27 November, 2013

Short week and short day

A Wednesday without noon knitting.  I'm leaving early today since they're closing the office early so we're skipping noon knitting today.  Everyone is super busy anyway.  It's going to be another gorgeous, sunny day so I am really looking forward to being able to enjoy a little more than the typical 30 or 40 minutes a day I get to be in the sun lately.  I am grateful for the clear skies so we get to see the sun at all! 

Last week I was looking at boots on line and found what I thought was the perfect pair of casual boots to replace the ones I bought two years ago in Trier.  Or was it 3 years?  No ... 2.  Anyway they came last night and they're going right back to the store.  Luckily I can return them to the physical store even though I bought them on line.  They're cute boots, but they're too tight at the calf to wear with pants tucked in, or with leggings.  And that's what I need, not another pair to wear with skirts.  I have three of those already.  So, cute as they are they go back and hopefully I can find a suitable replacement at the store.  I did find a pair on line and they have them at the store.  I should probably call to have them hold onto my size.

So I've got tons of work to do in half a day.  That means it should zip by!  I'm hoping I can get some knitting done tonight.  I got nothing done last night but chores and silly TV.  Tomorrow I've got to get up and get my vegetables made for the dinner, then a quick stop at the house to do a little touch up so that furniture can be moved in on Friday and ... and I can finally get my little teensie place back to myself.  I can't believe it's been four months I've been sharing this tiny space.  I'm lucky to be alive.  Or somebody is. 

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us. It's so late this year though!  But it's here and that means football and plenty of it!  The Apple Cup is Friday so I'm going to have to record it since we'll be moving furniture and boxes.  And then I'm done futzing with that house until Ben gets back from his 18 day business trip.  And boy oh boy do I need a rest from it!  Frankly, I cannot wait for the boredom to set in and I believe it will take a long long time for that to happen.  I envision lazy weekends and evenings lounging on the couch with my iPad and silly movies playing on the TV.  Endless QUIET hours of knitting.  Ahhhhh  All I have to do is make it through Friday afternoon and I'm home free.  Nice.

26 November, 2013

The worst ever

Every week I see my fantasy football team get beat.  This week was no exception.  Terrible.  But you know what?  There has to be a last place every year and I have been lucky in the past years.  It's my turn.  Next year I will prepare better and, hopefully, get a better place in the draft.

So that was basically my evening - watching the Redskins get beat by San Francisco.  I, unfortunately, have two players on the Washington team, neither of them making any appreciable points.  I needed extraordinary production.  I got, as usual, sub par.  No matter.  I shall look forward to next year.

The Ombrelone is getting quite large.  The rows are now over 200 stitches so it takes quite a while to get through a row.  Hopefully with this long weekend I can get it finished and start my next project with the gorgeous Yak down/Bamboo mix I got in my YarnBox.  I think I'll keep up the subscription for another few months.  It's fun.

I worked hard yesterday.  It was super quiet and I got a lot done.  I want to get the program booklet for the Hawaii meeting all done but the details before the end of next week because I have things I need to get finished up in December before the holiday.  It's nice to be this busy because all I can think about otherwise is vacation.  And how I need some. 

The fog this morning is further delaying the light.  I can barely keep awake.  Time for another cup of tea I guess.

25 November, 2013

Super duper quiet

Wow ... talk about quiet.  I am alone in the office suite, the chairman's secretary is out down the hall too.  The administrator is here, but she's down the hall and around the corner.  So I should be able to get lots and lots of work done today, and I've got plenty to do.  It's a short week (woohoo). 

Wing span 61"
The weekend felt short too, but Saturday I didn't have to paint so that was nice.  I got some time to do a little cleaning, a little laundry and, most important, got to block the Juneberry Triangle!  I still regret the yarn choice, but with some good blocking the pattern is a little more obvious, as are the "berries", AKA bobbles. 
 This is the detail of the knitted on edging.  I just love the swoops and bobbles, like little waves.  Oddly there is a mistake that I see and I cannot for the life of me figure out how in the world it happened.  I truly did not know I was off while I was knitting it.  I don't think it would be obvious to the untrained eye.  Can you see?

And here we have all three patterns showing. I am very very pleased with how this turned out.  I wore it today as a scarf.  It is so soft up against my skin.  And the blue does look nice up against the black of my coat.  Just lovely!  And I've got yarn left for a  pair of mitts, which I may try to get done before it gets really really cold.

And now ... to work on the project that would normally take me to Hawaii.  Ah well ... January and Mexico will be here soon enough.

22 November, 2013

Another awesome YarnBox

My November YarnBox arrived yesterday.  I wasn't expecting it for another few days so that was a nice surprise.  While not even 1/2 way through my latest project using YarnBox yarn I was happy to see it come.  Who doesn't like a surprise?  And what a nice surprise this time - a luxury yarn.  This box came with two skeins of a creamy colored yarn that is 75% yak down and 25% bamboo.  It is the softest yarn, and looks like it might even have a bit of a halo.  Only 360 yards of sport weight, but plenty for a nice soft, warm scarf.  It would be a nice gift.

The event in the Great Room was really quite fun last night.  It took a bit of time to get going because most people were treating it like a party (arriving late) rather than a class, which is what I thought it was going to be and what the presenters thought as well.  But as soon as there were 20 or so people there it really got rolling and I learned some new things about cocktails.  One of the most surprising is that gin isn't have bad, especially if it's good gin.  And my newest favorite cocktail is the Aviation cocktail.  Oh my goodness is it ever good!  And gorgeous looking because it has a dash of creme de violette so it's a light purple color.  I suspect the ingredients are a bit pricey but oh so worth it.  It would be a lovely cocktail to serve at a dinner party.

It was over by 8:30, then Tink got a walk and I was ready to curl up to read for a little while.  After the cocktails about half of the people went to see the premier of "Catching Fire" which, from the noise I heard at 12:30 and 2:30, must have played several times in a row. 

Yesterday felt like Friday.  What a let down.  But it's another gorgeous sunny day today and it is, in fact, Friday.  And a short week next week!  This weekend I am determined to get my Juneberry Triangle blocked.  I shall put it on top of my list for tomorrow.

21 November, 2013

Sniff Sniff Sniff

My nose is running like a faucet!  It is so very very cold outside - not even 30 degrees!  I sure wish I had taken the time to go upstairs and get the lining for my coat.  I have got to do that tonight when I get home.  I bundled up in one of my super wraps - the Kureyon one I made last year.  But I still need that lining.  I also need some boots so no more procrastinating.  I've got to do it tonight.

Also tonight there is a drinks party in the Great Room.  From Sound Spirits someone is coming to teach us how to mix festive holiday drinks.  And we get to drink them.  Perfect.  Hopefully the snacks will be sufficient for dinner and I can have a night off. 

I didn't even pick up my knitting last night, although I got a couple of good rows done at noon knitting.  I was just tired and wanted to veg in front of the TV watching nonsense.  Then I looked for some new boots on my iPad.  Perfect girlie slob night. 

My eyes burn - oh man ... I've got a long day of staring at the screen.

20 November, 2013

Crisp and clear

Wow!  Is it ever bright outside.  The clouds are gone and the temperature has plunged to the 30's.  Tinkerbell is much more sprightly in the cooler weather, not stopping to sniff quite as much.  And good thing, because I overslept this morning and we didn't have time to dawdle before I had to get the bus.

I didn't do much knitting last night - a couple of rows maybe.  The rows are getting longer and I don't like to be stuck in the middle of a row when the time for bed strikes me.  I went in kind of early last night and had a good read.  I was very tired for some reason.  I didn't run because it was raining again, but I did get a nice walk.  Hopefully I can run tomorrow.

I have been so blue lately, perhaps that's why I'm tired.  A combination of the weather and missing my friends.  I'm trying to snap out of it.  The sunshine will help a lot.  And I don't have to paint on Saturday because I've got a hair appointment so that's also something to look forward to.  Although the Seahawks have a bye this weekend so I'll be painting on Sunday.  It'll soon be done.

19 November, 2013

Talk about luck!

Every couple of years I help out with a meeting, mostly getting the abstract booklet together, and helping out with other meeting details.  My reward for this is attending the meeting in Hawaii.  Every two years I look forward to it, because it happens in January and I always want to get away in January.  So guess when the meeting is this coming January.  Go ahead, guess.  Right.  It's the exact same week as the Mexico vacation.  Since my boss isn't directly involved in the meeting this time I didn't think I would be called upon to participate, but he came into my office yesterday to ask me if I would do it.  Oh I was SO bummed all day I could barely work.  Of course I'm going to do the booklet anyway, but it just KILLS me to miss a free trip to Hawaii.  I lllllove Hawaii!  I know I'll have fun in Mexico, but it's not going to be the same.   I told him they could send me to Hawaii in March instead.   We shall see.

I cooked an awesome dinner last night, if I do say so myself.  I had a bottle of Italian sparkling wine that definitely needed a spicy hot meal because I knew it would be rather sweeter than I am used to.  I found a great recipe for shrimp fra diavolo and it turned out quite well.  I think next time I might cut the onion down a bit, and maybe add more tomato.  Otherwise, it was just yummy and as I had hoped, the sweet wine was just fine with it.

I needed Tom Brady to get 20 points so I could win my match up but of course he did not.  Twelve points was not enough and now I am dead last.  This is the absolute worst I have done in all the time I have played fantasy football.  And it really speaks to the fact that I did absolutely no preparation for the draft.  I have learned my lesson. 

I finished up the first portion of the Ombrelone and started the first of the stripes.  It is such great TV knitting.  And I am loving this yarn.  I hope I can get the other blocked.  I don't know when though.  Well, I'll figure it out.

It was pouring rain yesterday so I didn't run.  I hope it slows down a bit today so I can get out there.  I need my endorphins.

18 November, 2013


Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day from top to bottom!  I got to sleep in, did a little grocery shopping, then got some new clothes - which I have been needing for months, frankly.  I didn't get new boots, which I also need desperately since my casual boots that I bought two years ago when I was with Emma in Trier are quite beat up.  And I also needed a new sweat shirt or hoodie.  But otherwise I got some pants and a dress and a couple of tunics, two blouses and a couple of other tops.  It was quite satisfying.  After that it was laundry and football.  Ahhhhh .... perfection. 

I had intended to block the Juneberry Triangle but Saturday was spent painting - still lots and lots to do, unfortunately.  Perhaps I can get to it this week.  I had started the Ombrelone a few days earlier but I made a mistake about 15 rows in, then another at the 30 row mark and I decided I would just take it out and start over.  I am very glad I did.  I got caught up and a few more rows in.  It's a simple knit but you can't put in markers really so you have to be on your game.

Only nine more weeks until our trip to Mexico!  I didn't realize it was that close, but after painting Saturday we went to a wine tasting that my friend Steve was pouring and he pointed it out.  Wow .... I guess I'm going to have to go fat.  Now to find a bathing suit to hide the pudge.  The good news is that we're all in the same boat.  Winter beach vacations ... yipes.  Steve says never mind - we'll all be waist deep in the water anyway.  I like the way he thinks.  I had better make sure I can put my hands on my passport.

14 November, 2013

Ridiculous people

I marvel sometimes at the pure idiocy of some people.  Or ... what is the word?  Maybe not idiocy, maybe a death wish.   It is something I've seen happen again and again, usually at the Transit Center.  Basically the transit center is a long island set with six bus stops - little shelters with benches - and surrounded by parking lots.  To get from the parking lots to the island there are four cross walks.  A bus only go one way around the island, and of course they are going slowly.  But would you step out in front of a bus without looking?  If it was moving?  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people do that.  Not even wait for a second at the crosswalk, but just step out right in front of the bus, causing the driver to slam on the brakes if the person has, say, just run out of nowhere (like the parking lot) and across the street.  Obviously the bus drivers are aware of these idiots and their tendencies so they seem to take it with a certain amount of stoicism.  People!  What if the bus driver is looking away for a millisecond and doesn't quite register that someone has darted out in front of him?  I swear, some mornings I just wish for a little bump.  Not enough to kill somebody, but just a reality check.

There - I feel somewhat better.  I had SUCH a frustrating evening yesterday.  I had finished up the Juneberry Triangle during noon knitting.  I so wanted to block it but that is something better left to the weekend (not that I'm likely to have any appreciable free time this weekend either).  I decided I would roll the two latest YarnBox yarns, the Afghan Hound, and start the Ombrellone.   I did all my chores and set up my swift and ball winder and rolled the first skein, no problems.  Well, I did have to oil up my swift, but otherwise no problems.  The second one - the beautiful blue one - was a mess!  I've never had this happen before but I guess perhaps I wasn't paying strict attention when I put it on the swift.  I tried to fix it but I could not and ended up getting less than half on the ball winder and the other half having to do by hand, passing the ball under and over the twisted threads.  That got me in a terrible mood, as you might imagine.  I was able to calm down a bit and get the Ombrellone started.  I think I got about 15 rows in.  That yarn - wow.  It is going to have an incredible drape and the sheen is out of this world. 

I have also been having dreams.  Dreams about travel.  I have gotten my Thanksgiving trips so deeply ingrained in me that when I have to miss, well this is what happens.  Dreams.  Frustrating ones.  Last night I couldn't find the wee little piece of paper I had written my return flight information on.  In reality of course I have that information on my iPhone and memorized, etc. etc.  But in my dream I needed to find that paper and I had no idea at all when my flight was taking off.  I'm a mess this morning.

13 November, 2013

The great cuticle debate

Because my weekends have been so busy lately, I've taken to getting my manicures on Friday after work.  My regular salon has opened another place walking distance from my apartment, so it's quite convenient and then that chore is out of the way.  The owner of the salon, Jenny, knows my idiosyncrasies and lets her technicians know that I don't like to have my cuticles cut.  In fact, it's not necessary at all unless you have a hang nail.  But they tend to do it automatically and it hurts, since they actually rip at them rather than cut, so I always tell whoever is doing my manicure to just push them back.  Well, Jenny doesn't work at the new salon on Friday evenings.  Her husband is there to supervise.  So last Friday I went in and told the woman to just push the cuticles back.  She argued that she had to cut them, and I said no, just if there is a piece on the side that is sticking out.  Okay, she says.  And then proceeds to cut the cuticle on top of my nail.  So again I had to tell her not to cut them.  At this point her boss spoke to her in her language and I am assuming he told her to listen to me and not cut the cuticles.  Then she starts complaining back to him and pouted the entire rest of the manicure, which was very uncomfortable for me.  I mean ... WFT?  I am the customer, and I tip well.  What is the big deal to NOT cut the cuticles?  When I got home I looked up some articles because I know I've read that it's not necessary and sure enough, I found tons of articles about it.  Not a single one said that it's a good thing.  So --- now what do I do?  I guess I need to go there some time when Jenny is working and give her the things I've read on it.  Her English is very good.  I doubt if I brought articles to the salon that the tech could get much out of it.  It really takes the fun and relaxation out of the experience if I'm fighting with the technicians.

I had a nice relaxing evening last night, doing nothing but cooking up a pot of yummy bean soup and watching stupid TV.  I needed that.  Today is noon knitting and I'm going to be able to finish off the Juneberry Triangle, I'm pretty sure.  Maybe I can block it tonight!  And then my next project, using the yarn from my latest YarnBox, is going to be Ombrellone.  I'm not crazy about the colors in the pattern picture, but I think my new yarn is going to be perfect for this.  I'll use the multi for the brown in this pattern and then finish up with the blue.  I am hoping I'll have enough blue to make the bottom lace bit larger.  I'll just go until I'm out of yarn.  This will be good TV knitting and then I can start back up with the Mariah at noon knitting.

I had an absolutely terrible run yesterday afternoon!  I was so looking forward to it because the sun had come out, so I even got out there a bit earlier than usual.  I remembered to take two puffs of my asthma inhaler, as usual, but for some reason I couldn't get my breath!  Maybe I started out a bit too fast, and when that happens I can usually just walk for a few yards until I can take a full breath and then start back out again.  It wasn't working for me yesterday so the entire 30 minutes was uncomfortable.  I never got the floating, endorphins are running through me feeling, which is what I live for.  Never mind.  Thursday will be good, I'm sure.

12 November, 2013

Long lost weekend

Who doesn't love a long weekend?  I am a HUGE fan.  What's not to like?  Lazy days, sleeping in, an extra day for chores or just being a slob.  Except that's not the long weekend I got.  It was a painting weekend, all three days.  Although there were football evenings and both my teams won (yay).  My fantasy team, on the other hand, is in the toilet.  I lost another squeaker.  Oh well, there's always next year.

So - painting.  Who knew it would take so long to paint this house?  I guess that's inexperience talking.  But lots of good progress was made.  During those three days I painted ALL the molding for the entire house, plus all the window frames as well.   This was done of course on saw horses.  I think I would have killed myself if I had to paint all of that installed.  Thankfully it was done before installation.  And if that wasn't enough I did more cutting of the other rooms and yesterday came that close to finishing up the first coat in the office.  I would have finished it entirely but I ran out of paint.  That in itself, that one room, took about 4 1/2 hours.  The closet alone took a lot of time.  The fact that the ceiling is white and all of the walls are colored makes for a pretty challenging project, especially with the highly textured walls.  My poor hands, but especially my right hand which I used for the cutting. 

Did that stop me from knitting?  Hah!  I got SO much good work done on the Juneberry Triangle this weekend.  Saturday evening watching the Huskies play, and then again Sunday evening watching the Seahawks and then last night the Monday night game.  Although I must admit that I had to stop last night because my hand was really hurting.  But I have only three more repeats of the 12 row edging pattern and I am done.  It does need some rigorous blocking but I am SO loving that pattern.  Gorgeous.

It's sprinkling today but I very much need my run, so let's hope it's not pouring in a few hours.

08 November, 2013

A little better this morning

I guess I'm getting used to it, slowly slowly.  I don't feel quite so groggy this morning.  Although maybe it's because there is a bit of sun peeping through the clouds.  It was blustery and rainy yesterday and my knee was a bit tweaky.  I needed to get something notarized so I skipped my run and instead walked up to the bank and back.  It's not quite so far as the run would be, but it's uphill on the way so I felt like I got a bit of a work out and didn't stress my knee.  I've no excuse today so I've got to run.  I just hope the rain stays away until after noon.

I was quite ready to sit and knit all evening while the football game was on, but lo and behold, when I got the mail what was in there but a new knitting magazine.  So - reading about knitting rather than doing.   I didn't see anything in there I really wanted to make, but that's just first time through.  I always go through them a couple of times at least.  I seem to be on a real scarf/wrap/shawl thing though, don't I?  Perhaps because it's always so hot in my office that wearing a sweater is right out.  I should get back to the Mariah though.  It's more of a jacket and I know I'd wear it.  When I finish the Juneberry Triangle I think I'll make it my noon knitting project until I get the tricky, intricately cabled arms done.  Everything else then will be TV knitting.

My weekend will consist of painting and watching football.  A three day weekend at that.  But it's got to get done so there's no reason to complain.  And when it's done ... ahhhhh ... I get my little space to myself again.  It hasn't been as tough as I thought it might be, sharing my little teensie space, but it will be nice to have my closet to myself so I can have ALL my shoes and boots instead of having to go up to the storage closet when I want a different coat or boots or whatever.  And to have my hats accessible again instead of in a laundry basket on top of the dryer.  Well -- you get the idea.  But it will be a couple more weeks at least.  In the meantime, think of me with paint in my hair.

07 November, 2013

It takes some getting used to ...

this "fall back" thing.  It's funny how one hour can make such a difference, but I am dragging again today.  Even though it's a bit lighter in the morning, the weather has been so bad, rainy and cloudy, that I don't really even feel the extra light.  And I'm tired all the time too.  Oh well, I'll get used to it soon enough.

Noon knitting was very productive yesterday.  I got four ... or was it five? ... repeats of the edging done.  I was going to spend a good amount of time Wednesday evening on it as well, but I simply wasn't in the mood to cook so I went out instead.  Tonight ... ah dang!  I just remembered I've got to go with Ben to buy paint for the weekend tonight.  Maybe I can get an hour or so in on it.  The weekend is going to be so busy I'll be lucky to get any knitting time. 

I've been thinking about blocking this Juneberry Triangle and I'm wondering if the fact that the yarn is super wash is going to make a difference.  It is going to need to be really stretched out for the pattern to show up at its best.  I hope it doesn't just spring right back.

I got a late start today.  I could hear the rain pouring down when my alarm went, so I turned it off then made the mistake of turning over and having a little cuddle with the dog.  zzzzzzzzzz    I'd better buckle down.

06 November, 2013

You did that on purpose??

There is a woman here on my floor who has an incredible sense of style.  And by incredible I mean bizarre.  Her thing is the visor.  She wears one all the time.  Seriously.  A visor.  Today I saw her walking down the hall with turquoise stretchy pants, a ruffled lighter turquoise top and on her head a sequined turquoise visor.  Just to finish the ensemble off.  Obviously she does that on purpose.  For just one second I thought perhaps it was a costume but nope, Halloween is over.  I guess for her it goes all year long.


I forgot to grab the last box of oatmeal from the cupboard this morning so I've nothing for breakfast and a meeting at 9 o'clock.  I'll have to run downstairs for a scone or something.  I don't like their oatmeal down in the cafeteria.  It's too gummy.  I guess they have cold cereal as well.  I've got to eat something.  I won't be able to stay awake during that meeting without it.

It was a quiet evening last night with stupid TV and lots of knitting.  If I keep this up - even one hour or so a night this week - I may be able to finish this off.  I did find the reason for that big hole.  I had dropped a stitch but was able to fix it up Sunday night so now there's no big hole!  I'm just keen on blocking this thing.  The yarn is superwash and very squishy.  I am concerned that I won't be able to block it out far enough or that it will shrink back in on itself.  Only one way to find out.

I had a tolerable run yesterday but not great.  I had a better one on Monday.  For some reason I was just dragging even though I had a good night's sleep.  Maybe the rest day today will help me on the rest of the week.  I was considering signing up for the Thanksgiving 5K but not if I can't get a good pace going.

Now -- food!

05 November, 2013

Just blowing through the stop signs

I am happy to live so close to the transit center, since you have so many options for different routes.  However, it has its drawbacks and that is the Park and Ride lot and the late people trying to catch their bus.  Yesterday morning I stopped at the intersection to cross the street into the lot, which borders the transit center.  A woman had just finished her stop at the sign and was going through the intersection as I stepped out into the crosswalk, knowing the person behind her had to stop to let me go through.  Except, she did NOT stop but blew right through the intersection and came that close to me.  I was so astonished!  If I had thought a half a second quicker I would have swung my (heavy with a week's worth of breakfast and lunch) bag at her car.  As it was it just angered me.  Not only did she nearly run me down but at this time in the morning it's not easy to find a parking spot.  What did she do?  She parked in a ride share spot, then dashed to catch her bus.  I should have gotten her license number and reported her for that at least.  But .. I didn't think of it until just now.  Ah well.  But it really made me mad!!

Talk about mad - I was winning my match up and ended up losing by two lousy points because my opponent has Eddie Lacy!!!  I figured once Aaron Rogers went down I'd be fine but not.  So here I am stuck at 11th place.  There's always next year though and hopefully I don't get such a sucky draft pick.  In the meantime I get to play spoiler!

I got to work a lot on the Juneberry Triangle and finished up the first half of the edging and got the corner turned.  It's almost done!  Maybe I can finish it off this week.  I didn't pick a pattern for my new yarn yet.  There is only a little over 400 yards so that makes it more difficult.  I just know I want to make a ruffle, maybe a lacy ruffle, from the blue and then fill in the triangle or crescent with the other, maybe throwing in a row of blue in there as a garter ridge if I have enough.  I thought I'd check out the Mochi shawl I made a couple of years ago - or maybe it was only last year? - but it does have a big ruffle and maybe I can adapt.

I was very happy to get to run in the autumn sunshine yesterday.  I thought I might be a bit sore from the awkward angles I had to put myself into for painting on Sunday but I wasn't.  It was a slow run, but satisfying.  Today will be better.

04 November, 2013

Back to reality again

It's always so difficult to come back to work after a vacation.  And really, a week is never ever EVER long enough.  It seems I just start to relax and then it's time to head back to work.  But on the plus side, it was a really fun week off and the weather was absolutely spectacular when we finally did get out of town.

The weekend started out with a little painting.  Saturday we couldn't do anything because the electricians were there, but we did a little bit Sunday and a little more on Monday.  I had no idea it was going to be so difficult.  Think highly textured walls and white ceilings and colored walls.  Add in fancy moldings and you have a nightmare for non-professional painters.  Oh, plus I'm not real good with heights and there is a cathedral ceiling and guess who is the only one who can do a decent cut?  The floors weren't due to be finally finished until Wednesday so we were going to paint again on Tuesday but instead we headed to Port Townsend for a day and night before our two days in Sequim.

The weather could not have been any more perfect.  We got an early start, dropped Tink off at the Dog Resort and took the ferry to Kingston.  We stopped on Port Gamble for the best breakfast I have had in recent memory.  I can't even describe how crazy good the corned beef hash was.  We found a cute little hotel in Port Townsend and walked the galleries, had a drink on the balcony at Sirens, where it had to have been nearly 60 degrees.  Our dinner was just so-so but we found a perfectly awesome little band playing in a cellar and drank cocktails and listened to music until they were done.

We went through Port Angeles on Wednesday, visiting some thrift stores and ended up at an art park.  I wish it had been as sunny as Tuesday because I think it would have been a bit better considering all of the mirrors and shiny things stuck in the trees.  But it was very cool nonetheless.  Wednesday night we heard a very strange band.  Sequim is a big retirement community and the band was made up of retirees.  It had been billed as a bluegrass band but they were playing mostly country songs.

Halloween night we dressed up a bit and went back to the same place, hoping to get in some dancing, but I didn't care for the DJ so we didn't stay long and had a nice rest before heading back home on Friday.  Tink was SO happy to see me. 

November is known for its wind storms around here and Saturday was no exception.  It was so windy that the 520 bridge was closed.  I got some great knitting done on my Juneberry Triangle and am nearly to the center where I will "turn the corner" and I cannot wait to block this.  Although I did make a little mistake Saturday night. I have just one place where the hole made from a double YO is a bit bigger than it should be.  Hopefully it won't be too noticeable.  Or maybe I can figure out how to fix it.  I couldn't at the time so I put it away.  And the Seahawks game yesterday was just WAY too exciting to do any knitting at all. 

Before I left on my little adventure I received my second yarn box and I love love LOVE this yarn!  I have an idea for a wrap.  I'm going to try to design something specifically for this yarn.  It's 50-50 merino and silk, from Fiber Hound.  I'll bet the drape is going to be wonderful.  I'd like to do something like the Brown Eyed Susan pattern from Juju's Loops. Wouldn't this yarn be perfect for that?  Or maybe I should just get the book.  It's just that it's the only pattern from that book that looks at all interesting to me.  Well ... I'll think on it.  In the meantime - work.