01 July, 2005

I don't know why this should bother me

It's the Tom Cruise thing. He's obviously crazy as a .... as a ..... I don't know what. I read somewhere lately that the reason we're all hearing more about his Scientiology is that he fired his old publicist and hired his sister and now he's just going around talking about all this stuff he wasn't allowed to talk about before. And now we know. He's a looooooon! I don't usually get caught up in the celebrity thingie but dang .... Now everytime I look at him I hear cuckoo clocks in the back of my mind, like in a cartoon. I'll never be able to watch "Risky Business" again.


sylv said...

I'm so like you ! Whenever I think of the mad Guru he was playing in Magnolia, I feel like this was actually probably the closer to the real Tom Cruise we ever saw. I hope he soon looses all his prestige in Hollywood !

lori said...

We were talking about this at my friend's Canada Day barbeque last night and we ALL agree with you completely!!! What is the DEAL!!! Mostly I couldn't care less what the famous people do, but now I look at him and nothing he did in the past is the same to me!