15 April, 2005

More Ranting than Knitting

First the rant - I have a friend, a GOOD friend, who is too hung up on a married man. Someone she had an affair with that ended more than a year ago. She can't stop talking about him. She was emailing him, a lot. He finally told her in words that even I could understand that she had to stop. He actually said these words - that he needed some space. And she is finally leaving him alone but she can't stop talking about him and asking "What do think he meant?" Oh lord. He meant what he said!! I listen and I listen and I sympathize but I would just love to pull my hair out by the roots!! When she said that if and when he does get in touch with her in six months or whenever, she's going to tell him she's married because then, according to her, he'll know that she has moved on. That makes no sense to me and I had to tell her that. And she replied that he would be the one with somebody and she would have nobody so she would have to tell him she was married. What kind of convoluted logic is this? This is an educated woman here but still. I told her that life was not a competition. Life is not a competition. Let's all repeat that, shall we?

And for the knitting portion of the program: I will be putting up pictures all of my completed projects this weekend, hopefully. And pictures of the works in progress as well. Depending upon the status of my digital camera. I am trying to get my red cardigan done before the skein of Gatsby arrives for finishing the Banff. Relying upon brainpower alone -- who said I could do math in my head?? -- I picked up one skein too few for the sweater and when I revisited the LYS for the final skein they were, of course, out of it. I did find this great website called yarnfinder.com . One asks them to search not only for the yarn but the dye lot as well and they found what I needed! I love that.

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