17 November, 2016

Bad dreams

I've only had a couple of dreams about work and last night I had another.  It was short.  I walked up to a door - I guess my office door - and there was a huge long handwritten list taped to the door.  I burst out  crying.  It was a long list of thankless chores for some class or another.  I tore it off the door, and through my sobs said, "This is the LAST time I'm doing this"! I wonder how long before the dreams go away altogether?

I was right about the cashmere.  It really cheered me up and I'm working on a beautiful wrap with it.  I think I'd like to take it with me on my trip so I've got to keep at it.  It's mostly garter stitch with increases and then every 16 rows a 15 row short-row lace bit.  It's quite interesting but that short row part is definitely NOT TV knitting.

We went to Anacortes Saturday morning, stopping in LaConner for lunch and arriving at the hotel in Anacortes at 1:30.  We went in to see when our room would be ready and oh, guess what.  I had made the reservation for Sunday rather than Saturday.  *sigh*  But those girls at the reception desk could not have been nicer.  They called around to all of the other places near by and found us a dog friendly motel just a few blocks away.  After that horrible experience in McMinnville we were a little skeptical but I had the woman show me a couple of rooms and they were just fine.  Not fancy, but not stinky.  Whew.  We strolled around the town before the football game and decided that the place we were going to watch the band would be perfect for the football game, so we settled in around 3:30 for a long night.

And it ends up it was not a great long night.  The Huskies got beat.  Oh ... disaster.  They were ranked #4 in the country!  USC had their number and the Huskies just did not have the juice.  It was a train wreck.  But the band was awesome and we stayed for the entire time.

Sunday when we got home we were going to take another go at the couch and get it out of the office and into the living room.  But we just could NOT get that thing out of the doorway.  Now we know that it is possible because we got it in there, but between the two of us ... to happening.  I think Ben's brother will be able to help us tomorrow.  I sure hope so because I am getting tired of trying to get comfortable on these chairs.

I had two good work outs this week and I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well, with more core work.  I was sorry to have missed last Friday and I know I really should have gone.  I would probably have felt happier right away.  Ah well.  Tomorrow for sure.  Today, Tink gets another medicated shampoo and I'm going to the recycle and Trader Joe's.  What an interesting life I lead,

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