07 August, 2017

The summer cold that will not end

July 15 I woke up with a sore throat.  During the day I developed a cough.  It was Pierce's 16th birthday and I wanted to go.  Ben was gone to Utah for business and I was bored and lonely.  But I felt awful so I stayed home.  I wanted to be ready for Kate and I to go to Port Townsend on Wednesday.  I was quite froggy but didn't feel that bad Wednesday so off we went for a couple of fun girlie days - lots of shopping and eating and drinking of champagne.  We weren't able to go see John because his nephew decided to come visit on our days.  No matter, we had a blast!

I was tired on the weekend but by Monday I was sick, bad cough and head cold symptoms.  I was sick all week so on the Saturday after two solid weeks, and unable to see my doctor, I went to the urgent care where the diagnosed me with acute bronchitis and send me home with some antibiotics and nose spray for the congestion.  The antibiotics kind of knocked the edge off it, but my sinuses are still plugged, my ears are plugged and therefore I can't smell or taste anything.  Not good.  I got ahold of my doctor who suggested I take Sudafed for 3 or 4 days and see if that takes care of the congestion.  Today is the third day, and oh by the way the beginning of WEEK 4 of this whatever-it-is, and no change in the ears and I'm still coughing.  *sigh*  Tomorrow is my birthday and we're going out to a VERY nice restaurant with an excellent wine list and will I be able to taste anything????  I'm really getting concerned.  I will contact my doctor today at the end of the day if my ears are still plugged, which I am sure they will be, and see what else she can suggest. I think I should have another courser of antibiotics, but what do I know?

I finally made our airplane reservations for our November trip to France.  Our friends are renting a Gite in Amboise so we're going to do our trip a week earlier than originally planned, stop over in Iceland for two days, then go to Amboise for a week, and end in Paris for a week.  It will be great.  And before that, next month, we're going to Las Vegas for two days, then 3 days with Ben's cousins in Utah, just across the Grand Canyon on the  north side.  They've been after us for ages to come and visit so I'm really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I have been toying with doing the Whole30 because I've been having some digestive issues.  This program is a 30 day period when you cut out all sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and MSG, sulfites and carrageenan.  Potatoes are okay and all meat, veggies and fruits.  I am going to miss bread and cheese and wine.  But I can do anything for 30 days and it just happens that the day after my birthday to the day the NFL begins is 30 days.  Is that perfect or what?  Then you add things in gradually.  I think Vodka will be first, then cheese.  We'll see which I miss more after 30 days.  And it happens that a lot of my favorite recipes can easily be made compliant by, for example, leaving out the 1/2 cup of wine in the chicken cacciatore recipe, or using organic canned tomatoes in the shrimp fra diavolo.  I have a vegetable spiralizer, so zoodles will take the place of angel hair pasta.  Well it sounds easy enough.  I'll make my own mayo and salad dressing.  Let's see how I feel about it in a week shall we?

Today after I finish up with my reservations for the September trip I'm going to take out the peas, carrots and nasturtiums from my little raised bed and get it ready for the autumn crop of cabbage, spinach and collards.  It has been crazy hot here and hasn't rained for more than a month.  I've been watering like crazy every day.  But that bed is finished anyway and needs to be prepared.  It's not quite so hot today and despite being all congested I don't feel too bad.  I'll get out there before it gets too hot.

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