20 April, 2005

Blah blah blog

Oh those yapping women at the gym!!! They drive me crazy! I know it's a little thing, but when I go to work out I don't like to hear people just blabbing away. Don't they realize that they are the ONLY two people in the whole workout area who are talking? Thankfully I've got the MP3 player plugged into my head, but jeeze. Shut UP!! ya know?

I didn't get the sweater put together last night. We were celebrating the BF's job becoming permanent plus I was baking banana bread. So. Tonight I'll put it together. I am just so anxious to get going on another bazillion or so projects. I bought some yarn today from a hand painted place. Not sure what the gauge would be so I bought one skein of bulky and one of super bulky. It's cheap -- $5.50. And the colors are gorgeous. I want to make the Loop-de-loop sweater that's in Interweave Knits Summer issue, but in orange rather than green. I think the super bulky would work but I want to knit up a swatch. Since it's hand dyed I don't have to buy it all now. And the bulky ... I am thinking if that's not the yarn for that particular sweater that it would work for the BF's sweater I will make him in the fall. The yarn looks very yummy and people are raving about it on Craftster and, as I said, the price is right.

19 April, 2005

More patterns than time

So that lovely new Interweave Knits summer edition came out yesterday and I spent a good portion of the evening drooling over the patterns. What to make first? Of course, I already have a good number of projects in the works and must be super strict with myself and finish a couple of these projects before I start anything new. I have finished all of the pieces for the Homespun little cardigan from Knit 1. I think Homespun is the only cheap acrylic yarn that I don't really mind working with. I think it's the texture. Anyway, it looks like this cardigan is going to be really cute. Perhaps I can get all of the seaming done tonight and pick up the stitches for the ribbing tomorrow evening while I do laundry. I should also have the last skein of yarn (Gatsby) for the Banff sweater. I only have to finish the sleeves and then seam it up and do the turtle neck. I also have high hopes for this sweater. The yarn is gorgeous!

So -- after that. Oh! I have a cute little felted bag to make from Crystal Palace Labrador and Squiggle. I found that pattern in the spring issue of Spun magazine. There are some real cute patterns there. Also, I have pre-ordered the Loop-de-loop book and I read on Craftster that it's out now so ... dang! MORE things I will want to do. But I must use the orchid mohair I had earmarked for my sister's cropped sweater. But now I think I'll make it a fancy shrug instead. The Interweave website has about six really great shrug patterns.

I wish I could just knit every day all day. Well, not this month anyway.

15 April, 2005

More Ranting than Knitting

First the rant - I have a friend, a GOOD friend, who is too hung up on a married man. Someone she had an affair with that ended more than a year ago. She can't stop talking about him. She was emailing him, a lot. He finally told her in words that even I could understand that she had to stop. He actually said these words - that he needed some space. And she is finally leaving him alone but she can't stop talking about him and asking "What do think he meant?" Oh lord. He meant what he said!! I listen and I listen and I sympathize but I would just love to pull my hair out by the roots!! When she said that if and when he does get in touch with her in six months or whenever, she's going to tell him she's married because then, according to her, he'll know that she has moved on. That makes no sense to me and I had to tell her that. And she replied that he would be the one with somebody and she would have nobody so she would have to tell him she was married. What kind of convoluted logic is this? This is an educated woman here but still. I told her that life was not a competition. Life is not a competition. Let's all repeat that, shall we?

And for the knitting portion of the program: I will be putting up pictures all of my completed projects this weekend, hopefully. And pictures of the works in progress as well. Depending upon the status of my digital camera. I am trying to get my red cardigan done before the skein of Gatsby arrives for finishing the Banff. Relying upon brainpower alone -- who said I could do math in my head?? -- I picked up one skein too few for the sweater and when I revisited the LYS for the final skein they were, of course, out of it. I did find this great website called yarnfinder.com . One asks them to search not only for the yarn but the dye lot as well and they found what I needed! I love that.