25 May, 2017

Where does the time go??

I can't believe the it's been since April 25 that I've written in my blog.  The deal is though, I don't sit down to my computer every day.  And not even every week.  There's just no reason to.  I play on my iPad so I guess I could post from there but honestly I don't think of it.  I do post regularly on Facebook.  That seems to have taken the place of my blog, except there are a few things I can't post about on Facebook.  I actually consider this pretty good therapy so I think I'll try to post a bit more.

So what's been going on all month?  Well I got over the cold finally, and went back to the gym and did treadmill intervals for a week.   I started back up with the Body Pump, one class, before we went to New Orleans, then I've done two classes so far this week.  I am sore all over but it was glorious to get in there.  And my wrist is absolutely 100% fine.  No soreness.  No twinges.

New Orleans was a huge party from start to finish.  Every night we were out listening to music and drinking and eating.  I even ate oysters, albeit grilled.  They are huge there.  But after a while one gets sick and tired of the food and I had to search out salads and even an Asian restaurant so I could get some fresh, not fried, food.  It was hot and humid but such a nice change from here.  And now it seems that our weather has finally turned around and it is like spring.  My garden is growing and I've got flowers for all of the pots.  It's just that it has been a bit overcast and it did sprinkle yesterday, but it's supposed to clear up this afternoon and be nice for the entire weekend.

I've been knitting off and on, doing another Westknits project called Marled Magic.  I am having doubts about it but it keeps my fingers busy when I need to knit.  I never was much for the stash busting projects.  They always sound good at the start but end up looking messy to my eye.

No more big vacations until the trip to Paris in November.  I've got a long weekend coming up June 8 in LA and we're going to some sort of reunion deal in October with Ben's friends.  I'm happy to putter around here as long as the weather is decent.  Going to the gym three times a week gives my week structure and still I'm never bored, although I got close a few times during those 12 weeks with my wrist.  I'm going to get some seeds for mixed greens and get some lettuce starts going that can plant in front of the peas.  I set up a trellis for them this weekend and they're already climbing.  The carrots are coming up just fine too.  And I saw the tip top of one of those 40 gladioli already.  It's going to beautiful when they all bloom.

So now I'm going to get this table cleaned off - lots of junk to recycle after finally going through my mail.  I paid bills and renewed my car tabs and insurance, made appoints for my annual exams and that leaves stacks of junk.  I'll talk to you sooner.

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