25 April, 2017

It caught up with me

Well I finally caught that nasty cold that everyone has been carrying around all winter and spring.  It started with a sore throat last Wednesday and this weekend it morphed into the cough stage.  On Friday we had a rare day of sunshine and I was determined to get out into the garden.  I did quite well considering how I felt.  I got some seeds planted in the raised bed and some bulbs planted.  Planting bulbs, or anything for that matter, is a big chore because of the weed repellant sheeting that must be dug up and cut.  I have 40 gladiola bulbs that must be planted five inches deep.  I couldn't face it Friday and gave it some thought.  I ended up in bed for the most part of the weekend, I was that sick, plus it was raining outside.  I have decided that I will cut out 4 1/2 foot arcs in the bed, cut up the sheeting and then dig a trench and drop those bulbs in.  It's almost nice enough to do it today but I still don't feel so great.  I've got time.  Another couple of weeks anyway before they need to be in.

So yes, spring is still hanging back.  We've had a new record for rainfall here in the Seattle area and everyone is crazy for some sunshine.  We do get little sun breaks but it's just almost torture.  It seems like so long ago that we were in Hawaii.

I get to go back to the gym next week.  So that's something fun to look forward to.  I'm feeling pretty strong in my left arm and it's going to be tough not to over do it.  I suppose one good twinge will keep me under control.  I won't know until I get going how it's going to be - duh.

My Metalouse is nearly complete.  I'm just doing that last few rows of the garter edging and then cast off.  Maybe I'll finish it up today.  And then what?  I have so many project in the wings.  I think I should block a few things too.  I'd like to get a good spring cardigan/shrug pattern.  That's something I can do this afternoon - look for a good pattern.  I've got plenty of yarn.

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