29 February, 2012

Nearly there!

Thanks everyone for all the nice text messages and positive thoughts. This will be a tough day, but totally worth it. Now if I could just get myself up and started!!

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28 February, 2012

You can't make this stuff up!

I got an email yesterday right before 5 pm saying that the trial had been MOVED to Wednesday!  According to the email, the judge's schedule had a conflict, so we are moved to Wednesday at 9:15.  One more day.  But you know what?  I don't care.  I received the most astonishing gift yesterday.  I still am in shock and I can't stop smiling.  It simply doesn't matter what happens at that trial.  As I said, I win no matter what the outcome.  And now I can make my April plans.  I truly am just so so lucky to have such wonderful, incredible people in my life. 

Yesterday evening was just a blur.  I was in such a whirl from the news.  I cooked some dinner, walked the dog and had a deep and restful sleep.  I have lately been sleeping poorly, for obvious reasons and I dread waking in the night because I can't shut my mind down and go back to sleep.  But not last night.  I woke once, turned over and went right back to sleep until the alarm went off!  Bliss. 

I have a fun programming problem to work on today and no noon knitting tomorrow obviously, but Thursday I'm going to get back out there and start running again.  I have decided not to do the St. Paddy's Day Dash this year, but I know there will be a good run in May, and maybe April.  I'll look around next week.

27 February, 2012

In some culture this MUST be good luck

I have heard of this happening to people all my life.  In fact, it happened to a girlfriend of mine when she was on a first date and walking through Central Park.  But never before Sunday afternoon had I ever experienced being in the direct line of fire of a bird.  And a rather large bird, at that.  I have done a little Google research and this is what I come up with:

When Bird Droppings Land On Your Head
Many people believe this to be a major sign of wealth coming from heaven. Hence, although, it is really yucky and a major inconvenience, when something like this happens to you, take comfort in the fact that this is described as good luck being just around the corner! In fact, most things associated with birds tend to spell good fortune, such as when birds fly to your home and start making nests in and around your house. While bats bring abundance, birds bring good news and opportunities. The next time a flock of ravens, pigeons or magpies come to your home, feed them with bird seeds. Birds are also said to be powerful protectors and guardians. Even crows are said to be messengers of the Gods. So welcome birds with open arms.

See?  You look closely enough and turn a nasty situation into a pot of gold.  (Insert cheesy grin here)

I had an absolutely fabulous time Saturday night!  It was SO much fun!!  I have four LBDs (little black dress) that I adore and one of them is just not appropriate for work situations so that's the one I wore Saturday night.  The event was held in an art gallery and wasn't huge, but very well attended.  There were tables for the silent auction items, two wine bars, and some finger food.  The theme was Mardi Gras so the food was mostly fried and on toast.  There were little crawfish pies, which were tasty, and some lovely fish on toast that was grilled and some raw shrimp but most everything else was not great.  Besides the silent auction items there was a blackjack table.  One would buy $20 of chips to start.  If you won, then for every 5 chips you would get a ticket to enter a drawing for other prizes.  I could not lose.  It was embarrassing!  I must have gotten at least 15 tickets and finally I quit playing.  It was fun though.  No, I didn't win one of the drawings but I did buy a gorgeous etched plate and bowl, c. 1930s.  Really beautiful.  My friend Andy bought a Coach Bucket Bag for his daughter, and my friend Joan got a couple of things -- hers were experiences.  Lessons of some sort and .... I can't remember what else.  It was just plain fun and I really really  needed it.

Sunday morning Tink and I had a two hour walk.  I had gotten most of my chores and errands done on Saturday so I didn't have much on my plate for Sunday.  I did a little shopping - got a stand to display that gorgeous plate, did a little knitting.  It was a quiet evening. 

I'm all rested up.  I am not looking forward to tomorrow except that it will finally all be over no later than 4 o'clock, except the verdict.  And really, no matter what happens, I win.  I am away from that mess and there's nothing but good things to come.  I think the first thing I am going to do is start planning something for April.  I'm going to contact my friends in Paris first and find out when they're planning on going to the south of France.  And if I can't make that work then I'll find something else to do.  But I do need to have a spring trip to plan and look forward to and that's a good place to start.

24 February, 2012

One down one to go

It was a short but intense afternoon yesterday in court.  I gave testimony first, then was questioned by the Opposing Counsel.  One word:  Fun.  One of my witnesses couldn't be there so we did get to start with the Respondent's testimony.  Then my attorney had 10 minutes to start her questioning, which she will finish on Tuesday.  This is grueling.  I had to go to my "happy place" twice.  I just wanted to close my eyes and make it all go away, but unfortunately I don't think that would be appropriate. Or whip out some knitting, but again I don't think it would have gone over too well with the judge.  Ah well ... We go on.  I am looking forward to a fun evening tomorrow and I have a hair appointment after work today, which is always nice.  I have a good treat for Tink, to keep her busy.   She loves going there because everyone rubs her belly when they go by. 

Keep the positive vibes coming!

23 February, 2012

We go today!

The word finally came to us yesterday afternoon that we are scheduled to begin the trial at 1:30 today.  It won't be finished by 4:30, so it will continue next Tuesday at 9:30.  It seems a long time, but the court doesn't hear trials on Friday and on Monday there is a conference the judges will be attending.  So ... I am very glad I have a nice party to look forward to this weekend to at least keep part of my mind busy.

I have read through all of the trial documents my lawyer sent me and I'm feeling as if I'm in very good hands.  One can never be confident in a situation like this.  Divorce, especially one with odd circumstances, is never cut and dried.  But I do feel that I am with a very competent person by my side.  Plus, all of the positive thoughts coming my way from friends and family doesn't hurt either!

Lucky for me, after I got the news I did have a project to keep me occupied until it was time to go home, otherwise I would have been good for nothing!  I am working from home today and also have a few things to keep me busy until it's time to shower and change and head out.

I kept myself busy last night with phone calls and knitting and actually had a pretty good night's sleep.  I am refreshed, cautiously optimistic and read to get this thing over with.

Fingers crossed everybody!

22 February, 2012

And we wait

And wait and wait and wait.  This is very annoying, but I'm just getting on with my life.  What else can I do?  I can put my nose to the screen and get on with it.  Sooner or later we'll get the call and either go on with the trial or have another date in the near future.  The most annoying part is having to drive in and carry a change of clothes with me.  That's not the end of the world now, is it?  It's all for a good cause.  Me.  Oh, and the other annoying part is that I can't run at lunchtime because I have to be ready to look presentable.  I will make up for it as soon as I can!

After being off work for two days last week one would think I'd been really really busy, but thankfully it's not so.  I did take care of a few emergent things while I was laid up, but this is a lull in my year where I typically start new long term projects and I've got two of those on the burners.  That means I can be wound up about this trial thing and not have it impact my work. 

This weekend is a wonderful benefit party that I am SO looking forward to attending.  My friend John's daughter works for the charity and she mentioned the fund raiser when we were out on Hood Canal at John's "cabin".  So not only do I get to spend time with John, one of my favorite buddies, but my friend Andy is coming too, and I get to dress up, drink, gamble and bid on things!  Oh, and I don't have to drive!  Win win win win and win.

Noon knitting today.  I was going to bring the new scarf I had started this weekend, but brought the little cashmere cardigan start instead.  They're both lovely projects with awesome yarn but I've been neglecting it, so today I'm going to show it some love.

21 February, 2012

So now I wait

Even though a judge was assigned to my case last March, she cannot hear the case and so we are all waiting.  The court calls it being "on call" and it is exactly that.  If a judge become available this afternoon we will get a call and away we go.  If not then we wait for tomorrow, and so on.  I do believe if we go for a week without getting a judge then it is re-assigned for further down the road.  It is nerve racking to say the least.

Most likely because of the stress I was hit hard with some sort of virus last week.  If it hadn't been for Tink I would have been in bed all Thursday and Friday, but she needs to go out a couple times a day, so I got out for some air too.  By Friday afternoon I was feeling more normal, oh but when I woke up all I wanted was a massage!  You  know when you just ache all over?  I could have gone to the spa and just soaked in the baths, but I don't think it's right to go out in a public place like that where everyone is naked when you don't feel well.  So I suffered, since my bathtub is not for lounging.

Friday evening a work friend came over to test the healing powers of Tito's Handmade Vodka.  Not one to stand in the way of science, I gave it a go.  Saturday morning I woke up at 11 am!  I can't remember how long it's been since I had such a sleep in.  But I felt terrific!  So I guess the vodka worked.

I was so far ahead of myself with my chores, not wanting to do laundry on a Sunday if I can at all help it, that I was at loose ends at 3 o'clock and decided to drive out to Tuesday Morning for a browse.  I found a nice scented candle and a jar of green olives and ... big find ... four skeins of a 50/50 merino and silk blend yarn that is perfect for a scarf pattern I have been wanting to make.  I haven't bought any yarn in a year, so this was a perfect little treat and I took it home and got right to work.

Sunday also was quiet.  We had another few walks.  The walks on Saturday were tough because the wind was blowing and it was very cold.  We walked over to the mall on Sunday (Tink is very popular at the mall) so I could get some moisturizer and the woman behind the counter was saying she heard we were going to have more snow.  So far, no snow but plenty of rain.

Oh and yesterday.  Yes, I came in to work on a holiday!  I was so out of it that I completely forget about the holiday.  I rode all the way in on the bus, wondering where all the people were.  Got to the office and couldn't get in because my Prox card is in my desk drawer (no comments please) and so I turned around and went right back home.  Tink was confused.

And now I have got to take care of some of this mess.  My office looks like papers have been tossed all over the place and in fact, they have.

20 February, 2012

Guess showed up to work on a holiday?

That would be me. I have been so out of it since last week when something knocked me to my knees. Urghgh. No definite court date set yet. We are on stand by waiting for a judge very stressful.

17 February, 2012

Bad Haiku poetry

I feel a bit tense
A massage would be so nice
Or a walk maybe

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15 February, 2012

Petty Tyranny

I cannot believe the sheer nerve of some people!!  There is a junior faculty member who has been so completely and utterly uncooperative and continues to be so, despite the many requests from his own department and ours.  What I don't understand is why his dean or chairman can't just tell him what to do in this instance, rather than asking his preference.  This is a matter of schedule, not life threatening, but certainly a major inconvenience to over 160 students.  I am truly glad that I'm not in a position to voice my opinion on this matter because I am afraid diplomacy would be right out the door.  I don't envy my chairman.  He's got to deal with this and I have no idea what he's going to do.  My fervent wish is that he stand firm, but I suspect he's going to have to let it go.  It just makes me very very VERY angry.  [rant off]

Yesterday the medical students were selling pancakes - a little jump on Shrove Tuesday I expect - right outside of my office.  The smell was torture.  No, I didn't have one.  I had strawberries and oatmeal for breakfast, as usual.  But I was sorely tempted. 

It has gotten cold again!  Last night I had to turn my heat on in my apartment to stay comfortable and when I finally headed to bed to read I needed to pull up the down comforter!  So today is thick, warm sweater day.  I don't often ... well, actually  never last year because of the heating problem in my office .. wear these bulky sweaters but today I'm wearing one of my favorites.  It's a long, almost tunic length, brown chunky raglan turtleneck with a gorgeous cable down the front.  It is a sweater I made when I was first starting knitting and I just winged this pattern.  I found a cable I liked and cast on and away I went.  I do love it but as I said, very rarely get to wear it.  It is perfect with jean leggings and my brown "pirate" boots. 

I brought my little start of the Whisper Cardigan today for noon knitting along with the latest copy of IK.  I want to see what the other knitters have to say about this issue and maybe I'll take a second look myself and see if I've changed my mind.  Doubt it.

14 February, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is one of my favorite days of the year!  It's a little reminder to me to tell the people I love how much they mean to me.  Also, something very special happened to me on a Valentine's Day and I like to remember that.  It's not the only time I reflect fondly on that day, but I always do on this day.  So ... spread the love!

And speaking of love -- there is a young Korean guy living in my building who just loves Tinkerbell.  Like the majority of people in my complex, he attends the Junior College which is just two blocks away and we see him on our walks after work.  Usually it's on our way back from the walk, but a couple days ago he happened to catch up with us as we were rounding the green at the college and he walked all the way back home with us.  His English is limited, but he asked questions about her after his usual greeting, which consists of him squatting and cooing at her.  She can never get enough attention, so it's a win win situation. 

It was a usual quiet Monday evening.  I worked on the Whisper Cardigan, which is going to be indecently soft and luxurious.  And it's perfect TV knitting.  Around and around and around.

13 February, 2012

Hooray for Paypal!

I finally got the emails this morning from Paypal saying they were refunding all of the fraudulent charges made on my iTunes account from that hacking last week.  That is great news!  The process was really quite painless.  And yes, I have unlinked my Paypal account from my iTunes. 

Saturday was the Love 'em or Leave 'em 5K.  It started at a very civilized hour, so I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn, which was nice.  The sky was cloudy, but there were patches of blue showing through, so I wore a rain jacket -- actually my old biking jacket which is water resistant, and left my hat.  I caught the bus  and it was just starting to sprinkle.  Luckily it stopped by the time I got off the bus and started walking towards the start line.  This race, unlike every other 5K at Green lake, starts on the far west side of the lake so I got to warm up on my walk over there, which was about a mile from where the bus dropped me off.  Another bad thing about this course is that there is a bottleneck about a minute into the race where the crowd is funneled off of the street and back onto the lake path.  If one starts the race on the other side of the lake then there are not a million and one people trying to get through that bottleneck, but this race stops DEAD!  I must have lost a good 30 seconds in that mess.  I felt strong and I had a good race with some gas left in the tank for a push at the end.  I did come in under 36 minutes, but I could have done better it if weren't for the hold up.  I'm happy with my time though. 

It was pretty cold and while it wasn't raining the wind was blowing.  I put my coat back on and started walking to the bus stop, continuing around the lake rather than back tracking.  It was a bit further to the bus stop, but it was in the direction of my apartment.  Oh, but I got so very very cold on the way to the bus, and then I had to stand and wait for about 15 minutes.  I could have continued on walking home, but frankly I was beat!  I had walked more than a mile from the first bus to the race, ran just over 3 miles, and then walked another mile and a half to the bus.  I couldn't move another inch!  By the time I got home I was a block of ice.  I stood under the shower until I ran out of hot water.  That revived me somewhat.  Then I gave Tink a little walk - more walking!! -- and ran to the grocery store, then had a bit of lunch and a little nap.  And for a treat that evening I went out for a couple of martinis, got a big ego boost, and came home and had pizza and a movie.  Quite an indulgent evening.

Sunday after a doggie walk and a little shopping and a few chores I settled down to finish up the convertible mittens.  I am done with mittens.  D-O-N-E  I believe I have explored them sufficiently.  Next time I want convertible mittens or gloves I will buy them.  And then what did I do?  Did I pick up an unfinished project and get to work?  Nope, I did not.  First I took out the lovely cashmere lace weight yarn I have been hoarding for a few years and wound it into two balls, and then I cast on for another Whisper Cardigan.  I really do need a plain black cardigan and this is going to be perfect.  Lovely soft cashmere, and so light!  I didn't get a really huge start on it, but a few rows in.  I also made a pot of soup and watched a movie and made a delicious steak for dinner.  I haven't had a steak for ages and I haven't cooked one for myself in even longer.  It was sooooooo good.  That's a treat.

10 February, 2012

I was wrong

My run yesterday was NOT a good run, as I had predicted.  It was still drizzling and I had a great start and I may have started out a bit fast, but that wasn't the main problem.  On Tuesday I had walked up to the bank before having my run, and the route I took on my run back to work was quite hilly, so that by yesterday I was feeling it in my tush and calves.  So it wasn't the greatest but the good news is that I'm no longer sore, and today I will just have a nice long walk, a good dinner and hope to really be energized and ready tomorrow morning.  Either way, fast race or slow, I'll have a good time.  And then I'll take myself out for a treat.  Usually I go out to a nice lunch after a race, but tomorrow I might postpone the fun to later and have a drink or two at the Indian place up the street and bring home something nice to eat.

Because of the drizzle I wore my Seahawks cap and put my hair back yesterday and when I got changed out of my running clothes my hair looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket!  I couldn't tame it down either, which was too bad because I had some shopping to do after work and I looked like a bag lady, with my black raincoat and grey fedora with bushy wild hair sticking out all over.  Lucky for me I saw no one I knew.

The new issue of Interweave Knits arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I must say, it was a disappointment.  It wasn't until 7:30 when I was able to sit down and finally take a look at it, and I am saying this after only once through, but nothing grabbed me in there at all.  That is unusual.  IK always seems to have one or two things in an issue that I am super keen on, but not this one.  I will keep it out and give it another go through, but .... I don't have much hope.  Which isn't a big deal, since I have way too many projects right now anyway.

I must finish up those mittens this weekend.  And then I hope I can twist my own arm to finish up something that's been laying around.  I could sew up the Tepozlan I finished a year ago, or finish the button bands on the Cloisonne jacket.  Either project is only a few hours away from done.  Now that there's no more football, maybe I'll get off my procrastinating behind and do it!

09 February, 2012

Moisture in the air means ...

a great run is coming up at lunchtime.  I was indeed too busy yesterday to run so today is going to be my last before the race.  It's all drizzly outside, my favorite running conditions.  It looks like it's going to continue like this through the weekend, so I am actually anticipating a good solid race time.  I do remember the last time I ran this race -- I think it was 3 years ago, but maybe only two, I had a dreadful time.  It was freezing cold, the track was clogged with people with dogs and strollers, and I just didn't do well.  If I could just come in under 35 minutes, that would be nice.  Under 34 would be even better.  I think my best time for a 5K was just over 34 minutes,  and it was on that track.  Well, it'll be fun no matter what my time.

My day yesterday was nose to the screen.  I am working on a new virtual microscope viewer because the program we have been using has clumsy annotating tools.  The new product has very advanced annotating tools, plus a viewer for the operating systems of tablets, which can't run Flash.  And actually I already use the viewer portion of this program, Zoomify, which is Flash based and why our current virtual microscope doesn't work on iPads.  So my collaborator, who is the teaching/science side, is all excited and ready to get going on this new project and I would love to oblige him.  However, this is the goofiest software "product".  That is to say, it's not really so much a product as two engines -- a viewer and an image converter -- and tons and tons and tons of examples and README.txt files showing you, the purchaser, how to change the million and one parameters called by the .XML and .swf files.  Yeah -- I've lost you, haven't it?  Here's a simple example.  I convert an image to a zoomable image and load it into the annotator and give my professor the URL of that image and he goes in and annotates, adds points of interest, notes, etc.  There is a 'save' button on that annotation page and he hits it do save all of the XML parameters he has set by annotating this image.  BUT ... it doesn't work.  Even the 'save' button has to be configured and there are any number of ways to do it -- PHP, ASP, etc. etc. etc.  I tell you, I'm going to feel like a freaking genius when I finally get this thing going, but in the meantime it is quite frustrating.  I'm going to cut it down to little chunks so each time I successfully complete a bit I will feel energized to get on with something else.  I can't decide what should be first -- the 'save' function or converting an image?  I'd like to do both today.  Wish me luck.

With that intense day behind me, after walking Tink and having a nice shower I wasn't up for much at all.  I didn't even knit.  I had dinner and took Tink for a couple more walks and read quietly.  At least I'm refreshed and can tackle my day with plenty of energy.  And I'm really looking forward to this weekend!!

08 February, 2012

The case of the disappearing friend

One of my closest friends lives in Arizona and he calls me a few times a week just to complain about the weather or gossip about friends or whatever.  I don't worry if I don't hear from him for a few days, but after four or five it's getting weird and then I'll text him or give him a call.  But if he doesn't pick up my calls or respond to my text messages, then it's really strange.  This happened recently.  Finally I sent a message Friday night saying that when he doesn't pick up my calls or respond to my messages I get worried, and I got a text right back saying "What?!  I'm at the Suns [basketball] game".  As in, don't bother me, I'm fine.   Things were back to normal Sunday during the Super Bowl game so I haven't thought anything more about it, until I got a call last evening.  Apparently an ex-girlfriend surfaced and she's been very aggressively pursing him again.  Last night he asked me to do some role playing -- which is idiotic because I don't know what's in her head, obviously, but I play along because if not it just turns into a long argument.  It turns out she asked him to go away for a weekend with her to Portland and it happened to coincide with the weekend he attends the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas.  So he told her that and that he'd double check his dates and before he had that out of his mouth she said, "Well, how about I come to Austin with you?"  And now he's in a tough place you see and he wants me to get him out of it.  In other words, he doesn't mind all of the benefits that comes with having her around, if you catch my drift, but he doesn't want her tagging along with him to his very public and important music festival.  He certainly didn't get any useful response from me.  I can't get him out of this mess.  And it makes me laugh.  Typical stuff for him and he should be used to it by now.

I think I'm going to have to rethink my training schedule this week because it just doesn't look like it's going to work out for me to train this afternoon.  I have so much stuff to do.  I think I'll be okay with skipping today and doing a good workout tomorrow and then resting Friday.  I've kept to a good training diet, no alcohol, and my knees and ankles are good, so basically it's just keeping my energy up.  I should be fine.

I had a student waiting at my door when I got to my office this morning and this day is just going to keep on like this.  I much prefer being super busy.

At noon knitting I should be able to finish up the hand portions of the mitts, I hope.  Or get them ready to Kitchner.  Then it's just the thumbs and I'm done.  And maybe by then the weather will get back to winter and I can wear them.

07 February, 2012

Spring preview continues

One more day of beautiful sunny skies and mild weather!  It's such a nice break from the clouds and rain.  Things are starting to bloom too, because when I was walking Tink last night I could smell something beautiful.  But the forecast is still for rain later this week.  I signed up for the race anyway.  I didn't get to run yesterday so now I will have to run today, tomorrow before noon knitting and Thursday, then take Friday for a rest day and I'll be set for Saturday.  I like this race -- it starts at the very civilized hour of 9:30 on Saturday.  And since it's at the lake I can just take the bus from my apartment and not have to mess with parking.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?  I got all the ingredients for my night before race dinner.  I have found that the traditional pre-race pasta dinner does work well for me.  I usually have a piece of baked chicken and then make a pasta sauce with some fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and whatever else is to hand and toss it with a little pasta.  And then in the morning about an hour before I head out I have cereal and fruit and maybe some toast or yogurt.  It works quite well for me so I am not going to mess with the formula.

I enjoyed a quiet evening, no knitting, just a little phone time and a couple of doggie walks, then it was to bed early with a book.  I know it sounds boring, but it was really nice.  I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and then slept like a rock.  At certain times of the night, when I have the window open like now, I can pretend the traffic sound is the ocean.  That doesn't work any time after 4:30 am, but otherwise it's not so bad.  In another few weeks I'm going to have to start using the sleep mask for the weekends.  It was quite bright this past weekend and if I had wanted to sleep in it would not have been easy.

06 February, 2012

Unique crossword puzzle clues

Every Sunday I get the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle from the newspaper and put it on the table and work the puzzle during the week while I'm eating dinner, or in the case of the weekends breakfast and lunch.  Saturday I came across such a unique and crazy clue.  Here's how it looked ... [Give me the worm! Give me the worm!] .. .with the brackets.  And the answer?  cheep   As in what a baby bird sounds like, I imagine.  I would never have guessed it.  I only got it because I filled in the other answers.  And that is why I can't do the British-style crossword puzzles.  My mind doesn't work that way.

This weekend was astonishingly beautiful.  The sun was shining Saturday and Sunday and the temperature was 60 degrees!  People were all over the place outside, working in their gardens and walking their dogs around the lake.  I had to get up early and get Tinkerbell to the groomer by 9, so she was done at 2 and we had a long walk in the sunshine.  It even smells like spring, but I know we have a long way yet and winter will return soon enough.  But people were sure enjoying the respite.  It is supposed to start raining later this week.  I'm going to sign up for the race anyway.  It's not going to be cold, so I might as well sign up for it.  It'll do me good.

I probably won't be running today though.  I got a late start because I completely spaced out getting my car tabs renewed and I had to get an emissions test.  I got to the emissions testing spot on 9 am when they opened and then headed over to buy my tabs, but that office was closed for some reason.  I guess I'll have to send away for the tabs.  I don't anticipate having to drive for the rest of the week, so it shouldn't be a problem if I get the order on line this morning.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and I ended up with no party to attend.  But, I had a virtual party and that was almost as much fun.  I had friends to text with during the game.  It wasn't even a game I was particularly interested in.  I don't much care for either team and I mostly just wanted the Giants to lose.  They disappointed me by winning.  I believe that the last Super Bowl I watched alone was the Seahawks and Steelers and I was in Paris, desperately trying to stay awake through the game.  It as also a virtual party because I was texting with friends in Seattle.  That time I did have a team to root for and they lost.  But I had a super consolation prize -- a special guest. It was a quick visit, but as always great.  That was a fun trip.

I could have finished the mittens this weekend.  I am at the point where I need to start decreases for the hand, but it felt just wrong knitting on heavy mittens when it was 60 degrees outside.  Plus I couldn't really concentrate on the mitten decreases and the football game, so I put them down.  I'll get them done this week for sure.

03 February, 2012


As I am waking each morning I take my iPhone out of the dock and read email.  I noticed there were quite a few messages in my Yahoo email box and when I opened it .... someone had been purchasing things in iTunes with my ID!  I haven't yet assessed the damage, but it looks like a minimum of 5 transactions from $10 to $50!!  I immediately changed my password and now I'm going to have to try to get Paypal to refund the money.  I have my work cut out for me this morning, don't I?

And it's another gorgeous sunny day, thank goodness.  I noticed yesterday evening that it was still light at 5:30, and I could even have worn my sunglasses this morning and not looked too out of place.  I know we're a long ways away from spring, but I enjoy a sunny winter as well. 

The run was good and strong yesterday and I'm assuming I'll have another good one today.  Everyone kept saying they felt like yesterday was  Friday and so did I.  Isn't that funny when so many people think it's Friday?  I wonder what it was?

Well, I'd better get to sleuthing.  Wish me luck.

02 February, 2012

This is what I'm talking about

Tuesday I felt like I was running uphill all day -- through mud and on sand.  It was a slog.  Yesterday?  Just the opposite.  I had a fantastic day!  I had back to back meetings in the morning and they both went very well and in fact I got a HUGE compliment from one of the deans -- he said my idea was brilliant.  Nice.  Just a great day followed by a relaxing evening.  I was tired and didn't want to do anything but veg out and go to bed early, which is what I did.  I didn't even read and I slept like a log.  And now we have a beautiful morning and the sun is out so it will be fantastic weather for a run at noon.  We're supposed to have clear skies and moderate temperatures through the weekend.

At noon knitting yesterday I just messed up my convertible mitten tops and had to rip everything out and start over.  I didn't pick them up last night but I've been thinking about the problem I was having.  We had a new person in our group and I was yapping and listening and not paying enough attention so that after I finished knitting across the top of the first mitten and let go of one of the needles I got confused.  I've done this maneuver more than a few times and it is tricky getting the first row across the top of the gloves and then working across the cast on stitches for the palm side of the top, but I'm not usually trying to do it while carrying on a conversation.  Tonight I'm going to make it easy on myself and hook the cast on row to the body with removable stitch markers and it should go much more smoothly. 

As soon as I can get a good idea of the weather forecast for the weekend of the 11th I will sign up for the race.  I think I have to do it by Monday or Tuesday, and I should know if we're going to continue with the mild weather or end up stormy and cold.  It's always a gamble in February.

01 February, 2012

Wildly inappropriate commuter behavior!

I saw it again!  The woman who gets on the bus with a bowl of oatmeal and proceeds to eat it on her ride!  Maybe I'm over reacting.  Nobody else seemed to even notice this time, unlike the first time I spied this action and her seatmate was looking at her the same way I was.  Soon it will be light enough in the mornings for sunglasses and I can be invisible again, but in the meantime I need to stop staring at her, don't I?  It's like a bad toupee -- very hard to look away.

I had another good run yesterday.  I wish I could run today, but I've got two meetings this morning, back to back, and then noon knitting so there will be no time.  I'm tired anyway.  I had a weird night.  I stayed up too late reading.  I wanted to finish my book and I did, but it got me all hyped up.  I tossed and turned.  I'll be going to bed good and early tonight, that's for sure.

Before I went in to finish my book I finished the hand portions of the convertible mittens and brought them in today.  I'll definitely be able to finish them by the weekend.  And then ... then I really really really should finish up the Cloisonne Jacket I started way back when or I won't be able to wear it this year either!

I'm glad it's going to be nice the rest of the week.  I need some sunshine.  I have noticed that it is not pitch black at 5 pm any longer, as long as it's not a cloudy day.  We are supposed to have sunshine now all through the weekend.  Oh I hope that doesn't mean the following weekend will be nasty!  And if the weather continues to be mild then maybe I can run the St. Paddy's Day Dash this year!  That would be great.  I have not run that race in years.  I've signed up for it twice and not been able to run -- once because I was sick and the other time I could have done it, but there was snow on the ground.  Not fun. 

My Super Bowl party plans have hit a snag.  I'm going to have to get creative.