05 December, 2016


It's snowing!  It is pretty wet though and I'll bet it turns to rain later today.  It is 37 degrees, so I really don't think it's going to be much of a problem for anyone.  I hope.  That being said I don't plan on driving much, if at all today.

I have such a lot to do today, and really the rest of the week before I leave on Thursday.  Today, besides normal chores, I've got to decorate the Christmas tree and do stuff for the trip.  I need to buy museum tickets and have Ben print them out at work.  (Oh man, the snow is getting heavier)  I really really want to get that cashmere shawl finished up so that I can block it and it will be dry for me to take.  I have four more plain rows, then the bind off, which is going to be long and arduous but gorgeous.  I should also get Tink's toenails cut before I leave since she is slipping all over the hardwood floors.  Poor little thing.

Tomorrow I have a spa day, thanks to my sweetie.  I will be super bummed if there is snow and I can't go!  The freeway should be clear though.   I shouldn't worry.

I made turkey and dumplings for dinner last night and we ate as we watched the Seahawks dismantle the Panthers.  Very satisfying.  In fact, it was a great football weekend all around.  The Huskies dominated over Colorado, winning the Pac 12 title and getting a spot in the play offs!  They are playing Alabama on New Year's Eve.  Very exciting.  So ..... Friday we're watching the game and having dinner and after we finished I noticed a big chunk of one of my teeth was gone!  Holy crap!  I called the dentist Saturday morning first thing and they got me in at 9:30 to take a look.  Yup.  Half of my tooth is gone.  There's nothing they can do about it and since it was a clean break and doesn't hurt we are just going to wait until I get back and do a crown.  I am lucky that it doesn't hurt.  I would be panicked if this happened while I was gone, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

Okay ... it's slowing down out there.  Maybe I can do some errands after all.

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