28 September, 2012


What an astonishing football game last night!  The Huskies knocked off the #8 team, Stanford, in an amazing game.  I am so grateful to my boss for giving me those tickets, although I felt a little guilty being there instead of him.  But he watched it on TV so he could multitask.  I took some video of the pandemonium after the game when all the students came pouring out of the stands to celebrate with the football team.  Here is a still from that video.  I am surprised I can even speak this morning after all the screaming.

And speaking of this morning, here's what I saw when I was giving Tink her morning stroll around the courtyard.  Two rainbows.  It looks a little washed out here.  The light wasn't that great, but you can get the idea.  Pretty special.  Hoorah for Friday. 

The only thing that could make this day better is a call from my real estate agent.  We were supposed to be done yesterday and I didn't hear a thing from her.  I guess I'll call her if I don't hear this morning.   I am anxious to start plans for my November trip, now only 7 1/2 weeks away.  Good thing I've got lots of work to keep me busy today or I'd be pacing the halls.

Big chore weekend coming up.  Since the Huskies have already played I don't have to find time for football tomorrow and good thing, because it's house cleaning and laundry and shopping, Tink bathing  .... all those time consuming chores that must be done.  Plus I do need to make myself a schedule (and stick to it) regarding divesting myself of a few hundred books, a desk, clothes ... I've got my work cut out for me, that's for sure.  Hopefully I can find a quiet minute or three to do some knitting.

27 September, 2012

My friend Snopes

I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I very rarely post even, except when I'm traveling then I'll "check in" with my location and a picture.  What I mostly do is read the things my friends and relatives post, look at their picture and maybe make a comment.  I do get a bit exercised when people forward and post utterly ridiculous things and lately I've begun making a little issue of it.  There is a web site called Snopes.  It chases down internet rumors and "facts" and then declares them either true or false or based on the truth ... whatever.  When someone I know posts one of these idiotic, often incendiary, "facts" I immediately go to Snopes, look it up and post the link saying it is not true.  Am I being too picky?  I don't think so.  I think accuracy is important. 

Yesterday was a super busy day.  No knitting.  No running.  Just work work work.  I didn't get home until after 6.  But the exam was taken and I got all of the grades done and ready for the chairs to read by 5.  There is always a social hour(s) after the exams with beer and pizza so I stopped by for a nice cold Stella and a slice of pizza and a little chat.  Today I am leaving early because .... football!!  My chair has given me his football tickets for tonight.  It's Huskies vs Stanford.  It's not usual for college games to be played on a weeknight, but this is a big nationally televised game.  I am very excited!  I just hope they don't get crushed.  Nobody expects them to win, but it would be nice if it were a close game at least.

Today could be the day that the house deal is done done done.  Fingers crossed.  Keep breathing.

26 September, 2012

Who could rant on a day like this?

It is early early autumn and today is a picture perfect autumn day.  It was just a little foggy but as I was driving in it was lifting and you could tell when it was gone it was going to be clear, blue skies.  And it is!  It's not very warm yet, but so very very pretty. 

Oh but I guess I could rant just a little bit.  Maybe the rant will help me decide what I'm going to do about this situation.  One of the reasons I didn't take this office when it was first offered to me - when we moved back into our remodeled office space a couple of years ago - is that I would have to be working in close proximity with a woman best taken in small doses.  But after those dark years in the closet I thought it worth the risk.  How long have I been here now?  Has it even been three months?  Anyway, she bothers me even more than I had thought possible!  She takes complaining to new heights.  On Monday she spent more than thirty minutes - it was thirty minutes from when I started taking notice so probably more like 45 - complaining loudly on the telephone to Metro about her bus service, and the bus drivers, and the parking lot and .... on and on and on and on and on!!  Unbelievable!  Next time she starts in like that again I know what I'm going to do.  I am going to get up and close her office door.  I could close mine, but closing hers would perhaps send the message I am wanting to send more clearly.  Yes yes of course I could try to ignore it and I have been ignoring it.  But oh my heavens, sometimes it is unbearable. 

Although it's Wednesday there will be no noon knitting for me because I have an exam to proctor at 12:30.  Then there's the social hour after so I brought Tink in with me since I won't be getting home until nearly six.  I am looking forward to our 11 am walk though since it is so beautiful outside (see above).

More than anything I want to start making concrete plans for my November trip and it is all I can do to hold off.  But I need to wait until the house is closed and I get things squared away.  Maybe by Friday I can start!  I haven't been able to run ... wow!  It's been 2 and 1/2 weeks!  I took a week off after the race, then I got sick for that next week and this week I simply haven't had a free moment -- plus I'm still coughing a bit from the sick week.  Maybe Thursday I can run.  That will take a little of the edge off and maybe I can even wait until Monday to start planning!

25 September, 2012

Let me add my voice

The Seahawks beat Green Bay last night on Monday Night Football.  The Packers!  This should be fantastic news but in fact it is just the latest and, hopefully, last huge mistake the replacement refs have made.  The NFL and the regular refs are having some sort of standoff so they are on strike and the NFL is left with replacement referees who are not even high level college refs, since college football is going on right now, but lower level and they are terrible.  In preseason everyone was giving them a break because we all know preseason doesn't count and a deal with the new refs would certainly be hammered out in time.  But it hasn't and it is now week three.  Last night's game was the worst botch of all -- yes I know, even though the Seahawks won.  I haven't had time to read the commentary yet but I will bet a deal is in place by the end of the week after this debacle.

The good news is that I am 3rd in my fantasy league!  If my players can get healthy I should be able to give number one a run for his money this week.  It is much more fun when I'm winning. 

While I was watching the game last night I did another repeat and a half on the Argosy Wrap.  Now that I know the pattern better it is good football knitting.  This thing is going to be HUGE!  I am getting anxious to start a real project though and I have yarn and patterns for a hoodie and a henley and a jacket ... well, I have plenty of projects to pick up.  I just need it to be a little less like summer and I can wait for that.

My boss has offered me tickets to see the Huskies play Stanford Thursday night.  Since the stadium is being remodeled they are playing at Qualcom - the Seahawks stadium.  Oh, and the weather is going to be great as well!  Can't wait!

24 September, 2012

So much fun!

Friday my new iPhone arrived!  That was SUPER fast!  My favorite tech columnist had written that if one had an older iPhone, then the newest one would be a treat and it is.  It  has a little bigger screen but it is thinner and lighter than my old 3GS.  And I am loving the voice command.  You can reply to a text message by just speaking or open an app, ask directions ... anything!  The camera is amazing too.   It does a panorama that is awesome.  I still have lots to discover.  I didn't get to play with it until Saturday evening so it will take me a few more days to learn all the ins and outs. 

I didn't get any books taken care of this weekend, nor did I get the desk sold.  But I ran lots of errands and had doggie walks.  Sunday I went to the Ballard Farmer's Market and it was so wonderful.  The weather was perfect and the market was so much better than I could have imagined.  I bought some goat cheese and tons of vegetables and beautiful berries.  I will have a strawberry/raspberry/blackberry medley for breakfast every morning this week.  I had no idea it would be so good! Of course not nearly as large as the market I like in Paris, but quite good.  I just ate goat cheese and bread for dinner last night.  But tonight I am going to roast some delicious vegetables.

I won my fantasy matchup last night.  I had to beat my nephew, which is hard but there you go.  Tonight the Seahawks are playing Green Bay on Monday Night Football but I don't have any of their players, nor does my nephew so we are done.  That makes me 2 and 1.  The best start I have had.

I am hoping that the house deal will be finished this week.  It is scheduled to be done by Thursday but my ex is trying some hanky panky, as I knew he would, and so it is still not a done deal until the money is in my hand.  But as soon as that's done I am going to start making solid plans for my vacation.  That will be my reward.  I can't wait!!

21 September, 2012

No fibbing needed

Vacation request went through without a hitch, as I knew it would.   Why is it some people just love to stir the pot and try to make trouble?  I suspect it's because their lives are so miserable they want to drag anyone they can along.  I have other plans.

It was very busy yesterday and I got tired quickly.  At 3 o'clock I headed out, picked up my sunglasses and went home to collapse.  But first I game Tink a nice walk in the sunshine.  I have a new audiobook that I am trying not to listen to every second of the day, but dog walking is one of the permitted times.  The good news is that it's the first of several in a series.  I love historical fiction and this is that with a twist.  It takes place about 40 years in the future in Oxford.  Time travel is used by historians to go back in time to observe and this is the story of a trip taken by a girl to medieval time.  I just love it!  

That was pretty much it for my evening.  A little dinner, a little TV and early to bed.  I feel pretty much normal today with the exception of a teensie little cough.  I can't believe I slept away nearly an entire week!  Now I've one week less to get ready for the Dawg Dash, but that's how it goes.  I just have to stay healthy for the next few months!!

No Husky football tomorrow.  I do have a million and one errands to do.  And I'd like to get rid of a few more books.  I need to get organized but I still haven't managed to sell that roll top desk!  I hate to lower the price on it any further but I suspect I'm going to have to do just that if I want to get rid of it.  I can't put the rest of my new desk together until that one is out of there.  Maybe one more weekend.

20 September, 2012

A little fog this morning

I was up and out quite early today because I wanted to get into work with plenty of time to spare before class starts.  When I was taking Tink for her morning walk around the courtyard it was foggy with just a hint of a bite in the air.  But it's going to be nice and sunny and warm - again!  We have been having incredible weather since August.  I wish I hadn't been down these past few days because it was absolutely gorgeous and I was inside sleeping!

The Argosy Wrap got a little attention last night, which is a big sign that I'm feeling better.  The construction of this piece is so intriguing to me.  I can't imagine how one would come up with such a thing.  My mind simply does not work like that.  I am glad for those that do.

The administrator sent out an email yesterday late about booking vacation time for the holidays.  Because I have been moved into the main office suite I am now considered part of the pool of people who can "cover" the main office, meaning being there to sign for packages.  It has been years and years since I've had to request time off.  I just take my time off when I have it and when my work load allows.  But now it seems I have to take into account the vacation schedules of the other 5 people.  Since I have already purchased my Christmas tickets to California it is a moot point.  However, I have NOT purchased my tickets for my November trip yet since it is a few weeks too early yet plus I have to wait for Emma's schedule.  But I will put in my request today and if I get any push back just say I have already purchased it.  Hopefully I won't have to lie.

The house closing got pushed back a few days, which shouldn't be an issue.  I will sleep better when it is all buttoned up and I've got check in hand.

My sunglasses have FINALLY arrived.  My other contacts?  Nope.  Unbelievable.  I drove in today, not knowing how long I am going to be good for.  I will stop for them on the way home.

18 September, 2012

Knocked flat by a bad cold

Wow.  Well know I know what's going on with all the medical students being out sick.  I had been coughing a bit last week but thought it was my allergies. Not so.  I slept all day Monday except for a flurry of work emails.  I was awake a few hours in the evening, managed to eat some soup delivered by a kindly soul, then back asleep by 9.  Today has pretty much been a repeat except Tink was so pathetic around 1 that I took her out for a walk to Starbucks where I sat and had a sweet coffee and a bread roll, then right back to bed.  She was good on Monday, but one day of just little walks around the courtyard is about all she can stand.  Most likely I will be home tomorrow as well, although I am feeling closer to normal now.

The football was good this weekend. Both my teams won, although I lost my fantasy matchup. Oh well. Early days.

14 September, 2012

A new iPhone!

Today is the day I can pre-order my new iPhone from AT&T.  That is if I can get through on the web site.  I woke up last night and thought it would be a good idea to do it then, but it was not possible.  I tried calling and that didn't work either.  So I suspect it's going to be a long wait on the computer today.  I might even have to wait a few days- heavens!

I was all excited to do another 8 row repeat on my Argosy wrap last night after I got home.  Unfortunately I goofed up the first row.  I realized my stitch count was off and I just couldn't face tinking back so I put it down and I'll have to set aside some quiet time this weekend to do it.  I know what I did wrong so it's just a matter of taking the time to un-do the mistake.  Thank goodness it's not a complicated pattern.  It is impossible for me to tink back lace.  Monika is really good with that but I am not that visual.

I picked up my new glasses last night and had her re-order the sunglasses.  The original measurement was correct.  She will have them put a rush on it but the lab is back east so it won't be until next week.  Stupid.  And the same for my contacts.  The ones for my left eye are on back order!  How can that be??  The optometrist gave me seven more, close to the right strength.  But it's going to be two weeks.  At least I have my new glasses now.

The Huskies are playing again tomorrow.  I sure hope it's not another blow out like last week against LSU.  That was painful to watch.  I think their opponents this week are not even ranked so .... should be a better game, at least for Husky fans.  The Seahawks though ... they're playing the Cowboys.  It could be a tough game.  They're at home so that should help some.

Well ... now I'm going to get on line with AT&T. Wish me luck!!

13 September, 2012

Why does this bother me so much?

Yesterday I had another group of students coming by to look at their exam results.  Without exception, each and every one of them thanked me for my time and most of them encouraged me to "Enjoy the rest of your day"!  I know they're just being polite, but do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to abstain from a smarty pants comment?  REALLY difficult.  But I made it through the morning.

And yes I truly did manage to get my passport renewal in the mail.  I have plenty of time now for it to be processed.  Even if they take the full six weeks I'll still have a good cushion of time before I need it. 

Speaking of time .... It has been nearly 3 weeks since I ordered my new glasses.  I phoned them for the third time yesterday and found out that the lab had made my regular glasses, but were not sure the measurements were correct for the sunglasses, so they want new measurements taken before they make them.  But the idiots at the lab never told anyone at the optical department!!  They only found out yesterday when they (finally!!) called to find out what was holding up the sunglasses!!  That is the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time.  I drove in today so that I can stop on my way home, pick up my new glasses and have them re-measure for the sunglasses.  And they'd better put a rush on it.  Ridiculous.

I got back into my Argosy Wrap yesterday at noon knitting.  I had been confused about the part I am currently working on.  I discovered my error right away - no, that's not correct.  I had been confused because I read through the instructions for part 2 and couldn't understand how the stitch count was staying the same through the 8 row repeat when it started with an 8 stitch decrease.  I couldn't find where the eight stitches reappeared.  But when I read through it again yesterday it because clear.  I don't know how I missed it in the first place.  So I had a nice, relaxing evening working on it until the battery died in my  iPad.  (This pattern is in my iBooks app on my iPad).  I have an external battery on order just for this type of  emergency.  But I had to put it away last night.  The iPad is fully charged today so I hopefully can keep up the momentum on this project. 

The big news yesterday is the new iPhone.  My iPhone is only a 3GS and I am looking forward to getting this new one.  I only hope my old phone can last for another week.  It is starting to do strange things so I am hoping it's not going to crash too soon. 

I got a new audiobook yesterday so Pandora Radio is going to take a rest for a few weeks.  But I heard this one yesterday.  So here's another musical interlude.

12 September, 2012

No ... I meant today!

Not really.  I meant to do it yesterday and indeed even had the major portion of the paperwork filled out when I realized I had forgotten to bring the legal document proving my name change.  So.  TODAY the application for my name changed passport will go out.  I can't believe how long it has taken me to take care of this small but vital piece of business.

I have been listening to Pandora Radio lately instead of an audiobook.  I heard this song yesterday on the way home.  I'm not too crazy about the video, but the song is nice.

11 September, 2012

The fashion parade

Some days my ride into work is populated with nondescript individuals going about the business of getting to work or school.  Today though was not one of those days.  It was as if most people woke up to find that their mirrors had been stolen in the night.  Delightful!  There were two in particular that stuck out from the garish crowd this morning, although in retrospect the second one could have been a walk of shame victim as well as having bad taste.   The first that caught my eye was a young girl walking ahead of me on the way to the second bus.  First I noticed her mens suit jacket with a chiffon blouse peeking out from the hem - cute.  Charcoal leggings - also cute.  But then ... what do we have on the feet?!?  Bedroom slippers!  Brown clog bedroom slippers with fur trim.  Kind of like Uggs, only cut as a clog.  And perhaps they were Uggs and this is a fashion shoe.  Fine -- but NOT with that cute suit jacket and leggings!  And I'm not even going to touch on the inappropriate accessories.  [meow] 

The second one - now that I have thought more on it MUST be a walk of shame victim.  A transgendered individual - guy - wearing a purple sun dress (it's not even 60 degrees out this morning), with a white scarf wrapped around his head and hanging down to cover his short hair and carrying a little turquoise fake fur purse.  I tried not to stare.  I didn't want to be rude.  So I missed the footwear.  But oh my goodness - the poor guy!  I'll bet he wished he had saved enough money for cab fare. 

And that's all the catty business of the day.  I can't help myself sometimes.

There were two Monday Night Football games last night but I didn't watch all of them.  I kept up because I had players in each of the two games and one of my guys got injured.  But not until he had made enough points for me that I won my matchup!  I am 4th in total points.  Not a bad start, although I've got a little work to do this week to shore up my team. 

On the TO-DO list today - get my passport name change sent in!!!  I got so busy yesterday it completely slipped my mind.  I MUST get it done asap!  In two weeks I can seriously shop for my ticket.  Although I don't need my passport number to buy my ticket.  Still - I need to get it done.  Today.  For sure. 

10 September, 2012

All the best people are doing it

What?  Why giving up their cars, that's what!  Well, probably not really ALL the best people, but the trend is towards urban living without a car.  Considering the little that I drive anyway, I have decided I'm at least going to give it a try.  If I hate it I can always get another car.  In the meantime, I have found an apartment complex that I think would be perfect for me.  It is like a village - it reminds me of a small, American version of Louvain-la-Neuve, which I always thought was a brilliant concept and loved visiting there.  The place here is called Thornton Place and the pedestrian way of life is encouraged.  They give you a transit pass and Zip car coupons and there is free parking for bicycles.  Besides restaurants and stores there is a theatre complex and you also get two passes a month.  The apartments are "green" and the floor plans look really cute.  I can't actually apply for one until I get closer to when my lease runs out here, so I will apply in October.  If nothing is available for November I can go month-to-month where I am currently until there is a spot open, although the manager I spoke to last week says there is a pretty good turnover.  So -- I'm super excited about that!  I cannot WAIT to get out of my current apartment.  

I had a quiet Friday night, and a super busy Saturday.  I stopped to get my contacts and still one box hadn't yet arrived!  Crazy!  They gave me a week's supply of the missing lens and I'll have to go back next Saturday for the full box.  Then it was on to get my hair done.  We got all of my appointments set up so that I can visit a few days before I leave for my November vacation, plus we got my December appointment as well.  Dana is very well organized.  She got an Apple TV and now she's the second person I know with one.  She loves it and I am so jealous!  Maybe when I move I will get Apple TV and do away with most of my cable services.  I really don't watch much of regular network TV except during the football season.

Sunday, as predicted, was much colder than it was Saturday.  I felt I had a pretty good race but I was disappointed in the time I got.  It's strange though - I know my pace was a little slower than I would have liked it to be, but still I don't think the course was measured correctly.  I use my Nike GPS app and I have used it on other races there and it's been spot on with the measured course.  This time it was off by more than a tenth of a mile.  The course had us running on the street for much more of the time than other races - like the Love 'em or Leave 'em race in February.  But no matter.  I have the October Dawg Dash coming up in six weeks so I will train hard and get a good time at that race.  I remember I really wanted to run in that race last year -- what happened?  I must have gotten sick or something.

Monika and Andre came over to watch the Seahawks and help put together my desk yesterday afternoon.  My fantasy team did well - we have a couple more games tonight but it looks like I'm going to win my matchup!  Woohoo!  The Seahawks did not do very well, unfortunately.   And after winning all the preseason games too!  Next week they have the Cowboys and that's going to be a tough game because the Cowboys are really good this year.  I made a nice little dinner and had a fun time watching the games.  No knitting was done, but that's because I was so enthralled with watching my fantasy scores.  I must buckle down tonight and get some stuff finished.  I'll work on that ruffled scarf.

Well, I've got a long list of students to see this morning so I'd better get ready for them.

07 September, 2012

Getting things done

Finally!  I finally got around to getting my picture done for my new passport.  I can pick them up today so Monday I will fill out the paperwork and get that sent off!  And now there is only one more thing to change and that's my Husky card account.  I hate the picture on it anyway, so it'll be a joy to fix.  I'll put that on the list for Monday as well.

This Sunday is my race and thankfully I had a decent and strong run yesterday because today I'll most likely not get a chance to run.  We have our first exam today, which ends at 11:30 and then I've got to get the grades together as well as a bunch of other stuff for the meeting at 1.  But that's okay.  It's good to be well rested for the race.  The weather is going to be radically different, with a marine layer moving in Saturday night to cool it way down.  And then we might even have some rain on Monday!  Wouldn't that be something?

I was too tired and hot to do anything but slob around last night.  I need a good, big knitting project but it is still too warm to get into something like that.  I could have Kitchner-ed those sock toes, couldn't I?  Maybe this weekend.  Instead I had a quiet evening, read until my eyes wouldn't stay open and slept the sleep of the just.  And that's most likely what I'll be doing tonight as well.  I have a million and one errands to run tomorrow including picking up my race packet and, hopefully, my new glasses and contacts.  It's been two weeks and I've been out of contacts for a full week.  At any rate I'll stop by and get some to tide me over.  This is getting ridiculous.  I'm kind of irked about it.  I could have bought them myself from LensExpress and had them in three days.

 Okay ... well, not it's time to get ready for this exam.  I'd better wake up a little bit more.

06 September, 2012

What's worse?

Too much perfume/hair product/deodorant or stale cigarettes/body odor?  I got it coming AND going!  Yesterday on the way home was the stale cigarettes and body odor guy and this morning ... well, since it was a guy in front of me that this scent was surrounding, I can only assume it was a TON of hair product.  It was so terrible I was looking around to find a seat to move to, but the bus was full.  Ick

My fantasy football team is starting out strong this year.  My match up this first week is with a guy that I NEVER beat last year.  He was the winner.  Oh, I would so love to start out with a win over him.  And after a few days to think about it and revisit my line up I see that I actually got a pretty strong one.  My firsts anyway.  It's too early to tell about the bench.

Day 3 of Anatomy and things are humming right along.  I am almost afraid to say anything lest I jinx it!  Things are busy, of course, but so far no big stumbling blocks.  woohoo

It's going to be hot these next few days and on Sunday morning, the day of the race, it is predicted that clouds will move in and it's going to be cooler that day.  I like that.  I remember last year even though we start at 8 or 9 in the morning, it was pretty hot already.  Maybe I'll have a decent time after all.

Today I am ready to get my passport picture taken and now just have to find the department here in Health Sciences that supposedly will do it for me.  If not it'll have to wait until Saturday when I'm doing all my running around.  And OMG, my contact lenses had better be at the optometrists by Saturday!  I have been completely out since last Sunday.  They left a message that I could drop by and they would give me some to tide me over, but that's easier said than done.  It is not convenient for me to "drop by".  Saturday I have a million errands including picking up my shirt and race packet and getting my hair done and then it will be convenient.

05 September, 2012

Are you ready for some football?

The season opens tonight this year -- odd, being on a Wednesday.  Usually the season opens on a Monday night game.  I have a player on my fantasy team playing tonight so it's my season opener as well.  I'm not that crazy about my draft this year.  But it goes that way sometimes.  And it will take a few weeks for my mistakes to make themselves known.

The first day of class went quite well yesterday.  It is the first time that all of the students got the first quiz done all on line.  And I think only three or four of them had to borrow an instructor's computer to do it.  It's a record.

And speaking of records - it hasn't rained in Seattle now for over 40 days!  The air quality is going down and I suspect that's the cause of my respiratory oddness these past few days.  I ran yesterday and even though I took a couple of puffs from my inhaler, which is what I do before every run because I have exercise induced asthma, I was still laboring for breath by the first mile.  This does not bode well for a good run this Sunday, although we will be running around the lake and the air is bound to be a bit fresher there since the wind blow almost constantly along the southern shore.  I am now doubly glad I signed up for the race in October.  Even if I have a crappy time this coming Sunday I have a race in October to look forward to.

Today was going to be the day I get my picture done for my replacement passport but it looks like I'm going to have to wait one more day.  It wasn't until I was nearly out the door that I remembered I wanted to take care of that today, but I don't like the top I'm wearing.  I mean I like it okay, but it's not a good picture top.  One more day isn't going to make a difference.  I'll get it done this week for sure.

I finished an audiobook this morning.  It was a disappointment - too science fiction for my taste.  And after that orgy of the Queens and then a couple of Victorian period ones, too far the other way.  I'm going to take my time picking this next one.  I kind of wish I hadn't gotten the iPad version of "Vengeance" and had instead listened to it, but that's water under the bridge.  I think I'll check my Amazon queue and see what is coming up.

Noon knitting today and Monika is out sick.  It's going to be quiet.  I should have brought those socks in to Kitchner in company. Oh well ...

04 September, 2012

September madness

Today starts the 5 weeks of anatomy madness.  I was awake super early this morning.  These are the days when it is not good for me to be late so I am here bright and early, all set to go.

The weekend was just wonderful!  The perfect way to rest up for this crazyness.  I thought I was getting sick Friday, so after my meeting and getting all my ducks in a row, I took off early and headed home to nip this cold in the bud.  I needed to run a quick errand however.  My real estate agent had a check for me from my ex- who wanted to buy my bedroom set.  That was perfect!  I sure didn't have to have to deal with it  and have to store it or try to get it sold between the time he moved out and the new owners moved in.  So I picked up the check and went straight to the bank and cashed it.  Then I just chilled the rest of the evening and I woke up on Saturday feeling almost right.  I still had a bit of a cough and was congested but I headed off a full blown cold. 

I bought a cute little dining room table and a very cool desk top and a leg/cabinet.  I still need to get the other leg which is drawers but it is back ordered.  No matter.  No hurry.  That big oak desk is still there.  Nobody seems to want to buy it - or at least not for what I have it listed for on Craigslist.  I cut the price and I'll let it sit there for another week.  Somebody is going to want it. 

Then it was Saturday night and the Huskies first game!  They didn't have a super tough opponent and so they won.  Next week is going to be a much tougher game.

Weather wise it was just perfect all weekend long.  Not too hot and not too chilly.  Sunday was Bumbershoot and the main reason for going this year was to see Tony Bennett.  He is 87 years old and still going strong.  He is remarkable.  Besides him we saw and heard some awesome jazz, a wonderful R&B group ... well, too much to even try to describe.  And that fun day was capped off with my fantasy draft.

I had to rest up yesterday after all that fun.  A quick trip to the mall where I got some pretty dining room chair covers and a few others things, and then it was Shelley time.  Lots of relaxing and knitting.  I managed to finish up those socks last night.  I just need to Kitchner them together.

It will be a busy week but tomorrow I am going to make a very big effort to get my picture taken so that I can get my passport renewed.  Only 11 1/2 weeks to go before I need it.