19 April, 2005

More patterns than time

So that lovely new Interweave Knits summer edition came out yesterday and I spent a good portion of the evening drooling over the patterns. What to make first? Of course, I already have a good number of projects in the works and must be super strict with myself and finish a couple of these projects before I start anything new. I have finished all of the pieces for the Homespun little cardigan from Knit 1. I think Homespun is the only cheap acrylic yarn that I don't really mind working with. I think it's the texture. Anyway, it looks like this cardigan is going to be really cute. Perhaps I can get all of the seaming done tonight and pick up the stitches for the ribbing tomorrow evening while I do laundry. I should also have the last skein of yarn (Gatsby) for the Banff sweater. I only have to finish the sleeves and then seam it up and do the turtle neck. I also have high hopes for this sweater. The yarn is gorgeous!

So -- after that. Oh! I have a cute little felted bag to make from Crystal Palace Labrador and Squiggle. I found that pattern in the spring issue of Spun magazine. There are some real cute patterns there. Also, I have pre-ordered the Loop-de-loop book and I read on Craftster that it's out now so ... dang! MORE things I will want to do. But I must use the orchid mohair I had earmarked for my sister's cropped sweater. But now I think I'll make it a fancy shrug instead. The Interweave website has about six really great shrug patterns.

I wish I could just knit every day all day. Well, not this month anyway.

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