15 May, 2015

Bunnies galore

I swear, the neighborhood looks like a rabbit preserve, there are so many rabbits hopping around!  Tink is getting used to them and she doesn't try so hard to chase them.  Not that she wouldn't if she didn't have a tether.

The gym did help with my sleepiness yesterday.  It's a great time of year too because kids are studying for finals and getting ready for graduation and it's much quieter now.  It should be like this for the rest of the spring and summer.  Considering I've been off for more than three weeks, I had a really decent workout and I'm sore today.  I will go again this noontime and then I'll be off Monday and Tuesday because of my doctor's appointment Monday and knitting Tuesday.  Speaking of knitting ..... still haven't heard from MaryEllin.

I'll need to get it together soon for my garden -- herbs and tomatoes for sure and I'd also like to do some arugula and mescaline greens.  Those are going to be hard to keep away from the rabbits unless I put them into containers.  I'll give that some thought this weekend.  It's not supposed to be super nice, but hopefully not pouring rain.

Home a week and I'm still sad.  I want to go back to Paris this fall but I doubt it. I am going to try but it's going to be a hard sell.

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