29 May, 2015

Just one of those days

I got up early yesterday so that I could get the early bus to work to have time to eat a yogurt before I started the exam.  I was sure I had left in plenty of time and indeed, if I hadn't been behind the school bus I would have made it.  As it was, I pulled into the garage just as the bus was pulling away.  Rats!  So when I got to work I made myself a cup of tea and went downstairs.  I had my audiobook going, so it wasn't so bad and we were done by 11. 

I held on until 11:30 and then went to get a nice salad for lunch.  Taco salad Thursday!  The chicken they cook for that is just wonderful and I was really needing some food in me, having skipped breakfast.  And then it was time to get the bus to Ballard for my mammogram.  I have been getting mine done there for ... wow, probably 20 years.  But they moved the office a few years and there are newer buildings around and I get lost every time I go there!  I made it in time, but took a very circuitous route.

That done I headed home, having nothing to do at the office.  I wanted a nap.  Unfortunately there was road work that made my commute from the transit center home until a long hot frustrating drive.  And I had to stop at the grocery store so I didn't get home all that much earlier.  Maybe an hour.  I tried to take a little snooze but it was too late.  Ah well.

Today is going to be hot.  I've got nothing on my plate at work although it looks like I might have a nice big project coming up later this month.  Fingers crossed.  Today I can go to the gym, finally.  And what else?  Maybe leave a little early.

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