11 January, 2017

Hidden benefits

Have I mentioned how much I love retirement?  Oh I do.  I really really do.  I have noticed that people are much nicer now that I don't have to deal with them during rush hour or on a crowded bus or at the grocery store when everyone else is shopping.  In the world where there are no places to run to, things are just better and people are happier.

So I wanted to pick up that wood on Thursday but Wednesday night Ben jumped the truck but it wouldn't take a charge.  The battery was dead.  On the way to the dentist Thursday I talked to the wood guy and told him the truck was dead so I couldn't pick up the wood.  Even though he had said the previous Saturday that they would NOT deliver the wood, for some reason he said "Oh, well I'll just deliver it then for an extra $25".  Done!  How awesome!  The guy delivered it and after I had a little lunch I set out to stack it.  How's that for feeling better?  I stacked that entire cord of wood all by  myself and I wasn't even sore the next day.  Very proud of myself.

Saturday was Seahawks Saturday and they beat the Lions, so this Saturday they will be playing Atlanta in Atlanta.  We beat them before, but here in Seattle.  Most of our players are well so with a little luck we should win.

My latest "thing" is a potager garden.  I have been buying books and I think I've got the place for it.  I need to measure the part of the lawn that I want to use for the garden and see if it'll work.  It really is the only place that gets enough sun during growing season.  Because of the rabbits and deer it will have to be enclosed.  It will take a good bit of work, but Ben is up for it.  Still there is much planning to do.

Speaking of planning, one of my chores for today is planning a vacation in Hawaii for March.  I am very much up for that.

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