22 November, 2016

More forms

Unbelievable  -  I have two more forms to fill out for retirement! I thought all of the forms were accounted for in my packet but either I skipped a couple or they weren't included.  Well happy days, they have been sent to me for completion and they're good ones.  My official UW Retirement form, which will give me my UW free parking anywhere forever, and the VEBA which is an account for miscellaneous medical expenses - copays and medicine - which uses your accrued sick pay.  But you know what?  They can't make me go back to work!!  woohoo!!

I had a really tough workout yesterday.  It felt like Friday, it was that tough.  I think I might be fighting a bug.  I am so tired all of the time.  But I slept in today and I was going to the mall, but I think I'll skip that and stay close to home - to some more knitting.  I'd like to get that cashmere wrap done in time for the trip.

My replacement debit card finally arrived yesterday.  An entire week without a debit card - more annoying than I had anticipated. I just wish I could figure out where on earth the numbers escaped from.  No harm done, thankfully.

It is getting colder and colder.  There is snow in the mountains.  Now I've got to figure out where to buy more wood!  I love having a fire in the fireplace.  It makes it so cosy.

Saturday morning early we had help arrive and we got the couch out of the back room.  It was a huge effort but it had to come out and it finally did with a little twist and much grunting.  And now we have a comfy living room again.  And got to watch winning football on the weekend.  This weekend is the Apple Cup  - well, Friday.  Can't wait.

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