13 May, 2015


I guess all of that good weather in Europe spoiled me.  I really miss the sunshine!  I hear the weather was good all the time I was gone, but now it's typical gray skies and mist.  Basically it's the same way in Europe I guess, from looking at my weather app, but a little bit warmer.  It's chilly here.  Not chilly enough to turn on the heat or build a fire, but chilly.  It's so difficult to wake up entirely without some sunshine.

Noon knitting was fun, but we missed MaryEllin.  I guess she had some sort of family emergency while I was gone and she's still missing. 

I don't record a lot of TV, but there are a couple of shows I do watch.  Once Upon A Time had four episodes waiting for me and I got through two of them last night and I've got one more regular one and the 2 hour finale.  It has gotten a little fantastic, even considering the fantastical nature of the original premise.  But I'll stick it out and watch the finale.  I am undecided about another season though.

I've got to proctor an exam for two people today and another one on Monday.  But Monday I've got my annual exam appointment and I don't want to move it.  Luckily I got somebody to stand in for me - it's not a big exam.  I really didn't want to try to get into work in the afternoon.  It's next to impossible.  At the very least a huge hassle.  IF I can find parking in the garage.  It's much better to work at home on those days.

Well I'd better have another cup of tea or I'm just going to put my head down on my desk and snooze!

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