01 November, 2016


I have no problem with my discipline when it comes to going to the gym.  I am pretty happy with that.  My problem is finding the discipline to sit down at my computer and do my business.  Like banking and budgets and things like that.  When I was working I had to sit down at the computer every morning so it was much easier to keep up with that kind of thing but now I have to consciously sit down and balance my accounts and pay my bills and ... I haven't even bought my ticket for LA yet!  Nor have I filled out my ballot.  But I'm going to do that this morning before lunch.  I have done the grocery shopping and tidied up and I can't put it off any longer.

Well I am not all that keen on the blanket I am making.  Not that the color is not nice and the pattern is great, it's that darned acrylic yarn!  Ick ick ick.  But I shall keep on with it because it does not make any sense to have a blanket you can't wash.  Then when I'm done with that I'm going to find something beautiful to make with my stash of cashmere.

Speaking of my workouts, I had to skip Wednesday and Friday last week.   My goal this week is to do all three sessions and add a little weight.  I didn't get any soreness in my legs from yesterday's workout so I will add some to the leg work.

It has been raining a lot lately but also blowing and the leaves are nearly all down.  I raked up part of the yard on Friday but then on the weekend it started raining again.  This week I may have to get out there on Thursday.  That looks like the only day without rain.

The Huskies won a nail biter this weekend but the Seahawks lost, with lots of help from the referring committee.  Terrible job there.  And I lost my match up.  I am now 4 and 4 on the season with absolutely NO help from Russell Wilson.  I was so happy I got him and now .... not so much.

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