20 May, 2015


Noon knitting was just three of us -- in our lunchroom since MaryEllin is still gone and both of our conference rooms were occupied.  I got the heels turned on the socks I've been working on and then I need to do the gussets.  I want to get that done so I'll have a good TV knitting project.  Turning the heel is a bit fiddle-y but once I get the markers in, doing the gusset is easy.  And Monika brought me a library book with the pattern I want to make in it - the Dahlia Blanket from "Knitting from the Center Out".  My challenge is to find the right yarn for the project.  The pattern calls for Blue Sky Alpaca Hand Dyes, which is not going to work for this since it is going to be a blanket for a baby and hence,  must be machine washable.  But there are many many nice machine washable yarns out there.  I must go to a yarn store though because I need to feel them and get just the right color.  Maybe on Friday I'll take the bus up to Weaving Works at lunchtime.  Yes, that means skipping the gym but this is an odd week for that.  Monday I was at home, yesterday I had noon knitting, today I have two student appointments, tomorrow I have the dentist so Friday ... sure, I might as well go to the yarn store.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, the official start to the summer season.  As usual, rain is predicted but it's not supposed to be pouring so that's good.  So far, no parties are planned although we do plan to go hear some music and drink some wine on Friday night, and my old drummer is playing in a band Saturday night in Woodinville so we might go there as well.  But considering the work I'd like to get done in the yard and around the house, I suspect I'll be pretty tired.

One of the people down the street have a large piece of property that has a flat part with their large house and even larger lawn, and then on one side of the property is a steep bank with trees and brush.  Last month they cleared, by hand, a portion of it and put in a tree swing for their children.  I noticed Sunday there was a plastic fence put up around the other part of the hill and a sign on it about urban goats.  Sure enough, they were there yesterday, chomping away at the hill.  I stopped and had a little chat with the husband and wife team who own the goats.  They own Scottish terriers and so just loved Tinkerbell and she was very curious about the goats.  I've seen goats clearing blackberry bushes here at the UW - well, it was a few years ago.  It's pretty cool.

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