01 March, 2017

one month out

It is four weeks since I broke my wrist and I had my second visit with PT yesterday.  I am progressing nicely.  The swelling will be with me for a while, but the pain is pretty much gone except when I am exercising the wrist.  I have to keep the splint full time for two more weeks at least, but now I am to take my shower without the splint and also do a series of stretching and bending motions with the fingers and hand, bending the wrist back and around.  It is uncomfortable but it must be done.  I tried knitting and it does not hurt per se, but the placement of my thumb against the hard splint is sufficiently uncomfortable to make it no fun.

The snow has been a big bother.  We had another bout Monday, but it is hone now.  Oh I am so looking forward to Hawaii.  We  leave Saturday for a week in Kona.  It has been a while an we are both very excited.

Typing with one hand is no fun.

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