11 November, 2016

I need a positive knitting experience

Well things are just a bit weird, don't you think?  Who wasn't surprised by the election outcome?  I find it hard to believe and so I am not thinking about it.  We'll survive but ... good heavens.

I've got the blues today.  I should be getting ready for the gym but I just can't face it.  I think what I'm going to do is wind up that cashmere and start something lovely with it.  I worked on the blanket yesterday while I was helping someone re-learn how to knit and it looks like I got off somehow on the broken rib.  I can't figure out what I did because the count is right and I'm doing the right stitches so I think probably I messed up midway across a row when I put my project down to help her.  Anyway I am just fed up with that project.  I will keep it for TV knitting but today I want something beautiful in my hands.  So that's the plan.  Along with our normal doggie walk in the park and errands and a bath for Tinkerbell.  She has a skin thing going on and I'm pretty upset about that as well.  She had it once before and I had to bathe her every other day for two weeks.  Not fun.  Hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it gets to that stage again.

I should be getting excited about my trip to Paris.  I made my reservations for the LA portion of the trip.  Four weeks to go,  and I haven't really thought much about it since I made the reservations.  That should cheer me up.

We're going to have a fun weekend.   We're spending Saturday at a nice hotel in Anacortes.  There is a good band playing right across the street and a Husky football game before that.  It should be a great time.  I haven't seen a live blues band in ages.

Ah .... here's something funny.  We bought a beautiful new area rug for the living room.  We decided to sell the couch and use the green one in the office - my old green suede couch.  The color is perfect and it's not so big as the other couch.  I put it on Craig's List and Tuesday a nice couple came by and bought it and took it away.  Yay!  So I go into the office and take the cushions off the couch and move things around and out so that we can put it in the living room when Ben gets home.  He gets home, changes his clothes and we go to move the couch.  Can you guess?  We can't get it out of the door!  So he takes the door off the hinges and we try again.  Then we realize that when we put that couch into the office the big, huge desk was in the closet alcove.  We have since moved it out into the room and reclaimed the space for a closet and that is why we couldn't get it out the door.  We need to move the desk to the back of the room so that we can tilt the couch down and get it through the doorway.  So for now the living room consists of a beautiful rug and two arm chairs.  It looks funky but until we can get some more muscle around here it will have to stay.  Hopefully his brother can drop by and help get the couch into the living room.

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