30 June, 2005

Pink and Tinkerbell

What is it with me and the color pink? I can't really say. I guess it's the same impuse that makes me love Tinkerbell. This Tinkerbell and my own little Tink.
Is she not the most adorable Westie in the world?? Now if we could only get her skin problem cleared up. I sure hate to see her so itchy and biting at herself. We have to wait one week until we can see the vet and that's a week without any medication. Already this morning she was biting at herself. I can foresee a week of bad sleep. For her and for me and the BF.


Janey said...

Just drifted here from your entry on craftster.org, so please bear in mind that I've only read this post and nothing else. (As in, you may very well have described your dog's symptoms in greater detail, in a previous post.)

My husband's dog used to bite at hearself and chew the hair on her paws - right down to making herself limp on "hairless" feet. He tried everything to find out what it was caused from and perhaps what would cure it.
The only reason the vet could come up with, along with some expensive medication (which didn't work all that well), was that she had a nervous disposition and was suffering anxiety attacks.

In the end it turned out to be her water! When she gets water directly from the tap.
Since we have started giving her only water that has gone through a Brita water filter, she is fine! (With abundantly hairy feet)

As I said before, I'm sorry if I should have read further to get more information before I started typing. But ...

Take care, and best of luck in finding out what is wrong,
Jane2 (on craftster)

Shelley said...

Ends up the poor little thing has mites! And my vet was treating her incorrectly so it was exacerbating the problem rather than making it better. Now with some super expensive meds we can hopefully cure her.