30 June, 2015

It's all about football

For me, anyway.  It's five weeks until the start of training camp and this is the time of year that I'm just dying for anything football related.  I listen to sports talk radio. I watch old football movies.  In fact, last night I watched North Dallas Forty.  Well, most of it.  I forgot how much I hate the female lead in that movie.  The actress was just so wooden.  I wonder how much of it was direction and how much of it was just her.  She never really did much after that either.

When I got home the workers were still swarming over the house and sanding the deck in the back, so I had a quick shower (the windows were covered in plastic so I couldn't open them) and headed outside to the front where there was some shade and I could be away from the sanding.  Hopefully they can finish up today but I suspect not because they're going to have to do the porch and deck, two coats each.  Luckily we can come and go through the garage so they can do them at the same time.  I must say, it won't take them long to dry.

Tomorrow I've got to take the bus in to work because I'm going to a cocktail party right after work.  That's going to make for a long day.  It's noon knitting though so it won't be a complete bust of a day.  Plus I'll have to hang out for a while in the evening and I can knit. 

For now I'm enjoying the cool of the morning.  It won't last long.

29 June, 2015

Heat wave for sure

Friday was just plain miserable.  One of the faculty came into my office and exclaimed that it would be illegal for her to keep animals at this temperature.  Amen sister!  It is ridiculous and only going to get worse as the week progresses. 

It was too warm to knit on Friday so I sat in the shade and read for a while and ended up going to bed early.  The heat just saps me!  Therefore I woke up super early Saturday morning, which was good.  Ben had to work so he was out of the house before 7:30.  I got up, got cleaned up, got Tinkie walked, got a bunch of chores done and the laundry going and then ... then I had three solid hours to knit in the coolness of the morning before my hair appointment.  It was wonderful!  I got the first few rows of the pattern done.  It should go pretty fast, if I can carve out quiet time for knitting when it's cool enough.  But Sunday afternoon, before we had to go to a party, I had some time again to knit and ran up against another stupid knot in this ball of yarn.  Again, totally and completely my fault.  I spent another hour re-winding that ball.  Now we're good to go though.

I am getting SO antsy for a vacation.  A proper one, not just a long weekend, which is what we'll be having at the end of July.  Kelli wants us to come down to LA for a week, so I'm going to start working on that.  She wants us to come down in August, but I don't that that'll be possible.  More likely September.  It's something to work towards anyway.  And then .... Europe in April?  I'll have to count up vacation days.

First though I have to get through this hot hot day.

26 June, 2015

It's already hot

Oh lordy, it's going to be a long, hot day.  We are having a heat wave in Seattle and it's going to be in the 90s for the next few days.  The fan in my office does pretty much nothing.  And the house now is warmed up from the week of warm weather so there's not much comfort their either.  I think we'll have to bring the fans in tonight.

To make matters worse, I can't go to the gym today because I am stuck alone in the main office!  Monika has gotten that nasty stomach bug I had earlier this week and Bill is out at a meeting all morning.  I'll have to content myself with a walk up to the Ave at lunchtime.  I need some Clinique things anyway, so I can go up to the U Bookstore.  That will save me from having to go to Macy's this weekend. 

As soon as I got my chores done last night I sat down to untangle that ball of yarn.  It took a while, but I got it done and did a few rows as well.  I am not ready for the set up row and since there's Women's World Cup on tonight I know I will have the quiet time to do it.

Poor Tinkie got another ear infection, this time the right ear.  It's the heat causing the yeast to grow, I imagine.  She spent most of the night either in the bathroom on the cool tile or under the bed, but about 4 she wanted up onto the bed.  And then she was growling and barking.  I suspect there were critters out in the garden.  All of the windows were open, but I couldn't hear anything.  I don't have her hearing, that's for sure.  The only thing I have ever heard is a deer walk past the bedroom window.  I could hear its little hooves crunching on the gravel.  Kind of creepy.

25 June, 2015

Ball winding mishap

I will admit that I was a bit careless when I wound the yarn last weekend for my current project, the Shangri-la.  Sometimes when one is cranking the ball winder a little too fast the yarn will slip off the ball and wind itself around the spindle.  I try to catch it when that happens and unwind the yarn from the spindle and get it back onto the ball.  Then there are other times when I don't catch it until the ball is complete and it's nearly impossible to unwind at that point.  In this case, I hope for the best which is that the strands are near the end of the ball.  Not so with my latest effort.  For a while at noon knitting I was unwinding the yarn carefully around the wodge of yarn that had come up through the center of the ball.  But last night it just all went to pieces and the entire ball split into two equally snarled balls.  I cut the yarn and started the second ball but tonight I'm going to have to try to sort out the mess.  I am pretty sure I'll need that yarn to complete the project and I need to tackle the problem before it gets worse.  So much for getting some good knitting done tonight.

It's already hot in the office and it's going to get hotter today and tomorrow.  I have my blinds closed against the sun and a little fan blowing but it doesn't do much of anything.  No air conditioning in our office.  If I need some cool air I have to go out into the hall.  Stupid.

I saw a deer last night, finally.  Tink and I were on are way back from our walk and there standing in front of the driveway was a big doe.  Just beautiful.  It stood there for a while and I was trying to take a picture to send to my sister, but then Tink barked and it took off.  I know they are coming around at night though because you can see where they lay down in the garden.

24 June, 2015

True Detective

Since I wasn't feeling 100% Sunday evening, I forgot all about watching the premier of True Detective.  I remembered yesterday though and set it to record, so last night we watched the first episode.  Was I confused?  Yes, yes I was.  That is the point, I guess.  All of the actors were very good.  I might have to watch it again before the next episode.

Noon knitting today and it's going to be a hot one.  It was hot yesterday and each day this week is supposed to be hotter.  And next week as well.  It even looks like we'll be getting a hot July 4th weekend, which is always unusual.  We don't have any plans though.  There is a family party on the 28th of June for a graduation, and then another family party on the 11th of July for visiting relations.  I don't think we'll be able to host a party on the 4th so maybe we'll be able to just have a quiet long weekend.  I wouldn't hate that.

23 June, 2015

Some weekends just zip by

It was a quick one.  Saturday was chores and chores and then a graduation party.  The weather was great but I wasn't in the mood for a big ol' family party with a bazillion people I didn't know, so we didn't stay very long.  Just long enough to have a bite and talk to the major players.  

On Sunday all I had to do was grocery shopping and laundry.  Which was fine because I was not feeling all that great.  I don't know if something I ate didn't agree with me or if I had a little bug.  Whatever I was down most of Sunday and yesterday as well. 

On Friday I decided that I am not going to use that linen yarn but instead found a very cool wrap to make with beads (sound familiar -- I am stuck in a rut) to use the wonderful Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts merino bamboo from one of my Yarnbox shipments.  I am going to make the Shangri-la wrap.  Now I know I have a lot of wraps but my thinking was why make something just because I should use the yarn?  I mean, I enjoy making wraps and knitting is about enjoyment.  I know what happens when I knit something I should knit.  I don't.  It languishes in my pile of WIPs.  So maybe I'll trade or sell that linen.  I do have the yarn for a nice cardigan I'm looking forward to making so I don't see any reason to force myself to make a cardigan just to use the linen.  No, I don't want a linen wrap. 

Other than that .. starting a new project .. things are pretty stale around here.  I need something to shake things up.

19 June, 2015

It's all about the US Open

Oh my goodness.  That's all you hear about ... well, that and the Seahawks mini camp.  But this US Open course is very different and yesterday was the start of the tournament.  The course is very hilly.  I'm not much of a golf fan, but the general public is really getting into this event.  And of course the sports talk guys are also all over it because the Mariners are sucking SO bad and the Seahawks just started their 6 weeks off.  Or another way to look at it -- six weeks until the start of training camp!

It stayed cloudy yesterday, most of the day, but no more rain.  This morning it is sprinkling and you can almost hear the ground sucking it up.  Again, it won't last long but I didn't have to water my tomatoes or herbs yesterday.  Back to sunshine tomorrow.

I sure love the IMA during the summer.  It is so quiet in the locker room and I don't have to fight for space.  I might run today.  My foot was a little bit tweaky though so perhaps I should stick to the bike and try running next week instead.

Last night after a little trip to Triplehorn I got the ends woven in on the blanket and popped it into the washing machine.  It came out looking super good and now it's drying on the table and pads.  I will give it to Mai tomorrow.  I still don't know what I want to start next though.  I kind of know what I want to do but I can't find a pattern that does it.  Except maybe the Breezy Cardigan.  My problem, if you can call it that, is that I have to incorporate stripes into it because I don't have enough of one color.  I have four white skeins, two of beige and one of brown.  It will be a very classic neutral piece.  I think I'll just buy it and dig in.  It seems to be a very good TV knitting piece.  While I would love to dig into a difficult project, I don't get the long amounts of peaceful knitting time I used to get when I was single so I can't be doing those types of things exclusively.  I always need to have a somewhat mindless project to hand.  And I am looking forward to my Artyarns Yarnbox in a few weeks and I am hoping that will be my tough project.

This weekend we've got a graduation party for my nephews on Saturday and Tink's vet appointment.  That's about it so I suspect there will be some chores in there as well. 

18 June, 2015


I finished the knitting portion and started binding off at noon knitting yesterday.  And then last night I finished binding off.  It took forever!  Tonight I'll weave in the ends and pop it in the washing machine.  It's a small blanket, but it is for a new born, so I think it's perfect.  Here is a picture of it on the dining room table. I just love love LOVE it!  And I chose to bind of knit wise rather than doing it in pattern.  I like the clean look of the edge.  It looks more finished to me this way.  Such a lovely baby pink too.  I trust it is going to wash up well.  It's Berrocco superwash, so it should be fine.  I won't put it in the dryer though.  I'd love to make another one but larger.  I made this with size 9 needles and I like the fabric.  I wonder how difficult it would be to add another layer, just reversing the last fifty rows.  Hmmmmm

But that's for another time.  Now I need to think about my linen project.  Or maybe the pretty purple very lacy project from the last classic Yarnbox.  I'll check on the website and look at the pattern.  So many choices.  Oh!  Plus I'll be getting the new Yarnbox plus Artyarns in a few weeks as well!  Yips.  An embarrassment of richest.

It was sprinkling a little bit this morning and it maybe will do it some more tomorrow.  We need it.

I am getting jazzed about football.  I have finished my audiobooks for the month and now must listen to either music or sports talk podcasts until I get my next one, which will be the new Shardlake book.  But football.  The Seahawks are having their first mini camp today.  Soon soon soon

17 June, 2015

Today's the day

I'm going to finish that blanket today.  Maybe not at noon knitting, although I should get pretty close.  But tonight for sure.  I just have a few more petals to knit and then the binding off of 550 stitches.  In pattern, which is a hassle since it's seed stitch.  I did want to do it last night, but what with one thing and another - getting my hair dried, Tink walks, preparing a deeeelicious meal, cleaning up.  At that point I just wanted to watch a little TV, read and fall asleep.  Tinkerbell has a very restless night, unfortunately.  She has an ear thing going on and that might have something to do with it.  Luckily I have an appointment with the vet this coming Saturday to get her some tranquilizers for the fireworks ahead so they can take a look at it then.  She hasn't had that problem for quite a while.  Not since I've been at this house so that's at least a year.  I kept the medicine so I'm able to get the treatment started, which is good.

Since my blanket is nearly finished I've got to choose a pattern for my linen cardigan.  I've got an idea of what I want but I've got to figure out if I've got enough yarn.  This was a pretty generous Yarnbox so I'm pretty sure I've got enough for the style of cardigan I want to make - an open fronted one kind of like the Whisper, but with longer fronts.

Well Saturday is the official start of Summer and the weather is still pretty spectacular as if we've been having summer all this month.  We should by rights be experiencing June Gloom, like they are in LA.  Ah well, no complaints here.  And the critters -- I saw two raccoons "sleeping" by the side of the road this morning on the way to the Transit Center.  And a few yesterday as well.  And the rabbits .... the only thing I've haven't seen yet this year are deer.  Maybe Tink keeps them away.

16 June, 2015

Where the heck is my gray running skirt???

I am mystified.  I actually thought it was here at work in my bottom drawer, where I keep my workout clothes.  But it is not.  So that's why I bought the new black Adidas one.  However, I would really like to have that gray one so I don't have to wash my gym clothes during the week.  My second guess was one of the bottom two drawers in my chest.  I keep T-shirts and lounging pants, miscellaneous stuff in there.  I did a search and no skirt.  So while we were watching a movie Sunday I took out the two deep drawers that I use for socks and stockings and camisoles and all sorts of things and took everything out.  I ended up with a garbage bag of worn out socks, tights with holes, bras I'll never wear again, old camisoles but did I find a running skirt?  No.  No I did not.  Now my last chance is the closet.  On the top I have a couple of baskets and I can't remember exactly what's in there.  I moved to this house in August of last year and I was sure I was using my running skirt then but maybe not.  Maybe it's up there in those baskets.  I'll check tonight.

It was super hot yesterday.  I had to drop by the doctor's office to check on how my new medicine is working and then I stopped at the store to get things for a nice seafood salad.  It was much too hot to cook and I was craving a salad.  I got shrimp and crab and lots of fresh veggies and then made a nice dressing.  When we were ready we made our own salad.  Lovely.  I think we'll do it again tonight since I bought WAY too much seafood.  Or maybe I'll make some pasta.  I can't decide.

The blanket is nearly done.  I'm on the last row and then the bind off.  Unfortunately on the row before I screwed up almost an entire row of seed stitch!!!  Arghghgh!!  I can't rip it out.  There is no way.  I will have to think of some camouflage or maybe once it's bound off and washed it won't be noticeable .... except for me.  I'll know it's there.  Gah!  If I decide I can't stand it I'll have to rip out about 20 hours of work.  I would have to rip it back to before the seed stitch section starts.  I don't know.  I will have a think on it.

15 June, 2015

SO close

The weather stayed decent this weekend - as in not extremely hot - and I was able to work on the blanket Friday night and Saturday and some also yesterday.  I am 1 1/2 rows away from the bind off row.  Unfortunately the temperature is set to rise today so I very much doubt it will be cool enough to work on it tonight.  I need to get it finished so I can give it to Mai this coming weekend.  Then I can wind that beautiful linen I got from the Yarnbox Luxe and work on a light weight summer cardigan.

I was awake super early on Saturday and took advantage of it to get to Home Depot before the worst of the crowds.  I got the fence post toppers exchanged for the correct ones and then had to sit in the parking lot for a while before I could drive up to the mall.  The mall doesn't open until 10 am, so I called McG to check on his dog's operation.  Poor little thing has to wear a cone for three weeks!  Max, not McG.

Ben got in Sunday morning and I went to pick him up in the fancy car, top down.  It was a gorgeous morning and we stopped for a meal on the way home.  We sat outside and Tink was nice and content in a shady spot.  Then we stopped at the store where I had shopped for groceries on Saturday and had left the beautiful roses I bought!  The checker didn't put them into my basket and I didn't realize it until I got home.  I phoned and they put them into the cooler for me.  That was nice.  And they are gorgeous.  A really pretty coral.

I have to leave early today to get to the doctor by 3 o'clock.  I probably won't be able to get to the gym.  I still need to check the bus schedule, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to leave around 1:30 and since I don't get back from the gym until 1, I probably shouldn't go.  We'll see.

12 June, 2015


Yesterday I got an email from an old friend who has signed up to run a 5K in July.  He hasn't done a race in about 20 years so that's really something.  The sign ups are slow so the race committee asked people who had already signed up to forward the message in hopes of getting more participants.  Running was, therefore, on my mind when I got to the gym.  I climbed up to the third floor and decided when I got there that I would run and see how it went.  And it was fine!  I felt great and my foot felt great.  I was awfully tired yesterday evening and today I'm a bit sore but all in all, I feel it was a success.  I'll run a couple times next week and then I can assess the situation.  I truly would love to do the 5K.  It's a month away from now so there's plenty of time to get ready for it.  Oh ... how much fun would that be??  Since I've been doing cardio my wind is fine.  It's just how much wear and tear my toe can take.

The weather has cooled off and it was cool enough for me to knit last night and I did.  I think I did three rows.  Mind you, those rows (rounds, actually) are getting pretty darned big.  I will end up with around 550 stitches when it's done.  It's cooler even today so I can knit some more tonight on it.  Tinkie was pretty good last night, although she wanted to play ball twice in the evening.  She needs a nice long walk.  Hopefully I can take her to the park tomorrow.  I want to take a quick run to Macy's and that's pretty much my day tomorrow except for chores.  And then Sunday morning ..... woohoo! 

11 June, 2015

Why is traffic always the worst on Thursday?

Why?  I cannot figure it out!  Could it be more people drive on Thursday if they're having a long weekend?  Leave straight from work Thursday so they drive in?  That doesn't seem like it could make that much difference.  What else could it be?  And actually the parking garage was not nearly as full as it was yesterday so clearly more people are driving in.  School isn't out yet, but it is finished for the medical and dental students.  I guess I'll never know for sure. 

I got some good work done on the blanket yesterday at noon because I could put it on the table while I worked rather than having it laying in my lap.  I guess I could also do that at home, but it's not really comfortable to sit at the dining table to knit.  I had a few chores when I got home -- laundry and watering the plants as well as the normal Tinkie walks.  I wanted to knit but I was tired and it was a little too warm.  It is cooling down a bit so maybe tonight?  Let's hope. 

Football is very much on my mind these days.  I know it's basketball and hockey playoff time but I don't care much about those sports at all.  But football will be starting up at the end of July and the OTAs have already started so that means there is a lot of football in the news.  So last night I watched (re-watched, to be more accurate) some episodes of The League.  They never get old.

10 June, 2015


Yesterday was quiet the day for disasters here at work.  One woman's aunt died, another woman's son had a heart attack.  Somebody else has the stomach flu.  Okay, so that's not as bad as the others, but it's a slow news day.

Graduation hasn't even happened and already it feels like the dead of summer.  It's this nice weather when we're expecting June gloom.  It puts you off kilter. 

It was too warm to do much knitting last night and even with all the windows open it felt stuffy in the house.  Tink was happy for her usual 5 o'clock walk but at 7 o'clock rather than walk up and down the streets she wanted to go around the perimeter of the yard.  Her long line doesn't get her near the tree line and sometimes that's where she wants to go, where the scents of the animals coming up from the ravine are the strongest.  I let her have a good long sniff and then I went to bed with her at 8 and finished my book.  SUCH a good read - A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson.  It's kind of like a companion book to Time After Time, another awesome read.  I have a few books in my wish list but if anyone has a recommendation .....

So it's Wednesday and I know that I'll at least get a couple rows done on that blanket this noontime.  I have got to get it done soon.  Mai will be quitting work to have her baby at the end of this month.

09 June, 2015

Love Locks and Chipmunks

No, they have nothing to do with each other except they're both in my mind this morning.  I have for a long time been unhappy about those stupid locks on the bridges in Paris (and other places as well).  I noticed them when I was there last July and again this spring.  What an eyesore!  Well, I read last week that they are in the process of being removed!  Hoorah!!  Now if they can do something about keeping more idiots from replacing them.  And fining the people caught selling the locks.  Fat chance.

A few weeks ago I thought I saw chipmunks in the trees but I wasn't absolutely sure.  Well, last night I was inside and looked out to see one on the deck!  A chipmunk for sure.  I was under the impression they were only in the higher elevations because I've never seen them anywhere but in the mountains.  I guess they just don't like cities. 

I really wanted to work on my blanket last night.  But because the house had been closed up while I was at work and because of the heat from the days before, it was simply too hot to sit with a blanket on my lap.  So no knitting since I had left my socks here at work.  It might not be so hot today, but my guess is it'll still be too hot tonight.  Tomorrow though, for noon knitting.  I am rather anxious to get this done. 

My new running skirt was just the thing for the gym.  I was much more comfortable although still pouring sweat.  I would dearly love to run in my running skirt but my guess is it'll be another month or so.  I want to make sure my foot is 100%.

08 June, 2015

It's not even summer yet!

Heavens it is warm!  Hot!  And it's going to stay like this all week long and into the weekend as well.  Lucky for me the house stays relatively cool, not having any windows facing directly east or west.  That is a huge bonus. 

Friday was not a very productive day for me, since I had to spend the morning taking care of a little health issue.  But I went to town on the weekend.  I got a couple more herbs and some color bowls planted, I got the game/office finished and pictures hung there and a few more throughout the house, I got my yarn sorted and frogged a few projects I know I won't be finishing and hoorah, I found both of my long Denise cords.  The blanket is now on the 52" cord and crowding it something awful.  And I've still got around 25 rows to go!  I also trimmed back some bushes and did all the laundry and the bedding AND washed the dog!  And I still had time to read and laze around.  Tinkie was not terribly interested in going for long walks because of the heat.  She perks up a bit at night when it gets a bit cooler but then comes 8 o'clock and she's for bed.  Last night I put her in there and did not join her, instead knitted in the living room.  That didn't last long and she wanted to be out there with me.  But I threw in the towel around 9:30 anyway.

I am trusting the IMA to have the air conditioning cranked today and I also purchased a running skirt to wear rather than my long workout pants.  I know I have that gray one around somewhere but I can't find it so I got a cute Adidas one - black with a hot pink stripe at the waist.  I'm sure my gray one will turn up, especially if I look a little bit harder.

It seems like Ben's been gone for more than a week, but I suppose that's because he was gone for the weekend.  And this week as well as Saturday.  It's going to be a long hot week.

04 June, 2015

Blankie progress

I got back on the horse, so to speak, with noon knitting and got two or three rows done on the baby blanket.  Then I got right back to it when I got home, after Tink's walk, etc.  It is growing but still works on the 32" bamboo circular.  This weekend I really should search out one of the two long Denise cords I have and frog whichever project is on that needle.  I will certainly need a longer needle at some point soon.  The blanket will end up with over 500 stitches when all of the increases are done.  I estimate I've got about forty more rows to go and, at approximately 30 minutes a row .... that is a bunch of knitting left on this project!

I got my YarnBox Luxe yesterday.  I keep hoping for cashmere but this time we got seven skeins of Shibui Linen.  That's a lot of yarn, as in probably enough for a cardigan if I don't want to make another wrap, which I don't.   I'd like to make a drape-y cardigan, like the Effortless Cardigan, although I have ordered the yarn to make the Summer Lace Wrap Cardigan but you can't have too many cardigans now, can you?

I finally this week finished listening to the Outlander series.  How long have I been listening to those books?  Forever it seems.  I am now listening to the St. Mary's series and, because the Outlander books were so long, I had one already purchased and credits for two more.  So I got those ordered and in my library and then I see that there's a new Shardlake book available!  Oh hurrah!  I will get it when I get this month's credits and pop it in there to break up the St. Mary's series. 

Well we're supposed to get sunshine today and progressively warmer weather as the weekend goes on.  I haven't had to water my little herbs or tomatoes for the past couple of days, but I'll need to keep up with it for the foreseeable future.  There are already little tiny tomatoes on my Early Girl plant!  And this weekend I've got to get the rest of my herbs purchased and into pots as well as flowers for some color spots and hanging baskets.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

03 June, 2015

Impressed again with customer service

What a lovely surprise.  After being completely blown away when Amazon refunded the price of a rental video they deemed to have had playback issues without a complain from me, I was equally impressed by Sony.  Although I had to spend a couple of hours on the phone to be absolutely sure the player was defective, I sent it back and Monday I got a new one in the mail!  How awesome is that?  Pretty awesome, I'd say.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday.  I came to work, went to the gym and had an uneventful evening.  Actually, I did a lot.  Of course the usual Tinkie walks and  playing, and I did my hair and cooked a fabulous dinner of roasted vegetables.  I mixed it up a little bit this time.  I omitted the summer squash and instead used a fennel bulb and, also out of the ordinary, I had an ear of corn so I took the corn off the cob and added it in for the last 30 minutes.  I used some fresh herbs from my teensie herb garden plus some Tarragon (which I want to get for my garden) that I had purchased for the mussels that I didn't get around to cooking.  It was SO good and, bonus, I've got leftovers for tonight.  Maybe I can actually do some knitting tonight.

Today is Wednesday noon knitting - we're back to Wednesday thank goodness.  It's cloudy and chilly so working on the blanket will be perfect.  I think it will be only two of us today though.  MaryEllin is gone until the end of July and I believe Diana is off on vacation.   

02 June, 2015

Cue the crickets

It is SO quiet here this morning.  I am alone in the suite and I haven't heard anyone walk by nor do I hear any distant voices.  It's spooky.  I know the chairman's assistant is here because I saw her when I came in.  But other than that ..... it's almost as if I got in an hour early. 

Yesterday was pretty quiet as well.  I had a nice workout at the IMA, and walked in the rain to get there.  Actually I was a little cold, having only brought a long cardigan rather than a jacket or coat.  It's the same today although not raining right now.  It makes me sleepy. 

I did have plans to knit last night, but I got cozy on the couch with Tinkerbell and just had a do nothing Monday night.  I watched stupid TV, cooked a Trader Joe's flatbread pizza and went to bed early.  I slept quite well so I am a bit surprised that I'm so sleepy but there you go.  Tonight I'll make roasted vegetables and do at least a couple of rows of the blanket.  It goes pretty quickly, actually.  It's perfect TV knitting.  Not totally boring.

01 June, 2015

June clouds

We had a super gorgeous Friday and the weekend was also very nice.  Not too hot, plenty of sun.  Today the clouds have moved in and we're predicted to get some sprinkles but later this week, it's going to be hot.  We're having quite the nice Spring.  I saw three rabbits this morning and yesterday noticed a round spot in one of the little flower gardens.  I believe something (a deer) is sleeping there.  I really wanted to get some more herbs and some flowers for some color spots around, hanging baskets, etc.  But we had seven stops to make on Saturday and a couple more on Sunday and the garden store wasn't one of them.  Ah well, I've got two weeks, including weekends, to get that kind of stuff.  It'll keep me plenty busy this coming weekend.

Gregg called Friday evening and we had quite a nice chat about reviving our duo.  The plan is that we'll get the songs we know back up to preference level and do a couple of open mike nights, and then add a few more songs so that we have an hour of material.  Then we'll look for a little gig or opening act gig.  It's something to do and I'm excited about it.  It will be so much fun.

I had wanted to make steamed mussels this Saturday and got myself all set for a nice seafood dinner, when there are no mussels to be had!  I guess there's some sort of red tide thing going on in Hood's Canal and/or Penn Cove.  Since we'd had such a late lunch anyway, we ended up with a nice arugula salad with tomatoes and a horseradish vinaigrette - I tried to recreate a dressing we had in Paris that I just loved - and some little beef things on the BBQ.  Just a little bite. 

After all of our running around yesterday I just wanted to knit.  I haven't touched that blanket since last week and I've got to get it done before this month is out!  It's going to be not so hot these next few evenings so I'll really get on it.  But I think I should search out a longer cord.  I changed last night from the 29 inch Addi to the 32 inch bamboo needles and I think it's going to be a real chore to get all of those stitches - over 500 when all of the increases are done - to fit onto that needle.  I've got Denise long cords.  Just exactly where .... not sure.  I think it's time to frog a few more languishing projects.