20 April, 2005

Blah blah blog

Oh those yapping women at the gym!!! They drive me crazy! I know it's a little thing, but when I go to work out I don't like to hear people just blabbing away. Don't they realize that they are the ONLY two people in the whole workout area who are talking? Thankfully I've got the MP3 player plugged into my head, but jeeze. Shut UP!! ya know?

I didn't get the sweater put together last night. We were celebrating the BF's job becoming permanent plus I was baking banana bread. So. Tonight I'll put it together. I am just so anxious to get going on another bazillion or so projects. I bought some yarn today from a hand painted place. Not sure what the gauge would be so I bought one skein of bulky and one of super bulky. It's cheap -- $5.50. And the colors are gorgeous. I want to make the Loop-de-loop sweater that's in Interweave Knits Summer issue, but in orange rather than green. I think the super bulky would work but I want to knit up a swatch. Since it's hand dyed I don't have to buy it all now. And the bulky ... I am thinking if that's not the yarn for that particular sweater that it would work for the BF's sweater I will make him in the fall. The yarn looks very yummy and people are raving about it on Craftster and, as I said, the price is right.

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