30 March, 2017

Right on schedule

I went to see the physical therapist yesterday and I am happy to say I am right on schedule.  I have stopped wearing the cast to bed --  it was just too uncomfortable and I don't need it.  I have graduated to strength training for the hand.  It will be another month until I can list any more than 10 pounds - the bone needs to be completely healed.  Otherwise I am pain free and I can do most anything.  Hooray.

I have been on my own all week and the weather has been just awful.  We have gotten soaked on our morning walks routinely.  I am keen to get out and plant my three new lilacs and prune the roses and other things, but it's just icky and wet and it's going to have to wait for a little sunshine.

Today I am going to do my taxes.  I've got everything in front of me and so away we go.

24 March, 2017

Working through the chores

It seems that having all the time in the world does not keep one from being a procrastinator.  Yesterday I finally went to have my car serviced - a few months late.  No real reason other than I kept putting it off.  And now I keep doing the same thing with my taxes.  I think because I know it's going to be different this year and I may have to pay, haven finally gotten the divorce settlement and put the money to work.  So .... that needs to be on my list for next week.  Ben will be out of town and I'll just need to dig in and get it done.

But now I am tasked with getting a couple of trips to Europe together.  I already have planned for us to go for two weeks at Thanksgiving but I put the bug in Ben's ear about canal trips in France and he is now quite keen to do it.  Now now now.  Well you know how I feel about traveling to Europe in high season.  Not my favorite thing to do.  I'll do some digging around and see what I can come up with.  It'll have to be quick though.

Knitting seems to be helping with my broken wrist therapy.  I did it until it hurt yesterday and it's on the agenda for today.  I can't wait to be back to 100%.

22 March, 2017

Spring finally

Not that you can really tell it by the weather.  It is Seattle spring.  Wet and cloudy, but the gardens are coming alive.  I walked around the yard yesterday and see that indeed the roses need pruning and the first sunny day I'm going to take care of that.  I don't see signs of new growth on the hydrangea trees yet, but I will look closer.  I'd like to take care of pruning those as well when I do the roses.  I also found a mangled opossum in that bed.  It looked squished but then I didn't get right up to it.  I don't know what kind of animal would kill it and not eat it ... weird.  Ben took care of it, thank goodness.  It would have started a mighty stink.

So what else?  I am still not allowed to go to the gym.  I can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds and yes, before you voice that though, I could definitely go to the gym and get on the treadmill or bike but that's not what I want to do.  I can just take a walk in that case.  I want to take my class.  I am doing very well, if I do say so myself, with the exercising of my hand and wrist.  I see improvement every day with strength and flexibility.  Maybe I can get them to let me start up little earlier.  They said mid-April.  I see the PT next week so maybe first of April?

Knitting is coming along fine.  It is sure nice to get back to it.  I'd like to do something other than a shawl next.  Although I did get some lovely yarn from my Luxe Yarnbox .... an Artyarns kit for - of course - another shawl.  Ah well.

I made plans for a long weekend in Port Townsend in early April but I've not started on the New Orleans trip.  I am actually a bit blue these days.  I guess after all of that glorious sunshine and warm weather it's really a bummer to be here in the clouds and rain.  I need to shake it off though.  Ben's going to be gone all next week and I can't be just pouting around the house by myself for a whole week.  That's no good.

15 March, 2017

Free at last

Monday I saw the doctor, had more X-rays, and was very happy to see that the bone has healed.  Six weeks it took.  Now I can keep the cast off all during the day except when I'm out hiking around or in crowds.  The swelling is still there but I can see my wrist bone now.  That's progress.  In therapy I was given another set of passive exercises, which are painful but tolerable.  Plus which I can knit now and boy have I been taking advantage of that!  I am knitting away on my Metalouse and have just started the slipped stitches part.

Hawaii was just what the doctor ordered.  It was gorgeous and warm and sunny.  And there were so many people from Seattle in Kona.  In every restaurant and bar we heard mention of Seattle. It seems everyone wanted to escape this winter.  Now we're back and it's tolerable but only because the temperatures have risen and it's no longer below freezing.  The rain is still with us but I am seeing signs of spring all over the place and hearing the frogs.  Soon it will be time to prune the roses.  I am rather disappointed that I won't be able to have my Potager garden this year, but we'll have all summer to build it rather than having to rush.  That's nice.

I have lots of errands and it's pouring rain.  Not a good day to be driving around but it can't be helped.  Tink needs food and I've got to go to the recycle. Better get started.

01 March, 2017

one month out

It is four weeks since I broke my wrist and I had my second visit with PT yesterday.  I am progressing nicely.  The swelling will be with me for a while, but the pain is pretty much gone except when I am exercising the wrist.  I have to keep the splint full time for two more weeks at least, but now I am to take my shower without the splint and also do a series of stretching and bending motions with the fingers and hand, bending the wrist back and around.  It is uncomfortable but it must be done.  I tried knitting and it does not hurt per se, but the placement of my thumb against the hard splint is sufficiently uncomfortable to make it no fun.

The snow has been a big bother.  We had another bout Monday, but it is hone now.  Oh I am so looking forward to Hawaii.  We  leave Saturday for a week in Kona.  It has been a while an we are both very excited.

Typing with one hand is no fun.