18 November, 2005

Tea Cozy In Progress

I have to put more buttons on, but here are pictures of both sides of the tea cozy as it looks now. Isn't it cute? I thought that was enough with the buttons, but when I stepped back away from it I could see that we need more. Other than that, I am very very pleased with the way it turned out. Very close to the way it looks in the book, which is always a bonus. And I did wash my alpaca sweater in delicate washing soap two nights ago and laid it out to dry. As of yesterday evening it was still damp but I must say, it looks a lot better now that it's been blocked. I think it's going to fit like it is supposed to. I am so lazy when it comes to blocking though and some sweaters I have made really didn't need it. But this one has benefited mightily. Now let's just hope it's not so itchy!!

I spent yesterday in bed with a muscle spasm in my back. I'm better today but no running, just to be on the safe side. Makes me crabby. To not be able to run, I mean. Oh well. I guess there's a good side and a bad side to living alone. At least I can just be crabby and not have to deal with trying to be nice. Tink won't notice. Oh, I'm never crabby with her anyway!!


sylv said...

yeah, it does look very similar to the original pic! Didi you say it wasfor a friend ?
And I can't wait to see your finished alpaca sweater. I've decided on a sweater I want to make in the same VK, although I probably won't start on it for a while..

Shelley said...

Hey Sylv -- yes this is for a friend. She wanted to give it to her sister for Christmas and she's leaving in a few days so I had to get it done quickly. I am going to wear the alpaca sweater tomorrow and I'll take a picture for sure. I saw the picture on your blog of the sweater you want to make. It's lovely - I like it too but I like the cropped one as well. Like you, it's going to be a while before I can start anything for myself!