.  Getting dressed in the middle of the night and strolling around the gardens is not my idea of a good time - well, not alone anyway.  It was nice and clear and the stars were out.  Cold though.  Still too cold.

Cold is on everyone's mind.  I spoke to my friend Steve yesterday afternoon.  Steve and his wife went to Italy not too long ago for a wine tasting tour.  Now he calls to tell me that they are off on two more trips in May!  At least they're not going back to Europe, but still ....  Anyway, he was saying that they had snow on the ground yesterday morning!  Good lord.  I sure hope we get a summer this year.

19 April, 2011

One third of the way

I have imposed a three month transition period for myself and yesterday marked the finish of month one.  My goals are simple - get back into shape and get my life back.  So far so good.  I am quite thrilled with my progress.  I have been faithful to my rather ambitious workout plans and I am seeing good results.  What I miss is the odd glass of wine or martini (or two).  It is just not conducive to weight loss and I'd rather suffer for a few weeks less, thank you very much.  I have a couple of built in splurge days, the first one coming up May 1st after my 5K.  Can I tell you .... I am quite looking forward to it.  I am very thankful that I am not having the sleep problems I had been having .  Now I'm just worn out from all the working out.  I haven't worked out this much in over 3 years.  I do feel pretty good and I'll feel that much better when I'm done.  Two more months to go!

I do wish the weather would warm up though.  It's still darned cold all the time.  We have yet to break 60 degrees and it's well past due.  I have noticed when I get home to my apartment that it is rather warm up there on cloudless days because of the southern facing windows.  I'm going to have to get myself a fan or two because I suspect it's going to be sweltering in the summer and there is no air conditioning.

I worked a bit on the sleeves for the Green Gable top and brought it with me to work today in case I can find a few minutes to work on it.  I have a long long list of new projects but I want to finish a few more of these old ones.  Tomorrow I'm going to bring the Cloisonne Jacket with me for noon knitting and start the facings. I can't seem to get it together to pick it up at home.

18 April, 2011


I can't seem to wake up this morning.  I got a good night's sleep but if my chair reclined I'd be asleep now rather than writing.

I had a productive weekend and it went by rather quickly.  I got to bed at a decent hour on Friday night and so was up and going early Saturday.  Unfortunately it was pouring rain so Tink didn't get her morning extra long walk, but instead I decided to do my running around in hopes the skies would clear by afternoon.  First stop was a craft store to buy handles for my project bag that I was planning on felting that afternoon.  I did some research on Friday, called the store to find out of the carried leather tote handles and being told they did indeed and even had them in stock, I headed there as my first stop.  Once I got into the store I couldn't find them, so I asked a sales clerk and was told that all they had was hanging right there in the purse department.  Of course, no leather handles.  I even told the woman I had telephoned and was told they carried what I was looking for but .. uh, no.  So I made do with a pair of fabric ones.  Grrrr.  Still rainy outside I headed off for my manicure and pedicure, then the store.  By the time the groceries were put away the weather was fine enough for an hour walk.

When I got back I quickly finished up the bag and set it to felting.  It took two washers to get the desired effect.  First I washed it in hot water, low setting for one wash cycle and took it out before the rinse.  It wasn't felted nearly enough so I transferred the bag and two towels to a second washer and let it run the entire cycle and it was PERFECT!  I had purchased a bit of plastic webbing to put in the bottom for shaping and I dried it over the Wii  Sports Resort box, which was just the right size for the bottom.   On Sunday it was dry and I sewed the handles in.  I love it!  I should have taken pictures -- maybe for tomorrow.

While doing laundry I sorted through my WIPs, got organized to work on my Green Gable and that evening finally frogged the white angora modified Simple Bodice.  It's gorgeous yarn.  I'll find a good use for it.  And Saturday evening I was worn out!  I didn't stop moving until around 7, when I ate, watched a little TV and finally went to bed to watch a movie.  I had rented "I love you Phillip Morris" from iTunes but I just couldn't watch it!  Jim Carey and Ewen McGregor as two gay convicts.   Too real, too convincing and too cringe-worthy.

Having finished up all my chores and running around on Saturday,  Sunday was wide open.  Gregg had never called to rehearse on Saturday nor did I hear from him Sunday.  Also, I ended up sleeping very late again - 10 am!  I took Tink after breakfast for a two hour walk, which she loved.  And then after lunch I cleaned the apartment and read the paper and then it was 3 o'clock and .... for the first time since I've been on my own time was hanging a bit heavy on my hands.  I probably should have picked up the Shining Bird's Eyes Shawl and spent a couple hours on it but instead I had a little snooze with Tink. Ahhhh ... the afternoon nap.  Gotta love it.

It's quiet here at work.  Things won't really be picking up for me for another month.  That's fine.  I'm fine.  I call this my transition time and I'm doing great.  If ONLY I had a reclining office chair! 

15 April, 2011

Now I'm on a roll

I know this is a total cliche, but what is with these morons who carry on LOUD conversations on their phones on the bus?!??  I had my audio book going in my ear and I could still hear this oaf in the front of the bus conversing.  And conversing.  On and on and on and ON!!  He's lucky I wasn't sitting closer or I would have said something.  Heaven help the first person who does that sitting right next to me.  Unbelievable.

That was going home last night.  And it was raining.  When I got home I had to take Tink out, so I changed out of my skirt into a pair of pants and exchanged my umbrella for a hat and off we went.  It was coming down in buckets!  And cold?  Whoo .. felt like winter all over again.  We got soaked through, but an hour later the sky was nearly clear.  And that's springtime in Seattle for you.

Rather than work on the tedious facings for the Cloisonne Jacket I knit some more on the project bag.  I would like to felt it this weekend.  I have only about 20 more rows to go, so it is a possibility.  When I'm running around tomorrow I think I'll head to Jo-Ann's and see about getting some handles for it.  I'm supposed to be rehearsing with Gregg tomorrow as well.  I should give him a call tonight.

Today is tax return day and I have to sign my return.  My soon-to-be-ex is bringing the papers here today at 11.  This will be the first time I've seen or spoken to him since I left four weeks ago.  It already feels like a lifetime ago.  Well ... I'm happy now at any rate.  And it's only going to get better.  I just have to spend a few minutes with him and then that should be it.  I might never have to see him again, if I'm lucky.

Happy Friday!

14 April, 2011

Ah Ha!!

Mystery solved.  When my alarm went off this morning I reached my hand over to the clock, but instead of pushing the snooze button I turned it off!  I caught myself, obviously.  Maybe that's what I did yesterday morning.

I kind of feel like I'm getting behind on my rants.  I haven't had a good one in a while.  Of course, I'm happy now but .... well, things still do piss me off.  Of course they do.  Here's one that has gotten more and more annoying the longer I take public transportation.  (Mind you, it has not even been a full month yet that I've been riding the bus so it's bound to get worse). What really has started bothering me is getting on a bus and finding that person who is sitting alone on the seat, but leaves the window seat open!  It's not always the angry young men, either.  I saw an elderly woman doing it yesterday!  From now on I'm going to go for their empty seat.  hah!

I did finish up the collar on the jacket yesterday evening.  The little facings are now all that's left.  I might get to them this evening.  I would really like to get this thing done and off the list.

Arghghg!  One of my lights is going out and it's flickering.  Driving me crazy!  Must get this fixed ASAP.

13 April, 2011

No wonder I felt so refreshed!

I woke up this morning on my own, before the alarm went off.  And I felt terrific!  Completely refreshed.  I was surprised, until I picked up my iPhone and saw that it was exactly one our later than when the alarm is supposed to go off.  No wonder I felt so good!  My alarm is an iPhone docking alarm clock and the knobs for the volume and station selection are round like on the old iPod.  I must have turned the volume completely off when I put my headphones on it.  Ah well .... I managed to get in only 30 minutes late.  That's not so bad.  And I do feel good!

Last  night after dinner I sat down to pick up the stitches for the collar of the Cloisonne Jacket.  I got them picked up and knit about 1 1/2 inches.  I should be able to finish the collar between noon knitting and this evening.  Then it's the bands and that's it!  Woohoo!  Still haven't frogged the angora sweater but I will. 

I have noticed in my walks around the garden at my apartment complex that there are a few lilac trees getting ready to leaf out and the buds are thick.  I will miss being able to stroll along and snatch some, like I did in my other neighborhood.  Still, small price to pay.

12 April, 2011


I had a wonderful run yesterday!  Thirty minutes seems a snap after doing an hour lately.  I didn't push myself but had a nice, strong workout with gas left in the tank at the end.  It was a bit windy, but today looks like it's going to be better weather.  It might be rainy the rest of the week but I noticed, as I was taking Tinkerbell for her morning walk around the gardens, that the new cardio machines are installed in our fitness center.  So, if push comes to shove, I can always do 30 minutes on the treadmill after work.

I had a rather boring evening last night.  I could have picked up the stitches for the collar of the Cloisonne Jacket or frogged the angora sweater, but instead I watched a little TV and worked on the project bag.  Tink was wanting to play, then go out.  I finally called it around 9 and just went to bed to watch Netflix on my iPhone.  My knitting ladies and my friend McG have both been after me for a year or so to watch "Doc Martin" so I started that and watched until 10:30.  I can't be such a slug tonight though.  I must pick up the collar stitches because tomorrow is noon knitting.

I am quite looking forward to this weekend.  I am going to rehearse with Gregg on Saturday.  I have no idea what we're going to do, but it's a step in the right direction - out.

11 April, 2011

No more excuses!!

Friday I did not run at lunchtime.  My reason - my calf muscles were so sore I was hobbled.  But that is the end of excuses.  I don't care how sore my legs are of if it's raining or .. whatever.  I have to run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the next three weeks because I am going to run that 5K on May 1st.  I will, however, take my afternoon runs down to 30 minutes from the hour I was doing before, since I am getting plenty more exercise after work.  I don't want to over do it, I just want to be ready to go for another personal record.

I had a great weekend and I realized something on Saturday.  I have been really really depressed!  This is probably not news to those outside of my head, but I hadn't recognized how down I was.   I knew leaving that ridiculous marriage was the right thing to do, but I didn't truly understand how it had been affecting all aspects of my life.  I feel energized and happy and like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  And nothing seems a chore ... well, except vacuuming and dusting. 

Saturday was chore day.  After walking Tinkerbell to the lake and back (1 1/2 hours) I headed to the salon for a facial, then to the mall for a few essentials and finally the grocery store.  There were a couple items of clothing that I was missing and figured they must be in a box of summer clothes, so my next chore was to sort through those clothes and hopefully locate the missing items.  I also rearranged the dresser drawers and then bang! it was time to walk Tink again and make dinner.  Since I had done all my chores and running around on Saturday, Sunday was left for relaxation and knitting.  But for some odd reason I woke at 8 am Sunday, rolled over and the next thing I knew it was 10!!  I so rarely sleep that late, unless I've been out late.  Took Tink again for a nice long walk - this one for two hours - and then after the newspaper sat down to put together the Cloisonne Jacket.  That took hours - sew up the sleeves, sew up the shoulders and then sew in the sleeves.  And it looks great!  I am very pleased.  Tonight or tomorrow night I will pick up the stitches for the collar, then knit the bands and sew them down.   I have also been working on a project bag to be felted - that's my mindless knitting these days.  I had meant to frog that white angora sweater.  Maybe when I finish up the bag.

And now here's Monday!  I have tons of work to do.  Here's hoping I have a good run this afternoon.

08 April, 2011

Hello Friday

I worked from home yesterday.  My IT guy got the wireless connection working and I am up and running at home.  It was raining in the morning but when it stopped - around 11:30 - I took my microwave back and got a new one that doesn't run itself.  I am so glad I kept that receipt!

I think my knitting funk is over.  This past week I have ordered yarn twice and I got one of the orders yesterday.  There is a little cardigan called Kaleidoscope that I have been wanting to knit for a while and I found some Kureyon sock yarn in a great colorway on sale at Jimmy Bean's Wool.  And then the new Knitty is out and I fell in love with Rondeur, so I bought some yarn for that as well! It will be a perfect summer top.  And I started a bag a couple nights ago.  So, no let's not do the math right now.  I know I need to decide what to do with my current WIPs and I think my previous plan is good.  I will frog the white one this weekend and get my other projects out and make sure I have the pattern instructions, etc.  Also I really really want to sew the pieces of the Cloisonne Jacket together.  Hopefully Sunday.

Yesterday evening I got my Wii hooked up to the broadband connection so now not only can I play games with other people but I can play Netflix on my TV.  So that only leaves getting the sound system to work with the TV and DVD player.  This shouldn't be a huge deal.  I just need to see how the Wii is hooked in and, using the cords that I brought with me, make it work.  This is also something I want to put on the agenda for the weekend, which is filling up fast!

Tomorrow I've got an appointment for a facial, then I need a manicure.  Gregg wants to get together to rehearse for the show at the Oxford but he thinks it is April 22 but I know we have another month.  It's not until May 22.  It's always on a Sunday and April 22 is a Friday.  I would like to postpone going to his place until next week when my weekend shouldn't be quite so full.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed for decent weather so I can get a run in at lunchtime!!!

07 April, 2011

My annual April complaint

I am sure I do this every year.  There's something about April in Seattle that is so very annoying!  Yesterday it was finally sunny in the morning and into the afternoon even.  Because of noon knitting I couldn't run but when I left work I had my sunglasses on and was looking forward to a nice long walk with Tink when I got home.  It was cold and during the ride home black clouds rolled in, so that by the time I got off the bus I no longer needed my sunglasses and it was starting to precipitate.  I got upstairs, changed into my hooded parka and by the time I got back downstairs with Tink it was sleeting.  Sleeting!  The sleet gave way to pounding rain and after 45 minutes my parka was soaked through and I was freezing!  It kept it up all night.  And now it's not even 40 degrees.  We may get some sun breaks today and tomorrow but it's a crap weekend we have to look forward to.

I found a race to sign up for yesterday.  It's the second annual Top Pot Doughnut 5K.  I ran the first one last year and I haven't run a race since!  It is on May 1st, so plenty of time to get in shape.  I mean, I could easily run a 5K now, but  my time wouldn't be good.  Last year I had a personal best and this year I hope to break it.

I had to buy a new microwave when I moved into my apartment since it doesn't have a built in one ... old building.  I didn't get a very expensive one because I am sure my new place, even though months and months down the road, will have a nice one.  I settled for a middle of the road model.  A few days after I bought it I noticed some odd burn spot on the space between the door hinge and the body of the oven.  I thought perhaps there had been a bit of plastic or something in there and didn't think much of it until a couple of nights ago when I had heated something in it and about 5 minutes after I had taken the food out the microwave started up on its own!!  I quickly put two and two together and figured out that the burn spot was most likely from the thing running on its own for long enough to melt itself!  I unplugged it immediately and it is going back today.  Luckily I kept the receipt.  What a disaster that could have been.

Now I've got to do some work.  Hopefully my IT guy can get my wireless connection on the "list" so I can download and upload some things.

06 April, 2011

Early meeting day

Once a month I have a meeting that starts at 8:30 am.  Usually it's way far away, 4 floors down and east.  Today it is moved to my floor, only steps away from my office.  Handy.  The only thing I don't like is that I have to power my way through the first cup of caffeine so I can take a cup with me to the meeting.  Otherwise I would nod off for sure.

It has really gotten cold again!  Not freezing, but right now it's only 36 degrees.  Yesterday at lunch it wasn't raining but it was blowing like crazy and it was just too cold to run.  It's supposed to get nicer as the week goes on, but this morning as well it's blowing and dark.   Not that it matters to me that much since I don't have any windows.

I had a notion to start a new project bag last night and so I did.  I will be looking forward to trying out the top loading washer for felting.  Although, come to think of it, these industrial machines don't have a way to interrupt the cycle and re-start it.  It will be an experiment.

05 April, 2011

Here come the birds

It was still dark this morning when I heard a bird.  Mind you, this apartment complex is rather near the freeway so the traffic noise is not insignificant.  However, birdsong just cuts right through it.  I had to shut the window so I could catch another hour or so sleep.  Sunday night, for some odd reason, I had a very restless night so I slept like a log last night but I still wasn't all that keen on getting up.  It's cold in the morning still and this week is colder than it has been recently. 

Today it is not raining - or I should say not raining yet.  It is supposed to rain, but I saw patches of blue on the way in this morning so I am hoping that I can get a run in this afternoon.  I'm also doing an hour of the Wii Fit when I get home and loving it!  There are so many different things to do that I can't imagine getting bored of it for a long long time.  If I run in the afternoon, that's a bonus.  I still haven't been able to find a run in May though.  There are a couple in April but they are 1/2 marathons or 15K.  Too long for me at this stage.  I know there are a few 5K in June anyway, if I can't find one in May.

I gathered up all  the pieces of the Tepotzlan and the book and put them aside and picked up the camisole I started when I was on "vacation" in January.  I put vacation in quotes because it was one of the worst weeks of my life and to add insult to injury, I'll be paying it off for months and months.  That wasn't supposed to be the case but ... well, let's just leave it at that.  Anyway, I need to search out the magazine with the pattern for the camisole.  Somehow in the move it got separated from the project itself.  I know I saw it when Monika was helping me put my books away.

Of the four WIPs I have right now, 3 of them are done in the round and all three are in the boring phase of knit knit knit around to get length.  I am considering finishing up this camisole, then finishing up the Green Gables I started way back when and frogging the Simple Knitted Bodice I started like ... what, maybe 2 years ago?  I was kind of winging it with the pattern and heaven knows where I am.  I don't even remember what size needle I was using.  I should just frog it and use that beautiful white angora blend for something else.  My fourth WIP is the Shining Birds Eye shawl.  Zen knitting, I call it.  I haven't given up.  It's going to be gorgeous when it's done.

04 April, 2011

April showers!

As much as I wanted to run on Friday, it was pouring down rain at lunchtime and I just couldn't do it.  Even though I had given someone much grief about running on a treadmill(sorry about that), I figured since the weather was so bad that it was better than nothing.   After I gave Tink and abbreviated walk, since it was raining even harder by then, I put on my workout clothes and headed down to the fitness center at the apartment complex.  Several frustrating minutes later I called the office and found out that the treadmill was broken (why wasn't there a sign?) and wouldn't be replaced until April 8.  Likewise for the bicycle.  Back I went upstairs and decided that was the time to check out the Wii Fitness Plus I had purchased.  Something was on my side because it worked a charm!  I had a fun workout and used it Saturday and Sunday as well.  It is so odd though, the Wii goes through the sound system but I can't figure out how to make the TV and DVD player go through the sound system.  Well, that's a puzzle for another day.

I worked a bit on the sleeves of the dreaded Tepotzlan and watched a silly movie and had a great sleep.  I woke up early Saturday and Tink and I headed out at 9 for a walk to Green Lake.  It's only a 1/2 hour walk from my apartment to the shore of the lake!  And it's a wonderful walk.  We passed another Westie in a fenced yard and the owner was sitting on the porch, so he let him out and he and Tink had a pleasant sniff.  When we got to the lake we walked around there for about half an hour and then headed home.  We managed to beat the rain - it started coming down just as we were approaching the apartment complex.  Bad news though, I lost my Kureyon fingerless mitts that matched my Coquille shawl!  I was getting warm and took them off and put them in my pocket.  I guess they fell out when we were running.  It's very annoying!  All my other fingerless mitts have open thumbs and it is still getting cold here in the evening.  Ah well....

Saturday afternoon I spent getting my wireless router set up.  It was not an easy job and I ended up having to call the help line.  I blame the directions, which were very unclear.  The woman at the help center got me on the right track and now I am wireless and can work from home.  My next chore will be to get the Wii hooked into the broadband.  I tried on Friday but couldn't get it to work.  Now that I have the wireless router plugged into the modem I am going to have to get a different adapter for the Wii.  Baby steps, but we're getting there.

Sunday I thought I would take Tinkerbell to the off leash dog park before I gave her a bath.  It's very muddy and she usually likes to get in there and get dirty.  I don't know if it was because we had such a long (2 hour) walk on Saturday or what, but she just wasn't interested at all in the dog park.  I had to hook her leash up to get her to even walk along with me.  I finally gave up and headed out for further errands.  I stopped by the pet store and bought an adapter for the spigot in the bathtub so I could wash her, quick stop for a pedicure, grocery shopping and back for the doggie bath.  Bad news though - the adapter didn't fit so I had to wash her in the bathtub by scooping water up and over her.  It worked but was not easy.  The up side to that is that in the morning when I'm having my shower she doesn't lay right on the mat, but instead runs from the bathroom when she hears the water running because she's afraid she's going to get another bath! 

The sleeves for the Tepotzlan were finished last night.  Don't hold your breath for a finished product though.  I am not in the mood for finishing.  I'll keep it out and in my view and maybe in a few weeks .....  Nor did I do the finishing on the Cloisonne.  The weekend just got away from me.

I got a late start today - I had a visit with the Endodontist, who gave me a clean bill of health.  In other words, I don't have to have another root canal on the other tooth.  Hooray!  Let's hope the week continues on in this vein.

01 April, 2011

From great to even greater

Yesterday started out great and got even better not long into the morning.  I got a phone call from a friend I haven't spoken to in over 3 years.  I recognized the voice immediately and we started talking as if we'd had a conversation only yesterday.   There aren't many people in our lives like that, are there?  Maybe it's because we have conversations in my imagination daily, or ... well, who knows.  It was fabulous to say hello in reality and just put the cherry on top of my day.  My week.  Dare I say month?  Well yes, because it was the last day of that month.  Now I've got a whole new month to look forward to.  Plenty of surprises (good ones) are around the corners, I just know it.

I very much wanted to run yesterday afternoon since I'd been off running since my tooth incident last Thursday.  Because I had foolishly left my flat shoes at home and walked the mile from the bus stop in high heels on Wednesday and then, even though I know better, I turned around and took Tink for another walk in the same high boots, my knees were aching and that's not good.  I took an hour walk instead and also took my running shoes home with me so I could take the boots off and walk home without hurting my knees again.  They feel fine today so unless it's pouring rain I'll go do my hour at lunchtime.  It's raining now but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The drummer from my band contacted me yesterday.  He asked me if I wanted to sing with his new group.  Two requests in as many days.  That's nice because I really really need to find more things to do with my evenings.  I am saving the putting together of the Cloisonne Jacket for an afternoon this weekend and I looked at the sleeves I'm working on last night and they are boring and I just couldn't make myself pick them up!  I am going to watch a movie tonight so maybe I can put in an hour or two on them so I can finish the darned thing!  I need something fun to knit.

I've got big plans this weekend - lots of chores to do, cleaning, walking Tink at the lake and dog park, maybe a pedicure and a good solid afternoon working on the Cloisonne Jacket.  I also want to finally test drive the Wii.  I bought a Wii Fit system I want to try out.  It has Yoga and all sorts of fun balancing games like snow boarding plus some strength training stuff.  It would sure beat visiting the fitness center at my apartment complex.