29 December, 2016

It lives

It has really been a long time since I've been on my computer!  First was the trip to LA, then to Paris, then I got sick and there was Christmas and now it's coming up on New Years Eve and I'm STILL  sick!  After all my self congratulations that I hadn't been sick this year and here it is.  Granted it's not as bad as it has been in the past.  I'm coughing but not so hard that I can't catch my breath.  And the stuffiness is getting better.  I slept a bit more last night than I have in the last week, although most of that was propped up.  Whatever works.

So  - Paris!  Yay - my favorite time to be there, in the winter when there are the fewest tourists.  We had a nice apartment on Rue De Turenne and the weather was quite mild and only rained once.  Kelli was freezing all of the time though and complained bitterly at every turn.  We visited the pub Monday night, had dinner with Eoghan and Deirdre on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately we didn't work very had at combating jet lag.  In retrospect I suspect it was because I was coming down with this cold.  I was constantly exhausted.  We were getting after it pretty good though so it's not entirely without cause.  And Eoghan had a cold.  Emma came to visit Thursday and Friday and we went on a Bateau Mouche for the early dinner.  That was pretty nice.

Getting home proved to be a huge battle.  Kelli refuses to take the RER to the airport and Uber was blocking the traffic to the airport.  Deirdre was keeping us posted but we were getting pretty twisted about the whole thing.  Then we got up Saturday morning to prepare for our trip to the airport - however we were going to get there - and I tried to check in for our flight and found it was delayed.  Delayed from 3:10 that afternoon to 5 am the next morning!!!  Panic time.  I had to call and change my Alaska airlines flight.  I had to contact the AirBnB host to negotiate another day, if possible.  I don't even feel like going through the whole tortuous thing.  I made it home Sunday early evening after 25 hours traveling.  I was exhausted and dirty and sniffling and when I woke up Monday morning I was sick as a dog.  Two days later Ben was sick.  Lucky for him he had vacation days so he was able to convalesce.  We missed Christmas Eve, but rallied for Christmas Dinner.  And here it is the 29th and I'm still not over it.  Ten days.  At least I know I'm on the mend.  I picked up that blanket I'd been toiling over and ripped it back to the mistake row and got it going again.

The cashmere scarf was way too warm for my trip.  Gosh I always forget how warm cashmere is!  And like I said it wasn't very cold in Paris, plus I had puffy coat.  It is supposed to get cold here again tomorrow or the next day so ....

Anyway I'm on my computer today to finish up applying for my refund for the costs associated with my trip delay.  They are asking for copies of the receipts for my expenses, but since I didn't everything from my iPhone I don't have proper paper receipts.  Let's hope they accept what I do have.

I am anxious to get back to the gym but I know better than to go when I'm sick.  Hopefully next Tuesday since Ben has Monday off and I won't go then.

Happy New Year everyone!

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